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Can i connect a Wireless Router to a wired router

Q: Can i connect a Wireless Router to a wired router

Hi all

A friend of mine currently has a wired network connected to the internet via a router. He has gone out and bought a wireless router already and he wants to connect a couple of machine and a laptop to the wireless router. I know he woulod have been better with a AP (access Point) but what i would like to know is if it is possible to connect his new wireless router to the wired one somehow. Any advice is greatly appreaciated...Cheers

Preferred Solution: Can i connect a Wireless Router to a wired router

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A: Can i connect a Wireless Router to a wired router

Very simple:

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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First I would like to say hello to everyone in the community as this is my first post. I would like to set up Linksys wireless router(wrt160n) with a Dlink wired router(DLR-604),The wireless would be the host router and I would like to isolate the wired router from that network,to protect my main computer's(2computer's plus network printer) from from my children s and friend's machines I connect to the wireless or wired ports on the Linksys.Thanks in advance, any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated .Cheers

A:Solved: Connect wireless router and wired router

This should be pretty easy. Just connect the D-Link router's WAN port to one of the Linksys router's LAN ports. The computers connected to the D-Link router will be isolated from the Linksys connected computers by the D-Link router's NAT firewall.

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Hey all,

I'm trying to connect my wireless router to my wired router.

Ideally I want the following: internet--> A --> 3 PCs + B -->itouch+ps3 +laptops

A: Gnet External ADSL modem with 4-port switch bb0055 (note: this is a modem/wired router)
B: Trendnet Wireless router tew-639gr

All 3 PCs have internet, so i'm sure my wired router is working properly. Using an ethernet cable, I've connected a Lan port in my Wireless router to a Lan port in my Wired router. My itouch, ps3, and laptops can connect to my wireless but I'm not getting any internet. I've also been able to access my wireless settings and change a couple of things.

From what I've read online, In B, I need to turn off the LAN DHCP and change my LAN IP Address. I've tried a couple of things but it still isn't working. Also what should I set my WAN settings to in my wireless router?


A:Solved: Connect Wireless Router to Wired Router

Nvm fixed it somehow...

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My small home network is connected to a Z100G Zone Alarm router via wires. This router has WiFi but I do not use it as it is not wireless N capable. I would like to have wireless N to stream movies to a wireless N BluRay player. I would like to keep the Z100G because of the firewall function.

Can I just connect a new wireless N router to the Z100G? If so, would it then be best to connect all the network computers to the new router either via wired or wireless?


A:Solved: Connect Wireless Router to Wired Router?

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For the past week I have had a wireless connection and a wired connection to my router, I cant connect to the internet. Also all of my roommates are able to connect to the internet. I have also tried the TCP/IP Repair stack options but that didnt work. Could anybody please help me out??

A:Have a Wired & Wireless Connection to Router but Cant Connect to Internet

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Hi everybody,
I currently have a desktop with a wired connection to my broadband modem.
I would like to connect a wireless router to the modem (and connect my laptop to Internet through the router) while keeping the wired direct connection between my desktop and the modem.
Is there any way to do this?...
Thank you

A:How to connect a wired desktop and a wireless router to the same modem?

Not unless you have an ISP that offers multiple public IP addresses. However, by putting the desktop in the DMZ of the router, you can pretty much accomplish the same thing.

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My laptop can't connect to my router, everyone else can but mine just wont connect. It has connected to the internet through the router a couple of times but it will only last for a minute or so and then the connection would be lost.

I have a windows XP laptop, my router is a Netgear Wireless-G Router WGR614 v9, and is connected to a modem.

My wireless card detects the connection but it just can't connect to it. When I tried to set up the router using the provided installation CD, it detected said that the modem wasn't being detected.

I appreciate any help I can get on this!

A:Laptop can't connect to wireless router (hard-wired or wireless neither)

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Hi everyone,

Right now I have 2 routers, wireless ( one that is connected to internet and a normal wired ( one connected to local network.

When I have the wirless connected with the wired one unplugged, I can gain access to the internet.

The minute I plug in the wired one to access the local network, the wireless one still shows connected but the internet connection is lost ONLY on my PC. Other people connected to the wireless can still connect to the internet no problem.

I am running on Windows Vista Business 32bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Wireless internet connection is lost when I connect to a wired router

Any ideas? Thanks

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I have an 8 port "wired" router from Linksys that I have been using in conjunction to a wireless access point which had been plugged into one of the open ports on the wired router. Lately I have been having connection issues with the WAP so I decided it may be time to upgrade. Not thinking about it, I picked up a new Linksys E1000 wiress router (as opposed to a WAP) and, after a lengthy support call with Linksys, got that up and running.

So I have operability for both wired and wireless devices, however I have noticed a substantial slow down on my wired devices. I also just upped the plan with my ISP to increase my bandwidth which I see on the wired PCs but not on the wireless which seem less. Would a WAP be faster than a wireless router by nature?

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

A:Slow wireless after connecting Linkys wirless router to Linksys wired router

Have you made sure you have the latest firmware for the wireless router? If you updated the firmware be sure to reset it to factory default settings and reconfigure it.

What speeds do you get with a test such as speedtest.net with a connection to the wired router? With an ethernet connection to the wireless router? With a wireless connection?

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Hope this isn't confusing but, my internet provider (my cable company) came in to set up a wireless modem/router when we upped our internet speed today. We have three desktop computers which are hard wired to our existing Linksys router which we have been using previously. Would it be in our best interest to turn off the wireless function of that router (it's hooked up to the new modem/wireless router so the hardwired computers can function since the new unit has no ports to plug in the desktop computers into). Our wireless devices are all 'connected' to the new modem/router (using its passphrase and SSID). Can the wireless capabilities of each interfere with each other? They are sitting right next to each other.

A:Solved: Internet provider wireless modem/router and my hard wired router

It's confusing to me, but can make two comments ...

a. If you are not using the wireless network of a router it's best to disable or turn off the wireless--saves electricity and should extend the life of the router.

b. Two wireless networks whose channel numbers are less than five from each other can interfere. In North America if possible use channels 1, 6 and 11 to guarantee non interference.

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I recently bought a Netgear Wireless N 150 router (although I haven't set it up yet). One reason I chose it is that I was told it can be used as a wired network between our two desktop computers, and as a wireless access point for the laptop. But frankly, I don't always trust what the sales people tell me.

I've read on many sites that wired computers have some advantages over wireless, including security and speed, so I prefer a wired LAN for the main computers (they are within feet of each other and will stay that way). But I would like the convenience of going online via the wireless connection with my laptop in the other room.

I've never done this before (I always just had a wired connection between the 2 desktops and didn't bother going online with the laptop) and I need to know if this setup will cause any problems I should know about.

Please don't suggest I go wireless for the entire LAN -- I'm just too set in my ways to make that leap right now. If my planned setup won't work, I'll stick with my current one and forget the laptop.


A:Solved: Can I use my wireless router as wired router & wireless access point?

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I am a novice when it comes to networking so please help me out...
I am connecting Netgear wireless router (wgr614 v5) to an already placed router on the network (Nortel Networks Router). I am having trouble with wireless router because the Nortel router is DHCP disabled. Please if someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate. Please, explain step by step how to configure the wireless router to work with Nortel router.

P.S. The Nortel router cannot be DHCP enabled...I have DSL coming to Nortel router. So, Nortel is the primary router. Nortel router can't be removed because it is required by my company that I use it to connect to their network over the internet.

Thanks for your help!

A:Connecting a Wireless router to DHCP Disabled wired router

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This is my 1st post (please be gentle!!). I did a some searches but couldnt find exactly what I was looking for, hopefully some of you guys (and gals) can help. The attached diagram pretty much says everything. All static DNS entries are using my ISP's DNS servers.

I cant get the wireless PC to see my network. It is on the same workgroup, whats missing? All PC's can access the internet fine.
Appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks

A:adding a wireless router to an existing wired router

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Hello and thank you

I have a Netgear FR114P Firewall router connected to my Cable Modem which connects to my computer in my home office.

I just bought my daughter a computer, her room is accross the way. I did not want to run an ethernet cable to her room, so I bought a Netgear Wireless Router.

My question is, what would I need to do to be able to keep my Firewall router hooked to my PC, then hook up the wireless router also so that my daughter can access the internet via the cable modem connection?

I have searched for Bridging methods, but am a little of a rookie when it comes to computer networking.

Thanks in advance for your help

A:Adding Wireless Router to existing Wired Router

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Hi all,

I am using a Netgear Cable/DSL Web Safe Router Gateway RP614v2 with a Motorola Cable Modem SB4200 Surfboard Cable Modem for my Internet connection to OptusNet broadband. They works fine with my Desktop and notebook.

As I want to go for wireless with my notebook, so I buy the Netgear Wireless Router BGR614v5. However, I find the the new wireless cannot talk to the Motorola Cable Modem. Even I directly connect the Cable Modem with my notebook, the Internet connection is not through. It seems that the Cable Modem only allow the old wired router to go through it.

Is it any setting stored in cable modelm to allow the old router only to go thru, not other router or eveny my notebook. I heard something about MAC address. I check the settings in my current wired router, the option choosen for MAC address is "Default MAC". Does it cause the problem?

What should I do to remove the limitation to allow my notebook and my new wireless router to connect to the cable modem?

Thanks in advance,
Opal Chung

A:Problem from switiching wired router to wireless router

Have you tried unplugging the modem before connecting a different device? Typically modems need to be powered off and on when connecting to a new device.

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I've been trying to figure out how to run a wireless router connected to a wired router for the past few days with no success thus far. I have searched the forums and nothing has helped thus far. Here is a diagram of what I'm trying to achieve:


EDIT: Since im not allowed to post links you must drag the link into the address bar and press enter to view the picture. It's hosted through imageshack.

A:Linking wireless router to wired router help

Does no one know how to fix this?

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Hi all,

My Netopia Router from SBC just crapped out on me early last week. So I decided to buy a router from a local electronics store. I already had a SpeedStream Modem, but I have multiple PCs in the house, so I need to 'route' the connection to other PCs.

Anywho, I went to the store today and picked up a Linksys DSL/Cable Router (Wired) with 4 port switch (#BEFSR41). I hooked it up, followed the CD Wizard, and plugged in the 2 PCs on this level (I have 3 Levels in my house). The PCs on this level worked.

Now, I have a D-Link wireless router since there are wireless notebooks/PCs upstairs. Before I had the Linksys, I just plugged that router into my Netopia and it worked fine. Now when I plugged it into this new Linksys router, it doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

All PCs are running Win XP if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

A:Connecting a Wireless Router to a Wired Router

Connecting two SOHO broadband routers together.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

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Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to set up a wireless router along with a regular wired router. What I'm trying to do here is make it so that my wired router connects with the modem and the wireless router connects with the regular router. So, it's like a router ontop of a router. The reason I want to do this, is because I want to set up a network where all the computers with the exception of one, are wired. Then just have that one computer go off of the wireless router. If I can't do this (Which I'm sure I most definitely cannot.), then can I get a network hub and have the modem and the two routers connected to that hub? Thanks for reading this,


A:Wired Router and a Wireless Router Working Together?

Yes, this is standard practice, and every router company I know has installation in their downloadable user guide.

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Hey guys I'm a bit of a networking noob so I'm wondering if this setup I have will work in getting all my computers to share our home internet...

Basically my current setup in my basement this:

ethernet cable modem
Wired DLink Router---------->main desktop+2nd desktop
Pretty standard...But now we want a laptop and another desktop on our top floor because someone else moved in. LUCKILY before we finished the basement I had another ethernet cable going from the router to the Wii on the main floor. We don't play that anymore so I was wondering if it was possible to buy a wireless router for the main floor, connect it wired to the basement router, and than use it wirelessly so that it extends to the top floor? Meanwhile, the router in the basement still connects to the two computers? It'd look like this.

basement floor
Wired router---------->main desktop+2nd desktop
Main floor/ground floor
wireless router
second floor
wirelessly connect to----->laptop+ 3rd desktop (will have to install pci card)
so yeah, does it work that way?

A:Connecting a wireless router to a wired router?

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Hi All,

Just got myself a wireless router and I'm having problems setting this up as wired. I going to be running my PC and PS3 from the router (already getting help in another forum regarding the PS3 side of things) but would rather have the systems connected with cable rather than wireless.

The router I bought is a TP-Link 54M Wireless Router (model No. TL-WR340G if that's any help).

I'm having problems setting this up as wired to my PC as there seems to be no instructions regarding this option (or no way to enable/disable).

Should I go though the installation process of setting this up as wireless first then just connect the router with cable afterwards?

Hope you can help.


C h r e d g e.

A:Setting up a wireless router as a wired router

Just connect the cables correctly, and everything should connect without any configuring.

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I'm currently connected to the internet via a Linksys router that is wired only.What i need to know is what is the best wireless router available at this time that i can get to replace my current wired router based on your own experiences with wireless.There are two computers and an xbox 360 on my network.Thanks for your assistance!

A:Best wireless router to replace my wired router

Quote: Originally Posted by Dsmith148

I'm currently connected to the internet via a Linksys router that is wired only.What i need to know is what is the best wireless router available at this time that i can get to replace my current wired router based on your own experiences with wireless.There are two computers and an xbox 360 on my network.Thanks for your assistance!

Hi and welcome

Stick with linksys either G, or N. I have had nightmares with netgear,dlink, etc

Ken J+

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There is an argument in the family, and the disagreement is about the security of a wireless router and the ability for someone to hack through it... My stepdad refuses to go with a wireless setup because he is afraid that someone will hack in and steal everything... We are trying to convince him that it is much safer since the wireless router would be password protected and the wired router isn't. He doesn't even want to listen or entertain the thought.. Currently they run a wired router off of telephone company dsl to 3 computers and an XBOX. If the wireless is as safe or safer the benefits are greater for laptop connectivity and relocation of workstations. The downfall of course is another piece of equipment that can fail... I ran a wireless connection at my home and I loved it.. Does anyone have any insight as to whether it would be safer with a wireless router, or if security issues are the same. I am aware most security comes from within the computer. Seeing as I am trying to learn more about this stuff any info is great.

A:Wireless Router versus Wired Router

If you use WPA or WPA2 with a strong random key, wireless is quite secure.

Your other point is bogus, a wired router or a wireless router has the same security as far as incoming threats are concerned. There is no additional security gained by having the wireless channels encrypted, it just prevents people from "tapping into the wire".

You will never be "safer" with a wireless router, but you can be as safe as with a wired only one.

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I have a Linksys Wired Router BEFSR41 connected to the internet using PPPoE, and I currently have 3 ports occupied. Here is my problem:

I am trying to connect another router, a Linsys Wireless Router WRT54G, to my original router. When I connect my second router to the first one and try to access the internet via the second router, I cannot get any internet connection at all. Only when I am connected to the first router do I have internet access. How do I fix this?

I would like for all my computers to be connected.
I want my 2 computers upstairs to be connected to the first router (wired), while at the same time, my second router (wireless), downstairs to be connected to the first and have my other computer connected to this and be able to have my 2 laptops connect wirelessly to the second router as well.

Overall Layout as of now:

Wired Router
X: Internet plugin
Port 1: Computer
Port 2: Computer
Port 3: Computer
Port 4: N/A

Overall Layout I would like:

Wired Router
X: Internet plugin
Port 1: Computer
Port 2: Computer
Port 3: Wireless Router
Port 4: N/A
Wireless Router
X: Router with Internet
Port 1: Computer
Port 2: N/A
Port 3: N/A
Port 4: N/A

A:Wired Router to Wireless Router

You need to plug your highspeed modem from the Ethernet Port to the WAN port on the Wireless Router.* From there you will have to connect to the router and configure it, so go onto a computer with internet and in internet explorer, in the address bar type: that should get you into the settings, if not, I will have to search for the IP again.

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I am having problems with my wireless adapter Cisco Router Linksys X2000, can I use it as a wired router into my network socket on the cpmputer please if so how do I achieve it Thanks

A:Can I use a Wireless Router as a Wired router

It has 3 x 10/100 Ethernet Ports, so you can connect via Ethernet cables. Usually the first port connects from DSL. Second and third to a computer's network card.

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Can I install just a simple router to share the internet connection then extend my network with my wireless router? I will place my existing wireless router in the center of the house this way only having to run one cable.

Currently the wireless router it is on the FAR side of the house. I would like to place it in the center of the house but all the ethernet cables run to the one side and I don't want to relocate them.

I attached and image of what I am trying to do.

A:Wired router to Wireless Router???

I would use a WiFi Range Extender like this one. This can go anywhere in the house where you have an electricity outlet. Then you do not have to move any of your current setup around.

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I am using a Netgear MR814 Cable/DSL Wireless Router to share a DSL connection. I have it upstairs connected to the modem and one computer. Downstairs I have four computers that need to be networked and have access to the connection. I have a D-Link DWL-810+ Wireless Bridge to communicate with the Netgear wireless router upstairs. I want to connect this wireless bridge to a Netgear RT314 Broadband Router. When I plug the Wireless bridge directly into one of my computers' ethernet ports I am able to connect to the internet. If, however, I plug it into the routers "Internet" port, I am unable to communicate with the bridge. Whenever I try to access the wired router's configuration utility( it asks for a password lets me access the main menu, but then I lose connection to the setup utility and have to reset the modem to be able to do the same thing again. This last issue only began to occur after I decided to plug the D-Link Bridge directly into my computer.

I realize that this is a rather extensive list of problems but help on any one of them would be great. I also realize that there are other ways to do this with different equipment, but different equipment is not free (The wired router was given to me) So if anyone knows anything that could get these working for me I would really appreciate it.


A:Wired Router-->Wireless Bridge-->Wireless Router

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I was trying to make my sister-in-law's wireless connection secure (they've had wireless set up for awhile unsecured), and all seemed to go well until magically, it didn't. It allowed me to set up a password -WPA2/Personal, it was fine, other devices (ipod Touch and another laptop) connected to the network by putting in the right key. HOWEVER, the original laptop, now wants no part of connecting to this network. It finds the network, but doesn't even let me get to a stage at which I need to enter the WPA key. It automatically says it can't connect, and is very useless when I hit "Diagnose the problem". I am only marginally less clueless than the people that asked for my help, so please don't get too technical on me. I have spent hours trying to figure out what the problem is, and though I know it's obviously something with the computer's setting, I don't know what that is.

When I go to the Network and Sharing Center, rather than being a three-way "map", it's two - the computer, then the internet. There is nothing (ie, router) in between. I have no idea how to get that step back in there.

I have connected the router to the laptop directly, and an internet connection does come up, so it isn't an ISP issue. The wireless does work with the devices mentioned above, as well as my own laptop, just not the central laptop.

I understand it may be a TCP/IP issue (or something like that), but I don't kn... Read more

A:Wireless router problem - laptop finds router, refuses to connect

That IPCONFIG shows a direct connection to a broadband modem. If that's when you're connected to the router, something is amiss.

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Hi friends ...

I hav bsnl broadband connection in my home.... I connected a tplink wired for browsing...

I also have a belkin wireless router..... I connected those routers.... And only wired communication is possible
and i cant access in wireless connection... Pls help me

i m sttuggling....

A:How to connect tp-link adsl router with belkin wireless router???

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I have a belkin wireless/wired router, and it's really starting to stress me out. I have the wireless part working just fine, all my wireless computers connect to each other/the internet just fine. BUT, my wired computer is not connecting to the internet at all, but the DHCP is still assigning it an IP address and the computer thinks everything is fine. When I click on Internet Explorer, it says that the page cannot be displayed. It's driving me mad, can anyone help?

A:Belkin Router, Wireless and Wired... Wired Problems...

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I have been racking my brain for ages over this to no avail.

I am a professional designer with a digital press (canon imagePress C1)
What i want to do is connect the printer to a router and then some how connect that router to the main router where the internet comes in Wirelessly.

I cant plug a computer into the printer. The computers are upstairs and the printer is downstairs. There is also no way of connecting the printer to the main router(A)

My general basic idea is connect the printer to a router(B) via small ethernet cable.

Then me being optimistic Router(B) wirelessly sees router(A) so then I can print to it wirelessly from upstairs.

I hope this makes sense?!?!?!?


A:Connect Printer to wireless router (then to main router)


After doing some serach on google finally found this. Hope it will help you.

Router Setup Guide

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Hi Tech Support Guy!

Hoping you have the answer...
Using a Linksys wired router with 2 iMacs and a Windows 7 PC and everything is working just fine connecting to the internet. Now, I have to use an SDE (looks like a flash drive that connects to a usb port) to go to work. However, the SDE will NOT recognize the router and connect to the internet. I have to disconnect my PC from the router and connect it directly to the modem in order to connect to the internet. I need to be able to do this through the router so I'm NOT dead in the water with my iMacs. I know it has something to do with the internet settings on the SDE but, I'm NOT even sure the SDE will allow me to change the settings. What do you recommend or what would you do to connect through an SDE? Any ideas? I have contacted the VSC tech support and they say, contact Linksys... Linksys says they support the linux the SDE runs on and also say, change the settings on the SDE. I have to plead ignorance in these matters since this is supposed to be a "secure desktop environment" and a completely different operating system. Would I damage the SDE if I changed settings? Might I set off alarms? LOL! Not sure it would even allow me to change the ip address and DHCP settings... Is that my only alternative? Have any other knowledgeable ideas? Would appreciate any information you might have to offer!

Thank you so much for your time!

Virtual Service Provider

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Just did a clean windows 7 x64 installation on a build a box computer with a new hard drive. Install went fine. Plugged it in to my 3 month old Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router (WRT54GL) and it doesn't recognize that there is any connection at all. Windows says "No connections are available" and troubleshooting can't identify the problem. The light on the router and on the computer comes on. I am running a wired connected XP computer and 2 Win 7 x32 wireless connected computers just fine. Ran ipconfig /all and it came up as follows:

Host Name.................... : Bottomdweller-PC
Primary DNS suffix.......... :
Node Type ....................: Hybrid
IP routing Enabled...........: No
WINS Proxy Enabled........: No

There is no Ethernet Adapter Local Area Network listed at all!!!! That seems to be the crux of the problem!!! [It does show up when I run it on my XP connected system.]

I went through everything listed in wired pc won't connect with router and nothing worked.

When I typed type ncpa.cpl into the search box and hit enter I get a blank box. Nothing listed at all. Again no LAN.

All wires are connected. I've tried booting in Safe mode with networking. I've even connected the computer directly to the cablevision modem. I've installed a USB Linksys wireless adapter and although it installs fine, it doesn't see the router at all. I've also tried reinstalling the router directly on this computer but it doesn't see the router at all.

I've tried setting up ... Read more

A:Can't connect to the internet or my wired Router

Welcome Bottomdweller

Is the ethernet connection integrated on the MB ? On this build a box computer, did you get a driver disk with the MB ? Did you install the MB Drivers ? Does your network adapter show up in Device Manager ? What is the make & model of your MB ?

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im havin the same problem as listed by another user here


i was able to connect to the gateway and got stuck at the DNS SERVER

i connected my pc to the network and found out these details

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 54-42-49-86-C2-07
DHCP Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::2001:a020:b331:4aa8%11(Preferred)
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, June 06, 2012 9:37:19 PM
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Wednesday, June 13, 2012 9:37:19 PM
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DHCPv6 IAID . . . . . . . . . . . : 190071369
DHCPv6 Client DUID. . . . . . . . : 00-01-00-01-14-C1-0A-9D-54-42-49-86-C2-07
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
NetBIOS over Tcpip. . . . . . . . : Enabled
even after entering all the details manually after referring to the above details the connection settings stopped at the DNS SERVER. i got this error :
Failed to connect the network. Cannot connect with a name server. Home netowrk is available. Check the DNS server add... Read more

A:Cannot connect my LG 3D LED TV to the internet via wired router

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I got a new router - Verizon M1424wr

It works with wireless stuff but not with my PC...which is hard-wired. But it works with my printer (which is hard-wired).

SO, something is up with my pc. I have Win7.

I have a network controller called nforce network controller from nvidia, but people on those forums are saying that nvidia doesn't make those controllers anymore...so yeah. I looked up my system info and it looks like my adapter is called


Even though, in my network window, it says the nforce is the default network controller.


A:Can't connect to new router - hard-wired.

Are your "System Specs" correct? Do you have an ASUS M4N98TD EVO board?

If so then you have a Broadcom LAN adapter, not nVidia. I think you're mis-reading whatever you're looking at. It is the Broadcom B5071 which is your network adapter, and you should already have correct drivers installed.

Here's the specs for your board from ASUS:

Aside from getting a new M1424wr router from Verizon FIOS, what else in your system has changed? What modem/router were you using before this one? Were you always on FIOS, or were you on your cable system, or what?

How were you connecting to whatever you had previously... wired, or wireless? Again, what was the router hardware previously and who was your ISP service provider, if not FIOS??

Does the Broadcom network card provide a wired vs. wireless configuration setting?? Is there some kind of "network setup" wizard for the supporting software which specifies wired vs. wireless?

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Hey, I've recently reinstalled my Windows 7 Home Premium and I since my PC does not detect the router.

I've tried using a SKY recovery disk, but that failed and nothing happened.

Do I need to download a specific driver so the PC can detect the router?

If so, does anybody know where I could download it? Or any advice will be helpful

Thanks in advance

A:Unable to connect a wired router

Welcome to the Seven Forums.

So - you have a LAN cable (wire) going from your computer to your router, correct? Look at the place where the wire connects to the computer and let me know if you see a little green or orange light.

Also let me know if you see the network adapter via these screens:
Start > Control Panel > View network status and tasks (or Network and Sharing Center)

In the upper left corner of that last screen, select the link named "Change adapter settings".

Do you see any adapters on that screen? If not, then you might need a driver so that Windows can make use of the network adapter... but we will deal with that after you let me know about the two things above.

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I have a desktop PC which doesn't have any wireless capability, so I'd like to connect an ethernet cable from my PC to my laptop (Sony Vaio Duo 11) which can pick up the wireless connection from the modem/router which is downstairs.

My PC is Windows 8, and my laptop is Windows 8.1.

I try to go into Network and Sharing Center, and then I click "change adapter settings", but then my wireless connection doesn't show up, even though I'm connected to the internet. I've attached images.

If I connect my laptop to my PC with an ethernet cable, on my PC it shows "network 3" but it says "connection limited" and that there is no internet access.

How do I make it so I can use internet on my PC using my laptop to wirelessly connect to the modem?

(Forgive me for any noobishness)

A:Connect PC with wired connection to laptop router

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What are my options for connecting a laptop wirelessly to a workstation that is connected to a wired LAN and has no router? Essentially, I want to add wireless connectivity to the workstation so that the laptop can connect to the wired LAN via the workstation.

A:Connect a laptop wirelessly to a wired LAN with no router

Is there a specific reason why you can't add a wireless AP to your LAN?

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I have a Linksys Router BEFSR41 in which I have two computers hooked up to. I want to add a third computer but want to make it wireless. Is there a router that I can purchase that will be accomadate my two "wired" computers and my one "wireless" computer?



A:Which router can I use for wired and wireless?

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I'm planning on buying a router to share my dsl connection. I've been thinking on getting a wireless since I won't have to mess with cables..but at the same time, I dont know if wireless will be a problem if one pc is upstairs and the other downstars. I have never used a wireless so I don't know their typical range. Another thing is..will I need a 11mb or 54mb? We won't be doing many transferring of files between computers..we're just going to share the dsl connection.

If anyone has experience using a particular wireless router, post what's good and what to stay away from. I'm currently considering the Netgear MR814NA.

A:Router - Wired or Wireless?

Well, wireless is not as secured as wired, but if you are going wireless, i would suggest 8011g wireless.

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We presently have (2) users off the present router. There will be a 3rd joining.
Attempting to get the straight story on whether:

- Are Wireless routers as secure as wired routers. Like from malicious software routines, or any other methods of breaching the system.

- Are there ways of breaching the connection besides by being within so many feet of the router itself while having access to the assigned username/password ?

- Any one including visitors using the WiFi connection must be given the username/password, right?

- The pc's must be equipped for WiFi compatibility, right? Or else plug in a usb device to make it do so?

- Speed: presently we are using a linksys router -- ethernet cable/dsl router. model BEFSR41.
How might a router like the new Netgear R6300 compare? In terms of speed and security.

A:wireless vs wired router

They can be secure, depends on the security methods used.

Possible, but not likely. Of course it all depends on the type of data that you are really trying to protect. No real reason for anyone to expend a lot of time trying to hack into a secure network just to get internet access.

You can provide visitors complete access via l/p, limited access via l/p, or limited access without login. All depends on how you want to provide access.

Any PC will need a NIC and cable for wired access, or a wireless NIC for wifi access.

Wired will always be faster, regardless of router. There are some speed differences(for wifi) between router brands/models and even between the same model with different firmware versions. For the most part, it's a non issue.

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I am now running a 2 router setup, 1 wireless and 1 wired both linksys. They are a bit older and I need to upgrade my wireless because it does not give a strong signal and my laptop internet is slow. If I buy a new wireless N linksys will I be able to run my same set up? Or if someone can help me advise me what to do?

A:Wireless/Wired router

Yes it will work, just run the Linksys setup and connect it like you had the old one connected

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I need to connect a new SMC 7004 wireless 3-port router to my existing Linksys BEFSR41 4-port router. This is because there is one long network cable currently run to one end of the house and this is where I need to locate the wireless unit for optimal range (due to both distance/range and wall composition issues). The SMC was way cheaper than an access point. This is all for cable modem internet distribution - no file or print sharing at all.

At first, I connected the Linksys' Uplink port to a LAN port on the SMC wireless. The other SMC wired RJ-45 LAN ports then DID provide internet access (these connections appeared to use Linksys assigned IP addresses but the wireless NIC did NOT provide internet access. Wireless connection was successful between the wireless NIC and the SMC but the NIC's default gateway was set for the SMC ( and its IP was set to the SMC group ( as well. So no wireless internet like this.

On my second try I then got it to work by connecting the long network cable between the Linksys' LAN port #1 and the WAN port on the SMC wireless. This appears to work but I see that many people say this will be a problem and is not recommended.

Can the first way work by disabling DHCP on the SMC? Other manual settings? Router vs. Gateway settings?

What is the problem with the second way?

Also, in this setup does it matter that the SMC's firewall is currently enabled?

Any help or advice would be greatly ... Read more

A:connect router to wireless router

If you are only using it for Internet access, it may work. You won't be able to see any of the internal LAN addresses through the other router, since the private LAN addresses are not routable. I'd disable the SMC's firewall, since it can only cause you problems.

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I set up everything and if I have it wired it works fine but wireless it says can't find page when you try to get on the internet. I have set up networks before and never had a problem. first time I have used a Belkin router G+ I guess one of my question is this. I was reading on the Belkin site that it is already set for dynamic and that is for a cable modem and sounds like I should change it to pppoe for a DSL modem. would that make the difference. It is a brand new laptop and the wireless card is on and it sees the network and works when wired, it says it is connected wirelessly but wont get on the internet when not wired. Would the pppoe thing make a differnce? Please give me some help here. Thanks

A:Belkin wireless router with vista-wired works wireless doesn't

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Hi! I'm Chrissy. I recently reinstalled windows 7. That all went well and I had the desired outcome. One little problem though - no internet. I'm directly connected to my Linksys E2000 router. When I connect the ethernet cable into its Jack, the light comes on. The wireless is working fine (I'm connected to it right now, using my phone to type this very post.) The ethernet controller in my device manager has a on the icon. I have no ida what to do, what drivers to install ... anything. I'm at a complete standstill. Any help? Thanks so very much

A:reinstall of Windows 7 - Can't connect to internet wired thru router

Hi chrissy welcome to Sevenforums

What is your exact Laptop model or Motherboard model ?

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Is there anything on the market that i can plug into my wired router to send a wireless signal?

A:Wireless signal from a wired router

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Hello, I need to switch from a wired network to a wireless network. Santa is bringing a new laptop. I guess the best way is to change routers. Not sure what to go with. I would appreciate recommendations on a reliable model. I currently have 2 desktops, PS3 and a TV on the wired network. Ive looked at and read the reviews on a Linksys-Newegg.com - LINKSYS E3000 Wireless Router simultaneous Dual Band Gigabit 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz / 5GHz up to 300Mbps with USB Built-in UPnP AV Media Server and an Asus-Newegg.com - ASUS RT-N16 Wireless Router 802.11b/g/n up to 300Mbps DD-WRT Open Source support with USB Storage, Printer And Media Server.
For the most part the reviews are good but there a bunch of bad ones. Just wondering if any one brand is considered more reliable than the others. I don't know anything about open source firmware. Its mentioned quite a bit in the reviews.

This is what I think I need: Gigabit speed, N support and under $100. Any other specs I need to check out?


A:Switching from wired to wireless. Need router.

My honest suggestion based on my own experience is trendnet or belkin.
I've had horrible experience with both dlink and linksys.
They all seem to die within a year and a half.

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