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Windows Calculator App = numbers.exe process?

Q: Windows Calculator App = numbers.exe process?

Hi all,

New here, so I'm not sure if this is the correct forum to post this(if it isn't, admins please move it to the correct forum, thanks!). I'm currently running Windows 8.1 and recently I took a look at my Resource Monitor and noticed a process called numbers.exe with the description "Numbers". It showed it as running in the background but in a suspended state.

As I've never seen that process before, I decided to search it up and it came up with some results related to a trojan/rootkit. But this trojan/rootkit was namely referred to as <random numbers>.exe (for example: 123456789.exe); nothing indicating specifically the process "numbers.exe". I did a bit of digging in the associated handles and noticed that some of the files were related to the default Windows Calculator App, which I have currently pinned to my Start. When I unpinned it from the Start the process was gone.....so I'm assuming it is the process for the calculator. But because of a trojan incident I had a few years back, I'm a bit paranoid based of the searches that popped up for numbers.exe.

So I was wondering if anyone knows if this "numbers.exe" is a legitimate process? Does anyone else who also has the default calculator pinned to their start have this process running as "suspended"?

Anyone help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Preferred Solution: Windows Calculator App = numbers.exe process?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Windows Calculator App = numbers.exe process?

I just fired up Windows 8.1 Calculator. The only things I see listed are Windows Calculator under processes and calc.exe under Details. No numbers.exe. I hope this helps.

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Well, I set up the viewer exactly like it is explained
in this reference, but instead of steady process names I got some weird numbers, both in ProcessName and ProcessID columns.

I use standard Wireless scenario

and following ETW providers

What's the matter? Am i doing something wrong?

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Hey guys. I've got a process that I absolutely cannot kill and it's slowly taking away the executables I can run.

The process is called 3252348497:2920883518.exe. I've never seen a process with a colon.

It shows up whether I'm in regular boot, safe mode and safe mode with command prompt.

I've searched for this executable "file" everywhere and I cannot find it.

I've found two entries to it in the registry:

(Default) - REG_MULTI_SZ - \Device\HarddiskVolume1\WINDOWS\3252348497:2920883518.exe
ImagePath - REG_SZ - \systemroot\3252348497:2920883518.exe

Can anyone help?

A:Process with numbers (and a colon) that I can't kill

I found the file located in c:\windows but it is the first part of the file name and it's blank (0 kb).

It's letting me run all regular programs with the exception of Nero Burning Software.

It's not letting me run any anti-spyware/malware/virus programs.

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Split from here: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/topic414688.html pasting in initial contextual information. ~ OBHey guys. I've got a process that I absolutely cannot kill and it's slowly taking away the executables I can run.The process is called 3252348497:2920883518.exe. I've never seen a process with a colon.It shows up whether I'm in regular boot, safe mode and safe mode with command prompt.I've searched for this executable "file" everywhere and I cannot find it.I've found two entries to it in the registry:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\WOW(Default) - REG_MULTI_SZ - \Device\HarddiskVolume1\WINDOWS\3252348497:2920883518.exeHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\51e6dac1ImagePath - REG_SZ - \systemroot\3252348497:2920883518.exeCan anyone help? Finally got DDS to run!!!.DDS (Ver_2011-06-23.01) - NTFSx86 NETWORKInternet Explorer: 8.0.6001.18702 BrowserJavaVersion: 1.6.0_26Run by Dado at 14:05:21 on 2011-08-17Microsoft Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.2942.2511 [GMT -4:00].AV: Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus *Disabled/Updated* {D3C23B96-C9DC-477F-8EF1-69AF17A6EFF6}AV: Immunet Protect *Enabled/Updated* {F1220F1F-7E2E-48CD-846D-B98C6F85CD37}.============== Running Processes ===============.C:\WINDOWS\3252348497:2920883518.exeC:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost.exeC:\WIND... Read more

A:Process with numbers (and a colon) that I can't kill

HiPlease do the following:On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and the letter R to open a Run command boxenter the following two commands one at a time, hitting enter after each.sc stop 51e6dac1sc delete 51e6dac1Reboot the machine.Now do the following:Double-click My Computer. Click the Tools menu, and then click Folder Options. Click the View tab.Clear "Hide file extensions for known file types." Click Apply, and then click OK.Download Combofix from either of the links below. You must rename it to dado.com before saving it. Save it directly to your C:\ drive > Change the save as file type to "all files"**Note: In the event you already have Combofix, delete it, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved and renamed following this process directly to your desktop**If you are using Firefox, make sure that your download settings are as follows:
Tools->Options->Main tabSet to "Always ask me where to Save the files". Link 1 Link 2-----------------------------------------------------------Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don'... Read more

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After having a really nice graphically pleasing calculator in Windows 8.1, I must say that the "stripped down" version in Windows 10 leaves lots to be desired.  Is there a app in the Windows Store that comes close to offering a Calculator more in line with the calculator that came with Windows 8.1.  I don't mind paying for one.  Any suggestions.

A:Windows 10 Calculator

I didn't see one.  If you click on the ugly three lines (misnamed 'hamburger') at upper left, you do find a useful array of conversion types.  But you cannot use the 8.1's calculator (which yes is better), in 10.  When I tried, I got a claim that the dll it needed to run,wasn't available, and it wouldn't tell me WHAT dll, was missing. (I dual boot 8.1 with 10.)
Windows 7 calc.exe won't work, either.  XP's version might, but it's so ugly and sparse I didn't want to try it.  The file is in Windows System32, and also in Windows System32 dllcache .
Sent feedback via Insider program saying bluntly the calculator in 10 looked like a tombstone and was too big for laptops.

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I have a Logitech Office Internet Keyboard.

I used to be able to press the "Calculator" button, and the Windows Calculator would appear.

Now I am receiving the error message:

"calc.exe is not a valid Win32 application."

I am not sure, but this may have started happening after I installed Microsoft Calculator Plus.

Ideally, I would like the ability to access MCP with the button, but if it means going back to the original Calculator, I will do that.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


A:Windows Calculator

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I'm trying to use Windows 7 calculator to help with some software I'm developing that uses complex math functions, along with a healthy dose of 64 bit integer arithmetic. 
I won't get into the irritating fact that now you can't use one mode for both modest math functions and binary (and that you lose the accumulator if you switch modes)...  Okay, so I ended up running two of them and copying and pasting between.  But...
It's 3:00 am and I'm trying to see what a big number, logged in a text file in decimal via a printf %I64u conversion, is in hex.
Whose idea was it to change the damned calculator so that it won't accept a decimal number big enough to fill an unsigned 64 bit word?
Try copying this number and pasting it into the Windows 7 calculator:  17281580835365214242  You'll find it goes "ding" and fails to enter the last digit.  In hex this is:  EFD4823541245822  How do I know this?  Because the Vista calculator does the conversion just fine.
Okay, so let me just make a copy of the Vista calculator so I can run it on my Windows 7 system.  I'm licensed for all these operating systems anyway.  No dice - Microsoft tied the stupid calculator application to the operating system version.  So I have to RDP into my Vista machine just to use the calculator.
1.  Someone PLEASE tell me how to get the Vista calculator to run under Windows 7.
2.  Why, oh, why are Microsoft Engi... Read more

A:%*$*#&#* Windows 7 Calculator!

For grins, I just copied calc.exe from my XP Pro system (under Sun VirtualBox)  to my Win 7 Pro X64 system and it works. Set it to Scientific, pasted in the number you showed and converted it to Hex, no problem.
No Run as needed, it just works.

Rich Why can't I be different and original like everybody else? - Vivian Stanshal

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I recently needed the calculator that comes with Win Me, and for some strange reason, it wasn't there. I have used it before, but not for some time.

I do not have the Win Me disc, but do have Compaq Quick Restore, which I understand can be used for such.

It's not a big deal, but it is convenient to have.

Anyone know if I can use the QR discs going through Control Panel/ Add/Remove /Win Setup?

A:Windows Me calculator

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I lost orig. calculator from Accessories recently and I think it had to do w/my re-install of WMPlayer...Meanwhile, I went ahead and downloaded the powertoy calculator and have used it a couple of times, and in general, it's not necessary that I have all the features that it has, but more so, I don't think i set it up correctly because to use it, unlike the Powertoy Tweak UI where it aligned to the Programs folder and using mouse key to start, of course, you can scroll and see that it's positioned in it's own folder but the powertoy calculator, I have in MY Docs. folder and created a shortcut, thinking that that would "open" from the desktop without having to hunt it down too much. But instead of opening, it has to install (or in this case, reinstall) and that's the only way you can finally use it. It MAY facilitate this whole inquiry and process of using a calculator, to just go ahead and use my CD for the windows xp to replace or repair lost files +/or drivers, as I'm finishing up typing this post to draw toward that as conclusion. But I'll see what anyone may have to reply if with any suggestions or information in this regard. I appreciate it and thanks in advance joelook My computer OS XP pro sp3 Ver. 2002 AMD Ath 64x2 DuelCore

A:calculator and power toy calculator

Before you do anything with the XP cd, try this.

Open up My Computer from your desktop then open Drive C.

Next click on Windows. Find the System32 folder, open it, scroll through the entries in System32 and find calc.

When you see it, right click on the icon and send a shortcut to your desktop.

If you want to put the shortcut back in Accessories:

C:\Documents and Settings\<<Your user name>>\Start Menu

If the Accessories folder is there, drag the desktop icon and drop it into the folder.

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Hey everybody.

I don't know if the title is a good one for this problem, but here goes.

I have a column that has numbers in this format: 54321-1234

Now, I want to take off the last 4 numbers, and the dash, from all the numbers in the column, using a formula. So that the output would be: 54321.

I want it so the first 5 numbers stay the same, but the dash and last 4 are gone. Is this possible?


A:Solved: Excel 2003: Replacing Large Numbers with Smaller Numbers

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This was asked before by KlausdB:

"I have 4 x HDDs on SATA AHCI (Intel Controller) in Native Mode and 1 x ESATA on Win 7 Pro X64.
I noted that looking in Admin. Tools\Computer Management\Storage (as an example) the 1st HDD (Port 0 in the AHCI BIOS) is showing as "Disk 2" instead of my expectation of

"Disk 1".
Selecting the Drive's Properties correctly shows the "Location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0)".
I also note that the Disk Number allocation in Windows will change randomly after some reboots/startups - going anywhere from "Disk 1" to "Disk 4".  I can force/replicate this

behaviour by removing the ESATA drive.
Is this expected behaviour?
It doesn't appear to create any operating issues at this stage, however, is there a way I can force the Drive to always map to (eg) Device 0 --> Disk 1, Device 1 --> Disk 2,


 This was answered by Nicholas Li:

"As far as I know, how the disk is plugged physically and the order it is displayed are not related. For a simple example, if a drive is plugged to SATA interface 4 and it is the only disk, it will be displayed as Disk 0. If there is no related issue about
the disk order, I think we can safely ignore this."

 Because the topic was closed I want to ask a new question here:
 What happens if one of the 4 HDD drives or 5 has an OS installed on it? I ask because windows always write some bo... Read more

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I don't know how or don't know when but I guess I deleted the default Window's 7 Calculator.

Can someone please help me reinstall it. Thanks !

A:How do I resintall the Windows 7 Calculator?

click on start, and in the search box type "calc.exe", then pin it to the taskbar or starmenu

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For some reason in windows 10 I can't seem to get my Calculator to open up... I click on the icon and a quick flash happens on the screen and then nothing. Appreciate any help.

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I have just been Surface tablet. But I don't understand why Microsoft don't support calculator.
I think it is import. We need calculate anything!!!

A:Why Windows 8 don't support calculator

Calculator is still there (at least it is on my desktop version).

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I deleted the shortcut for my calculator and can't seem to find it in my programs. Does anyone know how and where to find it?
Thank You for any help.

A:Windows Vista Calculator

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32. In the System32 folder, locate the 'Calc.exe' file. Right click this file and select the 'Create shortcut' option. Click OK in the dialog box and a shortcut to the calculator will be placed on your Desktop.
You can move the shortcut to any location from there. You can also rename the shortcut to whatever name you wish to use.
 If this post answers your question, please click the Mark as Answer button at the top of this messageso that other members can benefit from the discussion.

Ronnie Vernon Microsoft MVP Windows Desktop Experience

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I was trying to put a shortcut to the calculator in my taskbar, but I ended up not likeing it there so I deleted it. Apparently I'd cut it from the accessories folder in the start menu instead of copying it, because now its not there anymore.

I've been looking around, but I can't find where the calculator program is in Windows XP. Does anyone know where the calculator is located in Windows XP, so I can put it back?

A:I've Lost the Windows Calculator

Does it run if you do this?

Click on Start>Run, key in Calc and press enter

If that works, do this to get the shortcut back into the Accessories folder

Start Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\StartMenu\Programs\Accessories. Now in the Right pane you should see the contents of the Accessories folder. Right click in the Right pane and select New>Shortcut. In the first dialog box key in Calc and click on Nect. Now in the next box key in Calculator and click on Finish.

Let us know what happens.

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New Version of Windows 10 Calculator Available in Store.

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I often cut and paste calculator results. I can copy the number displayed on the calculator but then there is no option to paste the number in Microsoft Money.

The calculator in Windows 8 was fine. Is there a better calculator than this feeble effort in Windows 10?

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Where do I find the Calculator? Does not appear in Apps or Programs.

A:Calculator facility in Windows 8 Pro

It should be in all programs. Open the start page and start typing calc and see if it appears.

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I have three SATA hard drives :
Main system/boot drive , WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 0 port
A backup drive, identical WD Caviar Black 1 TB, connected to the SATA 1 port
Another dirve, Hitachi 1 TB, connected to the SATA 2 port
When I installed Win 7, only the main drive was connected... and it remains the only drive with active/system/boot partitions.

All three drives reporr correctly in the BIOS, and in the right order, but why is it that only one of the drive (the one on SATA port 1) has a "SATA:" prefix and the others have a "HDD:" prefix ?

Why is it that the assignment of Disk #0, 1, 2 ( as seen in Disk Maanger or DiskPart) does not seem to have nay rhyme or reason?

I would have expected:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port O, to be assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, to be assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, to be assigned as Disk 2

but instead, I have:

- the hardrive connected to SATA port 2, is assigned as Disk 0
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 0, is assigned as Disk 1
- the hardrive connected to SATA port 1, is assigned as Disk 2

Just curious why that is.

I am assuming there is no way to chagne this. Its not something I would dream of reinstalling Windows 7 to correct ( even if it did correct it).

A:SATA port numbers vs assignemnt of Disk numbers/

Best advice, leave it alone. It may bother your (and others) sense of order but it won't affect how anything works, and no re-installing Windows won't change it.

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Hello all. I've tried several things to no avail. I need some extra help.A friends PC is getting this error: STOP: c000021a [fatal system error]Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000080' (0x00000000 0x00000000).The System has been shut down.What occurred before this error popped up:1. Upgraded dvd43 software, booted, and this error came up.I have tried multiple things.1. Ran the bootfix2. Tried the Recovery Console with their diagnostics3. Tried to get to Safe Mode and it will not load, goes back to this message.4. Tried to overlay the XP image (refresh it), no avail, back to the same message.I haven't found anything on the web that can help me so far. Looking to take the next step and ask for help.

A:Windows Logon Process system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of 0x00000080

0xC000021A: STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATEDThis occurs when Windows switches into kernel mode and a user-mode subsystem, such as Winlogon or the Client Server Runtime Subsystem (CSRSS), is compromised. Security can no longer be guaranteed. Because Win XP can?t run without Winlogon or CSRSS, this is one of the few situations where the failure of a user-mode service can cause the system to stop responding. This Stop message also can occur as a result of malware infestation or when the computer is restarted after a system administrator has modified permissions so that the SYSTEM account no longer has adequate permissions to access system files and folders.I've never gotten this particular error...but if I did, i would treat it as a malware situation until proven otherwise.Louis

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I have a Yoga 910 (i7, 16GB, 4k display) that hangs every time I run Windows 10 calculator. This has been happening ever since I got it and multiple updates have not resolved it (except to eventually kill calc). Chrome also produced the same symptom and I disabled HW exceleration to resolve that. I haven't found anything that help the calculator issue (even uninstalled and re-installed via Windows Store). Please help.

A:Yoga 910 and Windows 10 Calculator freezes

Hi there. I'd suggest first opening the Windows App store and updating the calculator app from there. Then, try these steps: 
1) On Start panel, type in powershell. Then choose Windows PowerShell option from the list.2) In the PowerShell window, type in the following command: 
Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register ?$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml?}
Then hit Enter. 
The above command will re-register all Windows 10 default apps on your computer. Wait for the process to finish and try running your Calculator again. 
If that doesn't work, follow it with running SFC or DISM. Here's more info on that: https://www.drivereasy.com/knowledge/windows-10-repair-fix-problems-with-sfc-and-dism/
Hope that helps!

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Somehow have lost windows Xp games, Spider Solitaire and pinball etc and also calculator and other things like that all integrated with windows XP software. any ideas on how to get them back.


A:Lost windows XP games and calculator

start --> control panel --> add/remove programs --> click on the add/remove windows components on the left hand side. Then its the first option (accesories and utilities). Click on details and you should be able to check what things you want on your pc. you will probably have to put your xp cd in. then click ok

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Hello there, I've noticed just today that I can't open Windows Store nor the Calculator. I saw some people say that they have issues with all Windows Apps in this case, but for me, Photos, Camera, and a few others I tested all work fine. However, Store (and Calculator) both crash as soon as they begin loading. The window comes up, then vanishes. :/ I've been looking for solutions for hours now. I've tried so many things to no avail. I'm so lost.

Here are some of my failed attempts at trying to fix it:

The only thing I haven't done as yet is do a repair installation thing where Windows re-installs but keeps your personal files, but I'm honestly not very eager to do so because I really don't have the time to go re-installing a multitude apps/programs that I use all the time. T_T I honestly haven't even downloaded any Apps from the store as yet, but I like checking now and then to see if there's anything useful. Not being able to open it at all is annoying. Even more annoying is the fact that Calculator doesn't work either.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I recently downloaded a user mod for a Tom Clancy game from a reputable web site and checked for viruses, it was clean. After install every time explorer opens the calculator pops up aswell I have erased mod, restarted and repair installed windows xp. is there a setting that can cause this to happen or do I have to backup and format/install windows?

A:Solved: Windows XP calculator keeps popping up.

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We religiously track Windows Application fault events in our environment.

Recently we have noticed that when, Word 2013 x86 version (15.0.4823.1000, 15.0.4805.1001) running on Windows 8.1 x64,  crashes due to corrupted heap, we find suspended winword process that have no running threads.  the ccorrupt heap crashes are of
the type  exception c0000374 in Ntdll.dll at offset 0x000e6054.  We have two different situations in which we can trigger a crash that will produce the corrupted heap.

The problem is after the App crash the Windows Error Reporting service, attaches the WerFault.exe to the crashed process and saves the WER Dump file.  The problem is after this process is finished we are left with Winword.exe process that are in suspended
state.  They are not visible in the TaskManager but they show-up in Procexp,  these process have no running threads and the End task or end task tree have no impact.  The only way to exit the suspended process is to log off the user session. 

The suspended Winword.exe process cause problems when we re-launch a clean word, we have an add-in that detect's the suspended Winword and will not run.

On a test machine we disabled the WER service and of course we no longer see suspended threads, this is not an option for use because stopping the WER service stops logging of all Application Fault event ID 1000 and Application hang 1001 entries from the Application

We also tried to ex... Read more

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Hi fooks,

I hope you all can read this, i'm from Belgium so my Englsich is not as good as it might be.

I have bought last year a little notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium on it.
On this machine i am the Administrator, and there are no other people on that, or guestaccounts made.

On my desktop i have the utility Process Explorer 15.3 {the executable only} from the site below
Process Explorer

When i dubbelclick the Process Explorer is see al the services and processes on my machine.

A friend of Peter, came to me with his Desktop PC with a death harddrive, so i bought a new one.
I have a DVD with Windows 7 Home Premium that i bought with that other notebook to help other
people and if my computer have a problem. I use to register than the serial on the case of the people that need help.

When i install a new copy of Windows 7 Home Premiun on his computer, and also unpack the Process Explorer.exe on the desktop and lauch that also as admin i see several services or processes with a Patch: [Opening error process] For exsample winlogon does not link to the normal directory, normaly c:/windows/system32/winlogon.exe { i think that is the right one}

See this screenshot i made:

I did some Google search on came on this website:
process explorer shows "error opening process" - BleepingComputer.com

Somebody there says: "Right click on process explorer and select run as administrator"

When i do that t... Read more

A:Windows 7 + Process Explorer + Patch: [Opening error process]

You probably have UAC turned off on your computer but not on the your friends computer.

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Who needs Windows Calc? Cortana can do simple math, and with one extra keystroke you can display a full-featured calculator in the Start menu.
By Ed Bott for The Ed Bott Report | February 24, 2016 -- 12:27 GMT (12:27 GMT) | Topic: Windows 10

You don't need an app to do basic math in Windows 10. If you've enabled Cortana, you can perform those calculations by tapping the Windows key and then typing the formula in the search box.

Make your formula as simple or as complex as you want, using standard operators: + and - for addition and subtraction, * and / for multiplication, % for percentages, ^ for exponentiation. Cortana automatically groups internal calculations; use parentheses if you want to control grouping.

As soon as you type an equals sign or press Enter, Cortana displays the result at the top of the search results list.

Want to do more calculations using the result of that formula? Press Enter to open the full calculator shown here.

Note that the calculator vanishes as soon as you click away, and you can't copy the formula or its results.

Windows 10 tip: How to access Cortana's secret calculator | ZDNet

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Hey guys,

Yesterday, I mistakenly clicked on calculator and its size edited so I want to change it default size because its looking weird now. So, can anyone tell me how to reset the default size of calculator in windows 10 ?


A:How to reset the default size of calculator in windows 10

Just click on a corner, hold the mouse button down and resize it by dragging.

Just noted when I launched the universal app calculator for the first time after the upgrade it appeared as big as the store. Odd.

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Old Windows 7 Calculator for Windows 10

A:Should I trust this Windows 10 old calculator file download?

Yes it's totally legit program
Antivirus scan for ba3aa0c64894eb657392a4c0aba0058092fe29bd15356989347f7899179d806a at UTC - VirusTotal

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Hi..please share me the steps how could i able to open calculator in new windows 10.I am using corporate laptop and I am unable to update directly from Microsoft.I tried all troubleshoot but still i am unable to open image and calculator.So please suggest
me the way asap because i am using corporate i cant hold so long and as per company policy i cant use any third party software.Waiting for your response.
Have a nice day!!

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I'm creating an educational program on CD-ROM. Part of it is math and I'd like the students to be able to open the Windows calculator (calc.exe) application by clicking on a button in the program (an html file they will view in Internet Explorer)
what should I type as the hyperlink or command to open the calculator?

A:launch windows calculator from an html hyperlink?

Are you sure your users will be using windows.... If it were me I would use a java calculator. There are tons out there, or you can write your own in an hour os so. http://www.fbley.de/java.html there is one here, or run a search and you'll be swamped with them good luck.. T

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Hello Guys, lately I've been having some problems with my apps of windows thats driving me crazy, they just don't run.

It all started when I uninstalled the antivirus Kapersky, now, when I click on any windows app, it pops up and then disappears, I can see the software running on the lower bar, but its blank, and everytime I click on it dosent do anything, I have read several posts and threads about similar issues, seems that refreshing the windows OS will solve the issue its just that I have about 50 softwares on my computer of great need for my work and refreshing the OS will erase them all.

Can someone please help me about this, its urgent for me, THANKS!

A:Problem with Windows 8.1 Apps (Calendar, calculator, etc.)

I don't believe it's just you, daviduzago. I have been having problems with Windows 8.1 apps also - the ones I already have installed seem to be ok, but when I try to install a new one, it installs and then will not open - just reverts back to the Start Screen and I get errors in Event Viewer. I've tried many suggestions ranging from Synching the apps to changing user account, etc. but so far no luck in solving the problem. Will post back here if I believe I've found an answer, please do the same. Thanks.

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I have been given four transcripts of telephone calls recorded at a call centre. All at different times on the same day. Two have the same callID number. The sequence of the numbers attributed to each call are odd. The first call has a higher number than later calls and the last two are also out of order. I am not sure if this is the right forum but i am desperate for some help. The transcripts are VERY important and I cannot be sure that they are the real deal because of the callID numbers. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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I have Windows XP, with Wordpad v5.1 and Notepad v5.1 as well. In Notepad, if I toggle off Word Wrap, I can then toggle on the Status Bar, and it shows me the line and column number in the status bar. It does not look like Wordpad has the ability to show line and column numbers. Does anyone know if there is a way to show that in Wordpad? Thanks.

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I was checking my program and software list and at the top of the list I noticed two (2) sets of numbers that I have never seen before. I checked the internet to see if I could find out what they were. It kept taking me to sites for spyware, adware,etc. I could not find out what they were or why they are on my system. I do not want to remove them until I know what they are. I have not noticed any problems with my system, but I do not know what might be going on behind the sceen. The numbers are listed as follows:



A:Found Numbers Unknown Numbers In System

The first one > http://www.acresso.com/products/is/i...d-overview.htm

The second one > http://eraser.heidi.ie/

Both are legit and not malware.

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When we perform following operation on Win 7
Scenario 1
(9.1*10^ - 31*3*10^8) =
we can see the equation getting formed in following way:

what we see on the screen is this
(9.1*(10- 31*3*10^8))
and result on = comes to following

I would like to know on pressing - sign after ^ windows seems to replace the ^ operation with - operation. And when it does that it fails to compute the 9.1*10. To explain, if you execute same math equation with ^ sign i.e. as below:
Scenario 2
(9.1*10 - 31*3*10^8) =
window shows result as 91 the moment you input - operation in sequence.

I predict the same behavior even for the equation where user inputs - sign immediately followed by ^ sign. If window is replacing the - operation with ^ then logically it should do the same what I have explained above in Scenario 2.

Not sure what different logic windows is applying here. When I try to execute same logic on JEP Parser (Jep Console - DJep/JEP Java Math Expression Parser) this is what JEP gives as result:
JEP > (9.1*10 - 31*3*10^8)

It seems there is a bug in the way Windows 7 replaces operation but forgets to execute its preceding operation, even though the precedence of previous operation is HIGH as compared immediate next operation.

Let me know if any one observed similar issue and what could be the correct way of implementation here.

Thanks in advance.


A:Windows 7 Calculator - Question on the logic for executing functions

Hi Abdul and welcome to W7 Forums

I've had a look at this and what I think is happening is this:

Normally, operators function in line with the normal hierachial preference (unitary sign, power, multiply and divide, plus and minus) unless the sequence is overridden by the use of parentheses (). A sum is evaluated as it is inputted so long as the hierachial level of each operator is the same or lower than the preceding one. However, when an operator of higher precedence is inputted, things change. In that case, the previous operator is not executed until after the current operation. Let's use an example:

A * B ^ C

With this, A is multiplied by the result of B risen to the power of C. It is not the result of A multiplied by B and then risen to the power of C. To achieve this, the first term needs to be enclosed in parantheses like this:

( A * B ) ^ C

Now, let's assume you made a mistake and that you really wanted to input a minus sign instead of the power. So you enter the following:

A * B ^ - C

The first term is still waiting for the outcome of the second term before it is executed, even if the operator of that term is corrected from one of higher precedence to an equal or lower one.

This is what I think is happening with your equation. You are wanting to raise B to a negative power of C, but instead are inadvertently changing the operator as described above. The correct operation can be done in two ways.

First of all, enclose - C in parentheses, so you get... Read more

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I've been having a few issues recently with some programs with reside within the system32 folder, as said in the title paint, notepad and calculator. Explorer is having a different issue so I'll discuss it later.

The 3 programs listed are constantly crashing. Notepad and calculator are having significantly bigger issues than paint right now, however they all have the same issue.

Whenever I open one of these programs, it'll either be a few letter (numbers for calculator) and it'll crash, with the generic error message "xxxx has stopped working, Windows is searching for a solution". This problem happens consistently.

Explorer on the other hand, is behaving oddly. Every couple days (sometimes multiple times in a day) my toolbar will not pop itself back up (I have it set to autohide). While the trace of the hidden toolbar is visible, no moving of the mouse (even when on the desktop to avoid 'always on top' programs taking priority) on the toolbar will bring it back up. This usually results in just killing explorer.exe and re-running it.

Fuzz Ball

A:Problems with Paint, Notepad, Calculator and Windows Explorer

I would start with the System File Checker

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

If it finds errors it cannot fix, post the sfcdetails.txt as mentioned in Option Three

A Guy

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Windows calculator shows same result in "Difference (years, months, weeks, days)" for different From dates and same To date, but the total number
of days  below it is different for these three cases.

Test Case #1: From Date: 31-12-2015   To Date: 15-03-2016
Result: Difference: 2 months, 2 weeks, 1 day

Test Case #2: From Date: 30-12-2015   To Date: 15-03-2016
Result: Difference: 2 months, 2 weeks, 1 day

Test Case #3: From Date: 29-12-2015   To Date: 15-03-2016
Result: Difference: 2 months, 2 weeks, 1 day

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Hi there - I'm using a Surface 2 Pro running Windows 10 and noticed yesterday that a number of apps are simply not working when I log in using my profile (I am the user administrator on the machine, there are three other normal user accounts - family members)

The apps that are not working include, most annoyingly - the Store. Also, photos, calculator, People App and perhaps even the Google Chrome App (I haven't tested that exhaustively). There are two or three other apps affected as well, though I am at workright now and can't remember them exactly (but they are MS based ones that were more "default apps" rather than, say, games, or other apps downloaded from the store)

I noted on a number of forums around the web that the issue of non working people/calc/store/photos wasn't uncommon.

I've tried a number of possible solutions, but to no avail. I've tried wsreset, tried the latest troubleshooter from the MS site, even got into powershell and worked through commands there to try and put back into place the Store. I've tried to restore the system to an earlier point (2 weeks ago).

None of this has worked. All the apps open but do nothing. Then they eventually (5 seconds, maybe less) close of their own accord.

But here's the thing - This is only happening on my account. I can log in to any of the other three user accounts on the Surface and the store, calculator, people apps, photos etc - they all work.

So I'm flummoxed. I am thinking that this has only occurred... Read more

A:Loss of Store, Calculator, People App, Photo App in Windows 10

Hello Chris, and welcome to Ten Forums.

If you haven't already, you might see if using the tutorial below to reinstall and re-register all apps may help.

Apps - Reinstall and Re-register in Windows 8 and 10

If not, then you could do a repair install to fix them without losing anything.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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Hi all,
new to this so please be patient :)
I am running a pc with XP SP2, which is going fine - except for a calculator screen coming up - sometimes up to 100 of them - for no apparent reason. It happens randomly, sometimes when using Internet Explorer, sometimes while sitting unused, sometimes when using notepad. I have checked shortcuts, and there are no keys set to start calculator; I have checked the startup list (ie msconfig) and can't see it set to start with anything - the only thing I know for sure is that the calculators appear on the Task Manager list as many times as on screen. I have tried system restore to before it happened, it still keeps happening. I have also run AVG and Adaware, and cleaned out everything else I could think of. HELP PLEASE!!! thanks all! Mel.

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does anybody knows how to change the color for negative values
in the embedded calculator?

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Ok so recently ive been having a problem with windows. It will open calculator at random times without me pressing anything, and then maybe half an hour later will shut down. Ive been told on other forums to come her and see if anyone can help me out because so far, no-one has any ideas what this is. Judging by some of the posts ive read, im a total n00b so if anyone can help me out id be very greatful. Thanks

A:Windows Shutting down at random..Opens calculator aswell


Welcome to TSF.

I'm sure you'll find some help here. I know I did. And I choose to stick around.

Have you run a complete virus/spyware/adware scan? If not, that's the place to start. Post again with the results and one (or more) of the windows guru's will be glad to help.

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I've been trying to set up a toolbar button in Excel that when clicked will bring up the Windows Calculator, but I just can't seem to find the way to do it. I know it can be done because I used to have it on my previous installation of Excel (Office Basic 2003 and my current installation is the same version).

Now I know I can just click on the Start Menu while I'm in Excel and then just go to Accessories and Calculator, but this is just a personal preference to have a toolbar button that will do the same thing.

I thought there was a Command Option that would allow me to just type in "calc.exe", but there's not. I tried a hyperlink to "Windows/System 32/calc.exe" and that works for the button (Custom button), but it gives a bunch of warnings before the Windows Calculator comes up. And as I recall, I never got those warnings before (one warns about hyperlinks and the other is similar).

And I looked on all the toolbar choices and I couldn't find any Windows Calculator button. There IS an Excel calculator button(s) to recalculate spreadsheets, but that's NOT what I want - I want the Windows Calculator.

I tried recording a macro and assigning it to the button, but the minute you go out of Excel the macro recorder doesn't record.

I also tried VBA, but I couldn't find any simple code to execute the calc.exe program. I thought maybe there would be a simple "run" statement, but I don't think there is. Actu... Read more

A:Solved: Excel toolbar button for the Windows Calculator

Actually... I'm running Office 2003 Pro and it has the Windows Calculator as a button called "custom". Under Toolbars> Customize> Commands Tab, clicked on Tools in the left window and scrolled about 2/3 of the way down in the right window. I've got two "Custom" buttons listed after "Camera" and before "Select Names"; one with a deck of cards icon and the other with a calulator icon. Drug it up to my tool bar, saved the settings, and the Windows calculator opens from it. Solitare opens with the deck of cards icon

I didn't even know they were there.... cool.

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Hello all, I am new here and have never posted before so sorry if I do something wrong. I previously I had a problem with the start button and Cortana not working and I did some research and fixed that issue. Unfortunately I cannot recall how I fixed this issue. I think I read somewhere that the solution I used could affect the windows apps, and I don't regularly use these apps so I wouldn't have noticed immediately. I just found out that these apps are messing up and will not open. When I press the start menu and click all apps at the bottom there is a list of apps that do not work and they all start with "@microsoft" (I was having issues trying to attach a picture so here is a gyazo link for the picture attached. I've been trying to fix this issue using the powershell solution but it is not working for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

A:Many Windows Apps like calculator, photos, and store not working.

Hello The Texman7, and welcome to Ten Forums.

I'm afraid that your apps are broken, but you could do a repair install to fix them without losing anything.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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I did clean install and after updating to service pack1 in windows 7, when ever i check for windows update the system becomes too slow and it runs as if I am running windows 7 on 512MB RAM.
What can be possible solutions?


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