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T480 comes with both GPUs

Q: T480 comes with both GPUs

I ordered a T480 with the Geforce MX150 option. Was surprised to see my delivered unit with Intel UHD 620 and simultaneously active with the Geforce GPU. The Intel GPU however is the default display adapter. Intel UHD 620 is active display adapterI've never quite seen this before. Desktop mainboard BIOS would typically disable the onboard GPU if slotted with an actual video card (leaving the OS blind to its presence), and all my previous laptops that I configured with a discrete GPU would have just that alone. Am I supposed to disable the UHD 620 in Device Manager in order to force the Geforce to take over? I don't see anything in the BIOS that can influence this (in fact it seems to suggest the UHD is in charge with its shared memory setting).

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Preferred Solution: T480 comes with both GPUs

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I'm looking to add two GPUs to my ASUS Z87-A motherboard, and i'm wanting to run two TITIAN Xs on my ASUS Z87-A, is this possible or will i need a new motherboard?


A:Two GPUs on my MB

I believe your psu might be a little stretched with 2 of them
1 is no problem but with 2 it would be best to have a minimum 1000w
evga 1000 P2 are pretty reasonably priced and very good.

The minimum power supply for a titan x is 600w

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In my gaming rig I have a GTX 660 but I also own two Radeon HD 7870 cards, now my question is fairly simple would the two Radeon cards win in performance over my GTX card or should stick with only one card?

Plus in a not so far distant future I am planning on buying the LG's 34" UltraWide monitor.

Uh hope the title is good, was a bit unsure what to put there!


A:1 GPU vs 2 GPUs

Well the 2 GPUs in theory would be faster then one, however its completely dependent upon the games you play. Sadly Crossfire is far more broken then SLI at this time.

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Ok quick and easy
What exactly does adding more GPUs to a computer do, does it reduce lag and stuff.

What I thought is: If you have a video card, say 9500GT and the game lags on it, does adding another 9500GT(or better) imrove quality? I saw a dude with 3 EVGA GTX 570s so i wanted to ask. SKyrim is coming so i want a buffed up pc for it.

A:Several GPUs?

It depends. There are two options that I know of depending on who you go with: SLI or Crossfire. With an SLI (NVIDIA) setup you won't really notice a huge difference unless you play in really high resolutions and have all the bells and whistles turned on (AA, shaders, etc. etc.) As far as Crossfire (ATI) I don't really know where you see a performance gain as I haven't played around with that setup yet. You're probably better off just putting down more money for a good video card to start with then trying to set up one of those though. If you have any issues with one card or have to upgrade, you have to figure on replacing all the cards at the same time which in the end can be a lot more expensive.

For an SLI system, the cards can run in parallel, or one can be dedicated to graphics and the other to PhysX effects. If you are thinking about going with either though, I'd suggest reading up on both and doing some research. If you're playing on a 17" monitor, neither is really going to be of any benefit. And SLI is capable of running 3 or 4 cards in parallel as well, but you're really talking a lot of money for that. Also keep in mind you need a motherboard that supports the setup and a power supply beefy enough to handle the extra cards. Not to mention the cards generate a lot of heat, so you're talking cooling issues as well.

http://www.slizone.com/page/home.html -- SLI info can be found here and on the NVIDIA forums.
http://game.a... Read more

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lol so ive been debating this for a while.

what GPU do you guys think would be best price to performance?

i cant decide between these 3:

GTX 760
R9 280X
GTX 800 series (860 or so when its released)

so im probs going to be buying a gpu in march or so when some big games are coming out, however, which one should i get? i heard that the 800 series are coming out Q1 of 2014.

gaming at 1080p, i just want as many FPS as i can in all games under $300


Too far away and too many variables (price going up/down, new cards, etc) to make any kind of recommendation. Best thing to do would be to start saving based on the most expensive card you're considering and then ask again when it gets much closer to the time of purchase.

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Q: 2 GPUs?

Using my 8400gs, and in everest for example, it shows 2 temps for 2 cards?
or in pcwizard it shows this:

I have onboard disable, even tho i have the nforce chipset drivers install, could that be the cause?

A:2 GPUs?

Your card probably supports 2 monitors via 2 output connectors and that's probably what is being shown. I doubt that the onboard video is what you're seeing there.

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I'm running Debian and windows. I have an nvidia card but the proprietary drivers suck on Linux but work well on windows. I was wondering could I run an amd card for Linux and nvidia for windows or will two different GPUs kill it?

A:two gpus

What is the Nvidia card
Are you using the Nvidia driver for Debian or are you using the open source noveau driver

sudo apt install lshw

sudo lshw -c display
those cmds in terminal will tell you which you are using

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Hello, I want to ask about how would 2 different GTX 970 cooperate with SLI.

1. Both GTX 970 are from company ASUS
2. Both are 4GBs of RAM
3. One GTX 970 is " Asus Turbo GTX 970 OC "
4. Second one is " Asus Strix GTX 970 OC "
5. My motherboard is Asus ROG Z170
6. My power supply is - Fortron Hyper S 600 (600W)

So my questions are :
1. Will those 2 Graphics Cards cooperate in SLI and increase my FPS in games
2. Will they both work with my motherboard and my power supply
3. If they work, will I be still able to use 2 monitors and play games with SLI?

Thanks for answering those questions.

A:SLI on 2 different GTX 970 GPUs

Does this help ?

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Installing Windows 7 on some computers is not a simple task, especially if compatibility and support problems exist. According to Microsoft, Windows 7 fails to play nice with machines that have an AMD/ATI Radeon graphics processing unit (GPU) leveraging the embedded DisplayPort (eDP) technology. Customers that attempted to install Windows 7 on such computers found that they were unable to complete the deployment.

?When you install Windows 7 on the computer, a black screen is displayed during the installation process. However, the installation is still running. In this situation, you may be unable to complete the installation. If you have multiple displays, only the primary screen is black when you encounter this issue,? Microsoft explained.

Source -
Windows 7 Black Screens of Death for Some AMD/ATI GPUs - During installation - Softpedia

A:Windows 7 B.S.O.D for Some AMD/ATI GPUs.

i also have this problem.Microsoft have any solutions or fixes for it ?

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Hello, I have bought this psu : Be Quiet System Power B8 550W 80plus Bulk. I'm looking to buy a graphics card, but I can't understand if the pins or connectors are compatible with the specific cards I want. They are:
8GB PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Devil Aktiv PCIe 3.0
8GB PowerColor Radeon RX 580 Red Devil Golden Sample
Gtx 1060 6gb (Gigabyte, Msi)
Rx vega 56

A:Is this PSU compatible with these GPUs?

Well for starters, the RX 580 requires a MINIMUM of a 600W QUALITY PSU. Yours is only 550W so I wouldn't recommend using it on those card. Second, your power supply brand is a really low end maker. It will not likely stand to the stress of gaming. I would get a high quality power supply like a Corsair RM 750 or similar.

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Hi TeCh

I have an issue. My pc is one of those HP small form factor pcs. As you know it is a pain to get a strong GPU in them.(actually pretty much impossible). I've been looking at lp cards. I found one by XFX called the 7300GS-PV:T72G-WANG.Yeah they fit in there but golly are they useless. So here's my two q's....

1. Its a 256mb SUPPORTING 512mb...What does "supporting 512mb" mean?

2. I was thinking... My mobo has a PCI-E 1x slot and a PCI-E 16x. Would i be able to buy two of the cards and run them together?

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I know that Nvidia allows for the use of two different GPU's such at an 8800GT and a GTX 280 utilizing the better one for graphics while unloading the physX onto the 8800 however my question is in relevance to the technology. Both GPU's mentioned are DX10 so no problems however I currently have a GTX280 and would like to eventually jump up to the GTX480 however the 280 is based off DX10. Will this be a problem when trying to run both on the same platform?

A:Solved: Using two different GPUs

Nope, shouldn't be a problem with Directx versions. Not sure how much benefit you'll have from using two cards rather then the 480 for everything.

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I have inherited a beasty PC with an old Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 graphics card. However it is now over two years old and so can't handle modern functions such as CUDA or PhysX, but is still a high resolution quality card. Can you see a problem with adding a second modern graphics card, such as a Geforce 9 series card to the system, ignoring all this SLI and Crossfire stuff and simply running them as separate cards, using my current card as a display driver and the new Cuda enabled card for GPU processing.

A:Multiple GPUs

You'd want to make the new card the main, primary card otherwise any game will use the Quadro card since you cannot specify which card can be used for what and you can't have one monitor connected to two cards without a switch. And if you don't have a second PCI-Express x16 slot then you can't even do that. Your best bet is to sell the Quadro card and get a new Geforce GTX 200 series card.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 for PC

The Grand Theft Auto series has been my favorite video game franchise since I first played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Having the ability to take control from over dozens of vehicles from cars to trucks, boats, choppers, planes and so forth in a large area is a kind of game I like. Since GTA 5 has been released for PC, I've always wanted to get the experience of playing the game straight from my laptop.

But unfortunately, I think my laptop is not good enough for it.

When I was looking to see what the requirements were for GTA 5 on PC, I found that my laptop met all but one requirement: a powerful enough GPU.

Now this isn't the only game that my laptop doesn't meet all requirements. GTA 5's predecessor, GTA 4, also requires a higher end GPU, but not as much as needed for GTA 5.

Now I have played GTA 4 and the Episodes for Liberty City DLC on my PC and so far the game can only work well on minimum graphics settings and even then the game can drop to ~10 FPS usually in highly active events or some moments in gameplay but this isn't much of an issue for me. However, I am a little worried that GTA 5 would have even terrible performance even at minimum settings on my laptop. The only little glimpse of hope I could find is upgrading to Windows 10 which includes DirectX 12 but I'm still a little worried.

Your Responses and Mine

Now I told you that I play on a laptop and I know what many of you are thinking: "You shoul... Read more

A:External GPUs: What should I get?

You're not eligible for a discrete graphics card because it's a laptop, unless you buy one of these: https://www.google.com.ph/?gfe_rd=cr...ssl#q=ViDOCK+4

Or if your laptop supports Dedicated Laptop GPUs, I'd buy one of them (but they're a wee bit expensive)

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Hi all,

I'm seriously thinking about (well, I'm going to) buying a new motherboard and get the new 8800 card soon-ish. Thing is, doing this will mean I'll have to change my RAM and maybe even my processor but I really don't want to change my processor. I've currently got an Athlon 64 FX-55 (939 pin) and I don't want to change it just yet because it's still a kickass chip. I need to change my motherboard because it only supports 8x PCI-E and you need to have 16x for the new GPUs. Also means changing my RAM which is a pain as I've got 4x DDR sticks.

Would it make much of a difference if I just buy a motherboard which supports 16x PCI-E socket 939 or are those gonna be dated? Do I really need to change my chip? What motherboard would be the best for the new GPUs and socket 939?

Nforce 6 motherboards only support dual/quad chips, am I missing out by sticking to a 939 board?

Any advice would be greatly appriciated!

Athlon 64 FX-55
Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
300GB HD - Maxtor
2x Geforce 7800GTs
2x TWIN2048 3200C2PT
Audigy 2 ZS

A:New GPUs - What Motherboard?

My understanding is that even with 8800 you wont push the limit of a 8x PCI-e

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Friends issue:


I bought an asus r9 270x to replace my old Connect 3d ati radeon 4890. My problem is I have two monitors that can be connected via vga only and the 270x has only one dvi port that can be used with a vga-to-dvi adapter. So, I have connected one monitor but I don't know what to do with the other one. As a result, I thought I should buy a vga-to-displayport adapter, but before doing this, I believed I should try to use both of them, not on crossfire.

What I am facing now is I have two cards installed on the pc, both of them ready to work with their drivers installed but they can't perform at the same time. Right now I am using the r9 270x and when I try to install the drivers of 4890, the device manager states that r9 270x has a problem so the os disabled it. If I install the drivers of r9 270x again, same thing happens to the 4890.

What can I do so they can work together?

A:Running 2 GPUs - Possible?

Hi there,

All of the r9-270's I see have 2 DVI ports, why can't a DVI/VGA adapter be used on both?

I may be wrong, but I think two cards have to be setup with Crossfire/SLI to use both.

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As stated in the topic title, is there really any point in buying an overclocked GPU vs a non-oveclocked one? For instance, wouldn't it be the same if I bought a standard Evga GPU and oc'ed it using Evga Precision?

A:Buying OC vs Non-OC GPUs

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Why is one more than the other?

A:What is the difference between these two GPUs?

one is the duel fan model the other is the single fan model.

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Hi, I have a HD 6870 gpu and a 7850 gpu, can I crossfire them ?

A:Crossfire over different GPUS

Hi xerox203 and welcome to W7 Forums

Whilst both cards are capable of utilising crossfire, they cannot do so together. Both cards need to be from the same family series, i.e. 2x 6000 series or 2x 7000 series. Ideally, both cards should be identical. So that means, in your case, 2x 6870 or 2x 7950.

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can you run 3 monitors at 1680 by 1050 like eyefinity with 2 4850s?

A:2 GPUs and eyefinity =/

you can with one of these.

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I have two GTX 560ti GPUs that I need to RMA because they crash when running DX11 applications at factory speeds (these are gigabyte overclocked cards 900MHz core and the only way to avert the crash is by under-clocking the core)

I purchased them from two different websites, one in March '11 one in June '11

1) is it necessary to send the correct item to the right retailer? i.e. will they have any way to check serial numbers and things

2) is there any way I could identify which one is which?! I have them both, 90% certain I know which GPU I bought second (still has the cover over the DVI port!) not sure about the packaging though...

It's a fiddly problem, but I feel I need to get to the bottom of it because they probably get a lot of customers cheekily trying to return old/broken hardware

Both are under warranty and I am fully confident I will be able to exchange them for a replacement/refund. My brother uses the same GPU and does not experience the same fault. I suspect it was an issue with earlier models as he purchased his in september '11.

Any advice or ideas?

A:Two faulty GTX 560 Ti GPUs

The warranty/RMA will be tied to the serial numbers. White sticker with bar code- which should be between the front GPU heatsink screw and the solder points for the cards VRM. I Think most Gigabyte boards only have two stickers attached- the white serial and a green QC.

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Hi all

My Problem is.

I got these 2 GPU's Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+OC 512mb & Nvidia Geforce 9800GT 1 Gig.

Both of these cards crash when i play lower ended games like Battlefield 2,CnC red alert 2 ect,after maybe 10-20 mins but when i play higher ended games like gta4 CnC red alert 3 the GPU Plays fine for hours without crashing,the only time it tends to crash on high end games is when i end 1 game and start another.also my computer's have to be rebooted,after witch all is well.

Any help would be greatly Appricated,Thx

My 1st comp specs is

Mobo Asrock Conroe 1333-DVI/H
CPU Intel dual core 1.6Ghz
PSU 650w
Ram 2gig
HDD 160Gig
OS Xp Pro 64Bit


Mobo Asus Phenom FX
GPU 9800GT
CPU 2.10Ghz Sempron
PSU 450w
Ram 4Gig Corsair
HDD 250Gig
OS Vista Premium 32Bit

Sorry for bad Spelling/Grammer.

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AMD Overdrive shows 1 GPU
Device manager shows 2 GPUs
GPU-Z claims I have 3 GPUs in CrossFire mode
Catalyst Control Center shows 4 GPUs in tray menu
OverDrive5 lists 5 GPUs.

AMD OverDrive says the GPU has frequency 1300 MHz
GPU-Z says I have 1200 MHz
OverDrive 5 says I have 2 GPUs at 0 MHz and 3 GPUs at 1300 MHz.

How to know whether all GPUs are on and what frequency they are?

A:How to know, how many GPUs are working and what's their frequency?

Try going to Device Manager and click on the Display Devices tab then it will show how many GPUs are installed on your computer.

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I currently use three same AOC IPS 24" 1920x1080 screens plugged into one GPU AMD Sapphire R9 280x. It works well on resolution 5940x1080 (incl. bezel compensation). But now, I would like to upgrade my PC with more powerful GPU. I think that 3GPUs for 3 monitors should be the best solution, but in my current case with not the best cooling system and with my current PSU (1200W) is not a good idea. So is it possible to use only two (e.g. both same) GPUs for three (all same) monitors? In other words Are they able to works properly and in balance if physically one GPU will supply one monitor and the other one two monitors?
Many thanks for the advice

A:How to connect three monitors to two GPUs? Please help

A 1200 watt PSU would be fine for 3 GPU`s, but do you need 3 ?

You want to use all the same series GPU`s preferably all made by the same company with the same specs.

You should connect all your monitors to the top GPU.

Unless all 3 PCI Express slots can run all 3 cards at x8 speed, I would only get 2 cards.

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The GeForce 7900 GS coming to market with an MSRP of $199 and the GeForce 7950 GT which carries an MSRP of $299. With these two GPUs, NVIDIA is providing the market with a direct response to ATI's recently announced and yet currently unavailable Radeon X1900 XT 256MB as well as the currently available Radeon X1800 GTO.


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After a few days of trying everything including reformatting, I think I have tracked down my freezing after login in windows 7 to my 2 GPUs. One of my GPUs was a 7600 GS and the other a GTX 285. When both are in the system it almost always freezes. When only one is in the system it does not freeze. Could this be a BIOS issue? (BIOS Screenshot on this page, 9th BIOS picture)

Of my nine boots with varying configurations here are which ones caused freezing: 0/3 7600 GS, 2/3 Both GPUs, 0/3 GTX 285.

If this is not it, what else could possibly fix this issue? I never had this problem with Windows Vista 32-bit (currently Win7 64)

Anyway, thanks in advance.
My specs are in my specs area (computer icon by my name)

A:2 GPUs cause Win7 freeze

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So, I currently have a IdeaCentre 710 (90FB0001US) with a Nvidia GT 730. I plan to upgrade it to GTX750 and I looked at photos of it, the two looked different and I'm not sure if they'll be compatible, the plugs seem to be in different places which kinda confuses me. Is there a Graphics card better than the GT730 that will fit into my computer? (I don't really understand GPUs and such.) Specs or whateverRam: 8GBMoniter: 1920x1080 C27F591Ver: 1607Processor: i5 6400 2.7GHz 2.71 Ghz     

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This may be a silly question but here it goes. I have a laptop with a Core i5 with Intel HD graphics 4000. It also has an AMD Radeon HD 7650M. Both appear installed as Display adapters in Device manager / Speccy. DXDIAG shows the device name as being Intel HD graphics 4000 with AMD as the manufacturer. The Catalyst Control Center is installed and when right clicking on it on the tray area, the menu reveals the Intel HD 4000 with a submenu for options.
Are both of these being used simultaneously?
Does your computer decide which one to use based on what you're doing?
Do people ever turn one or the other off for any reason?

A:Multiple GPUs - how do they work?

I have a laptop that has 2 GPU's (1) Intel HD Graphics 4000 (2) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M, I'm not too sure how Catalyst Control Center works but with the NVIDIA it is set up to use the Intel graphics first and when needed it will kick in the NVIDIA and turn off the Intel.

On my laptop there is no way to change that either it is part of the NVIDIA drivers.


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Last month my 7970 died. It lasted me three years before it died. It died after I moved my PC out of my room, and still no one has yet to be able to provide an explanation as to why this happened.

Yesterday, my GTX 970 of one month also died. It died when I moved my PC out of my room. I'm sensing that there's some sort of connection here.

Another connection is one VERY hot CPU. It runs at 100 degrees Celsius, and that's just when I'm browsing Firefox. I wasn't aware of this until three days ago and I'm not sure if conditions were the same when I was using my 7970.

So basically my issue is:

-Two GPUs dead within a month
-Both died after I moved my PC out of my room
-Only other possible connection one VERY hot CPU

What the heck is going on?

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Hi guys,
Me and my friend were talking about GPUs on Skype because I'm upgrading mine in July and he's building one soon. My setup is basically a B75M motherboard with a GTX 770 but my friend thinks that having two GTX 660s will be better, but would also require a Z87 to support the SLI. What is better performance-wise and efficiency-wise?

A:Is it better to have 2 decent GPUs or 1 really good one?

Here is what passmark scores those two cards you mentioned.
GTX 660
GTX 770

This is only to give you a basic reference point. Having 2 GTX 660s versus just one 770 in my opinion would be a bad choice mostly because the game has to support SLI and scale well for it to be better than the single 770. On top of that, they would be very close matches in performance as is (SLI 660 vs 1 770) so the choice I would make would be the GTX 770.

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At a really high level what makes a GPU better at doing certain tasks than a CPU? For example Bitcoin mining and password cracking is better done with video cards and I'm wondering why is there that difference?

A:What is the difference between GPUs and CPUs?

CPU : Small number of computation threads being undertaken at high speed (typically 3+GHz).
GPU : Large number of simple computation threads undertaken at a lower speed (typically ~1GHz)

Hashing is a relatively simple computation set and benefits from the higher number of concurrent instances.

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My system has both intergrated graphics and a seperate graphics card. I have two monitors. What i'm aiming to do is create 2 copies of windows 7 on my computer and dual boot them.

The new windows 7 that I install would then run off my internal GPU on one monitor while my current one would continue to use my graphics card. So... how would I go about acheiving this? Thanks!

I'm essentially trying to create a multiseat of sorts.

A:Dual boot on different GPUs?

I would imagine you would have one gpu disabled in device manager for one boot and the opposite disabled in the other boot.
Might want to consider a 3rd boot that has both enabled

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which one is the best? Radeon 9550SE, GeForce FX5200, Radeon 9550
ANd also is this worth it http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814103162. I will use it mainly for its s-video output.

A:video card gpus

I would chose the Geforce FX5200 over the Radeon 9550se should find the fx5200 a little more performance wise in the s-video! that is only my opinion!

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I wonder when multi-core GPUs will be out instead of SLI type cards.

A:multi-core GPUs

How about this:


The GeForce 7950 GX2 line are Dual-GPU graphics cards.
Even though they just stacked two 7900GT's on top of each other...

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I have just got to know that Toshiba Launches Laptop With Three GPUs, The combined efforts of both companies resulted in Toshiba's most powerful gaming laptop to date featuring the new highly integrated GeForceŽ 9400M graphics processing unit (GPU) along with a pair of NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS enthusiast-class GPUs.
That laptop must be very cool for gaming.

A:Cool gaming laptop with 3 GPUs

joytime360 said:

That laptop must be very cool for gaming.Click to expand...

No it isn't. It's just a waste of money.

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July 14th, 2008

Posted by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes @ 3:04 am

About four weeks after the release of the GeForce GTX 200 series, NVIDIA has slashed the price of the GTX 260 and 280 GPUs in responce to competition from AMD/ATI.

Here are the details for the price cuts:

GTX 260 - Now: $299/Was: $399GTX 280 - Now: $499/Was: $649

NVIDIA slashes price of GTX 260 and 280 GPUs | Hardware 2.0 | ZDNet.com

A:NVIDIA slashes price of GTX 260 and 280 GPUs

HMMMM...... i see Nvidia's legs tremble at the imminent release of the mighty R700.....

GeForce 9800 GTX+ price reduced $199


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So do you like pc gaming, and what's your pc for gaming? I have just got to know that Toshiba launches laptop with three GPUs, The combined efforts of both companies resulted in Toshiba's most powerful gaming laptop to date featuring the new highly integrated GeForceŽ 9400M graphics processing unit (GPU) along with a pair of NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS enthusiast-class GPUs.
That laptop must be very cool for gaming. But how can they deal with the heat?

A:Cool Gaming Laptop With 3 GPUs

this has already been posted here, and decided its a waste of money.

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For the past week and a half, we've been hearing rumors citing various dates for the launch of AMD's DirectX 11 graphics cards… ranging from GDC in China to newly invented delays that would push the launch window in to November.

However, all of these rumors are false, given that AMD has firmed its "Cinema 3.0/DirectX 11" launch. As tradition goes, the North American launch will happen in seven weeks in San Francisco on a very special place indeed - but we're not at liberty to say where the event will take place. All we can say is that it will be someplace that neither Intel nor nVidia would even remember.


these DX11 cards are causing quite a stir, its reported the difference is ''supposed'' to be huge.

shame.......i wont be upgrading for quite some time

A:AMD to launch DX11 GPUs in 7 weeks.

Cool, thanks for sharing. I wonder what new effects there are. DX10 was a major change.

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Has anyone else heard about the fact that almost all of nVidia's 8- and 9-series mobile and desktop GPUs are defective? A simple Google search will bring up many reports, some as recent as August 4. I have a 9500M GS in my laptop and am very concerned about this ...

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Hello. The GPU (GTX460) needs to be replaced.Removed 460 and uninstalled its driver,I tried installing a GTX1050 but the screen remained black.Reinstalled 460: it works, but with the screen spots that suggest it needs replacement. My rig:  http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02691769  with RAM upgraded to 16GBGTX460 has a connector that needs to be plugged in, whereas GTX1050 does not seem to have such a port: would this be the explanation why GTX1050 does not work?A local store told me that the GTX1050 could not be supported by the HPE-540ch build. So what GPUs are there that are fully compatible?Thank you

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Hey guys- sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't quite sure...
Anyway, I would like to know if it is possible to assign specific applications to one GPU or another. I'm running Windows 7 and have two 5850s set up in crossfire.

A:Assigning specific programs to different GPUs

Why? What applications?

CrossFireX(CFX) pairs the two cards together, they are used as one. To use them independently you would need to first disable CFX.

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I just installed another graphics card in my computer to run SLI. I changed the motherboard so it runs dual cards, I changed the BIOS to recongnize SLI, (although I could have left it in Auto). I even have the latest drivers for Nvidia.

My motherboard manual says to tick a checkbox in Windows that says Enable Dual-GPUs, but in my window, that checkbox is no longer there. The window doesn't even have the same information as the pictures in the book.

I'm wondering if the later drivers have changed this to be automatic, or should there be the checkbox there still.

My manual shows the window looking like this
□ Enable SLI multi-GPU

Your graphics card features NVIDIA Scalable Link Interface (SLI)

□ Show GPU load balancing

Load balancing will be shown in DirectX and OpenGL applications.
Click to expand...

But my window just shows this

Your graphics card features NVIDIA Scalable Link Interface (SLI)
Add a second graphics card with SLI technology for significant
improvments in rendering performance.Click to expand...

A:Enabling Dual-GPUs in Windows

The graphic cards must be INDENTICAL.

Same brand, and same model.

Example: BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC 256MB must be with ANOTHER BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC 256MB to use SLI.

Also there is a little clip thing that connected both cards which enables SLI.

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I finally want to upgrade my computer and I?m considering getting a 2080 as a replacement for my 1070. Would I have any major problems or is it as simple as reconnecting all of the wires?

A:Would I have any major problems changing GPUs

When you went to the hardware forum and clicked post new thread on the top of the window was this

We recommend that you download our free SysInfo utility. When you run it, it will show technical specifications of your computer. Please copy and paste that information and include it with your question below. Thank you!Click to expand...

Please do so, in order that I have some idea of your system

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What gpus are compatible for a mtq45nk motherboard. I'm trying to run unterned at at least full screen resolution. I'm new to this and I have no idea what I'm doing. Please help

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I have just got to know that Toshiba launches laptop with three GPUs, The combined efforts of both companies resulted in Toshiba's most powerful gaming laptop to date featuring the new highly integrated GeForceŽ 9400M graphics processing unit (GPU) along with a pair of NVIDIA GeForce 9800M GTS enthusiast-class GPUs.
That laptop must be very cool for gaming. But how can they deal with the heat?

A:Cool gaming laptop with 3 GPUs

That's pretty cool, They just use 9400M for general purpose, and use two 9800M GTS for gaming.

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