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bought a used desktop, flicking screen on boot up?

Q: bought a used desktop, flicking screen on boot up?

Hey Sevenforums,

I just grabbed myself an awesome deal on a desktop for about 65 bucks. I booted up the computer and noticed that on boot, the screen starts to flicker and does some weird flashes. all my laptops never experience this but for computers, I don't know whether its normal or not. Not even my older desktop does this..

I uploaded a video using tinypic so please take your time to examine my computer's boot up (1:30) long.

ignore the "windows 7 is not genuine" because the person who sold it to me used a bootleg copy. I'm going to run LINUX and my own windows 7 ultimate OS.

I'm plugged into a DVI-D male to a DVI-I female (Desktop) to a HDMI (HDTV)

Video -

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Preferred Solution: bought a used desktop, flicking screen on boot up?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: bought a used desktop, flicking screen on boot up?

It's nothing to worry about. It looks like the handover between the default Windows video driver to the GPU driver.

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Hello all

Any advice please or where to go for assistance.

This is A Dell XPS 8930 - with windows 10 (i am pretty sure it is windows 10 anyhow!!)

Just had a frustrating few hours - earlier today I loaded my Epson scan software (V500 photo scanner) and did some scans. Saving as 48 bit tiffs to the desktop.
Few hrs later all scans done and saved into the folder - i come to open one up (double click) and it does nothing and then the folder shuts - try again and the same thing.
I then tried opening one of the files from Photoshop and it pointed to the file then photoshop crashed (closed)!!?
Anyhow left it a while - did something else. Came back and tried opening a tiff form the folder and it just continually flashed the folder on the screen then off , on off.... whilst it is doing this I cant do anything else.
Shut the machine down via task manager, rebooted and it booted up only for the desktop to be doing this constant flash on and off routine...
Repeated this a few times.... same problem
Tried it in safe mode - same thing
Did a system restore - hoping it was somersetting form the Epson scanner install...... still the same

Now it wont even boot onto the start up screens..... ?????

Any advice, help or assistance would be greatly received!!!!


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I just bought a desktop and the first time I pluget it in and try and turn it on the hp symbol briefly shows on the screen then disappears then the screen stays blank with the mouse on screen. Nothing else will load up I've gone into the diagnostics through f2 and ran the system tests but they all passed. I would like to know if there is a way I can fix this or if I should just return this product and get another one.


View Solution.

A:Newly bought desktop won'the boot

Pryan316 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! If you can replace this, then do so -- there is no point in struggling to repair a brand new PC if you can replace it.Good Luck

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I have a hp pavilion 20 all in one desktop computer, one day I turned the computer off after converting back to windows after I had upgraded to windows 10. Unfortunately when I turned my computer back on it had an error message that read ERROR: NO BOOT DISK HAS BEEN DETECTED OR THE DISK HAS FAILED. I was told my hard drive was fried and that I needed a new one. I went and purchased a new one and installed it myself but it still gives me this message. Please help, both hard drives are the same Seagate 500gb 3.5 HDD

A:desktop stop booting bought new hard drive still wont boot?

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Dear All
I had to format and re-install Windowd Vista on my notebook LG R400 model but after formatting my screen keep flicking while booting and shutting down the windows.
Kindly send a copy of your reply on my mail [email protected]

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i got a new laptop a month or so ago, but since using it the screen is doing my head in. it keeps flicking from filling the whole screen to having a black bar about 1 or 2 inches wide on either side and everything on the screen then fills only that area, not even the cursor can go in the black sides.

my tabs on google crome also get smaller, for example, the twitter tab when the screen is big will say twitter/home with a little gap after and when it is small only twitter/ho will fit. it happens constantly no matter if i'm touching the laptop or not. the screen will go back then swap size. however, if i'm typing it will carry on during the balck screen that's on for like half a second, but the cursor will go back to being in the middle. sometimes it can be like 15 mins between size changes, but sometimes it like happens about 10 times within 30 seconds.

i checked the screen resolution but when i change that the font just gets bigger, and thats not the problem.i get a message each time it changes saying...

"optimal resolution notification. this is not the optimal screen resolution for the clone dispaly configuration. the optimal resolution is 800 x 600. click this notification for more information" but when i change it to this only the font size changes.

on facebook the bar saying who is online to chat goes when its on the small screen because theres no room. its so frustrating. its a new laptop for uni and its impossible to focus on work when the s... Read more

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Hi,This is kuiyoung. I had service few month. I forgot when it was. That time your technician came to office and changed motherboard. But when Im using it, suddenly it starts flicking and get error message that pc went to wrong. It's been two weeks. Strongly I think this one has problem and I don't wanna repair anymore. Because as you can see, I requested several times to repair this notebook. I'm really sick of it. I really don't think this one has virus. Thus I don't wanna install any program to wasting my time. I hope that you understand my situation. Thus I wanna refund or change new one. If you refund I would be more happier than change new one happy. Because after changing new one, same problem, I won't call you guys again. I will definitely buy other brand. It was my first time to buy Dell laptop. Really disappointed. I hope other people won't make same problem like me. I used to use other brand and never had problem.

A:XPS15-9550, screen flicking

Per Dell policy;* A refund is only possible if requested inside the FIRST 30 days from the original invoice date.* Any system exchange after the first 30 day will be a refurbished, not new.At this point, all we can do on this Forum is troubleshoot the flicker issue. If we diagnose that hardware is at fault, you would then contact Technical Support to arrange either parts replacement or refurbished system exchange.* Reinstall our Intel HD graphics driver* Restart the laptop when finished* Reinstall our Nvidia GTX 960M graphics driver* Restart the laptop when finished and retest

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actually i'm new to vista.. i have used n xp and win7 earlier.. jus now have installed vista home premium in my system(core 2 duo, 2.7GHz, 3GB RAM, 358MB graphics). i have a small problem after getting the new os.. i can play the usual audio/video files.. but when ever i jus click, or try to open a mp4 file, the screen starts to flicker and its like total refresh(opens all the minimised program).. this flicking happens for a while then it stops when i close the mp4 video file..
can any1 help on this prob..

Thank you..

A:Screen flicking while opening an MP4 file

Hello Dinesh and welcome to the forums

Remove any 3rd party codecs you have installed, then install Shark007's codec pack:

Shark007.net - Windows Vista Codec Package

This should clear up any issues you're having


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Hi there,I bought an omen notebook 15 ax000na is working perfectly, but when I put the battery charger , the screen will flash between on and off , are really blink of a second , but when I put the charger it happens constantly .already updated the graphics adapters , bios and everything. When the tv via hdmi , on TV everything is ok , but the notebook screen still blinking.Does anyone know what would that be , can help me?Thanks, sorry my bad english

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 I have a 4 year old Compac CQ61-410US Notebook. The flicking problem happens in Chrome and Internet Explorer and if I play the games that came with the computer. When I hit enter, space bar and other things it will stop for a while but then it is back. Interesting note it has not done it once since I have been on this site!
The noise is new  and it make me very nervous. No sound should be coming from this thing insides.  Well maybe a little but I do not want to hear it running this loud. Is my hard drive about to die?
On a personal note I am as old as dirt and every thing I buy I have to think will I live to use it. Should I just go and have everything downloaded to a new computer or is this pain something I can take of? I have had some other problems and have been able to fix it with help from this fabulous site
Thank You

A:Flicking on screen and noise in my laptop

First of all, welcome to BC. See, it's a great site, your problem has gone away already !
On a more serious note, what sort of noise is it ?  Sort of a fan whirring noise, or is there an element of click to it ?  There are three things I would do as a precaution / check.
First off, back up my data - work, photos, music, that sort of stuff. Depending on how much you have, you can use anything from a USB stick to an external USB hard drive. But back it up, just in case you do have a hard drive problem.
Secondly, run chkdsk /r on you hard drive. You do this by opening the Command prompt which you will find at 'Start / Programs / Accessories'. RIGHT click on 'Command prompt' and select 'Run as administrator' in the drop-down box that appears. This will produce a black window with white text. Just type 'chkdsk /r' (Note - there is a space between 'chkdsk' and '/r') and press enter. You will then get a message saying it cannot run, do you wish to run at next boot Y / N. Type 'Y' (= Yes) and press enter, then reboot your computer. Chkdsk will run when it starts up.
Dependiing on the size of your hard drive and the speed of your processor, this may well take upwards of an hour, don't turn your computer off until it has finished. It will then tell you if there are any faulty sectors on your hard drive.
Thirdly I would download, install and run a little program called 'Speccy', you can get it here :

The noise may be nothing to do wi... Read more

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Hello 8 forums

I have encounter this problem twice. I install Warframe just now and everything was fine and I shutdown my PC and went for lunch. After that, when I boot up my computer , it was unable to boot to desktop and the blackscreen kept flicker. I did a system restore which I made in few months back. Any solution rather than system restore if it happen again? Thanks


A:Flicking of black screen on reaching windows

Warframe support--


They have a forum also.

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Hello, I have Y5070, since i prueseded it, i'm facing Horizontal Lines on the screen. I was thinking that's okay.But yesterday, i was working on AfterEffect it was like many Horizontal Lines on the screen while working. My bois is updated and also the drivers.  What to do ? Thanks. 

A:Lenovo Y5070 Screen Flicking Horizontal Lines

Mod's Comment: This post contains a video which may not be visible with some browser add-ons.

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Good Day,  i had a problem with a dock usb-c 2gen, when conected the hdmi cable or display port, the screen start flicking, after 15m or 1hr, i`ve tried to update the driver and nothing happens, i also tried to update de firmware of the dock, but doesnt work, the update tool cannot connect with the dock, and always said, turn off the dock and trying again, error code -1, i had another dock and tried to change it, but i had the same problem, nothing i do works, i change the hdmi cable, tried with another screen, change de usbc cable that connect de dock and the laptop, can you help me to resolve this? thanks

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I bought a new desktop for my sister, and we set it up this weekend, but everything including the care pack is in my name or my email address. I want to assure her that this is her computer not mine, but the care pack has already been registered in my name. How can I fix this?

A:Bought this desktop as a gift

The log in is not me! That is someone else, so I surely won't get any answers here either! No this is me... but I am not a student I am retired... this site is not user friendly!

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Hi, just purchased HP Desktop Slimline, Energy Star, I realise there are no inbuilt speakers but I am unable to get any sound at all through my headset wth it plugged nto the tower. Have tried several sets and nothing.  Am I doing something wrong? It appears all drivers have been downloaded and stll nothing, anyone have an idea on how to get my sound please? Thanks, Dolly

A:No sound at all,just bought a new HP desktop, slimline , En...

Hello @Dollyden,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that you are having trouble getting sound, and I am happy to help you with this. However, I do need some more information to properly assist you. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? For now I will assume you are using Windows 10.  Try out this from Microsofot that may help sort it out. Fix sound problems - wondows.microsoft.com Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.  

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this is just an image of the pc because i cant take a picture of mine yet but the scratch on the front is more like something like a chip and its very shiny, the mark is where you see the 2 red lights going down, its on the metal to the left off the right and i need help :/

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Hello community, I have recently purchased a refurbished HP compaq 6200 from a local dealer: http://thepcroom.ca/product/hp-compaq-6200-pro-sff-intel-g620-2-6ghz-8gb-ddr3-500-gb-hdd/ The dealer informed me at the time of purchase that there is no operating system installed on the computer, but that it comes with a Windows 7 pro product key.  I have gone to the Microsoft website, and input my product key in order to be able to download the ISO for the appropriate OS. However, Microsoft informs me that I need to contact the company from which this desktop is from in order to obtain the ISO.  So here I am. I have a W7 product key, but no ISO. Can HP offer some support? Sincerely, RefurbishedPC  

A:Bought refurbished HP desktop. Comes with W7 product key. Do...

Hi: HP does not offer operating systems for download.  Microsoft does not allow that practice. If you live in the USA/Canada, you can call HP at this number and order a set of W7 Pro recovery disks...1-800-334-5144 Have the serial number of the PC handy to give to the customer services rep. Or... This site claims to have genuine, unadulterated W7 ISO files for download... https://www.heidoc.net/joomla/technology-science/microsoft/67-microsoft-windows-iso-download-tool Click on the link labeled Windows ISO Downloader.exe You can use either the:  Win 7 Home/Pro SP1 or the (Retail version, but the  OEM key on your PC's case should work with it)  Win 7 Home/Pro SP1 COEM (This version would be for what HP would have used--System Builder) N is for European countries. K is for South Korean markets. Then you can use this tool to transfer the file to a 4 GB USB flash drive or a DVD. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/windows-usb-dvd-download-tool 

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 Dear All, I need your help with the following issue below; The device does not appear to be plugged in .Check the connection, plug in the device, then click next. On clicking next, the following problems were found:  Audio services not responding;  The speaker, headset or headphone is unplugged. I am pained and sad that a newly bought product (HP Pavilion Desktop - 510-p020 ) which I love as a brand does not come with an in-built sound. Is there a way out of this besides plugging in a headphone or external speaker device? Regards,

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This is an easy question about windows 7

I bought a used win 7 pro laptop lenovo think pad.

I set up windows chose no password BUT when i resume from sleep or start up the first screen would need a password IF I HAD CHOSEN password protect

Instead i have to click on a small square to open desktop....where is the setting to start directly to desktop,??????

Its soooo easy when i found the setting last time i wondered why i had not found the setting myself....since then i had a crash which wiped out all my scrapebook notes

I KNOW ITS NOT A WIN 8 Question but i just cannot find anywhere else where someone might remember how to do it and it is sooo simple

A:Bought used laptop fogoten how to get direct to desktop wi

There is Windows 7 Help Forums, our sister site that's in case I'm wrong

I seem to remember that this option for login without a password when one exists was part of the users control panel option and also there was an option to require a password after sleep in the power options and one for after screen saver in the screen savers selection screens

Oh look what I just found at Windows 7 Help Forums ....

Log On Automatically at Startup - Windows 7 Help Forums

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Everything seems ok but I do not have a password and it keeps prompting to insert a disc which I do not have .Any  thing I can do to change or recover password.thanks

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Everything seems ok but I do not have a password and it keeps prompting to insert a disc which I do not have .Any  thing I can do to change or recover password.thanks

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I just bought a new Dell Desktop PC running Windows 7 Home Premium.. haven't set it up yet... it's replacing my old Gateway Desktop XP that is having a power supply fan problem but is still running...barely..... it was time for a new one after almost 10 years...

what is the best way to make the new Dell PC the Main PC on my small Home network replacing my old Gateway which is the Main PC now.... do I have to start a setup with a new network totally... or is there another way using the old network and settings.. which is hopefully easier than a complete new network setup.. I am using a Belkin N+ Wireless router with an Ethernet cable into my currect Gateway Desktop

any help greatly appreciated..

A:bought new Desktop PC..replacing old XP..how do I get my Network back up and running

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hi all...

i have a HP Compaq desktop .. trying to fix it.... its celeron with 2.6 Ghz processor

it came with XP professional SP2... screen goes blank after showing HP mono .. no boot from cd , hd usb or floppy drive...

can anyone help me please what is the problem...thanks

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Hi there
I'm waiting to see if this old hardy perennial will work on the new Windows 8.1 when booting directly to the desktop.

You can currently bypass the Windows welcome screen at boot time quite simply (although on Win 8 it simply takes you immediately to the start screen).

Simply do this to sign in automatically at startup:

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup
Reboot machine -- and you will be taken straight to the start screen.

Hopefully this will work when Boot directly to desktop is implemented.


A:Win 8.1 Boot to desktop and bypass welcome screen

Hello Jimbo,

I don't see any reason why it wouldn't continue to work as usual since loading to the desktop or Start is after signing in.

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So I am having this problem.

1. When I switch on the laptop, Windows starts up and until the choice to select the user account. After that the desktop doesn't show, just black screen.

2. Next I try to switch off the laptop to restart again, the lights on the laptop corresponding to charging, boot etc are on, but now it shows just black screen not even showing the loading bar for Windows.

This happens for numerous times, and after long hours (probably 12 hours to a day) when I startup again, number "1" happens and number "2" follows.

I was once able to start into safe mode (after waiting the long hours period) and now the desktop is being shown after entering into a user account. But after another restart it doesn't even show the start screen to press f2 to boot into safe mode, just black screen.

Today I restarted again and after selecting a user account, I could see the desktop being minimized and everywhere else black screen. I tried to boot again and number "2" happens. It's going to take some time before I can boot into safe mode itself.

Could someone be kind enough to help me?

A:Cannot Boot/Go into Desktop (Black Screen)

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XP Media Center Edition, SP2, after accessing Google Earth and getting hung for 20 minutes +, I rebooted and get a plain white/silver screen, no login. When I enter, I get the chimes of logging in but display doesn't change. I can turn on the Narrator to hear what is happening. I can boot up in Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, VGA mode (works best...but) in order to access the computer. It will not boot normally.

I downloaded new ATI drivers and when rebooting, the system (laptop) shuts off. I have uninstalled display driver, reinstalled from HP site, changed BIOS, etc. and still get the problem, except after the first attempt after installing the ATI driver the screen changed to black with a few graphic lines across it. If I use winlogo + U for the narrator, a few more lines get drawn.

Seems like a virus to me or something partially downloaded from Google Earth, but Norton Anti-Virus doesn't detect anything and Norton cannot help without $ for tech support. HP is suggesting restoring the system from recovery disk but that is not an option. I was hoping to do a step-by-step boot to see what happens but there is so much loading up I cannot detect any thing wrong.

Also, I cannot use settings to change to different resolution - screen immediately goes totally black with no lines.

A:Blank Screen On Boot Up-no Desktop

have tried using safe mode option?

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My last computer was hit by a few different virus over the 4 year span of having it, now that I have a new unit, I would like to be proactive to prevent future intrusions.  I currently run Webroot (which came with the computer and expires in 6 months) but will have access to free Norton with my comcast service after that.  Does windows 10 have built in firewall/other that I should be comfortable with?  Should I run certain programs every so often (cleanup, malware bytes etc) to keep things running smooth?  In summary, I would like to know if I am properly protected and then what are best practices to prevent future issues. Thanks so much for the consideration.

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My PC {HP) HDD totally failed so bought a new 1tb HDD to replace. But all my OS reload disk/flash/etc are supposedly  RECOVERY disk and assume what I need is an INSTALLATION disk with ability to, create BOOT  partition, and load my OS (Win 7 64bit
Home Premium).

Seems all the net talks about is re-loading, recovery, etc but never covers rebuilding you own OS boot disk from scratch.

The issue for me is not reloading OS, done that hundreds of times from corrupt OS's.

Rarely does a HDD totally fail requiring a totally rebuild.

So, anyone know best way to start with a "out of the box HDD" and create a bootable OS (Win 7) drive, boot, partitions and all? (if I can get up to the point of installing just the OS I am fine)

<html:div data-url="https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-us/newthread" id="link64_adl_tabid" style="display:none;">168</html:div>


It seems Win8.1 doesn't like my old graphic card drivers like Win8 did.
In many cases when turn on my machine it boots to desktop but it doesn't show it - it just shows my mouse cursor and pure black background. When i click the power button tho, the desktop pops up for a second then the shutting down screen appears. After few reboots i finally managed to get to the desktop and use my computer (chances are 1:5 reboots lol).

I followed some tutorials i found on the internetz , explaining how sometimes ATI and NET framework 3.5 doesn't work together - this is not the case 'cause i tried following this tutorial to uninstall , clean and reinstall the latest drivers available for my crappy videocard + NET framework. Didn't worked...

I noticed something interesting while booting to Windows.
IF there will be black screen with cursor - the boot time takes 1-2 seconds, IF everything will be alright - the boot process will take about 25 seconds. (just thought i should tell you this as well)

And finally here's my configuration:
Pentium 4 , 3.2GHz
ATI Radeon X550

I'll be grateful if someone helps me solve this problem. Thanks in advance!
Note: PLEASE save your comments that i need a new PC. I know that!

A:Can not boot to desktop / Black screen with mouse

Originally Posted by psydex


Note: PLEASE save your comments that i need a new PC. I know that!

lol, most of us need one ,ones who comment already got there ,
any chance you motherboard has an on board video device you could try using instead of the ATI Radeon video card

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hi all i have a problem when vista is booting up past the loading bar screen sometimes not always the system kinda hangs when about to boot into desktop?, a mouse pointer appears and the screen is black for about 30-45 seconds then the vista circle icon appears then desktop loads?
is this a known problem or just my system?

Many thanks in advance

A:Vista black screen when about to boot into desktop?

The HP Website has the following support article:

? HP Notebook PCs - Black Screen Appears for 2 Minutes after Welcome Screen Displays - c01271669 This document describes what to do if the notebook display shows black screen for a prolonged period of time after the welcome screen displays.

See: HP Notebook PCs*-* Black Screen Appears for 2 Minutes after Welcome Screen Displays*In short, it says to update the Recovery Manager program. Did it. Didn't work.

I then came across a posting that stated that the same problem had been fixed by removing a special character from the computer name. The Costco Concierge techs who re-installed the OS on my machine last week gave it the name "Owner-PC" and I hadn't bothered to rename it yet. I thought it was a long shot that renaming my machine would fix the 90+ second black screen between the Welcome page and Desktop, but it worked. I gave my machine a name with no spaces or special characters and the "fix" seems to be permanent.

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I need help guys, my desktop just has a blue screen after a boot, no desktop just a mouse pointer. I can boot to safe mode with networking and access some of the programs but while in safe mode I cannot access the control panel, my documents, pictures, computer, etc. I keep getting this message:

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them."

I ran startup repair using my installation DVD 4 times and each time all the tests had an error code of 0x0. Under the Diagnosis and Repair Details, the Root Cause Found was "Boot status indicates that the OS booted successfully."

I really don't want to rebuild the system, but I will if I have no other alternative.

Hoping you guys can help

A:win 7 64 SP1, no desktop just blank blue screen after boot

Please read this tutorial fully, and follow all steps.

99% of the time all issues can be resolved with problems starting windows with this tutorial.

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

ALSO if that does not work,

I suggest you do a clean install. Follow the tutorial below and read everything completely:

Clean Install Windows 7

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Last night I took my pc tower to my friends house to game out, I only brought my tower as he already has extra cables and an extra monitor. Brought it there, hooked it up to his equipment and everything worked fine. This morning I brought my tower back home, hooked it back up to all of my stuff again and booted'er up. Everything seemed fine, I saw the boot-up screen and the loading screen and then right when it is supposed to go to the log-in/enter password screen it goes blank. I still hear the sound that windows makes at that screen, and if I blindly enter in my password I can hear it log in and everything. I tried various power cycles and unplug/plug-in techniques but I always get the same thing. Since I can see the display during boot-up I tried entering safe mode, when I do that it doesn't go blank and everything works fine. It's only when I start it up in normal mode that it will go blank at the log-in screen. I'm using a coby tv/monitor hooked up via VGA cable and I've never had any problems, my desktop doesn't have an hdmi output or I would try that. Haven't had any problems until I simply hooked it up to my friends monitor and then back up to mine. In safe mode I try to mess with the resolution in the control panel but no matter what I change it to nothing happens and upon reboot it defaults back. Please help! I think I just may need to get my graphics card to recognize it again but for some reason it won't. and in safe mode I can't see or configure my nvidia video c... Read more

A:Why does my desktop display go blank after the boot-up screen?

Hello Hellavon,
Make sure your graphics card is properly seated after moving the tower. Try uninstalling the Display Adapter in safe mode via device manager. Reboot and see what happens. BTW, I see you are on BIOS version A03 but when I look at your available BIOS updates at Dell, it shows A07 as the initial BIOS with no updates available. Am I missing something there?http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/DriverDetails/Product/xps-420?driverId=R215689&fileId=2731125974&osCode=ww1&languageCode=en#OldVersion

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Desktop stuck on bios /boot screen and wont boot windows. It has done this a few times befor, so i stopped powering it down. I have installed windows 7 to replace the pirated version of XP that was on it when i bought the PC. Its a custom built desktop with a AsRock motherboard, dual amd athlon 64 4000+ with 4 1 gig sticks of ddr2 ram, nvidia Gs video card. I have checked the ram one stick at a time, checked my hard drive in wifes PC and worked fine, put hers in my PC and no luck. Was told could be mother board battery "i didnt think so either but.." so i replaced the battery. I know a small bit about PC's ..but this one is beyond me. There where 2 options befor i pulled the battery out. Boot menu and setup. After i pulled the batt. there is only boot menu "F11" now. And i still cant select it.It does however tell me it is in dual ram mode, and tells me the procesor speed and make, so i would think the motherboard isnt bad. Any one have any ideas?

A:Desktop stuck on BIOS/boot screen

A little update. Last night i let it sit on the bios screen for a few hours.It at some point did something, i looked at the screen and there was more writen on it. Among other things its now said ....S.M.A.R.T capable but disabled, CMOS checksum bad, CMOS date/time not set. this help more then my last post?

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hello everyone, this is my first post so please help!

i just bought a new computer, it was green so i had to install windows, mother board drivers etc, my games worked fine on my old machine but i thought it was time to get a new one and my old pc kept blue screening and it was just high time i bought a new one.

This is my problem, i took my old graphics card (its a radeon ati 5450 hd) and installed it in my new pc, i installed the drivers for it and windows said its working fine, however everytime i play a game on my new pc its unbelievably laggy, i disabled the on board graphics and did everything your meant to do as far as that goes, but nothing seems to work, ive made sure direct x11 etc it seems to have the same lag whether high settings or low settings on a game, what would you think it is? any ideas?

please help i feel ive wasted my money

A:bought new and higher spec desktop, installed new graphics card but now games lag

Specs of the old PC and new PC? OS?

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Boot Direct to Desktop
I found this in a Windows 8 book in the Start Screen Store.
If you want to boot directly into the desktop without passing thru the Start Screen

Go to the start screen & type in schedule to search for Schedule Task in Settings.
Click on Task Scheduler Library in the left pane, and select Create Task in right pane.
Name your task something like Boot to desktop.
Now select the Triggers tab, choose New, and use the drop-down box to select starting the task At log on.
Click OK and go to the Actions tab, choose New, and enter explorer for the Program/Script value.
Press OK, save the task, and restart to test it out.

A:Boot direct to desktop & bypass start screen

Cool. Thanks for the info.

I have a better option, I have Stardock "Start8" and it restores the start menu and the Windows 7 looks on the desktop. I boot directly to the desktop.

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Hi Everyone,
This is my first time posting here so sorry if these are the wrong subforums!

The computer is an prebuilt hp envy h8-1419 running Windows 8.

Last week I went to turn on the family computer and after the boot loading (where you see the HP logo with the loading circle underneath), a black screen appeared with a beep. I could move the mouse around and it seemed like basic functionality worked (I could turn on voice assistance) but I couldn't get it to load the desktop. CTRL-ALT-DEL didn't work either. I did see the power/hdd/cdrom lights on the tower working, but the hdd light was permanently on (not flashing) like it was stuck loading or something. I asked my parents,who last used the computer, if they did anything beforehand and they said nothing was out of the ordinary, but I suspect they may have did a forced shutdown from the power button.

Anyways I tried rebooting a bunch of times and at one point I did get to the desktop, but it was glitched where the taskbar was a faded colour, the windows button on it didn't work, none of the desktop icons opened, and the right side of the screen had a black bar. Unfortunately, I shutdown the computer before thinking of trying ctrl-alt-del and could never reach this glitched desktop again. I then tried to plug the desktop into another monitor and the same issue persisted so I doubt it was the graphics card.

Afterwards I ran HP's UEFI thing and did a start-up test: it failed at the "Hard Disk Short ... Read more

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Hi there,
For a few days I have been having some problems with my computer. Whenever I shutdown properly and then start again, the Desktop loads fine and after a few seconds of coming to the desktop. I see a black screen in front of me, I try to press num lock on and off to see if the system froze, it indeed froze. I disabled fastboot, after that even if I start after shutdown, it boots fine.

If I restart, it boots fine. Not sure why as my system should be fully compatible with fast boot. Here is my system specs, everything is updated as of posting:

MSI Z87 - G43 Gaming Motherboard with latest BIOS
Sapphire TriX R9 290 OC
Samsung 250GB 840 EVO

Thank you

A:Fast Boot causes Black screen after loading Desktop

Ok, it is looking like it is caused by Samsung Magician software. Disabled it and now I don't have this issue so far.

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I've seen a lot of threads about something like this, but not this. I've got an PC that runs either Linux or XP. Right now it defaults to xp. It was running fine until I did the last windows update. Upon restart it loaded a white screen instead of the regular desktop. Up until that point everything looked normal on startup, WinXP Splash screen, etc.

Now here is where my problem is different from most. I don't even see the cursor. I can use keyboard commands to shut down and/or restart, I even used keyboard commands to roll back to another day, but that doesn't help.

And now for the really weird part. This computer is running fine. I can go home and use Team Viewer to connect and operate the computer and everything is running fine.

If I boot to Linux (Ubuntu) then the monitor works fine, so it's not the monitor.

I've tried disconnecting the two usb accessories, a wifi antenna and a camera feed. No difference.

So, apart from reformatting the entire computer and starting from scratch, any ideas? Thanks so much


A:dual boot xp loads white screen over desktop

Try doing a System Restore to a date previous to this issue.

Can you boot into Safe Mode?

If yes, is the color the same there?

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Just curious before I install Ultimate 64-bit on my new rig. I see that the Ultimate 64-bit OEM contains both 32 and 64-bit versions on the box. I was initially planning on installing the 32-bit and in a few months (or more) when the 64-bit has better support, re-installing the 64-bit version. Would it be feasible to just get another hard drive and install BOTH versions now on a dual-boot system?

Q6700 quad-core
Dual 8800 GTX in SLI
ASUS Striker Extreme Mobo
4 GB Mushkin RAM (2 GB x2)
WD 750 GB HD x 2

A:Bought Ultimate 64-bit - is it possible to dual-boot 32 and 64?

Hi geekmd,

Technically you can, but you will need to have a different product key (license) for each one. You will not be able to activate one of them using the same product key. Unfortunately, Vista Ultimate shares the product key with both the x32 and x64 that it comes with.


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i bought a new msi motherboard, along with 4 gb ddr3 ram. i have an hp pavilion a814x, and i made sure the processor and psu could work with the motehrboard i bought. i boot the system and it goes to the xp loading screen and it kicks into a bsod 0x7b. i haven't been able to install drivers for the motherboard because windows hasn't properly booted up at all. i have recovery console, and a i386 directory, but no windows xp cd to reinstall. i don't want to lose all my files if i do a reinstall. any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

A:bought a new mobo, windows won't boot

Changing something like a motherboard can cause this type of issue. XP is expecting the same hardware and you've changed it.

A repair install using an XP CD may get things working again but you can always access your files with a boot disc of some kind.

Linux Live, BartPE or Symantec Ghost all will allow you to at least get to your files and copy them to a thumb drive or something similar.

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Instead of sending the activation code to my sign-in email, it was sent to my reserve email, which no longer exists on the system, I sent the new telephone number, this has been changed, but I am still not able to open any of my Office applications. Yet
I will be charged the renewal from the date I put in the product key. When one has a product key and then signs in to Live, why does this then not activate? Why when you have changed to my new telephone number, have you not sent me an activation code? With
my reserve email dead, you do not allow me to change it. The only other email I use is Gmail, they are much better than Windows Live, I only use Windows Live to allow me to put new programmes onto my computer, and as usual ten days later I have no use of the
programme I bought. So typically Windows. I have used you since the day you began, what went wrong? You used to function once. These last years have been hell. I wish I had bought an Apple computer and changed everything to Apple. Each time I buy a new laptop
these same issues come up. Please give me access to the Windows Office 365 I bought and put on my computer.

Jeffery Frederick Harold Windsor-Sezibwan-Rurikovich-Schiewe.

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Hello. I tried to speed up the boot up process by taking some applications out of the start menu/inital lunch mode as the PC boots up. However, what has happenned is that I have inadventently caused the following problem: When I start the PC and Windows 7 loads, it shows normal initializing screens then goes black for 10/15 mins prior to getting to the desktop, and then the PC runs fine. The mouse/cursor is visible and moves as I command, but nothing else.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.


A:Windows 7 boot, 10/15-mins of black screen, then desktop appears

Use your OS/recovery disk to run system repair.

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Dear Experts,

I have make few changes in registry to gain space from a ghost backup and then system crashes.
When i try to restart it, after window logo, there is a black screen with mouse button. Did not start even in safe mode, same black screen. Tried every method: repair, restore, etc..FAILED..
Plz help as i dont want to reinstall as have several softwares installed.


A:window 7 ultimate sp1 crash & boot at black screen but no desktop

As far as I can think, you probably haven't tried using System Restore function because you can't boot even with safe mode.

Use your Windows installation DVD to boot your system, once you reach the setup screen, click on 'Repair this computer' at the bottom left. Now select 'System Restore' from advanced recovery options and restore your system to a point before this started happening.

Ask back if you have any query.
Hope that helps.

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I was watching a video when the screen went blue and said something like there is a problem and windows needs to restart. It started to reboot but after 10 minutes it still hadn't so I turned it off at the wall. Now when I try to boot the screen stays black and it constantly beeps.Using windows 7.Not sure of model or age as I inherited the PC.Anyone any ideas what is wrong or how to fix it?I haven't turned it off. It's still beeping away. Should I turn it off?

A:HP desktop fails to boot, screen remains black and constantl...

Actually running windows 10. It was original 7 according to the stickers but Granddad must have upgraded to 10 before it became mine.

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Hey guys there is a problem with my computer acer aspire desktop pc
It happened directly after running ccleaner registry fixer, at which point nothing would load as if the file associations in the registry became corrupt. Microsoft word was bringing up an install wizard and things suchas msconfig.exe and cmd.exe could not be found. When i restarted the computer a blank welcome screen appeared and the "welcome" text has changed to some form of windings, that disappears leaving a welcome screen background and a mouse pointer, the screen flashes on and off every 10 seconds.

I do have an acer recovery disk but it doesnt work for some reason, i have also tried system resotre but there were no restore points, icannot access the desktop of the computer so i had to use startuo recovery

Startup recovery found an error and asked my to reboot, but the same events occured. It then found nothing atall after that. I then booted from a usb a system recovery tool that found nothing wrong but allowed me to view the computer and now i can access all of the partitions and have copied over important + relevant folders via usb. But as i saidm i can now access everything on the hardrive, is there anything i can delte and redownlod and copy over?

This is the screen i am greeted with.
Please help me

A:Windows 7 ultimate x64 reaches blank welcome screen on boot,no desktop

This really sounds like intentional damage to annoy the user. Why?
- Deleted file associations
- Weird behaviour
- Deleted or replaced system fonts
- Deleted cmd
- Deleted all system restore points (or have you disabled system restore in the first place?)

You tried:
- Acer recovery disc
- Startup recovery

Your options:
- Wait for other members to suggest less destructive ideas on how to fix this
- Try to revert all this damage somehow manually, which will be difficult and might be impossible

I would suggest:
- Now that you can access your drive, back up everything you want to keep on an external hard drive or USB stick.
- Perform a clean install

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Hi, I just bought a new, CPU, Motherboard, PSU, and casing, and I take my graphic card, ram and HDD/SDD from my old computer. I put them on to my new computer, then turned it on, but then it says windows cannot boot, I pick the right HDD for my windows folder, and it says to repair, and I tried the repair mode, but then it says windows cannot repair this, and i only can click finish and shut down my computer.

I told the people who make my computer (the new cpu motherboard, psu and casing,) that i have window 7 home premium 32 bit. I do not have the CD for window 7, but if nothing else that i can do,

can I buy the window 7 home premium 64 bit, and install it in my new computer? and also my casing does not have cd drive, can i use external cd drive to put the window 7 cd? or it wont recognize it?

obviously its better if i can fix my computer without buying the window 7 home premium 64 bit, i can't give any information about the types of ram and graphic card, because i'm using my friends computer, and i forgot to bring the list, but hopefully next week i can bring the list, but i'm pretty sure that all the components is compatible.

CPU- Intel Core i7-3820 3.6Ghz LGA 2011 CPU No Heatsink
Motherboard- Asus P9X79 LGA 2011pin 8 X DDR3, 3 X PCI-E Motherboard
Graphic Card - I know its NVDIA old type, but i can't remember the name, but i dont think it matter with the booting up for windows?
RAM - I don't know which type, but its 8 gb and i know 32 bit cannot go above 4 gb
Powe... Read more

A:Just bought new parts for my computer, cannot boot my window 7 32 bit

I wouldn't necessarily expect the new PC to boot if you simply transferred the hard drive from an old installation, rather than doing a clean install.

Do you have a valid 25 character Product Key? If so, you can download a legal Windows 7 ISO and install from it.

You should not have to buy another version of Windows.

If you want 64-bit, you would have to do a clean install, regardless.

I am reasonably sure that you can download a 64-bit ISO and install from it using the original Product Key, even though you originally had 32-bit, but someone else should confirm that.

Your PSU may be good or bad, but you don't need even half of 1050 watts.

I assume you do not really mean your CPU is not using a heatsink?????

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