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Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

Q: Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

Am a new Networking BEE I had built a small network of 20 systems at my office and there I had connected a switch and router.

All the switch ports have been covered by all the systems and one port is given to the router

And also I connected a HUB to the switch ..

It works fine for my internet connections to all the systems but how do i make authentication of passwords and username to my network systems from one server which I use server 2003 at one system

let me know the detailed step by step procedure to build.........

I would feel very happy If at all any Suggestions for me to make my Business grow.....

As early as possible ................

Thanks in Advance


Preferred Solution: Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

>>I use server 2003 at one system

you need to enable Network Login, but that requires that win2003 have

a domain controller
a DHCP service
and a DNS service.
the Domain Controller is just another name for LDAP and it becomes the control point
for all systems.

get some books on Configuring Win2003 Server

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i got a switch and 2 pc and a dsl modem
is it possible to both of them can have a internet connection at the same time

A:is it possible to share internet connection with a switch

Maybe, if the DSL modem has a built in Router just plug the PC's into the switch and the switch into the Modem. If it doesn't have a router then each PC is going to get a Public IP instead of a Private IP address. Most ISP's will only allow you to have one public IP so only one PC will connect. The only way to find out is to plug everything in and see if both PC's get a connection. If only one PC works you'll have to but a router, use Internet connection sharing, or pay extra for another Public IP from your ISP.

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Hi, Im having a ACT Broadband internet connection, he provides internet connection through a wire which runs into my room that can be directly connected to the my computers NIC. Whenever i switch on my computer and opens the browser it first redirects to the page - http://portal.acttv.in/, where it asks for Username & Password, our ISP gives us a IP Address which displays on the web page after logging in. I want the internet connection to be shared with my roommates so i bought a 8 port Ethernet switch (http://www.intexuae.com/SWITCH-8-PORT.htm), which is having a uplink port also. I have connected the wire given by the ISP to the up link port of the switch & i connected my PC to one port of the switch with another network cable. I also connected my friends PC to second port of switch with another network cable, my problem is that when i sign into my ISP web page and start using the internet & my friend also wants internet in his PC & when he opens the browser the ISP's webpage is appearing and when he sign's in internet is disconnecting in my Pc. I tried to change the IP but as a default IP is given by the ISP if change the IP internet is not working. Please provide me a solution.
Here r my Ethernet Switch pictures -

A:How to share Internet connection using ethernet switch ?

I dont think you need to open your ISPs webpage on your second PC, just configure the network settings and put the gateway IP. If that doesn't work, use Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) and configure it using the Network Configuration wizard. See how it goes. What is the windows version you are using ?

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Hi Everyone.....
So, I just got Wireless Broadband hooked up in my business. I hooked the LAN to the Router and then hooked up a 16 port gigabit switch. I have three terminals coming out of it (in the bcak of the building) as well as a line running to the front of the building. At the front of the building I have the line going into another 16 port gigabit switch. I have 4 computer terminals coming out of that switch. I AM getting internet at the back of the building .....but nothing at any of the terminals after the second switch (front of the building). Can someone help?


A:Router to Switch to Switch.....No Internet at end terminals

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hi everyone,

i wanna ask about networking w/ internet connection, I have an ISP which gives me an internet modem with DHCP and that is connected to my 4 port DLINK Router ,
All 4 PC connected to the router and can access to the internet, and I added 3
PC and that is connected to my 8-port switch, My problem is how can i configure this 3 Pc to have internet access? My idea is i want to make a Router to Switch connection, Is it possible? Any ideas in configuration, ive read some articles on the internet that says specifying static ip and dns, but can someone pls give me step by step config pls, im just newbie in networking.

by the way all pc's are in windows xp pro.

thanks in avdvace

A:Confious! Internet -> Router -> Switch Connection

Run a cable from one of the switch ports to one of the router's LAN ports and that's it. No configuration necessary - it will work just as if the computers connected to the switch were connected directly to the router.

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ok this is my first time posting but here we go.I have a belkin wired 4 port router model# f5d5231-4. I'm trying to turn this router into a switch I already turned off the NAT settings on the router. I hooked it up to my linksys router through one of the ports that saids (modem on the belkin) from one of the ports on the linksys. and my computer can not connect to the internet do I have to do something to my linksys to make the belkin work as a switch any help would be great thanks.

A:no internet connection after making belkin router into a switch

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Need to no if I have this right

they have a dsl modem going to a Linksys router to a 24 port switch then to a little 4 port switch. sure, so then Would it be modem to router then router to any port on the big switch or is there an uplink port on the big switch it should go to? then you would hook a cat5e from one of the regular ports on the 24 port switch and run it to the uplink port on the 4 port switch need to no if the whole sequence is right. Hope someone can help, john will told me the cable would go from the big switch to the uplink on the small switch but I am wondering if I have it all right or not and wonderiing about from the router to the 24 port switch does the cable just go in a regular port in the big switch or if there is an uplink port does it go there. Hope you can understand my rambleing here. Thanks (please don't send me to a link) just need to no modem to router to regular port or uplink port on 24 port switch then from regular port on 24 port switch to uplink port on the 4 port switch. Thanks

A:Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch?

Router to uplink port on 24 port switch, and then normal port on the 24 port switch to uplink port on the second 4 port switch. An auto-MDX port on a device negates the need to worry about uplink ports for that particular cable connection.

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Good Evening
hope someone can help

i have a netgear router dg834gt and netgear switch gs608

2 computers connected direct to router work fine (using vista!)

yet 4 computers through switch have no internet access!! (using xp)

switch is connected via Cat5E cable to router
have tried everything i can think, with exceptions of upgrading firmware!

any help would be greatly recieved! (am having to make do with dongle!)


A:Solved: no internet through switch (Netgear router Netgear switch)

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Hi everyone, I have two laptops - a Toshiba and a Averatec. I know a router can be used to share internet between to two laptops. My question is can a switch be used to do the same thing? If so, how? I connected my cable modem to the uplink port on the switch and then connected the two laptops via the ports on the switch. But it didn't work. Thanks for everyones help!

A:Using a switch to share internet

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I tried to find answer on forum but failed
My situation:
I've got two PCs.
* 1st (Windows 7 x64) has two ethernet cards:
- internet is connected to the first card
- other connected to switch
* 2nd is a laptop (Windows 7 x86) with one ethernet card connected to switch

I can see many unknown PC's in network devices. They are my internet provider other clients. I can see my laptop there as well but cannot access it.

From 1st PC I can just "join" homegroup. From 2nd - just "create".
Created from 2nd PC homegroup is not accessible from 1st pc (wrong password, even if it is right one)

So I am confused how should I set up everything that:
- both pc's can be accessible from each other
- 1st pc will share internet connection with 2nd pc

Any help is highly appreciated


A:Cannot share internet on PC's connected via switch

Windows IP Configuration(hope that helps)

on the 1st PC
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection 2:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::140b:305b:3ca:2030%15
Autoconfiguration IPv4 Address. . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:

Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : kievnet.com
Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::f1d6:d2cf:5ce7:c751%11
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :

Second PC's
IPv4 Address. . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
I know that "169.254...." IP sounds bad, but both pc's got clean W7 install
I am new to W7 networking, came from XP (skipped Vista) and haven't had any problems with network before. This setup worked well on XP, but on W7 nothing works, even lan is pretty dead

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My router has broken and I need a temporary connection point to the internet for my machines and a 5 port switch is all i have (NETGEAR FS105).

Each computer connected to the switch is trying to grab a local ip addy. Only one computer will pick up the internet connection at the moment.

Is it possible to assign local ip to each computer connecting to the switch so they don't clash?

A:share internet with 5 port switch?

Nope. You could configure one computer with ICS and connect that way, but it'll probably be quicker to just go buy a router.

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I thought that I had this all figured out, but my dad just asked me a question about my setup, and I can't answer it.

The setup is like this:
[ip-phones + computers]-->[small switch]-->[managed L2 switch]-->[router]-->[modem]

I have several ip-phones and computers grouped into blocks of 8. Each set of 8 is a medley of phones/computers connected to a small switch http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Sate...nksys/Common/VisitorWrapper&lid=3681322279B34

Each of these switches, in turn, will be connected to a managed L2 switch http://www1.ca.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/pwcnt_3448p?c=ca&cs=calca1&l=en&s=biz that will create 2 VLANS: One VLAN will contain all of the phones, and the other will contain all of the computers. In turn, each VLAN will have its own router and DSL modem, thereby separating the network traffic.

I know that I can use this L2 switch to make the VLANS based on the MAC addresses of the devices. However, the smaller switches do not support 802.1q [VLANs]. Will it be a problem that the smaller switches do not support VLANs? Essentially, will this setup work to split up network traffic?

Thanks once again,

A:Computer, switch, switch, router, modem

I have the same DELL switch for my phones. You PoE will not carry across the linksys switches, so that is the first problem.
Next are the computers attached to the phones? Or does each device get its own drop?

And whats this about 2 routers and modems? Thats a bit over kill!! QoS would do the trick.

I would run all the devices off the Dell and attach the computers to the Phones (most IP Phones have a passthrough port) Configure the Dell with trunk ports with the Computer VLAN passing untagged traffic making it the native VLAN. While having the phones on a Tagged VLAN(If you phones conig allows you to set the VLAN in its config great! If not you can bind the MAC to the VLAN). The you create a QoS policy giving the VoIP traffic priority!

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My current set up includes a Motorola 6183 Modem, Airport Extreme 6th Gen Router, Trendnet TEG-S5G, and an Apple Airport Express 2nd Gen.

My modem and AExtreme are in my office and I am running a 75 foot Ethernet Cable to my Switch. Switch and A.Express are in my Basement.

I noticed that on my switch it is showing a green and orange connection light, which I believe is half duplex (100 MBPS). Curious to know why I am not getting two green dots with 1000 mpbs when connecting my Airport extreme to my switch. I think my Airport express can only give 100 mbps connection.

Any ideas on this would be appreciated.

A:Gigabit connection from my Router to Switch!

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This is really boggling my mind, as it works one way but not both ways.

Downstairs set up:
Comcast Cable ---> Modem ----> Linksys wrt610n wireless router < 1(downstairs computer) 2(wall socket connected to upstairs room)

Upstairs set up:
(wall socket from downstairs room) ----> Computer = Works perfectly fine

(wall socket from downstairs room) ----> Switch (ive tried netgear and Rosewill RC-405x) < 1(computer) 2(xbox) 3(tv)
gets local only connection with no access to the internet, ive tried just computer, just xbox... None work

(wall socket from downstairs room) ----> Xbox 360 = shows no connection
Im using a 20 foot cable to connect across the room

Now I've heard you can go at least 100ft before ethernet cable loses any connectivity if at all. the most I have is modem to router (6ft max), router to wall (6ft max), upstairs through wall (20 ft max), to computer only which works (6ft max), to xbox 360 only which does not work (20ft)... to switch then to either computer or xbox additional 6ft does not work.

Someone please help.

A:Router to Switch Connection Problem

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I have a wireless router connected to my modem, and ALL PC's connect to that for internet.

I also have a gigabit switch I use to transfer data in between several of the machines. I do it quite often and I don't want it eating up the wifi bandwidth.
I have done it before, but it has been a long time and I cannot remember how I forced internet traffic over the wifi and local traffic through the switch
Is the only way to do it to specifically tell Windows to use the IP address of the LAN connection? I know it will work that way, forcing local traffic directly to that IP, but I seem to remember there being an easier way to do this.


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Hello. I was wondering if it is possible to share a internet connection between two computers without using a hub, switch or router.

One of the computers has two network cards, is it possible to connect that computer to the internet, and then connect the other computer to the one that is connected to the internet?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Sharing connection between two computers without hub/switch/router

Yes; you need a cross-over cable between the computers unless one has an auto-sensing (MDI/MDIX) ethernet port. Read up on Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), starting in the Help and Support Center.

Why don't you want to use a router?

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I understand that a hub is more like a party line, where all devices hear and read data before sending it to next port, and a switch is advanced hub. But, what is a router. I know what a wireless router is, but they say a router is more advanced than a switch. Can you buy a non-wireless router?

Also, can you connect 2 switches together? So, Modem-----to Switch----to Switch----Computer

And both switches have other devices connected?

A:Hub vs Switch vs Router/ 2 Switch Story

you CAN buy a non-wireless router--but--the two I found on Amazon were only 10/100 (most modern systems use gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000) but wired are generally cheaper than a wireless router(the Cisco below is NOT cheap)--however--it's not necessary to use the wireless part of the wireless router as most have at least 4 ports (wired).

Yes you can connect switches together but they won't allow for multiple computers to connect to the Internet (at least not easily nor in a way that makes sense).

What devices are you trying to connect together?

wired routers:
Amazon.com: TRENDnet 4-Port Broadband Router TW100-S4W1CA (Black): Electronics

Amazon.com: Cisco-Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch: Electronics

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-Here is my setup so far. I have a vista machine with 2 lan cards, one from motherboard, one on pci. The lan from motherboard is connected to the WAN port on my router. I have alltel wireless internet that uses ICS through that. The lan card on my pci bus is connected to a LAN port on the same router. When i am not using ics i disable the lan on my motherboard and vice versa. I am using the second LAN on my pci bus that is connected to one of the LAN ports on my router so my computer can use MCE and DIRECTV2PC. I have another line connected to a LAN port on the same router going to a switch which is connected to my 360 and my directv receiver.
-Here is the problem. Say im using DIRECTV2PC and the xbox gets turned on, what happens is i lose connection to my directv and my computer only sees the xbox and vice versa. I am confused on why that is, it should see both at the same time and not lose connection to any one of them right?

A:I lose connection to some devices on my switch connected to my router.

whoa man never heard of that kind of set up before. try connecting your internet to the WAN port on the router and connecting the rest of your stuff to the inputs on the router. its a little less complicated this way.
sounds like your computer is controlling your internet and getting confused... hope this info is usefull.

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i have a router/ modem that has been able to share my internet connection between 4 computers. but i want to increase this number so i got an Netcomm np2005 switch. but now the networks dont seem to interact and the internet does not work on the computers connected to the switch. is it possible to do this or do i need something else to extend my internet sharing>?

A:Router And Ethernet Switch Internet SHaring

ok then yea i seem to meet all the requirements except it cannot detect an ip address on the pcs connected through the switch. and the net still doesnt work when i configure the ip manually? does anyone know what i could do?

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I just installed Windows Vista x64 and immediately ran into network problems. My Network and Sharing center said my connection was connecting/disconnecting every few seconds and I was unable to reach the internet.

My network is something like this (ignore the periods, they're there because the field won't format blank spaces :P ) :

Cable modem ---> Linksys SD2005 Switch ---> Wireless router ---> Game systems
...................................|......................... (Netgear WGT624)
...................................+--->Vista 32 Bit PC
...................................+--->Windows XP SP2 PC
...................................+--->Vista x64 (mine)

I have 4 separate IPs from my ISP so I can RDP into anything not behind the router from work. The wireless is just nice for random devices. All 3 PCs have independent IPs assigned from the ISPs DNS. All systems work fine except the x64.

I thought it was my on-board NIC so I went and bought a PCI NIC. It did the same thing. At this point I think I might have 2 bad NICs so i went and got a third - same thing. I read around on some forums and tweaked my duplex settings which stopped the connect/disconnect, but then I got something like this in my Network and Sharing Center:

x64 ===>green===>Unidentified Network===> X ===> Internet

Changing the duplex settings around did not resolve this.

Next, I followed a Microsoft fix and changed a setting i... Read more

A:No internet connection through a switch

Wait you have 4 IP's but they aren't static. How do you know what you're connecting to when you're at work? Just guess?

Personally if it were me, I'd stick all of the devices behind the router and use something like logmein to connect to my devices from work.

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I have been using a four-port Linksys router for several years, without issue. Now, we want to add a fifth device to our LAN. Rather than buy a new router, I thought I could just get a cheaper 4-5 port Linksys Switch to extend the number of ports available to the LAN. So, I have the switch plugged into the router, and I have a XP Pro machine plugged into the switch. Basically, the XP Pro machine recognizes that it's been plugged into something, because there's no 'X' over the LAN icon. However, even though it recognizes the LAN connection, it won't connect to the internet.

Anyone have any advice? It would be much appreciated.

A:Trouble connecting to the internet via a linksys switch and router...

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Currently I have internet connection via cable modem and usb connection to the modem.

I am trying to connect by using ethernet from modem to computer but although the adapter is enabled, I have a red cross through its symbol (xp) and an windows tells me that the network cable is unplugged although I can see that physically it is not.

Help welcomed.

A:switch to ethernet internet connection

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when i want to download apps from Windows Store, i can't do it because Windows Store is not connected to my Microsoft account, i try to login but it says i have problem with internet connection, but i have internet connection
then i disconnect my Microsoft account and switch to local account

i tried to switch to Microsoft account again, and this problem occurs
please help me

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I have two desktop computers, one with win 7 and other Winxp. The internet comes thru ADSL modem, from it lan cable goes to a 8 port unmanaged switch, from it two wires comes out, one goes to each machine. Now in Win7 machine, I have a PPPoE dialer to connect to my ISP. I am successfully able to dial and get internet in Win7 machine. Now when I try internet in winxp machine, no internet so the question is any special settings required in winxp machine?

In Winxp machine I have not tried ICS & homegroup. I just tried to give DNS server as open or modem ip i.e. I disabled all firewalls here, its able to ping the modem and win7 machine, open the modem page with no issues. So how to get internet here, plz guide.

A:Unable to get Internet Connection in Win XP machine thru switch

When I was using a Dial-Up Modem I did have to enable ICS so a second computer could get the Internet. But that's different from ADSL which uses the copper wires of the phone but not the Voice Carrier signal the Dial-Up Modem [and Fax machines] uses. I think ADSL would be more of an always-on thing, no dialing needed.
Asymmetric digital subscriber line - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I've been using Wireless DSL since 2003 as I couldn't get phoneline DSL at the time and still can't get it at any better speed, limit of the phone company.

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Hmph. Internet Explorer is bugging me at the moment.

Tools/Internet Options/Connections tab: Those 3 radio buttons are usually set to 'Always dial my default connection.' However, everytime I set it to this option and press OK, a few minutes later it switches back to 'Never dial a connection'! (i.e. Not literally 'every few minutes.' Just every time I close the window, every time I disconnect, that sort of thing.)

As this is very annoying every time I have to connect to the Internet, I want to see if there's anything causing this that you know of. Thanks in advance.

(I have not yet considered the possibility of a virus...(however unlikely that may seem, hehe.))

A:Internet Explorer connection auto-switch?

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I have just installed a 5 port switch (Etherfast 10/100) so that I can run X-Box and my pc from my broadband modem. The X-box works fine, but my computer cannot detect a connection. I am running a straight cable from the switch to the PC, and my network repair function says it cannot renew my IP address. I have my computer set to detect IP address automatically. I've read through the forums and tried everything I could find that might apply. The lights are flashing or on on the switch, and I have tried plugging into different ports. ???

A:Linksys 5 port switch, no internet connection

This is strange...

By powering down my modem and restarting everything, I got my high-speed internet back. Now the X-box can't connect. What am I missing?

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Hi all i recently turned my second router into an Ethernet switch so that i could port forward a game. I am wondering if this will slow down my internet speed.

Thanks in advance

A:Will a router turned to a ethernet switch slow down internet speed for gaming?

Hello glaucun,

Technically speaking, yes. You've added another "hop" for the packets to have to travel to and from.

But it's not to any degree that you will notice.

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dell inspiron with windows home premium connected to internet with a modem over a phone line
tks keith

A:on reboot or switch user i have to reestablish internet connection

Thats normal as it closes the connections on boot and switch user the new user wont be dialed up

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I've been experiencing a rather odd problem for the last few months.

I live in a flat with a network cable internet connection, split between four computers by an IPTIME SW08 switch... I've had it for half a year now, but the problem is four months old...

The more "advanced" computers using the internet connection freez up randomly with an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL error message ... I thought the problem was in the computers but a brand new computer I just connected a few days ago is already sarting to show the smiptoms, which all other machines in term "produced":

1. computer is connected to the internet
2. for a few days it works without a hitch
3. after that it starts to freeze up randomly, especially (but not exclusively) when i download a given ammount of information
4. (sometimes) it freezes so completely that no error message even gets a chance at being displayed, when it is, its the IRQL error from above... then the computer ocasionally restarts

*i've taken the computers to other locations, and tried them on other networks: no problems recorded.

I've had the cables checked, and went through several NIC cards, thinking that they may be to blame. Whenever i replaced an NIC, with a new MAC number the cycle started again ... first no problem, then randm freezup.

It is essential that I solve these problems, I earn my living as a freelance translator, and ABSOLUTELY NEED to resolve this issue: i need my computers to work!

QUESTIONS: ... Read more

A:computer random freezup and internet connection... is it the switch?

hello ,

this is what i seggust you do if it has not been done yet , do this to only one system


useing (ipconfig)

then select ( run
then type in ( cmd
press enter
then type in ( ipconfig /flushdns ( notice the space between ipconfig & /
press enter
then type in ( ipconfig /release ( ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^
press enter
then type in ( ipconfig /renew ( ^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^
press enter

then reboot

then select (run
then type in (netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.exe
press enter

providing that the (os) is installed on the c drive /your drive lett may be differnt

then reboot

check your connection


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I've been experiencing a rather odd roblem for the last few months.

I live in a flat with a network cable interet connection, split between four computers by an IPTIME SW08 switch... I've had it for half a year now, but the problem is four months old...

The more "advanced" computers using the intrbet connection freez up randomly with an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL erroro message ... I thought the problem was in the computers but a brand new computer i connected a few days ago is already sarting to show the smptoms:

1. computer is connected to the interbet
2. for a few days it works without a hitch
3. after that it starts to freeze up randomly, especially (but not exclusively) when i downloaded a given ammount of information
4. (sometimes) it freezes so completely that no error message even gets a chance at being displayed

*i've taken the computers to other locations, and tried them on ohe networks: no problems recorded.

I've had the cables checked, and went through several NIC cards, thinking that they may be to blame. Whenever i replaced an NIC, with a new MAc number the cycle started again ... first no problem, then randm freezup.

It is essential that I solve these problems, I earn my living as a freelance translator, and ABSOLUTELY NEED to resolve this issue: i need my computers to work!

1. is my ISP somehow messing with me (i. e. are the doing something intentionally to cause this, do they have som sort of virus or other software f... Read more

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Hi.. can you please tel me weather is it possible to switch between operating systems? If so which which operating systems can I install?
For example if I have windows XP in C drive and now I install windows 7 in D drive, can I access both operating systems at different times? How can I switch between these two?

A:can I switch the operating systems?

Install more than 1 Operating System (partition)
Install more than one operating system (multiboot)

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My PC is dual boot Windows XP/Windows 10. The system disk for XP is disk0 which is an SSD. The system disk for W10 is a partition on disk1 which is a hard disk. I'm at a point to consider W10 my "main" system, but still need to keep the dual boot configuration. So what I'd like to do is "swap" the locations of the system disks, to move the system disk for W10 to disk0/SSD, and move the system disk for XP to the partition on disk1. My plan is to restore an Acronis image back up for each system to the target partition. My assumption is this will do what I want and when I boot, it will behave the same way giving me the choice of what to boot from, only that now for W10 I'll be booting of the SSD and for XP I'll be booting of the hard drive.

Is there anything here I'm missing? Will this work as planned?

Thanks for any help.


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Today i decided to install ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop (which is running windows 7 already) because that is the operating system i'm going to be using in my classes. To do this, i created a separate partition on my hard drive (which is 1 terabyte). I successfully installed Ubuntu on that partition but when i restarted my computer i wasn't given the option to choose which os i wanted to run. instead the chkdsk function ran, and after running it started up windows. windows is running just fine but i can't seem to figure out how to switch to ubuntu from here. Does anyone have an idea what i did wrong? or is there something simple i need to do yet?

Thanks, vinuguy

A:I have 2 operating systems, but can't switch between them

Hi Vinuguy,

You need some sort of boot loader. I will not pretend to know any more about Ubuntu than that it exists, but I have just done a similar setup to get XP running on my Win 7 machine.

You at least have the advantage that your machine is booting into Win 7. I can recommend a utility called EasyBCD, the current version is 2.1.2, from Neostart Technology. It is free to private users.

Download and install EasyBCD into Windows and run it. It should come up with a list of the operating systems installed on your computer. From this list you can choose which one is to be the default, and set a time-out value ( in seconds ) to allow you to choose the operating system you wish to use. I set mine to 10 seconds, which is more than long enough.

The way it works is that on switch-on, after the BIOS screens, you get a DOS type screen which lists your installed operating systems with the default system highlighted. You use the up/down arrow keys to choose the system you wish to boot to. Of course, if you wish to use the default system, then you have to do nothing apart from wait 10 seconds for it to start booting. I hope this is of some help.

Chris Cosgrove

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I am running Win 2000 Pro. Certain software will not run under this OS. I have tried the compatibility mode & it still wont work. Does anyone know if there is any software available that will allow me to either partion my HD so I can install & run a second OS say Win98 SE or Me, OR as I have a second HD installed, a different OS to the 2nd Drive to allow me to run the software in question. What I dont want to do is have to reboot every time. I want to be able to flip via Explorer from one drive or partion to the other which will have a different OS & run the software. Its a tall order I know. I have at present 256 Ram + 1.2 mhg processor. I would increase if needs be



A:Switch operating Systems

I'm not aware of anything that would allow you to start a new operating system like that, but maybe something like VMWare Workstation could do.

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A few years back when my E machine was new with Vista, a vista hater partitioned the drive leaving the smaller partition for Vista and installing XP on the other partition. How do I switch between them?

A:Switch between operating systems

are you not given a choice when booting up?

what does your boot.ini file look like?

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I am in the process of setting up a pretty extensive gigabit network in my home. I have the new D-Link DIR-655 Pre-N Router with four gigabit ports and I am using all four to run to 8-port D-Link unmanaged switches in four locations. The first location is right next to the router. I have a fifth location. I searched hard for an 8-port wired gigabit router. If I had found one (at a reasonable price) I would use it as the base in from the modem then use the D-Link for wireless only (no routing). Alas ... I was unable to find one and so I am wondering if there are any issues running from a switch to another switch.

A:Router to switch to switch?

Only issue is a slight impariment in speed as it passes thru two switches and the router . . You may not be able to decerne it.

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Would like to get some opinions on this. I have a Dell N3000 switch and a Cisco 2901 router. Somebody recommend to me to consolidate the two devices and let the N3000 switch and route. My question is, is there are performance increase? What is the downfall of bundling the two devices? What is the upside?

A:L3 switch VS. Router and switch

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I just bought a netgear Cable/DSL router with an 8 port switch built in. I am currently still at school, so there is no need for the router, but I want to use the hardware as a switch. I am confused as to how to set this up.

The router I have is a Netgear RO318.

I know very little about setting up networks, but I assumed it would be the same as just switching out the hub. Boy was I wrong. I switched them out and it doesn't work like I thought it would. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks all.

A:Using router/switch as just a switch

Actually, at this very second I am trying to figure out that exact same thing! I will definately help you out if and when i get it figured out.

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In September I moved from Vancouver to Calgary and switched service providers from Shaw Cable to Telus high speed (ADSL). (I didn't want to switch but getting free cable in a basement suite pretty much tells me not to go through the cable provider for internet).

Since I have had Telus almost all my applications cannot detect my internet connection even though I can go online. I have to use Mozilla Firefox to surf as Internet Explorer will not work. Winamp, Outlook, Quick Tax, Windows Media Player, Real Media, Windows Update, Norton et al., cannot detect the connection. This is preventing me from efiling my taxes and also downloading updates for all these programs.

I can use Firefox and the Thunderbird email application. Also I can connect to my STEAM account to play Half Life 2.

I called Telus customer support who basically told me that the issue is revolves around Microsoft and Telus's software not supporting one another and said I had to reinstall Windows. She then said another option would be to delete my registry and then copy and paste the registry from the Windows CD. Neither option I think will work or is really advisable.

There has to be a simple fix to this. I have a wireless routing capabilities however have not been able to get my laptop to connect to my connection either.

Any help would be much appreciated.


A:Solved: Switch from Shaw to Telus, Applications Cannot Detect Internet Connection

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Hello, i am wondering if i can share my dsl connection using only a ethernet modem and network switch???

Help much appreciated

A:Can i share dsl using only a n/w switch

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Hi all,

Just wondering if I can connect a switch to a switch? so my network would look like this

Router ---- Switch ---- Switch - - - - computer connected wirelessly

primary reason for doing this is i want to bring the wireless router closer to the middle of my house... some areas are getting really weak signals..


A:Switch to Switch Connection?

You could do that, but why not just get a longer network cable? Ethernet on Cat-5e is good up to 100m.

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I have two PC one XP and one 7. At first they were working. but after reinstalling windows 7. It suddenly won't work.

The strange thing is that I didn't change the router settings and that my drivers are working fine.

Is it possible that the ISP change their setting and decided not to allow internet sharing anymore?

When I tried ping or tracert, it says request unreachable. But when I directly connect the modem to the LAN card, internet works fine.

A:Can't share internet connection via router

Do you have mdnsresponder.exe in the task manager?

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I know that 1-way internet via satellite only has download and needs an upload source...If I have a broadband 128k connection (to be used as the upload source) and lets say, a 1mb connection via sat...how can I connect them both at the same time to the router, knowing that the router only has 1 port for the internet cable to be plugged-in?

Any help is much appreciated...

A:How can I share an Internet Via Sat (1-way) connection on several pcs? (router)

I don't know how you'd use a standard broadband router for this task. My guess is that you'll need to consider either ICS and a host Windows system, or perhaps a Linux rig of some sort. Since you have some sort of broadband, why not just increase the speed of that service and forget about the satellite connection?

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I am currently in a student housing and have an internet connection through a lan cable that comes out of the wall, so i have no access to anything. I just bought a eeepc with windows 7 and have an older laptotp with also windows 7. My old laptop is connected to internet and i would like to share that connection to the other one using wireless without a router. I looked on internet and found out it was possible with some tutorials for xp and vista.


Windows XP: Set up a wireless network without a router

But i cant seem to figure out what's wrong. My second computer connects to the network I set up with the 1st one but there is no internet access.

Anyone ever had this problem? did i forget something?

Thanks in advance for your help!

A:How to share internet connection without a router

Hi longlife,

What are your system specs and what type of router are you using?

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Wife has small Acer laptop running 8.1 and running wirelessly. It keeps on losing internet connection although shows full wi-fi signal. Icon shows asterisk and network connection shows 'limited'. Acer suggested complete reset which has been done several
times and then have installed new motherboard but it still has the problem. Have checked for and installed network adapter driver (Realtek) updates but problem still persists. It works ok for about 1 or 2 weeks after a reset but then it all happens again.
TalkTalk changed the router to eliminate that.  My desktop runs without any problems wired or wirelessly as do two other laptops (all now updated to Windows 10) and two Android phones. Dare not update Acer to Win 10 until I know it is not Acer problem
as guarantee about to run out. Spent 6 months trying to sort it.

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I recently have had tons of trouble with my HP mini and memory.
I think it is because I am running windows vista or some file/program messing with it.
I was recommended to switch to ubuntu but I'm don't know anything about switching operating systems.
Can anyone tell me how to completely wipe my computer and uninstall vista so I can install Ubuntu?
Thank you.

A:Solved: How do I wipe my computer and switch operating systems?

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