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Word 2007 - Is there a way to make specific pages print on the backside of a page?

Q: Word 2007 - Is there a way to make specific pages print on the backside of a page?

I have a rather large document that needs approximately a dozen pages have content printed on the backside of the page. Is there a way to format this within Word 2007, or is the only way to do this via printing the entire thing first then taking the pages I need to print on the backside and reinserting them the opposite way.


Preferred Solution: Word 2007 - Is there a way to make specific pages print on the backside of a page?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Word 2007 - Is there a way to make specific pages print on the backside of a page?

I believe Microsoft refers to this as "duplex printing" which can be done automatically if your printer supports that feature, or if not it can be done manually. There's a "Manual duplex" option check-box in the "Print" dialogue-box in Word 2007. More information here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/w...of-the-paper-duplex-printing-HP001154387.aspx

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Hi all,

I have a problem with word07 where I print a page range eg 1-6 or 3-5 it prints ALL pages. This is a big waste of paper especially when I print large documents. Can anyone help me fix this?


edit: I typed in 7 into the page range field and it printed everything from the end up to page 7... I have no idea whats going on

A:print page range prints all pages in Word 2007

I don't have 2007, so all I can refer you to is http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/word/HP051895811033.aspx
If you have the skills, you can try this

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In Microsoft Word 2007, I created a macro to hilight specific words within the document. I'd like to now add a print function to the macro. I need to print the page that hilighted word is on. This is what I have so far. I appreciate your help.

' --------CODE TO HIGHLIGHT Qty out of tolerance-------------------
Options.DefaultHighlightColorIndex = wdYellow
Selection.Find.Replacement.Highlight = True
With Selection.Find
.Text = "Qty out of Tolerance"
.Replacement.Text = "Qty out of Tolerance"
.Forward = True
.Wrap = wdFindContinue
.Format = True
.MatchCase = False
.MatchWholeWord = False
.MatchWildcards = False
.MatchSoundsLike = False
.MatchAllWordForms = False
End With
End Sub

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This question is about using "Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}."

I've read many solutions for this online and in MS's help files. None of them are working, and it really has me perplexed because I consider myself an advanced user.

My document is a book:

The first page of my book is a cover page. It shouldn't be counted in page numbering.
Beginning on the second page, my book has a TOC and then 9 chapters.
The TOC and each chapter are set up in their own sections. (I do this because I include the chapter's name - which is the section name - in the footer along with page numbers. It also facilitates creating the TOC)
I want the TOC to be counted as Page 1
All of that works fine for the {PAGE} page number. To accomplish it, I told Word to start counting page numbers from 0, and I suppressed displaying the number on the Cover. Then for subsequent pages I selected "Continue from previous section."
My issue is that I really want to show both the current page and the total number of pages ("Page {PAGE} of {NUMPAGES}") in the footer.

When I try that, {PAGE} displays correctly, but {NUMPAGES} shows one too many. It is obviously counting the cover page.

Evidently what I did in #5 above only affects the count for {PAGE} and not for {NUMPAGES}.

All over the web I find the simple solution of using a formula field for {NUMPAGES} as follows:

Actually, I think that would do the opposite of what I want. I would probably have to... Read more

A:Solved: Word 2007 Page Numbering: Make {NUMPAGES} start counting from Page 2?

I was just messing with the same issue and found a solution:


This may look exactly like something you tried already but here is the difference:

Instead of typing in the curly braces ( { ) manually, you have to hit "Ctrl-F9" to insert a field, then do the same for the braces around "NUMPAGES". You wind up with a field inside a field. That way it interprets the "NUMPAGES" as your document property, returns a number like "42", then the next field takes the equation "= 42 - 1" and returns "41". If you don't use "CTRL-F9" to enter the "NUMPAGES" field, it sees the first curly brace and stops, seeing it as a syntax error.

Hope it works for you! It worked for me!

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hi everyone i cant print fom word 2007,wordpad and even a windows test page.i have a hp 125nw mfp configured as wireless.it was working fine but few days back when i try to print it doesnt print at all.i can only print via notepad.i have the latest drivers and i have a windows 7 home basic x64.the printer is working fine on other laptops and pcs running windows 8 and windows 7 with office 2007,2010 and 2013 around me in my office on the same printer and same wireless network.i have followed the steps here

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We use Oracle's XML Publisher to generate reports. This is where an XML file is merged with a .rtf template to generate an output (usually PDF). We design our .rtf templates using Microsoft Word 2007. I have a need to print something in the same position on the last page of every report (in this case.. customer invoices). I am placing this logic in the footer so it will print in the same position. I also have logic in there that determines when it is the last page. It isn't working and I need some help. Right now I have { if {NUMPAGES}>{PAGE} "Not Last Page" "Last Page" }. I am getting "Last Page" on every page. (This isn't the wording that I really need to go there, I was just testing this functionality). I read an article from Microsoft Support (Article ID 211755) that says this is supposed to work with version 2000. I'm hoping it is still valid for 2007. If you have accomplished something like this or can help me I would appreciate it.

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I recently bought a new Dell PC with Vista and Word 2007, along with a Dell AIO 926 printer. I have full page documents that I made on my old PC with Word 2002 that printed perfectly with my Epson C66 which finally quit working, and in a roundabout way led to my new purchases. After moving the saved documents to my new PC I find that I cannot print the pages that include text at the lower protion of the page without losing some of the text at the bottom. These pages are constructed in such a way so that I cannot change the format without a complete redo of the project. Is it Word 2007 or is it the printer? The message I get from Word is "The margins are set outside the printable area of the page."
There must be a way to print these docs out "full page". Can anyone help with this one.

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My company is running Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP Professional. When any of us try to print this page (http://www.ai.org/serv/eventcal?PF=hpb-med&Clist=140&Elist=93868), we can see the print icon in the IE6 status bar, but the job never shows up in the printer's queue and never prints.

I tried printing the same page at home, using IE6 and WinXP Home Ed, and had the same problem. This is a totally different printer, etc, so I'm confident that it's not a printer driver or O/S issue, and not some specific security set up by our admins (who are totally unhelpful BTW).

HOWEVER ... I was able to print the page at home using Netscape 7.2, so I'm also confident that it's an IE6 thing.

Additional info ... When we print preview this page, it defaults to 75% and shows a blank page. If we enlarge or shrink the magnification, we can then see the pages in preview mode regardless of what mag. we use. We can see that the pages are too large for the paper, but none of our various printers' "shrink to fit" options are effective. I've tried every IE setting I can think of, set security to none, accepted all cookies, cleared caches and temporary files, but with no success.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated, or even info on if you can print this page with a different O/S or IE version. Thanks!!

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Hi guys

I have a research report about 120 pages in MS word format, and this needed to be printed as a book,
I set the cover of the book in separated file page and the summary with the other contents in a separated file that must show page numbers, I would like to put the cover and all other contents in the same file but do not insert numbers in the firts page of the cover and need to start inserting the ordinal numbers in the following pages starting from 1 till the last,

is there some techinical steps to manage this in MS word 2003 and make it one file? it would be much better and handy as one file instead of 2 parts,
will appreciate the related answers,

A:Solved: how to set numbers in specific pages in MS word

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Hello guys

I have a long report that need to insert numbers to pages to summarize the contents, but this need some intensive work to start the index with the roman numbers: I , II, III, V etc and after that will start with the normal naumbers, 1,2,3 etc..
any idea how to do that will be really highly appreciated,
many thanks,

A:how to insert numbers in some specific pages in word 2003

From the Format menu, select Bullets and Numbering, click on the Numbered tab then on the style you want. Click on Customise and nominate the number at which you want to start then OK your way out.

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Ive been struggling all day with this problem. I need to set up a standard stacked bar chart bu instead of it starting at 0 I need it to start at a negative number. The reason for this is that my "series 1" goes from a negative number to a positive number and then "series 2" continues further upwards from there. Each series represents a specific scoring category
Then I need to place a dot or a cross or something at a specific value in order to show in which category a specific member lies.
Please can someone help me.

A:Getting a specific chart in Word 2007

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Dear Tech Guy,

Vide your solution to "dave.23" dated 24-Apr-10.

I tried following set by set instructions for macro as given in the above thread by "hi-tech".

But by following point by point instruction on thread dated 24-apr-10 by "hi-tech", after point no.4 ie copy paste the given command and saving the file when i run the macro following error appears and I am not able to proceed.

Can some one pls give setwise to Ist print Odd pages and then Reverse printing the Even pages.


A:Excel 2007 need to print odd/even pages

"when i run the macro following error appears"

You did not post the error.

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I need to silent print either a Word Document (RTF or DOC) or a PDF to a printer I specify (not always the default printer) via a Windows/DOS Batch file.

I've gotten so far, and would appreciate your help!

I tried this (which works):
winword D:\pp.doc /q /n /mFilePrintDefault /mFileExit

This prints to the default printer. I would like to choose the printer I want to print to in the command. I tried /mFilePrint("printer name") but that just did not even print.

Also, is it possible to hide Word from appearing - so that it is truly silent?

PDF File
I was able to do this (on a machine running Adobe Reader 8.0.0)
acrord32 /t D:\a.pdf "AR5LP3"
However, I am facing some issues - either Adobe opens and stays open (unable to silent print), or the PDF file itself stays open.

I read somewhere that this feature is available only on Reader version 5/6, and is not available from Version 7 onwards.
Is there a workaround?


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I have 30 chapters of a novel on my computer. I want to find a specific phrase that I made up and have gone through each chapter using the Find facility. It has failed to find the words I know are there. Is there another way? I don't really want to have to read the whole thing all the way through.

Thanks in advance.

A:Find specific phrase in MS Word 2007

Are you sure you have typed the exact phrase into the find option, that matches exactly what you typed in the document?

Just 2 spaces can change what you are looking for.

Just a thought.

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I've looked all over the web and am having no luck. I'm a finance guy doing research.
I want to hyperlink the numberical data in each EXCEL 2007 spreadsheet cell to the specific PDF page that references the cell data. I am using Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard. This process will provide a quick means of substantiating the data in thousands of cells.
I have read articles on named destinations, but the problem seems to be that named destinations are not recognized and even inserting the
"=page#" is not recognized by Excel. The hyperlink will go to the document, but not the specific page I want which is useless when you have about 200 citations within the document.
We have a web server along the lines of file// but if absolutely necesssary I could save to my local if that makes a difference, but that should be a last option.

If anyone has some other ideas about how to do what I want other than hyperlinking to adobe pdfs, then I'm all ears, or do I need a new version like PRO, other pdf software, other spreadsheet program, or other approaches to obtain the same result, like may be a workaround to hyperlink to bookmarks, I set up in adobe?
I appreciate anyone's time and thank you in advance.

A:Hyperlinking from Excel 2007 to specific page in Acrobat

Read this (even though it is about an earlier version of Adobe) regarding using destinations, rather than page numbers in your hyperlink.

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Using Word 2007, P.C.
I would like to know how to set my printing preferences to read the actual number of pages in the document as opposed to what I have set in the header/footer. Let me explain:
I have a document which is 30 pages. However, I have set section breaks so that I could set up the header and footer to start numbering page 1 on the actual page 3 (the first two pages of the document are title pages.) Anyway, the header numbers then read 1-28, with 28 written in the header on actual page 30.
When I go to print... and I want to specify which pages to print, let's say I want actual page range 17-20 tp print; well, I type in 17-20 into the field on the print box, but then actual pages 19-22 print because the printer read the header/footer page number, instead of the document's actual page number.
Can I change the printer settings to read the actual document page number instead of the header/footer number? I have never done anything like that, so I would need fairly specific directions of where to go inorder to make these changes, if at all possible; also, I am a little uneasy with Word 2007 and how to locate certain applications and settings, so I might need general help getting to the right area. Thanks so much!

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Hi can any one tell me how to print only odd or even pages in excel 2007.
I've seen people talk about macro's but i don't have a clue so a basic step by step would be much appreciated.



A:Solved: Excel 2007 need to print odd/even pages

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Can anyone please help me? I have an old Epson printer that was printing pages fine with FoxFire..suddenly it will only print page one and stop..no matter what I've tried it will no longer go past page one. At the top left of my page where it says print the numbers say 1 of 1..I change it to print all..I click on print..it starts printing and says pages 1 of 1 again. I then tried changing it to pages 1-6 and it goes right back to reading page 1 of 1. This is only on one xcel program strangely enough..another program works fine. The problem is I need the program that won't let me print but page 1..to allow me to print all of the 1-6 pages. My Dell computer is old..as is my printer..but this is something that has suddenly happened. I am not real great with computers. Can anyone help? Thank you.

A:Suddenly I am only able to print page one out of six pages

Stop the printer service, then reboot your computer.

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Need help trying to save a word 2007 document. Am running Windows Vista. I have been working on this document for the past couple of days, a high school maths investigation with lots of equations and graphs copied over from 'Autograph' a 3d graphing software. I have been able to save it with ease with all this stuff on it until an hour ago. When I press CTRL+S it opens up the save as box (even though i've already saved it before). Then when i press save in this dialog box the box closes for a half a second before opening again without me pressing anything. I do it again and again and notice the little loading bar that tells you it's saving in the bottom right hand corner of the document gets stuck and then stops when the box opens up again. I've tried to rename it and this doesn't work. i copied it into an old word document and then saved that document and that document wouldn't save either. i got rid of it off that document and the old document saved perfectly. I closed it just to check it was actually not saving and it isn't. Is there something wrong with my document? or is it word? please help!

A:Unable to save a specific word 2007 document.

How large is the file? Do a Save As to a new file.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to get Word 2007 to select a different default dictionary based on the current document? If I open a personal letter, for example, I want to use my personal dictionary as default, so that when I right-click to add a word, it goes in there; if, however, I am writing a technical document, I want a right-click to add to my work-related dictionary. I know I can change the default by going into options, but it is difficult to remember each time I open a document.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes, Patrick

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Hello All,

I manage the maintenance on a corporate jet. I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop running Vista. We use Microsoft Word 2007 for our maintenance log book, oldest maintenance entries to newest. I want WORD to open my logbook document on the last page of the document when I fire it up, not the first. Any ideas? My email address is [email protected].

Thanks, Greg Stultz

A:How can I get Word 2007 to open on the last page of a multi-page document?

The only way I know how to do this is using a macro. Open the document and press ALT + F11 to open the VBA editor. In the project explorer window on the left you will need to right click the object labeled "ThisDocument" and choose "View Code"

Paste the code below into the blank code window and save the document. You will need to adjust the macro security level to medium or low from the main Word window by clicking TOOLS --> MACRO --> SECURITY
Private Sub Document_Open()

Selection.EndKey Unit:=wdStory

End Sub
You can also accomplish the same action without using a macro by opening the document and clicking CTRL + END to take you to the last page.


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I am knee deep in writting up my final dissertation and need some help.

I need to number my pages but not from the first page. I looked online and it said I should have an option to number pages from the page I was on but that was not the case.

I then read that you can insert an header and the page will be numbered from there, again I could not get this to work.

I know in word 2007 you can generate a contents page that will show the page number of all my subsections and headings but I have no clue how to do this and until I get the page numbers working I cannot do it anyway.

If anyone can help me please reply, I don't want to do my usualy trick of having two documents, one the body of the work and the other all the pages that are not numbered because it will take for ever at this point.

A:Need help making a contents page and page numbering word 2007

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I am using MS word 2003 and I set pages to print for a documen to 3 copies. Unfortunately it is not resetting to one and everything I print from word automatically print 3 copies.


A:MS Word Print Pages NOT Reset

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I'm viewing this web page and I'm need to print the detailed specifications of the board described in this page's window. What's in the window will not print. Short of a screen capture, how do I print it?


A:How to make a window in a web page print?

Alex Ethridge said:

how do I print it?

http://www.copystars.com/msi_k8mm3-v_k8m800_socket754_2_msi_micro_star_46341_prd1.htmClick to expand...

It's a frame-based page

Try loading the relevant frame* on it's own
You should be able to print that

* Individual frames are, in most popular browsers, accessible via a right-mouse (or context) menu

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Hello all!
The macro has to do the following:Find the next word in the document that ends with "##"
Highlight that word and the following bullet in red.
Find the next word in the document that ends with "##"
Highlight that word and the following bullet in blue.
Repeat until end of document alternating between those two colors.
​Here is an example of how the end result should look like:

Another day.
Hello all. Blah blah blah blah.

Goodbye all.
Yes sir.
No sir.
Open book.
Close book.

Thanks for any help you can give me,


A:Macro that highlights specific parts of a document in MS Word 2007

Have you tried recording a macro?
Start macro recorder and then do what you want.

After you finished one then stop recording, open the macro to edit and see how it works.

Most of us 'geniuses' started that way and it gives insight to what really happens.
If your're having trouble just post a sample document, Okay?

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i do call data analysis in excel 2007 involving more than 1 lac call record.

i need to exctract certain text (eg.Oracle) before a word (eg. install,repair,reload,reinstall) and even after these word if any.

maybe 10 characters before and after the word "PLEASE INSTALL ORACLE"

as in call records we have fields as Problem/Issue raised and Resolved.

Please help..!!!

A:Excel 2007 - Extracting Characters before & after a specific word from a Cell

Hi, welcome to the fourm.

I suggest you write a macro.

In this macro you search for the position you word starts:

You use the Instr() function

Dim pos as integer
pos = instr(1,<your full text string>,<you word>)

"This is your text string and you need to know where the word is"


pos = instr("This is your text string and you need to know where the word is","text")

pos will return the value 14, the beginning position of the word "text"
try this in Excel as macro

Sub test()
MsgBox InStr(1, "This is your text string and you need to know where the word is", "text")
End Sub

After you have the pos value then you can work with the different string functions to extract or create your desired text

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How do you make a macro that does the following:

go to next cell down in Column D
copy contents (a single word) of that cell
select entire Column A
find first instance, in Column A, of the word that was copied from Column D, above, (the word is part of a sentence in a single cell in Column A),
underline just that word (not the whole sentence) in Column A


A:Excel 2007 macro - locate specific word & underline it

Hi Brad, welcome to the forum

I just recorded a amcro that does that and translated it to vba code

Function ULinetxt(cVal As String, uStr As String)
Dim tp1 As Integer, tp2 As Integer
If InStr(1, LCase(cVal), LCase(uStr)) > 0 Then
tp1 = InStr(1, cVal, uStr)
tp2 = Len(uStr)
With ActiveCell.Characters(Start:=tp1, Length:=tp2).Font
.Underline = xlUnderlineStyleSingle
End With
End If
End Function


Sub test()
Call ULinetxt(ActiveCell.Value, "underline")
End Sub

You could use this function in vba macro and it's done

Select a cell with your data string and rin the test macro, replace the word "underline" with the text you want underlined and the first occurrence (if found) will be underlined, case is not matched.

Let me know it it works for you.

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Hi. I know about the common problem of people creating blank pages when they don't mean to, but this is not that problem. If I open a new document and type a few characters, it will print a completely blank page, followed by a page with my characters. If I print a 10-page document, it will print 20 pages - 10 blank interspersed with the 10 pages of the document. It prints the blank page first. I've looked through the Word prefs and don't see anything that could cause this. I deleted Normal.dot Any ideas very welcome.

A:Word 2007 prints a blank page for every page

Welcome to the forum.

I am guessing your header is messed up. You can look into editing it and saving over top of the normal.dotx but I would just suggest finding the normal.dotx and renaming it normal.old and see if that fixes your problem.

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I have a form that is one page in size and I am wondering if I copy it on say 100 successive pages so that there 100 pages of the the same form, can I do an "x of y" it a specific location within the form so that the rest are automatically numbered?

What I have now is a single form that has this: Item number 1 of 100. Now I have to print 100 of these out, but I don't want to change the number each time manually to 2 of 100, 3 of 100 etc. So as I said, I want to copy the same form 100 hundred times and enter some kind of numbering fuction or formula that will enter the next sequential number automatically on each form on the pages that follow.

Is there a way to do this in Word. I don't want to use headers.

Thank you.

A:Place page numbers in a specific location in Word - x of y

Just a note, I am using tables for this.

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So I know this should be very easy. I have a 285-page novel manuscript I'm formatting for submission. I have page numbers that start on the 3rd actual page, which is where Chapter 1 begins. I have a header but it only appears on those first two pages; it stops before Chapter 1. How do I have the header appear on every page of the doc? I googled it but it's confusing....it took awhile to get the page numbering right, because I wanted it to start where it does....I'm afraid if I mess with the header as it is, I'm in for more frustration. A simple step-by-step would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I write quite a few manuals, and I've recently upgraded to Word 2007.
I know there must be a way to do what I'd like.
I have a section where I have a table in the manual, and I want to be able to type a part number in one column, and have the description for the part automatically pop up in the next column.

I've tried searching different forums, but I keep hitting on answers on how to have it automatically fill in the same field.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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I can't work out if this is a problem with my machine or my printer. Since yesterday, any notepad file or word doc I send to my printer is printed with no text. Any graphics or table I insert is printed but the text isn't and printing out of photoshop is fine too. I've reinstalled the printer driver, virus scanned and successfully printed test pages from the printer maintenance page and looked on the web for clues but now I don't know what to try next.
Anyone got any ideas?

A:Word and notepad docs don't print, graphics and web pages do!

Sounds like a classic case of "no black ink"

Graphics and all web pages generally use all colours to achieve black, while text based applications such as Word and Notepad use only black.

No black ink will produce the exact symptoms described, if we are talking about an inkjet printer here.

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Well, I have a weird problem around many computers at my workplace that is driving me crazy . As for now, ALL but one computer tested present the same problem.

If I try to make use of the Print Zoom (Pages per Sheet) option in Word XP, the first time I try to use the option nets me blank pages instead of the printer working correctly, after the first time, the Zoom option will work correctly every time I use it, till I close all Word instances. If I open again Word, I get the same problem in the first try.

If I use a printer's embedded Print Zoom (instead of Word's print zoom - if the printer has that option available -) the pages are print correctly.

Also happens if I try to open a DOC file from Internet explorer, no matter if I make the document to be embedded on the IE window, or I make it be loaded on Word XP...

Installed and tested all Office XP patches (SP1, SP2, SP3...) and cannot get the problem solved. I'd be thankful if someone could help

A:Word XP Print Zoom (Pages per Sheet) Error

If the end result you are looking for is being able to print many pages on one sheet (or both sides, or booklet, or flipped sideways, etc,etc.) then I think it is just better to use a utility or tool to get around many of Microsoft's problems. So unless, this is one of those "I have to know the answer" kinda things, you will find it much better to just go to http://www.fineprint.com and download FinePrint. The software doesn't expire.

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A user created a policy form template (word .dot) with fields that can be tabbed/filled out. She wants the user to be able to fill out the form then be able to insert a blank copy of the same form (repeat page 2) at the end of the document. They want this for user who has to create mulitple polilcies.

I can't figure out how it can be done in the template which is attached in the zip file. Could possibly be done in Acrobat but not sure. Any ideas?

I forgot to add: Win XP sp2, office XP sp3

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I installed novaPDF Lite 7 and tried converting a word file to pdf. It did'nt work but since then I have been facing issues with printing word documents through my laser printer.

The 'Print' dialog does not open on pressing Ctrl+P and when i do a quick print i get the error message attached first as Word Error Message - 01. Whereas, I am able to open the 'Print' dialog box in excel or other office applications and print documents.

Also, when i try clicking any word file from Start Menu>Recent Documents, i am getting the error message attached second as Word Error Message - 02.

Have checked my default printer settings. Have uninstalled novaPDF; still no luck and for some reasons system restore is also not able to restore to any date prior to the installation.

Pls assist me in re-solving this issue.

A:Unable to Print in Word 2007

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I have Vista 64bit Ultimate and Word 2007. The printer Samsung 1510 is recognized by Vista and I am able to print web pages fine.
However when i try to print from Word, the printer is seen in the list of available printers but the document fails to print. When I click Find Printer in the Print dialog box, there is an error "Active Directory Domain Services currently unavailable."
What should I do?

A:Word 2007 does not print in Vista 64

Disregard..missed the part where it works on the web...sec while i find a different link for you.

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I have installed Win 7 and all the software - fresh install and activated it. Word 2007 and associated software will not print. Notepad will print. Sample or test print from Win 7 prints a test page from the Printers and Devices Dialog Box. Anybody know what settings to change to get Word 2007 to print? Thanks in advance.

A:Win 7 Word 2007 WONT PRINT

Welcome to the forums! What happens when you try to print?

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Despite reviewing other posts/threads, can't figure this out. Very suddenly, cannot select printer in Word (though everything still works OK in Excel). When printer screen comes up, selected printer cell is blank. I try to select the default printer, which appears among the choices, but can't get it to select -- cell stays blank. At one point, clicking around the printer screen, got this strange message: "The Active Directory Domain Service is currently unavailable". Any ideas? Thanks for your help.

A:Can't print in Word 2007, Windows 7

Hi JamestownJim, welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Does this MS website help you at all. There is also a link it for checking "How to troubleshoot damaged Word documents".


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I am using Word 2007. I have inserted a picture (a jpeg file of a logo) in my document. When I print the document instead of getting a nice coloured logo I get a black rectangle.
I have tried playing around with print options, all to no avail, so obviously I am doing something wrong. How can I get the logo to print?

A:Pictures in Word 2007 don't print

can you see the logo in the print preview?

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Hi all. I'm pretty advanced with most Word features in Word 2003 and earlier, but have just started using Word 2007 at work. I'm trying to format a large document in book format with mirror margins and page numbers left or right depending on which side of the book they're on. Word 2007 forces you to use different odd/even page headers/footers to accomplish this as far as I can see. There are several sections, table of contents, references using bookmarks and and index.

Problem is that I have a mysterious extra page appearing between the first page (which is a section on its own) and the second page, which is where the numbering starts. All section breaks are just "next page", not "start on odd/even page". I always work showing formatting marks, so I know I haven't got errant extra lines causing an additional page.

This is also happening between some sections later in the document, some of which alternate between single and 2-column formats. All in all, I have about 5-6 extra pages.

Anyone got any ideas? I suspect it's something to do with the odd/even header/footer thing, but what can I do about this? No one I've spoken to at work has a clue what's happening either. This is driving me crazy. [Imagine an icon with steam blowing out of its ears just here]


A:Word 2007 mysterious extra pages

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Hi all,

I've recently bought a new monitor (16:9) to replace my old one (4:3). When I open Word now, at 100% zoom the monitor is wide enough to have two pages side by side. As useful as this can be for some people, I don't like it!

I've tried changing the settings myself, but have not found a way to have the 100% sized page in the middle. I have to zoom in to 120% and it's too big. I had a look on the Microsoft Office forums but nothing I found there was helpful.

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Word 2007 - 100% zoom shows two pages

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A box said "COULD NOT START PRINT JOB." Is there a setting that's turned off?

I checked Services and Parental Controls.

Advise? Thanks in advance.

A:I tried to print a page from word pad....

I am on vista ultimate SP1. I don't think that it is a hardware problem.

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i'm on a laptop with win 7 and ms word 2007. a friend sent me a photo by email which i copied and pasted in a word doc. when i tried to print it, the right hand part of the pic was cropped out. this has happened with other images i've tried to print. not sure what i'm doing wrong. any suggestions?
thank you!

A:word 2007 won't print images correctly

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A user has a problem when trying to print duplex in Word 2007. He has both Word 2007 and 2016. In Word 2016 it does work normally. He needs to use the 2007 version for compatibility reasons. He uses Windows 7 Pro and he's part of AD whose DCs are two Windows
Server 2012 R2.
The printer is a Xerox WorkCentre 5230 and it is automatically deployed through GPO.
Normally when a user selects "2-Sided print" under Printer Properties, the "Manual duplex" option disappears altogether - I guess it's a sign that the printer has "understood" that the user wants to print on both sides.
I first thought it was an issue related to rights (as it worked with an admin user), but then I logged in with a standard user and it worked as expected.
The only thing particular to this user is that I changed his last name. But the user's folder bears the same initial name. So I'm thinking that it might be related to that - a rights issue in that windows somehow might be looking for a different path (using
the new name).
Anyway, I'm trying to find a solution that doesn't involve recreating the profile on that computer, as that implies reconfiguring a couple of fickle programs.
Below are two images of the printer menu:

Any ideas? Thanks

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I'm using Vista and office 2007.

All document are on a server Small business 2003.

In word 2007 i insert hyperlink to link an Excel document. Only the path is show.

How can i do to print the excel document automatically when i print the word document.

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I just bought a new laptop running Windows Vista with a trial version of Office 2007. I guess I'm just an old dog not ready for new tricks, but the interface with WORD 2007 is annoying me! I've been using Microsoft WORD since '92 for both MAC and PC, so I've seen many faces of WORD, but on this 2007 version I cannot find "Save as..." anywhere!! Where the heck is it!!!??? Also, where the heck is the print command??? I'm glad I know the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+P, 'cause I can't find this anywhere in the menus!! Can somebody help me??
Frustrated with my new laptop!

A:WORD 2007 save as...? and print comand?

They both appear (plus others) in a drop down box when you click on the "office symbol" at the top left of the screen (the interlinked 4 rectangles in a round icon)

Have been using Office 2007 for a while now, and find it good. Have used Office since before 95, in all versions. This is the biggest make-over yet though.

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