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Apple Laptops seem to force my Windows Laptops Offline...

Q: Apple Laptops seem to force my Windows Laptops Offline...

I don't know if its the laptop or if it has to do with the router but it seems that Apple laptops always interfere with my wifi connection.

My brothers Mac does it when we both visit home and my girlfriends roommates mac always kicks both of our laptops off the wifi. After a few minutes it will let us connect back up but then dies out again after a few minutes.

I assume it has to do with the laptops because neither my brother or the roommate seem to have the problem and it only happens when they are online.

Anyone Know whats up?

Thanks All!

Preferred Solution: Apple Laptops seem to force my Windows Laptops Offline...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Apple Laptops seem to force my Windows Laptops Offline...

Any Help Anyone?


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Sorry if this has been discussed.
Ok here's what I am trying to do.
I have two laptops one Windows 7 (7127 x64) the other XP Pro(at the moment), and a Maxtor Family Storage II Network Drive.
I have the same profile setup on all three items.
I want all of the files in my library that I have on my Windows 7 machine to be copied over to the Maxtor Network drive.
Then I want the XP machine to copy the files from the Network to its self using the Offline option in XP.
Im trying to have the Maxtor drive keep the most resent copy of any file I modify on either laptop. That way when I take one of them with me when I return to my home it will sync up with the Maxtor drive and update those files always keeping the newest copy.
I would like to do this without having to add any third party software if I can. I have been trying for days to get this to work and it fails to copy any files to any of the other drives. If someone has a link to a Tutorial or anything that would help me get this that would be great.

A:Offline files (2 laptops, and Network storage)

Quote: Originally Posted by DarkXeno

Sorry if this has been discussed.
Ok here's what I am trying to do.
I have two laptops one Windows 7 (7127 x64) the other XP Pro(at the moment), and a Maxtor Family Storage II Network Drive.
I have the same profile setup on all three items.
I want all of the files in my library that I have on my Windows 7 machine to be copied over to the Maxtor Network drive.
Then I want the XP machine to copy the files from the Network to its self using the Offline option in XP.
Im trying to have the Maxtor drive keep the most resent copy of any file I modify on either laptop. That way when I take one of them with me when I return to my home it will sync up with the Maxtor drive and update those files always keeping the newest copy.
I would like to do this without having to add any third party software if I can. I have been trying for days to get this to work and it fails to copy any files to any of the other drives. If someone has a link to a Tutorial or anything that would help me get this that would be great.

There may be something in tutorial I dont know. There is so much there you are just gonna have to search. I had the exact same problem and the only solution I found was an app called folder match folder clone. It is a snap to set up folder match or clone to take anything modifed on the laptop (you choose the folder) and copy it to the maxtor. then run folder match on the xp and watch the fol... Read more

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In June 2016 our company bought Inspiron 5759. I used it at office, we have air conditioning, nothing that could cause overheating or other problems. In the end of July 17 laptop just turned off and didnt react on any actions. I brought to service center and they told it's the hub located on the same board with CPU. The only way to fix it is to replace the whole board which costs around 600 USD because there's CPU Core i7 in it. I was given another laptop Inspiron 5558 which was not used since winter of 2017 because it had problems with WiFi. I tried to connect it with LAN cable and discovered that LAN is not working, in fact there's no LAN adapter in device manager. Service center said today that's the same problem - but this time hub is not completely broken, it's just doesnt see LAN adapter and periodically shuts down WiFi. The technician told that this is a frequent problem with Inspirons and Dell knows about it but doesnt recall laptops or extend warranty on this spare part. I asked when second laptop got the wifi issues - it started at the beginning of 2017 and warranty ended in December 2016. Again just 1-2 months.

So, it looks very strange that Dell laptops break right after ending of warranty with same problem, and we can't just change the hub, we need to buy a new board which includes CPU for 600 USD.
SNs: c0jchc2, 5lcmd72

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Here's a thought. I've been searching high and low for an affordable laptop which has

Awesome Graphics card (not sure what - but something that could handle Crysis at high)
15-16" screen with 1920 x 1080 res
4gb or more ddr3 1333mhz ram
core i7-720qm or higher processor
backlit keyboard
HDMI, long battery life, etc etc

So basically everything but at under $2500. I even bought a dell studio xps 1645 with the above specs and the price was real good ($1730 with student discount) but it had lots of problems so i had to return it.

Now that the problem is solved (? maybe?).. dell dont offer that laptop in that configuration, making the laptop around $2400 just due to an increase in RAM (6gb instead of 4gb).

And since I am unsure of the quality with dell or any other brand for that matter, I was wondering if there is any laptop out there that gives alienware m15x performance for a smaller pricetag? (a discount coupon for the above would do! hehe)

If not, what about "overhauling" or "Pimp My Laptop" sorta stuff if you catch my drift... You know customizing the laptop or even building it up from scratch.

I've done some basic upgrades in the past (RAM HDD, bluetooth card etc.) but does anyone have any experience in upgrading graphics cards, screens and CPU's?

Any experience or information about this is very welcome, as finding the right laptop in the right price is sorta like the Holy Grail of laptops, especially in NZ s... Read more

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Hi guys, I have two laptops wanted to upgrade to windows 10, so one of them is u41sv ASUS laptop, according to Microsoft get Windows 10 on the desktop taskbar, it can be upgrade, I talk to the ASUS support, and they told me that Windows 7 drivers do not work on Windows 10 and Windows 8 drivers works on Windows 10, they also told me to wait while they contact their technical team to get the compatible drivers for my model (which I am still waiting). Is it ok to use Windows 7 drivers? Can I use generic drivers from the manufacturer itself for each components, is it safe? Should I wait for ASUS? Another laptop is a sony vpccw16fg laptop. After I upgrade my key to Windows 10 first time? Can I reinstall endlessly even after the 31st July 2016 deadline?

To cut it short, here are the specifications page for both of the laptops.
ASUS laptop: Intel Core i5-2410m model (2.30ghz)
U41SV | Notebooks | ASUS Malaysia

Sony Asia Pacific

A:Windows 10 installation on old laptops

Hi Edwin, Absolutely you can use old drivers. I am using a Windows XP driver for my X1600 graphics card (that was the last one made). On another machine I'm also using a beta windows 8 driver for (Lenovo) WWAN as they never upgraded that for Windows 8.

Once you upgrade even if something doesn't work (even though most likely it will) you will get it working - you just try drivers (generic or otherwise) until you find ones that work.

If you are upgrading (rather than clean install) however you might find it better to uninstall old drivers (particularly display and Wi-Fi), unplug every USB device you have connected first. Once you have upgraded you can re-install the drivers.

Once you have upgraded you can indeed reinstall endlessly (on the same device).

Make a backup and then try it would be my suggestion. If it doesn't work just do a clean install following the tutorial below. You'll then have Windows 10 registered on your device no matter what.

Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

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so i've noticed that new laptops shipped with windows 8 don't have a licence key, just what appears to be a readable chip or nfc device.

now a customer was interested in a new laptop with windows 8 and wanted to replace the hdd with an ssd, which at first seemed like an easy task.

now i'm not entirely sure what on earth to do, hard drives fail a lot from falling or impact damage and with no licence key how does one go about replacing and installing the operating system on one of these computers?

any info/advice or insight into this would be great.

thanks all.


edit: thread now resolved , however there is some great tips and advice and knowledge about the licence key info that is worth reading.

thanks to everyone.

A:no licence key on windows 8 laptops


We always assume you have made your Recovery Disks using the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Media Creator app the first day you had your new PC.
& made the Startup Repair CD.
Recovery Drive - Create with USB Flash Drive in Windows 8

Did you make the OEM manufacturer's Recovery Disks?

You can order OEM Recovery disks from your OEM manufacturer's website.

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My husband has two laptops running Wimdows 7, one at home and one at work. Last night we had a broadband drop-out, just for a few moments. At the same time, his laptop,at home, on which he was working on-line on at the time, locked up entirely. When he restarted it a black screen came up with the error message:
"Windows failed to start - a recent a recent hardware or software change might be the cause."
Status 0xc00000e9
It gives two options, repair, or normal start but neither works.
So, he assumed his laptop had 'died'. This monring he checked that the one he has spare at work was working OK - all fine. Then when he brought it home and switched it on, exactly the same error message came up! He has not yet been back to work to see if the second laptop works there, we are rather worried that it may be a terminal fault.
We have never come across this before, has anyone here?
And is there a way of getting into a DOS window and running something like System Restore that may fix this?
Thank you

A:Windows 7 failure on two laptops

0xc00000e9 is an "unexpected I/O error"
In most cases these are hardware problems - but they don't always have to be.
For starters, try running Startup Repair.  If it doesn't work from the machine itself, then try it from a repair disk:  https://www.winhelp.us/repair-your-computer-in-windows-vista-or-7.html
Once in Startup Repair there are options for the Command Prompt and for System Restore.

Did the laptop work once it was taken back to work?

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We use Ghost when replacing hard drives on desktops with Windows XP and it works well.
However when we try to use ghost on Laptops with Windows XP the Laptop will not boot. (Operating System not Found)
Here are the steps we take:
Remove the drive from the Laptop install it in a PC.
Place a new formatted drive in the PC as well.
We then Ghost the drive & put the new drive in the Laptop.
We then boot the Laptop & get (Operating System not Found)
We have tried Fix boot/FixMBR & XP 1st & 2nd Repair

What is going on?

A:Ghost Laptops & Windows XP

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does it look like windows 7 is faster? even office feels faster

this is on older portege m100

A:Windows 7 faster on laptops? 512 mb

My experience is also that Windows 7 is faster.

Best regards,


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<p>Hi could somebody please help i have two laptops one old (windows xp) and 2nd tosh (windows 7) now i have forgotton my password and the laptop 2 </p>
<p>so i have been told is dead but he said i should be able to get everything off it and still have full access with all fav sites and messages.now i cant access cd or hardrive as i cant turn laptop on. please help me!!!!!</p> Also forgot to say both on a prepaid boardband sticks if that makes a difference

A:Hi could somebody please help i have two laptops one old (windows xp) and 2nd tosh (w

Please see the TSG Rules.

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with forgotten passwords and/or bypassing them. As there is no way to verify the actual situation and/or intentions, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed., we no longer provide any help with lost passwords or getting around password protection. Obviously, we can't determine the real intent here, so our policy is to abstain from any assistance in these matters.Click to expand...

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I am moments away from making a new laptop purchase with Windows 7. Last choice (most important choice?) is either 32-bit or 64-bit OS. Buddy of mine is adamant I get the 32-bit if I use on a laptop because of heating issues and not needing all the RAM (>4 GB) that 64-bit are adept. He says if I dont do video or graphic processing then why bother.

I wasn't going to get more than 4 GB of RAM, but thought 64-bit is the future so I might as well jump on. I dont anticipate hooking any old hardware to this as it will be networked wirelessly.

Does he make a good case of 32-bit on a laptop over 64-bit? I have never owned a laptop. Any makes or models of laptop that you know have heated up with 64-bit? I noticed Dell isnt even offering 32-bit OS...or at least I am not seeing it. Much ado about nothing?


A:Windows 7 64-bit overheat laptops?

Some OEM's are ONLY building 64 bit laptops. I do NOT think he is making a good case, it MAY have been on the ones built a few years ago, but not now.

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Hi, really need some help here

I have a Windows 2008 server that runs a domain. I currently have XP Clients connected to the domain.

I have brought 10 Windows 7 64 Bit laptops. I have succesfully joined the laptops to the domain, and can log into the domain no problem.

Problems I am getting are
When logged in I sometimes get your profile hasn't been syncornised correctly with the server
You have been logged in with a temporary profile, so any work saved will be lost.
I can see the profile being created on the server under profiles but can't access it because it says access denied.
I keep reading lots of articles online but none seem to help me. Please someone assist me with this problem.

Many thanks

Any more information please let me know

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Hi Tech Support Guy members! I've come to you before, and I'll come to you again when I am in need of your expertise! Two laptops of mine have been broken for a time now, and I decided it was time to fix them, but sadly I couldn't.

First Laptop
Won't boot in safe mode or in regular.
BSOD, but auto reboots, can't read fast enough.
When installing Windows 7, it hangs at the "Setup is starting"
When attempting to "Repair your Computer" from the CD, nothing will show up.

Second Laptop
Won't boot gives the "NTLDR" is missing.
When booting from Windows 7 CD, Gives "Bootmgr is missing"
Edit: Second Laptop now booted from Windows 7 CD without issue now. Currently installing Windows 7. If there's any issues, I'll report it.

A:Two laptops trying to install windows 7

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I set up about 150 new PC's/laptops per year. I have been setting up one new machine when I get a new model in and creating an image to use on other machines of the same model number. Now on new laptops Windows 10 is not activated when I image them with the image I created. Is there a solution to this issue?

A:Imaging new Dell Windows 10 laptops

RCM6403,Each system has to have its own activation key code.With Dell Computers the Key Code is imbedded in the bios. You may want to give Microsoft a call about activation of computers with a custom created image. Windows Product Key Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Hello everyone

I'm running Windows 8 (not 8.1) on old laptops, and I've read somewhere on the internet (can't remember where) that certain Windows updates for will stop Windows 8 from working, on old laptops. Does that ring a bell? Sorry I can't be more specific. Have you heard something like that, and if so, what should I watch out for?


(PS. My old laptops are:
Toshiba Satellite C660D
HP Compaq NC6320
HP Compaq 6710b)

A:Which update NOT install for Windows 8 on old laptops?

Microsoft is going to stop support for windows 8 - they are forcing the upgrade to windows 8.1

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I have Windows 10 enviroment set (AD, SCCM) and I try to use Windows Hello / Fingerprint in Windows 10 1607. With HP laptop, which uses Validity Sensors driver (19.7.2012), I canīt use Fingerprint. Windows Hello does not recognize such hardware. With Lenovo X260, and Fujitsu S750, which both uses AuthenTec driver provider, Fingerprint function is accessble.

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Like the title says, can someone provide step by step instructions on how to do the such?

A:Network 2 Laptops running Windows 7

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Is there any window warranty on LENOVO Laptops.  Windows gone I have try my best to restore, reset, troubleshoot but failed to recover. Only black screen and arrow is showing on the screen.
I don?t have any other pc to make bootable USB. No DVD Nothing.
I?m  seriously angry with Lenovo and the service they are providing. They?re unknown.
tell me the solution what should i do. I?m work less without this  

A:Is there any Windows warranty on LENOVO Laptops?

When you get a new Lenovo computer it is a good idea to create recovery media on a USB or DVD drive. This is essential for situations like the one you are now facing.
All I can suggest at this point is that you contact Lenovo as in the other thread you started: How to contact Lenovo help center
For future reference:
How can I create, or order Recovery Media from Lenovo 
How to create a USB recovery drive and use it to recover Windows 10

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Hi All, Could not find Network drivers for HP 240 G5 laptop for windows 7 32 bit OS. HP site displays drivers for 64 only Bit only. I am able to install windows 7 32 bit OS but network drivers are missing. could anyone help in this regard Thanks in advance Dhage Kiran

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First of all apologies but due to security restrictions with the affected laptops I'm not allowed to run executables against them.

I have however, pulled the full memory dump (memory.dmp) and minidumps.

On or around 6 July many of our corporate Windows 8.1 laptops and surface pro's have started randomly BSOD. We initially thought that this could be a missing patch issue but we have subsequently installed all the latest patches and firmware updates to the affected devices. Some devices do not exhibit the problem and I suspect this is because they have came from a slightly different build version.

I've ran an initial analysis of the memory dump to see if there was anything that I could pick out with regard to faultly software but it looks like the failing module is always in mup.sys. These devices are all failing with the same problem, are all connected via Direct Access and are Domain joined.

If anyone can shed any light as to what the problem might be I would be most grateful.
If I need to get any more info to aid in the debugging then I can, if needed I may be able to get authorisation to run the dm_logging utility.

* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *
********************... Read more

A:BSOD Windows 8.1 laptops - RDR_FILE_SYSTEM (27)


I am extremely sorry that this thread was not attended to. There are not many people in this field.

In case you still require help, kindly respond to this thread and I will be notified via email and you should expect a response from me in 48 hours.


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I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 10 that connects with a 'privacy' network while the Lenovo Laptop has Windows 7 and connects with either a homegroup or workgroup only. How do I connect them together? They don't seem to work with the privacy network.

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I bought a used Dell E6500 laptop that has been upgradede with Windows 10 and has a backlit keyboard. The backlit feature doesn't work. BIOS is right, keyboard is seated right, and Widows Mobility Center is right. What could I be missing? THANX!

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Hello,  I need to find list of laptops which are compatible with Windows v8.1 and v10. The operating system is going to be installed from origial HP image.  Could you please help me to find out suh list? Kind regards, Emil

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I need some help in connecting my two laptops together using my home wifi network.
I have tried to find a tutorial on how to do this but I couldn't find a good one.

Could anyone explain how to connect two win 7 computers using wifi, or point me in the direction of a proper walk trough.

Also is it possible to have an ongoing sync between two computers? My ideal situation would be to have two identically (content wise) computers whom both synced up to a external hard drive connected to one of those computers. So e.g. every time a picture was added to the picture folder on one computer the picture would be synced to the hard drive and then to computer nr 2 automatically.
Is anything like this possible?

Thank you

A:Connecting two laptops running Windows 7?

I can't really think of a way to do it unless they were connected and synced to a server. You can always open explorer and click Network. From there you should be able to access the files on another computer. I do this for using my dads printer and getting pictures off his computer to put on Facebook.

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My laptop died and I purchased a new one, with such bad luck that I had to return it two times for being deffective. So this is the 3rd one in a row in which I am suffering the same "torture".

After three days or so, when starting Windows (after shut down, not suspend), it will take hours with "configurating windows updates". It usually stays stuck forever in 15% done, then it goes to 16% after half an hour, then to 17% after whatever time and then one day it just reboots and when you think it's over, it starts again with more configurating. A real nightmare.

I noticed in the Microsoft forums that this is happening to everyone, specially after a few days of use of the new laptop.

It is annoying and actually it can even be a serious problem for people who are in a professional or personal hurry or emergency to use their computers. Microsoft should warn about this, let people decide if they accept having their systems blocked for unknown time for unknown reasons.

What do you think the reason can be? It takes so long that looks like a whole Windows reinstall. Actually, it takes far much longer than installing Windows 8.

I think that Microsoft should apologize and give explanations.

A:Windows 8 updates in new laptops taking hours. Why?

It is quite normal for the updates to take a long time, do not be alarmed if when rebooting the updates are "still" taking place for the only way some of those can be installed is after rebooting your system, sometimes more than once.
Just let the selected updates take place normally and meanwhile find something else to do.
I work with computers and every time I have to install a new OS what takes longest is the whole UPDATE process, last build I did took me close to 10 hours of updates (on a 6 MB WiFi connection) I guess on a new machine with higher hardware specs and a faster connection that whole time could be reduced by half ?..

BTW You can customize how updates take place on your machine from within control panels, Windows Updates.
I prefer being notified of the available KBs and letting me choose which ones I wanna install, automatic updates is a big no no .

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I have two laptops one running XP Professional SP3 and Windows 7 Professional and a brother Printer directly connected to the XP laptop via USB and the laptops are connected to the internet via linksys wireless router.
I need to be able to print data from the windows 7 laptop to the printer attached to the XP laptop and also need to access the pictures stored on the XP laptop from my windows 7 laptop.
Definately, i need to install the printer software on the windows 7 laptop but any idea of the nework configuration since these 2 laptops are running different OS.

A:Solved: Network setup- windows 7 and XP laptops

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I want to periodically backup files from one laptop to the other. How do I go about sharing a folder on one?

A:Most efficient way to share a folder between two Windows 10 laptops

Setting up Home Group will be my suggestion.

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If you're running Windows 10 in your laptop, you may be one of the victims of overheating issues and lower battery life.



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Can I install Windows from a download (DigitalRiver) and use the product key that's on the bottom of the laptop so I don't have all the HP bloatware? I'm trying to do a restore using HP's tools but it isn't looking good (doing a startup repair now). I went to HP's site and found the drivers I need, just have to save them to a thumb drive.

A:reinstalling Windows on a HP laptop using the laptops product key?

Can I use Windows 7 OEM Key with a non-OEM disc? - Microsoft Community

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I have an Actiontec GT701-WG and have tried everything thinkable trying to get past the main menu. Am using Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10, typing the url into web browser and the main menu pops up without asking for a userID or password. Nothing is accessible beyond this point. Typically use IE but have tried downloading Firefox and that was not help.

I can use an apple ipad to get past the Actiontec main menu. When using the iPAD the modem/router also did not ask for a userID or password, but would allow access to the sub menus.

The problem here is that I am helping someone 1800 miles away and we use TeamView - which as far as I know is not available on an apple tablet, so I cannot help this person via apple device. IF I TELL HIM TO MAKE ANY RADIO CHANGES INSIDE THE ROUTER VIA APPLE iPAD, WE WILL LOSE ALL CONNECTIVITY TO THE ROUTER MENU SINCE THE iPAD HAS NO WIRED CONNECTION. We have tried accessing the main menu via wired connection on both the Win 8.1 and Win 10 laptops.​
Our ultimate goal is to turn off the Actiontec RADIO and DHCP and just use the Actiontec as a Century Link modem, adding a new router behind that setup. BUT I CANNOT DO THAT WITHOUT WIRED ACCESS TO THE ROUTER VIA A WINDOWS MACHINE.

How can I troubleshoot this crazy issue?

A:Cannot Access Actiontec GT701-WG on Windows Laptops

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Is it possible to connect 2 laptops - one windows 7 the other xp to just share files. I've done this with 2 xp laptops easily with a cat5 cable.

We are downloading pictures from a camera to one pc and need to then transfer to the other. There's no internet involved.

What would be the best way to do this? I can't get it to work with the cat 5; crossover seems to involve the internet, usb uses transfer software and isn't what I need. I just need to copy over images from a shared folder from one laptop to another.


A:file sharing windows 7 xp laptops no internet

Quote: Originally Posted by hschott

Is it possible to connect 2 laptops - one windows 7 the other xp to just share files. I've done this with 2 xp laptops easily with a cat5 cable.

We are downloading pictures from a camera to one pc and need to then transfer to the other. There's no internet involved.

What would be the best way to do this? I can't get it to work with the cat 5; crossover seems to involve the internet, usb uses transfer software and isn't what I need. I just need to copy over images from a shared folder from one laptop to another.


Easy to do if you have either a "null modem ethernet cable" also called a "crossover " cable.

If you are going through a router all you need is a regular ethernet cable.

Are you using "homegroup" to network these two or just file sharing?

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I have a Dell Vostro 1510 laptop running xp?
Can it be upgraded to windows 8?
Where do I go for advice on this

A:Can DELL laptops running xp be upgraded to windows 8?

Try this http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=20 its the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser if it cannot Windows 7 then it wont run Windows 8.

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Hi, Everyone,

Just got my new Windows 7 64-Bit Pro desktop last month, but I noticed that its hibernation feature doesn't function like my laptop!

What's worse, tech support tells me that given my hardware (apparently, it's a motherboard issue), it's actually impossible to configure my desktop's hibernation to behave like it does on my laptop!

So, two questions, please:

1. How can I get my desktop to hibernate like my laptop? That is, have it save my session to disk and shut off completely, resuming only when I power it on again (IOW, I do not want "hybrid sleep")??

2. Why did Microsoft think to do things this way?? Why take away such behavior for desktops -- it's obviously something programmed into Windows 7 already; why have hibernate disabled for desktops, replaced with hybrid sleep??

Please note that I am not interested in turning off my mouse and keyboard -- I do like using "sleep" when I'm on the computer all day! It's just that when I expect to not use my machine for another whole day I'd like to save my session but have the desktop off, drawing absolutely no power (and, more to the point, not have vibrations wake up the computer)....

Thanks in advance for any advice!

A:Making Windows 7 Desktops Hibernate Like Laptops

Shutting off your desktop completely for a day or so won't hurt your computer at all, and will save on your power bill. Most of us completely power off our towers, even if we won't be using them until the next day. Besides, if the system was built properly, a fresh boot won't take much longer, if any, than resuming from hibernation.

That being said, this isn't an issue to be blaming Microsoft for. I know that's the typical practice...but the problem, if any, lies with your motherboard's BIOS and how the power options are set, or what options are available. Microsoft can only work with the hardware options it is given. I would read through your motherboard manual to find out what's possible and what's not.

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Hello, I buy and resale laptops, and recently I've been running into this issue much more often. When I'm installing windows 7, the laptop will request a driver for the hard-drive.
What's frustrating is I'm sitting on 5 laptops right now that are all saying the same thing. I can take these hd's out, slap them into another laptop and install windows 7 to them, and put them back into the first computer I needed them in... But I don't like doing that because of all the compatibility issues I have to go through when/If the machine will boot.

For example, I just securely erased all the previous owners data on a Fujitsu A series: AH530 laptop, I did it because I noticed the user had left stored passwords from their facebook to their bank account, and I figured it was best to make sure no one was able to recover the data. -- Anyway, securely erased all the data, wiped the free space afterwards, reformated, made an partition, and made it active, made sure that the disk would read in disk manager via my desktop (I have a port on my case to connect 2.5 inch laptop drives to LOVE IT.)

When I get the install loaded up on the laptop, and it gets to the screen where you select where you want the install to be put, it requests for the driver. NOW when I click browse, my HD actually shows up for me to browse for drivers.. It shows up as my C: drive, which completely baffles me.. (haven't seen it do this to any of the other laptops I have this issue with) But, it will not give me t... Read more

A:Windows 7 Installation Issue across multiple laptops

- To post an update - Solved the problem with the CD/DVD device driver error, still have the problem with a select (Very select few) hard drives not being detected in the windows 7 install, though I can access them through my desktop, file browse, format, whatever else.
- Come to find out, my USB drive installation of Windows 7 was corrupt - but this fix still worked for 4 different laptops giving me the "A Cd/DVD device drive could not be found" And giving you an option to browse the removable media for the driver...

I'm sure it's been posted but here it is again, I can't remember the exact link for the fix/walkthrough I found; sorry for no sources.


Start your installation normally with your USB drive
Continue as you normally would, until you hit the error "A required CD/DVD device driver is missing."
Leave this error screen up SIMPLY Remove your USB drive, and plug it into a _DIFFERENT_ usb port.
Click the CANCEL button on the error message.
Then click the X at the top right of the installation
Doing so correctly should lead you back to the initial screen of the Windows 7 Installation without a reboot.
Begin going through the steps to install windows,
instead of giving you the error, the install should then proceed as normal.

- AGAIN this worked for 4 of my laptops, with my usb drive installation that wasn't even made entirely correctly.
(Not sure what the CD/... Read more

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Is there a way to find the screen on time for your device running windows 10?

If there is no built in way to do this, is there any 3rd party program that can measure screen on time (SOT measures how many hours your screen is on as a way of testing battery life)

Thanks in advanced for the help!

A:How to find screen on time (SOT) on windows laptops

Not heard of SOT with regard to PCs before.

Uptime is a measure of time elapsed since the OS was started.

It can be seen at the bottom of the TaskManager Performance CPU tab.

SOT usually refers to always-on devices like Mobile Phones - where the battery life is more heavily drained when the screen is on.

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Anyone using a laptop made by computer maker Acer Inc. should be aware of a serious security threat apparently resident on many -- if not all -- models shipped with Microsoft's Windows OS...http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix...ptop_users.htmlMore info here:http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/01/08/0515200

A:Warning To Windows Users On Acer Laptops

warning to anyone with acer computers with windows installed i had the file on my computer wether or not its malicous i dont know but i remved it anyway. Strange no anti-spy ware picked it up.

by the way the file you are loooking for is = lunchapp.ocx

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Do all HP touch laptops has capbility to turn off touch screen feature? If yes, how? Anyone who have tried turning off touch screen in Windows 10 HP laptops (2016-2017 models)? Please help! I highly appreciate your inputs on this.

A:Turn off touch screen on Windows 10 HP laptops

Hi, You can turn on/off touchscreen from device manager (it must be a touch screen first). Please try (a) Right click Start,(b) Select Devive manager,(c) Expand Human Interface Devices       (d) Right click and disable Regards.

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I have 2 laptop with Windows 7 64bit Ultimate and another laptop with Windows 7 Starter 32bit and both laptops get internet over wireless router. But I would like to set the network between both laptops to share some files between them. Both computers have the same workgroup. And then I shared one folder in one laptop and I could see it on another computer but when I wanted to open it I got error message that it was not accessible. I don't know what is wrong set and how I could check it.
Please for any possible help in this matter.

A:How to set network of 2 laptops with Windows 7 over wireless router

Welcome to Seven Forums,

If you have Windows 7/8/8.1 in your home network, ideally HomeGroup should be your network setup, instead of a WorkGroup.
Here's an easy to follow Tutorial by Brink on how to setup a Windows 7 Homegroup.

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For some reason windows 8 always makes my comp fan go crazy, is thus normal ?

A:Does windows 8 make anyone else's internal laptops fans go

What do you mean by crazy? I can hear mine speed up in response to higher CPU loads, it will become audible and go silent again within 30-60 seconds or so, or stay running longer if something intensive is running long term. IE, it responds quickly to changing system load. To me this seems normal.

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HP laptops/AMD processors/Windows Update freezes at 12%

Yesterday at work we ran into issues with 2 HP laptops freezing at 12% when doing Windows Updates.

A search of the web suggested that it may have been due to several things.
We found a workaround that seems to work for us:

- a clean boot (using msconfig we stop all non-Microsoft services from starting - and we disable all startups in Task Manager)
- Uninstall (and remove the driver software) for all video and audio devices in Device Manager

On both systems this has resulted in the systems being able to install the updates.
I'll be doing more research today to see if we can find out exactly what's at fault.

A:HP laptops/AMD processors/Windows Update freezes at 12%

Just FYI - both systems were G6-2239DX's
No issues with another HP Win8 system (a desktop)
I'm trying to get my boss to let me have another one of the G6 systems to experiment with - but we're also having update issues with some Lenovo AIO/Touchscreen systems.

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I have a g73jh x1 gaming laptop that had a corrupted windows 7OS. I attempted to do a clean install of windows 8 via a external hard drive. I formatted and partitioned the OS drive and installed windows.
The install failed about a quarter of the way through (bad ISO I suspect) and after a reset I found that the laptop would make all the sounds of it booting up but the screen is completely black. It will run for hours with nothing on the screen.
I cannot boot into BIOS. It will not boot to a windows disk. It's a brick. Ive never had a hardware problem with this laptop and overall for the four years I've owned it it's been issue free.
Any advice someone could give be appreciated. I've run out of options.

A:Laptops bricked after failed windows 8 install

The MBR is corrupt and it has changed from Win/7 to Win/8 with UEFI technology.

Decide what you want, low-level reformat and repartition. THEN reinstall

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Sorry for such a basic tutorial but I need to make this for someone and couldn't think of another way to easily create it and just send them a link.

Figured it's basic stuff but maybe someday someone will search it and it'll help them too so you can just let this thread die to the bottom. Thanks.

First Right Click anywhere blank on your Desktop and go to Properties.
Then you click the Screen Saver tab at the top of the Display Properties window. Then click on the Power button at the bottom right of the page.
Then the Power Options Properties window will open and change the time settings accordingly to what you would like.
When done click OK on all open windows to close them and you're done.

A:Power Save Settings on Windows XP laptops

Going into Power Options in the Control Panel brings up the power options properties window.

The settings are a matter of choice for each user. My personal choices are:

Power scheme on "Always On"

All other settings on "Never"

Close lid command on "Do nothing"

Sleep button command on "Do nothing"

Power button command on "Shut Down"

Hibernation turned off

Screensaver turned off


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We are having strange connectivity issues with some of our Windows 7 laptops where the WLAN and LAN will stop working. You can still ping other laptops but can't ping the default gateway or get out to the internet. This is only happening on some laptops,
other work fine. I'm looking for other things to try / any ideas of the possible cause.
This is what we know / have tried:

If you plug another laptop into the same port it worksWLAN works on other laptopsIf you move the problem laptops to a different port the problem still remainsIf another user logs onto the problem laptops the issue remainsTried with the a local admin account, same issueA re-image of one of the affected laptop resolves the issue but then it will come back after a month or so
Drivers have been updatedBIOS has been updatedIP is from a DHCP Server and ipconfig /all shows the same as it doesn't on an unaffected deviceTried a static IPTried with a DHCP reservationIpconfig /release and renew doesn't helpWhether the laptop is plugged into a docking station, phone or directly to the wall port the same issue occursLeft the domain and put it in a workgroup
Have disabled all local firewall and AV solutionsDifferent models have the same issueTried putting the computer and user accounts in an OU with blocked inheritance so no GPOs apply
Installed the latest Microsoft updatesOne laptop will work for 15min then drop connection for 2mins on a repeating cycle

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OK, on my laptop I have a amd turion 62x2 mobile chip, and windows xp says it's only running at 803mhz when it should be 1.6mhz.

Half the true speed so what is the problem do you guys think?

A:Does Windows Xp Have Trouble Reading Processor Speed For Laptops

My old Latitude C400 had a power conservation option in the BIOS which would dynamically change the CPU's speed depending on the system load, this would help the battery life somewhat. Check you manual and the BIOS for such an option.

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I have two laptops running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition.

These laptops are named "Will" and "Jake"

I have a shared folder I set up on Jake's desktop. There are files on Will's hard drive that I want to put in that shared folder. However, any attempt to do this is met by this screen on Will:

I have entered every username and password on both computers and even the homegroup password. Nothing.

This is where it gets strange: I turned off password protected sharing on Jake just fine. I attempted to do the same thing on Will and every time I save changes and go back, it is turned back on. I repeatedly select the radio button to turn it off and every time I check to see if it is still of it is back on again.

So far, I've tried everything I found here on a Google search: Can't find network password to file share windows 7

I have tried everything I can think of to get these computers to talk to each other but I am currently at my wit's end. Any help would be very much appreciated, thanks!

A:Trying to share files between 2 Windows 7 laptops, constantly failing

Hi make sure your following the steps here Simple Windows 7 File Sharing: Step-By-Step Procedure

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