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new to windows from mac - wont download printer drivers

Q: new to windows from mac - wont download printer drivers

Hi, I have used a Mac most of my life and just got a new laptop today with Windows 8 on it and I am struggling, ANYWAY, I just plugged in the USB cable from my printer to the laptop and pressed print on a word document and it prints but im pretty sure its using coloured ink to print out the black and its taking forever just to print one page, the thing is the printer setting/options seem to be lacking, there is no option to choose black and white or reduce the quality etc, i didn't have to download drivers because it just picked the printer up, however, i tried to download the drivers to to see if that would fix the problem but it won't let me, when i got into the control panel to the printer i tried to click on download drivers but i get an error window pop up called RunDLL with a message saying There was a problem starting C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3\ep0nb0lb.dll The specified module could not be found.

Then when i try to click on 'support' again i get an error message saying the link is incorrect.

When i went to the epson website and downloaded the drivers, it downloaded them but when i clicked on them it wouldn't let me open them, another error message...

I dont know my way around these windows computers so its probably something everyone knows except me : )

Helppppppp..very frustrating...thanks : )

Preferred Solution: new to windows from mac - wont download printer drivers

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: new to windows from mac - wont download printer drivers

Have you tried going directly to the manufacturer's website and searching for the driver for your model of printer?

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Hi I have had this issue for months since downloading windows 10 to my main computer, my laptop, and my prosurface 3. I have tried reloading an hp 209B, dell 1320c and another newer printer yet sold because I couldn't get any of them to work with my devices. Any suggestions. I have removed and tried to download driver again with no results. PLEASE HELP

A:windows 10 cannot download printer drivers on any printers

For the Dell have you tried the Windows 10 drivers from here ? :- http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/dell-1320c/drivers

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I am trying to reinstall PS_AIO_04_C4500_USW_Full_Win_WW_130_140.exe (HP full feature software and driver) and I'm persistantly getting the message below
(I've attached the event viewer log too)

I have closed down anti-virus / anti malware applications so what's happening now? I could throw the printer and laptop into the street right now!

Can someone help please?
Thank you

Just tried the same on a clean boot, and the download slowly got to 170mb (over 8 mins) and the same message appeared.

A:'Download was interrupted' - Cannot download drivers for HP printer


You say it didn't work on a clean boot? Hmm. Then see if firefox or another browser gives you the same issue, if you will.

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Hey guys Its InferneX, I've recently changed one of my PC to Windows 8 and I'm already having a huge issue installing a printer I bought a new printer

Cannon Pixma MG3100 though whenever I try to install the drivers and all the other program from the disk I get this problem that shows?

Now I've already restarted the PC and I still get the same problem.
I tried installing it without the printer on the PC, now also there's another thing I don't get, which is when i plug in the printer to the USB the computer does recognizes it.
Now please could someone help me solve this issue please thank you for your time.

A:My printer Drivers wont install: MP Drivers?? please help

Did you check printer site for updated drivers?

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I'm playing a game called Mabinogi. During play I get the following error:


in module Pleione.dll at 001B:63AABD29, pleione::LoadPleioneWorldLibrary()+0x7fa65

<call stack>

[63AABD29] Pleione.dll::pleione::LoadPleioneWorldLibrary() + 0x7fa65
[63A5F493] Pleione.dll::pleione::LoadPleioneWorldLibrary() + 0x331cf
[639B1B8E] Pleione.dll::esl::TSingleton<pleione::CPVPDescMgr>::~TSingleton<pleione::CPVPDescMgr>() + 0x5074a
[00AD13AD] Mint.dll::mint::CMessage::~CMessage() + 0x21
[00AD13BE] Mint.dll::mint::CMessage::~CMessage() + 0x32
[00AD13BE] Mint.dll::mint::CMessage::~CMessage() + 0x32
[6399E475] Pleione.dll::esl::TSingleton<pleione::CPVPDescMgr>::~TSingleton<pleione::CPVPDescMgr>() + 0x3d031
[00AD09EE] Mint.dll::mint::CMessage::CMessage() + 0x23
[00AD6830] Mint.dll::mint::CVirtualMachine::Process() + 0x11
[638021C6] Pleione.dll::pleione::CPleione::End() + 0x9d6
[63802425] Pleione.dll::pleione::CPleione::Run() + 0xe1
[00403A49] client.exe::<unknown symbol>() + 0x0
[00C314E4] ESL.dll::esl::unicode_string_trait::atof() + 0x64
[00C599CC] ESL.dll::esl::CRuntimeLog::Log() + 0x54

I have managed to do some digging on the net and found that my 'mobil intel ® 965 express chipset family' driver may be out of date. I have attempted to go to dell to update the driver. However, upon attempting to download the driver I get an error. It asks me to download 'dell driver download manag... Read more

A:Dell.com wont download any drivers

I don't know about Dell's download manager, but you can download the driver for that chipset directly from Intel.com.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7 64bit. I have an older printer (HP Photosmart C5280) which I downloaded the updated drivers when I got the laptop. They would not install. There is a fatal error at the end of the installation every time. The error does not have a number associated with it. I eventually ordered the disk from HP and tried an install from it. Same results.The print spooler is constantly being turned on by the install program so that means its always off which doesn't seem right to me. I think something is keeping that service off and may be the cause of my problems. Although I could be completely wrong too. lol I have no other printers installed.I have scanned the laptop with Malwarebytes, SuperAntispyware, AVG, and Advanced System Care. Then tried installing the drivers again with the same results as before.I posted in another thread on this website I was instructed to uninstall Advance System Care and then run the following programs: Adware Cleaner, Security Check, and Junkware Removal Tool. The results are attached in the preceding link.Thanks for your help!Shannon

A:Printer drivers wont install

Are you trying to use the standard HP installer? I wouldn't do that because of the amount of bloated and useless software that it installs along with the printer driver. Try to find the .inf files in the setup files and let the Windows Found New Hardware Wizard install the driver. When the wizard asks for the location of the driver file, give it the location of the .inf files on the installation CD. I did that for my HP Deskjet F4580.

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I just bought a printer off the internet about a week ago. I plugged it into my computer and tried to install the drivers, but when I did they wouldnt install. I think the drivers might be outdated, if that is possible. I went on the companies website to look at their selection of drivers, and I found the printer that I purchased, unfortunately the drivers they had listed for it were for Windows 95, and 98 I believe. I have Windows XP on my computer, so I think that might be why they arent working. When I direct the computer to the folder where the drivers are it say something like "this folder doesnt contain information on your printer", or something like that. But that is the disk and software that came with the printer, and I even downloaded it off the website to be sure it was right, it still didnt work. Im truely a noob at this, so any help would be great. Thanks!

A:Printer drivers wont install

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i have xp pro, 2 gb ram, 250 gb HD, ati x700, epson crx 4200

I am trying to load my printer on a fresh install. I have used Regestry Mechanic to clean up registry, as well as disk cleaners.
I try to load printer by starting with printer not connected, then autorun the instalation disk, at some point the disk stops loading files and gives the error, "an error occurred during the instalation of this device. System cannot find the path specified".

A:printer drivers wont load

Try copying the CD onto the harddisk, then install from there.

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I purhcased a brand new epson all in one unit WF 3640, i have set it up successfully on my wireless network with the router but the computer will not allow me to find it in the print queue. Please advise me what to do

A:Help with printer, wont show in print queue, installed drivers over and over again

im running Mac OS 10.9 on my I mac
Printer is Epson WF3640, just CANNOT get it to show up in print queue. Been trying everything I can. Restarted router, printer and computer multiple times.

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printer wont go with windows 10 do i need update

A:printer wont go with windows 10 do i need update for printer

angmar58 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your printer and wanted to help -- but need more information. Please provide us the detailed model number of the printer, as there is no generic answer to your question.We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks

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I recently upgraded this old Dell M1530 Vista x64 laptop to Windows 8 Enterprise x64.

Apparently the sound company for it (Sigmatel) went out of business before Windows 7 was even released and their latest drivers are some ancient Vista drivers.

Should I download and install the Sigmatel drivers or continue to use the drivers that come with Windows 8? (They seem to be fine so far, just seeing if there's any other input on this).

Do you think that the Windows 8 drivers would probably be better based on the fact that they're much newer and made to run in 8, regardless of the fact that it wasn't made for my system specifically?

All I've ever really cared about is what has the best maximum output levels. I really hate sound drivers that are very limited in how loud you can make them output. My old laptop (this M1530) is actually better than my current Origin beast laptop in terms of sound because the sound driver on my new laptop (Realtek) doesn't allow very much loudness at all on a set of headphones. The only reason I ever liked the Sigmatel drivers is because they let you turn up the volume until it's so loud it could blow your ears (and your speakers) out.

Or perhaps it's hardware and has nothing to do with the drivers. I dunno, I'm too stupid.

Point is, drivers that came with my system that aren't designed to work with this OS or go with the Win 8 default drivers?

A:Should I download the old drivers or keep the Windows drivers?

There is a saying, "if it's not broke, don't fix it" so I would stick with the working one. You could save the old driver as a backup.

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Im trying to download antivirus for my new laptop which has windows 8. but when I try downloading antivirus, nothing happens or it says antivirus installation error, or unspecified error 0x80004005.

Is there something I must configure in windows 8 to get anything downloaded.
please help.

A:Wont download anything with windows 8

Don't know what's causing the problem, but suggest that your time will be better spent in getting the Windows 8 updates and then upgrading to 8.1 and getting all the 8.1 updates. Then if you want another anti-virus try again.

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Hi all having a terrible time with my windows 7 ultimate 64 bit installation, basically I noticed I couldn't download windows updates anymore (error code 80070002) now I've got 28 pending but they wont install, been jumping through hoops at MS community (didn't know if I should post link here though??), the people there said I should try a repair install.

I have black genuine install disk 64 bit ultimate with licence but when I try do repair install im told that my copy of windows is newer than the one im trying to update with, I take this as im using windows 7 only disk and not an win 7 sp1 disk would this be correct?

Also if above is true I cant seem to find a genuine win 7 sp1 64 bit download (ISO) at Microsoft I get as far as the language option see pic below but know English option ....... running out of ideas

A:Windows 7 iso wont download from MS

The link was no good.

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I have a acer aspire M1470 and my hard drive is broken. Now i have a new hard drive and i wanna install windows 7 on it, but when i put in the installation disc it says that it needs drivers. Where can i download windows 7 drivers?

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Where can I download the latest Windows 7 64 bit drivers for my V5-531? Everytime I go to the site to download them, the 32 bit drivers are listed but when I try to list the 64 bit drivers it says "Service not available" It would be nice for this service to be available so my laptop can be available for me to use, not just sit there with no drivers.

A:Where to download WIndows 7 64 bit drivers for V5-...

Hi,Thanks for posting here,. sorry that you are not able to download drivers, may I ask like what is the OS installed & was it the same shipped from factory, if yes you can use the Acer Recovery Manager to install the drivers, & also if you could post the exact driver required We may be able to post a direct download link here,. Cheers

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I want to update my Aspire 4738 Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 10 Home, but I can't find the proper Windows 10 drivers.Any help? PleaseThanks in advance

Go to Solution.

A:Where can I download Windows 10 drivers for my Asp...

If you have not performed the upgrade already, I would recommend that you go ahead and do so. I upgraded a S3-391 notebook that is not eligible and I did not have to download any drivers, it is working fine. It is ultimately up to you though, but Acer will not be posting any drivers since it is not an eligible model. 

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Where can I download the latest Windows 7 64 bit drivers for my V5-531? Everytime I go to the site to download them, the 32 bit drivers are listed but when I try to list the 64 bit drivers it says "Service not available" It would be nice for this service to be available so my laptop can be available for me to use, not just sit there with no drivers.

A:Where to download WIndows 7 64 bit drivers for V5-...

Hi,Thanks for posting here,. sorry that you are not able to download drivers, may I ask like what is the OS installed & was it the same shipped from factory, if yes you can use the Acer Recovery Manager to install the drivers, & also if you could post the exact driver required We may be able to post a direct download link here,. Cheers

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I have a Pavilion 15 notebook and want to download it's drivers for win7 x64. But in the list of operating systems, there is only windows 8 x64!!! It is ridiculous.


View Solution.

A:How can I download drivers for Windows 7?

Hi Vidya,  Thank you very much.  You finally did it. It works fine. I copy the links as the answer to this topic, for the others. Here is the list of all win7 x64 drivers that work on Pavilion 15-e049tx: Ralink RT3290 802.11bgn Wi-Fi adapterftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61501-62000/sp61776.exe Ethernet Controllerftp://win7:9ro*[email protected]/CDCW7RTLAN_A1.70720410.zip PCI Simple Communications Controllerftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61001-61500/sp61175.exeftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61001-61500/sp61176.exe USB Controllerftp://win7:9ro*[email protected]/CDCW7IUSB3_A1.108251.zip Unknown device (HP 3D DriveGuard)ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61001-61500/sp61037.exe Video Controller ( *** Intel driver must be installed before AMD driver. *** )Intel: ftp://win7:9ro*[email protected]/QTA1012863BIT_A8.100.zipAMD: ftp://win7:9ro*[email protected]/CDCW7AMDVGA_A1.1210500.zip Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driverftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61001-61500/sp61174.exe Ralink Bluetooth Software Driverftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61501-62000/sp61795.exe Realtek Card Reader Driver (CR)ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61001-61500/sp61260.exe Synaptics TouchPad Win7 Driver ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp61501-62000/sp61881.exe  

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I am unable to download the Microsoft .NET Famework 3.5 pack 1 update I keep getting the following error:
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0a: [2] Failed to fetch setup file in CBaseComponent:reInstall()
setup.exe: [2] ISetupComponent:re/Post/Install() failed in ISetupManager::InternalInstallManager() with HRESULT -2147467260.
setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::RunInstallPhase() - Call to Pre/Install/Post for InstallComponents failed
setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::RunInstallPhaseAndCheckResults() - RunInstallPhase() returned a NULL piActionResults
setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::RunInstallFromList() - RunInstallPhaseAndCheckResults failed [2]
setup.exe: [2] ISetupManager::RunInstallLists(IP_PREINSTALL failed in ISetupManager::RunInstallFromThread()
setup.exe: [2] ISetupManager::RunInstallFromThread() failed in ISetupManager::RunInstall()
setup.exe: [2] CSetupManager::Run() - Call to RunInstall() failed
WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0a is not installed.
WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates XPSEPSC Installer was not attempted to be installed.
WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0a was not attempted to be installed.
WapUI: [2] DepCheck indicates Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 'package' was not attempted to be installed.
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0a: [2] Error: Installation failed for component Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0a. MSI returned error code 1603
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0a: [2] Error: Installation failed for component Microsoft .NET F... Read more

A:Windows update wont download

Use the NET Framework Cleanup Tool to remove it all from your computer.

Unless you have a need to install Microsoft .NET Framework, there's no need to install it.

If you do need it for some programs or drivers to install and work, version 3.5 SP1 is all you need.

Download and save the small setup file, then close all open windows first, then double-click the saved file to run it.

The install of version 3.5 SP1 also installs version 2.0 SP2 and 3.0 SP2.


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Hey Guys, Just tried to do a UPDATE and it says 75 updates are available and are ready for download. I click install updates- says its downloading updates and says 0 downloaded for 3 hours .. Any thoughts of how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance!

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my computer wont let me download windows sp2. i dont know why but everytime i go to any link that has to do with downloading windows sp2 it says page cannot be displayed for some reason. i need to download windows sp2 because my ipod needs it to download songs someone help me please

A:my computer wont let me download windows sp2 - HJT log, please.

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I just got a new laptop today. It wont download anything. The highest it went to was 18% and then it stopped and it just wont download anything. Is there something I can do so I can download?

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Past month or so when I go to windows updates to download them, it will just say "downloading updates" at 0% and stay that way seemingly forever without downloading. I've tried to download like one at a time but it does the same thing and will not download.
What is really strange is that after a couple shutdowns of my computer, i've noticed that the bottom left corner "power" button will be red with "install updates and shutdown" indicator available. When I click that, it has downloaded anywhere from 1-3 of the close to 30 needed updates. It will not download them all. ALso, that "install and shutdown" button isn't available everytime.

A:Windows Updates Wont download

Hi gibsgoinpro:
Please see the step-by-step instructions on page 1 of m#l's thread Updates not working, it has been searching for updates for hours in the MS Answers forum for a possible workaround.
It is critical that you terminate any automatic Windows Update sessions running in the background [Windows Update | Change settings | Important updates | Never check for updates (not recommended) and then re-boot] per STEP # 1 of the instructions before you begin installing any Windows kernel-mode driver (Win32K.sys) speed up patches listed in STEP # 2 that are currently missing from your system.
------------32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox v50.1.0 * NIS v22.8.1.14 * MBAM Premium v2.2.1

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Hi, i just recently purchased a HP 15 touch, which is running off windows 10. I've been having an issue with the app store not downloading my apps. I'm trying to download HP all in one remote for my printer/scanner but it will never download. I went to
check on it by clicking "downloads and updates" on my app store to see what all is queued to download. I have 3 apps waiting to be downloaded but since the HP all in one remote app wont download, the other apps just sit and wait. Ive tried to cancel
the installation with the HP all in one remote but it just keeps loading like it not registering my commands. I'm not sure what else to do. I am signed into my microsoft account as well.

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I check my C drive and i currently have windows.net framework 4 and every time I try to update to 4.5.2 it starts but after a few minuets it said download failed error 643. I have tried a the repair tools and all that but none of it has worked. Any help trouble shooting would be awesome

A:windows.net framework 4.5.2 wont download

We know nothing about your computer, so do the following in it:

Download and save the TSG System Information Utility (SysInfo.exe) to the desktop.

After it's been downloaded and saved, double-click it to run it.

Information about your computer will appear.

Return here to your thread, then copy-and-paste the ENTIRE text here.


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I have 13 windows updates that fail everytime I try to download them, I dont know if this is related but I also cant install any applications that I download. The error I get says code 641, code 80070641 and code 8004ff01. I also cannot open Windows Live Movie Maker but can open Windows Movie Maker (if that clarifies the problem at all).

I have Windows Vista Home Premium, use System Mechanic and Microsoft Security Essentials. I know nothing else about my operating system or how to post my log files etc. If you need me to post or tell you anything about my operating system, please tell me how to do it because I have no idea how to!

Thanks in advance for your help.

A:Windows Updates Wont Download

Stop using System Mechanic and try to restore whatever files it has removed. If that isn't possible try to use System Restore (Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools) to go back to before it all went haywire.

Microsoft Fixit for Update problems: Fix the problem with Microsoft Windows Update that is not working

Microsoft provide free support for any issues with Windows Updates. Support for Microsoft Update (see over at the right how to contact them)

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i've tried all of my browser but none of them actually worked... i always got this (We were unable to retrieve the list of drivers for your product.  Please select the desired operating system and select ?Update? to try again.) can i get another link to download the drivers?hp 14-ac156tu  

A:Can't download hp 14-ac156tu drivers windows 10 64 bit

@andritnw? Your drivers here. http://support.hp.com/id-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-14-Notebook-PC-series/8499318/model/8960052 Download and install Chipset Drivers first. REO

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Have clean-up PC and download Win XP-[32 Bit]
Is there someone who still has the Drivers for this Model. Please forward driver where I can down load directly from the Internet
or load on my USB.

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Hi, after upgrading CPU, graphic cards and memeory card, Win7 was installed on E521. Now where can I download drivers for Win7?


A:Dimension 521: where to download drivers for Windows 7

You are on your own since win 7 is not supported on that old model. Go to the hardware manufacturers for drivers.

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Hi guys,

I just formatted my PC and installed Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit but I can't seem to install any drivers, other than the graphics ones. Whenever I try it says "Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing this software". I've tried chipset, LAN and USB 3.0 which all have the same result.

I went onto the Asus website and tried downloading from this page here:
ASUSTeK Computer Inc. -Support- Drivers and Download P8Z68-V

Am I doing something dumb here? I have no idea what's going wrong...

Thanks for any help

A:Can't download drivers with new Windows 8.1 installation

just for clarification - did you build the computer or is it from a major manufacture (oem)r? If oem, exactly what model?

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The Intel P61/H61 Utility DVD containing chipsets/Serial-ATA/Network/Audio Drivers and bios doesnt run with windows 8. So should I download them from motherboard page? Should I download the lates bios too if so ?
This is my motherboard GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1155 - GA-P61-S3 (rev. 2.0)

A:[Drivers for windows 8] should I download them from Mother

Personally, if the motherboard manufacturer supplies Windows 8 drivers, I would use those FIRST before looking for anything else.

Their drivers are more likely to work with their motherboard then other, more generic, drivers.

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Hi, The Windows 10 64 bit drivers seem to be very old for my lap top, where are the lates drivers?  http://support.hp.com/fi-fi/drivers/selfservice/HP-ENVY-15-j100-Notebook-PC-series/5401187/model/683...

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the windows store works but it wont let me sign in or download anything. what does this mean ?

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when i try to download a file from with in windows explorer it just flashes real fast the only way to stop it is to press the esc key please help mad as $%&!

A:download wont work while in windows explorer

If you want to download something I recommend you get download accelerator at http://www.downloadaccelerator.net it's alot like gozilla except triples download speed it actually works too.

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I have tried to set my background what i would like and set, but the background wont appear ... and when i tried to download FireFox and there's 0% downloading for 5 min! other computer is okay...

I dont have a XP media center CD... How can i repair all of this without reinstalling the XP

A:My Background wont appear, also cant download anything from my PC!! Windows Media C


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I did a factory restore. HP g60 445Dx laptop. windows says its checking for updates but it never stops checking and never finds anything. I know there are updates. how come its not finding and downloading them?

any ideas whats going on and how to fix this? found some answers in a google search that never worked.


A:windows wont find and download updates.

Just wait. For some reason after Ten shipped, updates have been taking a very long time.

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Hi Guys
For the past two days I've had updates that wont install onto my computer. As soon as they finish installing another little yellow shield appears near the clock telling me there are updates ready to install again and they are the same ones. This keeps happening over and over with the same updates.
The updates are: KB979909 KB982168 KB2446704 KB2418241
I've checked in the add and remove program list in control panel and they are definitely not there. Ive tried to download them one at a time and with my anti virus turned off but still no go. This has been happening since 24/5/11.
I had an update installed on the 23/5/11(KB960043) without any problems which is on my Add and Remove Program list which makes me think that maybe it's a Microsoft update problem and not a problem with my pc.
Anyone have any idea for a fix for this?

Many thanks in advance Rod.

A:Windows XP updates will download but wont install.

Those 4 appear to be the 3.5 .net framework updates - possible damaged framework components.

See this link where an answer was given by Microsoft relating to the 2nd update, but it should be relevant to all.

Seems that an uninstall, cleanup and reinstall should take care of the problem.


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Repeated attempts to download iTunes setup is interrupted with "/ C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\V2nxWfw.exe.part could not be saved because the source file could not be read"
Same thing happened recently trying to download Norton software and Norton tech support person had to unblock something - administrator setting?
This is a new Lenovo w Windows 7 professional.
I enabled the "built-in administrator account" and tried to download from that account but got same results.

A:iTunes wont download to Windows 7 professional

Try saving to a different location,, like Documents or desktop.

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Basically due to several events i wasnt able to start downloading windows 10 until last night at about 9pm. My computer was having some really random errors like speakers not working so i decided to restart it which prompted it to update. One hour later it hadnt moved from update 1 of 1... so i hard reset it. This made my computer do a c drive repair for another hour so it was about 11 before i could start installing windows 10. it was taking forever to install so i watched some stuff, moved my laptop to my desk and let it go with out realizing it would go to sleep. Yesterday i had to go out so it was 10pm before i turned my computer back on and let it instal again. 2 hours later it hadnt moved so i tried to reset the installation(thinking it going to sleep killed the installation somehow) but stopping it wouldnt work so i reset my computer once again, started windows update again, made it where my laptop wouldnt sleep, and then went to sleep. Woke up, installation errored, tired again, did updates after it was done, and now im here bc im still on windows 8.1 and i cant find a single thing saying install windows 10.

tl:dr windows 10 wont install even though i started the download process/reserved my copy (sorry that was long whoops)

A:Windows 10 errored during installation and wont download now

wait nevermind i found the solution to my problem :/
incase anyone has the same problem the windows website says "All upgrades must have completed and reached the "Welcome" screen by 11:59 PM UTC-10 (Hawaii) on July 29; this is one worldwide point in time." so rip me and the option to play xbox 1 games on my laptop

still would like to know if theres any way i can still get it

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Okay guys, this is pretty weird. I forgot that I uninstalled my anti virus 1 week ago and now my computer goes crazy. It won't let me open the Windows update, System Restore and Download/Install .exe and AntiViruses. When I try to download Anti virus' (Avast,Avira, ESET, MSE, Malwarebytes) all fail at 99% of download. I don't even know the reason -- now since I have many games and files in my pc and I don't want to do a reformat or re-install my os. Is there any other way to fix this issue? If you need more information (if I'm missing something) please kindly tell so. Hope my prob will get fixed asap.

When I try to install Microsoft Security Essential, This error code appears

A:Windows 7 wont let me download or install .exe programs


- Need help before my Big bro gets to our home

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I am having problems with my dell AIO 920 printer since I upgraded form Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

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Hi all,

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 (32 bit), but now my Lexmark All-In-One X74-X75 printer drivers aren't compatible... well, kind of.

When I first reinstalled the drivers after the upgrade, I was able to use the scan facility of the printer, and print jobs could queue up for printing, but they would not print. When I attempted to update drivers, uninstall/reinstall, etc, I was told the installation was unsuccessful.

I could not find any drivers for my model printer on the Lexmark site, but I was hoping someone out there may have some tips on how I can get around this problem.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.



A:Printer drivers compatible with Windows 7

That is an old printer, there are no W7 drivers available for it, time for an upgrade.



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How come there are no drivers for the HP LaserJet 2600n printer on Windows Vista. If anyone knows how to get around this problem then please let me know.


A:Printer Drivers for Windows Vista

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I have two unused printer drivers in windows xp, home edition that I can't remove. My software programs wnt to keep degaulting to them and since the printers don't exist, I am unable to print. When I go to control panels, printers, the icons for these two printers are still there, with the word under them "deleting" in light gray text. I have tried removing in safe mode, and that doesn't work either. Suggestons?

A:cna't remove printer drivers from windows xp

In control panel cick on view then customize and check description bar. You should then see a red pc icon with an x through it. Click on it and select to delete the printer then reboot.

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I am having problems with my dell AIO 920 printer since I upgraded form Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

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I just set up my new Dell with Windows 7. I connected it to my Brother MFC-8840D printer with a USB connection. Windows 7 recognized the printer and set it as default. But I cannot print anything. I called Brother, and the person said that the proper driver was in the computer. However, she then sent me an email which indicated that Brother does not offer a driver for this unit with Windows 7, but that an appropriate driver can be found on Windows Update. I had no success going to Windows Update. Does anyone have an idea (short of having to buy a new printer)?


A:Windows 7 and Drivers for a Brother Printer

I'd try to get clarification from the tech support person about getting a working driver via Windows Update, and why it didn't work for you.

If Brother has a Vista driver try that.

Or try the Vista or XP driver using the Troubleshoot Compatibility option (assuming you have a self-installing executable right click on it to get that option). You can spend the better part of an afternoon with the "recommended" settings, and with XP or Vista with various service pack levels. Oh, and sometimes this works. Start reading from post # 18 in this thread to see how this technique worked for some USB wireless adapters.

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