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Harddisk error Please help

Q: Harddisk error Please help


I am getting following warnings via Crystal disk info. Please help how to resolve them:


Preferred Solution: Harddisk error Please help

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Harddisk error Please help

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I have 40GB harddisk and now I am moving to 120GB SATA hardisk. But i want all the data with softwares, plugins and all the windows settings to be transferred in the 120 GB harddisk.

There is any way so that all files and setttings will transferred and I dont have to install everything again.

In my system Windows XP Pro SP1 is installed.

A:Transfer data/settings from small harddisk to big harddisk

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Hello all,

I need some advice.

I recently replaced my old harddisk to a new harddisk. The old harddisk has windows xp home and other programs installed.

I did not format the old harddisk, I only took out the old harddisk and replaced it with a new harddisk. I then installed windows xp home to the new harddisk.

While I am installing programs on the new harddisk, I discovered that one of the programs do not allow me to activate the program license because I have previously activated the program on my old windows. I need to do a proper uninstallation to release the license, then I can activate the license of the program in the new harddisk.

My question is, can I take out my current new harddisk, replace it with the old harddisk, boot up as normal into the old harddisk windows, uninstall the program inside the old harddisk, then replace the old hardisk with my new harddisk again.

Will I be able to access the old windows on the old harddisk?
Will it mess up my current windows/programs settings?
Will my current new harddisk windows be able to work as normal after accessing the old harddisk windows?
I thought of accessing the old harddisk as a slave, but I do not know if it is possible to access the old harddisk and do a proper uninstall of the program?
Is there any better way of uninstalling the program on my old harddisk?

Thanks in advance.

A:Accessing Win XP on old harddisk to uninstall programs after installing new harddisk

you have to swap out the drive completely. at no time should you have both hdd plugged in.

repeat, do not run them as master and slave. run each hdd individually at each time only.........

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I have a failed HDD.
In the past I have usually been able to help myself to at least retrieve any data from the HDD.
But this time the problem seems to be different. If it has any bearing, this is the first time since upgrading to Windows 7 and operating for I can't remember how long, since without any issues.
As I always have in the past, this HDD is formatted with a separate partitions (1) for the OS and program files, and (2) for my data. This has usually this been enough to retrieve my data by installing the drive in a second Thinkpad using a second HDD adapter and retrieving the data. These days I also keep most of my data on a NAS but I do have some folders on a D:\ or Data drive which I would like to retrieve.

This time however I cannot even 'see' the drive at all. Not when I try to boot from it, or as a second HDD using an adapter. It is not even visible under Disk Management in case it needed to be initialized (again?) So this time, I seem stuck, unable to help myself:

In the first instance, I get the Error 2100: HDD0 (Hard Disk Drive) initialization error (2) when booting from the drive.
When I press ESC to continue, the computer tries to initialize the HDD or something, and from memory, I think displays an 'unable to boot from any device' screen and shows the status for the devices without any operating systems.

When I try the same with the affected HDD but this time with an installation disc inserted, I do not see the 'Press any key to boot from CD or DV... Read more

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Have windows 7 and Windows 8 installed on seperate SSD's. I'm also having 2 harddisks in the PC.
After running Windows 8, and booting into Win7, chkdsk want's to check all the logical disks completely. It never finds any error, but it is very annoying. How do I prewent this from happen?
It is with Release Preview this error is.

Is this a "Windows" thing, or is it a missing driver for my mobo? (MSI Z77A-GD65)?

A:Driver or harddisk error?

What SSDs brand/model do you have?

Check Device Manager for any yellow triangles.

What IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers do you have?
Right click the Intel controller and select Properties, then Driver.

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Hello hp solutions my problem is SMART HARDDISK ERROR(301) whats the  problem with that,i can't find any solution of it and while opening the error occured i searched but some says buy a new hardisk or change laptop,so please tell whats the problem in that and i am keep fnding solution to it but hp tech are clarify it error

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why i cant copy and paste de files onto my second hard dish peacefully? when i did that, de error "restart system" has occurred , why it was like that??

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I have a problem with booting Windows7 right after I changed disks.I work with removable harddisks (2 with Windows XP and now 1 with Windows 7 RC1).Working with XP is alright.Working with Windows 7 is also OK.I can startup, shut down as many times as I like.BUT, when I put a drive with XP in and startup it's OK.THEN, put the drive with W-7 in, it won't startup.Screen stays black.When starting in safe mode, the computer stops with the file "Windows\System32\Drivers\ClassPNP.SYS" and hangs.Then I start with the repair disk, and that says "Boot sector code for system disk partition is corrupt"Then "Boot sector repair" and the drive is OK again.I myselve think it is becauseWindows 7 sees a different harddrive in the BIOS.Any idea what I can do?Thanks in advance,Ruud.

A:Boot-error when changing harddisk

Hi Ruud_Win,
Based on your description, I noticed that that the issue can occur due to hardware or software conflictions. Let us try the steps below to narrow down the cause of the issue. Please check if we can boot in Win7 normally:
Device Clean Boot==============In this situation, your system will only have the basic hardware devices and it should be more stable. If it is inconvenient to unplug the devices, we can disable them in Device Manager. Please refer to the following steps:1. Click "Start", type "DEVMGMT.MSC" in the Search textbox and press Enter.2. Expand "Sound, video and game controllers". 3. Right click on your Sound Card, select "Properties"4. Click "Driver" tab, click Disable (Disable the selected device). Click OK 5. Please use the same method to disable other hardware such as: Modem, network card, CD-R drive. Please note some devices such as video adapter are not available to be disabled.6. Please restart the computer. Can we boot in Win7 properly?
Clean Boot ==================1. Click the Start Button, type MSCONFIG in the Search Bar and Press Enter to start the System Configuration Utility.
Note: Please click the Continue if the "User Account Control" window pops up.
2. Click the Services tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click Disable All (if it is not gray). 3. Click the Startup tab, click Disable All and click OK. 4. Restart the computer and test the result.
Note:... Read more

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Smart harddisk error 0301 on disk 1 the disk are the memory card on 2 GB with manuals and it's not true the card worked on another computer - testing disk 1 failed there are also an error when the card is taken out

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Hard boot error came while booting computer

A:Harddisk failed error while boot

Hi,In that case you need to replace the failed hard driveIf you're within warranty, HP would replace it free of costhttp://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.htmlSpecs:https://support.hp.com/sg-en/product/hp-14-ac100-notebook-pc-series/8499318/model/10110412/document/...Manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04644008You need 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD.If you've created HP Recovery USB using HP Recovery Manager just after initial setup of this notebook, use this to factory reset after replacement of hard driveIf you've not created it, you can order HP Recovery USB directly from HP for your model:https://support.hp.com/in-en/document/bph07143Alternatively you can clean install Windows 10 Home 64 bit in your new hard drive by creating UEFI bootable Windows 10 installation USB using Microsoft windows media creation tool;https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/1950-clean-install-windows-10-a.htmlWindows will be automatically activated after installation while connected to internetAdditional drivers from here: https://support.hp.com/sg-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-14-ac100-notebook-pc-series/8499318/model/101104...RegardsVisruth

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When I boot my laptop up it is giving me a Harddisk Security
SATA Port 0 Toshiba ****** LOCK

When I hit enter it says enter password.

What do I do? I don't have a password.

A:Harddisk Security Lock Error. HELP

drive lock is in bios, does your startup options include bios before prompting for password?

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Hi Guys, i am in a big trouble this time:
Having 4 partitions over it.
2day, when i connected to my Friends Computer, it detected only 2 Drives, n showed an error for other 2 drives.
hard disk showed An Error Occurred during the installation of the drive. THE driver installation File for this device is missing a neccessary entry. THis may be because of INF was written for windows95 or later. Contact ur Hardware Vendor

Now, just help me out, to get rid of this error, i have very precious data on these drives ! Pls Help !!!
what 2 do ??

OS: Windows XP SP2
1 Gb Ram,

A:Portable Harddisk Showing Error

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I am trying to resolve a problem on my wife's computer. She has been complaining about general slow performance. I have tried the usual maintenance, most recently an update on the Intel 82945G Integrated video chip set. Following the update I got a BSOD warning. I subsequently uninstalled this driver in safe mode and installed the driver that came with the original cd. Now she is getting numerous warnings and errors in Event Viewer including errors detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\D during a paging operation and the driver detecting a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0\D. There are other problems popping up in read/write operations. The drive and computer are less than a year old. I have the drive partitioned in 3 logical drives with XP installed on the largest primary partition. No problems are detected in Device Manager. Thank you in advance for any suggestions on resolving this issue. She is running an Intel single core Pentium at approx 3.1 GHz with a single SATA2 320 GB hard drive.

A:controller error on \Device\Harddisk

The most recent BSOD just gave kernel_data_inpage_error

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System Gigabyte X48T, 4G ram, usual bits. Video
Sata Port 0&1 - Gigaraid 2x 750G Raid 0 - Scsii disk Boot.
Sata ports 2&3, 4&5, 6, - 5x 500G 2TB dynamic GPT Raid 5
Sata Port 7 -1x 750G Roms & software disk.
Rocket Raid Scsii 0_1, 5x1TB in raid 5.
Scsii 0_0, 1x500G JBOD. Problem is here.

I have been trying to get this system ready to do extensive HD video editing and multimedia work so thumbnails are critical to sorting out 1000's of clips. Vista just doesnt show thumbnails. I have been waiting years for Windows 7.
This system is fast. Boot drive reads at over 160MB/s sec. The 2 Raid 5 arrays can copy to each other at 250MB/s plus (for multi GB files). Interesting HDTach 3.0.1 only shows 160MB's for the Highpoint array.
They will have to fix their software..

In the last few weeks the system had become very flakey - win7 x64 & vista x64 system -video thumbnail display & codec errors etc, windows explorer hangs, system corruption, bad software & codecs.

The boot manager from the latest (Paragon i think) partition manager for windows 7 got stuck on resize partition and it doesnt time out. I want my pc to be always on for remote access..
Anyway the system finally crashed. I lost one of the Raid0 boot disk array IDs when I tried to delete the boot manager. One disk offline and array gone. 60 hours, 400G of newly imported video from 8mm tapes..

So I decided on clean install just windows 7 after I recovered the... Read more

A:fix boot error when extra harddisk connected

Quote: Originally Posted by rmerrick

Question is..
1 What is the purpose of the 100MB that windows installed onto the boot disk.
2 how do i find the boot manager that screws the system when I connect a new drive (including USB key).
3 How do I force the boot to the correct disk array regardless of which drives are installed or not.
4. Is there a boot "something" I can install on every disk to point to Scsii Gigaraid

The 100MB partition stores the Windows boot manager. That is the partition that the Master Boot Record labels as the boot partition (aka "active" partition).

Each hard disk can have it's own MBR, boot sector, etc. And when you plug in a new disk, the BIOS may try to load the MBR of another disk (depending on boot order). It sounds like that is what happens in your case.

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Hello Everyone-Hoping for some guidance on my son's laptop issue (Pavilion dv6 - LW260UA#ABA). Obviously a dated unit, purchased for when he first went to college, but still worked great, up until recently. The original problem was the fan burnt out, and thus the laptop would not start. I purchased a new fan and installed myself, was fairly easy. Upon starting up the computer, I got the "Harddisk error "Hard Disk1 3F1" error. I ran all of the appropriate tests, and everything, including the Hard Disk Test, came up fine. No errors. I re-booted, and the "Hard Disk1 3F1" error came up again. Re-ran tests, all clear, no errors. At this point, I thought maybe I hadn't put the unit back together correctly following my installing the fan. I took another Pavilion dv6, same exact model with no issues, put this Hard Drive into it, and still get the same message. So at this point, I'm thinking the Hard Drive must be bad after all. Before I gave up, I did find a video online showing how to boot up in a situation like this. When rebooting the computer, I hit ESC, got to the startup menu, selected F9 Boot Device Options, selected Notebook Hard Drive, and voila, it starts up into Windows just fine. Computer works great, not slow, everything functions as normal. BUT when I restart it comes up with the same "Hard Disk1 3F1" error and I have to go through the F9 process to get Windows up. So do I truly have a bad drive (considering it's in a different case than the original... Read more

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I have searched a lot in this forum as well as other forums on the BSOD and HardDisk related issues, but as i couldn't find any thing that could sort out my problem, so i am initiating a new thread on a well known issue.My problem is that since last 1 month or so, i have to send 4 hard disks for replacement/repair due to Bad Sectors. Each time it happens as 1st a blue screen with some error code and then when i check the event log file, it flags Disk error (Hard disk has a Bad Block) and atpi error(Paging operation timed out) that shows that the Hard Disk has got BAD sectors. The latest error was KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR that occoured during access of Portcls.sys file. I guess that file lies in the Bad sector area. Now i need to know the reason, why my new Hard Disks are getting Bad sectors formed that probably results into some Blue Screen error. Just to mention, each occurrence of the blue screen error is not generating same Fixed error code, so i can not pin point to some specific hardware.

I have checked the RAM(Single 1 Gb DDR2 RAM) with memory test tool mtinst.exe and the test is passing.
I have checked the SMPS out put voltage with multi-meter and it is upto the rating (3.33V, 5.2V and 12.14 Volts that seems ok). I have also replaced SATA data cable (not the power cable) for once, but that too does'nt seem to work.

All but one of the Hard Disks are new (chkdsk /r shows healthy drives) those get BAD sectors after the Blue screed error.

Kindly help me... Read more

A:Blue Screen Error of WinXp and Harddisk bad sectors

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every time i start my Acer Aspire v3-551 laptop i have to enter my password for my harddisk is there a way to set my password so that i dont have to enter at every start-up

A:Harddisk Security SATA port 0 error 0xc0000e9

Welcome to the Forum the link below will tell you how to remove your password

User Account Password - Remove

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Hi Recently my system has been getting the following error(attached) it really looks like a virus/trojan/malware to me but I'm not sure so I'd thought I'd ask the experts I've run Rkill with no malware processes detected, hitmanpro which caught a lot of cookies, malwarebytes(free) which caught nothing and my avast has'nt picked up a thing.
Please see attachment, can you tell me how I can get rid of this virus if it is a virus, and how to prevent something like it in the future I am thinking of buying either kaspersky, bitdefender,eset(although i tried the online scan which found nothing), or emisoft, my dad's got norton which I'm not a fan of, especially since my computer is slow, although I heard kaspersky uses a fair bit of system resources too.

Anyway I thought I'd ask the experts,
PS: Also I've been exiting this window by clicking the red x to terminate, I don't click any of the buttons, it comes back up every 30 min or so.

A:New Type Of Virus in form of harddisk error prompt

Windows detected a hard disk problem is a legit Windows error message.You should start a new topic in the applicable Windows Operating Systems forum for your system or Internal Hardware forum. This forum is only for those who need assistance with malware removal.

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I have recently dissamsembled and cleaned my notebook. After reassembly I expereienced several errors and had to dissassemble and reassemble again. I also thought the problem could be related to the system harddisk so I removed this and installed it in a harddisk station and connected to annother notebook to see if there were any errors. I did not find any errors but because it is a system disk, the other notebook's system tried to "repair" the drive. Now after I have reinstalled the harddisk in my old notebook, it starts up fine, and all the hardware issues seems fixed. However now the windows version on this system thought there was something wrong and tried to "repair" the harddisk. After this, I do not have full access to windows 10 functions such as start button, windows update etc. and the system itself cannot find any errors expect the harddisk "repair" attempts. How do I regain control over my notebook?

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I turned my laptop on this morning and all of a sudden my laptop won't start properly. I tried the two menus when you boot, the 'Launch System Repair (recommended)' and the 'Start Windows Normally'. Both menus won't work, as they both just freezes for a few seconds, then goes on to try and load Windows files, which it can't. Then it gives me the 0xc00000e9 screen and there is nothing to do.

I tried to boot in Safe Mode, etc., but it is still the same. I also tried with the System Repair Disk, which couldn't solve the problem either. It did find the problems but it couldn't fix them. I looked at the log file where it at the bottom said this:

Does this mean that my harddisk is completely dead? There is some very important files I need for my studying and I would really like to keep them.

A:Laptop can't boot, 0xc00000e9 error, System Repair says bad harddisk.

Hi BornholmerDK,

Welcome to SevenForums.

Boot from a Live Linux CD /pen drive and see whether you can recover. You have three workouts here in this forum using Mint Mate, Peppermint and Lucid Puppy.

In all cases you may use Rufus - Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way - to create a bootable Linux pen drive with the downloaded Linux ISOs , boot your lappy with it and try recovery onto an external HDD.

Emergency Kit - save your files from a dead OS by whs - Mint Mate

Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup by Golden - Peppermint

Lucid Puppy way to recover files from a non-bootable computer by one jumanji - Lucid Puppy

Take your pick. Personal preferences can vary.

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-when i try to connect the external 1tb western digital harddisk it simply doesnot display any thing and when i go to disk managment it shows "not initilized" i tried to initilize it but i got this error''hard disk not initilizing i/o device error" it doesnot shows any property or size of hard disk.i also tryied to repair it with comand "chkdsk/r"but there it said""cannot open volume for direct access""and also my harddisk is encrypted and this error occured when i was downloading torrent directly into external hardisk.my pc also go frce shutdown due to absence of electriccity
..over all i cannot see hard disk on my computer and cannot open it..tried it on other computers also
<Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
- <System>
<Provider Name="Disk" />

<EventID Qualifiers="49156">11</EventID>




<TimeCreated SystemTime="2013-11-01T11:40:14.311802300Z" />




<Security />

- <EventData>
<Data>\Device\Harddisk1\DR1</Data&g... Read more

A:external encrepted harddisk hard disk not initilizing and showing i/o device error

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When I go to open a program I've recently installed, half way through loading I'll get an error message reading:

The drive is not ready for use; its door may be open. Please check drive A: and make sure that a disk is inserted and that the drive door is closed." Cancel, Try Again, and Continue, to which I press continue to.

Then I get "There is no disk in the drive. Please insert disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR1" with Cancel, Try Again, and Continue, to which I press Continue to and another appears but with \Harddisk2\DR2 and so on. After pressing continue to 1 2 3 and 4, the program continues to load fine.

After doing some google searching I see suggestions about renaming the troublesome drive something other than C (apparently this error happens when 2 drives are called C) but there is no drives involved? its just a program, so theres nothing to change, does anyone have any ideas as to why these errors appear? :S

Many Thanks

A:"Please Insert a Disk into Drive \Device\harddisk\Dr1" error when starting a program

What program? Are you sure you're on Windows?

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I have just built a new computer. I have an Intel Motherboard with a Pentium 4 Processor (1.9Ghz). I have a 80Gig Western Digital Hard Drive in there. I used the Windows XP CD to format the hard drive and to install the operating system. Everything seems fine except now when I go into some programs, it is giving me this error message for example: SEE ATTACHED PICTURE!

Pm70.exe - No Disk

There is no disk in the drive. Please insert a disk into drive \Device\Harddisk1\DR1.

Cancel - Try Again - Continue

A:{RESOLVED}Error Message about "Harddisk"?

Problem solved. I did some digging on the internet and figured out that somehow the cd: drive was assigned to "f:" and that was causing a conflict somewhere. I changed it to "g:" and it fixed the problem. I still don't understand why but I really don't care as long as the problem is fixed. Thanks a million!

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Just got my pc repaired, installed new windows and this is what i get. Please tell me how to fix this on my own i beg you!

A:"Dwm.exe-No Disk(harddisk)" Error -How to Fix This? Help.

Are you saying that message is what you got instead of Windows booting up?

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i have a western digital 160gb caviar blue hd now i want to buy a new one but some questions are bothering me

first is seagate any better than western digital i ask this because 1tb seagate is just slightly expensive than 500gb western digital so should i go for seagate?

second is that if i buy seagate, will it cause any problem to the system having one wd hd and one seagate?

please answer in details would love to hear anything to increase the knowledge

A:help about a new harddisk?

1. you can mix any makes of disks. They are all 'compatibel'.

2. the make does not matter. They are all the same since they all come from the same factories in Thailand. I have a dozen different makes and do not notice any difference.

3. except Seagate - one of those just died on me. The first and only disk that died in my installations.

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I have an 80GB IDE Hitachi HD which was formatted NTFS on my computer running Win 7 Ultimate. My problem is that when connected to my computer via external Sharkoon Drive link USB adapter, it is not shown in Windows Explorer but is shown in Device Manager as USB Device and in Computer Management it is shown as ?Disk 1 ? Not initialized? and when clicking on to initialize, an error shows as ?This device not ready?. Same occurred on another PC running Vista Ultimate. Strangely, when connected to IDE inside PC it works perfectly. Can anyone help please?

500GB sata Hitachi HDD
2GB Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate

A:USB Harddisk

Does the USB adaptor work correctly with any other drive?

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a week ago i transferred a list of archived files to my mp4, then the light went off ,when it came back, i can't find the archives on the partition , nor the mp4

also some sound files disappered from the mp4, also files are occupying space whether on the hard disk or the mp4

i tried to show hidden files, but i still can't find the files

so what's wrong ?? , how can i get the files again ??? because the computer shows that they are still occupying space

thanks in advance

Best regards,

A:HardDisk & MP4

Quote: Originally Posted by Mitooo

a week ago i transferred a list of archived files to my mp4, then the light went off


Does that mean you lost power to your computer or drive?

Quote: Originally Posted by Mitooo

because the computer shows that they are still occupying space

If you lost power whilst transferring, there is a good chance some of the files will have become corrupt.

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Hi!Where can i buy sata cabel to my ideapad y700 because i have ssd but i cant connect hdd harddisk because i dont know where to buy the cabel. I only have ssd m.2 .  Please help me !

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Hey can anybody tell me which is the best harddisk drive for which i should go??????????I need atleast 250 gb or more of diskspace so suggest me the best HDD with their latest price ????????Thankyou.


Get Seagate 500GB SATA-II


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Hi which would be the best free hardrive checking tool that would tell me if something is failing or is dead



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I have an ultraDMA harddisk from compaq. I hope to know what is the ATA and RPM value of my 20GB drive. Is there some software that I can use to check it?


The only 20 GB HDD I could find on the Compaq site is 20GB Ultra ATA 100 Hard Drive (7200rpm)

This was at http://www.compaq.com/products/desktops/options/options_storage1.html
That doesn't mean that there aren't more. The way to know, for certai8n, is to open your system up, and get the part number, or full specs from off the HDD case itself.

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I am trying to setup the 3rd Hard Disk in my CPU. It doesn't seems to able detect my already formated hard disk. Is it possible to have 3 Hard Disk in 1 CPU? If so, how do should I go about it? Do I need to do anything with the Jumper on the Hard Disk?

A:3 HardDisk in 1 CPU

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My computer came with a 10gig hardrive with Windows Me preinstalled. I upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition and have been very impressed it was well worth the 90 I payed for the upgrade pack! I purchased 64MB of RAM to bring my memory from 64MB to 128MB and my computer hasn't crashed ONCE since I got XP! But having two operating systems on one 10 gig hardrive and lots of preinstalled programs such as office has taken its toll and I was warned the other day that my harddisk was nearly full! I deleted all my unnessesary files and managed to get back 1 gig of space but I'm still not happy and would like to get a new 20gig hardrive. It makes more sense to use my recovery disk to return my computer to the way it was when it left the factory and reinstall windows XP on the new harddrive leaving my old operating system on the old C:\ and installing all my programs into the new harddrive. I have two questions about this:

1) Will my computer become dual-boot which i DONT want to happen I want the same setup as I have know but with XP installed on the new harddrive?

2) Will I be able to call my new harddrive B:\ as I don't have a 5 1/2 floppy drive installed and would prefer to have things organised and call it that, if not what will my drive call itself as default as I already have A,C,D,Q,R drive letters already taken?


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i have an old hdisk on an old pc.
the disk label shows that is 4+ Gigs
when i try to fdisk and format, only half is available
at fdisk options appears to be only 2+Gigs

A:only 1/2 of harddisk is there!

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Re: Win98SE - Intel 465 Mhz

The harddisk in my PC is 8 GB of which only 2,56 GB is still available now.
From I similar PC (done away in the meantime) I still have a 8 GB IDE harddisk.
and want to place it in my PC.
Please mind that I have never opened a PC sofar.

a) I don't know to what electronic circuit-cable it must be connected (wondering about serial and parallel)

b) then this second harddisk must somehow be connected to and made visisable to the system (by cables I think; however what cables, new ones or
already present)

When I tried to google this subject I only found items on partitioning etc, not
about how to get and connect a second harddisk inside a PC.
Furthermore I have no idea whether there are special well-known problems
related to having a seond harddisk installed (e.g. very slow system)

Advises will be highly aprreciated.

Best regards,

A:add a second harddisk

This may help http://www.perfectdrivers.com/howto/seconddrive.html

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My computer came with a 10gig hardrive with Windows Me preinstalled. I upgraded to Windows XP Home Edition and have been very impressed it was well worth the 90 I payed for the upgrade pack! I purchased 64MB of RAM to bring my memory from 64MB to 128MB and my computer hasn't crashed ONCE since I got XP! But having two operating systems on one 10 gig hardrive and lots of preinstalled programs such as office has taken its toll and I was warned the other day that my harddisk was nearly full! I deleted all my unnessesary files and managed to get back 1 gig of space but I'm still not happy and would like to get a new 20gig hardrive. It makes more sense to use my recovery disk to return my computer to the way it was when it left the factory and reinstall windows XP on the new harddrive leaving my old operating system on the old C:\ and installing all my programs into the new harddrive. I have two questions about this:

1) Will my computer become dual-boot which i DONT want to happen I want the same setup as I have know but with XP installed on the new harddrive?

2) Will I be able to call my new harddrive B:\ as I don't have a 5 1/2 floppy drive installed and would prefer to have things organised and call it that, if not what will my drive call itself as default as I already have A,C,D,Q,R drive letters already taken?

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Hello Support, i wanted to know how i could replace the harddisk in my laptop. but i cant find the manual. Help is appreciated thanksPeter

A:Replace harddisk

As we have properly understood your issue you want to replace your hard disk in  your laptop for this please follow these steps: Turn the computer off and remove the back panel. Look for any screws securing your drive to the laptop. Lift the old drive up about 30 or 45 degrees and pull it out.In its place, install the SSD and put the back panel on.Nitin singh guleria

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At present I am using a hitachi 80 GB SATA hard disk.It is so insufficient so I am planning to buy Samsung 500GB SATA.Now if I add the new HD what would happen to the previous one?(80 GB hitachi).Will it remain or replaced by the new one?Let it is possible to add the new one with old one(80+500=580) then reinstalling the operating system(xp sp3) is reqired?

A:New harddisk question

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Would i be able to connect a 200mb Harddisk to my compter, to copy the contents into an image with Norton Ghost. I have IDE CD CDRW and Hardisk already and would make this disk a temp Seconary slave. My mother board is June 2000 Bios dated im guessing this would auto detect 200mb disk. What Specs do u think 200mb disk would be any any probs which might arise?

Cheers guys

A:OLD 200mb HardDisk.

Yes that should work. Just use auto geometry. Mobo's IDE is backwards compatible.

I don't think you would want to keep it on there long after the data was copied off of it, though. Such an old device is just taking up a valuable IDE channel.

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i have a mdf file on a cd which i try to copy from the cd to the harddisk...it doesnt...it gives an error which says

error copying file or folder

Cannot copy mir-popt2t.mdf there is not enogh disk space

the size of the file is 4.6gb and the drive i am trying to install it to has more than 20 gb free


A:cannot copy from cd to harddisk

You posted it in the wrong forum. Please try to get it in the right forum for a faster response, or a response at all.

If the file is 4.6 gigs, its on a dvd and not a cd, but regardless, what file system is that hd formatted in? If its FAT32, right there is your problem, FAT32 can't handle files over 4 gigs in size. You will need to convert the FS to NTFS if you are on a Windows machine.

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I was thinking about partitioning the hard drive on one of my computers running XP SP3 and installing other Operating systems on them, but I have no clue how to do it Also, I know there's a way to do it with an OS disk, but I have a SP2 one, would using that make a difference partitioning the harddisk?

A:Partitioning a harddisk

I would recommend wiping the entire disk, and starting from scratch using the Windows installer to partition your drive out. What size of drive is it, and what OS do you plan on installing on the other partition?

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i bought an external hard disk its western digital 320gb, i observed data transfer rate of that disk is 30-40mbps only but ability of usb2.0 is 480mbps, how come very less data transfer, is there any way to increase it or any other application to increase it.

help me in resolving
thanking you

A:external harddisk

Transfer rates externally (i.e. USB or Firewire) are recorded in mega bits per second, however ATA and IDE protocols are measured in mega bytes per second. This means 480bp/s translates to 60MB/s (taking into consideration 1 byte = 8 bits). It seems the speeds on external USB drives are bottlenecked at around 40MB/s anyway - so if you're missing out, it won't be by too much.

Speeds also depend on how your external drive (well, inside the enclosure) works and reads the information off the disk. For example, reading from the outer edges of the disk will result in faster transfer rates than if it was reading from the inner part of the disk.

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What is maximum number of hard disks (HDD and/or SATA) a system can support running XP for home pc?.. in performance wise, power wise, compatibility between hard drives, its effect on other I/O devices, brand wise, etc...

A:No. of harddisk connected

As many as you have drive letters, but really even more probably if you start RAIDing them.

There should be no compatibility issues, or branding issues, and power is limited only by the output and amount of connectors on your PSU.

About a week ago I had 5 physical hds a dvd drive, and a virtual dvd drive in my main PC (have since removed one physical hd). That used up (not counting A and B) through about M on my drive letters (drives had at least 1 partition each).

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I was using Xp and I installed ubuntu by making partion in my hard disk and suddenly last week one virus (Userinit.exe) hit my XP and Now I can't Login In Xp So I want to Format my Hard Disk (C drive or even Full Hardisk).
I Tried Booting From Xp bootable cd but can't able to boot,so that to check it i inserted Ubuntu Cd i was Booting But Xp cd can't.Currently i am using Ubuntu On same system.
So,help me for booting, Formating My Hard Disk.

Thank You!!!

A:Format HardDisk

with your bootable xp disk when you booted the pc ,,did it ask you to hit any key to boot from CD?

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Hello everyone! Just got a little question.

I'm trying to upgrade my harddrive I currently have 4G and i just purchased a new 15G HD. I used the program HDCOPY to migrate my data and OS to the new HD. Then i noticed that my new HD also copied the size of the old one and i believe that i formatted it first and i believe it was 15GB before i copied the old HD.

What do i need to do? Do i have to use another program? Do you know any? or there's just one thing that I need to do to get my original size back?


A:Copy Harddisk

Hi NavigatorX
I have never used hd copy but from this site it looks like there are two different modes of copying. One uses a sector by sector exact disk image (which is what you have done.) The other mode does a logical file copy and leaves the partition table alone. I think this is their


I use a program called file copy which I run from windows. I think it came from ontract with an IBM drive. You may also want to consider using a program like partition magic. This will get your partition restored back to it's original size and keep the data as is.

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Does anyone known where I can find an up-to-date database of all existing harddisks sorted by manufacturer or type.

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