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Dell XPS 13 9350 Ubuntu Bluetooth and Wifi issues

Q: Dell XPS 13 9350 Ubuntu Bluetooth and Wifi issues

I installed Ubuntu 16.04 on my XPS 13 9350. It does have the Broadcom wifi/bt adapter.
My wifi issue is the computer will not connect to my 5GHZ network. Every time I try it just fails to connect and asks me for the password even though it's correct. I can connect to my 2.4ghz but not the 5ghz

My BT issue is I have always have to repair my BT mouse when the computer restarts.
I previously had a 9343 and I had no issues like this. I was able to connect to my 5ghz network and using Bluetooth manager as a trusted device my mouse always reconnected at a reboot.
I know there are some issues with Broadcom adapters but my 9343 had one and I did not have this issue at all. Is it just because the 9350 has a newer broadcom chip so it's not fully supported?

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Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 13 9350 Ubuntu Bluetooth and Wifi issues

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Good evening,

since i bought my DELL XPS 13 9350 im facing several Wireless problems. The build in DW 1820A is really weak. But the biggest Problem is, that i just cant establish moderate Internet-Speed, when Bluetooth is turned on. Everytime, when BT is turned on, the WiFi Speed just decreases to a Level, at which not even the Google page can be opened. DELL Germany send me a new DW 1820A, but the same Problem is occuring with the new Card.
However, now DELL Germany send me an Intel 18260. The WiFi-Speed increased compared to the DW 1820A. Furthermore, when BT is turned on, the WiFi Speed is stable. However, the BT has another Problem: While BT devices are shown as connected with the Notebook, they dont work really well. Headset dont stream Audio properly. After 30 seconds the Audio just is not streamed anymore, while the device is still connected.
If someone knows any solution, i would be very grateful. 

The newest Drivers are installed for the Intel 18260 and (i think) all Drivers and apps for the old DW 1820A are deinstalled (Network and BT-Drivers, Wissdom? Bluetooth app, DW WLAN Card app).

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When applying this driver via Plug-n-Play during an OS deployment (Win7 x64) or when manually installing post OS deployment, this driver causes a BSOD.
There are no other drivers available for this. Anyone have a solution?

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When applying this driver via Plug-n-Play during an OS deployment (Win7 x64) or when manually installing post OS deployment, this driver causes a BSOD.
There are no other drivers available for this. Anyone have a solution?

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Hi everyone,
I bought a Dell XPS 13 2016 (9350) FHD, i5, 8GB, 256GB and two weeks ago i received it. It has a great hardware but software is not very optimized and I have a frustrating issue with the display: it flickers everytime i turn the Bluetooth on and stays on. I cannot figure why but I really hope it's a software issue because is very sporadic, at the moment it never happened today, I really don't know what to do.

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 screen flickering issues with Bluetooth on

Did you ever get this resolved? I'm experiencing the same issue with my Dell XPS 13. It's associated with the Bluetooth being on.

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Hello I have Dell Inspiron 3543 Lappie and i tried to install Dell Wireless 1704 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver but i am unable to install it I have attached the screenshot and zip file of installation Log i have already installed Dell chip set Drivers

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I have just purchased an XPS 13 (9350) last month and its giving me problem connecting with the Bluetooth headset or speaker. I have listed below device which I have tried to connect:-
1. X-Mini Kai 2
2. Creative WP-450
3. Sony MW-600
It will eventually paired in the bluetooth device but not connecting. I'm unable to see the device in the playback device although I have tick Show disabled device.
I have also email to the Dell Support team and tried to troubleshoot as per their advise and its still the same:-
Thank you for choosing Dell. This mail is related to your recent interaction with Dell technical support regarding bluetooth connecting issues. Your service request reference number is SR <deleted> , and Service tag is <deleted>. Please try these troubleshooting steps: Step 1: I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth headset driver in the Device Manager.1. Press Windows Key + R Key.2. Then type “devmgmt.msc” without the quotes and hit on Enter Key.3.Search for Bluetooth headset driver and expand it.4. Right click on the driver and click on Uninstall. Follow the instruction.5. Restart your computer.
Step 2: Try to connect the Bluetooth headset onto the computer and install the Then run the hardware and devices troubleshooter1. Click on search bar next to the Start Menu.2. Type “Troubleshooting” without the quotes and click on Troubleshooting.3. Click on View All on the left panel of the screen.4. Click on Hardware ... Read more

A:Dell XPS 13 (9350) Bluetooth Connecting Problem

You may want to keep in mind the Wi-Fi can have an effect on Bluetooth.  We also need some basic info about your system.  If yo use the rich formatting for a reply you can attach snipping tool pictures.
In Device Manager you should show your Bluetooth device plus a couple of Microsoft entries.  If your headsets/speakers also show that is good.  No Unknown devices anywhere in Device Manager or yellow triangles on any Bluetooth components?
Do you know the Bluetooth version of your devices?
You seem to imply pairing the device does not work well.  Can you tell us what is happening and what tones you might be getting from the devices?  Are you able to get them in the pairing mode and your see on the Settings-Devices-Bluetooth page the system loading the drivers?
When you try to connect, do you just power on your devices and not put them in the pairing mode?  Any option showing up for connecting them.  The first time you connect, you may have to allow it but devices seem to operate differently and may not need certain steps.
What Wi-Fi card do you have?

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Having an issue where the Bluetooth driver is not letting the laptop sleep or even shutdown - It powers off briefly then an notification sound is played and the laptop is powered back on. I get the following pop up message upon restart 'This operation is not allowed by the group policy set by your administrator'. I run an admin account and have not set any group policy. 
Many thanksAnton

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My XPS 13 9350 suffers from slow wifi.  I have tested other computers right next to mine and they are getting 50/5, while I am getting .8/5.  I have rebooted, disabled the adapter and re-enabled it, checked for up to date drivers.  What can I do to fix this?

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I have run into a problem with my Dell XPS 13 9350 laptop. I was deleting and uninstalling a few programs, hardware, files etc., when I accidentally uninstalled something that cut the connection between my laptop and modem. I have not been able to reconnect to the router, and my Dell USB multi-adapter is not with me so I cannot hard-wire an Ethernet cable the laptop, and have no connection to the internet. Any suggestions? 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 - wireless Wifi connectivity issue

Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.
The Dell XPS 13 9350 system goes with two different options of wireless card. The Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260 and the Dell Wireless 1820A. Use another system and please go to the our support site using this link http://dell.to/1TvnfOs, enter the service tag of the system. Under original system configuration, check for the wireless card. Then click on Driver and Downloads, choose the operating system. Click on the Network and download the file, transfer it on to a USB drive. Use this drive on the Dell XPS 13 9350 system, install the driver and check the status. You may also check the device manager to see, if there is any ! or ? mark in the list.
Kindly get back if there are any further queries.
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.

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I'm not sure whether this is a hardware issue, driver issue, or possibly a windows 10's bug causes conflict with 1820A
I got this laptop exaclt a month ago, it is windows 10 preinstalled
Everthing works fine, except my wifi is giving me some trouble
Whenever there comes a windows update that requires reboot, wifi got disabled as if the wireless card is not detected from PC
It would just show a red X mark on the wifi icon
and if I click on it, there's no enable / disable option; same happens in the settings, wifi submenu is nowhere to be found
Then I head into device manager, and believe it or not there is no wireless adapter at all
At first I thought the wireless card is dead, but after some long research on the web it seems more likely to be just driver-related issue. Turns out that I would have to delete the driver (unhide devices appears wireless adapter), restart the PC, and reinstall driver manually from device manager
Wifi is temporarily functional again using this workaround, but it is also getting very frustrating that I have to repeat all these steps once in a while and I can't enjoy using it like a normal laptop.
This doesn't occur on any of my previous laptop which have windows 10 too, so I'm really suspecting it must either be broadcom not providing a proper driver, or dell using faulty hardware.
If anyone here has the same issue / knows a permanent solution, pl... Read more

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I think I did the worst choice ever... I bought this Dell XPS 13 on last February which was replaced on summer, because I had problem with the grafic card probably ( couldn't connect it to an external display). 
This is an i7 proccesor 6560U, 16G ram 512 ssd... and infinity touch display. running win10 pro
the main reason that I bought it was that the battery lasts up to 18 hours like it says to the dell's site.
I am not new to this of cource I know that 18 hours are unreachable but I was hoping at least to 9-11.
on the contrary the battery does not last more than 4-4.30 hours. with normal use... email serfing on the net , youtbe....
I have the latest BIOS of course ... 
I had even left the laptop on the Bios screen open to check how long it will last with no apps running in the background ... same result ... 5 hours at most .. 
the battery was replaced 2 month ago with no improvment ... same with the new battery as well. 
I have turned the touch screen off, bluetooth as well... everything that I could in order to increaase the battery but with no result. 
I also run the battery test according to the dell's technicians advise, with the result saying that the battery is in good condition.
According to dell all theese are normal... but for me is unexeptable. My macbook pro is 5 years old and the battery lasts 4 hours !!!!
this is my expirience from the top model of dell!! 
any advise before I through it away?

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I have a DELL XPS 13 9350 2016. I purchased it about 7 months ago.
I am getting this issue just today. It takes forever for the laptop too boot after I type my password in. Also, it takes forever to start the starting programs. Its so slow that I can't even post about it using the laptop.
Does anyone know what to do about this?
Also, how long does it usually take to get technical help?

A:DELL XPS 13 9350 booting issues

Are there any bluescreens / system crashes? Is there any damage on the system?
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us. These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional. Also, run an extended / thorough tests on the HDD and memory to check for any possible errors. 
If the system is under warranty, we can help book a service call if the hardware has an issue and needs to be replaced.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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I've got an XPS 13 9350 with a clean install of Windows 10 on it on Bios 1.2.3.  The touchpad has a couple of issues:
1) Bouncy when scrolling.  In a web browser, when using two fingers to scroll down, upon releasing the screen jumps back up a bit - occasionally jumps to the top of the page again.  This is best described is this post, but with no resolution: 
2) Tap to click sometimes stops working.  When this happens if I wiggle a finger on the pad a bit and try again, it starts working again.
3) Click drag releases by itself.  More often than not, if I click and hold the button on the touchpad to move a file, it releases before the button is released.  Its almost impossible to move emails between folders in outlook due to this behaviour.
Are these common issues?  Could I have faulty hardware?  I've run the Dell update utility, but apparently my system is up to date.Any pointers appreciated!

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Touchpad Issues

Hi, I had scrolling issues specifically in Chrome when the XPS13 9350 came out In November. The Windows 10 TH2 update fixed that however. I would assume you have already updated Windows? 
Yours sounds as though you have faulty hardware and should be an easy diagnosis for Dell support. 

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So, my ultimate goal is to connect a Firewire 800 device (medical instrument) via thunderbolt. I got my hands on two Apple thunderbolt adapters, first a TB 3 to TB 2, and then a TB 2 to Firewire 800.

When I connect the TB 3 to TB 2, Windows says "Try improving the USB connection" and it links me to this page. Opening the thunderbolt software shows no connected devices. I have the latest drivers that I am aware of, software package version I have BIOS version 1.4.10. I have disabled the thunderbolt security in BIOS and enabled the boot related thunderbolt options.

What else can I do? Thankful for help!

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This happens randomly.  I can't seem to reproduce it on call.  Basically I close the lid to put it to sleep but the computer doesn't go to sleep. Airplane mode just turns on but the laptop stays on. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Airplane mode sleep issues

Hi Viper2ko,
Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start?
Please update the BIOS and video drivers, also check the advanced power option settings ensure nothing is hindering the sleep mode from working. 
Also do let us know what windows the system is running on, do PM us the system tag# by clicking on my name in blue and select send a private message .
Meanwhile you can go through the below steps to check more on the issue
Open the Start menu and then enter cmd into the search box. Hit enter and the command prompt window should open for you. If not, click it in the search result list.
Note: it is possible that you will need administrative privileges to complete the next part successfully. If you are having trouble, you can attempt to run cmd as Administrator. To do this, search for cmd again, and then right-click it and select Run as administrator.
Now that you have the command prompt window open, enter the following at the command prompt: 

powercfg -requests
There is a space after powercfg
Hit enter . 
If any process or device is preventing your system from going into sleep mode, information about it will be displayed here. The program will attempt to give you precise information on the disturbance
Though we can always rely  on this method, but good to give it a try.



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I have removed the original Win10 and reinstalled from scratch Win8.1 Pro on my Dell xps 13 9350. I have downloaded all the possible drivers from the official "Dell driver download" page and run them all in the order suggested. Also the BIOS is updated. However, there are still several devices not recognized: 1. There is no Win8.1 driver for the trackpad. The one of Win10 is not compatible with Win8.1, so the trackpad is currently recognized in the device manager as PS/2-compatible. Moral: the scroll function does NOT work!! 2. Under "other devices" I get two "PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller" icons and one "unknown device" flagging "there are no compatible drivers for this device" 3. After installing the latest drivers (February updates -not sure which one in particular created the problem) I now get also under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" and icon with "Standard SATA AHCI Controller" flagging "this device cannot start. (Code 10)" While I can live with 2. and 3., the issue 1. with the trackpad is VERY annoying, and it would be great if Dell would provide a driver for it (btw., this model is now more than 3 months on the market). PS: the February update seems has fixed part of the problems with the WiFi and with mouse. I could solve them temporarily in January by installing other drivers of another model (Dell xps 15 9550), in particular these two: Communications_Driver_G1... Read more

A:Dell xps 13 9350 downgrade windows 8.1, trackpad not working and other issues.

Hope this helps for items 1 and 2, not sure about item 3...
For item 1, have you tried using the Windows 7 touchpad driver?  Download link below.  When you run the downloaded Dell Update Package, choose Extract (not Install), and create a folder to extract the files.  Then right click Setup.exe, choose Properties, then click the Compatibility tab, and then check the Compatibility box and choose Windows 7.  This should allow the driver to install successfully.
For item 2, you'll need to install the Serial I/O driver, which isn't listed for Windows 8.1, but you can find it in the Dell Driver Pack for Windows 8.1, link below also.  You'll need something like 7zip to extract the CAB file, but you'll find the driver buried in there.  Once you have the driver pack extracted to a folder, you can go into Device Manager, then right click the PCI Data Acquisition device, then choose Update Driver. Then choose Browse, and point it to the extracted folder and make sure include subfolders is checked.  The driver should then install.
Windows 7 Touchpad driver:

Windows 8.1 Driver Pack:
http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=DRW70&fileId=3491046975&osCode=WB64A&productCode=xps-13-9350-laptop&languageCod... Read more

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Ubuntu 15.x was working great on my Dell XPS 13. After upgrading to 16.04 it appears the drivers for the Broadcom BCM4352 Wireless Network Adapter are not loaded.
lshw -C network says the network is UNCLAIMED
There are now entries in the modprobe.d blacklisted file for Broadcom.
Any help is appreciated.
p.s. I dual boot to Win10. The network is fine there.

A:Ubuntu 16.04 breaks Wifi on Dell XPS 13 (9343)

Go to software & Updates, enable"Proprietary drivers for devices"
Reload sources, and apt-get upgrade 
It'll grab the latest broadcom drivers and intel microcode, you'll need to disable secure boot if its enabled, reboot, and it should work. 
Did it on my 9343 to 16.04 with kernel 4.4.0-21-generic

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Title says it.  Turn bluetooth adapter power on with gui (or cmd line, or in main.conf).  Connect to bluetooth headset, a few seconds after connect, adapter powers off. 
Laptop is a week old and running stock dell ubuntu 16.04.

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My mouse is connecting fine, but it doesnt power up easily. If I stop using it for a few minutes, it powers down, presumably to save the battery. But then it doesnt start up again when I twist the two halves of the mouse.
I keep twisting the mouse slowly to power up and nothing happens, and then randomly, after several tries, it will power up again.
I had this problem with the same mouse and, thinking it was faulty, ordered another, but the same thing occurred.
I like the mouse's shape and weight, but this power issue is a bugbear.

A:Dell bluetooth mouse WM615 with Dell XPS13 - power-up issues

Same issue here. Dell's troubleshooting advice to uncheck the option for "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" on the Power Management tab of the bluetooth radio in the Device Manager did not help either.
Who knows a solution for this issue?

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I just got this xps 13 (9350) developer version with pre-installed ubuntu 14.04. 
When I resume, it gave me an error "suspend/failure" error. What goes wrong here? 

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Typo on the title, I ment Truemobile 360, NOT 355.

I have an older Dell D400 I'm trying to breath some life back into and I thought I would try out Windows 7.

Well, I got everything working good I think, but the Dell 360 Truemobile bluetooth.

Windows 7 just won't see it. No matter what driver pack I try, it says no bluetooth found. The official Dell Vista pack asks me to turn on the bluetooth but I can't even figure out how to do that, and the light on the laptop is not lit up.

I see dell has this app/patch that it suppose to enable the bluetooth but that also tells me no blue tooth found.

I can't use my bluetooth cellphone as a modem, help please.

That being said, other people have been having the same issue with other laptops, same internal bluetooth and W7 but what worked for them doesn't seem to want to work for me.

On a side note it work's under Windows XP, just not W7.

A:Issues with Dell D400 Laptop, Dell 355 Bluetooth and W7

I opened the computer, removed the BT, rebooted, shut down, reinstalled the BT, rebooted and it's working now.


Thanks anyway I guess.

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I bought a Flex 14 from the Lenovo store website a month ago, and I seem to be having problems with my wireless adapter. I can't remember if it is because of the update to 8.1 since I updated my laptop to 8.1 on the day that I received my laptop. No matter how far away I am to the router, my wifi would disconnect. It would disconnect for around 30-60 seconds and happens very often, which is kind of annoying. Other laptops in my house don't experience this kind of issue, so it can't be my wireless router or internet service provider. Bluetooth seems to have issues as well. I bought a bluetooth mouse for my laptop around 2 weeks ago and it disconnects just like my wifi. I've tested the mouse with my phone for a full hour and I did not encounter any problems, so I concluded that it must be my wireless adapter that has a problem. I've tried updating all the drivers from Lenovo support page, but that didn't fix it. So, I tried getting the drivers from Intel, since my adapter is the Intel Wireless-N 7260. That also did not work. Any ideas? I would really appreciate any sort of help right now.   

Go to Solution.

A:Flex 14, Bluetooth and Wifi Issues

Have you tried going to Device Manager and disable roaming or reduce roaming sensitivity? Also try to turn off any kind of power saving features you see.Does your bluetooth mouse come with an additional USB dongle?Does it only happen when you use the BT mouse with your laptop?

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Hi, I bought my notebook "HP Pavilion g6" on January 2013. It was working fine until last month though I was facing some connection problems with wifi after upgradation to Windows 10. Suddenly, after some updates, the wifi and bluetooth adapters have disappeared. I tried to rectify the problem by trying out the solutions given everywhere, but no luck. The adapter itself is missing. Even after downloading the adapter, its not shown in the device manager as well as the network connections. Hence, I am not able to connect to wifi. Please help me with this issue. Thank you,Yadukrishnan Nair

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I bought my Ideapad about 8 months ago.  While it is not a powerhouse, it does what I need quite adequately.  The only problem I have is that the wifi and bluetooth are both sluggish to engage.  I have updated my OS as a whole.  I have also upgraded each driver individually and nothing has changed.  Is it possible to put a "higher quality" (for lack of a better word) wifi/bluetooth card in the computer to fix this problem?  I have tried the other "fixes" I have found but not had any luck.

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My Dell Precision M6500 has two separate half-mini PCI-e slots for WiFi (WLAN) and Bluetooth (WPAN) cards.
Can I install a combined WiFi+Bluetooth module in on of them? Will it work completely, or partly (or finelly not)?
Thank you.

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I was asked to re install windows 8 on a laptop. It's a Dell Inspiron 15 ( 3521 ).

It installed all the drivers except the wifi + Bluetooth driver.

The laptop cannot connect to wifi straight after installing windows 8.

When I run the exe, it gets to the end of the installation it asks for the user to switch on the Bluetooth or wireless switch ( It was one if them, I forgot which one ).

I look all over the laptop and cannot find anything that resembles a switch. I looked at the FN keys and there is no shortcut for it or anything.

I looked to see if it's under settings in windows 8 but the wifi screen says " no devices ".

The laptop has a cheap build.

Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Wifi + Bluetooth driver won't install on dell.

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Have you got the QuickSet Application Installed ? If not Please Install it then using your Function Keys try to enable the Wireless/ Bluetooth Device by pressing FN+F2 or F3 before you Install the Driver ...

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Hi I am Jonathan. I have an Inspiron 3442. Something weird is Happening: I can't turn airplane mode off! I've tried thousand of different methods and non of them have worked. Ive tried:
-the fn+wifi key
-Reinstalled/update network card drivers
-Updated BIOS
-I even tried reinstalling windows, I mean, I restored to factory mode and It didn't work.
I tried many other methods but they didn't work. I need heelp, please
Now I am using my phone as router.

A:Wifi/Bluetooth issues Inspiron 3442

jonalfaro2403,Click the link below to try the steps mentioned.AIRPLANE MODE NOT TURNING OFF IN WINDOWS 10 (FIXED)

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I've tired to install the bluetooth wifi driver given but it didn't work . Then I tried to install other suggested network driver from the internet but those also didn't work . can anyone help ?

A:dell inspiron 3421 bluetooth wifi problem

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Did you Install the Dell Wireless 1703 Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Driver ...

From the Dell Website ? Does your Function Keys work ? ...

Any errors in the Device Manager ? ...
Product Support | Dell US

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Hi all. Nice to meet you. I have a Lenovo Yoga 720 and am noticing two issues.  First, whenever I am on Wifi, my connection will occasionally drop and restart. It is becoming a challenge especially during Skype calls and even simple tasks like browsing. My wifi appears to be OK because I have another PC and Mac that does not have any connectivity issues. Is there something I can do investigate and solve this issues?Moreover, I have connected my Microsoft Sculpt Mouse which had worked great on another PC's. While I can connect it with my Yoga, the connection frequently drops and takes a couple of seconds to re-establish itself. If anything, these issues have become a pain. Any suggestions/ideas on how to rectify the situation would be greatly appreciated!

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Reset BIOS Settings to default to remedy a display issue and when I booted back into windows, Wifi and USB were disabled completely along with many other services.  Lenovo chat support suggested they send me the original Windows 8 Pro disc and re-image, or I send it in for repair under the warranty.  Fiddled around some more and fixed the issue. On this model you have to Spam the "Enter" key at bootup to access the Startup Pause Menu and then Press F1 to enter BIOS.   Upon resetting the BIOS to it's defaults the I/O Ports were set to "Disabled".  To remedy this do the following:  BIOS >  Security Tab > I/O Port Access >  "Enable" all fields. This was the quick fix I was looking for and I ended up finding it out myself.  Hopefully, this can help someone else in the future.  I didn't think to look under the "Security" tab in BIOS for port, wifi, bluetooth issues... but now I know.  #KnowingIsHalfTheBattle.  Cheers. -Rahb

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So I have an interresting situation.

A week ago we ordered a bunch of Asus T100TA transformer book tablets for a customer. One of them wouldn't recognize bluetooth or wifi and it had a problem with the Broadcom Serial Bus Driver over UART Bus Enumerator.
After numerous driver downloads and installs and even a full factory restore (whatever option
in windows 8 where it deletes everything and reinstalls the OS), the issue still persisted. Since the tablet was brand new, we just
submitted a DOA request from our wholesaler and sent the tablet back. No big deal, figured it was a hardware issue.

The other day, a Lenovo tablet came in with the EXACT same problem. Again...driver installs, factory restore etc....and the issue is
still there. SO obviously it's not a hardware issue and despite the numerous posts on the internet, I can't seem to find a solution.

Again, both units have had drivers, bios and factory restores and the issue is still there, immediately after factory restore.

A:Wifi/Bluetooth issues. Broadcom UART Bus. 2 different tabl

If they are coming from the same wholesaler. I would say it is time to find a different company to purchase the units from.

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i can't find
Dell Inspiron 15 3567 Drivers For :-
1- Wireless & Bluetooth (Qualcomm)
2- USB 3.0
for Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Plz help i need them urgently

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Hello, I'm using Dell precision 5510 workstation, when I connect my bluetooth headset .. my wifi connection is very unstable, I've changed my wifi modem settings to 802.11b/g/n to 802.11b/g, also changing the channel and that helped improving stability, however it's not completely stable yet .. when using the wifi bandwidth up to only 4 Mbps, the bluetooth connectivity gets extremely weak, and it's very frustrating ..I've already updated my network and bluetooth drivers to the latest .. still didn't solve this interference issues.
Thanks in advance

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I recently bought a Dell Precision 5510 with Ubuntu 14.04 factory installed.   When adding common packages to get the machine up and running for work the display eventually disappeared and the machine just booted to a black screen.  I then installed 16.04 but have issues with the sound, touchpad and external monitor. 
1) Sound does not work at all.  No speakers or head phone jack.  Under settings/sound it says Dummy Output.   
I've been through this whole page, and updated the kernal several times.
It seems to find a soundcard. 
>aplay -l
**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC3266 Analog [ALC3266 Analog] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
>uname -r
2) The touchpad does not work at all, and I have to use an external mouse all the time. 
3) When connected via the VGA adapter to some VGA projectors the external display is dropped after a few minutes.  It will come back with enough clicking around.  I've used these same projectors just fine with my old 12.04 machine.  
This is all extremely frustrating.  Buying the machine with Ubuntu installed should mean it works with Linux.    

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I have installed the most recent drivers for my bluetooth and wifi devices. I have also installed the latest Win10 updates. This wifi and bluetooth problem has been around for a while. If my laptop starts up with bluetooth on, I cannot connect to the wifi until bluetooth is off. Then when i can turn on bluetooth while the wifi is still on. Sometimes, if i turn bluetooth on while wifi is on, the wifi will turn off and there is no possible way to connect to the same wifi connection again (I can connect to other wifi), until i restart my computer. Sometimes when i disconnect bluetooth by going out of range or closing the flap, sometimes it reconnects, sometimes after turning the bluetooth off to start it up again, it just wont start. I have a feeling that running wifi and bluetooth at the same time is sacrificing significant wifi speed.

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i tried installing the drivers but i cant, help me to install the wifi and bluetooth drivers for my laptop.

A:I cannot install wifi and bluetooth drivers for my laptop. (dell inspiron 3521)

Hi manu22,
Welcome to Dell community!
I would like to know if you have reinstalled the operating system and trying to reinstall the drivers. If that is the case, please refer the following article for instructions to install all the drivers in the correct order: http://dell.to/Ynnsnr
If the issue persists, please let me know what exactly happens when you try to install the WiFi and Bluetooth drivers, and include any error message that appears. Also, confirm the operating system (32 or 64-bit) installed in the computer.

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I don't know if I am alone with this issue.... hopefully someone can help? 
My XPS 13 9360 will lose it's bluetooth connection when using the Microsoft Designer Mouse.  The bluetooth menu will also disappear from the control panel, however, the bluetooth information remains in Device Manager. 
I end up having to re-install the bluetooth drivers and it takes a few attempts for the bluetooth menu to re-appear.  I've switched all the bluetooth services on, checked the BIOS and everything looks OK. 
Please help :) 

A:Dell XPS 13 9360 Windows 10 Bluetooth Issues

j4mietMy XPS 13 9360 will lose it's bluetooth connection when using the Microsoft Designer Mouse.  The bluetooth menu will also disappear from the control panel, however, the bluetooth information remains in Device Manager
Could you let us know what version of Wi-Fi card you have?
If you open Device Manager and look at the Bluetooth device and its properties, there is an Events tab.  You might check that to see what might be happening.  If it is losing it drivers and having to reinstall over and over, it might show up.

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Hi all
I am trying to use the internet connection on my Xperia Z3compact from my XPS13 9350 using Bluetooth.
I can setup the connection and I do get internet connectivity on the XPS13. However shortly after I set up the connection between the two devices, I get a blue screen on the XPS13 with the message "INVALID_MDL_RANGE". This happens every time. I have found the following reference to this stop code:
I am using Windows 10 1607 with atest updates on the XPS13 and 
Android 6.0.1 build 23.5.A.0.575 on the Xperia Z3c
Has anyone else encountered this issue?
Thanks a lot for any help.

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The XPS 13 9350 has all newest drivers and firmware. However, the bluetooth driver crashes every now and then after waking up from sleep. It gives two notifications and then restarts/recovers. The first one is: "This operation is not allowed by the group policy set by your IT administrator.", the second says something like the bluetooth is active but not discoverable. I didn't get the exact wording of the second message, but it happens after the driver recovers. Bluetooth device is not usable during the crash and the recovery.

A:XPS13 9350 Bluetooth crash after wakinng up

Hi Tian100
Thanks for writing to us. 
Post the issue started, have you tried updating the video and bluetooth driver? (as you mentioned initially all drivers are uptodate) 
Please remove all the paired devices/profiles from the bluetooth list . 
Was there any recent hardware or software changes done on the system ?
Also ensure if its a company system, there are no restrictions set by the IT department. If there are restrictions set, you will need to check with your IT dept for the same. and remove the restrictions. 
Do PM us the system tag# and email address as well by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message.


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Hello all,

My company has many Dell Vostro's in circulation of older and newer hardware types.

The newest one's we have: Vostro 3360, 3460 and 3555 are all having major Wifi connectivity issues with their Dell 1905 (pardon if the model is off) Wireless B/G/N Bluetooth cards. Updating drivers of all versions has not solved the issue and rolling back to the oldest ones doesn't help either.

We decided to purchase a couple Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235 Dualband Wifi/Bluetooth cards to replace the Dell 1905 cards to see if the card was the culprit, but after taking 2 of the systems apart and installing the card, the computer would not accept the new card at all. In fact, loud beeping as if the RAM was bad or something started. Are these systems only able to use the Wifi cards they are equipped with? Seems kind of strange that you couldn't buy another manufacturer's mini-PCI-E Wifi card and use it in these machines.

Any idea what could be happening? Any help or direction would be very helpful, as I am running out of ideas on why these newer system's wifi isn't working on our network with all our older Dell's and Apple computers.

Cheers and thanks!


A:Dell Vostro Family WiFi Issues

Anyone answer this?

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This is my third laptop from leneveo series and this time i am strugling hard due to wifi issue i am facing on my machine. Bought myself a nice new Ideapad 310, but I'm having wifi issues. I know it's not the card itself as it's working fine in Windows. A little bit of console output: [email protected]:~$ lspci | grep Wireless02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8821AE 802.11ac PCIe Wireless Network Adapter   There is another odd thing I noticed that might be relevant: After the internet has dropped out, I can disconnect from the wlan via the icon but I can't reconnect.   I would be very happy if you could help me with this problem. If you need any other information, tell me and I will post it.Thanks! EDIT: After some more searching, I found some posts/articles that describe exactly the same problem as I have:Wireless disconnect issues Ubuntu 16.04 with RTL8821aehttps://medium.com/@elmaxx/rtl8821ae-wifi-drivers-in-ubuntu-16-04-4c1286524afa#.dsczz2t2whttps://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2245164  Unfortunately, in some posts the problem stays unsolved and in some others, where solutions are posted, the solutions don't work for me, so I really count on your help. 

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Hello, I am new to this forum, because I have some problems

Last week I got my new XPS 13 (9350 with touch). Most things are absolutely fine, just the internet connection is horrible when I am not sitting next to the router, which not an option for me. The WiFi adapter is a Dell Wireless 1820A and the drivers are the latest (1.519.0.0), though it didn't worked with the preinstalled one as well.

Someone pointed me that it might be related to 2,4 and 5 GHz connections, but I am currently not able to disable 5 GHz WiFi at the router (if this really should be the issue). At the same time I am using a Realtek RTL8191SU USB-Adapter, with that I have absolutely usable internet at the same position I do not have a real connection with the built-in adapter.

I used the cmd commands netsh > wlan > show all and it displays me, that I am connected with the built-in adapter using 802.11n through Channel 6 with 20% signal quality. With the Realtek adapter it says 802.11g, Channel 6 and 82% signal quality. Channel 6 is 2,4 GHz for me.

In the Adapter Properties for the Realtek adapter I can set the connection mode to either 802.11b, 802.11b/g or 802.11b/g/n (the last one is selected). In the Properties for the built-in adapter I cannot set anything like this, though I believe it could work to disable 802.11n. Is there another way to do this or any other solution?

Best Regards

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Hi All,
I received my brand new Kaby Lake powered Dell XPS 13 9360 a couple of weeks back and I have been suffering from wifi disconnect issues since then. The USB LAN connection works perfectly using the Dell USB C adapter.
I have tried all the standard troubleshooting steps:
1. BIOS and Killer 1535 Wireless Adapter Driver updated to latest version  (including uninstalling and reinstalling the wireless drivers)
2. Updated Windows 10 to the latest anniversary edition
3. Changed Power Saving settings on the Wireless Adapter using Powershell commands as there are no Power management options for the Killer Wireless adapter in Device Manager 
(Disable-NetAdapterPowerManagement -Name "Wi-Fi" -NoRestart)
After running the above command I get the status of the relevant power mgmt parameters as below (though not sure if its really effective)
DeviceSleepOnDisconnect : InactiveWakeOnMagicPacket : Disabled
 4. Installed the latest Intel PROSet/Wireless Software and Drivers for Windows 10
Even after running step 1 and then later step,2 the wifi connection used to disconnect after some time (especially when a large file was being downloaded or any high network usage activity). Running a speed test of my broadband connection is a sure way to disconnect from wifi. More importantly this disconnection used to crash the Access Point on my TP-Link WR841N router which caused all my other devices to lose network connection as well and required a Router restart.
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Hello! I've been having issues with my wife's Inspiron 1525 ever since I put Win7 64-bit on it. At first when I would minimize a window the wallpaper would look like it was a set of mini blinds. I updated the driver (don't remember what to) and now occasionally when a window gets minimized the wallpaper gets pixelated/grainy/noisy. If I open the wallpaper in any picture viewer it displays just fine. I've searched and searched and can't find any one else who's had a similar problem.

I've also been experiencing wifi connection issues. At random times the 1525 will lose its wifi connection. I'll run the network config wizard and it will fix the issue saying that the problem was something with the DNS server. I have a Netgear WNR3500 Rev.1 with the latest firmware. I read somewhere that this could be caused by the router PIN so I disabled the PIN and it worked for a while but not it is dropping the connection again.

Any help would be appreciated as my wife gets frustrated when things like this happen...help me make my wife happy!


A:Dell Inspiron 1525 pixelated wallpaper/wifi issues

Quote: Originally Posted by monkeyspit83

Hello! I've been having issues with my wife's Inspiron 1525 ever since I put Win7 64-bit on it. At first when I would minimize a window the wallpaper would look like it was a set of mini blinds. I updated the driver (don't remember what to) and now occasionally when a window gets minimized the wallpaper gets pixelated/grainy/noisy. If I open the wallpaper in any picture viewer it displays just fine. I've searched and searched and can't find any one else who's had a similar problem.

I've also been experiencing wifi connection issues. At random times the 1525 will lose its wifi connection. I'll run the network config wizard and it will fix the issue saying that the problem was something with the DNS server. I have a Netgear WNR3500 Rev.1 with the latest firmware. I read somewhere that this could be caused by the router PIN so I disabled the PIN and it worked for a while but not it is dropping the connection again.

Any help would be appreciated as my wife gets frustrated when things like this happen...help me make my wife happy!


Ok this seems like several different issues. I have the exact same computer and the firsat problem sounds like the wrong video driver. (you probably have the intel 845 chipset) If you go to intel and get the latest driver that should help with that problem

The second problem I would bet is being casued by using "homegroup" for your Networking. ... Read more

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