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Laptop only charges when turned off

Q: Laptop only charges when turned off

Hi! Since a couple of weeks my laptop only charges when shut down or in sleep mode. When I plug it in when it's turned on, the charging light turns orange and the battery icon says ''plugged in not charging" but after a few seconds the light turns white and the "plugged in not charging" disappears. Does anyone know what's wrong?

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Preferred Solution: Laptop only charges when turned off

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


HI, Lenovo G460 laptop (battery ) is not charging when turned on. When laptop turned on and plugged in , then intially it charges for a minute to five minutes and then it stops. When we mouse hoverd on the battery icon is displaying message as the percentage of battery available. No message as "Charging" is displayed. But it charges when turned off. Once after tutning off the laptop it charges from min to 100 percent without any issue. thank you. Can someone suggest me the solution. thnksIndra reddy

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Hey there,My laptop only turns on if the battery is charged in another laptop then put into mine, then while turned on it will continue to charge the battery and work normally.But it will not turn on with just the charger plugged in OR with a flat battery, it will also not charge the battery if it is turned off.Worst of all if the laptop is turned off for more than 5 minutes then the battery instantly goes flat.So I again must charge it in a different laptop to be able to turn mine on.It's not the battery nor the charger as I have tried my friends of each which work perfectly fine in his laptop but I still have the same problems with them.Any ideas?

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I am working on a Lenovo G50-70 laptop that Only charges the battery when the computer is turned off. When the computer is turned on it shows "plugged in not charging" Also the battery continuously drains while the computer is turned on and the computer will not turn on with just the cord.I tested with 3 different OEM cords same result.I tested it with a new charging port.I tested it with a OEM battery from another laptopI tested it with a new drive/clean install of windows 10 samethingI am wondering if the bios had an update that caused this (not my computer so I don't know if a bios update was installed) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

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Hello, My 4 year old Y50-70 has recently stopped charging when it's turned on and I receive this message. Adapter is not supportedYet when I turn the laptop off it charges normally. And I am using my regular charger, I'm a bit lost why it stopped working overnight. I took it to a computer repair store where they told me it was the battery that needed replacing, but surely if that was the case my battery wouldn't be able to charge at all. They also told me my charger wasn't faulty. Can someone help me with this, It's getting a bit annoying to only use my laptop on a single charge which with a 4 year old battery isn't very much.Thank you

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Help community      My PC started having this problem like 2 days ago.  It started this by not charging at all when plugged in and will only do so after several trialsbut now it is worse and so I have no option than to  charge to a hundred percent before I  use then I switch off and chargeagain before using as the machine will not charge when it is switched on.the battery icon does not show charging and the led light remains white when connected.This situation is really worrisome as pc will not work even as a desktop

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Unfortunately my HP Envy charges only when it is in sleep mode or turned off. I perfomed a troubleshoot and I got an error saying that I should buy a new battery. So, I ordered a new HP battery. The problem is that even with the new battery the problem continues. I even used another compatible charger, to ensure that it is not a charger problem, and I got the same message. "Plugged in, not charging". I unistalled the AC Adapter and reinstalled the drivers from the Device Managers, but the problem did not get fixed. Moreover I also performed Windows Troubleshooting, but nothing relevant comes up. Moreover there is another problem. Some times, the screen starts to act weird. It goes white with some strips and it freezes and after some time it operates normally again. I don't think the two problems are related, but I thought it is good to mention both. HP Envy 15 NoteBook PC, Windows 10 (64 bit) - all hardware fully updated. Thanks in advance.  

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OS: Windows 10Problem: When turned on, battery status says "plugged in, not charging" when AC is connected. When turned off and AC is connected, battery is charged as it should. Soon as laptop is turned on again, only battery power is used. I have been through all battery and power related settings. Nothing helps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Anyone? :-) -Jake

A:Ideapad Y700 battery only charges when turned off ...

If you have a multimeter, how much power is the AC adapter drawing while it is actually charging? Just to check if it is still powerful enough or dying.

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Great laptop that Ive been using for 1.5 years. Recently I've noticed my battery is showing signs of an error other Dell users are reporting.
Laptop charges fine to 76% then it starts alternating from "plugged in, charging" to "plugged in, not charging". Charging after 76% becomes really slow.
What I've done so far:
1. Updated BIOS
2. Updated Dells Power Management tool
3. BIOS can detect the adapter (45W). Im using the adapter that came with the laptop
4. Battery settings in power management and BIOs are set to Standard
5. Completely drained the battery and tried doing a full charge
6. Uninstalled Microsoft ACPI compliant control in device manager then re-installed
Battery diagnostics show the battery is in EXCELLENT health.
Any ideas?

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I have been running my laptop off the charger for a few months now (the laptop does hold some charge when running off the battery, but only 30 mins tops before the battery is empty - need a new one).

Today I turned the laptop on with the charger plugged in but the laptop wasn't charging and running off the battery. On the original charger, it neither charges (light comes on) when its off or on.

So I bought a new charger but again the laptop doesn't charge when on. When the laptops off with the new charger plugged in the port lights up (I'm assuming its charging) but when I turn the laptop on, the light goes off and the laptop runs off the battery.

Is this because the battery is knackered and needs a new one? Or could this be something else?

Thanks for any help.

A:Laptop charges when off but not when on

Yeah it sounds like you may need a new battery. My brother just had a similar problem with his laptop. It would not charge at all when on or off. They switched out the charger, that didn't work. Then they switched the connector that was in the laptop, that didn't work. Turns out it was the battery, doh!

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Hi all, My laptop is new, i've had it for just about a month now. There's usually an orange charging light on the side of the laptop that illuminates when the charger is plugged in. However recently, whenever my laptop is on and i try to charge it, the orange light illuminates for a matter of seconds and comes up with the message "plugged in but not charging" and then the light just turns white and the laptop continually runs as if nothing is plugged in. However, when the laptop is turned off, the orange light will iluminate and will  charge to 100%. The charger is completely fine as it appears to charge the laptop when it is off. I have even purchased a new charger and that has made no difference. It appears as though it's some type of settings problem, but i have checked settings and nothing seems to be different. Any help would be appreciated, as i'd hate to have to keep switching of my laptop just so that it will charge.

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my laptop only charges when it is switched off

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Hi all, My laptop is new, i've had it for just about a month now. There's usually an orange charging light on the side of the laptop that illuminates when the charger is plugged in. However recently, whenever my laptop is on and i try to charge it, the orange light illuminates for a matter of seconds and comes up with the message "plugged in but not charging" and then the light just turns white and the laptop continually runs as if nothing is plugged in. However, when the laptop is turned off, the orange light will iluminate and will  charge to 100%. The charger is completely fine as it appears to charge the laptop when it is off. I have even purchased a new charger and that has made no difference. It appears as though it's some type of settings problem, but i have checked settings and nothing seems to be different. Any help would be appreciated, as i'd hate to have to keep switching of my laptop just so that it will charge.

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Hey There.
I have a problem with my laptop. It started off working fine but recently I started having trouble.
When I plug in the charger, it charges fine but then after 2 minutes the charging led goes off then on then off then on for 4 seconds, as if im taking off the charger, and putting it back on. Then after those 4 seconds or so are up, it starts charging normally again.. then does it a few mins/seconds later.
What is wrong? can it be a driver issue?
Due to this, it never reaches 100% only 10%
I know for sure its not the ac or battery.

A:Laptop charges then stops

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Hi everyone.

My laptop is giving me issues. About 3 days ago it started to only charge to 84% while plugged in. So last night I went to sleep and left it plugged in while the laptop was off. I woke up and it is still only charged to 84%.

It's a gateway and it's only 6 months old. The last laptop I had was an Acer and it never did this once in 3 years. Is the battery defective or could this be something else?

Any help is appreciated. thanks

A:Solved: Laptop only charges to 84%?

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Hello, I am running into a major issue. My laptop charges for a few seconds them stops. When I start my computer it starts running but after a few seconds it stops, so i have to close it and wait for several minutes and come back and start it. The battery icon doesn't show ' plugged in, not charging' instead it shows ' xx% remaining' .  And I've noticed that it charges for 10 seconds, then stops and again charges after 30 sec.  I have Windows 8.1 64- bit.  Please help me..

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Hi, I have had amy laptop for a few years and it has always charged well - after using it whilst I was away it sudenly stopped charging when in use. It still charges when in standby mode or when turned off but not when I am using it. When the charger is plugged in I get this error message "the power adaptor does not matchup with the computer and cannot supply power Buy" it obviously works to charge and is the original power supply supplied with the laptop so I am reluctant to replace it. I wonder if it is a software issue - Any suggestions and ideas greatfully recieved. many thanks  

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ive got a brand new battery in an old dell inspiron n4030 lappy, win 7 64bit. It never charges more than 86 pc and runs out of juice at about 26pc [on the task bar] . To try and calibrate it ive run full charge/discharge cycles 4 times. Only a couple of pc better

using power plan called "balanced" and default settings, anyway, the recommended one

currently the pc is set to shut down/sleep at 2 pc but because the battery expires much earlier [around 26pc] it just crashes, which cant be good for the HD. Will change this setting.
any ideas anyone


A:laptop battery never fully charges

I think you need to select power saver and make a plan for battery. Maybe it works in your case.

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Hello!A few years ago I bought a HP ProBook 450G1 and I've been using it for a while. Last month I had to get it fixed because it wouldn't turn on, somethings were damaged by a faulty charger. Since then, I bought a new charger (Hama, universal charger) and the voltage matches the original one.Since I got my laptop back from the service, I have this problem: when it's plugged in, it charges for a few seconds and then it says "Plugged in, not charging" and after a bit more time it starts charging again. The battery level stays the same. I've never changed my battery.I have also tried reinstalling the ACPI-Compliant Contro Method Battery from Device Manager. I have also tried unplugging the charger, removing the battery and all the peripherals and afterwards holding the power button for 20-40seconds. I updated the BIOS aswell, I got the update from HP website. The problem was there before the update, and it still appears.Please note that if I remove my battery, but the laptop is still plugged in, it will shut down after some seconds. 

A:Laptop charges for a few seconds, then says not charging, st...

Is the battery original? The knee-jerk here is to blame the "universal" adapter. Have you tried the diagnostics on the battery by tapping esc or F2 as you power up? 

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I have an HP laptop with core I7 processor 2.4Ghz with 12Gb ram and 1Tb HD. Just purchase a new battery as the old one would no longer charge. Now, when plugged in, and the battery charges to 100%, the laptop shuts down. Any suggestions??

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My laptop only charges when in sleep mode or when switched off. I have tested my charger properly and it is fine. When I charge my laptop when it is on, the charging area goes orange for a few seconds then white which is what should only happen when your laptop is fully charged. However my laptop does this even with 8% of battery left. It seems like the laptop always thinks it's fully charged when on. How do I fix this?

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Hi guys, apparently last night my laptop decided that it no longer wants to charge while it is on. i have tried pressing the power button fix i have tried opening the laptop and checking the charging port, i also opened the charger to see if something is wrong in there, nothing is wrong its all fine. the laptop only charges while it is off, when i press the power button the charging light turns off and also does the AC light, and it boots up on the battery fine. i really need help and a solution for this.

A:laptop wont charge while it is running but charges only when...

Hi @Kashiffc154,


Good day .and thank you for choosing the HP community. ! It is a great location to find resolutions.


I reviewed the post about charging issues with the unit. It charges only when the unit is turned off. I?ll be more than happy to assist you here.

 At the outset, you?ve diagnosed the issue perfectly and performed great analysis of the situation before posting the query on HP forums.

 Excellent job on that score. Kudos to you. It is always a privilege to work with technically savvy customers.

 I take it as a privilege to share this platform with you. We value your relationship with HP and wish to serve you better.


It looks like a hardware issue with the unit. The battery controllers that supply charge to the battery are not functioning while the computer is powered on and work only when it is powered down.


For better clarity and to assist you better I would require more information regarding this.
Did it this begin after any update like windows update, bios update or any other update?
Have you tried with a different battery or charger if you could get hold of one?
For now please follow these steps.
Uninstall the ACPI drivers from device manager for the battery.
 Then test and calibrate the battery.
Then change the power plan to the windows default plan.

Steps to uninstall the ACPI drivers
Right-Click on start button> click device manager> Batteries>then select th... Read more

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I have a HP stream x360, and it is having battery problems. First of all, it drains even when I shut it down completely. I shut it down with approximately 90% battery and about a day later it wont turn on. So I go to charge it, which leads to my second problem. It charges insanely slow. It has been plugged in for 12 hours, and when I press power, the button lights up for 5 seconds and then turns off. It isn't a kink in the wire because I store it properly, and it is unravelled when charging. It isn't the outlet because ai have moved 3 times, which means totally different outlets, but all with the same charge speed; SLOW. Finally, it is actually fully plugged into the computer because the little red light IS on, indicating it is charging. So what do I do? What is wrong? I can't take out a battery because it is internal. And currently, I cannot do anything with the computer because it is still dead, and it has a habit of taking 2 days to charge. About. Please help. I got it about 9 months ago. It isn't even a year old.

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Long story short - I spilt water over my laptop keyboard and uplugged both AC cable and battery. 3 to 4 days later i plugged it in again, placed the battery and it was charging and running on it without any problem for 2 hours. Then i decided that it's just fine so I plugged the AC cable and I haven't used it on battery for 20-30 days. Well, today I unplugged the AC cable and my laptop turned off.
I downloaded a diagnostic tool called BatteryMon and it says:
(Since I'm unable to post images which is sad - please copy and paste it into your browser adress tab)
So, can anyone please tell me what does it really mean ? I can see that it says it's 120% charged which is overcharging, isn't it ? I'm not really into electrics, so please help me - how am I supposed to get my laptop battery working if it isn't dead ?

A:Lenovo G560 battery charges but laptop won't run on it

The battery contacts could be corroded by the spilled water. It takes time for this corrosion to develop so that's why the time that the laptop worked. The water could have affected other internal circuits too over time. The laptop needs to be opened up and inspected

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Hi guys, I have a problem with my laptop battery. It refuses to charge unless it's completely drained to 0%. It has no problem charging back up to 100% afterwards, but it just won't charge if it's anything above 0% even if the laptop is turned off, which has me baffled. I've searched for this problem but all I've found are instances where the battery WON'T charge after a complete drain, which is like the opposite of my problem...

I have an Averatec 2100 laptop running Windows XP. My battery specs are as follows:

Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery
Name: MS-1013
Unique ID: (blank)
Chemistry: LION
Power state: On Line
Manufacturer: (blank)

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

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Hi All, Brand new laptop: HP Notebook - 17-x116dxAll Windows Updates have been applied, devmgmt.msc shows all drivers as up to date and identified.Symptoms are the same across 2 batteries tested, all test were run on both with the same results.When the laptop is in use, it maintains the same battery level and indicates that it is plugged in, not charging.If the computer is in Sleep or is powered off, the battery will charge and does reach 100%.I've ran tests to confirm the machine will run perfectly fine with the battery removed over the stock AC power adapter.Tried the usual suggestions of:Running the HP Support diagnostics on the AC Adapter and Battery, all of which pass.Doing the whole shutdown start up ritual involving removing ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and AC Adapter, then reinstalling them.I have 2 batteries because the (at that point in time) outdated BIOS flagged the stock battery with a code, but every subsequent test said the battery passed. I had the battery RMA'd for a brand new one and have since run the same gamut of tests with the same result, just that this battery passes the diagnostics every time.I've about had it with this computer, lol. I've been working in hardware and software technical jobs for the past 15 years and now am a Systems Administrator for a living, and in all my years I've never seen either a battery or an OS (Windows 10) have such problems with reporting and charging like this before, yet display such anomalous behavio... Read more

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Hi if anyone can help i would be so greatful!!

I have a laptop which slows down as soon as i plug it into the mains. When running on batteries it is as fast as it should be and is perfect. I could comprehend the problem if it was the otherway around but this is too wierd.

I have rebooted the wholes system, it is clean as a whistle, over 30G of space, Virus checker / Firewall / ADaware remover / Registry cleaner / Defraged / Disk Cleanup - everything is in working order to keep this machine clean and healthy and it is.

The problem is most apparent when watching movies or clips, as the image goes out of sinc with the sound, freezes or goes super-slow, yet as soon as i remove the plug, and it's running on batteries it's fine again.

I know someone out there must have a solution.


A:Laptop runs slow, when i plug it in & it charges

Doesn't quite make sense as far as the battery vs. plug -- but otherwise the symptoms may fit an IDE controller in PIO mode.

> If you open the Device Manager (run devmgmt.msc) and select the entry for IDE ATA/Atapi and select the Primary IDE > Advanced Settings, does it say the "current transfer mode" is DMA or PIO?

If it says PIO, first ensure "Use DMA if Available” is selected, then select the driver tab and uninstall the driver and reboot. Then check again.

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I have a HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-g187cy  touch screen runnin windows 10 (64 bit)  and I've had it for a little less than a year. Lately, I've noticed that while charging the videos that I'm watching (youtube, facebook, movies, etc.) turn black and white. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's starting to happen more frequently than not and it's a little annoying. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the graphics and nada. Anyone else have any idea why this is happening and how I can fix this? Thanks, in advance. 

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Hello, I have Lenovo T431s laptop, recently experiencing a very strange battery charging issue. Recently my laptop stops charging but the yellow light on the power button blinks continuously when connected the adapter. Switched off the laptop and when switching on it, battery starts charging.Also on waking from sleep, battery charges. Could say laptop only charges on waking but not charging when it is off or connects the adapter when it is running.Why the system behaves in such way, is there any fix for this issue? OS: ubunutu 17.10  Thanks and Regards,Mohan

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Ever since yesterday I've had this problem, I tried several solutions and none of them worked. Basically the problem is: The laptop only works on battery now. When the battery is at 0% the laptop turns off even if the AC is plugged in. To make matters worse, when the laptop is on I get this message "plugged, not charging". So basically the AC no longer works by itself and only charges the battery when the laptop is off. Here is what I tried so far:- Changing the settings on the Lenovo Energy Mangement tool- Uninstalling the Lenovo Energy Mangement tool - Taking off the battery and AC, pushing the power button for 30 seconds, putting them back in and turning on the laptop.- Starting the laptop on safe mode- Praying to God None of these things worked. Somebody help.

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I've an Inspiron 15 7560, it's just just 3 months old. The design capacity of the battery in this thing is 41,998 mWh but windows batteryreport and hwmonitor are showing a full charge capacity of 39,079 mWh. That's 7% less. But the strange thing is that batteryreport as well as hwmonitor show a charge level of 107% when the laptop is full charged. And that's not on one occasion, every full charge is shown as 107%.. The thing that's even more strange is that according to battery capacity history of powercfg batteryreport that drop in capacity happened just around the time I changed the battery charge setting from "Adaptive" to "Primarily AC Use" in Dell Power Manager Lite. What's happening here?

A:7% battery wear on new laptop but battery charges up to 107% according to batteryreport

The lowering of the threshold is what is intended.
This link will give you more information on the charge options.

For your specific case  
"Primarily AC — Extends battery life by lowering the charge threshold, so that the battery never charges to 100 percent capacity. Recommended for users who primarily operate the system while plugged into an external power source."

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Hi, I recently changed my wireless security type from 'No Authentication (open)' to 'WPA-Personal' Encryption type 'TKIP'.

I did this after becoming concerned about other people outside of my home possibly being able to use my wireless connection and reading up about how to change it.

There are two laptops in the home, and I have changed the security settings for both to WPA-Personal(is it better if it is WPA2 or is WPA-Personal good enough??).

The problem I now have is that when the first laptop is switched off, my own laptop loses connection to the internet.

I did a bit of reading and tried a suggestion to fix my IP address?(one of the messages I get is 'invalid IP address'). I did this and it hasn't worked. I am assuming that I am now connecting to the router through the first laptop, but I do not know how to change this.

I would like to have both laptops able to connect to the internet independently of each other.

Many thanks in advance


A:One laptop cannot connect to internet when other laptop is turned off.

I would change to WPA-2 and reconnect to the router with the first laptop off.

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my laptop goes off when i turned on

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I have a windows 8 Sony laptop.
I turned it on to see it was updating. In the bottom
Righthand corner it said something about the laptop
Restarting in 2 days, then knocked off and won't turn
Back on??
Does this mean that it actually won't start again for two days?
This has never happened before

A:Laptop turned off

Never seen this action.

Could the battery be dead?

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just found this website. thanks.
i have accidentaly turned the latop screen off on my dell 505. i am using windows xp.
any suggestions for a fix? thanks, in advance beckhousehold1

A:Laptop screen turned off

Pleae describe in more detail what you did to turn it off.
One way is to press the on button then repeatedly press the F1, F2, or F12 keys... they will eventually get you to a place where you can fix.
If you get nothing when you boot and press one of those three keys, you have a serious problem that will require technical knowledge... or a review of all the materials Dell makes available online for the people who purchase their computers,
Good luck

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Something just happened that kind of has me worried. I was working on a spreadsheet when all of the sudden my screen goes black. I jiggle the mouse and nothing happens but after pressing the power button the screen came back on exactly where I was like it suddenly went to sleep or something. But it's not supposed to go to sleep if I'm using it and moving the mouse usually wakes it up. It also didn't gradually fade out like it does when it goes to sleep it just snapped straight to black. I also don't think it overheated because it was actually cool to the touch, it has been physically warmer than that in the past without problems.
So far (And hopefully totally) it's only happened once but it has me worried.
Windows 8.1
Lenovo G50-45

A:Laptop Monitor Just Turned Off

Okay. I'm starting to think, or at least hoping, what happened was I accidentally hit one of the function keys when  I was trying to input a number and that did something weird. I remember it seemed to happen the moment I tried to put in a number. I don't remember exactly what it was but I THINK it was a six which would mean I probably hit either F6 or F7 since those are both directly above the 6 key. I can't seem to find anything to tell me what these keys do though (Without simultaneously holding the Fn key) but F6 has a picture of a little box with a diagonal line through it and F7 has a little airplane on it.
(Hitting the wrong key is a problem I've had with this laptop since I've had it. The keyboard seems a little smaller than my old one and I often do things like hitting "Num Lock" when trying to hit "Backspace")

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Laptop keeps turning off, on start up

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I was playing Xcom on my laptop and the thing just turned off right away. When I was doing the tool thing to collect info, I saw a few errors pop up so I included a picture of one in the zip file that I added here. Thanks for the help.

UPDATE: Sorry I combined a following post and put it here to save you guys the hassle of reading 3 posts. It just happened again and this time I had the intake vent clear. I checked the event viewer and the times this happened had one event ID is 507 and the other is 532 and the source is ESENT. I'm almost positive it's a bad HDD so if it is then I'm just getting an SSD. I assume this because the laptop worked fine for a year but it's always had some HDD quirks such as wallpapers not changing when I set them up as a slideshow and updates not being able to be completed. Sometimes it would freeze and become unresponsive for a few seconds, other times I would have to ctrl alt del to task manager and I would see the disk being used 100% when I wasn't even doing anything. And the only 2 times it shut off I was playing Xcom and I was loading a level from the HDD. I just figure those are HDD problems. I ran Seatools but the test I run never has a problem.

This is the event viewer:

Warning 11/28/2014 1:46:17 PM ESENT 507 Performance
Warning 11/28/2014 1:46:16 PM ESENT 532 General
Warning 11/28/2014 1:46:16 PM ESENT 532 General
Warning 11/28/2014 1:46:12 PM ESENT 532 General

This is the description of the first warning:

LiveComm (4428) C:\Users\Pat... Read more

A:Laptop just turned off suddenly

Wow this is really fun having this problem for about 5 days now and having it happen at least twice a day. I just had it happen again... fun...

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Hello,I recently purchased a P1 Thinkpad. When I'm in the office I use it as a desktop - I have it plugged into my monitor and I have sleep turned off so my laptop can remain closed. With this setup everything works well but as soon as I shutdown my laptop, the laptop fan turns on at full speed. The fan will remain on at full speed until I remove power from the HDMI input (either remove power to the monitor or unplug the HDMI cable).Any idea what is going on? It's not a big deal, just very annoying that I can't leave my monitor plugged into my laptop.Thanks

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Just a few minutes ago, I was doing some light gaming (nothing major, just some Facebook games I play), when suddenly the laptop just cut out. I checked the vents, there was no heat at all on any part of the laptop. I also checked Event Viewer, nothing except for a Computer improperly shut down error. Any ideas?

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My Sony vaio cr140e laptop works fine when running standalone. When I connect it to Sony LCD TV, it gets turned off after sometime. My laptop always runs on power as battery is not working. Any ideas/help is appreciated.


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Laptop died suudenly and this appears. What do I do?

A:Laptop suddenly turned off

Looks like there could be a Boot Password set, can you confirm that ?

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my laptop is turned off and not on again because of hibernate in windows 7.... plz help me

A:my laptop is turned off and not on again because of hibernate

Can you be a bit more specific about "not turn on again?"

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I'm going to be traveling for the next year, and I'm not taking my laptop with me. I have a Dell Inspiron from August 2006, and someone told me that the internal battery would "die" if I keep the machine turned off for a year. Is someone able to confirm or deny this? Ideally, I would like to be able to use it when I return. I also have a friend who could turn it on for me regularly while I'm gone to keep it working, if that would be good. But if that's an option, I'm wondering how often it should be turned on. Can anyone help with this? I would really appreciate any advice! Thanks a lot!

A:Can I keep my laptop turned off for a year?

I would recommend removing the battery if you're not going to be using it for a year. You will need to charge the battery completely when you go to use it again.

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Hello,So some users have posted here regarding with their laptops having issues in turning it back on but i need to find a close answer for this. I was downloading a movie then went to the bathroom for a moment then when i came back, i thought it was just on sleep mode but i remembered it well that my laptop would only go on sleep mode after 45 mins. So i tried hard reset but nothing happened. I took out the plug (i didn't use the battery so i had to plug it) then back again, turned? it on, but the fan would make a sound then off again. Even if i hard reset it, the fan would have an on-off action. Are there any ways that could solve this?Note: I never used the battery.Thanks in advance!

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hello this lately Ive been getting blue screens off death every time i shutdown my laptop the screen turned off then turns back on with a blue screen 7a. Ive been viewing my dump files with blue screen viewer the results are as follows-

12/06/11-kernel data in page error -0x0000007a (parameters -0xc049a498 -0xc00000a3 - 0xb007a860 - 0x93493d48) caused by stwrt.sys

and the latest

13/06/11-kernel data in page error -0x0000007a (parameters -0x00000020 -0xc000009d - 0x87b02bdc - 0x00000000) caused by halmacpi.dll

my laptop is as followed a hp pavilion dv6 1216sa windows 7 32 bit service pack 1
amd turion x2
ati mobility radeon HD 4800/5100 series
4gb of ram
also all of my drivers are already up to date

i hope someone can help

there has also been 8 other blue screens but didn't type them up for time

A:bsod 7a everytime my laptop is turned off

Hi -

Bugcheck 0x7a (,0xc000009c,,) = page file data could not be read into memory due to likely HDD failure

Run chkdsk /r

Run HDD diags -
- http://www.carrona.org/hddiag.html
- http://www.techsupportforum.com/2828431-post7.html
- Drive diagnostic utilities compendium - TechSpot OpenBoards

Regards. . .



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