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e-mailing word doc for editing

Q: e-mailing word doc for editing

I created a word document to send around to my co-workers for editing, the problem is it can not be edited. The way it is being sent is file send to mail recipient, not in the form of an attachment.This is my work pc and we are running XP. I hope this is enough information for this is my first time here.
Thank you.
Core Man

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Preferred Solution: e-mailing word doc for editing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Does anyone know how to create labels in MS Word. I would need to instantly email or fax it but have know clue how to create the labels in such a way that it can be easly emailed or fax from my pc. I would appreciate it if anyone out there can help me cause I really need to do this asap.

Thanks to all.

A:MS Word Mailing Labels

Are you using some special labeling paper? I'm assuming it's a sticky label on one side. There should be instructions on how to do the File>>Page Setup... Then choose your appropriate type of paper. For the labels it should create a large table where you can input the many different addresses.

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I have a address book set up in Phone Tools and would like to merge it into Word to create mailing labels. Or I could recreate my address book in Word and make labels from there. I cannot figure out how to do this. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Word mailing labels

Hi there.

How to do a mail merge in Word?
Click on the link for Mail Merge at www.theofficeexperts.com/word.htm

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I searched a little bit, I didn't see it:

How do you shut off a Word document before sending it so the receiver of the document cannot back-track and see any changes you made to the document before sending it ?

I hope that made sense, but I read something about a year ago that said if you e-mailed someone a Word Document, that they may be able to pull that document into their system, and simply use the 'back' key to show any changes you made to the document before you sent them the version you saved as the final one.

Am I making sense ?

There is a way to shut this off so they cannot do that, I just don't recall how.

A:Shutting off changes to a WORD Doc before e-mailing it ?


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Hi everybody,
In Word 2000 there is an e-mail-button. How is that supposed to work? When I click it, I get the email address lines and so on at the tip of the screen. When I click the send button, Word (or some other program) immediately tries to send the mail, and complains, since there is no Internet connection open. If I click the send button once again (being stubborn), it starts to dial my default dial-up connection, but without the password, although Outlook Express and Internet Explorer always remember the password.
Can I get Word to put the mail in the outbox of Outlook Express instead of trying to send it immediately. Or, can I get it to remember the password, if it has to send it immediately.

When I looked in the Word help, it seemed more normal to combine word with outlook 200 than with Outlook Express. Does it make sense at all to try to use Word and Outlook Express together? Maybe it is better to simply write the e-mail message in word 2000 and then cut and paste it into Outlook Express?

Mats Westholm

A:E-mailing from Word 2000

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I tried sending an e-mail in Microsoft word with the e-mail icon on the quick toolbar, couldn't send it and couldn't close Word. I got this message:
"This error can occur if you try to send a Word document by using the Email ( Microsoft Office Button | Send command) command. If Word hangs, or you closed Word and a new message dialog does not appear, it is possible that Outlook did not receive the request to start a new message.
To avoid this issue, restart Word and attempt to send the attachment again, but wait for Outlook to respond prior to attempting another action.
You cannot close Microsoft Office Word until the Send Mail Command is finished. Switch to the New Message first, and either send or close the message". I had to manully close down my computer, then restart it. I can use all my programs but everything is different, and Outlook background is grayed out.
Can you tell me how I can correct this problem?

A:E-mailing using Microsoft Word

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I am running MS Word 2010. Here is my problem.

Letís say I type a letter and have the personís name and address in the letter. On the Word menu bar I select labels. For some reason when the label prints, it is center adjusted and not adjusted to the left like a normal mailing label would be.

Any thoughts on how to fix this.

A:Mailing Labels in MS word Help

double check that your left alignment is selected on the home ribbon.

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Setting up Word 2000 so as to e-mail from Word. I get my e-mail from MSN and read it from Hotmail, Outlook 2000, or Outlook Express.


A:E-mailing from Word 2000, How to set up

What happens when you hit File-Send to, Email recipient?

Is this what you're trying to do or fix?

Do you want Word to be your email editor?

Or what?

Your question isn't clear---sorry!

Is that Old CWO4??

That makes me OldE4?

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Please where can I find mailing tab on microsoft word 365?

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I have attempted to create mailing labels using Word 2003. I used a prior Word version several years ago and was able to save the labels as a file--ready to print, not requiring database. Any ideas how to do this with Word 2003?

Thank you for your help,

A:Word 2003 Mailing Labels

Were you doing a mail merge? You can save the lables as a template as long as your data source for the mail merge is consistent.

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Hi there

It's been quite a while since I asked for help. I can easily create mailing labels using Mail Merge. The data source resides in Excel. I automated the mail merge process by recording a macro in MS Word 2000. When I ran the macro it did exactly what I keyed in. I looked at the macro, which defaulted to Macro1, by going to Tools-Macro-Macros. The macro was there. I saved the Word file as Labels.doc in my C drive. I also saved the other file that had the fields in one sheet. You know the one that I mean.

Here is the problem. I e-mailed the 2 MS Word files and the Excel file to my co-worker. My coworker saved the 3 files into his C drive also. When he tried to run the macro, it did not work. As a matter of fact, when I went to Tools-Macro-Macros to see what went wrong, my Macro1 was not there at all. When I e-mail an Excel workbook with macros to anyone, the macros are attached to the workbook but this is not the case with macros recorded in MS word. How can I get around this??


A:Mailing Lables in MS Word 2000

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How to export mailing labels from Word 2010 into Excel 2010 to upload to USPS for bulk mailing

A:Export mailing labels from Word into Excel

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

This MS website may help you, but it does seem fairly complicated.

Create and print mailing labels for an address list in Excel - Excel

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I want to do a mass mailing using the Word application of Vista. I have created the Address Database - correctly, so far as I can tell - at least it works to put the salutation on the letters. In addressing the envelopes I place the cursor where I want the Address Block to appear but in the execution of the address only the 1st line (the name) of a 3-line address appears there. The street and number and the town appear near the left edge of the envelope and the ZIP code appears near the right edge.

Thanks for your thoughs.

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When trying to create a 30 label sheet from a .wdb file, WORD (Office) says it can't merge from this file. Please verify that this is a valid Works file.
At Open Data Source I call on my .wdb file and am blocked by the above message. I'm using Works Suite 2006 and Word 2003.
I can't get past that point.

A:Solved: Mailing labels - from database to word.

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In Word can I set up a batch file to print envelopes from a master address list, and only choose the addresses I want, as well as the quantity of envelopes per address I want to print?

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Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 with office 2002 plus Outlook 2003 installed, Exchange 2003 is being used as the e-mail server.

When I do a mail merge from Word 2002 to e-mail for a mass e-mailing in Outlook 2003. The process completes but there are no e-mails sent from Outlook 2003. The e-mails that were merged are never recieved by the recipents that are being set to. Help.

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I'm editing a friend's very long Word document (a novel). Instead of formating with double space, he hit the return/enter button at the end of every line twice, to create his double space. What is the easiest way to remove all the "return's?" Allowing me to then select all and click on the double space format. I tried writing a Macro, but without success. Thanks for any help you might offer.

A:Editing With Ms Word

Haven't used Word in a while, but have you tried a "Find and Replace" for the hard return character(s) and replace it with a blank space?

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Is it possible for me to delete part of a word document
I have a very large document that I want to edit for example

SFMW877-04 - Jack Johnson - Upside Down
SFMW877-04 - Jack Johnson - Upside Down
SFMW877-04 - Jack Johnson - Upside Down
SFMW877-04 - Jack Johnson - Upside Down
SFMW877-04 - Jack Johnson - Upside Down
SFMW877-04 - Jack Johnson - Upside Down

And I want to remove the numbers in one go so I am left with

Jack Johnson - Upside Down
Jack Johnson - Upside Down
Jack Johnson - Upside Down
Jack Johnson - Upside Down
Jack Johnson - Upside Down

A:editing in ms word

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We have 21 comps in a classroom. When editing an HTML doc in Word 97, you would open the doc, use view and select HTML source from the list. Several of the comps do not have HTML source in the list.

What do I have to do to get HTML source in the list for those comps that do not have it?

A:Editing HTML doc in Word 97

I believe there is an installation option for Word...directly from the help file:

Install or remove individual components

If you originally installed Word from a network file server or from a shared folder, run that copy of the Setup program.

1 Close all programs.
2 Click the Windows Start button, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
3 Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon .
4 If you installed Word by using the Office Setup program, click Microsoft Office on the Install/Uninstall tab, and then click Add/Remove.

If you installed Word individually, click Word on the Install/Uninstall tab, and then click Add/Remove.

5 Follow the instructions on the screen.

For the location of components in Setup, click .


∑ If you installed Word from a CD-ROM, and you have mapped your CD-ROM drive to a new drive letter since you originally installed Word, run Setup again from the CD-ROM. If you are running any Word files from the CD-ROM, you must uninstall Word and then install Word again from the CD-ROM.
∑ To add or remove components of Word on Windows NT Workstation 3.51, start Word Setup or Office Setup in the same way as when you first installed Word, and then follow the instructions on the screen.

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I need to edit .html files and have set Word to be the editor. However, when I try to edit a file I get the error message

"The document name or path is not valid."

I have tried resetting in the folder options and still get this message. I am setting it to find WinWord in the MS office\office directory. It is very annoying and I have to then open the file using the "open "option in Word. Each and every time the file is in the right place so cannot understand why it says the path is invalid. Any suggestions?

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Word keeps changing what I write, especially capitalizing words that start a line.
How do I turn all of that off?

A:Word - How to turn of editing

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I am using Office 97, specifically Word. In class, we were paired up and given a Word document to review and edit. We use the Reviewing Toolbar (View-Toolbars-Reviewing), to track changes and comments that the two of us have made. We need to bring in copies of the document after my revisions, after my partners revisions, and a final copy. Everything is fine, except for the final copy. I can't seem to figure out how to remove all the highlights on the document. I have accepted or declined all changes. Now if I print out a copy, the changes are highlighted.

Any clues?



A:Word 97 Editing tool

After you've accepted / rejected all changes, have you saved the 'version'? It sounds like the page you're previewing is not the final version, but an earlier one.
Check File, Versions and make sure you have a saved 'version' that *should* appear correctly in Print Preview it.


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I transferred some perosnal files (.rtf) from my corporate laptop(XP) to my laptop(Office 2007) and then from my laptop to a third laptop(XP). When I try to open this .rtf file in this third laptop, the file opens but does not allow me to do any type of editing - it does not allow to copy the contents of this file, the .rtf simply closes without giving any warning or error message. I've too many such .rtf files and cannot afford to live with this problem. I urge you guys to provide some way out of this frustrating problem. I tried to save this (.rtf) file to word (.doc) file with a new name but it still does not allow any editing and closes on its own.

Please help.


A:Word Document (.rtf) editing

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I'm really sorry if this has been asked before, but I have an issue with Word 2003.

I used to be able to press the edit button on a picture in Word and it would take the picture to Paint for editing.

Today I tried it but the button was greyed out so I could not select it. I also did some reasearch and found that you had to change the Picture editor options however when I used the pull down menu there was nothing there, other than the already selected Word.

Can anyone help get the edit option back so that it can either edit in picture manager or paint automatically by using the edit button in Word?

Thanks for reading.

A:Word 2003 Editing

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There is a document which has been created by myself then password protected with Tools/Track changes switched on.
This should keep track of any editing performed on the document.
Each editor is usually symbolised by different coloured text.

I sent it to Mr B who made some changes and then sent it back. His changes are shown by red text.

I now need to make some further changes before passing it back to Mr B.
The trouble is my changes are coming up red also, so we will not be able to distinguish who made which comment.

Can you advise?

I have found that when i create a new registry in regedit under current user - office - word - it does work, but i lose all my settings, ne way round for me to prevent losing all mt settings

A:Editing performed on Word document

Under Tools, Options, there's a tab called Track Changes.

Bring that up and make sure that the Color sections say By Author.

Let me know if this does the trick.

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I have a large document in Word 2003. It contains over 100 hyperlinks to other docs in my computer and to web sites. When I moved the file to a new computer, all of the hyperlinks became inaccurate and no longer link correctly. The error is uniform throughout the document, but it is too much work to go into each hyperlink and edit them individually. Does anyone know a way to do a "global edit", i.e. change the path for all the existing links to eliminate the erroneous part and keep the correct part?

A:Global editing of hyperlinks in Word

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Could anyone tell me how I can lock a word file, such as a test for students that I can place on all computers in my lab and students can not change it. I would like students to open it and save it on a disk as a different name, then go into the file on their disk and be able to make changes. This would provide much sanity!

A:Lock Word file for Editing

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I use a style for generating numbered assessment questions. It comes up

Q#[TAB] Give two examples........ or whatever the question is.

My problem is I want to increase the tab and I can't find how to do it under Word 2007.
Also how do I see which style I'm using. There used to be a drop down box showing which style was in use and I could also select another style.
You most probably don't want to hear how unhappy I'm with Office 2007.

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I frequently insert bitmaps into Word documents using Snag-It 5. In Word 97, I could edit a bitmap simply by double clicking on it. The picture would appear, enlarged, in a separate window for editing. In Word 2002, double-clicking on a bitmap image usually brings up the Format Picture box (which is no help), though sometimes it brings up the edit window instead.

I need the ability to edit all bitmaps in a separate window. How can I do this in Word 2002?

A:Editing Bitmaps in Word 2002

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Ok here's my problem.
Since late last night, and I don't know what the hell I did. I am unable to do anything in word. If I attempt to type, I get a message at the bottom of my window that says "command is not available because the document is locked for editing". Any ideas?!?!?!?!

~ Hawaiian Prince

A:Word: Document is locked for Editing

You should be able to do a SAVE AS and choose a different name and then be able to open the new one.

If not, you can CRTL A and copy and paste the whole thing in a new .doc.

And I've never tried THIS but you might look into it.

- Castleheart

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I am trying to lock a form through editing restrictions in word 2007, windows 7 but want users to be able to edit headers/footers, is this possible as I am unable to find a solution?

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On my new job, I gotta translate TV shows scripts.
I work on Windows XP and with Microsoft Office Word 2003

It looks like this (example):

No, I didn't know that!

What!? I told her to tell you!

I wanna know if I can chose, in Word 2003, I can select all my time codes and decide to make them bold, or select all the characters names and underline them (cause I gotta respect some standards).

Thanks a lot! I hope my question is clear, I'm french...

A:Editing question on Word 2003

I mean, instead of highlighting each one and then do CTRL+U or I or B by hand every time...

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Just bought new machine running Windows XP Pro and Office XP. In Word, if I right-click on an embedded photo (JPG/TIFF etc) the 'Edit Picture' option is grayed out. This option is also unavailable from the Edit menu. I've tried selecting both Word and MS Photo Editor from the Options:Edit menu, but it doesn't make any difference. There is no problem selecting the Edit Picture option with the same files on my old machine running Win 98 and Office 2000.

Any suggestions welcome!

Paul Hayward

A:Editing Photos in Word 2002

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Hello all,

Well I have searched the web and cannot find an answer to this one, maybe one of you has ran across this...

When zoomed into a word 2003 document, if I delete a drawn line, the view jumps close to the center of the document so you are no longer where you were editing. Then you have to go and search for where you were to continue on. Quite annoying

I read that this is a bug in power point, but didn't find anything about word.

Any ideas?


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Lets say the last time I used 7 labels from my sheet of 30 labels. Now I want to use up the left over 23 labels on my avery label page.

Can I do this in Office 2007? Like somehow start printing at label 8 on the sheet?

Thank You,
Michael D

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I am making a catalogue in MS Word which I will be sending to different clients.
How do i save it in such a way that the recepients will only be able to read and not alter the document?

Any input would be GREATLY appreciated.

A:Lock editing capabilities for MS Word document

What version of MS Word do you have? If it is 2003 you will go to "Tools">>"Protect Document" from the menu bar.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4005U CPU @ 1.70GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 8112 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 930 GB (835 GB Free);
Motherboard: FF50, 06F0
Antivirus: Webroot SecureAnywhere, Enabled and Updated

Question: I have many Word documents on my computer for my business and "Word" is the only program I use in the whole Microsoft Office software. I have no need for Power Point, Excel, etc. However, my word software expired and I've been told that there are some free software programs to download that will allow me to add, delete, edit and print my existing word documents. Would you please share some of these programs with me and advise me as to which one/ones are the best?

A:Microsift Office Word document editing

My own personal preference is LibreOffice, which will allow you to do everything you requested for your Word documents.

Another option is OpenOffice, which some people like, so that's worth taking a look at as well to see which one you prefer personally.

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I have a user who when he opens Word documents that were originally created using one of 2 specific templates is told that they are locked and in use. If he just choses the read option he can use them as normal.

He is running Office 2007 on Vista.

This question sums it up and offers a perfectly good solution:


My problem is that he has been happily creating hundreds of documents for months and really doesn't want to do this with each one. Does anyone have any idea how to perform one big super fix that will fix all the docs?

The templates were originally created in Office 97 I believe and have been upgraded a few times.

This issue only happens with Vista and not XP running Office 2007.

A:Word document locked for editing by 'another user'

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I'm writing a thesis (100 pages). I switched from Word 2003 to 2007, which is now upgraded to SP1. I'm experiencing this very annyoing bug and the SP1 update didn't fix it.

When I'm editing text, just suddenly when moving the cursor with arrows or selecting text (just doing some very basic editing) something happens. Text is moved within the paragraph about the amount of one word or so. But the screen is not updated correctly, text is moved at a certain portion of the screen but the rest is not updated. So the result is a total mess and I don't know what is really where anymore. I have to enter some line breaks to update the whole text again and get the screen updated.

It might have something to do with hyphenation or something, but I'm really not doing anything special. I couldn't find any other complaints about this, so it's strange. I could only find answers like "your touching your laptop touchpad", but no, this is not on laptop and the screen update is clearly buggy.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

A:MS Office, Word 2007 text editing bug?

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hi all
need urgent help!
to speed up the PC speed i have changed windows services.now MS office is taking 15 mins to open.
I have only stoped my antivirus and
services like blutooth support service
Google update service disabled
Event logger changed to manual
MS office diagnostics service changed to manual
MS groove audit service service changed to manual
Symantec settings changed to manual

remote connection disabled

can any of these effect the working of MS Office, winword in particular.

urgent help needed.

A:urgent help on MS word starting due to services editing

May I suggest that the easiest way to find out would be to restart each service one by one, and after each, try starting Word.

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I make changes to the Standard Toolbar in Microsoft Word 2003. I then save the file and exit Word. When I restart Word with that same file or any other file, my changes don't appear. What am I doing wrong? As far as I know, I am not using any template (other than normal.dot).

A:Editing Standard Toolbar in Microsoft Word

I am the original poster. I have the same version of Microsoft Word on another computer. The changes I want to make work perfectly on the other computer. Perhaps this observation will help someone advise me what could be wrong.

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Hi everybody!
I have had it happening frequently, that I open a Word 2000 template (i.e. opening the template itself, not creating a document from it) and edit it, and Word 2000 crashes (I get "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be closed" or similar) when I save it. When I restart Word 2000 after that, the template I worked on is read-only.

I have found a sort of work around for it:
If I save it under a new name, that copy is not read-only. If I then reboot, it is possible to delete the template that was read-only before the re-boot, and rename the copy to the name I want it to have.

I would better If I could edit templates without Word 2000 crashing though. Does anybody know anything? What could I be doing wrong?


A:Word 2000 crashes when editing templates

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It started last night on a different program, which I uninstalled immediately.
However, today when I tried to do some work in Word 2007, it happened again and again.
I suppose the information is all included in the zip file.
Any idea?


A:BSOD upon Editing in Microsoft Word 2007

Hello tagore.

9 crashes last day. Out of them, 6 are STOP 0x00000050: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA (Usual causes: Defective hardware (particularly memory - but not just RAM), Faulty system service, Antivirus, Device driver, NTFS corruption, BIOS) and 3 are STOP 0x00000019: BAD_POOL_HEADER (Usual causes: Device driver).

In this situation, my suggestion for you would be

Scan the system for possible virus infection.
Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller
Windows Defender Offline
Test your RAM modules for possible errors. Run memtest for at least 8 passes, preferably overnight.
How to Test and Diagnose RAM Issues with Memtest86+
Run SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Uninstall Avira using Avira AntiVir Removal Tool. Use Microsoft Security Essentials as your antivirus with windows inbuilt firewall, and free MBAM as the on demand scanner.

Run chkdsk /f/r, following the option two of the tutorial Disk Check

If, after doing all these the crashes continue to occur, enable Driver Verifier to monitor the drivers.
Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable
Run Driver Verifier for 24 hours or the occurrence of the next crash, whichever is earlier.
Let us know the results, with the subsequent crash dumps, if any.

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I hope I explain this properly. I sent my manuscript to my first editor who obviously had a "editing" program. When I got the book back I accepted or deleted her suggestions per red editing lines. Anyway she did a really bad job so I hired a new editor. The new editor wanted the already line edited version I went through(I also added 2200 words to the original) when she got it on her end..it still had alot of red boxes(accept/delete) plus misc things. On my end, the manuscript I sent was a clean, red box free, copy. We went back and forth for two hours. What she was looking at was: on the right side of my word document there were boxes that said deleted and formatted. I see NONE of what she is talking about on my end. Is it the editing software the first editor had or is it the new editor's software. I finally sent her the unedited original version but when it comes back, not only will I have to do normal revisions but I will also have to do them word by word because I need to add the 2200 extra words I put in the edited version. I just don't want this to happen again, and I'd like to understand why she see''s things I can't see on my end. Thank you. PS I am very new to WORD.

A:2007 Word Question/Editing for Book

Open your file in Word
Select the tab at the top called "Review"

In the middle of that ribbon you see a section called "Tracking"

If "track changes" is not highlighted, click on the icon with a pencil and paper to activate it.

Under "Balloons" select "Show Revisions in Balloons"

Under "Show Markup" ensure you have ticks in the fields

In the drop down to the right of "Balloons" you can toggle between your original version and the versions with mark-up etc.

Hope this helps

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I'll try and explain what I'm trying to achieve.

We're on Office 2010 at work, and we use Word for our reports etc.

Someone creates the report, then its saved as a name etc. This is then checked by someone, and any comments seen are handed back to the author, who then goes back in and ammends this. It goes back to the checker, looks good/more comments.

After all this, its finally sent to QA for a review.

So, the question I'm asking is, is there a way to automatically create a new version of the report when ammending it?


Report_A_v1 - original
Report_A_v2 - ammended based on checked
Report_A_v3 - ammended based on checked

And then QA see's:


The reason we're after this, is that when its checked, and sent to QA, there may be a chance that the author ammends something without the checker knowing, so QA are looking at it, find stuff wrong with it etc, as its a completly different version (just Report_A)

So, basically looking for an automated way to create new versions on save.

At the moment, we're having to create, save (pw protect), then open as Read Only, Save as new version. But, if someone uses the pw instead, it doesn't prompt, and saves as original.

One person has sugested we use the MD5 numbers, as these are created for every file, and are different. However, these are very long, and could cause issues with 8 B etc, or 1 and l.



A:Create New Version of Word Documents on Editing

Hi Eddie, I would suggest a macro, but that could imply that the word docs would have to be macro embedded.
Or if it'son a nework have a shared normal.dot with the macro and a button on the ribbon that says 'Edit now?' and if the press the button the document is saved as doument name - ammeden by <username> - <date>
Just an idea, I would go for thr normal.dot so that the dos remain docx files (non macro embedded)

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I am running Microsoft Office 2000 and have a Canon Flat Bed Scanner CS-P3.8 program, however after reading some of the previous threads in this site I discovered I also have Microsoft Office Document Scanning.
I need to scan in Company Logos and paperwork for editing. I need to scan in the whole document with pictures and text - in its entirety - for editing in Microsof Word.
When I used the M.O.Document Scanning and sent the file to Word it did not include the picture and the file was not an exact replica.
It has been while since I have had to scan like this about 3 years but I remember when I was using Jasc Paint Shop Pro 3 for this purpose everything was a lot simpler.
Am I missing something? I dont think it should be this complicated?
Please help?
Any information would be greatly appreciated!


A:Scanning Text and Images for editing in Word

When you scan in a document it only becomes a series of dots on a page. If you scan in a document of words, to your eyes a small section of the dots will appear as letters. To the computer it is only a picture and the computer doesn't know if that "picture" is a letter, or a word, or a dog or a frog, it just doesn't know dots from dots.

There is software that can make an attempt to decode the dots or a certain size and shape to be particular letters, and those letters might actually form words. That sort of software is called Optical Character Recognition (OCR), but it will never be 100% accurate.

As far as I know, Paint Shop Pro does not have any OCR within it. Sure you can scan in a document and it will look like a document of letters, forming words, but as far as Paint Shop Pro cares, it is only a picture. Try and see if you can spell-check anything you scan. If you can, then it must have some sort of OCR. Without having some sort of OCR software when scanning, all you got is a picture.

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