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Recording Device volume resets to 100 after program launch

Q: Recording Device volume resets to 100 after program launch

Hello, I recently went and purchased an AT2020 and Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Audio Interface to improve my video's but when I go onto TeamSpeak it's ok but then every time I launch CS:GO the volume resets to 100 and I have to tab out and go into my Recording Device and edit the level back to 65 is there anyway to fix this or lock the volume?

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Preferred Solution: Recording Device volume resets to 100 after program launch

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hello, I recently went and purchased an AT2020 and Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Audio Interface to improve my video's but when I go onto TeamSpeak it's ok but then every time I launch CS:GO the volume resets to 100 and I have to tab out and go into my Recording Device and edit the level back to 65 is there anyway to fix this or lock the volume?

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Hello, I recently went and purchased an AT2020 and Behringer Xenyx Q502USB Audio Interface to improve my video's but when I go onto TeamSpeak it's ok but then every time I launch CS:GO the volume resets to 100 and I have to tab out and go into my Recording Device and edit the level back to 65 is there anyway to fix this or lock the volume?

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Yesterday I got a new microphone and I set up the audio interface and it was still to loud so I right clicked on the speaker (bottom right) and changed the recording device audio to a certain volume however after a few hours it resets to 100% volume how can I fix this issue?

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Im having a problem that has just come up recently , with my microphone. I use Palntronics Gamecon head set with built in mic for on line gaming. For some reason when I check my microphone recording levels its always at 0 and muted. ,I unclick the mute and
set the volume up, but when I check it again, it goes right back to muted and 0 volume. I have already reinstalled the driver for the headset, and my  realteck high definiton audio.,

Im really stumped with this one.

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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if it is possible to assign a specific program to launch automatically when a specific USB device is connected to your PC? Like how iTunes opens up automatically when an iPod is connected to your computer.
I don't think the "Autoplay" feature in Windows 7 has this capability, but it does recognize when a USB device is connected.

There are a few ideas I am thinking of how to use this, but I will give two quick examples to keep it short.
Also I would Ideally like to be able to perform these tasks without having to install some kind of third party program if possible.

1.) Connect iPod and have it automatically load a program other than iTunes, for example Winamp or any other iTunes alternative programs.

2.) Connect USB thumb drive or USB external HD and it launches some kind of backup software.

Thank You For Any Help Offered.

A:Launch Program When A USB Device Is Connected, Such as an iPod

iPod required iTunes to be installed.

Windows do have.
If inserted, it give you several option to open the USB drive &or HDD &or Optical drive.

For point 2, if the USB do have certain software to run upon insert, it is available as option.

Hence you cannot compared between iPod and Windows, as iPod will open iTunes, as a condition.

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My Microphone stopped picking up sound from my computer a few months ago, frustrated with different things i ignored it for the time being but lately i've a need to use my microphone again. i'm hoping to get this problem fixed i've attached some pictures.

Picture one
when i move the slider in the red box to the top the green box where the level is picks up one square

i press ok

and the green box is empty again

i go back to recording control screen and the red box is back down again.

picture three
the black box where others is located is grayed out.

if there is any more information i can provide i will.

the microphone worked fine before it just stopped overnight

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So I have a Blue Yeti, and I'm an online animator/voice actor. Whenever I record audio on my Blue Yeti (OR any other mic) I record about 4-6 inches from the mic, and turn the gain down enough that the audio doesn't peak as I yell or whatever. This is what you're supposed to do if you don't want your audio levels peaking and making your recording sound horrible and corrupted. However, afterwards, it means I have really quite recordings. Not a problem right? Now that it's recorded right, I can boost the volume of the entire clip afterwards right? WRONG. I'm not an audio expert so I must be missing something. But why in GODS NAME would the audio distort and peak AFTER it's recorded successfully? It's all there, it's all clean audio. If I turn the volume on my speakers all the way up it sounds CRYSTAL CLEAR! All I want to do is do that INSIDE the computer so that when I upload it to youtube people don't have to turn their speakers so far up. But if I increase the clips volume in the computer, it distorts! It sounds awful! Why?! I tried in Sony Acid and Audacity and they both do the same thing! Why?! I seriously don't understand what I'm missing here! I can take sound effects, and recordings made by other producers and crank them up nice and loud, but mine just fall apart! If anyone understands audio stuff, please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

A:Soft Recording volume with Blue Yeti, increasing volume distorts audio

I have a home recording studio using Sonar X1 software.

I don't know about Acid, but it should allow clean recordings. Audacity the same way.

I record, generally, in the -10 level with my recording program, at 24 bits/44.1 Khz. At -10, I have plenty of headroom and can then adjust the levels after the recordings and at mixdown. I export the mix as a standard 16 bit/44.1Khz wav file and then "finalize" whatever I want to do to the song, including levels, with "Goldwave" (an audio editior).

I assume you are converting the audio to MP3? If that is the case, that may be where the distortion is occuring? I find that 128Kb MP3's are very poor and at a minimum use 198 Kb MP3's.

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We have deployed IE11 via IEAK and have a proxy set which currently set to return direct for all sites. This means IE is seeing all external sites in the intranet zone due to the setting 'include all sites that bypass the proxy server' being enabled. If
I manually untick this then everything works as all external sites are in the internet zone and the setting is permanent.
However, I need to deploy this setting site wide and the group policy "Windows Components/Internet Explorer/Internet Control Panel/Security Page - Intranet Sites: Include all sites that bypass the proxy server" (both computer and user) set to disable
only greys out the box unticked but does not actually move external sites into the internet zone.
I've tried using GPP to delete the registry key HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Proxybypass which does work but as soon as I re-launch IE the setting is written back with the value 1 and it is back in the wrong state
Using process monitor I can see it is iexplore.exe that sets this key back to 1 on launch and when I manually untick the box all it does it delete the Proxybypass key and nothing else. Has anyone seen this before and managed to work around it?  It seems
very similar to

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i am having a problem with my volume control. I am running XP Pro SP1, MSI board and using the onboard sound. I have just installed Skype and now after every mp3 I play the wave volume control resets itself to zero. As you probably can imagine very annoying.
I have set skype not to start up with windows and since then de-installed it but to no avail...
any suggestions greatly appreciated

A:Wave volume resets to off

What media player are you using?

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I just built a new computer and installed WinXP Pro. One thing that really annoys me is that every time I restart my PC, the Wave volume is reset to max. Any way to make sure it saves my volume setting?

A:Volume resets to max at startup

Check this out:


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Volume Mixer Resets to 0; will not allow any adjustment. This problem started a few days ago after a Windows update. Then the System Restore was run to prior the Win update. Only helped for a few minutes.

Dell Precision M6300 [64 bit]; Win 7 SP1 Pro Ultimate

Have tried the following:
Set Control Panel > Hdw & Sound > Sound > Communications > Do Nothing
Ran System Restore
After System Restore failed, I installed Windows Codec 4.1.0 4.1.0 [didn?t help].

This problem started a few days ago after a Windows update. Then the System Restore was run to prior the Win update. Volume Mixer Resets to 0; will not allow any adjustment.

Often, if not in focus cannot bring some applications back into focus directly [1st need to minimize other applications or close it with Win Task Manager].

Happens when only running Chrome; also with other programs.
Runs OK for a few minutes after restarting Windows

Device Manager reports all Ok; all drivers up to date including High Definition Audio Device.

A:Volume Mixer Resets to 0

This is a relatively old laptop, but fortunately Dell does have Vista 64 bit drivers which are also applicable to Windows 7.

First thing, if you only have "High Definition Audio Device" that indicates that it is only the generic, basic function Windows installed driver and not the actual driver for the hardware. Dell lists Sigmatel (now called IDT) as the actual sound driver. Suggest you install the SigmaTel as a first step.

Product Support | Dell US

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I have a very annoying issue with my volume on a
Windows XP Pro system.

I have been running this machine for around 2 years
and use it for listenting to music through my wireless
sennhauser headphones. Absolutely no issues.

Normally it has worked perfectly and if I turn the
music on it will play perfectly. However, I downloaded
a skype update about 2 months ago and immediately
after install the volume would reset to zero turning
off the music to the wireless headphones.

I use the music to keep the headphones alive as if the
Sennhauser headphones do not get a signal after
about 3 minutes they automagically switch off.
As I also use this to receive alerts from skype
from people chatting with me or other alerts
like yahoo etc.,

Anyway, I uninstalled skype as completely as I could
and now the volume reset only occurs about once
every 2 hours at different intervals.

My suspicion now is that perhaps the Skype update
did something - who knows ? - but that the program
REALSCHED.EXE is the culprit.

In any case I really do not know what is causing the
volume to suddenly automagically to go to zero.

Can anyone suggest a fix ? or perhaps just not run
REALSCHED.EXE which is a part of my preferred
playback "RealPlayer" ?

Many thanks

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my computer recently has started to reset the volume to 100% and keep it at that level, it is unable to be reduced to a better level.

a week ago, I installed X-Lite 4, on my computer so i was able to start setting up my voip phone.

this problem started about 4 days ago and i was able at first been able to get around it by restarting my computer but then some time later time varies, it would just reset volume to full level.
with this doing this it has displayed on my screen bottom middle screen, a picture fo a speaker and showing volume bar at full. this is always ontop of all other windows.

the only way I have been able to get rid of this is by stopping the service "audiosrv" through task manager.

I have since done a scan with spybot, cleaned my computer with c cleaner, ran my virus scanner etc.

nothing has done anything to fix this issue.

I have also changed property changes in audio settings and nothing has made a difference.

I have also uninstalled x-lite, done a system restore to about 2 weeks ago, nothing still made any difference.

I am running Windows 7 ultimate 32bit, on a pentium dual core

at the moment I am thinking that maybe my audiosrv.dll file or something assoicated with it may be currupt or been infected and not being picked up so far.

I have to be able to fix this issue with doing a fix. without a reinstall of the OS / software.

A:Solved: windows volume resets to 100%

Reinstall the Windows 7 32-bit audio drivers for your specific machine. And try disconnecting all audio devices.

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I posted this in another thread thinking it may be a symptom of that problem but as I have now solved that issue and this problem remains I thought I ought to post it separately.

For a number of months and, as far as I can tell, as a consequence of nothing in particular I have been having the annoying issue of my system volume resetting to zero level every time that I reboot my system. It does not mute, but the slider resets to the zero position.

I have been through all the settings in Windows Sound and Audio Devices and also those available for my sound card and haven't found anything to solve this problem.

Yesterday I performed a re-installation (upgrade) of XP to solve a boot up problem I had and was irritated to find that the volume issue remained thought the boot up problem has been cured.

I've searched the net several times and not found anyone who has reported anything similar.

My sound card is a C-Media High Definition Audio Device.

Any suggestions much appreciated.


A:System Volume resets to zero every boot up

I sound like it might be related to a sound manager app for the c-media device. Is there such an app installed?

If so you might try uninstalling it and trying to just use basic drivers rather than the control app. For instance, instead of using the exe file, try to point Windows at the .inf files so the driver gets installed but nothing else.

You might be able to test this theory (if there is such an app installed) by stopping the app or its related system tray app from starting up with Windows. Also see if it happens in Safe Mode and report back.

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Whenever I turn my laptop off or put it into hibernation it resets the microphone volume to 17. I can't find anything about it online.

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I've got an external hard drive...actually this has happened on my other external hard drive too, and i've never been able to solve this problem

most of the time i can eject without a problem and make sure nothing is going to and from the external, but after copying files for a long time in one session, i get the "can't stop generic volume device because a program is still using it" message

i did research and found ways to uninstall the driver as a permanent fix to turning off the computer to unplug to using Process Explorer..granted it was the final straw last night but yeah..

Is there a permanent fix or a good, clean way to solve this problem? And an explanation to why it does this? Thanks.

A:"Can't stop generic volume device because a program is still using it"

Hello disasterpiece91

In device manager/drive/policies tab is it set to quick removal of better performance. I was having a similar problem and set it to quick removal and that sorted it.I still use the safely remove hardware to be on the safe side though.

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audio only background ads and some popups. also wave in the volume mixer resets to 0 every 2 min or so, and window losing focus
windows XP
Avast free antivirus
Malwarebyte's anti malware

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 3:23:43 AM, on 7/10/2010
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP3 (6.00.2900.5512)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin\Belkin Wireless Network Utility\WLService.exe
C:\Program Files\Belkin\Belkin Wireless Network Utility\WLanCfgG.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Search Enhancement Pack\SeaPort\SeaPort.exe
C:\Program Files\Alcohol Soft\Alcohol 120\StarWind\StarWindServiceAE.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSVC.EXE
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Windows Live\WLIDSvcM.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Toolbar\Platform\4.0.0379.0\mswinext.exe
C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctfmon.exe... Read more

A:audio only background ads and some popups. also wave in the volume mixer resets to 0

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hi all,
im having trouble with my headphones mic which from some reason recording volume is very low .
so low that in game (by using TS [teamspeak]) when other people have the game sound , they can bearly hear me.
i set my mic to 100 volume and the boost to +30db but thing stay the same.

when i test the mic with recorder the bar even dont rised a little bit .

ohh , and by the way , in case anyone thought the problem isnt in the mic which is new due to the fact that after this problem happend at the last microsoft headphones i had, i bought new one (forgot the model).
any help here ?

im using windows 7
64bit premium

A:mic recording volume very low

Hello fibola & Welcome to 7Forums!

What headphones to you have?
If it's Logitech etc. there might be some type of driver or an utility. Look for their website, or either way, you might have a DVD with driver.
See if Windows have been putting up the right input for your microphone. Maybe the default input is broken, who knows!
Also make sure the software you're communicating with is functional.

Good luck
Best Regards,

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hi all,
im having trouble with my headphones mic which from some reason recording volume is very low .
so low that in game (by using TS [teamspeak]) when other people have the game sound , they can bearly hear me.
i set my mic to 100 volume and the boost to +30db but thing stay the same.

when i test the mic with recorder the bar even dont rised a little bit .

ohh , and by the way , in case anyone thought the problem isnt in the mic which is new due to the fact that after this problem happend at the last microsoft headphones i had, i bought new one (forgot the model).
any help here ?

im using windows 7
64bit premium

A:mic recording volume very low

Try updating/reinstalling the audio drivers.

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Hi, i have a problem. I have the Logitech h540 USB Headset and when i talk in skype with my friends they say they can hear me very nice but when i record with fraps i can barely hear me. I tried updating the drivers, changing microfone but is the same the computer rec my voice too low. What can i do? Please help me i dont know what else i can do!

A:Microphone Recording Volume too low!

Have you gone into the volume controls and made adjustments?

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When ever i try to record games or music with Line-In Recording its so low volume. i've also tried rear mic and microphone. they are even lower!

Heres my specs and some pictures.

Driver : Intel 82801GB ICH7 - High Definition Audio Controller [A-1] PCI
Codec : SigmaTel Audio

Please Help, i'd been trying to do this for a few years now. a few days ago i had found out how to get the recording to WORK on line-in now i wish that the volume is louder so people can hear it well.


Heres what it sounds like


Images :


A:Line-In Recording Volume Is Very Low

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Hey guys, I've been having a problem with the recording volume on my headset with a microphone attached to it.

For some reason the default recording volume is extremely low. I go into Control Panel > Sounds & Audio Devices > Voice > Voice Recording > Volume and turn the recording volume up and my microphone works as it should.

The problems occurs randomly. I will say something and not receive a response from whomever I am talking to, and later check in the same area where I previously raised my recording volume and for some reason it has gone back down to the extreme low that it was at prior to me adjusting it.

Is there any way to change the default volume on this device?

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I've spent over three days on this problem and I'm pulling my hair out. My computer came preloaded with Realtek HD Audio Manager, which I suspect is the culprit based on everything I've researched about this issue.

Things I've tried:

The mic is not muted and the volume levels are maximizedI can "boost" the mic until it can be picked up better but this degrades the quality significantlyI've tried multiple (new) headsets and the problem doesn't changeThe microphone is set as the default recording deviceI've disabled every other audio device that I don't use; only my microphone, headset speakers, and main speakers are enabledThe microphone input is in the correct jack on the back panel (I've heard there are problems with the front panel)I installed the most recent drivers from Realtek and through MSI's Live Updater (current Realtek audio driver version:'ve done recordings on multiple programs and the problem doesn't changeI've tweaked every option I have access to on the Realtek Audio Manager (noise cancellation, separating each input jack independently, and echo cancellation)I've tried uninstalling Realtek and using standard drivers, and the problem doesn't change

If there's anything I haven't done yet, please let me know.

A:Microphone recording at low volume

Its not the drivers. I and many others use the same drivers. There are no front panel problems, unless there is a hardware/wiring problem. The front panel headphone and mic jacks are used by most users.

What do you show in the Device Manager, Sound Section? You should have the RealTek and possibly an NVIDIA HD Audio listed (for HDMI Audio) and nothing else.

But, whatever you get using the rear Pink microphone jack is what you will most likely get with the front.

One suspect is the +5VDC that is on the "ring" connection of the plug/jack. Computer microphones require the +5VDC to operate. If the voltage is low that could be one reason its not working. However, if it is low, that is a motherboard problem.

If you have done what you say and with multiple "known good" headset/mic's, then its a hardware problem. But, its not the RealTek software/drivers.

Along with checking to see if you have the +5VDC, you can disconnect (unplug) the front panel headphone connector from the motherboard, to see if that is causing the problem. However, if it is you are still back to a hardware problem and you need to contact the PC vendor for warranty repair/replacement.

I'm a musician and former guitar amp tech, and have a recording studio, although I use different equipment for the recordings and not the PC's audio.

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i just purchased an hp pavilion notebook (zv5000) 3.0ghz, 1gb ddr sd ram, win xp home.
i am trying to record guitar into it, which works pretty well, considering i dont have a 'line in', just a mic jack, which i plug directly into from the guitar, or line out from my amp, or my distortion pedal. all seem to work really well...for about the first three seconds of recording. then the volume starts lowering, and if i am running distortion (making the sound louder and more constant) the sound gets really garbled. i have an example of this, but apparantly i cant post anything that remotely resembles a link.

after the volume lowers, i can stop playing for about 3 seconds, and when i start again, the volume starts up where it should be, and then falls and gets garbled again.

this happens also if i record using an actual microphone, too.

i am recording into cool edit pro 2, but thats not the problem as it does the same thing when i record into windows sound recorder.

(this is my first post, so please let me know if this is in the wrong forum)

any ideas?

A:mic volume lowers while recording

figured it out. if anyone's interested, i found that there was a setting for "noise reduction" that was turned on in my soundcard's settings. clicked it off, and now recordings come out great.

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I've been trying to do some game playthroughs with active commentary and decided to go with the newest Fraps which can record video and audio as well as microphone input. Problem is, whenever I record, my voice is always barely audible in the recorded video. All my microphone volume settings are on high, I've set the game volume as low as I could, and I've looked everywhere for a solution, but every answer is always "raise your microphone volume". And I've come to the conclusion that Fraps is the cause of the problem because when I do a mic test the volume is fine, and online others can hear me clearly.

Is there a solution to this besides having to use a separate recording program and needing to sync it with the video?

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I have a very unique problem with my computer. I'm not new to them, so it's okay to talk tech to me. Here are my System Specifications:

Windows XP SP2 - Professional
HP xw4400 WorkStation
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
- 6400 @ 2.13 Ghz
2.00 GB of RAM

My problem.
Running an exe does nothing but load for half a second. The only reason I say load, is because the mouse changes to the appropriate icon. However, some of them still run, the problem is that I can't really find a link as to why some run and some don't. Now, please don't tell me I need to reinstall my operating system. My computer does not have a virus, and it's not spyware or anything else like that. The system boots in under 3 minuets and I've got plenty of anti-anything software.

Some software, such as firefox, obviously, stuff run perfectly fine. No programs run from certain places, which I can't really relate to (see video). They where all working about a week ago, and I can't say what the last thing I did before it was working was. This is due to the fact that the first time it happened I assumed it was the program I was trying to update. An updated had been released and I tried to run the upgrade and nothing happened. Thus I assumed it was a bug with that particular program and moved on with my day.

I'm a webmaster, and I own a webserver, so most of my work is done over the internet or on my server, I don't run exe's all day like other people might s... Read more

A:Solved: I've got an intresting problem. Programs wont launch (screen recording included)

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I got a problem in my microphone volume. I put it to 100 and then i have the +30 db boost on realtek and on the windows sound system. When I speak in the microphone, the microphone volume keeps decreasing automatically. I have tried unticking the exclusive mode things and also the things in enhancement ( controlpanel>sound>microphone>properties)I have updated all drivers but this still occurs.
Does anyone have a clue how to fix this problem? I would like to keep my recording volume stable.

A:Recording volume on Microphone decreasing

I am having the same problem and I have found no answers online yet. If you find anything pleas let me know, [Email address removed for security]



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I have XP Pro SP3 installed. I am trying to set recording options so my video screen capture program can also record volume. (no problem in recording video). When I click on the speaker icon in the systray it opens up four volume control options. But when I click on properties both recording and other are grayed out. I have updated all my drivers but still no luck in getting to the recording options.

Any ideas to get the recording options accessable would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi guys, basically I have purchased a behringer c-1u, of course before I did some research and there were issues with the volume. Now that I have it, I have the same issue that many people with the mic also have, and that is with the volume it records at. In the windows sound mixer the recording level is set to high, however I still have to be really close to the mic to get a decent volume back.

The light on the mic is also green, and according to several sources is meant to be blue to indicate phantom power. I have checked my motherboard website and the ports are USB 2.0 so phantom power should be working, otherwise the mic wouldn't work right?

So yeah I have seen vids on youtube where people have the mic 5-6 inches away and record perfectly without any problems..but for some reason I have to record like 1 inch away and the response will still be low..

Also I am using cool edit pro 2.0, if that is any help..and after recording, I can turn the volume of the clip up without the quality messing up, however being a condenser mic I shouldn't be having to increase volume and recording from an inch away..

So yeah I'm curious to find out whether phantom power is the problem and how I can sort it, and if it isn't then how I can adjust the volumes..

Thanks before hand

A:USB Condenser Mic Recording Volume Level

So many views but no replies.. :/

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I've recently purchase a turntable/software that purports to record LPs (records) into my computer via the USB port. My first attempt resulted in a volume level that is way too low. I need to increase the input volume but can't find the mechanism for doing so.

The install instructions say to select my SoundMax card for playback; to select the USB Audio CODEC device/driver for input. The SoundMax card has volume levels but no line input control; the USB Audio CODEC device has no controls whatsover.

My gut says that the USB Audio CODEC device (which is controlling input) is where I should be able to increase volume but I can't.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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This is driving me nuts. I have a ION iTTUSB turntable that I've had for around 2 and a half years. On my previous computer, ripping albums was a snap, just plug into a USB port and use Spin It Again. I recently got a new computer and now the USB Audio Codec is giving me a royal headache. The sound comes through (but I can't hear it through my headphones or Spin It Again or Audioacity) but it is far too loud. I've followed the steps in the Audacity wiki to attempt to tame this outrageous sound level but to no avail, there are no options for the volume of the recording level, not a one! Nothing I try reduces the input level and my recordings, while sounding great, are far too loud (the sound volume goes WAY into the red and is painful to the ears). The turntable itself has no volume control and this was never a problem before I upgraded. What do I do? I planned to spend all winter ripping albums.

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Thank you in advance,

I am trying to transfer my band's backing tracks from a Sony MiniDisc Player to my new IdeaPad y550 (Windows 7) using 1/8" stereo jacks from the MiniDisc Player to the stereo mic in on the laptop. My record levels are fine (optimum) but playback of the file results in considerably lower volume. The VU meters during playback are at the levels I recorded but actual audio volume is much lower.

Same problem regardless of the software I am using (Sound Recorder, CakeWalk, WavePro, etc.) so I am hoping it is some global setting I can't find...

-- Brad

A:Low Playback Volume After Recording at Optimum Levels

It may just be the recording level and you need to increase the playback level in whatever program you are using to playback. I do a lot of audio work (I have a recording studio using Cakewalk Sonar 8.5) and what you are seeing happens at times.

Make sure your record levels are "optimal" for your system. If you use Audacity, I think it has an option to "normalize" the levels after you record and before you save it. Normalizing will set the volume levels and should eliminate the low playback problems.

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I recently installed a recording program for music, and i need to turn down the line in mic in volumes in the controll pannel. The volume sliders in that window are grey and undjustable...

I double clicked on the speaker icon on the start up bar,
brought up the master volume controll window.
under options i clicked on properties,
I checked and am showing all volume controlls under both mixer devices
I then opened the master volume window again and cliked the advanced option.
The only thing i could Adjust was the mic boost, Wich was alreay on,
so i turned it off. and that doesnt help me

I am lost. I need to turn down the line in mic in volume for recording. how do i do it?

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Soo, finally recorded something with Fraps. I was quite positively suprised by the FPS stability while recording, I think I got one or two drops below the defined 30 FPS during the record (used my usual, near to max settings at 1600x1200 and recorded half-size). The MOV plays fine, looks good... But I can barely hear the loudest sounds in the video if I turn my volume to MAX. And boy, my ears rang for 3 hours when I got an IM message sound stuck up them. Since then I've tried 3 different games and using both the "Detect best sound input" and "Use Windows input" options in the sound recording options.
Any ideas how to get the sound working?

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I have Xonar D1 with Windows 7 x64 using Sound Forge 9.0e to capture audio from Line Level inputs (LPs played on stereo system).

The recording level maxes at -12Db to -15Db. This of course artificially restricts the dynamic range. All settings are maxed in the Xonar D1 control panel as well as the Windows Sound control panel.

All drivers are current.

This problem has beem reported by others on the internet with Xonar cards.

I have searched and tried many things suggested. None have worked.

Any ideas?

A:Line Level Input Recording Volume LOW / QUIET

-12 to -15 should be more than adequate for recording. I generally record in that range in my recording studio (using Sonar X1). This allows headroom for whatever I want to do. Sonar has the ability to raise the levels as I need them for final mix and exporting.

Record in 24 bits if you can (and then export/save the final file as 16 bit).

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I have recently purchased an HP Pavilion laptop pc with Windows 7.

Whenever I touch the mute button or the volume control (whether I'm in a game, at the desktop, in email, etc.), Microsoft Excel is launched. I have Office 2003 Professional.

Any suggestions on how to correct this?

Thanks in advance.


A:Mute button/volume buttons launch application

Sounds like your keys are not mapped correctly. Does HP have some utiliity that does that for your system?

Also check the control panel and keyboard. You might be able to map those keys there.

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Hey all,

Something appears to have infected my computer, but nothing seems to be detecting it.

The active window is constantly losing focus which is very frustrating (it's happening right now in IE as I type).

The volume in IE also appears to be getting reset to zero.

Also, when I'm using fullscreen mode (in WMP etc.) it will consistently exit fullscreen mode.

There appears to be a hidden system message box that I don't see but I know it's there because when I try to use the clipboard to copy the following message is copied to my clipboard: Host Process for Windows Services stopped working and was closed.

I've attached the DDS and Gmer report - is there anything else I can do?



A:Windows losing focus, IE volume resets to zero, windows exiting fullscreen mode

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I'm missing an installed recording device. I have three disabled/disconnected devices (two microphones and a line-in). What do I need to install to record streaming audio?

A:no recording device


Try the steps in the second post in this link

I disabled my default microphone, how do I enable it again. - Microsoft Community

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Hey guys! So, I wanted to disconnect 7 of my server's HDDs and leave one connected. I pulled the power and SATA cables, then turned it back on and put the boot CD I wanted to use in. Straight away, I noticed the strange behaviour, and I got no picture.

The computer resets 5 times (I can tell from the sound the CD Drive makes each time the computer resets), then it completely turns itself off. Fans and drives spin down. About a second or two later, it turns itself on again and repeats the process.

I knew disconnecting the drives wouldn't effect the BIOS like this, but I tried connecting all the drives back up so the machine was as it was before anyway. Same problem.

It seems that in the simple process I have bust something, but what could it be? With no BIOS or way to boot into a live CD, I can't tell what's broken. I tried googling my only evidence (the restarting), but found nothing.

Update: It looks like it was the RAM. I've never bust RAM before, but there's a first time for everything! I'll let you know if I get everything working okay again. At the moment, I'm in the BIOS. So it's looking fixed....

A:Solved: Computer soft resets 5 times then hard resets (+repeat)?

Jesus H. C. Christ.

So I tested both RAM sticks to see which one was busted. I put the first one in, and it booted.

I put the second one in, and it booted. WTF.

My new theory? Somehow the RAM had come loose, and I gave it that extra knock out of place when I fiddled with the HDDs. Looks like all they needed was a nudge back in place.

At least, let's hope that's the case, and not that the RAMs working now, but will crash the system when it feels like it!

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Hiya! I'd originally come aboard with the intention of asking why I see one or two "Generic volume shadow copy" driver installs EVERY DAY in perfmon/Reliability Monitor. After reading other threads on this topic, I'm now convinced this is related to my leaving a USB drive plugged into my PC 24/7 for ReadyBoost, and ditto for an external USB-attached hard disk (for backups).

My questions have now become:
1. I have 98(!!!) Generic volume shadow copy entries in the "Storage volume shadow copies" element in Device Manager (and my rebuilt Vista install is about 5 weeks old, installed on 8/7/08). Should I be concerned? What can I do to get this number down? How do I keep it down? The obvious bonehead answer appears to me to be "Delete them all, and keep it up every day, or write a script to do likewise." Is this even reasonable?
2. I have 5 "Generic volume" entries in the "Storage Volumes" element in Device Manager. Same questions as before...
3. I can't get any meaningful info from the Properties windows under either heading, though complete coverage of "Storage Volumes" and random sampling of "Generic volume shadow copy" entries all say "The device is working properly"

Any input, ideas, advice, or references that will help me understand how to proceed from here will be greatly appreciated.

TIA for your help and support,


A:Device Mgr: 98 Generic volume shadow copy, 5 Generic volume entries

Just FYI in scanning elsewhere on the Web I've found other posts that report this same behavior. For example: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-genera...talling-s.html (no resolution). This posting may offer some relief, and recommends uninstalled the USB Root Hub drivers so they can be rediscovered upon bootup: http://www.vistax64.com/vista-genera...ecognized.html. Haven't tried this yet, though, so I don't know if it helps or not.


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when i go onto the xbox one app and enter a party it tells me that there is no mic being detected

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Hey i install Vista Buisiness onto my computer and i found i only have a PlayBack device and no recording can someone please help.


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Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to change the default device for recording control in Win XP.

I'm using a headset/microphone with Dragon Naturally Speaking 9, under Win XP sp2. When I start the program, the microphone is not active. To get it working, I have to go to Control Panel, Sounds and Audio Devices, "Voice" tab, under 'voice recording' I click the 'volume' button, and there I see three options: Line In, Rear Mic, Microphone. Under each one, there is a checkbox labeled "select", and the Rear Mic one is selected by default. I have to manually select the Microphone one to get things working.

Is there any way to set things up to make Microphone the default selected device? When I change it, it always defaults back to Rear Mic after a reboot. Thanks for any help!

A:How to set default recording device?

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Hi, I was wondering if there was any way to change the recording input devince from something like wave or microphone to a specific program like iTunes.

I.e. Normally it would record your microphone if it was on microphone setting, but if were on the "iTunes" setting it would only record sound from iTunes.

I can't really use the wave setting because ventrilo (voice chat program) is also considered wave and it records ventrilo+iTunes =/

If anyone knows a way to do this I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

(I have a SB Audigy ZS)

A:Changing recording device.

What is it exactly you want to do? 'Recording' from Itunes as an input device doesn't quite make sense as the music you play in Itunes already exists on your computer.IE it's already 'recorded'. If you wanted to do something with a tune that is already on your computer, then that's a software thing and not something that needs to be connected as an 'input device' via your soundcard. The only thing I can think that you'd want to record on from your computer via the soundcard, is a tape player. Your computer 'records'/does everything else with software and cd drives etc. once you've got the stuff on there.

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I can't set my default recording device.

I press the Set Default button, and nothing happens. I remember seeing another thread here where Skype was causing this, but I need to be sure, because I'm trying to install a new microphone for use with Skype.

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