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Sound files onto audio CD

Q: Sound files onto audio CD

I bought myself an Archos MiniCDrw2 cd writer in the hope that I would be able to transfer downloaded sound/talk files onto an audio CD and listen to it in the car. I am beginning to think that I didn't think this through properly?!?!
The files I would like to stick on an audio CD are of .rm & .ram extensions.
Is this possible at all? And if not directly, is there some way I get "around it"?
I'm using W98 OS.
Cheers and thanks for any help!


Preferred Solution: Sound files onto audio CD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sound files onto audio CD

The Realone player will convert and burn .rm files to CD as audio, theres a free version of Realone, you have to look for it, though. www.real.com

I did find a program that can convert .rm to .wav, .mp3, or .wma, it doesnt always work, though. It's called "Streambox Ripper"

.ram files are usually just small text files that tell Realplayer/Realone where to download the actual audio. Open a .ram in Notepad to see that URL.

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I am just trying to come to grips with possibilities using my new Asus Xonar DG Soundcard.
It's a well reviewed but low cost card @ $28 & I selected it to replace my failed on-board Card.
So I now have my desktop amplified speakers set up, but they are budget variety & somewhat limited, although I do not expect or need high volume.
I happen to have several small (ex car) amps, & several pairs of reasonably sized reasonable quality speakers, so I thought "what about a 4 speaker set up"?
Is this possible & how can it be wired up?
If done this way should I hook up a double gang log pot to control volume rather than use the on screen slide control which is not that easy when you are doing other things.

A:Making best of 5.1 sound card without 5.1 audio files

There should be a 'speaker fill' checkbox or similar in your audio manager.

Alternatively, you can use a splitter to split the L/R audio between the front jack and rear jack, giving you the same sound coming from the four speakers.

Or, you may find that it's annoying....

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My media player ( 11 for vista) has a problem. It will play audio files, but there is no sound, even at full volume, yet i can play mpeg and wmv files with no problems at all. what is going on?

A:Windows Media Player has no sound for audio files only

I use WinAmp for audio and Media Player Classic for video - no problems.

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i've run out of space in my pc and flash drives to store anymore files so im using my mp3 player. question is, will storing tehm in it lower the sound quality when i move the audio files back on my pc?

A:Can storing audio files on a mp3 player lower the sound quality?

If the files are simply copied across without any conversion, then no, you won't lose any quality.

If the files are converted to a lower quality format when they are transferred to the mp3 player, eg .wav files to .mp3, or high bitrate mp3 to lower bitrate, then the sound quality will be lower, and cannot be recovered from the converted files if the higher quality originals are deleted.

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i was listening to music and i restarted my browser because browser was taking to long to open and bitdefender stopped responding. then after again i reststarted again same problem. now its fixed i open my mp3 files and all of sudden everything sounds completely different

A:All of a sudden, my audio files sound alot thicker and slower!

Does it sound same in all players?

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Reinstalled windows 7 becauase of the many issues that I was having with windows 10. After the reinstallation I am unable to play any audio files or get any sound from the speakers. I have checked to make sure the sound driver was up to date and have even tried rolling it back to a previous version and still nothing.

A:No sound coming from speakers. Unable to play audio files

Hi,Please try this first to enable Speakers in Playback devices as follows:1. Right click speaker icon (right hand corner)2. Select Playback devices3. Right click Speakers4. Enable it and set as Default5. Click Apply/OkRegards.

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I recently updated a Windows 7 service pack and while it was updating, I opened GeForce Experience to see if there was an update for my graphics driver. When I did this, my PC crashed and after it booted up, I've had no sound ever since. I've done everything I can think of. Ran scans, an SFC scan, plugged my speakers and headphones in and out of every port, etc. There's that red X at the bottom of my volume control and it just says that no speakers or headphones are plugged in. I can't even configure or set defaults in the sound panel. When I click on the volume icon, it runs a troubleshoot, asks me what sound devices I'm wanting to get help with, and when I pick speakers or headphones, it simply says that they're unplugged.

Microsoft Support said that my audio is messed up due to the conflict between Windows updating and a third party program (GeForce) being ran at the same time. As far as the sfc scan goes, I've ran it multiple times with no luck, and I've even gone into my CBS.log to find out what the problem is. Towards the end of the results, there's about a paragraph length including "Audiocodec" problems and "Audioess.dll" corrupted files. This obviously is the problem. I've attached a picture where this occurs.

I'm hoping that this can be fixed without having to buy a new copy of Windows or a new soundcard. But if that ends up being the case then I will of course.

Please help! I will be eternally grateful. As you can imagine, a PC reall... Read more

A:NO sound, Audio Codec/Audioess.dll files corrupted after SFC Scan

Do you have a System Restore point that is BEFORE the updates? If you do, try restoring the PC using an available restore date that is BEFORE the updates. That may take care of the problems. You will have to reinstall the Win 7 updates and the Video updates (but do them one at a time).

A side comment. I see you have Windows 7 64 bit OS but only 4GB of RAM. 64 bit OS' main use is with more than 4GB of RAM. The 64bit OS requires more memory than the 32 bit OS thus you have less RAM available for programs. If your motherboard is capable of more than 4GB, consider upgrading to at least 6 or 8GB.

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Hi. Didn't put this in Hardware b/c my hardware works perfectly. If it needs
to be moved, though, please do.

I'm a transcriber. I've noticed that with some international audio, sound
only plays out of my LEFT headphone when headphones are plugged
directly into my laptop. I know without question that there is nothing at all
wrong with either the laptop or headphones. 90% of files play through both
headphones, as expected.

When I plug my headphones into the "left" output jack in my USB audio
interface (I use it for home recording), it will spit the audio out to both
headphones. But if I go directly into the computer (or use the
"headphones" jack on the audio interface, actually), I only get sound on
the left side.

Someone else suggested that this is b/c the creator of the audio recorded
it in stereo instead of mono. Okay... but what I need to know is how to
make it so I can plug headphones directly into my laptop's headphone jack
and hear the audio on BOTH sides. (I'd rather not use the audio interface
to do that because I need the USB jack it's occupying for my foot pedal
and mouse!)

Thanks for any suggestions you can offer, as to switching either the audio
to (I guess...?) stereo (if that's the problem), or another way of getting it
to play out of both earphones when they're directly connected to the


~ Blue

A:Sound plays out of ONE headphone only with certain audio files. Why? Hardware WORKS!

Welcome to TSG, blue.

TheBluestLotus said:

Someone else suggested that this is b/c the creator of the audio recorded it in stereo instead of mono. Click to expand...

The person who suggested this is quite correct. Unfortuantely, since the files were saved as mono, the only thing you can really do to solve the problem would be to edit the sound files using a program like Audacity.

Below is a link to show how to change the files from Mono to Stereo using Audacity.

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greets all,

i have an issue with my sound.. i have tested sound under audio properties and left and right speakers work fine, the drivers are all up to date, i can get sound upon start up and windows default sounds and i also get sound with no probs from various online websites, e.g fb games... BUT windows media player 12(windows 7) will not play any of my media files(getting error for every file- audio of video and ive also uninstalled and reinstalled to attempt to get it running normally) and vlc player will not play sound for any audio file or video file either.. i havent tried other media players as of yet. so.. my speakers and drivers seem fine and upto date but i just cant get any media players to play sound for video or audio files(ive tried flac, mp3, mp4 and wma files) my default audio software is conexant smartaudio hd, im running windows 7 home premium- 64bit... it appears i only have sp1 under my computer properties tho, not sure if upgrading this would resolve the issue.. any advice would be most welcome

A:sound working but cannot play music or get audio from video files

ok.. looking at the microsoft service pack updates i find that there seems to be only a sp1 for windows 7..? also as an addition there are no question marks showing in device manager either

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I can sound files for less the 10 mins before this high pitched screaming from the speakers starts i can play audio cd's with this squeal in the background

please somone help

i have a VIA sound device i think its built onto my motherboard, but i need HELP!

A:When playing Audio files my pc suddenly stops then and starts making a siren sound

How do you make the sound stop?

It is coming from the speakers, not from inside the computer?

Is it only when you play audio CDs?

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hey, im aware that this problem is pretty frequent after browsing forums a couple of times but never actually found a solution to the problem.

ok, so, few months ago, my computor was pretty messed up, swamped with viruses etc

so ive cleaned my pc up, roughly got everything back on track

apart from audio

k so audio works fine with any media players installed on my pc, wmp, winamp, vlc, nero, real, etc. fine, movies and music, even online radio1 works

the problem is that, where you control the windows audio in the little minimized icon which is found on the bottom right taskbar, that has dissappeared, which probably has something to do with it, but also, when i have numerously attempted to play audio videos on youtube or myspace, or music on myspace/profiles, that kind of thing

i get no sound at all, video generally plays fine just no sound whatsoever

im curious as to how it happened in the first place, but also would ideally like to find a solution for it as it is quite annoying

any advice would be greatly appreciated

A:windows sound icon gone, no youtube/myspace audio, media files work fine though

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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad E550 laptop with Windows 7.

There are no enhancement features in the speakers properties section. I have realtek card reader...do I need realtek driver? I read that not all motherboards use realtek audio chips.

What would be a suitable/compatible FRE audio driver to download to enable louder sound.

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Hi, please help.
I accidentally uninstalled audio device on high definition audio bus...now it has a yello exclamation mark and won't update. Under audio it says I have no audio device. I have windows XP, service 3 pack... and I hope this is the number you would need 55274-640-8725436-23218? thanks

A:No sound, accidentally uninstalled audio device on high definition audio bus

What is the make and model# of your computer? Or if a custom build, the make and model# of your motherboard? Go to the Manufacturers Support/Download Drivers site, type in your make and model # and download the Audio Driver for your computer.

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and I have a problem with sound. When I plug my speakers in front panel I have output audio, but in back panel I don't.

My Audio Manager looks like this, but front panel is enabled and back panel is disabled. It does not recognize back (ANALOG) jack.

I tried with settings in this manager but without success, I cheked Control Panel > Sound and followed instructions but still no sound if speakers is in back panel. What to do?

Sorry for bad english

A:No sound in back audio panel jack - Realtek HD Audio Manager

What is set as the Default Playback Device? If "Digital" or "HDMI" is set as default you will not get any sound from rear audio connections. "Speaker" must be set as Default Playback Device/

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Motherboard :asus p5kpl-am se (no sound card)
vendor id :1106
device id :0397
problem: digital audio (S/PDIF) no sound
OS : Windows 7 ultimate 32bit

i've download numerous latest driver on the official website of VIA and installed it, yet no different..
i wonder if anybody can help me with the link or another solution..

A:VIA High Definition Audio ,no sound digital audio (S/PDIF)

Answered on your other duplicate post. To get speaker or headphone audio you need to set the "Speakers" as the default audio playback device.

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Starting about a week ago whenever any audio is being played through my computer (speaker or headphone) I will hear a buzzing sound and occasionally the audio with skip. This happens weather I am playing audio that is being streamed from the internet or that is on my computer directly.

I have tried several things to fix this problem including installing all windows updates that are available as well as updating my audio drivers.

I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit. My computer model is hp pavilion dv7t quad 6100 and I have IDT high definition audio codec driver version 6.10.6381.0 which my computer says is the latest driver version. Updating to this version has not solved the problem, however.

Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. If there is additional info that is neccesary, please let me know and I will post it.

A:IDT High Def Audio, buzzing sound when playing any sort of audio.

Unplug the speakers from the PC and see if you still get the buzz with headphones. Some "buzz" problems can be related to "AC power ground loop" problems if some separately powered devices are connected.

Noise and skipping are problems that have been posted here before. There is no "one fix" for that. There are possible hardware problems, drivers (including video drivers), Interrupt issues, Wi Fi caused, etc.

Skipping can be because the other device that is on the shared Interrupt that the sound is on is interrupting the sound. Sound is always on a shared interrupt (IRQ) with a higher priority device. You can try this: go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the IDT and then LEFT click "Uninstall". DO NOT check the box to uninstall the drivers. Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect the sound and reinstall it and some times put it on a different shared IRQ.

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I am currently Running Windows Ten, and it recently underwent some updates. When the updates finished and I logged in I saw that the audio service was not running, so I googled "The Audio Service is not running" and it told me to open the windows
menu and type in services.msc, then go to Windows Audio and start it, I found that it was not running, so I started it. still no sound, ok whatever ill just restart because I started the windows audio, and low and behold the Audio service is running and Windows
Audio is running, however, sound was still not playing. So I then restarted because usually that fixes the problem, and now we are here, the Audio Service is not Running (that is a speaker with a red X on it down on the task bar) and the Windows Audio is running,
and sound is not playing, what the heck is going on?

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Hey Guys,

So here it goes, I normally have my Logitech z-5500 speakers connected to the onboard sound output (green,yellow and black) as well as my Plantronics 780 connected to the front panel USB port. I used to be able to play music through any one without any problems, just had to select which one I wanted as my default playback device.

Now my problem is, I get audio fine through the 780, but I get no sound what so ever from any of the onboard ports. I have searched online for hours trying all the suggested solutions(check below) but I'm hoping its not a device failure =(

What's weird is that just like all other posts I've read, when I plug anything into the onboard jacks I get the speakers as connected and the audio level moves with sound..but I get no output from my speakers.
What I have tested:

1) removing and reinstalling audio drivers from Asus website. - no luck
2) trying a headphone in the different jacks to see if any would give audio - no luck
3) went into the BIOS made sure I was up to date and the sound device was enabled - no luck
I can post screenshots of anything that may help in trying to resolve this problem and would appreciate anyone assisting me.
Thank you.

A:No sound from onboard audio (Realtek High Defition Audio)

Ravir mate do yourself a favour and install a sound card I have the exact same board and I fitted an Asus Xonar DG after spending a load of time trying to make sense of the Asus site, RealTek site and the Windows feature which are all a crock of crap.
The GUI for the Xonar card is great for sound (up to 7:1 support) and effects and mixing. Best of all it is cheap. I have them in three of my machines and would not be bothered with the onboard rubbish. Sound Cards and Digital-to-Analog Converters - Xonar DG - ASUS

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First of all here are my specs:

Computer is an E-Machines T2642.
Motherboard: IM845GV
OS: Windows XP Home Edition (service pack 1)

Now my problem. About 4 days ago my sound stopped working on my computer. I checked the device manager and found multimedia audio controller listed as an other device with a question mark next to it. The properties lists the device as not having any drivers installed. I have tryed installing and rolling backthe drivers to no effect.

Another problem that I seem to have is my network connections shows a local area connection as having a network cable unpluged, with the device name being Realtek RTL8139/810X Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC. I have tryed unintalling the realtek device and adding it again, but when I do it seems to generate the unknown multimedia audio controller which I suspect is the source of my problem.

So any advice on what exactly I need to do to fix this and get the sound back? At this point I suspect that the "sound card" on my motherboard may be fried. Help would be appricaited.

A:No audio/sound. Multimedia audio controller issues.

Start here:


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1.The sound is so small after play mp3/wave or any other video file. (I have to compare the sound from Acer E3-112-C31G machine) you can compare the soundfor E3-112-C31G and E5-532G-p4YU.(open the audio volume to high and then play the audio file to check the sound. the E5-532G-p4YU is so bad for audio ) 2.The internal Panel isn't closed after open internal Panel and then closed internal Panel for serval times.3.After system boot to Win10 RS1 14393 x64 OS and then open the explore like as Firefox or IE even open an application,the system will wait over 15 seconds and then execute the  Firefox or IE or application.The system performance is so bad than our Acer E3-112-C31G machine. Best Regards,Timothy  

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Dear helpful people

I was uninstalling some programs last night, and I somehow accidentally uninstalled my audio driver. Now whenever I turn on my PC, it says there is a new audio device on high definition audio bus, but that it can't find the driver for it. All advice on other sites said to download and install RealTek, which I have and restated my computer, but I still get the "not finding the driver" error. Is there some step I am forgetting to do, or could there be something else wrong?

I assume you need more details, but I am not sure what to give, just ask and I will get them to you right away.

A:No sound from audio device on high definition audio bus

I have now found out that device is SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio, but now whenever I try and install the setup for the driver, I get an error saying
"The audio Driver files do not support your computer hardware"

I am starting to think I uninstalled something really important, do you have any idea what I should check to ensure all the proper audio files are there, or how to replace them?

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Ever since I got my second Video Card and went SLI I have had crippling sound problems. After playing for a while all sounds get replace with a high pitched squeal. This is only with games, not music (using WMP), DVDs (using WinDVD), and only with my sound card, not the (crappy) onboard sound (which has no problem). Some games may play for three minutes, others for close to fifty before this consistently happens. It seems to be simply subsistuting all sounds with this annoying noise. I quit the game it goes quiet, but music is now affected and DVDs have NO sound. Single GPU works fine (either card, either PCI-E slot), sound card in either PCI slot still causes the problem. I recently got a newer, better sound card but it does the exact same thing. I think it may be either a video card issue, or the motherboard. Is it something to due with the way the video card handles sound? Or the motherboard? HELP!! I really like the improved graphics (on a relative budget) that SLI brings, and don't like being hobbled like this.

Tried Turning down Sound Card Acceleration with the old card, didn't help.

My Computer
Old Alienware Case.
Asus P5N32 SE SLI-Deluxe
Inter Core 2 Duo E6600
3*Corsair PC5400 667 512mb
2*Maxtor 200GB 7200rpm
2*EVGA NVidia 7600 GT KO 256mb video (do have different bios #'s on the card)
SoundBlaster X-Fi Gamer Extreme (old card was SB Audigy 2)
Sony DVD writer.
Dell 2407wfp monitor

A:HELP! Sound problem with SLI and sound card (onboard audio work fine)

i have simular problem my soundblaster live wont run sound when plugged in but tbh sound isnt all that big wen u have 5.1 sourround, so i just used the on-board audio

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Hi. The above header refers. How can I resolve this issue? I restarted the T430 with the audio cable left connected (as suggested by someone in an earlier post) and the issue is still present. The T430 prefers to pick sound from its in-built mic. Your quick assistance in helping me resolve this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks. MDi

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Hello to you all!

I've been having problems with my sound card (in the title) and that problem is that I cannot hear any sound come out of it but the strange thing is the little green bar that indicates sound is coming through and how loud it is keeps going up and down as I play music.

Anyway the strange thing is the windows default sound thingy works perfectly fine, if any of oyu kind people could help me that would be fantastic!

A:Solved: No sound coming out of my SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card

update your driver

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In Mac OS Quick time does this (I can have 10 audios all playing simultaneously). WMP nor VLC seem capable of this.

I need a solution to this for both Linux/ubuntu and Windows 7. Maybe there's a way to customize vlc or wmp?


A:I need an audio player capable of playing multiple audio files simul

Multiple instances of MPC maybe?

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My husband and i are in a band and are trying to upload our music to a local site. It said we needed mp3 files so we tried coverting our wave file to an mp3 file ( my husband downloaded something that said it could do this) and now we have no sound. The speakers still make little crackling noises like they are still live but we get no sound.


A:Tried to convert music files from wave files to mp3 files and no NO SOUND WHATSOEVER

Try a different program.

Are you converting from CD, or a wave file on the hard drive?


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About a month ago I ugraded to the latest drivers for SB audigy 2ZS and everything ran smoothly until now. I can't understand all of a suden have no sound at all. Checked everything is connected properly. Please help. I tried google to find and answer but not luck.

A:SB Audigy 2Zs No System Sound, No Audio Card Sound

No need for help. I connected an old set of speakers to my audio card and it works fine; therefore, it only leads me to conclude that the speakers on the moniter itself are defective. I've had the monitor for 2 years and a half and it's under warrantee for 3 years. I have already contacted viewsonic regarding the issue. I should be able to get the product serviced with no problems.

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continuation from this thread:

start navigation sound playing for no reason

here's the Highjack log file:

A:start navigation sound (continuation from Sound & Audio)

There'a a lot of junk running that seems unneceesary, first thing I would do is download Malwarebytes free edition and run a full scan. Best thing about Malwarebytes is: When you shut it down it's off, no processes running in the background.


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My computer is a Dell Dimension 8200, I have a cd/rw that came with it, so Today I bought a DVD/RW installed everything, The DVD plays video fine, The problem is, It does not have audio, so I took the dvd out and put in an MP3 Cd and it plays Audio CDs fine...I cant seem to troubleshoot any further than to play with audio level controlls but still doesnt have Audio on DVD movies, So I tried a diffrent DVD and also played it using a diffrent player...Same thing happens.No Audio on the DVDs but Audio is fine playing Music CDs on both CDRW drive and my new DVD/RW drive...I cant seem to find a thread with the same problem...I even tried uninstalling the driver on the DVD/Drive and started over again...same thing no, Audio. Help!

A:Audio CD Plays Sound But when playing DVDs No Sound! Help Please!

what application are you using to play said DVD?

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The title says it all. I recently started playing Medal of Honor and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and on both games I get a frozen screen with looping audio which forces me to shut the computer down via the power button.

after doing some searching around on the net and trying various solutions, I have determined the next step is to disable on board sound. I know this sounds like a noobish question but, is there any way to get sound out of my computer? is there a BIOS setting that allows me to disable the on board sound but still get sound out my PC? these 2 games rely heavily on being able to hear what is going on,

I have an ABIT IP35 Pro with no secondary sound card.


A:Can I get audio if I turn onboard sound off without a sound card?

No that'd be impossible. if you turn off the onboard sound, how are you gonna get some sound delivered to your speaker or headphone?

you should try disabling the onboard sound and check if it fixes the issue. if it did, also try to uninstall your current audio driver and install the newest one.

looping audio does not always means the onboard sound is faulty. it usually goes on loop because that portion of the soundtrack is already loaded into RAM. therefore it still plays even when the computer froze.

the problem might lies in other thing such as video card or overheating CPU since you indicate it only occurs when you're playing games.

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Is there any way to access the file so it can be saved to playback without being on the internet? There is no "save target as" option. And when I save the .ra file from the temp int files it connects to the server again to play.

Thanks for any help.

A:[Resolved] capturing audio files such as Real Audio

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I recently done a new build, not with the same specs I have on here;
i5 2500k
p8z77-m pro
sapphire radeon 6870

I cannot get any sound through the front+back headphone jacks, realtek doesnt detect any audio devices, however i can mess around with the settings to get windows to say i have speakers+mic and 2nd audio devices plugged regardless if anything is plugged in or not. I have tried everything!

A:No sound via audio jacks, but sound via hdmi.

Hiyya and welcome aaron mate sure the board is hooked up right?
Otherwise drivers? or failing that a decent sound card I use a cheap Asus Xonar DG which gives excellent audio and mixing features but my next build is having the Asus Xonar DS or DX .

Another option would be one of those card readers in a front bay but am surprised you cannot get sound off the board connections?

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I have a strange situation. I'm running Vista on a desktop HP and can listen to streaming radio and podcasts with no problem. But when I play video clips on the CNN or HBO or YouTube or Hulu sites the video is fine, but there is no audio. I have Flash Player Version installed.

So I guess this can't be a sound card issue and that somehow a setting needs to be changed, but what setting?

Thanks for any input.


A:No sound on videos, but sound on audio streams

What browser do you use?
Did you try different browser?

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Hello guys,

Last night I was helping to a friend and connected his computer with mine by KVM switch. We had done all, I got unplugged KVM switch,reconnected my monitor,KB an mouse.Everything was just fine.

After a while,without reason, (or there may be some reason which I can't figure out),I just got lost out of my sound. Uninstalled and reinstalled all X-Fi apps,no good.

Now I have installed a fresh OS,updated (it's all accurate under my system specs),and all drivers,including SB X-Fi Xtreme audio.No good.

1.Device Manager recognizes proprely under Sound, video and game controllers (SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio/This device is working properly.)
2.Click on Speakers icon,on the General tab,Jack Information :No Jack Information Available
3.Check or uncheck box next to Digital output settings makes no difference
4.Headphones tested on another computer,working
5.Equalizer shows moving green line when playing audio,as if it work
6.No system sounds
7.There are 2 events in Event Viwer,attached to this post.

I have fresh Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64,no antivirus,no antimalware,no any other program,only updates, Adobe Flash Player,and drivers.

Starting to think that i'm missing something simple.Totally confused here after checking so many things so many times.

Looking forward to your response.

A:No sound on Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme audio

1. Reseat the SoundBlaster sound card (with the PC powered off, unplug then plug back in). SoundBlasters have a history of seating problems.

2. Post a screenshot of the Device Manager, Sound section.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I'm hoping I can get some help here please...I recently had a virus problem but since that has been fixed through the Virus Thread here at TSF. Whilst in the process of cleaning my computer, nearing the end of the process, I noticed that any video or sound that I played whether it was through video file that has been downloaded or even if it was a DVD or watching a video through YouTube or just listening to an MP3 through any program, the sound would be choppy and just go at like a slow motion pace every few seconds. The computer is now clean but I am hesitant to do a system restore to an earlier date because of the viruses that were there!

I have reinstalled programs, reinstalled the sound driver, ran Windows Recovery, reinstalling flash and defragmented the computer but unfortunately its still not fixed! I told this problem to a Mod over in the Virus Thread and they redirected me here. I can't say for sure when exactly this happened but it was after the Mod told me to update my Java, delete Viewpoint Media Player and update Adobe Reader that it happened.

I have a MSI Megabook S262 that runs Windows XP. Please let me know if there is any additional information you need from me.


A:Choppy audio and sound on any video or sound

I know you said you reinstalled the sound driver but try this. Delete the driver, restart pc and then reinstall driver.

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I upgraded to Windows 10 sometime back and Beats audio was present and working just fine after the update but after a recent automatic update beats audio was gone and the sound on my laptop was not working properly. I was able to reinstall it but the sound is still terrible and I can't adjust the EQ in the Beats Audio control panel. I've tried reinstalling but nothing has helped. Can anyone help me figure out what's going on and how to fix it. I need my audio to work properly because i use my laptop when DJ'ing. I have a HP envy m6 64bit OS that came with Beats Audio

A:Audio and Sound, Beats Audio

Hi: See if this driver resolves the problem for you.   Install and restart the PC... This package contains the driver that enables the IDT High-Definition (HD) Audio in supported notebook models that are running a supported operating system. http://ftp.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp63501-64000/sp63555.exe

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Whenever I create an audio CD from mp3 files do I get full CD quality? In other words can an mp3 file be converted to a full-quality WAV file, or are some frequencies irretrievably lost in the process?

A:Do mp3 files convert to full-quality WAV files when creating an audio CD?

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Hi to all.

On my Dell OptiPlex 755 E6550 2.33, I've had intermittent issues with the headphone socket suddenly stopping working for quite some time,sometimes problem is auto detected and fixed, sometimes I download a driver or three to resolve. This time nothing is helping no matter what drivers I've tried. Have Win 7 Ultimate installed with just on-board sound. No sound or audio shows up in device manager? Are 755's fickle with on-board sound or just too many sound drivers installed? Any ideas please.

A:Dell OptiPlex 755 No Audio Output device and no Sound/Audio in Device Manager

There could be multiple hidden audio devices.
* Press windows key + R* Enter cmd, click OK* Type cd\ [press Enter]* Type set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 [press Enter]* Type devmgmt.msc [press Enter]* Once the Device Manager opens, open Sound and see if you have multiple grey out items. If yes, delete them, then restart the computer and retest

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I've tried a lot of things to figure this out and it's been going on for quite awhile, still if anyone can post any reason why it won't stream sound, please do so, I want help badly.

I tried an instill of a new hard drive and made it the master drive, however I couldn't install windows from a disc (pci.sys) so instead i copied my os off of the old hard drive but everything had to be copied. (If you can tell me an install process to help me with my sound that'll work too)

youtube doesn't work.. etc
absolutely everything from the internet = no sound except if it caches a file and plays that file instead.
checked volumes, "play sound in webages", downloaded codecs, flash, updates.
post anything, please?

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I am running Audacity on a new 64 bit computer, running Vista. I had got my sound really good, good enough to do voice auditions, but now when I convert my Wav file to mp3 and send it to myself, the sound is awful. Why is there such a difference, when it sounds so good in Audacity or on my file converter?

A:Crappy Sound after emailing sound files

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A lil' confused so need some expert adv.

Just wish to reconfirm, this USB PNP, IF it will record/SAVE
from my audio cassette player to my desk top,using WIN XP PRO ! I wish to transfer songs from audio cassettes to my desk top which does not have a sound card.I have the COOL RECORDER in case that helps, does it ?
Earlier I have used the TV tuner card which did the job of such a transfer but that went kaput.

Thx for yr help.Cheers

A:Solved: USB Sound Card - 2.0 Audio Input / Output Sound Card

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Had sound before replacing defective hard drive.
New Hard drive working fine with win xp installed.

All ok but no sound..at all
Where would you look first?


A:no audio/sound...at all

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I have no sound on my PC.
Hardware drivers all appear to be up to date according to Microsoft.
Hardware devices check indicates that all is working ok
Music CDs play but the only sound I get is deep within the PC I can faintly hear that it is playing, perhaps on the system speaker? Yet nothing on headsets or external speakers.
I tried "Flash No Sound WaveMapper Solution". All appears as it should be. Reg entry is there the driver file is in the system32 folder all of 20 kb.
I tried a Sound Blaster Live! installation CD but but I get an error "Utility for Windows AutoPlay screen has encountered a problem..."
HELP plz.

A:no sound/audio

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help!!!!!!!!! please i have no sounds coming out of my speakers

A:HELP!!! please i need some help about my audio without sound

You might be better off to explain how it started, eg; had you just updated your PC or installed fresh software at the moment it was first apparent - and what steps you've already tried to remedy this.

Have you tried new cables? Have you tried alternative speakers? Are all your sound inputs unmuted?

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PC is dell dimension 4700 running xp home service pack 3
sound device is creative audio PCI ES1371, ES1373 (WDM)

My volume is fine and on..no mute
tried several sets of speakers...Speakers work on other computers....plugged into green outlet
audio device is installed and "says" it is working
did not uninstall driver, but did try to update with cd...no change.

I don't think there were any updates that caused this problem. I did have the nasty system fix virus, which was taken care of, thanks to your instructions. Sound worked fine after and through two sets of speakers. When I unplugged one set to plug in a new, the sound no longer worked. Computer is running much slower since virus FYI.

I am not tech knowledgeable, but I have researched and tried all the basics I have seen online to correct this problem. I am nervous to go further without guided instructions. Thanks!

A:no audio/sound from pc

Hi blackiebear,

Not sure if you have tried this yet..Make sure your audio service is running

Go to Start>> Run>> type in services.msc.

Scroll down to Windows Audio>> Right-click on the service and select Properties. Check that 'Startup' is set to automatic. Click Apply and okay...Now check the startup status under services..Make sure it says started. If not look to the left and click start service...

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my sisters picked up a virus and i had to dump the system. her sound river wont work now. i have tried like everything. i cant fix it. it like completely deleted the sound driver. i have no clue as to where her drivers disk is that came with her computer. how do i determine what driver she has an how do i reinstall. i tried the compaq site an download the driver but it wont let me install it.

A:No audio sound

Post the Model number of the Compaq computer so we can find you the driver and tell you how to install it.

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