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A720 with 256 gb Crucial SSD with Win 8

Q: A720 with 256 gb Crucial SSD with Win 8

Hi all,

Just got myself a brand spanking new Lenovo A720 which should be coming tomorrow and a 256gb crucial SSD. The A720 has Win 7 on it now. I also purchased the Win 8 UPGRADE. I plan to do the following:

1) create a backup image of my win 7 using Acronis
2) install the Crucial SSD (NEVER done this before)
3) create a loadable ISO of the Win 8 on my 3.72gb USB drive (says 4gb but it's really 3.72gb)
4) dual boot Win 7 on the HD and Win 8 on the SSD (using Brink's tutorial) by running the ISO

I have never installed an SSD. I am somewhat proficient with computers but certainly not a tech expert by any means. I am handy and I understand that SSDs are becoming much easier to work with.

Also, before any admins get annoyed at me for saying the dual boot with the upgrade, I want to make all FULLY aware that I 100% intend to delete the Win 7 if I like Win 8. I am just nervous about the functionality of Win 8 and I may decide not to keep it at all. If I dont like it, then I will stick with Win 7. I do NOT plan to keep (or use) TWO operating systems as I assume that is against the EULA. I will only be using ONE.

My question is - am I going to have issues by not having Win 7 already installed on the SSD, if I am doing a clean install of Win 8 on there? There will be nothing for Win 8 to upgrade on the SSD. Is that okay for technical purposes?

Preferred Solution: A720 with 256 gb Crucial SSD with Win 8

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: A720 with 256 gb Crucial SSD with Win 8

I installed Windows 8 and a Mushkin Atlas 240GB mSATA SSD on my A720. The process I will describe below was a bit time consuming, but it was easy.

Step #1: If you have the A720 with the 64GB SSD, disable RapidDrive. You should be able to see a program called RapidDrive in your Windows search. Run it, make sure everything is disabled. Then go to uninstall programs and uninstall it.

Step #2: Create recovery disks
--> Run "lenovo rescue system"
--> Select "create recovery disc"
--> I have a 64GB C: drive. It estimated 8 disks but needed only 6. It took two hours.

This will create a set of Windows 7 restore disks for your A720. This is a critical step if you only have the Windows 8 upgrade since you must upgrade from a drive with a valid Windows 7 installation. It also is good to have a backup so you can restore the machine to its original Windows 7 shipped state if need be.

NOTE: I read elsewhere that the recovery image must be less than the drive you plan to restore to. Hence, if you are creating recovery disks for a 750GB or 1TB primary drive and plan to install Windows on a 256GB SSD primary drive, make sure that the image is less than 256GB. This wasn't a problem for me since I had the 64GB SSD version of the A720.

Step #3: Register for the Windows 8 upgrade offer at www.windowsupdgradeoffer.com
Use the "download upgrade assistant" and burn a Windows 8 disk.

Step #4: Install the new SSD
On Lenovo's website, you can download the "Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 Hardware Maintenance Manual". It gives details about removing the base cover and installing the SSD in the mSATA slot.

Warning: I found the screws on the base difficult to get out and back in. Make sure you get a good screwdriver for this and take your time. I found it helpful to have someone secure the base as I was putting the screws back.

Step #5: Boot from the recovery disks
Yes, you will reinstall Windows 7 (and everything else you had on your C: drive). This took about an hour for my 6 disk recovery.

Step #6: Boot from your Windows 8 disk
I selected "upgrade" and not "clean install" since I wanted to keep the Lenovo games. I am not sure if "clean install" will work with the upgrade, but my understanding is that it should as long as the drive you are installing on has a valid Windows 7 installation.

The upgrade is fast. Under 30 minutes.

Step #7: Download and install all Windows 8 drivers for the A720 from the Lenovo website
Note that your WIFI will not work until you install the new drivers. Hence, you need to be wired to download these.

Another option is to download them before upgrading to Windows 8 and put the drivers on the D drive. Then you can run them after the upgrade without needing to be wired.

Step #8: Find your Lenovo games
If you did an upgrade instead of a clean install, your old Windows 7 files are in "c:\Windows.old". The Lenovo games are in the "Program Files" directory (I don't recall the exact path).
Once you find the games you want, you can right click on the executable and "pin to start" which will create a link to that game in your metro interface.
Not everything will work in Windows 8. Fruit Ninja works. The ArcSoft PhotoStudio did not work for me. I haven't tried much else.

Overall, I have been really happy with Windows 8 on my A720. However, there have been some minor issues. For example, the volume buttons on the display no longer work (the volume keyboard buttons still work though). Also, on the Lenovo discussion boards people have reported some minor issues with the touch screen (I haven't noticed anything but I am new to Windows 8). My guess is that Lenovo will fix these issues soon. In the meantime, I am having fun with Windows 8!

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I have A720 All-in-One (ideacentre) and currently I have 128GB msata drive and 1TB hdd, my question is can I upgrade my msata drive for SSD 850 EVO mSATA 1TB .. ? Or there is somekind of limit?

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BonjourJe voudrais retirer la base arrière de mon A720. Une vidéo explique comment le faire, mais je ne peux pas.https://www.lenovoservicetraining.com/showcase?sid=1220&key=TGVuZw== Il n'y a pas de vis, tout se fait en glissant.Il y a un petit onglet au-dessus du pied, mais je ne sais pas si je peux le tirer (risque de le casser).Si vous avez une idée, je vous remercie pour votre réponse. 

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I have an A720 IdeaCentre that was taking a long time to boot, then stopped booting all together. I still get power, the fan runs, but nothing appears on the screen. To remedy this, I tried replacing the Samsung HD with a Crucial MX200 500GB SATA 6Gb/s 2.5". I did a one-for-one swap of the two parts, putting the new SSD and what I think is the spacer into the old carrier (metal with holes). I also put the Samsung's rubber bumpers onto the new drive and spacer. Same result: powers on, no boot. I haven't even been able to install Windows. Have I done something wrong (wrong part, forgot a step)? Or does this point to a different issue? If I can provide more info, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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I am having issues with RDP after the last MS update.  I can no longer use the old RDP software and now the mouse freezes but only with my desktop A720.  It works ok with my Lenova laptop but is really hard to navigate with small screen.  IT feels like a peripherals driver issue but ni updates?? anyone else have a mouse that freezes with RDP and a HDD screen

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Hi, I have a very strange issue with my a720 thinkcentre. I replaced the harddisk of the thinkcentre with a SSD, after the restart I had a hd password on the new ssdand I don't know why this happened and I don't know this password, because I don't set it.I do the same with a second SSD, because I thought the first SSD was broken or  something else.But now I have two SSDs with an unkown hd password. In the next try, I put the original harddisk back into the thinkcentre and clone the system to the SSD, then I replaced the harddisk with the not empty SSD and it works fine. I don't know what happend with the empty SSD. Why I have now a hd password on it? What is the password? Have someone a little hint for me? Kind Regards,Knut    

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How to disable touch buttons bellow screen?  I touch them frequently by accident and e.g. turn off my monitor. 

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How to disable touch buttons bellow screen?  I touch them frequently by accident and e.g. turn off my monitor. 

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Hello out there.

I have a new A720 IS camera. Purchased a 1GB card from Best Buy. took a lot of pictures 200+ then screen came up with "Memory card error. Could not see any of the pictures or take any more. Bought a new card at Radio Shack, SanDisk, 2GB, took 166 picture. Used a Key Span card reader connected to a Mac Dual 867 MHz PowerPC G4, 1MB L3 cache per processor. Has 1.5 GB DDR SDRAM memory. After importing the 166 pictures was only able to open 61 because the rest were "corrupted" or had an "unidentifiable jpeg marker".

Also nothing transfers or imports from the first card. It has the Letters SD, and DANE-ELEC on the face of the card.

Is this a problem with the card? or the camera? Can I save any of the pictures? It was a wonderful week at Mammoth and I will not have the opportunity again.

I am not an experienced digital camera trouble shooter. Lots of the directions are "Greek" to me. Would appreciate simple step by step help. Thanks to any and all who have a suggestion and help. Jaysfly:

A:Memory card error on Canon A720, Help!

Sound to me, after you've had problems with two cards that it's the camera.

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I have A720 All-in-One (ideacentre) and currently I have 128GB msata drive and 1TB hdd, my question is can I upgrade my msata drive for SSD 850 EVO mSATA 1TB .. ? Or there is somekind of limit?
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue.

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Hi Community, ich möchte gerne meine beiden Lenovo A720 All-in-One PCs mit einer SSD-Festplatte aufrüsten.Eine SSD-Festplatte habe ich mir auch schon gekauft. Diese SSD-Festplatte habe ich mir gekauft:Samsung 850 EVO SATA III 2.5zoll SSD Leider war mein erster Umrüstungsversuch erfolglos und so hoffe ich durch euch Antworten auf meine Fragen zu finden. Als erstes habe ich die vorhandende HDD-Festplatte und die vorhandende SSD-Festplatte 60 GB Windows OS auf die SSD-Festplatte gespiegelt / geklont. Danach habe ich die SSD-Festplatte eingebaut. Leider musste ich dann beim Starten vom PC feststellen, dass mein PC nur noch einen schwarzen Bildschirm anzeigte. Nach kurzer Zeit hat er versucht öfter neu zu starten. Nach mehreren Versuchen war es mir zum Glück gelungen ins BIOS zu gelangen. Durch ein bereits existierenden Community-Eintrag habe ich die empfohlenen Einstellungen im Bios umgesetzt.Hier der Link:https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Lenovo-A-B-C-N-S-Flex-Horizon/A720-Install-new-SSD-drive/td-p/1468984 Doch trotz dieser Einstellungen erschien wieder ein schwarzer Bildschirm und wieder versuchte der PC sich etliche Male selbst neu zu starten. Nachdem ich die serienmäßigen HDD-Festplatte wieder eingesetzt hatte, habe ich noch immer die gleichen Probleme.Jetzt muss ich den Computer Tag und Nacht anlassen, weil der Start nicht immer funktioniert. Ich komme leider beim Umbau von der HDD-Festplatte auf die SSD-Festplatte nicht weiter.&nbs... Read more

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I've upgraded my A720 to Windows 10 Creators update (1703) and the Device Manager reports this device as not working: Device Type:Other DevicesDevice Description:Multimedia ControllerHardware Ids:PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AC12&SUBSYS_000312AB&REV_00PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AC12&SUBSYS_000312ABPCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AC12&CC_048000PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_AC12&CC_0480 Is there a driver that will work on Windows 10 enableing this device?

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 Hi  I am wanting to purchase an A720 but have two queries I was hoping could be answered before I do. 1) Appreciate the Lenovo is an all in one PC but can it be used as a touch monitor for another pc.  I.e a working touch monitor for a windows 8 laptop. Connected through the hdmi socket - ?  2) second can someone please confirm the touch screen used in the device I.e USB vendor and product ID per the below guidelines  http://touch-base.com/documentation/Identifying%20Touch%20Screen%20controllers.htm#_Windows Ideally wanting to connect the Lenovo to a mac mini / mac book pro buy some Mac Os X touchscreen drivers and use as a windows and a mac touchscreen. Cheers. John

A:Lenovo IdeaCentre  A720 use as a Touch Monitor 4 a...

You shouldn't buy the A720 now... For two main reasons... A720 doesn't work as it shoud with windows 8. Secondly, Lenovo just anounced A730, with better screen resolution, windows 8 installed. You really should wait for the A730, which will start to ship at June...

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How to disable touch buttons bellow screen?  I touch them frequently by accident and e.g. turn off my monitor. 

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Computer was working perfectly and from one shot down to the next turn on it started to produce a clicking/popping noise and the screen was black for about 2 minutes before the log-in screen appeared. I have windows 10 to the latest upgrades.
Can you help with this issue? it seems that everytime it gets longer to have the log-in screen to come in.

Julio Gonzalez

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 The Bluetooth driver that is supplied from support.lenovo.com does not enable Bluetooth on the IdeaCentre A720. After installing the driver, there are no bluetooth adapters listed in the Device Manager, the software never popualtes the tasktray. I've attempted using the drivers direct from Broadcom's website, which appear to be the same driver. Neither enable bluetooth on an IdeaCentre A720. This worked previously on Windows 8.0, prior to my Windows 8.1 upgrade. Please update me on a fix or refreshed driver to properly enable bluetooth.

A:Lenovo provided Bluetooth driver for Win8.1 doesn't work on IdeaCentre A720

After upgrading to Windows 8.1, I have being unable to pair any bluetooth device with my IDEACENTRE A7 (a couple of SONY bluetooth headphones, Jabra Clipper even my iPhone 5 or iPad 4). On the Apple devices the message "incompatible device" appears, while in the others pair and disconnect almost inmediately. I was able to pair all of them prior to the Windows upgrading. Any ideas?

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HP desktop PC (core i7 2600, GT240) used for office work, e-mail, browsing, and light gaming. Is 8MB enough? In the screen shots there's not a lot going on, but I occasionally run some 'classic' games via Steam.

BTW I was just able to get a nice Core i7 notebook form HP with Win7! Not sure if there's many Win8 fans here, but I would hope not. It's a screamer (dv6t-7000 Quad Edition).


A:Do I need more RAM - Crucial says I do!

8 gb is a nice sweet zone for most users. If you are doing heavy photo/video editing then one could could argue that more is always better. I myself have 16gb but I just wanted it as much as I needed it.

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Hello, I've seen Dell support guys mention Crucial.com before got buying RAM. Is there website safe and secure? They have an 8gb stick for half of the price of the one on Dell.com. Should I use it?


Ballistic Badger,I have not heard of any security issues with Crucial.com. They are a reliable site.

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Maybe this isn't news to many of you, but is to me, the M4 line of SSDs from crucial has been discontinued. The replacement is the M500 series and is a 7.5mm with a 9.5mm adapter.
This is from a chat I had with a Crucial rep:


Gary : Hi, I recently did a cross ship RMA on a M4 SSD and got this reply
Gary : "Thank you for your email. The price you paid is the price of the drive when we stopped manufacturing them, "
Gary : have M4s been discontinued?
Jameson : Yes the M4 has been discontinued.
Gary: Thanks, is a replacement coming soon?
Jameson : We already have the M500 as the new drive.
Gary : Isn't it only a SATA 3GBs?
Jameson : It is SATA III 6GB/s
Gary : OK, thanks Jameson
Jameson : You're welcome, is there anything else I can assist you with?
Gary : No sir, that was it, I had no reply from emails.

A:Crucial M4 has been discontinued

News to me. What did you get in return? an M500?

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Recently I went to the Crucial website to find out what memory modules are compatible for my PC. I have a ABIT BH6 motherboard. After going through the 3 steps to find compatible memory i got this page linky The specific one I was interested in is CT32M72S4D7E (SDRAM, PC133 • CL=2 • Unbuffered • ECC • 7.5ns • 3.3V • 32Meg x 72 ). So, by referring to this guide I went to pricegrabber.com to find better prices. I found the same type memory from Kingston for a better price (256mb pc133 ecc dimm cl2 3.3v 32x72), so I bought it, thinking it should be compatible since the specs match up with the Crucial one. Well, when I received the memory I installed it and guess what? NOT compatible. Out of 256 my mobo only supports 128mb. I found out that my mb doesn't support PC 133. Now I have to return my memory, pay a restocking fee, and buy a PC 100 module. Total bummer.

In a way it was foolish of me to use Crucials specs to buy Kingston memory. I even went to Kingstons website to check for compatibilty. I must have overlooked the fact that only pc100's showed up in the page since every other spec matched up. I trusted the fact Crucial showed that PC 133 would work and ignored the fact that Kingston didn't. But since I did not purchase the Crucial memory, I DO NOT in fact know if the pc133 from Crucial would be compatible with my mobo.
But if Kingstons PC 133 isn't compatible then how could Crucial's be? Does anyone have a MOBO that says it only supports p... Read more

A:Crucial's 100% guarantee may be more like 99.9%

I think you have answered your own question, you should have stuck with Crucial and then you would have got a refund or exchange.

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Hi My HP 500-415NS does not see my SSD.When i go to BIOS, boot priority order, i can't see my SSD drive there, only Windows boot manager and UEFI and USB/DVD How do i know i have the latest BIOS version and how do i update it?the PC is 18 months old Thanks in advance

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I am building a computer and want to use a 1 yr old M4 from Crucial. It is not in any computer at this time. I would like to just hook it up to one of my other computer and just erase it if that is needed. I have never done this before and was wondering what is the best way to do it? Is there a tool to use? Thanks.

A:I have a crucial M4 SSD that I need to erase? How?

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Shopping for crucial ram today, they were out and recommended Corsair.

This is 4gb (2 - 2 gigs) 800mhz ddr2, CM2X2048-6400C5 at $85

How does Corsair rate and is it more stable or reliable than Crucial?

A:Corsair vs Crucial ddr ram

Corsair is just as good as any, If the price is fair then I don't see a reason to not get it.

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I am building a computer and want to use a 1 yr old M4 from Crucial. It is not in any computer at this time. I would like to just hook it up to one of my other computer and just erase it if that is needed. I have never done this before and was wondering what is the best way to do it? Is there a tool to use? Thanks

A:How do I erase Crucial m4 SSD?

The easiest method will be to format it when you install the new operating system on the computer you're currently building.

It isn't necessary to erase it using another computer prior to installing it in the new computer.

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My MB: Asus M2N-E

I was going to go with Kingston 667 RAM for my new build, but long story short, the prices went up and I'm thinking of going with 2 GB of Crucial Ballistix instead.

So here's my question. I've read that MB manufacturers sometimes slack with their "compatible RAM" lists, and that to truly find out what is compatible, you should check the RAM manufacturer's website. How true is this? According to Crucial's website it is compatible. However, the max voltage for my MB's RAM slots is 1.95V, while this RAM is rated at 2.2V. This appears to be an incompatibility.

Even though I've only been here a few weeks, it's become pretty apparent that most (if not all) of the people on here really trust Crucial's website, especially their system scan. Can I trust their website, or is it best for me to be extra cautious here?

A:Crucial Memory


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Hello, I am posting a screenshot of the results of AS SSD Benchmark of my Crucial SSD.

Can anyone explain if they are what they should be and also if there are any problems with the drive?

Should I use another program to check the health?

Thank you!

A:Crucial SSD Performance

That all looks OK to me.

msahci OK indicates you are using Microsoft AHCI.

103424k OK indicates alignment is OK; that number is evenly divisible by 4.

The individual scores in blue are in the normal range. Slightly faster than my own Crucial SSD, which is to be expected since my SSD is only 128 GB while yours is 480 GB.

My benchmark is below.

You can also use Crystal Disk Info to get some more info on the drive---such as the SMART statistics. It's a free download.

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Ive noticed that many people buy crucial memory, even tho it only runs at cl2.5. Does it run stably at cl 2?

A:Crucial memory

Yes it does! I have my PC2700 at 2-2-2-5 @ 333mhz with absolutely no problems.

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Hi, can someone tell me what the difference is between these two modules?


A:Crucial memory

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I was wondering which SSD would be better when comparing speed/quality/reliablity, etc. My computer only has SATAII (2) so I don't need a really fast SATAIII (3) one, but I was wondering which would be better. Obviously Crucial Drives are the cheapest on the market, but I've heard that ORZ SSD's are good. The ORZ is a bit more expensive but I wouldn't mind that.

So basically, which is better for my system?

CT256V4SSD2 - 256GB, 2.5-inch Solid State Drive , from Crucial.com

OCZ Vertex Plus R2 Series SATA II 2.5" SSD - OCZ

A:OCZ Vertex Plus R2 SSD or Crucial v4 SSD?

Oh, and another thing- I'm considering a RAM upgrade (I know it won't effect performance as dramatically as an SSD but still...) is this RAM any good? I would be going for the slower one because Speccy says I've got DDR2 ram in currently, so it would be any faster going for the faster card.
Thanks again.


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PC3, 12800, 1600-MHz DDR3L DIMM Memory module #652972-001 is priced at about $125 on the HP website, but I can get a RAM stick from a brand like Crucial 2GB DDR3L-1600 SODIMM for about $12 bucks, whats the difference.

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1- CORSAIR XMS3 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model CMX4GX3M2A1600C7:


2- Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model BL2KIT25664FN1608:



3- Crucial Ballistix 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model BL2KIT25664BN1608:



I don't know why, but the price for the crucial RAMs on newegg.ca are waaay lower than their price on Crucial's website, yet their specs are the same. Does anybody know why?

Also, according to this website the 2nd one is the best:


Thanks in advance

A:Crucial vs Corsair? (RAM)

Usually you get what you pay for.

Sometimes you get quality stuff cheap, and sometimes just 'cause you bought the top shelf stuff, you're not guaranteed failure-free performance.

I don't think anyone is going to click and read half a dozen links that you posted tho'...

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I just got my new P70 this evening.  The P70 is capable of using 64GB of RAM so I ordered 2 32GB kits from Crucial (CT9019301 CT2K16G4TFD824A.000 32GB UPGRADE FOR A LENOVO THINKPAD P70 SYSTEM).  Their site said the RAM was compatible with the P70.  I installed the RAM and now the P70 won't start; no BIOS, no nothing but the power button light.  I took two of the sticks out and the computer boots as normal but I only have 32GB instead of 64GB.  Any ideas of how to get the Laptop running with 64GB???? Thanks.

Go to Solution.

A:Just got my P70 - Got 64GB Of Crucial RAM - P70 Wo...

You're not going to like the answer but the memory must be DDR4-2133 PC4-1700. This is the kit you should have bought:
Crucial 32GB Kit (16GBx2) DDR4-2133 SODIMM
Brand: Crucial
Form Factor: SODIMM
Total Capacity: 32GB Kit (16GBx2)
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Specs: DDR4 PC4-17000 ? CL=15 ? Dual Ranked ? x8 based ? Unbuffered ? NON-ECC ? DDR4-2133 ? 1.2V ? 2048Meg x 64
Series: Crucial

 The memory that you have is DDR4-2400 which is not compatible with the P70. While the P70 can use this memory (because it will back down in speed), you MUST have at least one module at DDR4-2133 to work at all.

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Hello All, I am using a X201 with a Crucial M4 512GB SSD and everything works fine. It is the only one storage device in the X201. I now have a new X250 and want to use the this Crucial M4 for the X250. When the X250 boots up, the logo of windows 7 comes and the blue screen comes right after that. Please help me with this. I do not want to reinstall everything as I have a lot of software applications installed in the Crucial SSD.I have already updated the lastest firmware of Crucial M4 512 SSDI have updated the lasted firmware of X250, using the ThinkVantage ToolsI also looked at the storage firmware update of X250 but Crucial SSD does not seem to be included. Thank you for your support.

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I am getting an error of a non plug and play driver of windows 7 ultimate 32 bit

i am using a HP Pavilion dv6 notebook

Model No. is HP Pavilion dv6 3007 TU

there are some attachments which can clarify the problem........

A:finding help for a crucial problem......

Hello Dipankar, welcome to SF!

can you tell us more what the real problem is? Is it just that you've noticed this driver issue here? Or are you trying to use some specific hardware or software that does not work?

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Hi there,

My system seems to recognize my SSD (through the BIOS) but when I try to install Windows it asks me for a driver during the setup. I can't really recall but it asked for it before I was actually able to find my SSD in the list.

What can I do to fix this and to get my drive to show?

Thanks in advance.

A:Installing Windows on a Crucial M4

I have that drive (128 GB version) and my ASUS Z68 board saw it fine.

Is this the only drive on your system? It does show up in the bios, but after you select Install, the drive does not show as an option? Is this a new drive?

If you have more than one SATA controller on the board, you might make sure it is plugged into an Intel port and not another version, just in case.

Where did you get your install media..Retail from store, or burned version..Flash drive or DVD?

Edit: Is the attachment the message you are seeing, or something else? I get that message if I remove the Flash Drive prior to selecting Install. Replacing it does no good.

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Newegg.com - Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory w/ Red LEDs Model BL25664TR1608


Newegg.com - Crucial Ballistix Tracer 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory w/ Green LEDs Model BL3KIT25664TG1608 - Desktop Memory

I ordered the 6GB set which is a triple channel kit, but being that my motherboard runs dual channel, I wanted to order ONE more stuck to make it 4 sticks for a total of 8GB of ram. Newegg.com does not appear to stock the same green stick, even searched the Crucial part number from Crucial's own site and all I found was that RED colored stick. I would just order the matching stick from Crucial.com but Newegg is cheaper, I have a $20.00 dollar credit with them AND I could give a crap less if the color matches, I can't see my RAM inside my PC anyway!

I only bought the LED green kit because Newegg had it on sale the other day for like $30 less then the RED and BLUE LED stuff and it was even cheaper the the Non-LED stuff. Sales over now I see but thats neither here nor there.

Anyway, the spec's look the same, am I missing anything other then the color of the heat spreaders and the LED's?

Thanks for looking guys!

A:Crucial Ballistix Tracer Ram, these two are the same ram right?

Yes, those are the exact same model numbers and RAM specs. You should be OK.

But RAM for today's systems can be damned touchy when it comes to mix and match. So just to be sure, run Memtest86+ for a good 5 or 6 passes overnight with all the sticks installed.

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i just installed my new crucial M4 SSD. i went the easy way and bought the 20$ program to swap the OS automatically.

what do i do now? how do i make sure trim is enabled, and how do i know if its AHCI, and should i update firmware?

thanks, sorry. i'm very new to SSDs

A:new SSD crucial M4 installed, whats next?

ok i'm sorry. i should have done some digging and i'd have found my answers LoL.

can an admin delete this thread please? thanks

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I am trying to access the Crucial(memory) web site but I keep getting page cannot be displayed message , the same message for the last 2 days.Is it me or my PC or is anyone else experiencing this ?

Heres a link http://www.crucial.com

A:Solved: Can't get onto Crucial web site !

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In the specifications of the Crucial MX100 it says:

Performance at all capacities represents a significant improvement over M500

Yet the specs for the write speed of the M500 is significantly faster write. What am I missing.

MX100 specs

M500 specs

A:Crucial SSD performance mystery

I can't directly answer your question, but here is a comparison of the two:

AnandTech | Bench - SSD

MX100 in the lead; how much depends on workload.

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I decided to treat myself to a new Crucial SSD for whiling away the post Christmas dead time. I have been running a RAID 1 system based on a Gigabyte board with a pair of disks in the cluster and a third disk as JBOD. I did some research and realised that I'd need to do some regular housekeeping to keep the SSD tidy since I run XP and don't want to change but decided that would be OK as I'd only put the OS on the SSD and keep all the data on my old disks - I also wanted to break the RAID cluster and install UBUNTU on one of the disks - I've never got Linux to work on the software RAID system.

I followed instructions on this link http://lifehacker.com/5837543/how-to-migrate-to-a-solid+state-drive-without-reinstalling-windows and although I had a few problems doing it I finished up with a partition in the right place - but couldn't get it to boot up. I tried to use the recovery console to run FIXMBR but it wouldn't recognise the disk until I changed 2 of the SATA ports to be IDE compatible and plugged the SSD in there. Despite my best efforts it still wouldn't boot after many FIXMBR, FIXBOOT and BOOTCHG attempts so I decided to try a clean install of XP.

This worked initially and the system booted up but I then decided to be too clever by half and copy my old Windows system over the one I'd just installed by booting off one half of the RAID cluster and then plugging the SSD and the other half of the cluster into SATA ports and coypying... Read more

A:Problem with installing XP on Crucial SSD

Finally sorted this by installing ubuntu on the ssd plugged in to an ide slot. The XP install then recognised the drive and it installed ok. Windows won't boot from a port defined as RAID but the system is still much faster than on the old disks.

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This is an advisory based on an event I just experienced while attempting to upgrade a friends RAM in his machine.

I went to the Crucial web site and ran the scanner to determine the configuration and upgrade possibilities. the scanner indicated his Gateway E3600 machine had 3 RAM slots with the first 2 slots containing 256MB sticks for a total of 512 MB of RAM. In order to get 1GB of RAM I could install 1 stick of 512MB RAM in slot 3. So I ordered the recommended stick and went home. Today I went to my friends house to install the RAM. Imagine my surprise when I found only 2 slots available. Each had a 256MB stick in it. So I removed one of the 256MB sticks with the idea that 768MB of RAM was better than 512. Thats when I found the stick would not even fit in the slot. Thats also when I found they had sent me PC133 single channel RAM instead of PC2700 DDR like the 2x256 sticks aready in the system. I opened SIW and sure enough, it showed the configuration to be 2 slots with PC2700, 256MB DDR sticks in each.

I then went online to the Crucial site and ran the scan again. It came up with the same results and recommended 512MB of single channel PC133 SDRAM.

Next, I went to the "Chat with our experts" live help on the crucial site. After and inteminanble wait, I finally got "JEN". After I explained the problem and gave her the scan ID#, she came back with the explanation that the scanner had looked at the BIOS based on the computer make (Gateway) and model... Read more

A:Crucial Web Site Scanner

Exact reason why I go off the MOBO manual or website to gather my information.

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I have recently bought 2 memory sticks:
Crucial PC3200 DDR-DIMM 400 1024MB cl3 non-parity
Kingston PC2700 DDR-DIMM 400 1024MB cl2.5 non-parity

The problem is, when I insert them into my MSI (Micro Star) MS-7032 (K8T Neo-V) Motherboard, each of them show up as 252 Mb in the Ram check (when I boot)

Any Ideas for what might be the conflict?

PS If it helps I have a AMD 3100+ Sempron processor, and a TwinMos 512 pc3200 DDR400 (the one I wish to ditch)


A:Need help with Crucial/Kingston installation

Well for one you bough RAM by different manufacturers and with different speeds.

This could easily be your problem right away, when buying memory you want them to be exactly the same speed.
You have one running at PC3200 and one at PC2700

If that checks out then try to buy from the same manufacturer to avoid any conflicts.
You not only have them at different speeds but it was made by two different manufactures.

Amount of memory doesn't matter as much you could have a 1GB stick and a 512 stick.

Try taking one out and just using the Crucial PC3200 DDR-DIMM 400 1024MB for now. You could even try to use the Twinmos 512 one with it but agian if it doesn't work its probably because of the manufacturer.

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Which one is better for my PS4 PRO?

I would like to upgrade my PS4 PRO from HDD to SSD. Could you please help me to select or please give me other choice for me?
Any comments here I would appreciate and thank you very much!

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Hi,I installed a SSD Crucial MX300 275GB on an OptiPlex 9030 AIO but the bios (latest version) did not detect it.
A Dell technician tells me that i can mount maximum a 256GB SSD but Crucial does not match this information.
The SSD was inizialized befor installing on AIO.
Regards,Roberto DM

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Hey there! I found this RAM here that I would like to buy for my T420 https://www.pcdiga.com/memoria-ram-so-dimm-crucial-8gb-1x8gb-ddr3l-1333mhz-para-mac Is this compatible? I'm kinda confused because it says "for MAC" in the item title. Thanks!

A:T420 Crucial RAM compatibility

I cannot reach your link, but most brands work.  Avoid sticks with descriptions that contain the word "value".  When buying non-Lenovo RAM, always confirm a seller's return policy.

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