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Solved: BNC to RJ45 Converter

Q: Solved: BNC to RJ45 Converter

Hey everyone!

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I feel like it relates to networking.

I work at a chemical company and we have a peace of lab equipment; a Varian CP-3800 GC - it is a Gas Chromatograph that connects to an old computer we have sitting running Windows XP SP3 and has a NIC card in it with a BNC connector. This peace of lab equipment runs over this BNC connection.

So what I am trying to do is to migrate to a new computer; put the NIC card in the new computer running Windows 7 x64. Here are my problems though.
The BNC card manufacture, Realtek has not made drivers for Windows 7. Model of the NIC is RTL8029AS
I tried a BNC to RJ45 converter, but it seems like either the GC does not see the connection or the converter is bad, but the RJ45 lights blink but the BNC lights show no activity.

Has anyone delt with something like this before? Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Solved: BNC to RJ45 Converter

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Solved: BNC to RJ45 Converter

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having to face the ridiculous issue of not having any ethernet socket on my IBM thinkpad 600x, I thought of installing this:


using this:


The trouble is that I really don't know what to install from this packs of drivers and set up.
Thanks for helping.


A:Solved: Ethernet 10/100 Network Adapter converter USB to LAN RJ45 Card

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PDF converter???
does anyone know of a good free PDF converter?

i found one on-line, but it's installation is confusing me as there are several "ghostfiles" required for setup.

A:Solved: PDF converter??? does anyone know of a good free PDF converter?

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I notice that Ethernet RJ45 Cat5e cables vary considerably in price - with the most expensive costing 5 times the least expensive.

Is there any real benefit to purchasing an expensive Ethernet patch cable? And if there is what is the benefit?



A:Solved: Ethernet RJ45

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How does the tool less Keystone Jacks work? I can use these as wall jacks and I don't have to have a crimper? Are they any good?

Could I buy a "blank" patch panel and use these too without having to use the 110 tool? Are these a good idea for a small setup? Will they last?

I have searched the internet with little luck on how they are used.



A:Solved: What is a Tooless RJ45 Jack?

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i just bought some lan rj45 cables and i want to to make them into cross over and lan cables, i also got a cripper but i dont kno wthe colour combinations . i also need help in making them as normal lan cables and making a cross over cable

A:Solved: making Rj45 cables and the crossovers

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Hi.. I am trying to connect my new router which has an RJ45 connection, to Cablevisions coaxial which is connected to my old Netgear router.
I would like to know which is the best route to take in terms of connecting the new router. Do I have to contact the service provider or is there something I can use like an adapter?. Can anyone help in how to go about this?. Thanks.

A:Solved: RJ45 to Coax connection assistence

The coaxial cable is plugged into a modem. That is then plugged into a router.
Like this: http://www.home-network-help.com/images/home-network.jpg
It sounds like in your case the router and modem are a single unit. You may want to connect the the new router to the old router.

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When wiring up modular ethernet jacks for a CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable, should all 8 wires be exactly the same length? If they aren't, will it affect timing and performance?

I've always cut each pair to the exact length it needs to be to reach the press-in slots, so they end up being 4 different lengths.

Also, why are CAT-5 and CAT-6 cables wired differently as far as the color order goes? Is it just so you can tell them apart? Sure makes things confusing.

A:Solved: Wiring RJ45 jacks and strand length

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Hey Guys,

I need to get a crimp tool to make a few ethernet wires. I have been looking at the prices on those things and they are extremely high (upwards of $50!).

I just need something to get the job done and that will work fine? Do you have to go with an expensive crimp tool to get good results, or can you go with a generic brand?

Where should I look to buy them? Which have you used/liked?

A:Solved: Need some advice on looking for an RJ45 (ethernet) crimp tool

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Which pair runs a phone with a RJ45 plug or recipacal (sp?) I need to turn one end of a CAT3 I think into an RJ11 end and still have the phone work.

A:Solved: Which pair runs a phone with a RJ45 plug

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I want to renew about 15 Connectors in our Firm's network. We have old unshielded Cat5 cables going through the building. Can I buy these connectors, although they're shielded?


Or do I have to buy the more expensive unshielded model:


This'd be the crimping tool:


I'm a beginner in connecting RJ45 Connectors. This is why I ask in order to be on the safe side.

Thank you very much for advise.


A:Solved: Connecting an unshielded Cat5-cable with to shielded RJ45 Cat5e-connector

The data connections are the same on both.
The CAT 6 you want to buy has better conductors anyway,
as it is designed for higher frequencies.
You just don't have the outer shield web in the cable for it to clamp to.
Won't hurt anything.

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I've searced everywhere that I can find to locate a URL to a "current (2009) Comparison Review" of DTV Converter boxes.

I have only (4) days left to purchase 2 of them with the coupons I have. An online purchase may not be feasible due to shipping time. But, the government listed many local stores in my zipcode (94606) and/or (94501) that carry "coupon-eligible converter boxes."

Every review that I found was dated 2007 or 2008. My hope is that by now (2009), hardware technology and software on these units will have improved. Of course, I prefer to buy latest technology rather than 1 or 2 year old technology for the same expenditure.

I'm trying to find a side-by-side comparision with recommendations for the best ones. Of course, I'm hoping for an unbiased review! That's difficult on the www!

I've been to Tom's Hardware Guide, Cnet (which was no help at all) and many other links! Cnet listed only 2 in their review, and their review was way out of date). I've visited at least 15 or 20 other URL's, but none gave me what I want. None were current nor definitive.

Can anybody here advise me on what to avoid and/or which Brand/Model delivers best performance, both "on-screen" software, and superior technological design?

I think one of the following had a A+ rating. But, I'm not sure at the moment. I didn't save the URL:

-- DISH Network TR-40CRA
-- DISH Network DTVPal/Plus

Have any of you bought a ... Read more

A:Solved: TV Converter Box or DTV Converter Box

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hi.i have just purchased a wired router.i have a pc and games consol to it.i have lots of cat5 crossover cables.can i use them or have i got to use a straight rj45 one.

is there any performance issues with either cable


A:Solved: cat5 cable or rj45 cable

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what? Is it a crossover cable to transfer data from pc to pc? Or a cable to bring internet to pc from modem or router through USB port.

The USB end looks normal.
If you look at thr RJ45 connector with clip on bottom from left - right
slot 1=red slot 4= foil sheath slot 7= black slot 9= white slot 10= green slots 2,3,5,6,8 = empty

A:Solved: 6' USB Male — RJ45 Male cable is used for

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After tackling this for a good 6 hours, Im ready to ask for some help.

I play MOV files with Quick Alternative, and they play flawlessly. However, I have learned that putting the movies on DVD is not so effortless.

Try as I might with various freeware tools, I cannot for the LIFE of me, EXTRACT THE AUDIO! Not even WinAVIVideo will convert the files audio every single tool Ive used will only give me the video result. When previewing my project in Nero, it only plays the video portion of the MOV files as well!

Do you experts know of a freeware tool that will either:

1. Convert MOV files (their audio and video!) to something I can burn to DVD with Nero (convert it to WMV, DivX, I dont care!)


2. A program that will extract the audio into a wave/mp3 file for me to join with TMPG.

I really wanna see my favorite band rocking out on my TV

Thank you for reading,
Autumn May

A:Solved: Aw, man! MOV converter?

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I have a PDF file with color, and I would like to change that to a word excel or jpg (best) and keep the aspect ratios when I increase the size so I can print in color. Do you have any suggestions on what to do? I have windows 7 64 bit system.
Are there any good free pdf converters out there, or does windows 7 have one?

A:Solved: PDF Converter

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Anyone here knows freeware ppsx to movie converter.


A:Solved: pps converter

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I need to transfer data over 20 ft through a USB cable (it is a 3D camera) but I dont want to use repeaters every 4 feet. Could I convert the USB to serial and then back to USB without losing my data? What do you think is the best way of getting my data the 20 feet without losing any bits?

A:Solved: USB Converter

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I'm lookin for a free one And not having any luck.

Is there a nice and small freeware one out there that convert a bunch at once?


A:Solved: WMA to MP3 Converter

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Hi. Does anyone know a good audio file converter ? i have tried some but they appear to come with added software that alters my computer setting etc . cheers dave

A:[SOLVED] WAV to MP3 converter

any video converter ?


try it.

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Ok, so through those drunken nights and fun times at the beach my samsung black jack has acquired many video's... either by myself taking them or someone else.

I am trying to pull those video's off the phone and find out that they are .3gp apparently this is a simplistic form of mpeg4 for mobile devices, only problem is i need to convert it to an AVI or WMV format... Does anyone have any suggestions? all the converters i use to use have disapeared between the maze of computers i use and the ones i find during a standard google search all need to be purchased..

Again 3gp to AVI or WMV... anyone know a free sufficiant converter program?

- Thanks in advance.

A:[SOLVED] 3gp converter?

Hi, the best video converter I ever used has been SUPER


It supports just about ever format I have ever seen, and it can play the videos back better than any other video players (I used it to watch some videos that vlc, windows, real, etc. had problems playing).

It is also free on top of how well it works, and probably the best working program on vista lol.

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I have a Canon Rebel XTI camera , Adobe Photoshop Elements 5 and a Dell computer with the memory card reader. I have taken photos in Raw on my camera but can't get them to upload to my computer. I have gone to the Adobe website to download the converter. When I try to upload to my computer I get this message "The file is damaged or is a format that cannot be included in the organizer". What do I need to do to be able to upload the photos and open them in Elements 5?

A:Solved: Raw Converter

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Does anyone know of a program that enables conversion of music from an iPod to a DVD? (I know that there are plenty of DVD to iPOD converters.) I hope so!

A:Solved: iPod to DVD converter?

Thanks to Jessie, the problem was solved. It's great to have more experienced users out there who want to be of help!

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I'm looking for an image format converter, but before you point to the standard converters, like .png to .jpg or .gif to .ico, let me point out that the format I want to convert from is machine language.
I have an old email archived, and it has an image shown in the form "iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAAZQAAAEqCAIAAAC9ZzHyAAAACXBIWXMAAA7EAAAOxAGVKw4bAAAA . . ." (that's what I'm calling "machine language", though that may not be correct . . . but you get the point).
I know that particular image is a color photo. What I would like to do is take that "code" and convert it back to an image format, like .jpg or .png, so that I can view it.
I have a vague memory that I ran across something like that one time, but if I do a Google search on "image converter" all I get is the standard stuff that converts those .jpg to .png and .gif to .ico and such. That's not what I'm looking for.
And if I do a Google search on "binary images" all I get is stuff about black and white and pixels for two colors and such. So that's not it either.
Does the animal I'm looking for exist?
(BTW, my OS is Ubuntu . . . which is why I'm asking this question in this forum . . . so Windows graphics editors are out. Well . . . I guess I can somehow manipulate it over to my Windows VM if I have to, but I'd prefer something in Ubuntu.)

A:Solved: Image converter

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I need video converter to convert AVI to MKV
and AVi to rmvb

A:Solved: I need video converter

u might want to try prism video converter.hope this helps u.

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i got a 5th generation ipod that allows video
i tried putting video in but it wont let me it says it needs to be converted..
can anyone tell me some good conversion software?

A:Solved: video converter

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Can anyone out there recommend the best Bitrate Converter...So i can change MP3s from 128 up to 320 fairly easily..

Many Thanks.

A:Solved: Bitrate Converter Help

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Basically I am looking for male or female molex to female 3-pin plug for the fan slots on the motherboard after this thread:


I kinda need someone to recommend a good one for me as I have fans with only molex connectors and I want to be able to control the fan speeds by plugging them into the motherboard...(otherwise I have eight wasted slots).

Please help me with this as I really wanna get this sorted out after I ordered jumpler to molex connectors thinking they were fan connectors! (Unless anyone can think of a better way of doing this)

basically I need something that will let me plug this (Note: obviously it can be 3-pin):


Into this:




A:Solved: Molex to 3-pin fan converter

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1. In old computer, had windows 98SE with Outlook Express 4?, 5?, or 6?
2.Transferred my E-Mail EML files to My Documents in old computer.
3. Then transferred EML files to flash drive.
4. Then transferred EML files to My Documents in new computer HP 6203w with Windows7.
5. My question is, will File Helper, a software utility, open my EML files in windows7?

A:Solved: EML files converter

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Hello, just today I discovered a new format that might come in handy if it comes to compressing music files - the M4A (MPEG-4 Audio). The question is: is there a free converter for changing MP3 INTO M4A? I didn't find any answers to this on the forum boards, so that's why I'm writing. Still, I know that there are loads of M4A ----> MP3/WMA converters, but I don't need any of them.
Why do I need it? Let me put it this way: some Sony Ericsson phones CAN play those files and M4A means about 4 times more songs than MP3 with the same/better quality. Sounds tempting, doesn't it? :>

A:Solved: Free MP3 to M4A converter?

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I have one of those neat little Flip Video recorders made by Pure Digital and love it ..... except for the fact that it records in avi format. Some players will play the files while others won't ...... Windows Media Player on one computer plays them without a problem while on other computers I get sound but no video. I would like to convert the avi files into wmv or mpeg. I've downloaded and tried 3 different software products that are freeware, but none seem to work - they convert the files, but then won't play.

Anyone know of software that will convert avi to wmv or mpeg which will then work with any player? I'd like freeware, but don't mind paying for something that has a trail period and isn't overly expensive.

Thanks for any assistance.

A:Solved: AVI Converter (freeware)

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I have been given a usb to serail converter to run a AMB timming loop.
My pc doesnt recognise the converter. there is no make on it or in it.(did have a look)
It comes up in device manager as USB serial controller. if i go into properties it's ID is
I'm running windows XP fully updated
Can anyone help time is of the essence.
need to find it's driver

A:Solved: usb to serial converter please help

It uses a chip made by Prolific Technology: http://www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31

This driver should work for XP: PL2303_Driver_XP2K_v204102.zip or this one PL2303_XP2KME98Driver_Setup.zip

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I am sure glad to have stumbled upon "techguy.org", this my first computer,
and I have a thousand and one questions, and the more I read the more questions come up! Back to the subject. In system info in my computer listed under hardware is a, Amyuni PDF Converter 2.07. And in a seperate box is listed,
Driver: acpdf207.dll, Tuesday, March 15,2005 (purchase date) and then it reads "Not Supported". What is a PDF Converter? What does it do? Is it hardware? How do I get it supported?

I have a Dell Dimension 3000,XPhome.

Thanks for being here!

A:Solved: PDF Converter not supported

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whats a good free program that converts videos to mp3 ?

A:Solved: Video Converter to mp3

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UPS & serial to USB converter

I have purchased a Belkin UPS which uses a serial port to connect to my computer.

I only have 1 serial port which is in use.

I did purchase a "USB to Serial " adapter since I do have two available USB ports.

However, my computer recognized I had new hardware but can not "see" the USB port and says it can't find software to install "USB to serial converter".

I assume I could buy another serial card if I have the space.

Any other suggestions?

A:[Solved] UPS & serial to USB converter

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I posted before and got no help. I have an older archos recorder 20 gb that I downloaded rockbox to. I joined the forum, and got lots of help. Here is what I found out. Rockbox will only accept MP3 files. I use wmp 11 and they are NOT mp3, they are wma. I was told to get a transcoder and one was recommended. I couldn't get that to download. I did find one that was "sort of" easy, it was easy cd-da extractor. I'm not entirely sure if I used it right, but mananged to finally get songs on my mp3 player. What I did was drag a few files at a time. (each folder was a differnt artist). Then I put in playback as mp3. When I finished, I went to my computer and sent to e drive, in which my player was set up. Now hen I look at the songs on my player, they are duplicate. One was wma after the song, the other says mp3. Obvoiusly the wma is junk, so I deleted them. I have over 100 cd's in there. Is there a faster or easier converter or whatever I need? I also, is there a way to only put on the mp3 songs on the recorder? One other thing, is there a way to put a huge file like the library itself rather than go one by one with the artist? I have been working with "a", then transferring it over to make sure it works. It will work the other way, it's just very, very time consuming. Please remember I know what I need, just not sure of the "technical"works as I have had this thing for over a year and I FINALLY figured out how to put songs on it. I... Read more

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Anyone know of any decent freeware FLV converters to convert from, and more importantly to, .flv files?

A:Solved: Freeware FLV converter?

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Today I am looking for a free software converter for .mov to avi. I am running Windows XP Pro, and using a Panasonic Lumix camera which produces the .mov, thus my need for a converter, so I can use Windows Movie Maker software to produce a dvd. I did download Any Video Converter Free, but they want you to install AVG software/toolbars, and I can see no way of declining(ie you cannot untick the installation of AVG products) which I don`t want or need. Since this is my first go round using this camera, and trying to produce a dvd which will play on all dvd players, I knew my best bet was to ask the experts here. Thanks for your time, and any imput.


A:Solved: free .mov to avi converter

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I recently downoaded some WMV video's which appear to be DRM protected.

I wanted to watch these video's from a USB stick plugged into my TV usb port. But although I saved them on the stick and will play on my laptop, but the TV will not play them being not in a format required.

Tried various programs such as Nero, Prism and Aimersoft, Aimersoft will start to convert but only for a minute as its a trial. When playing back whats been converted, its abit jumpy, so alittle reluctant to purchase.

Any Freewares to convert or remove the DRM.


A:Solved: DRM removal/converter

Forum rules - Circumventing Copy Protection / Copyright Infringement - While we believe it's reasonable to make backup copies of CDs and DVDs that you own, a lot of people break copy protection for the wrong reasons. The law is still vague as to whether or not it's legal to break copy protection in order to make such a backup, even for personal use. (The DMCA, for example, seems to make it illegal). If we can find a nice way to draw the line, we may reconsider this in the future as laws get sorted out. As a result, we do not allow discussion on how to break copy protection or use emulation software at this time.

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Hello again,

I am looking for a program that will convert AVI video to WMV video. I want the program to be able to convert a video to a video that is 1024 X 768 or lower if possible. I have tried using Windows Movie Maker, but it seems like it makes the video files bigger than they need to be when it converts them. I know the files will be large with a 1024 X 768 resolution. I am willing to see if 800 X 600 is better.

The reason I need the videos so big, is the company I am working for does training videos online, where they are showing clients how to click around a website and such. I have found Camstudio to be a good, free, screen recorder. The only problem, is it saves the files as AVI, which are extremely large.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Good AVI to WMV converter


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What is the best FREE video converter to convert mpeg-4 video files to .avi ?

Please help, it would be greatly appreciated


A:Solved: Best Video Converter?

try prism video converter. its totally free and easy to use.hope this helps u.

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i Have Nokia N95.
i Want to convert videos for my mobile @ MPEG-4 {mp4} @ VGA Resolution {640x480} @ 650kbps.
The videos are in avi format & are at 700mb & are ripped, so the resolution would be around 640x272 oR something like that.
So now when i m trying to convert videos to mp4 format @ VGA resolution using XILISOFT

VIDEO CONVERTER, it doesnt convert to VGA.
iNstead iT converts it to 320x240.

i Cant understand why.
So can anybody pls. give me a solution & provide me with a good onverter who can do this job for me ???


to do with aspect ratio i would say.. i use handbrake free software http://handbrake.fr/?article=download

convert to mp4 worth a try http://www.erightsoft.com/S6Kg1.html

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Does anyone know how to or if there is a free program that will allow me to either convert a PDF file into a Word document for editing or if ther is a program that will allow me to edit within the pdf file itself? Thaks in advance for all you guys do!

A:Solved: Converter for PDF files?

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Im having trouble find a truely freeware and good AVI (Divx) to DVD converter.
Anybody know of a good one? Will also need to be able to convert from NTSC to PAL.


A:Solved: Best freeware AVI to DVD converter

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 900 @ 2.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 10
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1978 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family, 797 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 223879 MB, Free - 181285 MB; D: Total - 14290 MB, Free - 2355 MB; E: Total - 99 MB, Free - 95 MB; G: Total - 238472 MB, Free - 124187 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1484
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

I wonder if someone can help i'm in need of a pdf converter so i can copy and paste text on to another program.

many thanks.

A:Solved: pdf to word converter

Try this free online converter. It works perfectly.


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Hi folks.
I have a problem when I try to open a .ppt file. I get a message saying "No text converter is installed for this type of file".

Any ideas anyone.

A:Solved: No text converter

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