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Satellite X200-25H - Hard keys on keyboard

Q: Satellite X200-25H - Hard keys on keyboard

Hi there,

I have had my Satellite X200-25H for well over 18 months but one of the problems I have always had is with the keys on the keyboard. I find often needing to press hard on the keys in order to type.

It is really annoying and I want to know if others have had similar experience with there Satellite Laptops (in particular the desktop replacement models) or have I been very unlucky with mine. Is there a cheap fix for this?



Preferred Solution: Satellite X200-25H - Hard keys on keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Satellite X200-25H - Hard keys on keyboard

Hi buddy,

To be honest I never had such a problem. In my opinion the keyboard on Toshiba notebooks works like on other notebooks. In my opinion everything is ok.

But if you think it?s not ok, contact an ASP for help. There you can get a replacement part?

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I'm looking to remove some of the individual keys on my keyboard, and clean them up.
Some keys are beginning to feel 'sticky', and I'm going to be cleaning them, and whatnot.

So, I'm having issues actually removing the individual keys. As it's a laptop keyboard, I'm doubting that you can just "pop" the keys out with a needle, or a similar object. So how would I remove them?

Quick Edit: As the title says, it's the Toshiba X200.

A:Satellite X200 - How to clean some Keyboard keys


You mean you want to remove only the key caps?
Yes this is possible and the caps are stuck on the keyboard!

So you can remove it carefully using a thin object.
You can leaver the single caps carefully.

I did it very often to clean the space under the buttons caps!

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The Fn keys on my Toshiba Satellite X200-1AA stopped working.
OS is Vista Premium SP1.

I don?t know the cause (a Windows update?).

Can anyone give me a solution (besides using the Restore CD)?


A:Satellite X200-1AA - Fn keys stopped functioning - Vista OS


Yes, I have also noticed the similar issue? after Windows Vista update some notebook functions stopped working?

I have reinstalled the VAP (value added package) and the Toshiba controls and the FN buttons worked again?

Check it out!

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My "End" key has fallen off my keyboard. Does anyone know the part number and/or where to get hold of a spare key? I've had a look on ebay, but there's no x200 keys, but similar looking ones.

A:Satellite X200-25I (keyboard) key

I doubt you can buy individual keys, you will need to replace the whole keyboard.

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Hi All

on my Satellite Z930 with keyboard layout set to german (Switzerland), the alt gr key does not allow to access the additional characters (such as @, which would be accessed by alt gr + 2), but instead turns all keys into hot keys (e.g. typing n would open a new web browser window).

Does anyone know about this behavior and how to turn this behavior off? (it's rather annoying to change the layout always to en-us just to type one char ...)

Many thanks!


A:Satellite Z930 - ALT GR key changes keyboard to hot keys

Similar is with English UK and US where symbols ? and @ are n different positions.

You must simply test which key combination works properly. I have EN UK keyboard and when I switch it to German (Switcerland) symbol @ I can get if I use ALT GR+2 key combination.

Does it works on your Satellite too?

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We have a laptop "Satellite L850-12H". We are having problems with some keys from the keyboard (some keys are not working well or work after press two times...) Always are the same keys: "c", y", "b" and others...

We have tried connecting an external keyboard and all keys from the external keyboard works without problems.

We have Windows 10 64 bits

Could you help us, please?

Thank you in advance


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Dear All:

can someone help me find solutions to my problem:

recently 2 of my keyboard keys are not working; pressing 1 result in multiple ##, pressing 3 does not work;

also, i have put security in the boot-up and I cannot start the computer since part of the password is the # 1 & 3

any recommendation will be high appreciated

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Ihave a Satellite L50-B-2FN, bought only five months ago (2 Feb 2016),and aside from an ongoing problem with the lid not closing properly Inow have a hardware issue: the keyboard has stopped functioningfully, with most of the number keys unresponsive as well as theletters R and Y.

Ihave checked the keyboard and drivers setup through Device Manager,and the machine tells me everything is working properly and updated,but this is clearly not the case. I tried Toshiba's own onlinerecommendations: uninstalling the keyboard(http://support.toshiba.com/support/t...=COMPUTERS)and a system restore to the last automatic(http://forums.toshiba.com/t5/System-...-p/657989),but neither have resolved the problem.

Fromwhat I understand from online forums, keyboard issues like thi are a_very_ common problem on Toshiba Satellites, especially those running(or updating to) Windows 10 (mine came with Windows 10 alreadyinstalled). There does not, however, seem to be a clear or consistentsolution. Can anyone help? Apparently the warranty on this device(serial number, part number) expired on 1 Dec 2015, so even though Ionly bought it from the store on 2 Feb 2016, it isn'tcovered--otherwise I would be requesting a replacement, especiallygiven the problem with the lid not closing properly too....

Thanksin advance, Martyn

A:Satellite L50-B-2FN: select keyboard keys not working

I see cut-and-paste mangled the spacing of my text, so I hope that is all clear enough!

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Only the various keys work. I am using the on-screen keyboard. I have a portable SATELLITE C855-21L series

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Hi there,

I recently had a Satellite C50dt-B-107 purchased for me at Christmas. Love the device and really enjoyed it up till recently.

A couple of months ago, all of a sudden, I noticed that my keys were starting to not work, slowly the total number of keys not working grew and grew. It even affected the on screen keyboard as it was acting like a key was being pressed. So I removed the internal keyboard and functioned with just the on screen keyboard for a couple of months.

I recently bought a new keyboard online that is new. I then placed this new keyboard into the motherboard slot. However, I still have issues, but this time it doesn't seem to be the exact same keys as last time (this is trying to remember off the top of my head). One thing to note is that the plastic connector that usually held the keyboard in to the motherboard, has broke off and I lost it. As of now, the keyboard is taped in place.

I'm afraid this is motherboard related damage and don't want to pay ?100's to repair it.

Can someone suggest troubleshooting ideas? I obviously know that now I've been into the device, I have probably made it unavailable for a free warranty repair.

I don't have the device with me as I'm out of my home right now, but the H key works, G does not, Esc works, Space Works. These are just some keys that do work, there are more that work but can't remember what.

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I have a Satellite L50-B-2FN, bought only five months ago (2 Feb 2016), and aside from an ongoing problem with the lid not closing properly I now have a hardware issue: the keyboard has stopped functioning fully, with most of the number keys unresponsive as well as the letters R and Y.

I have checked the keyboard and drivers setup through Device Manager, and the machine tells me everything is working properly and updated, but this is clearly not the case. I tried Toshiba's own online recommendations: uninstalling the keyboard (http://support.toshiba.com/support/t...TYPE=COMPUTERS) and a system restore to the last automatic (http://forums.toshiba.com/t5/System-...10/ta-p/657989), but neither have resolved the problem.

From what I understand from online forums, keyboard issues like thi are a _very_ common problem on Toshiba Satellites, especially those running (or updating to) Windows 10 (mine came with Windows 10 already installed). There does not, however, seem to be a clear or consistent solution. Can anyone help? Apparently the warranty on this device (serial number, part number) expired on 1 Dec 2015, so even though I only bought it from the store on 2 Feb 2016, it isn't covered--otherwise I would be requesting a replacement, especially given the problem with the lid not closing properly too....

Thanks in advance, Martyn

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When I engage NUM LOCK the keys on the right of the main keyboard also become number keys as well as on the numeric keypad on the right.
I've tried pressing Fn and NUM LOCK at the same time like on a non extended keyboard but this makes no difference.

I've also tried different input languages and keyboard styles.
I can't test with an external keyboard because I don't have one. I've downgraded from vista to XP.
I don't know if this made a difference because I didn't notice this until after the downgrade.

Any ideas?

A:Re: Satellite P300-276: keys on right of keyboard become numbers when NUM LOCK


Sorry but I think I don?t understand your issue?
Fact is that if the NUM LOCK is enabled (FN +F11) then the buttons; U, I, O, J, K, L and M become to numbers:
U to 4
I to 5
O to 6
J to 1
K to 2
L to 3
M to 0

If you would press FN + F11 again then the buttons should be set back to letters...

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S2286 laptop many keys were pressed at one time accidentally I do not know in what order they were pressed the laptop started a rapid beeping it was shut down hot and restarted now the number keys 5 through = do not work and letter keys Q T Y U I O H do not work in upper or lower case please help if you can

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Hello !
I have a Toshiba Satellite L775-16T original Windows 7 German keyboard, migrated to Windows10 without problem until today.
New problem: I have three keyboard keys that no longer work.
For example, when I click the 1 key, there comes a small symbol on the screen that does not match!
The device manager says everything is in order.
Keyboard tests say everything is in order.
Do you have a solution ?

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My Toshiba and I are BAAAAAACK....for some reason, my 1,q,a,z and left side ctrl, shift and tab keys are not working (I have an external keyboard plugged into my laptop right now, which is extremely inconvenient). For awhile, there was some intermittent usability, but now.....NOTHING. I have tried to find new drivers on the Toshiba site, but there aren't any available right now. I am out of warranty and it costs $35. just to call them to discuss a problem. I have removed all of the affected keys and cleaned them, but still no luck. All of the other keys work fine.

On another note, after being infected in August with the Sircam virus and dumping and recreating my whole system, the right click button on my keyboard mouse is no longer working.

Any ideas out there?

A:Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDT keyboard keys malfunction

If the external keyboard works fine, then the built-in keyboard is probably shot. Believe it or not, computer parts, especially laptop parts, do wear out. Don't waste your money on a support call or taking it in to a technician. The computer is too old and is not worth that type of repair. Time for a new one.

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Hi! Laptop Satellite P55W - C5316 some keyboard letters are only working intermittently. I've tried shutting down, restarting, uninstalling drivers, searched forums... can't find a solution. N, Y, H, 6, left arrow only work seldom and spacebar sometimes needs to be pushed twice.
Also had weird touch-screen moving bubble issue, but just turned off the touch-screen to fix this. I'm okay with that, but can't live without the keyboard and can't use an external... Thanks for any help!!

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some keys on the keyboard of my Z830 keyboard became sticky over time.

Is it possible to remove single keys, try to clean it and put the key back in, or is the key glued?

I wouldn't want to replace the whole keyboard, as most of the keys still work fine.


A:Satellite Z830 - Remove/change single keys from keyboard


> Is it possible to remove single keys, try to clean it and put the key back in, or is the key glued?
The key caps are removable. But I?m not quite sure if caps cleaning would solve the ?sticky key issue?.

On Youtube you could find some interesting videos how to remove such key caps and to clean the area under the caps.

But be careful doing this.

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Hi to Toshiba forum members
My Satellite S50-B has had weird functionality traits with the delete key and the arrow group keys since a Windows 10 update was done sometime before summer of 2018.
I have tried several times to source the fix - reinstalling the keyboard driver, checking drivers, etc with no success to date.
Interestingly enough, I have Virtualbox installed and have discovered that the same troubled keys function just fine in a virtual machine OS running in Virtualbox - so that shows me that "the issue" is not a physical hardware issue with the keyboard.
I have not noticed an issue with any other keys to date.
Can anyone in the forum provide a solution to this problem?
As a note, the laptop (which was bought new by me in Aug 2014 for tech school) has not seen heavy use and has never had Windows wiped or reloaded.
I have only upgraded the OS from OEM Windows 8 Home x64, to 8.1, then lastly to Windows 10 Home x64.
I run MS OS updates frequently to stay ahead of trouble.
This issue seems to involve a driver incompatibility with Windows 10.
Laptop history - I had a similar function issue with the touchpad while it was 8.1 which was finally corrected with an OS update.
Any help would be appreciated.

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i'm having a problem with my toshiba laptop keyboard. about a week ago i noticed i was no longer able to use the control key to copy and paste, but i rarely use that key for anything else, so i didn't think much of it except that i must've accidently changed some command. now, my shift key isn't working--as you can tell from the lack of capitalization in this. i think this is a different problem than what was addressed in earlier posts about shift key problems in toshiba laptops. in my case, the shift key worked only sporadically. currently, it's not working at all. first the right one stopped working, now the left one isn't working either. there doesn't seem to be any pattern to when they do/don't work, so it seems unlikely that these keys suddenly got stuck or something. i'm checking for viruses now. does anyone have any other ideas? (now it's working...that's so strange, and annoying).

A:help with toshiba satellite laptop keyboard problems; shift, cntrl keys aren't workin

Laptop keyboards don't last forever. It may be time for a replacement

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Hi, I recently "lost" 2 keys on the keyboard (broke off) and I can't put them on again.
When I look at spare parts sites & supplier, this model can't be found at all ... which type of satellite do i have to select or what type of keyboad do i have to order to replace my borken one

A:Toshiba Satellite L50-B-2EU "lost" 2 keys on the keyboard


first hit on ebay wasnt to hard to find.

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I bought my X200 notebook 1 year ago, since that time am complaining about the heat, and all of the support technicians here keep seeing its normal, before 3 months its start to turn off the computer because overheating, I have tried cleaning dust with all what you can imaging but it?s the same??!!!!!!!

Yesterday I went to the authorized seller here in Jordan, to look for any options, pay more and get another notebook, and they said no we can't.
I am tiered with this notebook, I bought another one but this turned work 1 hour in a day to check emails today it?s turned off??!!!!!

Please I need help ASAP
I have updated the BIOS and everything you can imagine.
I need help.

A:Satellite X200 -23g and overheating

You should send the system to an Authorized Service Partner and have them re-apply the Thermal Grease and ensure the heatsinks are making good contact with the CPU, GPU and VRAM chips. Also ask them to remove any dust, and check that the heat pipe is still transferring heat properly.

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I don't understand totally the windows 8 update thing.

My computer isn't listed in the first part (computers you can already update), nor on the second (computers you can't). Just says something like 'drivers not taken in charge by windows 8'.

Does it mean I can't update to windows 8 with my computer working correctly at all, or that Toshiba needs some time to make it works nicely?

Thanks for your answer.

A:Windows 8 on Satellite X200-21E

Every notebook manufacturer makes decision which old notebook models will be supported for newest operating system. Toshiba has done the same and offered public list with all supported models.
You can find it on - http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/generic/windows8-message under Toshiba Compatibility Matrix.
Your Satellite is pretty old and was delivered with Vista OS so Toshiba has supported it for Win7 but it is obviously not supported for Win8. With other words Toshiba will not offer any Win8 drivers, tools and utilities.

You can try to update your Satellite to Win8 and see how it works but you are on your own and must see how to get best OS configuration. You can try to use some Win7 stuff and I hope most of them will work properly.

Fact is that on this moment we don?t have many reports in this forum about Win8 functionality on older notebook models so if you will play with it and hopefully get it to work be so nice and post some detailed feedback how you have done it.

Such reports can be very useful for other X200 owners.

Bye and good luck.

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My satellite x200 is overheating - how can i fix this?

A:Satellite X200 is overheating - how can i fix this?

Did you already clean the cooling modules?
If not, do this using compressed air spray?
The dust inside the cooling modules could prevent the air from circulation and this cause higher temperature?

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i have exactly the same problem as on this thread


The thread is locked and the question is answered...
Well, it does not exactly say where the bios jumpers are and i cannot ask the user himself, so i will ask here.

Is there a way to make a bios hard reset on a toshiba x200-21T... all the hardware seams to be fine, the only thing is that when i turn it on everything starts working for 3 seconds and then everything shuts down, the only lights left turned on are the cable one and the powerON one...

And please do not advise me to take my toshiba for repair to a shop because its 30months old, i only had problems with it and i'm not spending more money on it!

thank you!

A:Satellite X200 does not boot up

> And please do not advise me to take my toshiba for repair to a shop because its 30months old, i only had problems with it and i'm not spending more money on it!

Well, I don?t know what do you expect then?
Fact is that the notebook does not boot up and you can not see BIOS nor Toshiba splash screen on the screen?
This means that there is something wrong on the motherboard?
Maybe it?s RAM issue? Maybe CPU is affected?
I don?t know why you say the hardware seems to be fine but I would not be 100% sure about the internal hardware parts?

There are a lot of jumpers on teh motherboard and unfortunately I have no clue what jumper might be responsible for BIOS...

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Are 2 x 4GB DDR2-800 SODIMMs supported? Manual says up to 4GB but is ambiguous as does this mean total or per slot?

Has anyone tried 2 x 4GB with 64bit Vista or Windows 7?

A:Satellite X200 - Upgrade to 4GB RAM or more


I have checked the chipset specifications on the Intel website and I think the user manual means a maximum RAM capacity of 4GB and not for each slot.

Furthermore I founded the part number for Toshiba RAM (2GB DDR2-667):

You can order it from an authorized service provider for example

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I'm looking for some informations about installing second HDD into my laptop.

Laptop does have an "empty/spare" bay for second HDD, but there are no disk connectors in bay. So there is no easy way for upgrading.

So I've looked over the net, and as far as i know i have two options:

1) Buy appropriate hdd connectors and 2.5" HDD. Take appart my laptop, connect cables onto motherboard and install second HDD in empty bay.
Q1) Does X200-21K motherboard have second (spare) SATA connector? I assume that motherboard have only two SATA connectors (one for HDD, and one for DVD).
Q2) Is possible to connect two hard drrives onto one SATA motherboard connector?

2) Replace DVD with HDD
Q1) Is this possible? Did someone alreary replaced DVD with HDD?
I've seen on internet that this is possible on MacBook, and on some other laptops/notebook (HP,...)

Thanks for answers

A:Second HDD in Satellite X200-21K (PSPBUE)

hi petrusko_1,

i cant believer that there is space for a second hdd without connector...are you sure?
can you upload a picture?

- to your first question: do you have the whole number at hands (starting with PSPBUE-)?
this number indicates what hardware/software is inside (ram, hdd, grafics etc)

- second one with the sata issue: one connector = one drive
if you are shure that there is only one connector in your machine you wont be able to connect 2 drives to this single connector.
soldering another connector to the mainboard is dangerous and its doubtful that it will work afterwards....

your idea with using the second connector of the odd (optical disk drive) isnt bad...
maybe it is a baymodule available where you can put in the sec. hdd and install it to the odd bay....

btw: the sata controller doesnt care if there is a hdd or odd attached....

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Hi! My Satellite X200-24E keeps shutting down after max. 1-2 hours from power-on. The problem occurs also entering BIOS, so it should not be related to Windows Vista. Thought it might be a CPU over-heating problem, so I disassembled my laptop and removed all the dust from the two fans and from the heat dissipating radiators. Actually I did not find any dust clogs, just dust spread all around.

Unfortunately the problem is not fixed. The temperature values detected by Core Temp are 43-44 ?C for core 0 and 48-50 ?C for core 1, without running any CPU intensive application. As a matter of fact, about the same values were read before dust cleaning. I think the CPU temperature is not too high, is it?

Is there anything else I could check or try?
Thanks in advance.

A:Satellite X200-24E shutting down

In my opinion the CPU temperature looks OK. The 48-50?C isn’t too high for a CPU.

Generally speaking the notebook would power off automatically due to higher temperature. This may happen also in BIOS mode.

But even if the CPU temp isn’t too high, there are other devices/parts like i.e GPU which could create more warmness.
This could lead to higher temperature too.

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Hey guys!

Today i went on the toshiba hp and searched for drivers for my laptop.
I didnt think it, but there were no drivers for my notebook.

Can someone please help me ?

I searched for xp drivers! Because my Windows 7 destroyed.

Thank you very much!


A:Re: No XP Drivers for my Satellite X200

Don?t you wanna use Win7 anymore?
I mean if it runs perfectly why to go step back and install old and not supported OS.

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Hi all.

I have a x200-15k and would like to know if it's possible to add another 8700m to it, like in the SLI variants of the x200. Can it be done, anybody did ?

I also have to replace the hard drive, the old one is nearly dead. Can i put in any random SATA drive into the laptop or does it have to be a fujitsu manufactured, like the old one ?

A:Adding a second GPU in the Satellite X200-15k


Such graphic card upgrades are not possible. Only the preinstalled graphic card will be supported and no other models or something else. So just check this:

Regarding the HDD: It?s indifferent what HDD manufacture you choose. The only important point is that you buy a model with SATA interface. :)

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Tried to find any information about this BIOS update. I have updated to version 2.50 but cant see any changes. Only when update finished cooling fans started working very fast for a sec and then it just rebooted. Now coolers working as was before, no changes. So whats the purpose of this update?

Anybody knows what this update fixes?

A:Satellite X200-252 - Changes in new BIOS 2.50

Hi ultimos,

Not every BIOS update offers more options in BIOS. Above all such updates fixes different problems with your notebook and doesn?t add new functions (only sometimes). So this update should only be done if you can notice problems with your notebook, otherwise it?s not necessary.

After this BIOS update on my notebook the fan worked also very fast but only few seconds. I think this is normal due restart procedure.

Last but not least such BIOS changelogs can only be founded on the Toshiba website - If they available (for public).

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I bought Toshiba X200 last year.

My problem there isnt any connector in my second hard disk slot. like this http://img257.imageshack.us/my.php?image=10112007572fh4.jpg
But in some models have connector. http://img256.imageshack.us/my.php?image=21269219uk7.jpg

I guess I need a thing like this. http://img212.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hpcaddydv9000connectorakg0.jpg

Have can I find and is it work well?

A:Re: Satellite X200 - Second HDD connector

Sorry buddy but I think if you don?t have a second HDD connector you can?t use a second HDD.
Furthermore it?s not possible to add such a HDD connector.

If you need more disk space you must exchange the first HDD or you use an external HDD to save your files on it.

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I've have a X200 and when I use a software to check the temperature, it indicate that the CPU and GPU temperute is about 80?C.

Is it normal or should I bring my computer to a technician?

A:Satellite X200-BB1 - CPU and GPU temperature at 80C


Does your notebook shut down itself? I mean the notebook would shut down itself due higher internal temperatures. If the notebook doesn?t shut down the temperatures are ok in my opinion.

But let me give you a word of advice: Last week I clean my Toshiba notebook with compressed air spray after 3 months. I was wondering how many dust the compressed air spray did blow out from the cooling ventilators.
I can really recommend cleaning the notebook every 2-3 months with compressed air spray. It?s cheap and easy to use.
Check this!!!

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I am pretty happy with my laptop, the only thing that bothers me is a screen brightness. I tried to increase it with preinstalled flash cards, with NVidia manager (quite desperate tool) and it was not enough. Now I am thinking if it is possible to replace screen LED with more powerful lamp?

Just if you know any solutions, I will be happy to know them. Thank you.


A:Satellite X200 - not happy with the brightness

My friend has an X200 and I find that the brightness is decent, its actually brighter than my Tecra.

The thing is with laptops, they rarely match the brightness of external monitors due to power limitations, so if you need a super bright screen, one option would be to use an External Monitor. 22" monitors are quite cheap these days :)

Otherwise, you'll just need to do the following to achieve maximum brightness:

1) Use AC power
2) Turn up the screen brightness to 100%
3) Use the nVidia Control Panel to modify the contrast
4) Increase the brightness in games (if thats what its used for)
5) Decrease the daylight/lighting in your room

Unfortunately the LCD's have a custom connection, so it would be difficult to replace the screen with a brighter LCD.

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I have the Satellite X200-25l running Vista Home Premium 32 - I have taken too long to ask about this but the battery simply will not charge. I have tried removing and plugging in the AC power multiple times as a "fix" that someone suggested, but this has had no effect.
I don't want to buy a new battery without first establishing that it's not an issue between the main system and the battery logic.

This has never been right from new but I didn't realise it would fail completely. Thanks Bobby in Aberdeen, UK

A:Satellite X200-25I - Battery won't charge

Hi bobbaxter09,

Have you already tried to charge the battery when the notebook is turned off? So you can make sure it?s not related to software or drivers.

The battery can be recharged up to 500 times and after this it needs replacing. So theoretically it could be a battery malfunction and you need a new one.

Therefore you can contact an authorized service provider in your country. The guys can order all original Toshiba spare parts they work properly with your notebook.

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Hey guys

Now I will install Windows 7 on my Satellite X200 but before I will done, I would know which driver i need because I hear that some things dont work, like the dvd devic , fingerprint, ..

I have 4GB DDR3 Ram - so 64bit needed!

I hope you can help me!

Regards Para

A:Satellite X200 - Which drivers for Windows 7?

Hi buddy,

Satellite X200 is official not Windows 7 supported. That means Toshiba doesn?t provide any tested drivers for this model. Of course you can install Windows 7 but all drivers and tools you must search yourself in the Internet!

What you can test is Vista 64bit drivers but nobody can say exactly if they work or not?

In my opinion you should use the preinstalled OS from Satellite X200. That?s the easiest way. ;)

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Hello everybody,

Hope someone could help me with my query.

Recently I have made a clean installation with Windows 7 64-bit and now I am having drivers problems. Except for nvidia driver which I have downloaded from their website, I could not find any other drivers and not even able to use the drivers that are in toshiba website.

My notebook is Satellite X200-21P.

Any suggestion or direction would be appreciated! Thank you very much!

Kind Regards

A:Need Windows 7 64-bit drivers for Satellite X200-21P

For me is logic to check support at fist and then make decision which OS should be installed.
Fact is that your notebook model is not supported for Win7.

For me there are two options only:
-try to use Vista 64bit stuff
-check if some other notebook model with similar hardware is Win7 supported and try to use these drivers.

Sorry but I don?t see any other solution for you.

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Hi there.

I own a X200 satellite and i've been thinking about upgrading my processor, actually a T5450 (really bad).

I would like to know mainly two things:
1) Is it possible?
2) Which chipset, socket is compatible to the processor T5450?



A:Re: Satellite X200: Is Processor Upgrade possible?


> 1) Is it possible?

Generally speaking, the laptop isn't designed for Cpu and Gpu upgraded but only for memory and hdd.
You can even read from *Toshiba technical support*

> 2) Which chipset, socket is compatible to the processor T5450?

according to the intel site:

http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=30787 Sockets Supported PPGA478

Note, Bios also should support a new Cpu, otherwise, it's useless. I don't know, if your Bios will support such upgrade as don't have any technical documentation for your model

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I have a satellite x200-s20. Owned since new, 2 and a half years old.
The laptop works perfectly, but, I'm not sure if I need a new battery, power supply or maybe there's a hardware problem (but I doubt this).

When connected to the mains power supply the following happpens:

It starts using the battery instead of the mains power supply.
The power and battery leds flash on and off (on for a couple of seconds then off for a couple of seconds).
The battery at this point stops charging.

In the manual it mentions something about one of the leds turning blue, None have ever done this.

Hope someone can advise

A:Satellite x200 battery or PSU issues


In my opinion you should firstly check if the AC adaptor is not malfunction.
If the AC adaptor would not work correctly then the battery could not be charged and the battery led would not switch to blue because the battery would not be fully charged.

Therefore I would recommend checking the AC adaptor firstly?.
Of course this is only my personal opinion and I could be wrong too?

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As a newbe please excuse it my question has been answered before. I have tried to find the answer.

I have updated from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7. All seems to be well except I keep being told the PCI memory controller did not instal properly. Toshiba do not support my machine anymore.

As the laptop seems to do all I need, do I need this thing or can I just forget about it? If I need it then where can I find a compatible version?

Thanks in adance for any help.

A:Satellite X200-219 - do I need the PCI Memory Controller

As I can see your old Satellite is not supported for Win7 so if you can live without it go to device manager and disable this piece of hardware.

Do you use 32 or 64bit Win7?
Which drivers have you installed until now?

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I have a Satellite X200 for 2,5 years now and today my i just noticed my battery won't charge also the battery led is not on. I turned off the computer and opened it again and i noticed the battery led goes on for like 3 seconds then goes back off again.
Is this a vista problem, a battery problem or a motherboard problem?

Because with the AC on the laptop works just fine. Any ideas how to make sure if it a battery problem ?


A:Satellite X200 - Battery won't charge

Hi blackmodjo,

What happens if you connect the AC/DC adapter while notebook is turned off? Will the battery be charged or not?

If not it seems to be a battery malfunction. It?s already 2.5 years old as you wrote and battery can only be charged up to 500 times. After this it needs replacing.

New battery shouldn?t be so expensive. Just ask an authorized service provider in your country and the guys will help you to get a new one.

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I'm looking to replace the HD-DVD drive in my Toshiba X200 (PSPBUA-00N007) with a Blu-Ray reader (or burner). Are they on the market yet, and available from Toshiba (or, say, eBay)? What should I search for?

The HD-DVD drive is a cool historical anachronism but probably Blu-Ray will be a bit more useful for me in the future.

Cheers for the help.

A:Satellite X200 and replacing the HD-DVD drive


As far as I know there are some Blueray drives on the market which can be used in the notebook. But the point is that not all drives are compatible due to the different master/slave/c-sel settings.

I didn?t find any information about compatible BR players. I assume you will have to test it yourself.

I found this thread:

The last guys has upgraded the own X200 with an LG blueray and it worked?

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Hi All,

I just recently bought a 2nd hand Toshiba Satellite x200-219. Had a few problems with it which I have overcome now, apart from one... The touchpad does not work as it should. I think the cable has been damaged at some point.

So I am wondering if I have to use the same ribbon cable to connect the touchpad to the motherboard or can I get one from a different model of Toshiba laptop?

I have tried searching on the net for advice but have come up with nothing so thought I would try the forums.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


A:Satellite X200-219 - The touchpad does not work as it should

I think you can use the parts released for Satellite X205 series since this seems to be the same series like X200:
Found some parts related to the touchpad:
Satellite X205/X200 touchpad board with cable: part number: K000047950
Satellite X205/X200 TOUCH PAD FFC part number: K000047980

But why you don?t get in contact with an Toshiba authorized service provider in your country and order the needed and compatible part?

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About 2 weeks ago, my power adaptor stopped working, i know its an issue with that and not a fatal issue with the laptop.

I know i can buy one from here, but I dont really want to fork out for one when i could claim one.
I have got a 1 year warranty with Toshiba that has run-out and also bought 3 years extended warranty with Comet UK.
I was wondering if the Power Adaptor is covered on the warranty either from toshiba or from comet.

Any help would be appreciated.
Bought the laptop May 2008.
Extended Warranty expires May 2011.
Money is rather tight at the moment otherwise i would have already bought one for ?80 from toshiba.

A:Satellite X200-219 and Power Issue

In my opinion AC adapter is covered by Toshiba and you should contact or visit nearest Toshiba authorized service provider and clarify this there.
They can answer all your questions and also help with new parts order.

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After installing 2*2GB RAM, CPU temperature is now 47-49 C, idle, undervolted 0,9750v

With 3GB RAM installed CPU temperature was 27C, idle, undervolted 0,9750v
Is there any dependence between CPU temp and how much RAM installed?
RAM is about 20% faster now, tested with benchMem

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A:Satellite X200 - Higher CPU temperature with new RAM


Which new modules did you buy and what old modules have you used?

I doubt that you had 27?C CPU temperature. Of course this would be really good but such low temperatures you never can have on notebooks. Even on desktop computer you have higher temperatures.

If your notebook doesn?t overheat (shut down, freezing, etc.) everything is ok and forget such hardware tools they display the temperature. They often show wrong temperatures in my opinion.

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Hello everybody,

After 3 years my notebook suffered with a graphi card problem.

One day after the another day it didn't worked. It started with 3 beeps (softer+louder+louder beeps, there is one second pause between the beeps) then it does nothing, just remains blank (or black) screen. When I turn on the computer, power led, hdd led and satellite logo are turned on, but later hdd led goes off.

After look left and right in the net, I fould out that it is a graphic card problem. From Toshiba Germany and Belgium, I have been directed to contact www.dynafix.com for my notebook repair.

As the gurantee is over, all the charges I have to pay myself now. Its really unfair that after spending over 2500? for this notebook, it didn't last longer than other cheaper notebook (I mean there are other notebooks that are under 1000? and they are working perfectly even after 5 years).

Anyway, I have to repair it now so I want to know how much the VGA board cost to replace? What you think, is it better to repair it or just buy a new notebook? (surely not Toshiba again).

Thank you very much any input.

Kind Regards


A:Re: Satellite X200-21P - VGA board damaged?

I don?t know where do you live and how much costs mainboard (including graphic card) in your country. Use google and check if you can find some online store and ask for price.
When I need new or already used hardware parts most of them I buy by eBay. Last week I bought graphic card for my old Satellite M70. I get it for 15 Euro.

I really don?t know what to say. If you can get mainboard for good price you can replace it and continue to use your Satellite notebook. Other way, sell it on eBay and buy new notebook.

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Hello everybody,

See my [http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=62539&tstart=0] post for having graphic card problem (3 beeps).

As I have graphic card problem in my notebook I decided to check with Toshiba ASP. They said that they have the spare parts and can replace it. However they said that graphic card/VGA cost 400?+88? for repair and handling cost. So in total I have to pay 488?? This sounds really being reaped off :(.

Can anyone tell me please if this price is really good price or should I leave it? In 500?, one can buy a good notebook (not the best one but good enough).

I have been also told that, if I don't want to repair the notebook then I have to pay 48? for research for notebook problem which I think again being not honest.

Can anyone please suggest me the price for new graphic card/VGA really cost 400? or can I buy in cheaper somewhere?

Thank you!


A:Satellite X200-21P - VGA board cost 488?


Yes, the single motherboard is very expensive.
I think it depends on notebook model how much the mobo is but 400Euros is nothing unusual for a new motherboard, espacialy in the notebook technology.

I think you will get a cheaper mobo only as a second hand part but such motherboards are refurbished and it?s hard to say how long such part would functions.

So if warranty is not valid anymore then in my opinion it?s not worth to spend the money only for new mobo.

In my opinion you should sell this unit on ebay for some euros and should purchase a new notebook which is still covered by warranty.

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