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Car subwoofer to home stereo system.

Q: Car subwoofer to home stereo system.

So i just bought in my two car subwoofers becuase its getting cold out.
I have a kenwood av reciever and hooked up the subs to my home theater.
Thinking that it would be a good use and keep my subs running.
But its not providing the right power that i want.
Is there anyway i can hook up a amp to the av reciever or anyway possible.
Alot would be appriciated.

Preferred Solution: Car subwoofer to home stereo system.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Car subwoofer to home stereo system.

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Hi, I have burnt a cd from my downloaded music but I couldnt have it play in my car or on my home stereo system. It only plays onmy computer. Anyone knows why? How to know what file format will work in the car. My car is Toyota 1999.

A:Burnt Music CD only works on computer but not on home stereo system

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Hi Lenovo and everyone, I have two issues with the sound of my Y700-15ISK:I.When any Realtek driver is installed that includes support for the subwoofer, a high pass filter is applied on the main stereo speakers, making sound poorer and more mono-like, especially with enhanced bass using an equalizer.(High pass filter removes low bass frequencies from the main stereo speakers.)(When the default Microsoft driver is installed that does not have subwoofer support, no high pass filter is applied on the main stereo speakers.)Is there a way to disable the high pass filter? I would like bass to come from the main stereo speakers as well. I see no such option on any of the available GUIs, is there such an option from a Command Line Interface?If there is no such option currently, could you put this option in a subsequent driver release, or simply remove the high pass filter from the driver?If you do not have the resources to do so, could you enable us to modify the driver source code and create a custom driver without high pass filter? I am sure the community would love the enhanced music coming from this and similar laptops using the updated driver.(Win 10 or Win7) II.Only on Win7:Subwoofer is out of sync with the main stereo speakers resulting in echo.Happens using Lenovo's Win7 64-bit, Win10 64-bit, and Realtek's generic driver as well. Could you guys fix this? Does anyone have a solution for these? Thanks,Andras

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i have a magnavox MRD210 home stereo system that came with a enclosed sub.so i just decided to put a 12'' car sub in a box and connect that instead of the stock sub.but when i turn it past up real loud the sub starts acting crazy.u kno what the problem is?

is there a way i can hook up an amp to give it more power? i have a ac/dc converter to convert the house current to car current which i did try to connect to my subs but it didnit work.is there anyway i can do this?
thanks.......for any help any advice

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What is the pin-out of the Center/Subwoofer in 5.1 Ch. Surrround System?

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Is it possible to connect my pc (thru the audio card) to my home stereo (audio-in?) so I can listen to my mp3 collection thru my stereo speakers?

I know this must be doable. But the audio card has only one hole for audio out while the stereo seems to need two/four inputs.

Any and all help is appreciated.

Pentium III
256 RAM
Windows XP
Sound Blaster Card (nothing special)

Home Stereo : AIWA NSX-BL54 (also nothing special)

A:Connect PC to Home Stereo

Your local Radioshack should have the cable adaptor you need.

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i have a magnavox MRD210 home stereo system that came with a enclosed sub.so i just decided to put a 12'' car sub in a box and connect that instead of the stock sub.but when i turn it past up real loud the sub starts acting crazy.u kno what the problem is?

is there a way i can hook up an amp to give it more power? i have a ac/dc converter to convert the house current to car current which i did try to connect to my subs but it didnit work.is there anyway i can do this?
thanks.......for any help any advice

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Hi all
I have a Dell Inspiron Computer with Windows Vista Home Premium 32-Bit software.
I have tried to enable ?stereo mix? by right-clicking speaker ? recording devices ? right click ? show disabled devices. Unfortunately nothing happens. I tried to download a?realtec? program but nothing happened ? not sure if I had the right program. So I need advice.
I want to be able to download music off the interenet ? yes I know its a subject in the news at the moment but its classical music I want to download ? which is out of copy-right and free music.


Real Player (free version) downloads music from YouTube quite well, IMO.



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I have my pc run through my home stereo, it used to sound good but now it doesn't and no matter what i can't get it to work properly anymore. When i put a tape or a cd into the stereo they sound fine but no matter how much i try to tweak the settings when i play music from my computer it's really sharp pitched and there is tons of static/playback what can i do to fix this

A:pc sound run through home stereo not working

try ajusting either the computer volume up and stereo volume down OR vice versa.
hope that helps.

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Does anyone know of a way to connect my laptop to my home receiver to play my downloaded music?

A:laptop to home stereo receiver

Hello tpo9595!

If I may suggest: I believe this question would get much better response in the Hardware Forum?

If you wish, you can clisk the report button at the top right of the post and request that it be moved.

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Hi, Having a problem that is driving me up a wall. I have a HP
cd burner 12 series that has always burnt cd's fine. All cd's have
always played well on all cd decks in my house including my
Aiwa home stereo. But for some reason, none of the cd's that
I have burnt from files or copy from other cd's in the last couple months will play on the Aiwa stereo. They will all play well on
every cd player in my house and the neighbors house, except
the Aiwa stereo. All store bought cd's and the ones I burnt
last year all still play fine in the Aiwa, but not the ones that I
have burnt recently. Still using the same blanks (Memorex).
Not sure what has happened. Can anyone help??

A:burnt cd's won't play on home stereo

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Thanks in advance for any help. I have no knowledge of tech language for audio. S/PDIF meant nothing to me until today when I researched a little.

Basic simple question. My motherboard has an S/PDIF out jack. My home stereo has only the basic r/l input jacks that come on all home stereos.

What is the best way to connect my computer to my home stereo?

Thanks again, much appreciated.

A:S/PDIF connection to home stereo


something like that, you can get an adapter at radio shack for under 5 bucks.

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I am using an Rca plug with an audio jack plug on one end (looks like a headphone jack) to connect my computer with my stereo. and i am trying to get my music library to play. because my computer speaks were destroyed when I moved house (oh yay) and whenever i start a song I get nothing but silence through my speakers I have tried restarting everything rerouting the input through my computers sub witch has an input and output jacks on it and at this point my minimal technical experiance is drawing to a close and I would appreciate any help I could get.

A:No sound on My home stereo When hooked up through computer

Do you get sound output from the pc if you just use regular speakers or headphones? Do you have to select an input source on the speaker system's receiver?

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I've never tried to burn music to a DVD-R, don't want to waste one and find it doesn't work

Just trying to avoid splitting a playlist into two or three CDRs.


A:Will .wavs written to DVD-R play on home stereo?

Depends on the player. I'm not aware of any that support .wav but most DVD players support MP3 and some support WMA playback... Check your player here:


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I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here. I connect my Ipod to my home stereo using a common miniplug to rca adapter, and it sounds great.

When I listen to music on my new laptop with my shiny expensive headphones - it sounds great.

But, when I plug my laptop into the same miniplug-rca I get a humming sound over my home stereo speakers.

I don' think there is anything wrong with my laptop, cause it makes great sound form it's little speakers; great sound from louzy ear bud headphones; and really great sound with my good headphones.

Any suggestions?

A:Connecting laptop to home stereo trouble

do you mean that:
there's humming sounds present
the sound output quality is bad?

for the humming sound, it could be because your output impedance between headphone and home stereo is not the same. especially if your home stereo has a big powerful amp.

in this case, try to update the sound card driver. however case related to electrical current is difficult to solve. hope some professional would come to take a peek at this thread

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This is driving me insane! I download (legally thru Napster) lots and lots of songs. I burn them onto CDs which play beautifully in my car stereo and my home stereo. I can even play them on my DVD player and my PlayStation. However, when I put them back into the CD ROM drive in which they were created they will not play. The light will continue to flash, indicating that the drive is attempting to read the disc but it never will. Blank CDs fire up without hesitation every time, as do audio CDs I have bought and software I have bought. The only discs I have a problem with are the ones I burn. I use Windows Media Player, Maxell discs... I've also tried Real Player and Roxio, I've also tried using other discs. Does anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, ideas... Please help! Thanks

A:Burned CDs play in car/home stereo, not in CDROM drive

That is strange, it's usually the other way around.

What happens if you burn a audio CD with tracks ripped from regular commercial discs? Can you explore the disc from My computer?

What I'm getting at here is the only thing I can think of that would cause that is if there is some kind of protecttion on the disc. You can try this really quick, hold the shift key in when you insert the disc. Hold it in until the disc is ready then try to play it. That will prevent any files from auto executing on the disc which is one way they try and keep you from copying... never heard of it used to keep you from hearing it though.

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this is not a computer question. i have a SHARP mini stereo system that will not function,all the display says is PROTECT.what could be the problem.

A:stereo system

Are you using the speakers that came with the system? This message is usually caused when the impedance of the stereo and speakers do not match.

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hey --

Not sure if this is the right forum; if it isn't could a mod move it please?
Here is my problem:

I burned a set of 3 CD-RW's to play on my stereo, and the stereo cannot read the disc, and just returns a "no disc" error. I didn't overburn or anything, and use the track-at-once, and finalized the CD's, useing Nero CD-R's play just fine, but not these CD-RW's. Anyone know what's going on or what I can do to fix it?

A:CD-RW & stereo system

Only a few of the newer Stereo systems will read CD-RW.
We have one here, and its clearly marked on the front as compatable.

Its to do with the "reflectivity" of the CD-RW disks (or lack of relectivity more correctly)

Unless its stated as compliant to play them then simply don't use CD-RW.

Even some CD-R brands can be dodgy. Trial and error.

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I got my pc connected to my 5.1 it was sounding ok for a month...and i`m still blasting it now as I speak...ok everything is connected 'Y" spitters and all..and I checked my speaker wires..its ok..even though I got my music at full blast...theres this Humming ...but I mean Humming...coming out of my speaker ...thats driving me up the walls...need help..

Is it the pc speaker or a bad ground some-where..cause I cant see this one..

music is fine...its got to be the mini speaker,,need an opinion

A:Need Help On My Stereo System 5.1

oh-aw heck...where the hell is this humming matching my music ..is coming from...it was ok this morning...the onlyway...2 drouwn the humming is 4 me to raise the music...screw my nieghbors...I dont know where that back ground sound is coming from..every wire here is new...I`ll buy a new pc speaker on Xmas..

but this humming is gonna drive me crazy..u watch.

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Hi all!
I have a CREATIVE Sound Blaster ZxR PCI-E Audio Card, and would like to connect my Yamaha PSR-E433 Electronic Keyboard and a Tivoli Audio Digital Radio to my INTEL Core i7-6700K computer preferably on the same input, running MS Win 10 Pro 64-bit.
And hence, my question is as follows;
Can a 3.5mm Stereo Plug to 2 x 3.5mm Stereo Jack Splitter Adaptor INPUT sound?
Thank you very much in advance!

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I want to be able to play music from my PC and send it to my audio system to play throughout the house. I ran a cable from the computer's headphone output jack on the front of the PC to the audio system's RCA input jacks. It works OK but I have to boost the audio levels from the computer's audio slider way up in order for it to sound OK. The problem with this I have to plug in and unplug and adjust the levels every time (when the cable is connected, the PC speakers are muted.) Is there a way to adjust the PC's settings so that a cable connected to the headphone jack DOES NOT mute the speakers AND will play at a predetermined level regardless of where the audio slider is set? (i.e. a constant line-level output.) Thanks!

A:Run PC Audio to Stereo System

Not that I know

the RCA inputs are expecting a different type of signal
The headphone output is very low output and headphones are quite high impedance

you can purchase a USB Audio adapter , which would enable you to do what you are after - its the sort of thing DJs use where the channels outputs can be individually controlled and levels set
they are not expensive

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All right all you tech heads,
here's your chance to show your stuff!

My family is going to be buying a new computer.
We would like to combine the computer with a stereo system and television (of sorts).

We ONLY use the TV for movies (no satellite, no cable, no local stations).
We would like to be able to use a larger computer monitor (21" or so) to watch the dvds.

Is there a monitor out there that will accept signal from dvd and computer?
We thought about just using the dvd player on the computer, but would like to be able to use a home theater sound system too.

Can it be done? Has anybody out there set up something like this?
Any ideas or suggestions or specific products or advice would be appreciated.


A:TV/computer/stereo system can it be done?

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I was wondering if anyone knew how I could possibly convert my old albums, and 45's onto my computer so I could burn them on a CD. Would I have to hook my computer up to my stereo system?
I really have no idea how to do this.
But my computer system is relatively new, so I am hoping there is a way I can do this.
Thanks for the help.


You'll have to check to see if your sound card has a line in jack (it should). Them simply hook it up to your line out of the stereo. You might want to install a copy of Goldwave first to clean up some of that static first. The trial version is free for the first 30 days. Then you'll need something like Adaptec CD creator and a CD burner to put those files on a CD.

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I have connected my Desktop PC to my audio receiver so I can play music on Itunes and have it heard in several rooms that are wired to my stereo system. Right now I use the 1/8" stereo headphone jack on my computer as the audio out and a Y connector that has 2 RCA males that connect to the receiver. It works, but when I plug into the headphone jack the speakers are muted, and I also have to raise the audio levels way up to get good sound. The problem with this is I need to disconnect that cable AND lower the levels back down when I'm done to resume normal computer operation. I would like to change the settings on the computer so that plugging into the headphone jack DOES NOT mute the speakers... AND be able to set separate levels for the headphone out and the speakers. Can this be done? I have also seen USB-to-RCA cables that seem like they would work, but I'm not sure how to "tell" the computer to send audio out of a particular USB port, and how to set an audio level on that port. Since most DJ's use laptops to play music to their amps, I know this has to be feasible, but I haven't yet found out how. Thanks to anyone who can help!

A:Connecting audio from PC to stereo system

SteveRomo said:

I have also seen USB-to-RCA cables that seem like they would work, but I'm not sure how to "tell" the computer to send audio out of a particular USB port, and how to set an audio level on that port. Since most DJ's use laptops to play music to their amps, I know this has to be feasible, but I haven't yet found out how.Click to expand...

A cable with a USB plug on one end, RCA plugs on the other end, and without any kind of active electronic circuitry will not work. Analog audio outputs are not part of any USB standard.

Some professional DJ software supports using an external USB based audio controller that has a headphone output. This allows the DJ to pre-listen to music selections with their headphones, while driving their amplifiers with the current music selection from the laptop's built-in headphone jack.

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ive got intel DG31PR motherboard,which has realtek ALC888 sound onboard...ive got a 5.1 speaker setup and i can play DVDs with 5.1ch audio fine,get sound on all the speakers...but with stereo files like mp3 songs,i only get sound on the front 2 speakers,i need to upmix it...how do i do that????

there is no such option in the realtek control panel and ive got the latest drivers.

A:Stereo sound on a 5.1 speaker system,help

if you dont have the option, u can always try to use filter codec, such as ffdshow decoder, which is capable of doing that. i strongly suggest you to get K-lite codec pack, beside the vast availability of codecs installed, ffdshow is also included, to improve my music performance, and lot of things.

what media player are you using?

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Hi All

I have a 2.1 Stereo System with 2 normal laptop speakers and a small sub. Now the system comes with a control knob where you can plug your headphones into. Problem is, with the headphones plugged in, the max volume (maxed out in Sound, Media Player and on the headphones them self) is too soft...

How can I increase the volume on the headphones? Software? Drivers? or do I need a better sound card?

I have a standard Microsoft High Definition Audio Device Sound Card (Came with the MSI motherboard - onboard)

Thank you

A:2.1 Stereo System - Using headphones ->volume is soft...

I have a standard Microsoft High Definition Audio Device Sound Card

Visit MSI and get the proper sound driver instead of the default Windows driver.

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I have no audio, but when I go to (right-click sound icon in tray) --> Playback Devices --> Playback tab --> right click "Speakers / Headphones Realtek High Definition Audio" --> Configure, then in Speaker Setup dialog:
* If I select Quadraphonic in the "Audio channels" list, I hear sound for the RL (rear-left) and RR (rear-right) speakers, with my stereo speakers plugged into the black jack in back. I cannot get sound when testing the regular L and R speakers in Quadraphonic mode; I've tried all 5 jacks.
* When I select Stereo, then clicking L or R speaker icon to test results in no sound, again no matter which of the 5 jacks i plug my stereo speakers into.
* So the only way I have sound is in Quadraphonic mode, but only for the back speakers. Therefore I cannot hear regular stereo output from applications, such as Youtube in Chrome.
This seems like a bug, or a highly unintuitive aspect of Realtek's or Dell's software at best. Any ideas on how to solve? (Beside buying full surround sound speakers)

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Hi. I am going crazy. I have the A525 speaker system with the subwoofer attached to my desktop. I have actually had it since 2009 when I bought it new, and I just now realized it is not playing stereo properly and the sub seems to be playing full range and not just the bass.
Here's what is happening. Using windows speaker properties, I turn R channel all the way down, and I get audio out of both speakers, but it is the L channel for both. However, the Right speaker is maybe 20% louder than the left speaker while I am doing this.
When I turn the L channel all the way down, I get the R channel for both, but the right speaker is now about twice as loud as the left.
For the sub, when I have R channel all the way down, it only plays the L channel, and vice versa for the L channel. It also seems to be playing full range. Shouldn't it have a filter in it so it only gets the low freq. delivered to it?
I have hooked up a pair of good quality headphones to the soundcard output, and I get perfect stereo, so it's not that. It's in the speaker/sub system somewhere. And since the headphones work, I don't think it could be my sound drivers. Unless, I need special drivers since the speakers have a sub?!?
In case you wonder, I am using SB Audigy drivers on windows 7, and they are up to date. I have checked all the plugs and connections, but nothing seems to work.
I suspect maybe it has been this way since I bought it, and I hadn't really paid attention until recently w... Read more

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I am trying to broadcast music (Rhapsody) from my computer to an FM channel on my stereo using a "Beam It" device. I have a Soundblaster "Live" Card in the computer (about 4 years old). The output from the computer is digital so I am just picking up hiss on the stereo. Any ideas about how to work around this would be appreciated.

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hi quick question, when ripping songs from cds should you use stereo or joint stereo. i noticed that no matter which 1 u use, the file size remains the same.

i would like to know whick one gives u the best quality and such....i want my songs to sound the way they do on the cds without losing any information.

A:Solved: Stereo or Joint Stereo?

If you want a technical answer look here


and here


(it starts a bit flamey, but gets more interesting towards the end)

As for which to use, thats really a personal choice, many will say to go for true stereo, because that is more like the original. However, that isn't necessarily true. It is possible to recreate the original sound via joint stereo (all my music is stored in lossless format and uses JS), and JS performs better under compression than true stereo. Therefore, JS should out perform Stereo in any given amount of data, or, if the quality is the same, the JS compression will give more data to other parts of the track. (I hope that makes sense).

You need to bear in mind that there is only so much data to provide for the track, good compression concentrates the data where it is needed. JS allows more data to be used by more important or noticeable elements in the track.

Of course the best way to find out is to test it yourself and run ABX tests.


Foobar2000 is a good tool to do ABX tests. Try to use quality audio equipment

Doing these tests will show you what your ears find is the best system, which is what it really comes down to.

It is important that you use a good encoder and a bit-rate that will give you a quality that you are happy with. If you are encoding in MP3, th... Read more

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i have the (7) seven disks to put xp on my computer, but they got messed up.
i bought them from hp a long time ago.
now the hard drive that i have been using has errors in it.
i got another hard drive and i was going to put xp home edition on it, but a couple of the disk got scratched.
what i need is a (xp home edition download); so i can save them to disks and reboot this other hard drive.
if you can help me i would appreaicate it very much.
thank you doyle r.

A:hp pavilion home pc system recovery winxp home edition

You can't legally download XP.
HP will sell you an install disc at a reasonable price.
What kind of errors are on the old disk? It may be repairable.
It's possible to copy the contents of the old disc to the new one.
Tell us more and there may be a solution.

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I have windows 7 home premuim 64 bit
I went to create restore point on my new dell and after about an 1/2 hour of waiting for SR to open up I got this:

You have no Restore Points. Use System Protection to create restore point.
When I attempt to turn on System Protection, it doesn't show any drives available when it opens -- it just says that it's searching for available drives and it keeps searching and doesn't stop. Eventually, I'll receive the following Error Message:

"There was an unexpected error in the property page: System Restore encounter an error. Please try to run System Restore again (0x81000203)." also all button are greyed out. I wanted take an image to show you but that's not working either. Is there hope?

Thank you.


A:Windows 7 Home Premuim System Restore and System Protection not working.

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A few days ago, after a windows automatic update, my computer is no longer able to boot. It returns this message: ...\Windows\System32\Drivers\zeqpju.sys system file missing or corrupt. I have tried to do a recovery several times with no luck, I've tried everything I know to do in safemode and dos, I've even tried every method possible on the spotmau cd, but I still get the same bs!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, I cannot locate any information concerning the zeqpju.sys file...do you know where I can get this file, so that I can try to replace the matching corrupt file on my system?


A:help with Vista Home Basic oem system failure corrupt system file.

Hello eliteboy,
I have had a look for the zeqpju.sys file and cant find any info on it anywhere. Are you sure that is how it is spelt ?.

There are a couple of things to try.
First open a command prompt as administrator and type sfc/scannow press enter and let it scan, if errors are found you will have to scan again until clean.

If that does not work, try a startup repair with the Vista disk.
Follow this link to a tutorial.

Startup Repair

If you don't have a disk, go here.

How to Make a Windows Vista Repair Disk If You Don?t Have One - How-To Geek

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.

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A few days ago, after a windows automatic update, my computer is no longer able to boot. It returns this message: ...\Windows\System32\Drivers\zeqpju.sys system file missing or corrupt. I have tried to do a recovery several times with no luck, I've tried everything I know to do in safemode and dos, I've even tried every method possible on the spotmau cd, but I still get the same bs!

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, I cannot locate any information concerning the zeqpju.sys file...do you know where I can get this file, so that I can try to replace the matching corrupt file on my system?


A:help with Vista Home Basic oem system failure corrupt system file.

In most cases if you can't locate any information on a file (especially dll's or exe's) that's because it's a virus. The error is most likely there because your antivirus software removed the file, but didn't remove the startup entry.

I would suggest either posting over in the Security forums ( System Security - Vista Forums ) or contemplating a backup, wipe and reinstall of Vista.

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Somehow I got many trojan virus's. I downloaded Malwarebytes' Anti-malware and ran it in safe mode which found 14 problems and repaired them. The system is freezing up now and then and I can't do a normal restart, just ave to shut the power off. I have Firefox and as I am playing my online game I will see te page flicker and i get a page that opens for "Home Income Wealth System". Usually after that page opens about 5 minutes later it just closes everything and goes to a black screen. I did try a system restore but no change.
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 5:02:28 PM, on 1/28/2011
Platform: Windows 7 (WinNT 6.00.3504)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.7600.16671)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\SigmaTel\C-Major Audio\WDM\sttray.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast5\AvastUI.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell Support Center\bin\sprtcmd.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Location Finder\LocationFinder.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BTTray.exe
C:\Program Files\Dell\QuickSet\quickset.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\MOM.exe
C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CCC.exe
C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BtStackServer.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\T... Read more

A:Home income wealth system pop up/system shuts down

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So in the next few months, im going to be getting my first car (Jeep) and i will be taking my sub from my house out and it will go into my car. however that leaves me with no more boom for my PC and that makes me sad

So anyway, currently i have a 10" 750W car sub in my room hooked up to my PC. i use my PC for music, makeing videos, and of course, gaming. what size sub do you guys recommend? 10" or 12" i like that nice low boom from games, but from a music and video making standpoint, a 10" might be better?

Acoustic Audio PSW12 500 Watt 12 Powered Subwoofer Home Theater Sub PSW-12 - Best Buy

Newegg.com - Acoustic Audio HDSUB10 10" 600W Home Theater Powered/Active Subwoofer (Black)

what do u guys think? 10" or 12"

A:New Subwoofer Help

What's you're price range and what speakers is it mating with? I assume it's a powered design only?

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Intro: I would like to say sorry for my mistakes, i hope you can understand me.. I am bad in english language.

So this is my room plan:
My problem is that my subwoofer sounds much better(the bass is like thumper(that means that bass is deeper...)) in spot "s2" then in spot "s1". But problem is that i always am in spot "s1", but sound in "s2" is better when i stand up.
So maybe you can recommend where should i put my subwoofer to get same sound(in spot "s2") in spot "s1"?

A:Where should i put my subwoofer?

I would try the edge of the wall between the bin and the table facing the lower left corner toward where you sit and the edge of the room and see it that works.

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Asus p8z77-lx/Bheringer Ms20's active monitor speakers.I'm using the kit mentioned,just through the on board sound of the mobo,and upto date Realtek drivers and and overall happy with the sound,but for some ov my taste in music requires more bass,and was wondering could I add a sub?From what Iv'e read it is yes,if it is also active and just connect it to the pc/speakers as you would a conventional set ov pc speakers,with the only real requirement being active crossovers on the sub would help.The other way would be to pass them through a receiver.I would prefer not to go down the reciever route,if can be helped as that was the idea of the Bheringers.Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as like I said after wading through www land that seemed the most plausable answer from many,and am checking here.Ps the Bheringers rock..

A:can I use a subwoofer?

how much money do you want to spend?
for under $100 you can buy a 'cheap' powered sub

Insignia? - Rocketboost 6-1/2" 70W Wired/Wireless-Ready Subwoofer - NS-RSW211
then connect it to one of your mobo output jacks and connect the Bheringer's to L/R output jacks and use the Realtek control panel to set what jack does what--or--for several hundred dollars you could buy a 'better' powered sub with it's own L/R connections and low pass filter
Energy - 10" 400-Watt Powered Subwoofer - ESW-C10

and connect the Bheringer's to it

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Hey I've got a Dell Dimension 5000 with Windows XP and am having a bit of trouble with my sub-woofer my speakers are working perfectly but its just my sub-woofer it was working perfectly a couple of days ago but now its not working at all by the way just to point out i had a problem where i had a blue screen stop error 0x00000024 but I've fixed it somehow the problem might relate to that well am not sure so if someone could please help thanks.

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Hi all,
I recently received a new Inspiron from Dell. Sound is on-board, 7.1. I don't do much gaming. I listen to music while working on photos and movies. Speakers are Altec-Lansing ADA885 THX certified. I really like these speakers and have had them for about 4 or 5 years. But they really sound terrible without the sub crankin' out the beat. I have tried all I can think of. Rechecked connections....no Subwoofer. Any ideas?

A:No Subwoofer in x64

Hi, knothead, and welcome to the forums.

Does Vista recognize that a sub has been plugged in?

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I was wondering how much room. if any, is needed between the subwoofer and the back of the box. I have a small 81 toyota truck and there isn't much room to put a nice subwoofer box. Anyone got any ideas on what I could do? Im not looking for some huge 15' subs, i just want something small like 2 8' subs.

Thanks in advance

A:subwoofer box

As long as your subs fit in the box, it should be ok. Just research what type of speakers you have in google and search for an appropriate box. You will want the correct amount of volume inside the box.

BTW :wave: :wave: Welcome to TechSpot :wave: :wave:

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I have a several-years old set of Altec Lansing Surround 641 speakers, a 4.1 model which is no longer in production. They're connected to my PC (running XP) and are also my main source of music via CD's and web-radio. They've only seen light use because they've been in storage a lot due to travel etc, and I never played them at high volume.

They worked fine last week, then I returned from a 5-day Thanksgiving trip, and the subwoofer no longer functions. No pops or thumps or other death cries, just silent. The 4-satellites still work OK.

I've done all the PC diagnostics I could find, and my headphones work fine, so the soundcard is OK. I played a discman directly into the Aux front port on the subwoofer (a function which used to work - I used the Line-Out, not the Headphone-Out socket.), and still nothing.

A/L tech says the circuit board in the subwoofer has developed a defect. I assume they mean the crossover circuit, or maybe it's the internal amp?

So is this a known issue, and if so, any advice?

Am I crazy to think I might somehow fix it myself (with help from a tech-savvy friend)?

Is there a source for replacement crossover/amp circuitry or parts out there somewhere?

Would a "generic" amp or crossover with similar spec's work?

I hate to just toss out and replace what used to be a perfectly good (and $$) system if I can fix it somehow.

Thanks for any advice!

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Subwoofer not working

All the speakers and subwoofer work when I go to control panel/sound and do the test. I installed the latest drivers from Asus website

My computer is custom made
5.1 sound surround speakers
Soundmax Audio
Windows Vista 32bit SP2
M2N32 SLI Deluxe Motherboard

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I have a Boston subwoofer that came with my computer. It has never worked. The other 2 speakers that plug into the woofer work fine. Is there something that I am not turning on or do I have a bad speaker? Your thoughts...

A:Boston Subwoofer

I would say that the sub is bad. I assume that the connection goes. Computer..... Sub..... left.. right speaker come out of the sub box. If so I would say the sub is bad...

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So i have on-board realtek HD audio card (6 jack) with my 5.1 system connected via 3 jacks (front , surround & sub). The problem is that i've just run the auto calibration thing with the microphone and it worked fine and calibrated all of my speakers, but now my subwoofer doesnt work with ANY playback at all inc. movies and music etc.

My system automatically does its own "speaker fill" if just a stereo input is connected - which is what it was until i performed the calibration tool. And i know that all of the jacks are connected in the proper place because when i go into settings - (the screen where you can click on each individual speaker to test them), they all work fine.

I've noticed that if i use the EQ tool in WMP and turn it all to the max, i get some bass through - but only the real low-freq. stuff. It's not outputting the full range.

Like i said about my system working with just a stereo input - currently i can leave Front and Surround plugged in and unplug the Sub / Center cable - but then , obviously, i lose the speech as its coming from the center speaker.

Please help

EDIT: Oh and also - everytime i download the realtek drivers for it - it says "This file cannot be unpacked.." so i googled that problem and tried installing windows installer 3.1 - which then told me i haven't got enough storage to perform the request. ??

A:No subwoofer with 5.1 sound.

sorted it
needed the official driver

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