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Word '03 IF Field w/ References

Q: Word '03 IF Field w/ References

I am currently trying to make an IF statement in Word 2003 that will be conditional on (and auto-fill with) information in 2 different Text Form Fields.

The two fields are bookmarked as "Own1" and "Own2"

I would like it to simply display the input information in the "Own1" field if "Own2" contains no data, but display "Own1 and Own2" if Own2 does contain data.

Just to be very clear, here are the two different examples.
Ex. 1 - Own1 = John Smith ; Own2 is empty

Print - John Smith

Ex.2 - Own1 = John Smith ; Own2 = Jane Smith

Print John Smith and Jane Smith
{IF { FORMTEXT Own2 } <> "" "{ FORMTEXT Own1 } and { FORMTEXT Own2}" "{ FORMTEXT Own1 }" \* CHARFORMAT }

I currently have this as the IF statement and it doesn't work as I want. All it will display is "FORMTEXT" (I have tried this with REF in place of FORMTEXT and I get the same result), unconditional of any text being present in the "Own2" field. It seems as though the IF statement never gets to the comparison part of the IF statement.

Thanks for any help!

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Preferred Solution: Word '03 IF Field w/ References

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I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I am running the below query but getting this error "TF51005: The query references a field that does not exist. The error is caused by [System.Links.LinkType]"
workItems = workItemStore.Query(Read more

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I'm writing my dissertation. I am using cross-references for both Tables and Figures (Word 2003). I'm also using EndNote for my references (I have no idea if this has anything to do with the problem).

The problem is that EVERYTIME I print, it does something weird and puts in a large amount of white space before a cross-reference. On average, 3/4 of a page of white space. If I click to the right of the last word before the reference, it highlights all the space as well as the cross-reference for deletion. If I put the cursor right before the cross-reference, I can just back space and delete it all. I delete it all the way back to the word before the cross-reference and add the proper spacing, save and print, it still does the same thing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:MS Word and Cross-References

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I have an 18 page manuscript that I need to create a reference table at the end. I know word has an index feature and I have gotten as far as marking the text but I need for one to number the references. Does anyone know how? I dont want to have to copy and paste each reference and number them manually.


A:Word 97, using index and references

The PDF files, Using Word for your Dissertation and Using Headers and Sections here should help.

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Cross reference in Word doc has gone completely mad.
This seems to be the problem:

But I can't seem to be able to fix it.
Any idea whats up?

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I am using word 2007 for an academic paper. I have a lot of examples that generally look like this:

(1) a. this is part one
b. I continue here
c. some more text here

When I add a cross-reference to the example, Word only allows me to choose the example number (1), but sometimes I would like to specify that I am talking about e.g. (1a). If I just add the letter in the middle of the reference, it disappears every time I update the field. Adding the letter outside of the reference, e.g. (1)a is not an acceptable option for many journals. Is there a way to make the letter stay inside the reference and not disappear after I update it?

Thank you!

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As many of you know there is suddenly a problem with opening the old word Documents in the CRT contracts directory. It takes a long time to open them. This is because they were all created in the old bas(CRM Tool), and there is a reference to the old avenue server which is now turned off.

If you remove this reference then the file will open normally. Unfortunately I know of no way to do this to all the files at once, you will have to do it file by file. Is there a way to get all the files fixed at one time? Please help!

Mike Varone
Training Manager
[email protected]
PH: 440-871-8900 ext. 320

Below Is a link to a file that will show you how to remove the reference, however this is per document.

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Three editors on my project have all experienced the problems listed below in several documents. We were all using Word 2007 with SP2, not SP3 (Ive now installed SP3). I have found two other posts online with the same problems, but no responses.

The documents have Next Page section breaks between sections and appendices. Heading 1 is numbered 1, 2, 3; Heading 7 (the appendix heading) is numbered A, B, C. We use the Figure label for captions in the document body and a custom label, apxFigure, for captions in the appendix.
1. When a caption is inserted in the appendix, all figure captions in the body (Figure 1-1, etc.) change to the appendix label (apxFigure) and the numbering changes to A-1, A-2, etc.
2. One or more captions do not appear on the cross-reference list despite numerous reinsertions of the table of figures (TOF).
3. One or more captions are not included in the table of figures list.
4. Sometimes, the TOF will display the caption, but it wont be available in the cross-reference and vice versa.
We have tried:
1. Replacing all captions (sometimes corrects the problem, sometimes not)
2. Copying and pasting the document section by section (without the last paragraph marker) into a new document, thinking it might be corrupted. No difference.
3. Updating all captions and cross-references, both individually and collectively.
Does anyone have an explanation -- better yet, a solution? Does the service pack have anything to do with this?

Tech Support Guy System Inf... Read more

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I'm having some incredibly frustrating problems with the INCLUDETEXT command - here is what I want to accomplish.

CREDITS folder. This folder contaings about 15 SUBFOLDERS each with their own word document. All of these documents are to share the same 'Project Name,' 'Project Location,' etc.

I want to be able to enter the Project Location, Project Name, etc, once and have this update in all of the files. To do so I have created a seperate Project_Info.doc in the main CREDITS folder and have entered placeholder words and made them referencable, functioning bookmarks.

The folders look like this


The CREDITS folder is going to be copied and pasted into various project folders, updating the Project Name and Location each time (such as P:\CREDITS or P:\BUILDING\CREDITS)

When I use the following include text command

{INCLUDETEXT "\"T:\\LEED [Folder Structure]\\Credits+Submittal\\Project_Info.doc\""}
the entire file is included followed by a carriage return which I do not want. When I reference the fully functioning bookmark as follows:

{INCLUDETEXT "\"T:\\LEED [Folder Structure]\\Credits+Submittal\\Project_Info.doc\" ProjName"}

I get an "Error! Not a valid filename" message. Furthermore, if I reference with links from the server (say on the T:\ drive) when I copy and paste the folder into a new project on, say, the P:\... Read more

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I know the Include Field will include part of the text from an Include File if it is in a bookmark. The format is {IncludeText "File Path" Bookmark}. I have 2 files: Source and Target.

Source is a form template. I included a Text Form Field and gave it the bookmark AA. I also included other text in a "normal" bookmark, BB.

In Target I have 2 fields: {IncludeText "C:\\Source.dot" AA} and {IncludeText "C:\\Source.dot" BB}. The text from BB shows up, but the one for AA is blank.

If I go into Source and look under Bookmarks, both AA and BB are there.

BTW, I have tried it with the Source form both "Protected" and "Unprotected" and it didn't make any difference.

Any idea why this is happening, and more importantly, any idea on how to make this work? If not, it seems like a real bug in Word 2003 as they are both definitely considered to be bookmarks.

Thank you,


A:Word 2003 - Include Text Field - Not Including Bookmark Text if in Form Field

Thread reopened for user to post solution.

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Does anybody have an idea how to change the default font and text size for footnotes in word 2003. I can do it manually as in highlight and right click the text and set the font that i want. But as soon as i insert another footnote it reverts back to the original font setting and not the one that i previously specified.

Any ideas?

Edit: I should add that this is in an existing 80 page document.

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I am working with a .docx file about 20MB. I included several figures (different formats, e.g. .eps, .emf, etc.) with numbered captions and crossreferences in the running text. However, Word screws up the document and puts an additional figure into the correct crossreference itself. I do a fair amout of editing, deleting the double figure, but when trying to print the document (update table, numbers, etc.) the double figures are back. For me it is still a mystery, since not every figure is put twice in .docx. Can anyone help me with that? Many thanks in advance!

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Dear Forum,
I am working on a long document in Word 2007 at the moment (high-performance laptop, Vista Home Premium SP1). Among other things, I am using charts, copied from Excel into table cells to keep them in place, within the document. These Charts have captions (Figure 1, etc.) and within the text I am referring to these figures with the help of cross references. This works fine until I try and print these pages. I have tried printing to a printer and printing to PDF file format and in both instances the documents gets screwed up. I have attached a pdf file with an example. As far as I can see, what happens is that the chart that the cross reference refers to, pops up itself where the cross reference is embedded. This not only occurs on the output, i.e. printout or pdf file, but appears after the print command in the document itself.

I would be very greatful if anyone had some advice on how to fix this.
Kind regards,

A:Solved: Word 2007: Problem with cross-references in text

It looks as if the cross-references are acting as hyperlinks to the part referenced, rather than a straight reference.

Have you got "insert as hyperlink" checked?

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I have a unique problem. I am trying to use the INCLUDEPICTURE field code. The document I'm using is linked to a very sophisticated database software program and I have received instructions on merging data from this database INTO the INCLUDEPICTURE field to create the filename for the photo files. An example is typed below:


In the above example, the photo filenames are all matched up to the fields referenced in the formula (last_first.gif). These are the correct field codes, and the double slashes are important, I have been told.

My problem is that as soon as I save the document containing the above field, the underscores all change to "%20" and the field doesn't work!! No one at my software vendor's help desk can help me with this problem. Does anyone know anything about preventing this??

Thank you!


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I have a mail-merge letter whose data source is an Access 2000 query. Besides the fields from the query, I want to insert a Word field that in effect does this:
If [corner], "This includes a corner location", else "". In other words, if the checkbox [Corner] is checked, enter the text indicated. If it's not checked (=No/False), don't do anything.

If I click the combo box to select the [Corner] field, leave the Comparison "Equal to" and the Compare to value Yes, enter the text in the "Insert this text" box and leave the "Otherwise insert this text" blank, I get nothing. If I enter some text in the "Otherwise. . ." box, that is ALL I get; never get the text in the "Insert this text" box even when [Corner] is checked.

What am I doing wrong or not understanding?

A:If-then-else Word field

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In MS Word, is there a way to have a field box (grey) automatically appear when you press return?

For example, I have "External Examiner: (name, degree, department/field, institution)"

"(name, degree, department/field, institution" being the field box. I need the same field box to appear on the next line when they press enter for additional entries.

Any thoughts?

A:MS Word - field box

I am not quite getting what you are asking for with this post. Do you want Word to automatically throw that text in again as a header row which they will type underneath of?

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Hi everyone.

I'm using Word 2003 and I'm merging records from an Excel spreadsheet.

Does anyone know the field code that instructs Word to move to the next record if the next record is blank?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Word field code for blank...

radar2ooo said:

Hi everyone.

I'm using Word 2003 and I'm merging records from an Excel spreadsheet.

Does anyone know the field code that instructs Word to move to the next record if the current record is blank?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.Click to expand...

Anyone with any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you.

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I have a table consisting of 8 columns by 26 rows. In each cell, I'm adding a Text Form Field. Is there anyway, besides doing it cell by cell, where I can just copy a row, then paste the same Text Form Field with text length maximums in the other 25 rows?

A:Word - Text Form Field

Sure, Brian.
Create first row.
In Print Layout view, take your mouse pointer to the left of the left-most cell in the row, and it should turn into a 1:00 pointing arrow. Click to select the whole row, then Ctrl+C to copy. Place your cursor in front of the paragraph return just below the table OR in the left-most cell of the row that you want a new row above, and hit Paste.

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I use Word 97 on a desktop (Win XP/Home), Word 2002 on a laptop (Win XP/Pro), and Word 2002 on a desktop (Win 2000).

Is there a limitation, and if so, what is the limitation, on the number of characters that can be entered into a merge field when using the Mail Merge feature of either of the two versions of Word?

Thanks for your help.

A:Word Merge Field Limitations

I think you'll find thats 255 on a single line morris.

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How do I make a field repeat in word. Example: If I have a field with text data and wish to have word populate other fields with the same data in other fields in the document. Thanks!

A:How do I make a repeating field in Word?

Please do not post duplicate threads. Your answer has already been answered in your other post.



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How do I make a field repeat in word. Example: If I have a field with text data and wish to have word populate other fields with the same data in other fields in the document. I do not want to use find and replace. Thanks!

A:How do I make a field repeat in word?

I can't claim a huge amount of experience using Word fields, but I have used them on a couple of times.

My recollection is that you can use the same field name in multiple locations on the Word document, so why not just do that, and embed the same field name where you need it to display? I haven't got a clue how you would have a field name ripple through into other fields.

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I'm using Office XP. I have a document merged with Access. Inside the Word document some of the merged fields are text, and some of the merged fields are currency. In earlier versions of Word, the merged results would be the same format as the format used in Access, ie. if you had a data entry in Access that was $5.00 it would show up as $5.00 in the merged field in Word. However, I cannot get the merged field in XP to show up as currency. It only is shown as The fields that are currency will not show up as a currency value, only as a regular number. I tried the numeric picture field switch in Word help, but that didn't work either. I have these merged fields in a table. However, I have also tried them not in a table with the same result.

While I'm asking, I would also like a field not to show up in Word if it is equal to $0.00. Is there any easy way to do that?

Thanks in advance!

A:Merge field formats in Word

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Hello All.

I am attempting to create Text Form Fields in a previously created Word document. It was not created from a form template.

The field is the DAY in the date field: 10//007. I put the insertion point in the DAY field, click on the Text Form Field icon and fill in the field attributes. Type=Number, Max length=2. I type in a Help description, click OK, save the file, and click on the Protect icon.

When I key in a 2-digit num and press tab, the next page comes up. The same thing happens if I try to put in alpha characters. My help message does not appear. I pressed F1.

I would appreciate any help with this issue.

A:MS Word 2003 Text Form Field

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Ok...I'm having the following problem/issue.

If I want to write a letter in word with inserting "fill in" prompts...and I want one of the prompts to be inserted a couple of times in the document (cause it's repeated ) but the rest to still prompt me everytime for typing by me cause they change....how do I do that???

I like {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I like\""} and what they do.

My {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I like\""} does everything I wanted him to do. But if you had a {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I hate\""} they are a real problem. They only seem to do the basic things in life. My favorite pet has always been a {FILLIN "\" type name of animal I like\""}

If I wanted the above to say:

I like dogs and what they do.

My dogs do everything I want them to do. But if you have had hampsters they are a real problem. They only seem to do the basic things in life. My favorite pets have always been dogs.

NOW...HOW DO I MAKE MY LETTER SO THAT I only have to type "dogs" once when the prompt comes up "type name of animal I like" so I only get prompted once. But yet, keep the prompts for the other stuff in the document to keep coming up because they are all different.

Can anyone help???

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I have created a document with many names in it and wish to index as follows

etc. When I use the indexing tools all I get is

How do I set the field codes so that the index lists surnames alphabetically as my example?
I know how to get to the field codes. It is knowing the right ones and the correct order.

Any help would be much appreciated



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I am trying to use a REF field in Word 2007. The REF is Malename and is set to title case and the font is set to Arial Regular 12 however the first word comes out in regular font and the other words come out in bold. I cannot make them all go into regular font. I have others set for bold and caps and that works fine on both words however the regular font wont work. I have tried highlighting all the code and the space after (there is no space before as it is the first word after an autonumbered paragraph). I have even tried highlighting the whole document and ensuring it is not in bold however as soon as I fill in the field box the text comes back in bold (only the subsequent words though the first word is not bold as it should be!) Help I am tearing my hair out! Oh I have tried the *\charformat code too and that didnt work either.

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I need to put into the Word a filed on each page, where only first field will be filled with the data and it will be copid automatically to the another field on each page.

e.g. I have a field on page 1,2,3,4,5.

I will put a number into the field on the page 1 and fields on the pages 2,3,4,5 will be automatically filled with the same number as I put to the dield on page 1.

Thank you.


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Hi, I have several Word Docs as OLE items in an Access 2000 table. In the application on a form when you double click the field to start editing the word document for a specific field I would like the AutoExec main subroutine to start. I have created a main subroutine in the Normal.dot file and it does not start. It starts fine when you start word outside of the OLE implementation in the Access form, but not within.

Is there any solution to this?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Scot Maga

A:AutoExec in word from OLE field in Access 2000

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I am looking to create a MS Word 2003 document for work that has a text field that has a character limit to it and I can't seem to find anything in Word that does that. I know it is possible, as we have various documents corporate HQ has us use that has text fields with character limits on them. Does anyone know where I can find this in Word 2003?


A:Text field w/character limit in MS Word 03

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Hi there,
I have recieved several word files that have me stuck in form field view... I have tried toggling (Alt + F9) but still only see the Form field {FORMTEXT} If I print it the correct word/name can be seen, if I forward it to another person they can see it correctly. I have removed and reinstalled Office hoping that the settings would default back ( I am thinking I set something ) This also did not correct the viewing. I've compared my settings under tools/options to another machine who is not having this problem.. they are the same... there must be some (probably simple) thing/setting that I am missing. The IT people here at work are clueless to this as well. Help!

A:Word 2K Stuck in Form Field Mode

Ok found out the answer and thought I would go ahead and post it.
Close all word windows.
Start/Run/browse/C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE
Right click on Winword.exe Select
you should be back in the Run box with the path typed out at the end of winword.exe" type the following /a (That's a space /a) Should look like this "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE" /a
Now run... it resets hidden settings.

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I have a doc which I have added the many checkboxes by using Check Box Form Field. Now I want to add textbox for others to enter text. I have added a Text Form Field to the doc but it is kind of hard to tell that there is a field in there. How I can make something like this:




so others can enter text above the lines only or making an enclosed box so others can only enter text inside the box?

Thank you for any help,


A:How to use the Text Form Field in MS Word 2000?

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I have a protected word document with form fileds. But I can't apply formatting to the content in the fields. How do I enable formatting for the form fields?

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All of a sudden, whenever I open a Word document, all the field codes are shown as the code, i.e., "{REF_Ref153783185}" rather that what it represents, i.e., "Figure 22." Why would this be happening? How do I change it?

A:Solved: Word 2000 Field Codes

Figured it out: Alt-F9.

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Has anyone ever heard of this? When I type characters in Word, the L's, and I's are Green as opposed the other characters that are the default Black. This also occurs in IE Google search field. Interestingly, this does not occur when using Chrome/Google Search.

A:Green L's in Word and IE Google Search Field

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footer, using field codes, numpages returns correct value, but adding "-1" returns a blank (no result). When I toggle to the code it shows, but the result doesn't

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I was creating a document which pulled fields that are entered in ALL CAPS so I used the \*Caps to change the case to capitalize First letter of each word in the field. I created & tested it on a workstation without Office SP-2 loaded & it worked fine. But on workstations with Office SP-2 loaded there are issues. On some workstations the field switch works fine if the field only has letters in it & on others it doesn't work at all. Any suggestions?

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Hi guys,
I need help to get a variable in a form field and pass it to a macro I created in Word 2003.
My macro is actually doing what the "Find and replace" function is doing. This works without any problem.

What I want to do:
Create one field where the user enters his company name.
Create one button for submit. The company name entered by the user is sent to the macro which will replace "company X" in the whole document.

What I did;
Create the field.
Create the submit button and assign the macro.

What I can't do:
get the variable submitted by the user and send it in my macro.

Hope it was clear enough....
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a million!!

A:(Word) Pass variable from field to macro

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I used MS Word to create an FAQ. I then used the Frames option (Format->Frames) to create a header frame and TOC frame. I now have a 3-frame FAQ, and I will be saving it as a web page. I now wish to include a search engine field in this project, but I am not sure how. I am thinking there is some kind of html coding I could apply to have this field appear once I convert to html, but I do not know the code. Can someone help me on this? Feel free to recommend a product if that is the only solution. Thank you.

A:Building a Search field in MS Word-html

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Please help!

When I select Insert Caption from the toolbar, or right click Insert Caption, that field inserts a figure number, but the caption field (at the top) does not let me populate a figure title. I cannot enter data as I usually do. And, the figure number does not populate in this field as it normally does. This is an important document, and there are many users. We are all frustrated!

Thank you for your expertise.


A:Word 2007, Insert Caption pop up field

In the caption dialogue box click the New Label... button and create your label, but don't include the numbering. The numbering ( or lettering if you choose that ) is automatically added to your "label" to create the "caption". That's why you can't directly edit the Caption text box. Word keeps track of the numbering for you.

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I have a long Word 2002 document (running XP Professional 2002) that includes several hyperlinks to several other Word documents. If I click on the hyperlinks, they work - i.e., I can follow them to the target. However, if I print the first file, the hyperlinks simply appear as text. Is there a way to print the file so that the hyperlinks are automatically followed, brought in and printed out along with the main document?

Some of the target documents themselves include references to other files, this time to PowerPoint slides. I'm not certain whether these are hyperlinks: they look like pictures dropped into the file (there is no file reference). These don't print either, but this time, if I attempt to print I get the message "Error! Objects cannot be created from editing field codes."

I have not been able to find anything on this in Word Help or on the Microsoft site: it's all about updating hyperlinks, changing the format of the link reference, etc.

A:Printing hyperlink/field targets in Word

Try opening the document. Click on Insert, Hyperlink. Using "Look in" find the path and click on OK. That should do the trick.

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Hi There

Does anyone know how to convert a merge field (for multiple letters) into a table.

I have a list of assets and values saved in an excel workbook seperated by a | and want to convert the merge field into a table once all records have been merged. Its impossible to split the cell in excel (truth be told theres more than one list and without knowing how many assets there are in each cell I will end up overwriting data and the excel file is already big enough)

For someone reason it converts the merge field into just one cell of a table.

I tried this on a just plain text (same data) and it works fine.

If anyone can thing of a way to do it hopefully as part of a mailmerge before/after event it would be appreciated.



A:Word - Converting merge field to table

You need to click on the "Update all Labels" button when using the Label format. I think it is the 4th step into the wizard at the bottom of the taskpane. It is easily missed by many.

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Just created a Word (2000) form. One of the fields requires the entry of a start time, and is formatted as a Date field with format HH:mm. The next field requires the entry of an end time, same type and format. I would like the next field to calculate the elapsed time (hours as a decimal [e.g., 1.5 hours]. I tried entering bookmark names for the start- (Stime1) and end time (Etime1) fields, then putting in a calculation field with the expression "=Etime1-Stime1". Doesn't work; always displays 0.

How can I configure a form field to calculate the elapsed time between two other fields in the document?

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I'm trying to create a word doc with text form fields. I have them in the doc but I want them to remain the in the same location after I type in each box. Currently when I type enough characters in the box the next text form box moves to the next tab location. How can I make each box "freeze" where it is before I start typing in it? Any Suggestions?

A:Word 2007 - Text Form Field Help Needed

Embed the form field inside a frame. You can then set the frames border so that it is invisible so that it can't be seen.


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How does one create a mail merge document that will print only certain paragraphs or sentences based on data in each record? For example, a mail merge document where you wanted the first paragraph to be one thing if [fieldx] is "yes" and something else entirely if [fieldx] is "no"?

A:Word: Mailmerge Letter Contents Based on Field Value

Check here, Don:


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Hi everyone!

I'm sure this is probably something very simple that I'm missing...

I am creating a document template for a specific document type.

I have two rich text controls added to a document via the developer tab.

The first is the document's number in a series of documents to be created. The second is the actual document title.

In the footer area, I want these to be shown in reverse - i.e. the document name, then the document's number, so I am making it very easy to check the number of the document when flicking through a physical folder.

I tried to do this with bookmarks and cross-referencing, but the bookmarks are not saved when you create a new document based on that template.

I tried with a macro, but after recording the macro, it didn't really do what I wanted.

Is there an easy way to get this working? If not, is there a way I can assign names to the rich text controls in my template to run a macro more efficiently?

A:Word 2007 dynamically updated text field

See Word Variables etc. Editor which will allow you to easily map content controls to achieve what you want to do.

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Hi there,
I'm trying to export data from Word 2007 form fields into an Excel spreadsheet. I was hoping to have the spreadsheet contain data on a cumulative basis for the year or quarter at a minimum. Not sure how the code runs and if this is even possible. Does it scan a folder for all pertinent info to populate the spreadsheet?

Currently we are writing about ten of these docs a day and the data entry is becoming burdensome.
I have attached an example of the spreadsheet for reference.

I can provide specific examples of file paths or folder names if that becomes necessary.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


A:Exporting Word form field data to Excel

Here's the word doc with form fields associated with the spreadsheet.


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