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Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help

Q: Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help

Okay I want to go over pros and cons of some of the things that my boss wants done.

First off let me explain what we have. Users are on a domain system. Both laptop and desktop users. No users have admin rights.

Now let me explain what we want to do. We want a backup of their My Documents (and possibly other directories in the future) but we want it to be as invisible to them as possible.

I looked into the Folder redirection GPO and has a good pro - Simple to impelment (I did a test on my own PC did it in about 5 minutes) cons - in order to allow laptops to work they would have to have offline folders enabled and synchrnized and worst of all synchrnization won't accept PST's, MDB's and other key files that we would need synchronized as well gives errors in the synching process.

I then thought about a file sync program letting them seemlessly work on their PCs and just sync the files to the file server - Pros Can install a server side client that just polls for connected PC's and copies the files to the repsective places. Cons costs money, usually does not sync in use files making some of the files be missed.

Lastly I considered a batch file to run at login - Pros easier to setup to copy things out. Cons only runs at login so people could leave their PC up for 15 days and have 15 day old software. As well I do not know how to copy only modified files so some people with large files would copy over a ton of data (unless I can find a solution for this).
Anyone else have any Ideas... possibly something with all pros and no cons?

Preferred Solution: Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help

I recommend downloading and running Outlook PST Repair. It's a PST repair tool that I've used it in the past to recover emails, contacts, tasks and notes from corrupt Outlook files that are damaged or inaccessible. Supports Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Finally getting a file server! Need to backup certain users PC's to this server. Help

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I have a brand new server that we are using as a file server, it's quite powerful and I wanted to transfer all file shares to it from other servers.

Server in question:

Windows Server 2008 64bit
E5520 @ 2.27ghz (dual quad core)
24 GB of ECC RAM
OS DRIVE: 2x160gb Intel SSD drives (raid-1)
STORAGE DRIVE(S): 6x1TB WD Black's (raid-5)

As it stands the server is using 3GB of ram and 1-2% of processor power.. I see only a few users accessing files and they are quite small. Ok actually I will be more specific, how much traffic can my raid-5 handle in regards to concurrent users accessing files? I realize I have more then enough of everything else.


A:How Many Concurrant Users on File Server?

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Right now I have a Win2k Server and all the user will authenticate to that server. But my company bought a brand new PC which has been installed with Samba Server. My bos wants the new server become the domain controller and unplug the old server (Win2k).

Is there anyone who is able to help me to implement this change?

Thank you so much before,,,,,

A:Migrate Users from Win2k Server to Samba Server

sandy02 said:


Right now I have a Win2k Server and all the user will authenticate to that server. But my company bought a brand new PC which has been installed with Samba Server. My bos wants the new server become the domain controller and unplug the old server (Win2k).Click to expand...

The Samba Sever is for file sharing. You did not state the OS on the new PC, but if it's truley a
Samba Sever, it's likely to be some distro of Linux.
You can google for Linix domain controller and find a flock of articles like this

doing some research on PDC Migration may save you a lot of time and effort.

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Hi All,

I have an .exe file sitting on w2k server (ntfs drive) that's accessed by all users. I'm trying to setup a permission that users can only READ and EXECUTE from the server and they can't copy the .exe file to their local drives. There's no Deny Copy I could set on the server. How do you accomplish this goal. Your advice is greatly appreciated.


A:Prevent users from copying .exe file from server

The only thing I can think of, depending on how many users you have and how computer savvy they are, is to make sure their computers are set to "Do not show hidden files or folders" and then make your executable a hidden file.

Hope this helps,


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I have a file server running off of an ESXi host with Vsphere (2008r2) I have a file server with a 600gb capacity which is more than enough.

First, i'd like suggestions on a service I can use so that, anyone who deletes a file, I can recover that file.

2nd and actual, somewhat real-time backup of the file server to the cloud, possibly? Aby suggestions will be great. My first concern now is that people can delete. So I want to be able to recover a folder if they accidently delete it and its contents.

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I work in a Architects office, we have a small network setup with Exchange Server and a File Server Machine. Our File Server is 640GB and it is almost 90% full, we used to have an IT guy but now he is gone.

It is very important for us to setup a backup system. Our network is run as follows:

1. Domain server,
2. Exchange Server
3. File Server (640GB)
4. 10-12 computers.

So what would be the best/cheap option for us to create a automatically backup of our file server. I was thinking in Setup a RAID 1, configuration in one of our computers with 2-2TB hardrives and get some software to backup the info regularly there.

We have not money to spend and we want to be able to use the hardware we already have?

Any help will be appreciated.

A:Best Backup for Small Business File Server!

In order to have an effective backup system so that the recovery time of the backed up data is efficient and so that you can recover from a disaster as efficiently as possible you will need to first need to state how much backup space you have and how these backups are going to be stored physically (Are they going to be easily stolen?) once you have that in mind you need to state what backup procedure you would like to implement since you would not have a never ending supply of backup capacity so that you can restore to any hour of any day if need be.

If you have enough storage capacity I would recommend you implement a Grandfather, Father and Son backup scheme. so that data can be retained for as long as possible and if a particular file needs to be restored from 2 months ago then it can.

Once you have chosen a backup scheme we can then help with how to backup your data. Firstly can I ask where the data you would like to backup is stored? Is it on the local server or the local machines? Also how was your data backed up previously?

Hope This Helps,

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I have a windows 2003 ent active directory, and in my branches I have win 2000 DC severs all in one Domain structure. my problem is that users I am forced to let users log on the branch server to run certain application on a daily basis. Doing this they can open active directory users and computers and change users settings like unlock user or reset his password. How can I allow them to log on locally but cant access critical tools.
I tried using the GP to deny access to Active directory users MMC, but that was applied on me too (administrator).

I appreciate your help.

thank you

A:Solved: users Log on to server win2003

You need to put your users in an OU, and apply the GP to that OU. I suspect your implemented a GP domain wide. The other suggestion I have to is to create and name each GP seperatly so you know what does what intsead of making a bunch of changes in one GP. Yes it's tedious but in the long run it is better.

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Hi All,
Is there any way to read/extract data from sql server backup file without restoring it?

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I have about 8 client computers all with XP pro and a server with Small business server 2003 on it. They are all on the same domain and I have a netgear router. We have mapped some network drives on the server and from time to time they will lose connection to the server which really gets aggrivating. We have to log off then log back in and we have the connection again to access those shared folders. Can anyone help me? or have any suggestions?

A:Solved: Xp users loose connection to server

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The following Structure is a representation;
SRV1 - IP - FQDN SRV1.DOM.LOCAL - File Share 'FLDR1' / USR1<ReadOnly>

SRV1 has a folder, FLDR1, being shared for read only access to user USR1.

PC1 and PC2 logged on as Domain User USR1.
PC1 is able to connect to SRV1 to see and look in FLDR1.
PC2 is unable to connect to SRV1 to see and look in FLDR1.
Now there are multiple means of connecting to SRV1 to see the share FLDR1.

The following connections were done in combination with the following methods;
Method 1 - via logged on Domain User CMD Prompt with 'NET VIEW'.
Method 2 - via logged on Domain Administrator CMD Prompt with 'NET VIEW'.
Method 3 - via logged on Domain User Explorer Window.
Method 4 - via logged on Domain Administrator Explorer Window.

Connection 1 - via Server Name.
Connection 2 - via Server IP Address.
Connection 3 - via Server Fully Qualified Domain Name.

Now that the stage is set, going to the fun part...

Testing from both PC1 and PC2...
PC1 : Method 1 - Connection 1 - Success
PC1 : Method 1 - Connection 2 - Success
PC1 : Method 1 - Connection 3 - Success
PC1 : Method 2 - Connection 1 - Success
PC1 : Method 2 - Connection 2 - Success
PC1 : Method 2 - Connection 3 - Success
PC1 : Method 3 - Connection 1 - Success
PC1 : Method 3 - Connection 2 - Success
PC1 : Method 3 - Connection... Read more

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I have a SNAP SERVER 110 160G RAID0 running GuardianOS 4.4.049 SP3. It is setup with 6 share folders. One accepts all users anonymous ftp and the others are folders only accessible by local snap admins and specific local snap users. When someone writes a file to the ftp share it gets also written to all of the shares. The server is standalone not in a windows domain or NIS.

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Is there a good guide or tutorial to show you how to set up a file server with file permissions and access?

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Hello All

I am looking for a backup software that can support backing up to multiple media sets. I wish to use it to backup all data on my server to an offsite location and the media sets to be used will be external HDDs.

Please help

A:Solved: Backup Software - Server End


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Hi folks,

Does anyone have try to build a server or any type of server with this
motherboard and CPU. If you did, did you encounter any problem
during your build?
I am planning to build a file server with potential other duty like web server,
FTP server also with this motherboard and CPU. I like to maintain my
computer building skills and also want to get deeper into the server world.
I also planning to use FREEBSD as the Operating System on this build.

SUPERMICRO MBD-X10SLM+-F-O uATX Server Motherboard LGA 1150 Intel C224 DDR3 1600

Intel Xeon E3-1276 v3 Haswell 3.6GHz 8MB L3 Cache LGA 1150 84W Server Processor

Thanks folks for all your help.


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I have installed FileZilla server 0.9.41 on Windows Server 2008 R2. When I upload files to the FTP site, the time
of the file uploaded is incorrect. For example if I upload a file modified 10:37:10 PM it becomes 5:37:00 PM on the FTP site. It is always 5 hours earlier, and truncates the seconds. This makes version control of files difficult. Is there some configuration
change that can fix this, or is this a Windows Server issue? The server time is configured for the Central time zone in The United States.

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I need a non complicated tutoial on write and permissions and file sharing.

I have created some test groups and users. I have made a few file shares and given writes to those files for one user only to test the access.

However I can get into the files that I have set to a different user only.

So anyway I am confused and need help.

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Hey All,

I am working on a server and recently two of their mail accounts have began not sending out email. When I first looked into the outbound box, the mail I sent out is still pending. It usually takes anywhere from 1 minute to several hours to for it (Argosoft Outbox) to be delivered. Also, when I send out a email to that particular a particular address, it will just sit there.

I have also done scans with AVG 8.0 and found that it had I-Worm/Bagz.D infection. I quickly quarantined that infection as to not allow to infect other files on the pc / server. I have also done a Hijack This Scan, please can someone look at this and tell some about what I am making out.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:59:54 PM, on 9/30/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\LogMeInSystray.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\LMIGuardian.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\wkcalrem.exe
d:\Program Files\ArGo Soft... Read more

A:Solved: Working on server (mail, ArgoSoft Email Server) and does not send emails out

I have decided to close this as email service is being moved to a off site location and that also no one has responded to it. I am grateful to anyone who has looked at it and appreciate your time in looking at.

Thank you very much.

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XP Pro SP2, all latest updates. When I reboot, I can correctly sync to a time server, but after an unknown amount of time it goes back to saying "The RPC server is unavailable" instantly after clicking Update Now, regardless of what server I tell it to sync to. I also noticed that if I view my nForce Networking Controller status, then click Properties and go to the Authentication tab, everything is greyed out. If I hit OK without changing anything (I can't change it even if I wanted to), a message pops up saying "An unexpected condition occured. Not all of your requested changes in settings could be made" and just goes back to that window. I have to hit cancel to close it. These two issues seem to be related since right after I reboot, the Authentication tab works normally (as well as the time sync like I mentioned above), and they both seem to stop working at the same time. I have no idea if it happens after something I run or if it's just after a certain amount of time or what. Any ideas?

A:Solved: Unable to sync to time server - RPC server is unavailable (but more)

I have the same problem exactly. There is an article at Ed Bott's Windows Expertise (http://www.edbott.com/weblog/?p=1779) tyhat discusses problems with the Windows time Server, but nothing he suggested worked for me. It just won't update...no matter what server I choose.

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longtime no see???

i am admin to 2 web server ,1 in japan and another in USA,
and i live in INDIA

my problem is i wan to transfer a file that is 360MB[size is not a problem]
in size from in japan to server in USA without downloading it to my PC.

so is there any way??
software or something.
both servers are UNIX based servers.

thankyou :bounce:

A:Server to server File transfer

set up a vpn tunnel if possible.

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What are the steps involved in sharing Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2003 Server resources over a network?

A:Solved: Server 2000 and Server 2003 Homework Help

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I am looking to build a file server for a little less than $3500. I need a chassis, controller, an array of hard drives, and a backup device. I found some different devices but was wondering if there is a server already with most if not all of these devices:

Areca 1230 RAID card - $730
1GB so-dimm (for cache) - $94
Areca battery backup module - $130
Intel 775 server board - $215

2x1GB ECC DDR2 533 - $195

5x (4 in the array and a hot spare) WD RE 250GB $450

Hitachi 7k80 (system drive, another for RAID1 would be nice as well) - $46 each

DVD drive - $18

Pentium D 805 (dual isnt absolutely necessary, but its very little extra on top of a single core) - $121

SATA DLT4 internal drive (SATA is a bit unusual on tape drives, but it saves the cost of SCSI) - $949

PCP&C 510 - $220

If someone could help me out I would greatly appreciate it.


A:Solved: File server

You don't need alot of expensive components like those for a file server/ftp.

You could go pick up an 800mhz athlon machine at a yard sale for 10 bucks and then spend a bunch of money on huge drives and a fast nic.

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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I'm using cable modem, running thru a Belkn Router, I have these ports forward on UDP only: 27950,27951 and 27960...I also have the computer in DMZ. I waited for 2 hours after starting the server and it still doesn't show up on the servers master list..I also tried to see it with All-Seeing-Eye and samething, can't see my server in the list?

Other people CAN connect to me but I have to give them my IP..I can also see and connect "locally" on my LAN with another computer..

I'm running it on a Windows machine in dedicated mode...

Not sure what else to check? Any help greatly appreciated!


A:Solved: Can't see server in server list in Wolf.ET

In case anyone else has this problem in the future, here's what I found fixxed mines..

Make sure your also running the server in "Dedicated Mode" which in the server.cfg file next to the dedicated server word there should be "2"..that will allow it to be listed in the master server list..any other method will not have it listed...


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The company I work for is expanding and I have been tasked with organising the backup policy. I have opted for Microsoft System Center: Data Protection Manager 2010 installed on a Windows Server 2008 machine.

All the backup files are kept on a dedicated HDD in the data store.

My question is can I use Windows Server Backup which comes with Server 2008 to make a working backup of the DPM data store to an external HDD? If I can then which locations do I have to include in the backup.

I would also appreiciate any links which might help.

Thanks for any help.


A:Can I backup DPM 2010 store using Windows Server Backup?

Tr this link below.


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I have a problem to access file server on Windows Server 2000 from a Windows 7 PC. For your information, due to some reasons, both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000 are in different domain.

I have tried all suggested solutions which are :
i. to unchecked both attributes in 'Network Security : Minimum session security for NTLM SSP based (including secure RPC)' for both clients and server.
ii. to apply 'Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated' in 'Network Security : LAN Manager authentication level'
iii. to make sure the time setting for both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000 are the same.

But still, i couldn't access the file server. In fact, each time I entered domain\username to authenticate, it will give out this message :

Since I am kinda new to this troubleshooting things, it would be great if someone can tell me why does this happening. Is it because of the different domain?

thanks in advance.

A:Windows 7 unable to Access file server on Windows Server 2000

To connect to the server you would need to enter the credentials of the domain user on the server that would have access. For example if the domain was 'home' with a user 'Josh' then I would put:


As the username. If you want to get advanced you could try and form a trust with the other domain in active directory so that the other domain has permission to access the server


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I have a wave file that is about 1 hour long. I then converted it to an MP3 format. The MP3 file is also about 1 hour long, as it should be. I then uploaded the MP3 file to my server and created a link on my website to access this file. The upload seems to go without a hitch. However, when I click on the link, my media player is open and it begins to play the mp3. But when I look at the duration of this file as it is playing, it says it is only 45 minutes long. So I do not know why it is 15 minutes less then what it should be. Something must happen when it is uploaded. I spoke to the person hosting my server and this has also baffled her. Not sure how to resolve this problem. Hopefully, you can give me a few suggestions.

A:Solved: Upload MP3 file to server

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Greetings all,
I'd like to create a file server on my home network (5 XP pro boxes) sharing a broadband cable connection off of a Netgear router, and don't really want to build up yet another box and connect it to the network. My thought is to simply add another hard drive to my fastest (but least used) machine, and share that specific drive across the entire network as a file server. Are there any specific problems with this? Does anyone have a suggestion for making this work or problems I may run into ? This doesn't need to be anything special, just a way to centrally locate digital photos, e-mail attachments, and possibly backups for data.

Dave Danger

A:Solved: File server on my network

that should work

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We are in the process of updating our work computers and are looking at updating our file server. We currently use windows 98 (dont laugh!) soley because it allows everyone in our small office to access it as a file server. My question is how many users can access Windows 7? I looked online briefly, but couldnt find the answer. The only thing we use that computer for is a file server. We are connected to the internet and printers using another server that is accessible to the entire office. The box I am questioning about is only accessed by the 7 people in the engineering office.
Would we be better served by Windows Home Server instead?

EDIT: I looked into Home Server a little more, and it only makes sense to use it. All the functionality we need and more, for a cheaper price.

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I am trying to use my database file which is in .mdf format and created on the date 14 July. Whenever i try to use my file in order to restore and update the database, it show the error message of corruption and i can't able to open them.

So i am urgent looking for a reliable solution which help to recover and restore .mdf file of SQL server.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Recover .mdf file of SQL server

Restore from your last good backups. That's the only reliable solution.
Start by notifying anyone relevant that the data has probably been lost, because that's the likely outcome without backups.
What exactly are you trying to do and what are the error messages (complete messages) that you get?
As Gail said if you have the lastest backup that's the only way to prevent data issues. If you have only a mdf file and no ldf file then you can try rebuilding the ldf fileas shown below
If you have both mdf and ldf file and they are not attaching then you need to give an error message so that somebody can help you.

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I'm setting up a small office network using Server 2000

At the moment I'm only using a PC with Server 2000 and a PC using ME

I've managed to network the two.


Using the Server, how do I create a new user with restricted access(ie can't add new programs, or change settings)??

I can do this on W2K but on hte server I create a new user but when I try to log in, it says I don't have permission, yet I've given the user all permissions?

A:Server 2000 users


First thing is to make sure that the user that you created is not simply a local user. The user will need a roaming profile, and need to be a domain/workgroup user.

Then going to the host, you need to make sure that the host is part of the workgroup/domain in question and that when you are loging in, you are logging into the domain and not the local machine.

These are common mistakes that new server operators tend to struggle with. Dont loose heart, we'll help you through it.

~ Lyrical ~

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My office wants to use a server so that others can connect to it throughout the office or company any advice would be appreciated..

The ones in our office are networked from a main one at the minute

A:How To Connect To A Server For Other Users

Thats a rather broad question. Minds elaborating on current setup and what your ultimately envisioning for this new server?

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I had a database in SQL Server 2000 that has one primary data files and no secondary. The DB in danger of becoming too large for it's current drive. If I create a secondary data file on another drive will this resolve my problem?

A:Solved: SQL Server 2000-Secondary Data File

Hi there,

Yes if you create a seconday data file the primary will fill till it can no longer grow and SQL will then use the secondary. See below extract from help File.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 maps a database using a set of operating-system files. All data and objects in the database, such as tables, stored procedures, triggers, and views, are stored within these operating-system files:

This file contains the startup information for the database and is used to store data. Every database has one primary data file.

These files hold all of the data that does not fit in the primary data file. If the primary file can hold all of the data in the database, databases do not need to have secondary data files. Some databases may be large enough to need multiple secondary data files or to use secondary files on separate disk drives to spread data across multiple disks.

Transaction Log
These files hold the log information used to recover the database. There must be at least one log file for each database.


Gary Sparg

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Hello, and Thank-you in advance for any help.

I have Win 2000 Pro installed on 2 machines, working fine. The wi-fi's are all working in reguards to getting on the internet. We have a practice billing and scheduling on the host PC, and do not have the disks, so can not be copied onto other PCs. What would I need to set it up as a server. Having purchased an existing practice, money is an issue. So, even simple file sharing could work, but would it be secure enough for patient info?
I would appreciate any tech steps to setting up either options. Again, thank-you. Emy

A:Solved: File Sharing Windows 2000 or Server?

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I am installing Server 2003 on a freshly formatted partition of my server. At 71% of the "copying files" portion, setup hangs, and eventually says it cannot copy a file called "rsopsnps.chm". The CD I am using is the OS recovery disk provided by Gateway. I'd like to just skip the file and go on, but I can't figure out what it is. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

A:Solved: Can't install Server 2003, can't copy a file

All chm files are help related files. its safe to skip. CHM stands for compiled HTML.

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Dell Optiplex quad core system with Win7Pro32 acting as a server. 5 users setup, only 4 of them ever active. Running a niche market accounting program with Advantage Database.

Seems every morning they have to reboot the server in order to allow everyone access to the shared folder. The server is up when they get there, it can get on the internet, just seems it has locked everyone out. It can see other machines, the users just can't login to the server.

Occasionally, it will lock out users during the day.

Have AVG Internet Security edition, but at the moment have both AVG and Windows firewalls disabled.

I have checked that the network adapter is NOT set to be powered down by the system, and I think I got that in the BIOS also.

At night, we have the 5 users back their machines up to the server in a staggered sequence, which has Carbonite on it so there is an off site backup. I think I can force the lockout by performing a backup on one of the machines. After that, we have to reboot the server for everyone else to be able to log back into it.

I have used this same backup scenario at different customer's offices without this problem. About the only difference is this is the only site with a Dell system. I usually build my own systems for others.

I've looked thru the threads but don't see anyone with this same type of problem and of course there's nothing on msft site suggesting a solution.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

A:Win7Pro32 as 'server' drops users

Hello WTDS,

I would start by completely uninstalling AVG and see if the problem persists. AVG is known to cause many problems such as you are describing.

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My server is a domain controller thus i cannot add users with admin rights and so i cannot use lusrmgr.msc to add or change... i've added the user i want =active directory>users> and added the user and set it to admin..but when loged onto does not have the admin rights... learned that this was becuiase it was a domain controller

A:Add users to domain controller server

Correct, the DC admin has the keys to the kingdom and can create a user-id with/without admin privs.

Unless the admin is your very best friend, I would expect exactly what you are reporting.

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Hi there

just wondering if anybody has tried W2016 Server yet -- would be interested in seeing how it performs as a Multi-media server compared with W10 Pro.

Interesting to see if W10 drivers will work where there isn't a W2016 one.


A:I know this is W10 Forum - but any users of W2016 server yet.

I am using Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 4 to host my local domain, having not a single functionality issue. Regarding drivers, it is a pure Windows 10 as far as I can tell, having no issues in using Windows 10 drivers.

Windows Server 2016 videos from Windows 10 instructional videos by Ten Forums members - Windows 10 Forums:

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I have an MS Access application that sites on a server where multiple users can access it using Terminal Server. The business would like the ability to upload image files to a record in the database. Now I've read many places that its not a good idea to add the image to an Access table because eventually the database size will become quite large and the application will take a performance hit.

What I would like to do is upload the images to the terminal server and save the path in the Access table. The part I'm having a hard time with is that upload. I can use the FileDialog object, but if the application is running on the server, and it pulls up the FileDialog, won't it show the directories of the server and NOT the users machine right?

Any examples on how to solve this issue is greatly appreciated.

A:Upload files from users PC to Server

Your image upload could be form driven if the paths (in and out) are static. Naming the file can be an issue and file shares don't like files with the same name. A way around that is to add the recordID (or completely control the name) to the file name when the user saves.

While storing documents in access is clunky and leads to bloat it can be done. Depending on your volume and the image size(s) it might not be as bad as you think. I have process where I take 1000 records from sharepoint to Access then extract the documents as batch (SharePoint will only let you at them 1 at time). The 1000 limit records to keep the file under 1000MB. You results will vary.

My thought (without knowing the process) would be, if needed you could store the images in Access and move them out (saving new path) with a nightly\weekly process. Then compact/repair the Access DB. I've got the code to extract and delete the documents.

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just wanted to know if I can completely disable file downloads and uploads for the entire network, with the exception of 2/3 users with ISA ???

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It appears that NT 4.0 is kicking off various machines running Windows XP from the network, and won't allow users to access files on the server or other computers on the local network. I have fiddled with their accounts a couple of times (checking user logon names, permissions, etc) and without actually changing things have found the network to reappear on these machines. Without doing that every single time (which is every couple of days now), is there a way to make XP and NT interact a little better?


A:XP machines/users disconnected from NT server

We had the same problem with XP workstations connecting to win2k servers. I found an article on techrepublic.com which helped quite a bit. Here is their blurb & link:

After installing Windows XP Service Pack 1, you may experience problems
when communicating with Windows 2000 servers. Find out how to resolve
these issues by editing the Windows registry and policy settings, and
then join this article's discussion.
also at:

The article didn't address everything we saw. We also had to upgrade the drivers for our 3com firewall NIC's as well as turn off caching on fileshares in Active Directory. Turning off caching was the big one. Then workstations which had connected using caching had a little caching icon appear in the taskbar, which said "working offline" and the name of the server they couldn't connect to. We had to right-click that, get settings & disable to option to work offline via caching. Then everything was fine.

Hope that helps.
I know you have NT4 & not windows 2k, but they're similar enough that I figured a recitation of what we had to do might still apply.

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Hi. I run a webserver that has worked fine for a while. Recently, I've been getting calls from people who say that the page is no longer pulling up. There were several reported cases, but no specifics. Finally I talked to someone today.

He said they changed their ISP to AT&T U-Verse and that's when the problem started. When trying to go to our webpage, his browser times out. He has tried in Firefox, IE and even on the iPad, so it seems to be a router and/or ISP problem.

I thought it might be a DNS server problem, but I changed it to Google's public DNS server, and it did not help.

Then I did a ping on my web address (dekalblibrary.org) and it came back with the correct IP address, so DNS resolution is maybe not the problem here. However it sent 4 packets and received none.

My server runs fine otherwise and other people are able to connect to it. Any advice how to proceed with the troubleshooting? THanks,

A:U-Verse ISP users can't connect to my server

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Just been reading some past threads; and I have a few questions.(I'm using Access 2007)

If I have an access database on a server, can many people log on to that Database

In many of the posts they talk about 'running a form in background' what does this mean and where can I get a good explanation of it.

Thanks for your help.

A:Access with multiple users on a Server

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im running 4 servers on win 2012
im told it's the same as win8 (but my home computer runs on win7 so I dono)

I have about 60 RDP users on one server and I need 8 of them to move to another
id like to have them get a popup message every time they login
but only them not everyone
is there a way to do this ?
also from time to time I need to reboot the server and I would like to send a mass message in the server from task man
that worked really good in 2008 but in 2012 it will only let me message one user at a time
is there any fix for this ?

I have tried

hoshutdown ?r -t 600 ?c ?Reboot in 10 min?

if the server has been running for just a few min it works wonderfully
but if it's been running for a day or so it seems to do nothing at all
I have no idea why

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OK folks, I have an issue I have a computer with 50 or so users, the can not check their e-mail because recently switched to a new outlook server. I need to change outlook server on all of their profiles. Does anyone know how to do this with out having to get each person to log in to modify their settings. They are running outlook 2003.

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As the subject says, I am creating a PHP Script that allows users to upload files to my server, hosted by myself, and I am a bit worried about security. I have NOD32 and Windows Defender running on the server, but I am worried that I may get infected somehow.

I am aware on how to disable .exe files and the other obvious file types but now I've been starting to see viruses in images and even Microsoft Word Documents.

I was curious on is there another method of security other than Linux, or the virus scanners I have already. I was thinking of something with Virus Total, asking the server to upload the file, and then returning the results. If any results then the file will be denied.

Does anybody know of any other security measures, other than a virus scanner that I could put in place to protect my computer?


A:Directory on my server going to allow users to upload files.

Have a read through this, it's valuable security info for PHP coders

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I'm going to be adding a server to my office (Windows-based?), and plan on using remote desktop to log in to it from a remote location. I've not done this before, but can I have several people log on to the server, and run individual "virtual systems" simultaneously? The option would be to somehow get them to log on to individual workstations remotely, but that may be too complicated / incompatible. If multiple people can log on simultaneously to the server and run it as if they're sitting in front of the computer, that'll work just fine.

thanks for any help!

A:Remote Desktop to Server - multi users?

Yes, it can be done. You will need to install the Terminal Services component. And since it appears you will be doing this in "application mode" (versus "administration mode") you will also need to install Terminal Server Licensing, and purchase TS Licenses, which are separate from the regular CAL's.

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