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Poor Photo Print Quality With Windows 7/Canon PIXMA IP4700

Q: Poor Photo Print Quality With Windows 7/Canon PIXMA IP4700

Hi everyone,

Got a bit of a strange problem here. Got a brand new laptop and printer, and suddenly I can't get a decent photograph print.

The printer is highly recommended, it's a Canon Pixma iP4700 which has had excellent reviews. But everything I print on it has no punch or sparkle, it's almost as if it has a grey film over it, a bit like I'm looking at my photo with cataracts! I printed the same photo on my dad's (much older) Epson printer and got a brilliant result.

I don't know if the problem is the printer, though, as he has Windows Vista and I have Windows 7 and have been using Google Picasa to import my photos. I am wondering if there is a setting on there that is colour correcting my photos either on import or on their way to the printer, as I am not used to Windows 7 yet.

Is there anyone here who can shed a bit of light on the problem? I really don't want to take the printer back if it's something I am doing with Windows that can be easily changed.

Thank you for your help!

Preferred Solution: Poor Photo Print Quality With Windows 7/Canon PIXMA IP4700

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Poor Photo Print Quality With Windows 7/Canon PIXMA IP4700

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After trying two computers, one with vista, one with xp, same poor photo print quality. I tried two Canon programs to print from Canon Easy Photo Pint and Canon ZoomBrowser. The photos came out of the printer with too much ink on pictures.

I am using a generic glossy paper, selected glossy paper for print, and bad prints. Finally, selected next step down from glossy paper in the Easy program paper selection to high resolution paper and out came good photo prints. I have not listed all the other failed steps to the solution.

Hope this helps someone.

A:Solved: My Canon ip4700 poor photo quality

I imagine the reason for your dismal photos results from your choice of "generic photo paper" Your Canon printer is capable of outstanding photo prints if you use the right type of paper. The Canon papers are excellent but all to often they are very very expensive. I have gotten great results using "Ilford Gallerie Smooth Gloss Paper" purchased at Sams Club. Price was about $21 per 100 sheets 8.5x11.0. I also get good results using "Kodak Ultra Premium Photo Paper" also purchased at Sam's for about $22 for 200 sheets 4"x6".

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I mean, at what speed?
It's telling me only "ink running low". HOW low? - and HOW FAST?
What happens when it actually does run out? - does the printer stop functioning till the cart's replaced?
Or does the Pixma keep on printing but with a colour missing?
I'm pretty pissed off by the lack of info in the message: just not good enough. How are you supposed to manage??

A:Solved: Canon Pixma ip4700: how do carts empty?

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Since I could not edit my previous post, this is the update to my ip4700 poor print quality post.

I worked on this problem some more to gain better photos from my Canon ip4700. I removed all reference to my past canon printer ip4000 using both program removal and control panel program add/remove function. I removed ip4700 the same way. Started fresh. Installed ZoomBrowser EX from CD. Then I downloaded and installed the latest drivers from Canon for the ip4700 and my computer op system xp http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer iP4700 series Printer Driver Ver. 2.33; My Printer Ver. 2.8.0; Easy-PhotoPrint EX Ver. 3.2.0; and Solution Menu Ver. 1.4.3. And all is well and good. I tried two different glossy photo paper brands and set on glossy paper and no more over ink of photos. The photos look very good.

Hope this helps.


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I have a canon MP560 pixma printer that I am not able to print using the canon black ink. The cartridges are new OEM Canon cartridges. The printer has been idle for 1 year and is essentially new. I did a couple of black only deep cleanings but still prints black in a blue tone. I had Canon customer service tell me it could be a malfunctioning print head. Is there a way to clean the print head using alcohol and will this possibly clean the head without damaging it? I have used this method on other printers. Does anyone have another suggestions.

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Trying to print to a Canon Pixma ip4200 from MS Word and Notebook I get blank pages. Printing a web page using Ctrl-P prints fine. Ink nozzle test page prints fine. Running Windows 7 on Asus laptop.

A:Canon Pixma prints this, doesn't print that???

What happens when you print a printer test page from the printer properties in Windows??

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I have a Canon Pixma MP210. So, I always print in black & white b/c I just print out documents. I've had an old, empty color ink cartridge sitting in there, though. Today I took the empty black cartridge out to recycle at Staples, as I was going to buy a new one. I got the bright idea to also take out the empty color cartridge, so that I could get that recycling credit, too. Well, now it will not print without a color cartridge, even an empty one, installed. It says: "The following ink cartridge cannot be recognized. Printing cannot be executed b/c the ink cartridge may not be propertly installed, blah blah blah." Is there any way to bypass this??? I don't want to have to buy a new color cartridge, as I won't even use it! I am willing to try any kind of hack. I need to print work documents. Help, please!!!

A:How to print without a color cartridge- Canon Pixma?

Sorry, you will actually need a cartridge to fill the slot. That's true for virtually all printers today.

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Hello Everyone
I am new here. Recently i have been trying to clean my canon pixma ip3000 printhead with some spirit based solutions, i already did it once last year and started printing again. It happened again this year only difference when i print something nothing comes out printed. the paper is still blank. Is it time for print head replacement or it may some other problem
Any help is appreciated. I have quite an affection for this printer.
many thanks

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Canon PIXMA MX890 printer has suddenly decided not to print from front tray; keeps telling me rear tray is empty. Rear tray is closed and I have print instructions set to front cassette but will not use paper from front.

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I'm assisting an elderly lady with this printer problem. After changing Cyan & Magenta cartridges the printer failed to print the current Word doc. The RESUME/CANCEL button was flashing orange continuously.
In the printer's Maintenance I tried the following:
i) Deep Cleaning - Black PGBK, resulted with Operator error. RESUME button failed to clear the problem.
ii) Deep Cleaning - All colours, same result as above.
iii) Cleaning - same result as above.
iv) Print Head Alignment - same result as above.
v) Nozzle Check - same resuilt as above.
Turned the printer off and on again, flashing orange light.
Shutdown the computer and restarted it, with no improvement.
Lastly noted how many orange flashes - five. So I consulted the Service Manual,
Section 2-1. Operator Call Errors (by Alarm LED Blinking in Orange).
5 times; Solution suggested Install the print head properly.
All the Ink Cartridges show red light. Can anyone please offer a suggestion as how to correct this problem, thank you?

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I'm using XP home edition and am having problems with this printer. I have installed all the software that came with the printer and it is also set as a default printer. There is a message that comes up to load the paper and even if I do so, it does nothing but feed it through after a few seconds.

The manual or the readme doesn't say anything about this problem. I used the 'express install' and when I go through and try to install the easy-photoprint ex, it immediately tells me it's installed.

I'm able to print in color and black and white with other formats. I'm also using version 1.0 that came with the printer.

Can anyone help me with the problem?

A:Canon Pixma ip2600 wont print photos.

i had the same problem with my canon pixma 170,my problem was a faulty usb lead,dont know if this is your problem but maybe worth a try

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I have Windows Vista and after two years of no trouble, my Canon won't print anything. I have reinstalled drivers, cleaned out all Temp files on the computer and cleaned out the printer queue. Still no luck. The printer comes on fine and shows no signs of being broken. The computer recognizes the printer, sends info to the printer and then nothing happens. The queue shows an error, but gives no code. Help!!

A:Solved: Canon Pixma ip4200 suddenly won't print

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This applies to emails, PDF's, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. However, if I convert the document to an image it prints perfectly. So far, I have replaced the black cartridges, reinstalled the driver, cleaned the heads, and restored Windows to 2 days ago just before this problem began, but still no change. Any ideas please?

A:Canon MP610 Pixma printer will not print text.

Hi there .... Have you done a printers self test ? Also what happens if you change the colour of the text ?

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Ok, so I've had my printer for a longggg time now. I got my cartridges refilled recently and haven't used the printer since then apart from a couple of pages the same day. Yesterday I tried to print but it only prints in yellow.
So I figure print head must be clogged. I have ran warm water through it, didn't fix the problem. I sat it in a saucer of isopropyl alcohol until the ink ran. Yay! So I put it back in the computer and did a test print. It only printed in black! Then I ran cleaning and the next test print came out black!!
When I removed the print head unit it had ink smudges of all colours on it, which means the ink must be flowing and that the problem is not the print head but something between it and the paper. I am absolutely clueless on what it could be! Also, where the print head unit comes to rest is always covered in fresh ink, when I check.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Canon Pixma ip1500 Print Head Problems, this will have you speechless!!

I was also very frustrated with my wife's printer. Since she does not use it very often, the print heads get clogged from ink in the printer head. I have successfully cleaning this one by pouring hot water into the print head container and waiting for it to cool down, then following it up with isopropyl alcohol. Using toilet tissue, wipe the bottom of the ink jets until the color and black is about run out. Hold the head level so that the alcohol does not dump out while wiping the jets.

Fill up your cartridges with ink. I buy bulk ink so I don't have to pay so much for ink replacement. I have bottles for each color (C, M, Y) and black that have needle tips. If you do not have this you could use medical dropper bottles. Ask the pharmacist for these and explain what you're doing and he will probably give them to you. They also have syringes with blunt metal tips, but he may be more reluctant to hand those out for fear of drug misuse.

The ink is entered into the top of the Canon branded cartridges by prying off the rectangular covers. Make sure you put the right color ink into the three openings for the color cartridge. To determine this, use a toothpick to poke in and get a sample on the toothpick. Once you know the correct opening, Mark it by either a sticker or sharp steel marker on the cartridge next to each opening. The best way seems to drip the ink into the openings until you have added the amount specified for each color. These cartridges hold 5 1/2 ml o... Read more

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We just purchased a HP CM1415fnw Laserjet All-in-one to replace an older Inkjet model. The Laserjet is pretty fantastic and will do about everything but shine your shoes. However...

Printing photographs either directly from a high res jpeg or as scanned is.. well, poor. Looks like blotchy old You-tube quality pics.

There's no reason to think the printer is faulty since text and graphics from the web print fine. I recognize the color resolution on this thing is only 1200 by 1200 but that's similar to our old inkjet and it prints excellent quality pictures.

Anyone have any suggestions with respect to how to improve this poor photo quality or at least how to understand why it is what it is?


A:Poor HP Laserjet Photo Quality

You do realize that Laser printers will rarely give the Picture quality that an inkjet will.

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I'm running Windows XP with all updates. For the last 100 years or so, I have very carefully loaded used paper (printed on one side only) in the back tray of my printers. I'll use clean new paper from the front cassette only for my more important jobs. Saves a tree and a few bucks. My brand new Canon Pixma MX860 allows me to select Rear Tray when I go to print, but if I have chosen Plain Paper and 8.5x11, it overrides and sends to the front cassette. (I'm trying not to grumble too much - my old MX780 had a nice little button on the printer that would simply switch trays. No such button on the MX860, an otherwise great printer.) Can anyone figure out a workaround so I can continue to recycle good used paper? And yes, I know, no one in their right mind except me would send used paper through my printer, and it's not recommended, and yes, I did once ruin a printer this way, but I've grown very careful, and it works for me. So ... any help?

A:Solved: Canon Pixma MX860 won't print 8.5x11 from back tray

Figured it out myself. Simple solution: set Paper Source default to Continuous Autofeed, and then when you want to print recycled from the back tray just pull the front cassette drawer out a bit. The MX860 thinks you are out of paper in front and sends the job to the back. Presto, recycled 8.5x11 plain paper from the back tray. Only drawback - you have to override the default when you go to print a photo or something in the back tray (which I don't do that often anyway).

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Just installed Lexmark printer 3400 to my windows XP. In testing the print quality, I find it is quite Light-gray rather than black. How can I adjust the printer to improve the quality.?

A:poor print quality

Hi Berthan
Welcome to TSG.
You have posted in a non technical part of this web site.
I have asked a moderator to place your question it in a tech forum here

Good luck

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I have a Minolta magicolor 3100 (1200x1200dpi) laser printer that works just fine for everything except PHOTOS. I have downloaded and installed the latest driver from the Minolta website with no improvement. I am using Adobe Photo Shop 3.0. The test pictures that the printer produces are much sharper than anything I can print from Adobe. My jpeg files are 500K or greater and the pictures look great on the monitor. I have also tried printing from the Cannon software that came with the camera, but the results are the same. Minolta tech support is now saying that this may be the best I can expect. How can a 1200 x 1200 dpi be of such poor quality for photos? This seems incredible to me.
Any help would be appreciated.


A:Poor Print Quality

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Hello Everyone,

I have an issue with my printer and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions as to how I go about fixing it.

I have Canon BJC-4200SP, it's a few years old but still does the job. Today though it has been playing up. I have been using it for work purposes for a while now, printing out customer receipts - so I use the highest quality option.

I had to change the ink today though, I've actually changed the cartridge twice now to try and fix it but what is happening is that I am getting this poor printout quality. You know how you get those white lines through the text and lines for tables come out squiggly and that. That's the only way I can describe the problem really.

Is it that I changed the cartrigde and it needs a few prints before the ink settles. Or is it time for a new printer? I dusted everything and cleaned as much as I could as well. Even did all those printer head cleaning things in maintanence.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

A:Poor Print Quality

In your Canon software there should be some way for you to calibrate your ink cartridge. That's what it sounds like to me. Before you calibrate it, I would also do a clean print heads as well. If you don't have Canon software installed, just go to Canon's website, www.canon.com , and see if you can download the drivers from there. GOOD LUCK!

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I have a visoneer 8800 one touch scanner that will not produce anything but an unusable, blurry, copy of a scanned photograph regardless of what scan mode i happen to be in.
What should be a white background surrounding the said scanned photo resembles a small colored herringbone pattern.
I have installed the latest driver for this scanner to no avail.
I have reloaded the original disc that came with the scanner to no avail.
I am unfortunately running windows ME, that non supported short lived underdeveloped piece of software we all love to hate.
Could ME be the problem? Any suggestions?

A:visoneer 8800 dog- poor quality photo scan

I use WIN ME and like it-including scanner.
Try scanning directly from your photo viewing program:

It might be your scanner is being detected as a USB item-not well supported by ME
(oops I just determined you might be using USB-and this might not apply-I use the parallel port on my scanner)

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I am having a problem trying to use Canon easy photo print pro.
Error message: No supported printer found.
Printer being used Canon Pixmx 9000
Elements 7 and Canon DPP
Windows 7(64)
Printer works when I print direct from Elements
Thanks in advance

A:Canon easy photo print pro

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I am trying to print photos using Canon Easy-Photo Print, part of the bundled software that came with my Canon digital camera. I'm using a Canon Image Class MP700 printer.

My problem is that the software won't load. When I double click the icon, or try to start it any other way, including via Canon Zoom Browser EX, I get the following error message, "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library. Runtime error! Program: H\PROGRAM~1\Canon\EASY-P~1\BJEZPRN.EXE. abnormal program termination."

Can anyone please give me some clues as to what may have happened, and how I can fix it?

Many thanks

A:Canon Easy-Photo Print

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 New inspiron 660 windows 8 computer. Canon i865 installed and prints. Installed Canon easy photo print for windows 8 but cannot use as it displays ' no printer installed which supports this software' - help please

A:Cannot use canon easy photo print

That is an ancient printer, so it is possible that even though the software installed, the printer will never work with Windows 8.  Did it work before with the previous version of windows you had, on your old computer?  Have you tried a different USB cord, or made sure that the cord was connected to both the printer & computer, and the printer is turned on?  
Looking through some searches, appears that after around Vista, this printer was no longer recognized by current OS's.  The best I can say is welcome to planned obsolescence.

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Regarding camera issue of mine it's not covered in warranty no damage has been found on phone just on lense what a coincidence I asked for quotation or in written that this will be covered out of warranty service center denied that why I had to voice record there statement 1st on call your excutive said who camera is covered in warranty because camera is single unit she told me bout company and all. And I had Moto X2 for almost 2 year that camera's lenses is bigger that this phone but never got any quality issues with that used iPhone 5s for more than 2 year not even a single spot on lense had Nexus 5 for over 2 year even bigger lense but nothing even tempered glass that cost around INR 7 on my screen lasts for 3 month on my phone but in this phone 100% of back is of glass but no scratches on back but just on camera there is glare type effect and service center said this is physically damaged and not be covered in warranty and I have to pay INR 230+ for quotation orally and approximately they said INR 1000 and even after repair will not be covered in warranty. After use of 25-30 days of normal usage I have to spent INR 1000. So in a year I have to spend INR 14760 on this phone maintenance if I want to use this phone's camera. I think I had make a BIGGEST mistake choosing LENOVO for 1st time. I want a solution or permanent fix for this issue. I am attaching photograp and voice recordings and call records how much I had to suffered and I had to wait for almost 3 hours just... Read more

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Has anyone else found how to instal Canon Easy Photo Print on to a computer running Windows 7 (64bit)? I have a Canon camera and a Canon printer but the Easy Photo Print I always used on my old computer won't load on to the latest one. I can't seem to find one that I can download and I can't print such nice photos just using Canon Zoom Browser. I'm beginning to wish I stayed with my old computer.

A:Solved: Canon Easy Photo Print

You can download a version for your Windows 7 64-bit operating system.



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having had this yoga700 14 for a year ,a nd today it is dead , no power at all , the  the LED indicator light is not on even with the adapter plug in . ONE year , this is the shotest life laptap that I have ever own. And I have had it sent to Lenovo's depot center four times in this one year . I can only say that their skill is terrible , every time I received my computer from the cemter , my computer would have some new ugly scratches and some sign and distorting edge which was apparently caused by improper disassembly operations. A month ago the computer could not boot up , and it was sent in again and they replaced the motherboard . in just a month, it completely  dies now ,  it does not have power at all, the power led indicator does not turn on at all , even if I have tried several confirmed working adapters. So you can see how poor their quality is   warranty is expired now , I m really disappointed with this first lenovo product I owned  , it was the first and it would be the last lenovo product in my life.       

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Hello guys,i have a problem with Canon Easy Photoprint software, it doesnt recognize my printer settings while photoshop, corel and other photo software does... i set my printers brightness etc,and easy photo print ignores my settings...
Can someone help me,because i need it for my work, and easy photo print is the fastest software for me... And if someone have another good printing software,which is simple and fast to use,let me know...

Thanks to all,in advance!

A:Problem with Canon Easy photo print and I4850

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I can print pictures that are on my Samsung laptop, using my Canon Pixma MP620 with a USB cable, but when I try to scan a picture and send it to my laptop, nothing happens. A window opens asking me what device I want to use and only shows my old Epson (which I no longer have) When I go into the control panel & click on hardware and printer, it shows my Canon MO620 and has a green checkmark by it so I'm pretty sure it's capable it just won't cooperate! Thanks for any information!

A:Using a Canon Pixma with Windows 8

Does Devices and Printer also list the MP620 listed as a scanner? My Canon MX490 Shows up 3 times as Printer, Fax, and Scanner. I yours does not show as both a printer and a scanner, you may need to reinstall the driver software.

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Hi, I bought a Canon iP4900 printer recently, mainly to print labels on inkjet printable CDrs. After an initial issue with using Nero Cover Designer, which resulted in the printer thinking that an 80mm mini CDr was in fact a 120mm standard CDr (it appeared to ignore the size given) which ended up with it printing over the CD tray, I settled down to use the limited software, Canon Easy Photo Print EX instead.

To print my 80mm mini CDrs I created some text in Indesign at the correct size, saved them as image files and imported them into Easy Photo Print EX. This worked fine and when I printed out the CDs the text appeared at the correct size.

Then I loaded the same image files into the larger 120mm standard CD template, so I could create some CDs for friends who could not use the mini CD format. When I printed these CDs out, the image had been automatically scaled to fit the larger CD, without any option to remove this. The image size control in Easy Photo Print EX only controls the crop around the image, not the scale or size of the image involved. It appears to scale the images, ignoring the original size. If I print the images of the text out on paper, they appear the same size as on the 80mm mini CDs.

I'm very confused by this. The software is not very good, but no other software I've used, Nero included, seems to work with this printer. I cannot understand why it is upscaling an image automatically when placed on the larger CD template.

At the moment it means... Read more

A:Canon Easy Photo Print EX and iP4900 printer scaling problem

I'm using Irfanview to print my CD/DVDs ... (Not my HP software) .. And the Image is created at the size I want to print.
Irfanview gives me a lot of control how my HP Printer prints.
It's my experience that printing on CD/DVDs is not as good as photo paper .. are you expecting too much ??

Can you attach an Image here ??? .. It might help to see how it's created.
And Welcome to the TSG Forum

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I have had to upgrade PC to Windows 7 64 bit and now cannot find software to instal to use the scanner option.
Is there any software available?
I have tried Canon site but incompatible and won't load.

A:Canon Pixma MP210 and Windows 7 64 bit

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums .. Did you try the Drivers in the Link below ? ...

Canon U.S.A. : Support & Drivers : PIXMA MP210

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I have a Canon i850 printer which I have immensely enjoyed using these past four+ years. For one thing, I've never had even one paper-jam during that time.

My understanding always has been that it is best to have separate components, so that's why I've always owned a dedicated printer. However, it appears that the present-day trend is more toward all-in-one units. Actually, I'm in the market only for a printer, but if the Canon MP600 all-in-one is technologically advanced far beyond my i850, then I would strongly considering buying one.

The MP600 has a scanner (which I don't need, although it would provide me with a back-up) and it has several modern features of convenience which my i850 doesn't have. What I would especially like to know is whether or not the MP600 produces appreciably better results with both text and photos than my i850. Also, would it be faster and cheaper in the long run than the MP600? While quality of results is more important than anything else, speed, economy, and convenience also enter into the equation.

(I was also considering the Canon PIXMA iP6700D photo printer, but from what I've read so far it appears that the MP600 all-in-one is more highly-regarded.)

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has an opinon on this matter. Thank you very much.

A:Canon i850 printer vs. Canon Pixma MP600 All-in-One

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please help
I got the canon pixma iP2000 printer. .I am trying connect the printer with windows 7 32bit . I need the driver of canon pixma iP2000 for windows 7 32bit

A:canon pixma iP2000 for windows 7 32bit

According to the Canon website you need to download and install the Windows 7 driver using Windows Update. It says you need to have the printer connected and turned on and access Windows Update from that computer.

(I don't know... why don't they just give you a link to the download?)

Then there is an add-on to download after the driver is installed above.

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Am I the only one who can get a printer to setup and work great the first time out of the box but as soon as you upgrade an operating system or replace ink or something it just never wants to print again??

So currently my printers are installed on my PC and neither are printing wirelessly, if I plugin a usb one of them prints the other doesn't. Can someone give me some sound advice on how to completely restart the driver and software process and get both printers working?

I run Windows 8.1

Canon Pixma MG7120
Canon Pixma MX882

I want to use my Verizon Fios router to connect them wirelessly (is that a problem?) I used to have them on a netgear but I don't use that router anymore.

A:Getting Canon PIXMA printers to work with Windows 8.1

Just enter the new SSID & Passphrase for the new Gateway. Make sure it is set for Wireless-G.

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looking for the appropriate driver for Windows 7. The add-on exe downloaded from Canon site doesn't fix anything ! could you please help me

A:Driver Canon PIxma IP4000, windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Stargates

looking for the appropriate driver for Windows 7. The add-on exe downloaded from Canon site doesn't fix anything ! could you please help me

Try this : Easy-PhotoPrint EX for Windows


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Despite working on Windows XP my Canon Pixma MP780 won't work on Windows 7. I have put the Original Cd in my computer and it says that it won't work with Windows 7.

Any help appreciated.



A:Solved: Canon PIXMA MP780-Won't work on Windows 7

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So i plug my printer into my mac, it automatically installs, prints absolutly great. Next day, it won't print whatsoever. Now it won't work in my windows laptop either despite again, being installed. The mac could see it was there originally, but I then reset my printer settings on the mac and the mac forgot all the printers. The printer no longer registered on the mac at all. It was literally nowhere despite being connected with the usb. Its like im plugging in air. I then downloaded the correct drivers and software, yet still nothing happened. I don't understand what is going on!
It won't connect via bluetooth either on both my mac and my windows laptop, despite trying! The mac simply will not let me add another printer via ip address, and i can't even if i could because I cannot find the ip address because the printer won't respond.
I printed off a network configuration page and the connection is inactive if that helps anything.


Have you first of all tried plugging in printer into the laptop and seeing if this prints fine with the cable connected? If not then look in control panel for devices and printers and click on this, does the printer have a green ticket next to it?

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So i plug my printer into my mac, it automatically installs, prints absolutly great. Next day, it won't print whatsoever. Now it won't work in my windows laptop either despite again, being installed. The mac could see it was there originally, but I then reset my printer settings on the mac and the mac forgot all the printers. The printer no longer registered on the mac at all. It was literally nowhere despite being connected with the usb. Its like im plugging in air. I then downloaded the correct drivers and software, yet still nothing happened. I don't understand what is going on!
It won't connect via bluetooth either on both my mac and my windows laptop, despite trying! The mac simply will not let me add another printer via ip address, and i can't even if i could because I cannot find the ip address because the printer won't respond.
I printed off a network configuration page and the connection is inactive if that helps anything.

A:Canon PIXMA IP2750 Suddenly Stops Printer on Mac and Windows

Have you first of all tried plugging in printer into the laptop and seeing if this prints fine with the cable connected? If not then look in control panel for devices and printers and click on this, does the printer have a green ticket next to it?

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I recently installed windows 10 on my computer only to find my perfectly good printer no longer works.
The drivers wouldn't update automatically so I went to product support on canon website to search there
It came back with the message that there were no drivers for Win 10 and that I should either change my printer or my OS
I don't wish to do either
Could anyone help me with an alternative to this ludicrous suggestion?
I always trusted canon to be a reliable and reputable company but I may think twice in future if a company cant keep abreast with the latest technology

A:Windows 10 renders my Canon pixma 1p4600 printer useless

I would not imagine that attitude will last very long.
Surely Canon have been working to get drivers etc ready for the latest OS from Windows.
I had a similar experience with a Samsung Printer.....sent an email to their support area....and received a phone call from South Korea to explain the procedure to me followed by an email with the detail printed there.
So....send them an email...give them the story.....and hopefully the reply will fix things.
Otherwise.....inform them that you will be buying another printer....and it wont be a canon !

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Hi friends:

I have an HP dv5-1002nr laptop. Seven days ago, I upgraded from Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 7. I updated all drivers, per the HP support site, and all seems to be working really good.

The only issue is when viewing downloaded or other videos that are in on my pc (no problem with online viewing or DVDs). The videos are fuzzy/with blocks, pixelated. This is especially true the bigger I make the viewing screen. Aweful.

I have done much googling, and tweaking. I've used a number of video players. Many seem to have the problem, but I've been able to get no solution.

Please help. This is really a major issue for me.


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Hello forum,

I recently installed Windows 7 Ultimate(32-bit).I earlier had Windows XP Professional 32-bit OS and it was working perfectly.Since i installed Win 7..the quality of the audio is pretty bad(not so sharp,clear).I have an on board realtek audio chipset(mobo from intel).
I checked the speakers,the were perfectly ok.Any Help would be much apprtiated.

Thank you

A:Poor Audio Quality in Windows 7

Have you downloaded and installed the latest Realtek audio driver from Intel for your particular motherboard?

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My son was given a laptop for his birthday last year and it has a cracked hinge. 
After much research I've learned that this is a very common problem in this laptop. We called customer care center 2 different times and stayed on the phone for at least an hour each time. We were told a box would be sent out for repair. His laptop was still under the 1yr warranty at this time. 
Today, we called again to get some answers and they have no record of us calling. (Surprise, surprise!) We still have not received any return box and his warranty has now, of course, expired. 
I will never purchase another Dell product again in my life! Also I'll warn everyone I know to stay far away from your products. 

A 16 yr old kid has a "new" computer that he uses a stack of books to prop the screen to use his $400 laptop! (because of a cheap screws and plastic casing)
This is unacceptable and shame on you Dell! 

A:Poor Quality & Poor Customer Service!

We?re listening. We?ll surely have this reviewed and let you know with the right information. We don?t want to see our customers upset and inconvenienced. We request you to PM us with the service tag, registered owner?s name, your email address and any reference number in regards with the previous conversation with Dell. We?ll be more than happy to look into it and assist you further.

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G510 camera quality is very poor. Can someone please help ?

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Hi, I am looking all over to find an answer to my question about the windows photo viewer and cannot find anywhere. Please if you can't answer my question at least set me in the right direction??? When I go to print, it tells me that I can choose
only the "full photo" size. I know it also has choices of wallet, 5x7, double picture side by side, stuff like that. It will not ever show up when I hit print and go to put in all the variables for how I want the picture to be printed. Where are
my choices? how do I find them, why are they not available on my photo viewer print option? I am working on an asus laptop, I think it is an 8.1 operateing system. But,,, I also have the same problem with my other laptops and desk top  programs. It will
not give me the option to print out wallet size pictures or any of the other options except "Full Photo". Help! Thank you in advance. Oh and I have no idea where to find the answer to this question so I am giving you my email to send it too if your
able. Please send to don ee me be at hot mail .com (I hope you figure this out because it says I can't send you any links and now I don't know how to get your answers. ) . Please this has been a mystery for the last 3 years now.
I give up trying to find a repair on my own. I am not so tech savvy. Again, thank you, thank you , thank you in advance. sincerely, donna 

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My laptop's speakers have had poor sound quality for the past several months--fuzzy/static especially when bass sounds are played.  This only happened through the speakers; headphones had fine sound quality.  I had assumed it was a hardware issue.   But I recently thought to change the quality of the sound (sample rate and bit format in the sound properties dialog), and once I changed it the sound was better.  But only for one use.  If a new video is played, the sound gets bad again.  If I go and change the quality again (to anything, it doesn't matter if it's lower or higher quality), then the sound will be good again. And so on.   It says the driver (realtek high def audio ver: is up to date, so I had it use the older version of the driver (ver: which gave the same result, and also tried the basic  driver (high def audio device) which produced a tin-like sound and was not very loud.    The speakers worked fine prior to what I assume was a windows 10 update that occured sometime in fall 2016.  I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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Hello all

My WMP 12 is having a video quality problem with all video files. There is apparently nothing wrong with the audio. I use Windows 7 Enterprise.

When I use any other player, any file plays just fine.
Here are two screenshots, one of WMP and one of VLC playing the same file on my computer:



This has been happening, I guess, since I had installed K-Lite Codec Pack for playing DVD, as I was unable to play them otherwise.

I really appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks!

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1. Open windows explorer, Browse to photos
2. Ctrl+Click to select the pictures
3. Rclick, and PRINT - Windows Photo Viewer opens4. Select on right side the number of pics you want on a single page. eg: 2, 4, 9, etc.
You will see all the pictures you selected on a single sheet of paper. Click Print!

A:Solved: Windows 7 Photo Viewer won't print 4up photo

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