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are there video cards that support sound through HDMI/DVI ports

Q: are there video cards that support sound through HDMI/DVI ports

as the post states, are there such thing as video cards sending sound though it's HDMI or DVI output ports?

like for example...

an nVidia or ATI card providing sound through its HDMI (like a blu-ray player) or DVI outputs.

Preferred Solution: are there video cards that support sound through HDMI/DVI ports

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A: are there video cards that support sound through HDMI/DVI ports

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Hello, I need some help finding a decent video card for my old Optiplex 755 Mini Tower. Not sure why they call it a mini as it certainly a medium size tower. Anyway I know these are pretty old computers so a new video card would be crazy. I would rather pull the trigger for something used on eBay if possible.
I need to be able to plug this 755 MT into my TV via HDMI and watch Movies/Videos with it. I would mostly be using Videolan or Plex to pull this off. Can anyone recommend a video card for this? If i get to play some older games with it this video card great!
The important part of this equation is sound over the HDMI connector. As i have a video card now working but it's hooked up with a Display Port on the video card to a Dell HDMI adaptor cable which supports no sound whatsoever.
Thanks in advance for your time.

A:Dell Optiplex 755 MT - Needed Video Card w/Sound Support Over HDMI

There is a specific card that works fine with the 755 all sizes EXCEPT USFF.Works with XP VISTA 7 8 or 10.https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814121439
Its not expensive and works fine.

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We have a Dell 390 tower that has 1 pcie x16 port and 2 pcie x1 ports. We have 3 additional videos cards other then the onboard but we are having difficulty getting all the video cards to work. The mutiple option only comes up when you add the video card in pcie x 16 slot but will not come up if you remove that card and put video cards into the other slots. Need help getting all video cards to work at the same time.
Additional Video Cards ( all 3 besides onboard) are : 
 EVGA GeForce 8400 GS DirectX 10 01G-P3-1303-RX 1GB 64-Bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Low Profile Ready Video Card
We have converter cables converting the pcie x 16 to pcie x 1. We've seen where other people with this same setup have gotten them all to work together but we just can't crack the code...any suggestions?

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I asked in another thread but since this is a video card question I thought maybe I should create a new thread for this question. I'm building a new PC and I need to select a video card. I want to stick with NVidia, and I want to be sure I get one that can handle HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 in order to decode 4k HEVC 10-bit, especially if I get the Skylake and don't wait for Kaby Lake since Skylake doesn't have built-in support for HEVC like Kaby Lake will. From what I see very few cards support HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0. Am I correct that the card has to be based on the the GM206 GPU to support this? From a post I read, the only cards that support this are:

- GTX 960
- GeForce GTX Titan X
- GeForce GTX 980 Ti

Are there any other NVidia cards that fit that specification other than these? The 960 is around the right price point for me and I see EVGA has a nice one. The other cards listed above are way, way out of my price range. Is the 960 my only option then? I want to stick with NVidia. How does the 960 perform? I'm looking at this card:

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 04G-P4-3969-KR 4GB FTW GAMING w/ACX 2.0+, Whisper Silent Cooling w/ Free Installed Backplate Graphics Card

A:NVidia cards that support HEVC, HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0

Are you saying that the 970 and 980 do not support HDMI 2.0 ?

Are you certain you`re even going to use HDMI ?

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I am looking into upgrading one of our conference rooms at work with something that can provide output to at least 2 HDTV and 1 projector, with the future of a 3rd hdtv.

I been out the loop for awhile with video cards, and wanted to know if anybody knows of a way this can be done with a possible video card that has 4 hdmi outputs? They will be (2) 55 inch hdtvs and a projector which should output its own resolution

Thanks for the help ahead of time.

A:Any video cards with 4 HDMI outputs?

No video cards I know of have 4 HDMI outputs, but you can find plenty of cards that have that many if you combine DVI + Displayport. You could always use DP converters to HDMI got get the appropriate number of connections, but remember that after 2 non DP devices you'll need to start using Active Converters if you plan to keep the signal digital.

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I am thinking about purchasing this motherboard,

But I am not sure how to tell if a video card is compatible.

Here is the card I want,

I realize the PCIe 3.0 will fit to the motherboard, but I do not know if it will be compatible.

I do not understand the difference betweeen DDR3, DDR5 and GDDR5.

Thanks for help!

A:What video cards will support this?

Yes, those two items will be compatible with each other.

DDR3 & DDR5 are VRAM types and GDDR5 is a motherboard RAM identification.

For the future, you can go >>here<< and all your parts to see if there will be any issues with compatibility.

But keep in mind that there can be other compatibility issues such as the graphics card being too long to fit in the case.

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i have recently come into possession of a computer with a 2.70 Ghz celeron

but it has NO agp port
could anyone recommend any pci video cards that support AREO/GLASS

ATI or Nvidia are preferd choices

im not a gamer s i dont really need anything powerful

ive tried newegg but they only have Nvidia the ATI cards are all dx8 -.-'

if i can git a variety of choices at less then $50
less then $30 would be preferred

i would be very grateful

A:pci video cards that support AREO/GLASS

Newegg has a large variety of PCI cards.

Here they are, cheapest to most expensive.

Newegg.com - Computer Hardware,Video Cards & Video Devices,Desktop Graphics / Video Cards,PCI

You generally want something with DirectX 10.1. Any that do that are guaranteed to be good for Aero. DX9 is good too, but I see no sense in that.
So I advise DX10.1.

Have a look at this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16814187041

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Sorry if this is in the wrong category but I have several questions relating to Video Cards, 4k tv's, and 4k videos on YouTube.

Are there video cards that support or can run games in 3840x2160 (4k)? I just upgraded to a 4k TV and am using an HDMI cable for the PC. I noticed my graphics card only goes up to 1920x1080 for resolution settings, so I must be greatly limiting the TV's capabilities?

I was also wondering about these "4k videos" you see on YouTube that can test out the TV. Will I really be able to view it in 4k or will it really only be 1080p because of the graphics card? What if I bypass the computer and use the smart tv feature to access youtube directly to watch the 4k videos from that, will it really then be in 4k doing that option?

Under some of the 4k videos on youtube, I noticed the settings only go up to 720p HD, so I am not sure if youtube is a really good test to view something in 4k to begin with, sigh. Those are just some of the questions I have. Thank you for answering them in detail and for explaining how some of this works, lol.

A:Are there video cards that support or can run games in 3840x2160 (4k)

I know that the Nvidia 780s support 4K, so would guess that anything newer would too. AMD no idea, but I expect that a visit to their web site would confirm which cards do.

Dont know which card you are currently using, so no idea on that one, but yes, HDMI cable works. I originally used my Displayport, but there were issues, mainly that I could only run at 2/4K at 30hz- this was not an issue with HDMI.

4K you tubes- if your screen is at 1920, thats th emax resolution you will see. The picture is dependent on output res, not the monitor res.

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If I use both USB ports and the HDMI port at the same time I lose sound from the laptop. Neither of the USB ports are connected to headphones or external speakers. Is this to be expected or is there a setting I need to change?


A:Inspiron 15 7569 loses sound when USB and HDMI ports are used

The HDMI ports are a sound output device.  If you have something plugged in which can produce sound you should hear it there.
Try opening the Playback devices window from the speaker icon on the taskbar.  You should see the HDMI listed and showing sound levels if actual sound is playing.  If you don't, look for any other device which may be showing changes in sound levels.  You may have to disable one type if it is getting your sound.

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Hi all ,Some great help out there ! I got the programs I needed to contract the sound from video .but I want to eq,and remix the file then put it back into the same video.Is this possible?
If not can I add a already studio made video into the video file.I know movie maker does that some how and i'll will be twinking it tonight but if anyone has help on either of these question I'd be thankfull
also if anyone needs help in using music soft ware like pro tools or cubase please ask I like to return the favor!

A:put sound back in video[moved from video cards]

Hi J.r, welcome to TSF.

To clarify, you want to extract the audio from a video; remix it and place it back over the video?

In my mind, I would use software to record the audio.
Using video software, I would mute the original audio on the video, and place my remix over the top. Do you think this is something you could achieve?

I'm unclear on what you mean by:


but I want to eq,

Is this a typo?

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I was told the 660 standard case would support the 4 gig card if:  "PCIe slot is rated to supply at least 60w of power" Does it?
Also, we have 2 gigs video ram on our system but only 32 megs are accessible. I have tried repeatedly to get into the BIOS at reboot with no luck. Not del, f12 or f2 work to get me into the BIOS to allocate more video ram. Any suggestions?
Here is a link to the card (EVGA GeForce GT 730, 04G-P3-3739-KR, 4GB GDDR5, Single Slot) I would like to upgrade to:

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Purchased a new M715Q mini and upon connecting using the display port and HDMI for video was not being recognized. I then looked at the the USB mouse and found that it was not being recognized either. Tried all USB ports and none of them recognized the mouse. I have a 3 other lenovo products M900 series and 2 laptops and they all work with monitors and mice. I also found the unit getting extremely hot where the fan kicked on 3 times and turned off. Has anyone else had this issue?

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I'm looking at a new computer offered through Costco and Compaq with the following configuration:

Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz
120 GB UDMA Hard Drive (5400 RPM)
MS Home Suite
XP Home Edition
FireWire (IEEE-1394)
56K ITU v.90 Modem
Integrated 10/100 NIC
***Integrated Soundmax III Digital Audio (standard sound card)
***Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics (standard video card)

I am considering upgrading (an extra $20) the videocard to either:
64MB DDR ATI Radeon 7000 w/TV-Out
64MB DDR nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 w/TV-Out
Are either of these worth the extra $20? What exactly will these videocards do for me that the Intel Extreme Graphics card won't?

I also have the option of upgrading from the standard sound card to the Sound Blaster Live Value 5.1 for an additional $30.00----is this worth it? What is the difference between the standard Integrated Soundmax III Digital Audio card and this Sound Blaster card?


A:Sound and Video Cards---which ones??

I am not much into Compaq Computers because of all their proprietary stuff but if you want to go that route it is your choice.

Now the Intel Extreme Graphics is not bad for standard graphics and most average Gaming. The only disadvantage over the Video cards is it uses part of ram for memory and does not have a TV out function. If you can live without the TV out function then you will find very little advantage. You can always add Video card later if you feel a need to.

The Sound Blaster 5.1 is a nice card but you really need a set of Digital speakers to take advantage of the 5.1 capability. I am sure the standards do not cover 5.1. I suspect you would end up upgrading the speakers to take advantage of sound system.

So IMHO I would say wait to see if you really require upgrading the video and as far as the audio make sure you upgrade the speakers while your at it.

Just my two cents!


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Hello. I am on a dell dimension 2400 desktop with windows xpsp2, Intel pentium4 266ghz with 256 mb ram.
what i am wondering is with all the letter/number codes etc...associated with these video and audiio cards how do you know which one is right for you? I am looking for "better" or "higher" classed upgrades for these items...the question is which one "are" the better one and the right one for this model computer. There's no "suggested" or "recommended" list in the product purchase list so I'm stumped. Don't want to order a new sound and video card only to find out it isn't as good as the one I've got or some other problem. Can you help?

A:Sound And Video Cards

That is a very good question. I would start at Tom's Hardware to start my research. They have bee reviewing compontants for many year and are generally well respected.The first thing I would do is jump my RAM to 512mb. 1gb of RAM if you can afford it. That is the cheapest and best way to enhance you preformance.I have several Dells and when looking I would use the Nvidia chip set if possible. What are you doing that requires a video card upgrade. Just curious.

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Hello my friends.....

I'm about to swap my video & sound card from my system. I currently have Leadtek Geforce FX 5900 and Soundblaster Audigy 2.

I bought the Geforce FX 6800 from eVGA and the Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS.......... My question concerns with drivers, I'm up to date with both their latest versions. Will I need to uninstall them when I swap the cards and reinstall them again, even though I will be installing the same ones?

Thanx in advance!

A:New Video & Sound Cards!

Install the drivers for your new hardware, isntall it, and then unisntall any old drivers.

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I recently installed windows NT on my PC which previously had windows 2000 on it and lost drivers for video, sound and modem cards. I do not have any information on the brands of these cards. Is there a way to identify these cards so that I can search for appropriate drivers to make this hardware work again.

A:How to identify video and sound cards in a PC ??

Welcome, titusingh

Are they showing up in your control panel at all?

When you got your computer, did it come with a manual or cdrom?

Did NT find the new hardware alright?

Other than that, you'll have to pop open the case and take a look around.

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I know this question is going to sound incredibly stupid, but i just can't figure out how to identify my video and sound cards. Do i have to physically take apart my computer to figure it out or is it listed in the computer somewhere. I heard i could run command prompt, but i'm not sure. If anyone has any advise i would appriciate it.

A:Identifying Video and Sound Cards

Go to start> Run

then type dxdiag, when its done click sound and display tags to view info.

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I'm planning on buying a new graphics card and a sound card soon (I currently have no sound card installed at all), and I have a few questions:

Compatibility: I'm using an AMD 64 processor, so I assume I need to get a 64 bit graphics card, right? Like this one? I'm a bit confused about sound cards regarding this however, it seems that 32 vs 64 bit won't be something I'll need to worry about, is that right? Are there any other sorts of compatibility issues I'll have to think about before buying the cards with my motherboard or anything, or the type of slots I have on my computer? I'll post any more information about my system as you need it.

Installation:I think I'll be putting both of the cards in the back slots of my computer, but I'm really not sure if that's exactly where they need to go or if it matters which slot I use for which card. As of right now I'm pretty sure (not certain) that I don't really have a physical graphics card, just one that came with my motherboard, so I'm not sure how that whole transition will work.

Performance: Right now I have a very poor graphics card (or motherboard, whatever) installed: (according to some hardware information program) 60 hz refresh rate, 32 bit color, with 32mb of RAM. Just to be clear before buying a more expensive card, getting a better card would improve things like the fluency of window movement and things like that (for example, right now if I drag a wind... Read more

A:Solved: x64 Sound and Video Cards

You don't need a "64-bit" graphics card. The "64-bitness" is a feature of its memory, and doesn't matter to the slightest.
Is the Dell server the machine you're upgrading? It only takes half-length cards. Also, it doesn't have a PCI-E 16x slot for a decent graphics card, only PCI-E 8x slots.
Now then. If you really want to do this, you will need to get: A PCI slot graphics card (expensive, poor performance), a PCI-E 1(4 or 8)x sound card. Both will need to be half-length cards to fit into your PC. This, IMO, makes it a move not worth doing. You will spend 80-150 $ on a semi-futile improvement, whereas you could get a used machine greater in all ways for a few tens of bucks more.

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i did have sound and video before. but my computer had to be started over and i don't know if the sound worked since then. it says i have none of that. i certainly could use some help on this. i have tried everything that i could find in answers. really appreciate the help. thanks. later

A:How Do I Install Video And Sound Cards.

Welcome to the forums beverlyfarr, hopefully we'll try and solve your PC problems!!

I am assuming that your using your problematic computer to use these forums, if so then you most deffinately have a video card - the video card allows you to see whats going on.

What do you mean when you said that "but my computer had to be started over". If you can give me/us an insight into what happened we can be more of an assistance.

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I have an emachines, about two years old, with an orginal Vista on it (I know, sounds scary already.) So... lately, my sound has been icky. Like, staticy and I can't do any phone calls on the computer itself, or telephone conferences or anything sound oriented, and it blew one of my speakers while it wasn't even that loud, with an enormous squeal out of nowhere. It gets better. My screen has been freaking out lately... like, it'll change sizes, colours, whatever it wants, in the middle of me doing something (usually important, real fun.) Should I scrap it, change the video and sound card, or is there something else wrong that I could fix? PLEASE help. Be simple, I don't know anything about the hard part of the computer, only whats on the screen. Thanks, so so much ^^

-- Phoebe

(Sorry about the caps lock, I would have done italics, but once again... they never work on my computer. Even on forums)

A:BIG problem with emachines video and sound cards, please help!

I'm... well... I think they are integrated. I bought the computer with them already... gosh, I'm horrible with computers. I'm not at home right now, but I... I'll /try/ to update as much information as I can. Thanks!

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i would like to know how to go about disabling onboard sound and video so that i can install more up to date ones......my system is old and my onboard sound is Soundpro HT1869V and my Video is Sis6326AGP. Can anyone help me figure this out, I am at total loss. I would like to install the 3DBlaster Video and and Soundblaster plug and play cards.

A:Disabling onboard video and sound cards

Usually this is a setting in the bios or a particular jumper on the motherboard. I am sure someone can give you specifics if you can tell us what motherboard you have.


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Hello all,

I need your help. I've recentely bought a new pc and am trying to run it through my HD tv, I can get the picture working fine but there is no sound whatsoever. I bought the jack to RCS converter and that's in the same port as the HDMI video lead. I've switched the sound play back on my pc to use the digital output device. I can see the sound being measured with the green bar but alas, still no sound.

Is there a problem with the pc it'self or am I missing something extremely obvious?

Andy help would be very much appreciated.

The sepcs I'm running are.

Dell XPS 420
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4gHz
Nvidia GEForce 8800 GT

The TV is Sony KDL 32W4000

Cheers guys.


A:No sound from using HDMi video.

I'm going to move this to the Hardware forum... (it isn't a news story.)

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I have a custom built HTPC with an ASUS motherboard (M2NPV-VM). I was having issues where the video output, specifically any video, SD or HD, was slightly choppy and adjusting my HDTV settings or the video resolution was not correcting this. I purchased an MSI Nvidia (512MB 9500GT) video card and used the card’s HDMI output to my HDTV. Now the video is excellent. The issue that I am having is audio. I have researched these forums but I have not found a solution, so I’m posting now.

The video card has s/pdif capability and the motherboard has s/pdif pins. I used the cable included with the video card to make the connection from the mobo to the video card.

I couldn’t get any sound through the HDMI cable. Here’s where it gets strange. If I went into the BIOS, turned off HD Audio, booted up then rebooted and turned HD Audio back on, I get sound through the HDMI cable but only if I keep my HDTV on the input where the PC is. If I switch the TV to another source, DVD or Cable and then come back to the PC… no sound unless I go through the procedure of turning off and then on HD Audio.

I swapped a known working HDMI cable – no joy. Swapped working DVD via HDMI and it plays fine through the HDMI where I had the PC via HDMI, sound and video are both perfect. This TV is configured with 2 HDMI ports. HDMI Port #1 is such that if you need to feed in audio separately, there is a 3.5mm stereo input. I have used this port with the same results ~ video, but no sound.

Any suggestions... Read more

A:HDMI - Video but no sound ... sometimes

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Hello all,

I need your help. I've recently bought a new pc and am trying to run it through my HD tv, I can get the picture working fine but there is no sound whatsoever. I bought the jack to RCS converter and that's in the same port as the HDMI video lead. I've switched the sound play back on my pc to use the digital output device. I can see the sound being measured with the green bar but alas, still no sound.

Is there a problem with the pc itself or am I missing something extremely obvious?

Andy help would be very much appreciated.

The specs I'm running are.

Dell XPS 420
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4gHz
Nvidia GEForce 8800 GT

The TV is Sony KDL 32W4000

Cheers guys.

A:No sound using HDMI video.

If you're running straight from the PC and not using HDMI on the PC side or the HDMI is not integrated with the sound on the PC side, you want to be using analog audio out to the HD tv. Also if you're using Vista, its really particular about audio so you may have to fuss with it and then fuss with it some more (there may be more than one audio layer to set correctly) to get it to work.

The best bet is to use the speaker line out to get it working and then move to line out or whatever.

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System was working fine until earlier in the week. Turned it on and nothing via HDMI, no sound and no picture. I didn't change anything, honest! In Control Panel/Devices and Printers, the Pioneer VSX-1124-K is there, shown as Pioneer AVR 2014. When I go to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Sound, this is what I see:
What I should be seeing is this:

What I'm seeing in Device Manager for Sound, video and game controllers is Realtek High Definition and High Definition Audio Device. Sorry but I don't have a screen print of it.

When I go to the Intel Driver Update Utility, it gives me this even though these two there now are the current drivers from Gigabyte's website.
***Update*** I downloaded and installed the graphics file from Intel and now Sound looks like this:
And Device Manager looks like this:
I should be able to see the receiver in Sound but I can't. It's like Windows isn't seeing the receiver when the system starts. Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to get it to work again?

Thanks so much in advance!!!


A:No sound, no video via HDMI

The system (Video) is not seeing the HDMI cable plugged in. That could be a fault on the motherboard, a fault in the CPU's video section or reinstalling the Intel video drivers may fix it.

I had a problem with onboard video on a Gigabyte motherboard. It had DVI and VGA connectors for on-board video from the Intel CPU. The DVI port died on the motherboard and I had to use a separate Video card (which wasn't a bad thing as I got much better video from a separate video card - my Windows video experience jumped from 3.2 to 7).

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A:How can I check if I have the most recent drivers for sound and video cards?

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I have a Dell XPS-M1330 with an HDMI port that incorporates both sound and video. I would like to duplicate this capability on a desktop, i.e. a card with an HDMI port that provides both sound and video to a flat screen. It seems to me that if Dell can make this capability available on a laptop, there should be a PCI card that would also do it. I have tried all manner of searches on this board and the Newegg website looking for such a card to no avail. Anyone have any suggestions?????

A:PCI card with HDMI sound and video?

Look into creative (www.creative.com). Usually the new soundblaster cards have an HDMI port.

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After I upgraded my OS to Windows 10 (64) my HDMI has not work. Both video and sound not working.Below you can find my computer details, how can I fix it? Thank you for all support.   HP Pavilion dm3t Entertainment PC? Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit? Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor SP9300 (2.26GHz, 6M Cache) with 512MB NVIDIA GeForce G 105M? $50 OFF! 6GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm)? 320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive with HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection? 13.3" diagonal High-Definition LED HP BrightView Widescreen Display (1366 x 768)? Webcam Only? Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n Card with Bluetooth (Dual Band)? HP Color Matching Keyboard? 6 Cell Polymer Battery? Microsoft(R) Works 9.0? HP Home & Home Office Store in-box envelope

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I just bought a M720 SFF and realized their is no HDMI outs (or ins ) , display port on tower. I have a dell monitir with HDMI out ... Do I buy a graphics card with an HDMI slot and pop it into my new machine ? and does it have to be lenovo ? Thx sooo much

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A friend of mine has an Acer desktop, i5, 3rd gen. Several months ago the sound stopped working. I checked Device Manager and found No Sound, video and game controllers. I downloaded the drivers from Acer for the Realtek and installed it. Still no Sound, video and game controllers. I bought and installed a new PCI sound card still no Sound, video and game controllers. As I was working on the computer, the USB keyboard stopped working. I rebooted and got it back. The next time I rebooted, I lost the USB keyboard and mouse. I tried a different USB mouse and different USB ports and none of the USB ports worked. At that point, I went and got a glass of wine.

I spent hours looking for suggestions on the web but none of the suggestions worked. Could the motherboard be going out? Does anyone have any suggestions.

A:NO Sound video and game controllers, then lost USB ports

Sounds like a power draw issue is that sound gone when using game controllers or is that just what it is saying? At this point try resetting the USB stack.

Refreshing the USB Stack
a. - Device Manager –

b. Expand USB Serial Controllers - RIGHT CLICK on EVERYTHING and UNINSTALL all except the category itself. (If you have a USB keyboard/mouse do it last then unfortunately reboot the pc via the power button, as the keyboard/mouse will be gone. you can avoid this if you have a ps\2 port and keyboard to use to do this)

c. REBOOT the computer. This refreshes the drive and the USB stack

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Hi, I've a strange problem with the sound output via HDMI. If my T460 is connected to a dockingstation and my monitor is connected to the station via HDMI cable I've sound output from the speakers. So everything works fine and I can also the monitor as device for sound outpu at the sound options. Then I change only one thing at my setup. I directly connect the monitor with the same HDMI cable directly to the HDMI port of my notebook. The video signal is still transmitted perfectly but the sound is gone. Also the device for sound is gone from the sound options. I've only graphics from the intel on board chip and all drivers are uptodate. I also reinstalled them several times. What can I do to solve this problem? Always use the dockingstation is no option, because I also want to connect the notebook to a TV or so and I can't carry a dockingstation with me all the time. Thanks for help!

A:T460 sound via HDMI with dockingstation, no sound via direct connection to HDMI port

I found a workarround, but it isn't the ideal one.https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/ThinkPad-T400-T500-and-newer-T/T470p-no-sound-via-HDMI/m-p/3807333

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Had to replace motherboard from authorized acer parts dealer now I get no sound through HDMI port. I did through the original board until it got fried by electrical surge. Can any one help or send me a picture of the inside the same model to make sure all jumpers on the motherboard are in the right spot. Or if any one else had this problem tell me how you fix it. It does not have HDMI sound icon in the mixer. What I have done:
1. I have looked for disabled devices.
2. Tried looking in sound mixer settings for the default audio.
3. New install and drivers.
4. Tried a system utility software RegInOut. Looking for serious replies on fix even if it was not an Acer.

AMD Athlon II X4 Quad-Core Processor 640,
Windows 7 Home Premium,
NVIDIA GeForce 9200 Chipset, NVIDIA GeForce 9200 Graphics Integrated ,
4096MB DDR3 Memory,
1TB SATA Hard Drive (Green Product ? variable RPM),
16X DVD?R/RW SuperMulti Drive,
Multi-in-1 Digital Media Card Reader,
802.11b/g/n Wireless,
High Definition Audio with 5.1-Channel Audio Support,

Any help appericated

A:NO SOUND TROUGH HDMI ON ACER AX3400-U3032 and No HDMI Icon in sound se

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One thing you could try is to open up the Control panel then click on Sound and then go to the Playback tab and see if there is anything in there to enable it that's what I had to do on my laptop.


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I have a new HDMI monitor connected to my Lenova T460s through the HDMI port on the laptop as the docking station doesn't have an HDMI port. There is no sound coming through the Lenova speakers or when connecting the headphone jack to external speakers. Any thoughts??? Rogertom

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Does anyone know of a plug on the motherboard that could relay 2 channel sound output?
I have an Nvidia card, that doesn't have onboard audio, but does have a plug, to relay sound out thru the hdmi output.

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Hi there, My sound is not working. I only have a HDMI Sound output. However, I don't have any HDMI Output in my computer. I reinstalled windows a couple of times lately, but i don't know for sure if thats the problem.
Right now im using Windows 7 32-Bit, My hardware specs are: CPU: Intel Duo 2 Core. Graphics Card: AMD ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. Any help or such will be Very much appreciated

A:Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

the HDMI sound is most likely off your GPU but that series seems to not have a HDMI port so that is odd. If you can make sure your onboard audio is on in your BIOS and also run the tool on this page so that you can update all your system info for us. System Info - See Your System Specs

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Hi there,

My computer came with a VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP card, which is apparently a Graphics/Video Card with onboard video (or the other way around, video w/ onboard graphics) Now, this is a terrible card- it can barely play any modern games. I want to get a new graphics card, but I'm concerned if I install a new Graphics Card, that because of the onboard video, it will affect this greatly, or if I actually need a video card instead of graphics. What do I actually need, and will it adversely affect anything on my PC.

I can provide more information if you want...

A:Installing New Graphics Cards with Onboard Video/Graphic Cards

We need to know what mobo you have and what slots it has.

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I have been looking for verification that if I buy the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG and attach it to my Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI that I will get full 2560x1440 resolution refresh rate 165 Hz with 1ms response as the Monitor specs are listed.
I can find no information that the HDMI will pass this level of output.
I have talked to Dell tech support and they do say that the HDMI port is connected directly to the  NVIDIA  GeForce GTX 1050T i with 4GB GDDR5 but I also have seen information that HDMI will not support this.
So I am looking for verification on this configuration being compatible/able to output the full capabilities of the video card to the monitor via the on board HDMI output?

A:Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 HDMI Specs/Does HDMI out support full bandwidth for G-SYNC Dell Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

First of all, G-Sync as far as I know requires DisplayPort and will not run on HDMI.  Even if it does, I don't think even HDMI 2.0 has enough bandwidth for 1440p @ 165 Hz.  And even if it does though, all of the Dell systems I've seen have only had HDMI 1.4, which is only enough for 1440p @ 60 Hz.  But even if all of that isn't a problem, does the Inspiron 7567 have ONLY a GeForce GPU, or does it have an Intel GPU plus a GeForce GPU?  If it's the latter, G-Sync will definitely not work because in almost all systems that have both GPUs, only the Intel GPU is directly wired to the display outputs.  If your system has ONLY the GeForce GPU, then G-Sync should work in theory, but again you may have the bandwidth problems I mentioned above.

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I've had my laptop connected to a TV through HDMI for years and it suddenly stopped working. The HDMI output is no longer listed as a playback device. It now shows spdif digital out via HP dock. The picture is fine but there is no sound. Also when you go to the playback settings screen the green lights are jumping next to the spdif which is set as default but there is no sound. I have tried everything if you do a Google search on this topic it seems like it is a common problem but there is no specific solution. I believe the HDMI playback device disappeared after the last Windows 10 update. The HDMI is not under hidden devices but it is listed under audio in the control panel.

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Is it possible to have a 3th HDMI card in this PC? Thank you in advance. Mvg Tim.

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I was womdering what is the type of HDMI port (1.2, 1.4) I have on my lenovo yoga 500-15isk.And of someone know of I can use an ultrawide with this HDMI port.

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hey how you doin?

So lets say you have a Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H and a Gigabyte 9800GT. You have two HDMI ports. Is it possible to plug lets say a ps3 to the 9800GT thru HDMI and HDMI from the Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H port to your Mitsubishi 60inch DLP HDTV? Possibly using some software to record the video as well? That would be super. Thanks.

If I was to guess tho both ports on my pc are output only.

A:HDMI ports

Same here.
As far as I know,they are output only.

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I am currently doing research to figure out what my Laptop can do to support 120Hz at 1080p on an Asus VG248QE 24-Inch LED-Lit Monitor monitor. After doing some research, I've found that HDMI 1.4b, along with Display Port and DVI-D can all support 120Hz at 1080p, and with a DVI-D to HDMI 1.4b adapter, I should be able to get this.

I don't know however, what kind of HDMI port my PC has (or if they're all the same)? How can I find out whether or not the HDMI port on my laptop will support HDMI 1.4b to get the 120Hz I desire? I am currently using a customized Toshiba Qosmio X70-A.

A:HDMI Ports on PC

From the Toshiba Qosmio X70-A series laptop's detailed specifications:
(Click on each thumbnail to enlarge it)

What Is 4K (Ultra HD)?

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I installed a new Wetern Digital hard drive in my desktop computer and clean installed Windows XP Home SP1 onto an approximately 120gb partition, then immediately updated it to SP3 using the SP3 update file which I had previously downloaded and burned to a CD. (I've also tried this leaving it at SP1 and not updating, however, and the same exact issues happened.)

My computer contains a Chaintech Apogee 7VJL motherboard, which has onboard sound and ethernet ports as well as a front USB hub with four additional USB ports.

I have three PCI cards installed (starting from the uppermost slot):

A SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum PCI soundcard, which has its own front hub - I use this for sound;

An ATI Radeon graphics card (which the monitor is plugged into)

A D-Link DGE-539T PCI Ethernet adapter, which I use to connect to the internet

(I don't use the motherboard's ethernet and sound ports)

After clean installing XP, installing the chipset drivers for the motherboard ("VIA Service Pack") from the CD that came with it and updating to SP3, the USB ports work properly (they recognize my external storage devices and I can access them through Windows Explorer), but there is no sound and the D-Link doesn't work (since no drivers are installed).

I installed the drivers for the D-Link and restarted, and the D-Link worked properly (I could get on the internet), but the USB ports no longer work. When I plug a USB device in, it lights up and the computer recogn... Read more

A:Windows XP - PCI Cards, USB Ports not working - conflicts?

Looks like your having a resource conflict after your new XP install. What I would do is disable/uninstall the drivers for both the Dlink and Sound Blaster cards. Then disable/uninstall the drivers for the onboard ethernet controller and the onboard sound controller. Then I would proceed to reinstall the Dlink and SoundBlaster drivers. I would also check for driver updates for these 2 devices.

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I previously posted about some problems I've been having with a clena install of Windows XP on a new hard drive, but I've done more research, tried different things, clean installed Windows XP several times and found out that the problem goes beyond just the ethernet port. I hope someone can help with this.I installed a new Western Digital hard drive in my computer and clean installed Windows XP Home SP1 onto an approximately 120gb partition, then immediately updated it to SP3 using the SP3 update file which I had previously downloaded and burned to a CD. (I've also tried this leaving it at SP1 and not updating, however, and the same exact issues happened.)My computer contains a Chaintech Apogee 7VJL motherboard, which has onboard sound and ethernet ports as well as a front USB hub with four additional USB ports.I have three PCI cards installed (starting from the uppermost slot):A SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum PCI soundcard, which has its own front hub - I use this for sound;An ATI Radeon graphics card (which the monitor is plugged into)A D-Link DGE-539T PCI Ethernet adapter, which I use to connect to the internet(I don't use the motherboard's ethernet and sound ports)After clean installing XP, installing the chipset drivers for the motherboard ("VIA Service Pack") from the CD that came with it and updating to SP3, the USB ports work properly (they recognize my external storage devices and I can access them through Windows Explorer), but there is ... Read more

A:Windows XP - PCI Cards, USB Ports not working - conflicts?

Hi -Just a brief idea - I installed a similar set up and had problems with the system (jumping from a basic SP1 to SP3) - I found an upgrade to SP2 then got all M/soft updates I could find , then updated to SP3 and did the same thing with M/soft updates -There were several items installed at each level and it seemed to work better after doing that -Just one view on the problem (due to experience) with that install - May not relate to yours but ......Thank You -

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I'm trying to run a game in High Def and it says I need to upgrade to GEFORCE 3 or better. Is this a video or a graphics card and what is the best choice to fix this problem.
I've read posts on graphics card and have it down to a choice between GEFORCE and ATI Radeon 3870 that Im having a hard time making since I don't know much about this yet and my comp is at least 5 yrs old. Running an EMachine 3400, 512 mb with windows xp and extra membory added. And which is better the 9600 Geforce or the 3?

A:Graphics Cards and Video Cards

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-I was already using my pc's hdmi port to connect it to my tv monitor.
-I then purchased a wacom citniq 24hd and noticed there wasnt a 2nd port to connect it with.
-I purchased a graphics port, thinking the built in hd port on it would provide a 2nd hd outlet, along with the pc's one.
- it turns out it overided the pc's port so i was just left with the one port once agin
- this forced me to use the unfavourable altrnative- the dvi connection

just found out 10 minutes ago the wacom isnt showing colour on the screen now, my pc no longer recognises the device!

please help! my illustrating career is sort of depending on this right now!

A:Is there any possibility of using two hdmi ports from my pc

Using an addon card will almost always disable the onboard gpu. You could simply purchase a video card that has two HDMI ports. Or you could simply use the DVI port. The only difference between the HDMI port and the DVI port is that the HDMI port also supports audio. The video signal (quality) is the same as they are both a digital signal.

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