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DELL M6300 docked to D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - with DVD port - headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64

Q: DELL M6300 docked to D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - with DVD port - headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64

I have trouble as described in the topic,
I have two most old laptop models, Dell Precision M6300 & Dell Latitude D630.
When laptops is docked to replicator potr dock stations D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - bigger one model with DVD port,

headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64 installed on both laptops.

On M6300 previously was installed Windows 7 Ultimate and on D630 was Windows 8.1.
On Dell M6300 on Win 7 Ult. headphone jack port worked properly.
On Dell D630 on Win 8.1 I'm not sure due I do not used this on it (more years ago when it was on Win XP headphone jack port worked properly)
So when Ms start delivering updates do Win 10, I did it on doth laptops, everything on both models working fine, but only this headphone jack port in D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) wouldn't like to work when I'm dockind Dell M6300 (D630 I docked only
for test if on this one jack port will work or not) but not working too like on M6300.
So loks like drivers whih was made oryginally for Win Vista x64 ale which was workable for Windows 7 64b wouldn't like to work on Windows 10.
Maybe You have some tips what to do with this to press them to work?


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Preferred Solution: DELL M6300 docked to D/APR (PR01X) or D/DOCK (PD01X) - with DVD port - headphone jack port not working under Windows 10 Pro x64

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


Just got a D/dock for my d630. Everything seems to work except for the 3.5 mm audio jack; when I insert the audio cable for my external speakers into the jack the laptop's speakers turn off but there is no sound from the external speaker. Tried updating BIOS and reinstallin Sigmatel audio driver; any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

A:No audio from 3.5 mm jack on d/dock port when d630 docked, vista business

The regular R171789.exe works fine for the D820:

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I have ThinkPad T470 laptop with Windows 10 pro x64 installed. Sound plays just fine from the laptop's speakers, and when I plug external speakers into the laptop's 3.5mm audio port they work just fine too.But...when the laptop is docked in my Ultra Dock 90W docking station and the external speakers cable is plugged into the dock's audio port, no sound is heard. If I'm playing music through the laptop's speakers, as soon as I plug a cable into the dock's audio port no sound is heard. I can still use the laptop's audio port to connect external speakers, but that defeats the object of having an audio port on the Ultra Dock. I believe the driver of external speaker plugged into dock is well-installed and well-detected by the device managerI already set it as default audio output and can see the volume symbol up-and-down while testing it.I also had my T450 docked and the audio port from this Ultra Dock worked just as expected!! It seems everything works fine but still no sound can be heard when T470 is docked.Is it a bug when using Dock with T470 docked ??What do I need to do to get the Ultra Dock's audio port working?Anyone can help ?? Thanks a lot in advance!Kind regards,Jimmy

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A:Audio port on Ultra Dock docking station not working with T470 docked, but it worked with T450.

But...when the laptop is docked in my Ultra Dock 90W docking station and the external speakers cable is plugged into the dock's audio port, no sound is heard. If I'm playing music through the laptop's speakers, as soon as I plug a cable into the dock's audio port no sound is heard. I can still use the laptop's audio port to connect external speakers, but that defeats the object of having an audio port on the Ultra Dock. I believe the driver of external speaker plugged into dock is well-installed and well-detected by the device managerI already set it as default audio output and can see the volume symbol up-and-down while testing it.I also had my T450 docked and the audio port from this Ultra Dock worked just as expected!! It seems everything works fine but still no sound can be heard when T470 is docked.Is it a bug when using Dock with T470 docked ??What do I need to do to get the Ultra Dock's audio port working?Anyone can help ?? Thanks a lot in advance!Kind regards,Jimmy

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Hello,  DVI output suddenly stopped working some months back. I have multiple docks to test with, as well as multiple laptops [M6300's and D630's]. None of them work.Although my system is complex it has been working flawlessly for years. I have a kvm switch as well as a DVI splitter however I bypassed all of that testing the DVI dock problem.When using the DVI on the laptop with no dock it works fine, so it's not the monitor or the cable. Tested using just the M6300 [several] on the dock then DVI out directly to monitor, no go.  I use mainly Manjaro Linux, I tried booting from a live Manjaro CD made way before the problem started, same thing. Thought it might be a video driver problem but that would seem to rule that out. I have a D630 laptop with Windows XP professional, same thing. I have found no info on others having this problem, certainly I must be missing something here if I'm the only one! Again let me stress, everything worked flawlessly for years with the DVI then suddenly stopped. Any help greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Putting together my "new" home network. I have 3 laptops (Dell Latitude D820 - Win 7 Pro, Dell Latitude D620 - Win XP Pro and Lenovo T400 - Win XP Pro). I have a Lenovo port replicator/dock and a Dell PR01x port rep/dock. I have just bought a new Rosewill RKV-2U USB KVM. With the 2 XP laptops, all works great. But if I dock my Win7 Dell D820 laptop, the video comes up but the keyboard and mouse do not - using the same port rep/dock that the Dell D620 just came off of. I noted the Rosewill KVM port light flashes while "detecting/enabling" the devices when switching to the other port and then go steady when ready to work. But with the D820/Win7 the port light continues to flash. I checked the Rosewill site and they say it's compatible with up to Vista, but doesn't say yay/nay about 7 - so my guess is it SHOULD since it works with Vista. I can't find any info from Dell about Win7 compatibility with their PR01x port rep/dock.

Dell D820 laptop is running Win7 Pro x86, 3GB RAM, BIOS A10 (latest), all drivers up to date, all software (OS, etc) up to date.

Any thoughts or ideas?

A:Win7/Dell D820 not working on Dell PR01x dock and KVM


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Hello there, I own a Dell inspiron 6000 (August 2005 purchase) and recently I noticed that my headphone/external speaker port does not work anymore. Yes, I did the basics such as checking if my sound is muted or not. Oddly enough, my default laptop speakers work fully (built-in sound card) but, my headphones do not when I plug them in (and when I plug them in or external speakers my default laptop speakers can't be heard at all). Can you suggest what may be the problem here and how to fix it? If you look at the two attachments at the bottom, you will see one that has my dxdiag general computer information and the other screenshot is a dxdiag of my soundcard information (note: "Test DirectSound" failed).

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The other day a speaker cord was yanked out of my computer and dismembered the head phone port. When headphones or speakers are plugged in they do not work. The main issue here is when nothing is plugged into the port my laptop speakers do not work. Its as if my computer thinks something is plugged in and has turned off its own speakers.
Im poor and lack funds to pay someone for help. What can I try to fix this?

A:problems with headphone port and non working speakers Dell Inspiron

The headphone jack will have to be repaired (if possible - in many cases it will require a new motherboard). There is a contact in the jack (a "normal through") contact that the sound chip senses. Maybe a computer tech can rewire around that so the speakers always work or if you are lucky replace the jack. Otherwise you are looking at a new motherboard. You will have to weigh having sound against the $$ it will potentially take to fix it.

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I have a W540 and ultra dock, have been using it with a U2713HM and sometimes also a U2412 on the dock's displayport outs, no problem. I just bought a 2nd U2713H (2nd hand - I wanted them to match, thoughHM and H models are subtly different), and for the life of me I CANNOT get the new monitor to work with either DP output on the ultra dock...  (just by itself, using either port output and either of 2 cables I have... while the original 2713HM works either display port out with either cable) basically windows shows a 2nd monitor is attached, and at the right resulution... and the monotor shows that it knows it's plugged in, but claims it's not being sent any video. so it's just black... But I did get it to work via DVI cable out of the dock(though at limited resolution) And I did get it to work with the miniDP out on my actual W540 using an old mini DP to DP connector (while also using the dock's displayport out with my other U2713.Can someone let me know what on earth is going on?? While it's releiving to at least be able to see my new monitor running alongside the old one for 2 x 2560x1440, I need that port on my laptop free for other purposes (it's a DP/thunderbolt port and I use it for thunderbolt too!) so I need this fixed or I have wasted money buying a 2nd monitor..  

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Hi. After some advice please. I have a broken headphone jack stuck in the desktop port. I need some advice on how to remove the broken jack or replace the port. If this is not possible how I can disable the headphone jack to restore external sound to the PC? Had a local chap look at it and said that the jack cannot be removed and to fix it would require a part that he cannot source as part of the motherboard? 

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I have a problem with this port other than it being very frustrating. I just bought the Hyper X Revolver headset, and since it is a combo jack I bought a splitter with the plugs for headphone/mic and the one end to plug into the computer. When I plug it in, the computer shows that I have plugged something into the jack. The sound is working just fine, but the microphone WILL NOT WORK. I have tried everything. Anyone else had the same problem with this piece of junk port? If so, how can I fix this? Thanks!

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Hey, first of all, just saying that I'm new to this site. I think it's really cool though, that theres a tech support site that actually has a lot of people on. Anyway, I own a Dell Dimension Desktop, A Gateway (Dont know what brand) laptop, and my friend has a Mac (dont know the brand). Anyway, me and my friend are doing a radio show for school, and we need microphones. I have USB headsets, and we could use those, except that we can only use one at a time or else they override eachother, and that doesnt work well. We also each have those little mics that come with the computer, but we still dont have a way to use both at the same time. We were wondering though, is there any way to use a splitter like that of a headphone jack for a CD player, to split the input of a microphone port? Also, I notice that with my USB headsets, i get "white noise" aka static in the backround when I am not talking, and fainter when I am talking. Will I not get the white noise with a regular mic as opposed to a USB mic? Please if anyone knows the answer, reply. Thanks...

A:Using a headphone jack splitter in a microphone port...

You can't connect two microphones like two sets of headphones. You'll need some sort of mixer. If you have an electronic mic that has a high enough signal level, you could put on into the Line-In jack, and the other into the Mic jack.

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Hi I have serveral X220 running Win7 and have some trouble getting the audio working when the PC is docked, and using the jack ports. When using either USB or the jack port on the X220 itself it works fine. The dock is a ThinkPad Mini Dock Series 3http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-72871.html Any help would be appreciated - Give me a shout if you need more info. / Jesper

A:X220 - No audio through dock (jack port)

Any other ppl with the same issue?

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Here is my situation,
I own a Lattitude E7450, and needed to connected two displays to it. I went ahead and bought the Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with USB 3.0, since it has 2 DVI ports on the back. It shows it is compatible with my laptop.
I set up my dock, connected my laptop, as well as both external monitors. Only one monitor shows a duplicated desktop. When I go into the display settings, I cannot see any existence of another external display being connected.
All of my drivers are up to date, restarted laptop many times. Pretty bummed out.
Anyone have any solution/knowledge to this?

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Not sure if this is the correct forum. I tried searching but must not have used correct key words as nothing came up.

Dell Dock model PR01X which is as I read, a Port Replicator. Does not work on my Latitude D620 running Vista Home Premium. I've also tried XP Pro SP3 on the same machine and still, nothing on the Dock works except the power plug and one light on the top.

I searched Dell user forums. Found this problem has persisted for over 5 years yet Dell has still not addressed it. Many of those users have had some success by installing the XP copy of usb.inf. Vista would not allow that. So I loaded XP onto another drive, swapped it in. Still nothing worked other than the power plug and that one top light that comes on when the lid is lifted. The network cord would not 'pass thru'. I had to un-dock, plug the network cord in to get on-line and go to the Dell site to download and install drivers to get the wi-fi working.

A chat with Dell Tech about this Dock problem was a total waste of time. They wanted to either sell me support or sell me a different Dock. Done a lot of searches, and reading, something led me to Dell R181862 which is Dell Notebook system Software Utility. This installed Client Configuration Utility allows my to edit the system Bios. I used that to add 'Docking'. After making those changes I found during Setup there is now 'Docking' listed and made those selections. It didn't change a thing. Nothing on the dock work... Read more

A:Dell Dock (Port Replicator)

Have you got the power adapter for the Dock ? I read online you need that connected as well as the laptop's own power adapter for the Dock to work.

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My PC is brand new and I have never installed any other software other than what came with it. My headphone port does not work. I plug in my headphones and the sound stops coming out of the speakers, but does not come through the headphones. Is there a setting that I need to change, or does it just not work? Please help

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Hello,My Dell Latitude E5270 shuts down abruptly when resuming after sleep on its DELL E-Port Dock.The Windows Windows 10 login background with time is displayed for 1 second and the pc crashes immediately.Then I have to wait 1 minute to turn it back on.Have you ever encountered this problem? I reset my PC today, installed just like new, updated the bios, ... but this problem has not been solved.Thank you for your help.Yours,

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I have a Dell Studio 17 that I am experiencing a sound problem with - I have NEVER been able to get sound out of the internal speakers, except with the Dell Diagnostics application CD that I downloaded and burned.

I've gone as far as upgrading to the latest drivers, to tinkering with the driver, to reapplying the latest BIOS update to actually re-imaging the machine back to the Dell default image.

I spent over 2 hours on the phone with their tech support guy and he has been unable to get it working. He doesn't seem to want to listen to me though when I tell him that it appears the sensor in the jack is bad..

How do I know this? This is what my IDT Control Panel applet looks like with the Dell included drivers with nothing but the power plugged into the laptop.

Notice the Right Side Panel - the far left jack, which is synonymous with the far front jack on the right side, thinks there is something plugged into it.

If I plug in headphones into that front jack, it works fine. If I plug in external speakers into the same jack, it works fine.

When I plug into the middle jack, the 2nd port gets larger and "bolded" - when I unplug it, it goes back to normal size. When I hover the cursor over that far left jack, it says that headphones are plugged in.

Upgrading to the newest drivers adds the HDMI port to the "Jacks" section on the right.

Now tech support wants to call me tomorrow and spend lord knows how long hand re-installing Vista Ultimat... Read more

A:IDT HD Sound on Dell Studio 17 - headphone port thinks it's in use when it's not.

Looks like I got ahold of the right people in sales - after explaining the whole situation they feel that I am getting the run-around too and they are arranging for me to get a return shipping label and do an exchange.

I've read that others have a similar issue with the Studio series laptops from Dell though - sounds like they need to revisit the design of those headphone jacks!

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Hi everyone, I just switched over at work to the new gen4 version of the X1 Carbon, which of course means I also switched to the new OneLink+ dock.  My issue is that the headphone port on the dock does not work.   The headphone port on the laptop itself does work, it's just the dock's headphone port. When Windows does its initial install of drivers, it gives a failed message for "ThinkPad OneLink Plus Cable dock Audio" [image 1 in link below].  This is also listed with a yellow ! in the device manager [image 2 in link below].  I've gone to Lenovo's driver page and updated the dock drivers (and firmware), as well as the audio drivers just in case.  No luck from any of those. My only lead is that when I try to manually install drives for it, I get a message about them not being digitally signed [image 3 in link below]. Googling the phrase "ThinkPad OneLink Plus Cable dock Audio" returns almost no results and those that do show up look extra shady. Link to screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/3ucoD Anyone run into this issue before?  Any ideas? Thanks!

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When I connect my headphones in my dell xps 15 9550 the sound does not come through them until I close my laptop and re enter again to my session.
How can I make it work normally?

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System is a Latitude E5570 in E-Port Plus II dock, connected to two Dell U2515H monitors via Display Port.
Primary monitor blanks regularly for 2-3 seconds, but secondary mirror does not.
I have followed all instructions in this knowledgebase article: www.dell.com/.../blanking--flickering-or-blinking-video-issues-on-external-monitor-for-dell-latitude-exx70-exx40--precision-xx10-systems
Unfortunately, no remedy yet.
All graphics drivers are up to date, based on offered driver downloads for my system.
A Latitude E6530 does not show this issue when docked in the same dock with the monitor configuration unchanged. The monitor only blinks when E5570 is in dock. Blinking is irregular, sometimes a few times a minute, sometimes every few minutes, sometimes only each hour.
Changed Display Port cable to primary monitor, did not help.
Monitors are not daisy chained, but connected individually to dock to allow older systems to dock.
Would appreciate any advice.

A:Unresolved 2-3s blinking of external monitor at Dell E-Port Plus II Dock

We had this issue and it was resolved by a firmware update to the MST hub built into the system.  Go to support.dell.com, select your system, select Drivers and Downloads, and search "MST".  Note that sometimes if the OS selected by default there is the one you want, you have to choose some other OS and then switch back for anything to appear.  Anyway, the update you're looking for is Synaptics-VMM3320-MST-HUB-Firmware-Updater_DJG3X_WIN_3.12.1_A03.EXE.  I'd post a link, but most of the time that causes posts to get stuck in moderator queues.  Note that when you run the update, you have to have the system docked with an external display connected and in use, and then restart afterward.

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Whenever i plug in headphones i can hear static noise. i've tried with many headphones and get the same irritating noise. can anyone help please? So far i am very unhappy with the XPS 27 it has alot of problems. 

Thanks for any help.

A:Dell XPS 2720 static noise/fuzzy sound from headphone port

I have the same problem. I think they just didn't give the audio out port proper shielding. For example I hear more static when I'm moving my mouse around. Really disappointing since I wanted to use this for audio editing work.

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i'm having a problem with my dell 7359 Audio in Headphones.... the MaxxAudio Equilizer is working perfectly in external speaker but when i plug in headphones the equilizer of maxxaudio in not working ... there is sound in headphones but changing equalizer setting doesn't change any sound effects
Dell inspiron 7359 with windows 10 ,installed with latest audio drivers from dell site .;;

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I just got a brand new Inspiron 15 5000 directly from Dell and it doesn't detect headphones plugged into the 1/8" jack.
I've plugged two different pairs of headphones in and neither appears on the list if I go to control panel > hardware and sound > sound > manage audio devices > playback.
In both cases the audio on the internal speakers continues unchanged. 
I went to Device Manager > Sound, Video, and Gaming Controllers > Realtek Audio right clicked and selected "update driver" and I was told the driver was already working on the current update. 
One pair of headphones is a Sony mdr-7506 and the other was a pair of cheap earbuds. Both work fine with other audio devices

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I been having problems with my headphone jack since I got my new laptop. My laptop has been refusing to recognize my headphones. I plug them in, the sound keeps coming directly from the computer. I check the playback devices, headphones are not even on there. I've read quite a few posts and tried to fix this issue. The only thing that seemed to work was manually updating my drivers with device manager. However, if I shut my computer, or unplug my headphones and then put them back, the issue arises again. 
Obviously the issue is not my headphones, they work just fine for the period of time that the issue is fixed. I've update everything that I know to update. If anyone has any other suggestions then I will gladly try them.
I'm not sure if this is important or not, but I am using Windows 10.

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I re-installed windows on my XPS 14z, 
Installed all the drivers (inc. chipset, bios , etc.)
updated all the windows updates.
but the SS USB port driver didn't install. (you can see it on Device manager as "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller" with no driver)
I have searched everywhere for it, I tried Dell PC checkup, automated driver search etc. 
I saw on these forums a similar problem with the XPS 15z and tried their solution to no avail.

can anyone point me to a driver? 

Thank you

A:Dell XPS 14z USB 3 port not working after windows re-installation

My hat is off to you. I deleted my driver and then could not reinstall because it kept saying I had a newer driver, which I did but it would not work either. I installed the driver via the link you provided and even though it said it was for an XPS which I have a 14z, the driver worked beautifully. Thanks so much and have a great year! I f we lived near by I would buy you a beer!

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So the other day i was spinning a fidget-spinner whilst watching a video on my laptop but then the spinner dropped and hit the keyboard, and when this happened the screen went completely black and there was this terrifying loud grinding noise like the laptop was screaming in pain or something, then i held the power button until it shut down. And then when i restarted the computer everything seemed fine until today when i realised the headphone jack isn't working. I've tried it with two headphones so far. How the heck could this happen? are Dell laptops so fragile that a fidget-spinner could permanently damage it? or is there a fix somewhere that i'm missing. 

A:Dell XPS 15 (9560) headphone jack stopped working after a bizarre crash.

Thank you for your message.This could be just a coincidence that the audio jack has stopped working.Run a hardware diagnostic by following this link http://bit.ly/2fJuGXBDo you get any pop-up message when you plug in the headphone?Is the audio normal on the system speakers?Open device manager- expand sound & audio- right click on the audio driver & click on uninstall ( do not check the box that says delete driver). Restart the computer, this will refresh the audio driver.For my reference, click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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As the title says, my front and rear audio panels are not working.

Came home on Friday and there had been a power cut, rebooted in safe mode and restarted.. everything was fine apart from the audio.

Red X in the bottom right over the audio volume logo, 'speakers not plugged in'. The speakers were plugged in, so thought it was a dodgy cable going from the speakers to the rear panel on the computer. Changed out the cable and still got 'speakers not plugged in'. The speakers are 100% working, I have tested the usual set AND another set of speakers on both front and back and still getting 'not plugged in'.

I have uninstalled, rolled back the drivers, rebooted and installed the newest drivers, disabled and enabled in the BIOS and still nothing. It's on-board sound from the Gigabyte
GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H board.
I gave a look at the green port on the rear panel (usual port for the speakers) and it seems to be fine, not loose etc.. Any help would be greatly appreciated, have searched the whole of google at this stage and nothing has helped. Could the powercut have caused a problem?

A:Rear/Front Jack Port Not Working - Win7

Do you have power to the speakers?

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I have an EVGA 750i SLI FTW motherboard and recently (after moving the motherboard to a different case) there is no sound coming from the rear ports. When I connect headphones to the front, the sound works. Is it a sound card problem (I'm using the integrated card)? It's not a big deal, I can just pick up one for 20-30 bucks but I just want to know the problem beforehand. Thanks in advance.

A:Sound issues: back ports not working, front (headphone) port works

the front ports are most-likely canceling out the rear ports, unless you've dealt with a similar setup that worked fine.

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only 1 usb port is working. the drivers from Dell/Drivers - didn't solved that issue.
2. and another problem - the battery is not charging - it's status is:
0% available (Plugged in, charging).
I read that I have to update the bios, but to update the bios I need at least 10% battery.
Thank's for your help.

A:1. dell inspiron n5110 usb 3.0 port not working on windows 10 64 bit

The problem with the Renesas controller and Windows 10 is known --
For the other issue, does the system correctly identify the AC adapter (f2 at powerup to check).  If the adapter shows "unknown", you have a bad AC adapter, power jack or mainboard.  A BIOS update will not solve this - replace parts in that order.
If the adapter IS recognized but the battery won't charge - particularly if the system is on its original battery, which is now 5-6 years old - it's time for a new battery.  They do wear out over time -and anything beyond 3 years or so has had a good, long life.

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Need to replace cable port and can't seem to find replacement part in UK - only from America.  Any suggestions??

A:Dell Inspiron 15 5547 DC Power Jack Socket Port and Cable - replacement part in UK???

Hi JS246 ,
What is the exact issue on the system? Have you checked with another Dell OEM power adapter? Is the current adapter working fine? Is the adapter frayed?
If you have isolated the source to be indeed the dc power cable, then assuming there is no warranty on the machine, you could contact our team to get a quote for a paid service call - http://dell.to/1vnT6CQ
If you are looking to replace the parts yourself, then you could contact a 3rd party Dell parts seller - http://bit.ly/28SYFVc- they ship parts to UK. Or check on Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/28QNXQ0
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.

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As mentioned in the title I have both pieces of hardware.  I also just purchased a third Dell U2414H LCD monitor.  I am trying to connect all 3 via display port.  However it seems that all I can do is 2 monitors?  When I try to daisychain them I got 2 monitors mirroring each other and one through HDMI off the laptop.

Is this a physical limitation of the replicator?  Is there a firmware update somewhere?

A:Dell Latitude E6520 & E-Port Plus 2 - Display port issue

The E6520 comes with Intel HD Graphics 3000.  The specs for that GPU are buried in the specs for the CPU itself, but if you go to ark.intel.com and look up your CPU, then scroll down to the graphics section and verify that it shows Intel HD Graphics 3000, you'll find that that GPU only supports 2 independent displays, which is why you see mirroring.  More recent Intel GPUs do indeed support 3 displays, but no Intel GPUs to my knowledge yet support 4.
If your E6520 has the NVIDIA discrete GPU, I can't find any information on NVIDIA's site about maximum number of supported displays, but based on your experience I would assume it's 2 unless indicated otherwise.

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As no-one seems to have an answer for my dual display-problems with the P50 and workstation dock, I now have a (hopefully) simple question: Is the rear P50 Thunderbolt 3 port active while the computer is docked? I wonder if I can use the StarTech Thunderbolt 3 to dual displayport adapter, and connect my two displays to this, using the dock only for USB and LAN connections. I hope someone can answer this, as I'd rather not spend another $100 on yet another useless adapter.

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Sir i have dell gx620 desktop optiplex whenever i use to LPT or COM port for programming purpose its shown an error that  I/O SYSTEM SERVICE IS PRESENT BUT THE DRIVER CANNOT BE CONNECTED TO please solve my problem thanks in advance

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I recently started using the E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator with my Latitude E7450, but the headphones are not working. Sound comes from the laptop itself, even when the headphones are plugged into the dock or laptop. The headphones work with other devices, and the laptop works with the headphones when it is not docked.

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windows 10 update and headphone jack no longer works. i've tried downloading many drivers however either none will finish loading or do load bt don't fix the issue. the speakers still work, not very loud though they do work. i looks stupid carrying my laptop around at my ear to hear it working, with no headphone jack working makes the unit a $1000 paper weight in trying to use it on a plane. any help would be appreciated. regards peter

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No information found thus my post.  I have a HP 7541 plotter that worked on older desktops.  Currently I do not have a desktop, which I used in the past.  Matching ports from the older RS232 port to the laptop USB port is my goal.  I set the plotter aside in working condition and it passed the start up test.  So, what interface plug or cable do I need to use here? Thanks for reading.  Thanks for any replies.

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have the current updates as of Sep 24 2016. both the Bluetooth and headphone jack are not responding. Speakers work fine though.

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Hi, I just gave m laptop to be repaired in HP and when I got back, the audio jack (Headphone) was not working. The speaker is working fine but the audio jack is not working at all. I couldn't even find the headphone in playback devices. I tried to upgrade my Laptop from windows 8 to 10, but no luck there Laptop Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 UltrabookOS: Windows 10 (Upgraded from windows 8). All updates are installedProduct Number: D2X03EA#ABD I tried all the options I could find on the internet. Please help. Thanks and Regards,Vivek

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I have had Windows 8 since last November or December and only until recently I have had problems with the headphone jack. My laptop is Dual boot between Linux and Windows 8. Linux was put on after the Windows 8. I know there isn't anything physically wrong with the jack itself, because the headphone jack works perfectly fine in linux. I have tried to search the internet for solutions and I haven't found anything that is helpful, so I have come here.
My laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5110 that came with Windows 7. I had a few problems with drivers when I first put Windows 8 on the laptop. The display driver needed an update, but that was easily fixable. I don't think that this is a driver update problem because the headphone jack DID work, just recently has it stopped working.
I have tried to go into the device manager and search for driver updates, nothing. I am attaching link to a picture of my device manager incase it is helpful:
The EBT1000 headset and headphones I'm pretty sure are for my HP headset. I have tried right clicking on the sound icon and clicking on playback devices and showing all disabled devices like some websites said to do.

-Dual boot Windows 8 and Linux Fedora 18
-Laptop is a Dell Inspiron N5110 that came with Windows 7
-Not physical problem w/ headphone jack
-Don't think it's a driver problem, but might be
-Headphone jack works fine in Li... Read more

A:Headphone Jack stopped working with Windows 8

Go to the Dell Drivers site for this model and download the Audio driver for your model: Driver Details | Dell US

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Hi, I just gave m laptop to be repaired in HP and when I got back, the audio jack (Headphone) was not working. The speaker is working fine but the audio jack is not working at all. I couldn't even find the headphone in playback devices. I tried to upgrade my Laptop from windows 8 to 10, but no luck there Laptop Model: HP ENVY TouchSmart 4 UltrabookOS: Windows 10 (Upgraded from windows 8). All updates are installedProduct Number: D2X03EA#ABD I tried all the options I could find on the internet. Please help. Thanks and Regards,Vivek

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Please help i cannot connect to internet explorer!

I am getting the error message

Check the Firewall settings for HTTP port 80, HTTPs port 443 and FTP port 21.

My provider is tiscali and i have done the trouble shooting with them to no avail, Also tried to disable the Norton firewall functions and still didnt connect. My broadband connection is showing excellent between the router and pc with both wireless or with the lead.

I have Spybot and Ad-aware on my computer and norton internet security 2006.

Do i have to clear the Firewall settings for these ports or can anyone help me .... please!

Thanks a million


A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

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Hello all. I was talking on skype and lost internet connectivity while talking. I received the error above (Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message). I am running a laptop with windows XP and IE 7 and my antivirus is AVG and I also have Ad-Aware.

I'm not much of a computer person but I did some research online and tried a few things: I turned off the option on skype's advanced settings for it to listen on Port 80 and then rebooted. I also ran a command, 'netstat -aon' and did not find a listing of 1270.0.1:80/443 or which seems to imply that nothing should be affecting port 80 or 443.

I also downloaded firefox and it cannot access the internet either. The only way I'm able to access the internet at the hotel I'm located at was to call the hotel's tech support and they had me go into the LAN settings of internet options and manually select port 8080.

Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Some info on common ports used, http://www.chaminade.org/MIS/Articles/Fire...ortSecurity.htmI don't know much about connectivity problems...but it seems to me that...if you never had this problem before and your system connects properly outside of this hotel...the hotel/location may be the problem.Worth a read, IMO: http://en.kioskea.net/forum/affich-37752-c...on-the-internetLouis

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I am a beginner really and got this message after eliminating (hopefully) a prgram called Antivirus Action from my computer. I can't get on the internet because I keep getting this message. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan settings > Proxy server > Advanced. Delete the proxy server settings under HTTP, HTTPS (secure) and FTP (and Socks, if any). Then, under Proxy server, uncheck all boxed.

If running Firefox too, disable proxy server.

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I have suddenly gotten this on my main computer. (Windows XP)
A previous techguy thread (expired) said to check my dns numbers with "jpconfig /all"
However, my computer will not allow me to run that program in safe mode.
Is it a bug issue... or will that program only run in full mode?

A:Firewall Settings HTTP (port 80) HTTPS port 443 FTP port 21 error message

Dear mulebit,
It actually is " ipconfig /all " i.e replace" j"with "i".Please go to command prompt under Start--> Programs-->accessories. No need for "safe mode" to carry out this task. Can you kindly provide details of your computer specifications? Are you using a third party firewall and if so which brand? What security software are you running?

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Since the Windows 10 anniversary update my headphone jack no longer works. It worked fine until then. Now, when I plug headphones in the system recognises the fact and a message pops up saying  'you have just plugged a device into the audio jack', but no sound comes through them. If I unplug them, the message is displayed that I have unplugged them. I have tried 3 different sets of earphones, so they are not the problem. Anyone else had this issue and come up with a solution?

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I had to have the hard drive replaced in my computer due to a defect in the drive. Ever since the hard drive was replaced, the head phone plug-in that is on the face of the tower does not work, but the speaker plug-in that is located in the back of the tower, works just fine.

I cannot figure out what is wrong. The audio driver installed for my system was obtained from the Dell website along with the majority of my other drivers.
Any help would be great.

System Information:
Dell Dimenstion E310 (Desktop)
Windows XP Professional SP3
Audio: Intel Integrated Audio

A:headphone jack not working... but speaker-jack work

Do you know if the front panel audio jack is plugged into the motherboard?

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