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Email route to pop server directly and bypass all others normal smtp server

Q: Email route to pop server directly and bypass all others normal smtp server


Like to ask for ur advice, the below error mail header shown that mails sent
to user
mailbox directly from internet which also bypass the virus scan server. I
using iplanet application software in my pop server. What could led to this


Return-path: <[email protected]>
Received: from mail.starhub.net.sg
(cm254.omega81.maxonline.com.sg [])
by pop2.starhub.net.sg (iPlanet Messaging Server 5.1 HotFix 0.9 (built May
2002)) with SMTP id <[email protected]> for
[email protected] (ORCPT [email protected]); Fri,
25 Jun 2004 21:56:52 +0800 (SGT)
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 21:56:52 +0800 (SGT)
Date-warning: Invalid date header replaced by pop2.starhub.net.sg; original
content: Fri, 25 Jun 2004
From: Benjamin <[email protected]>
Subject: You`ve got 1 VoiceMessage!
To: [email protected]
Message-id: <[email protected]>
MIME-version: 1.0
Content-type: multipart/mixed;
X-Priority: 3

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Preferred Solution: Email route to pop server directly and bypass all others normal smtp server

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



Need help desperately.
I set up my own email smtp server. Now I want to send emails to my gmail account via my own smtp server my google requires an secure tls connection. How do I set that up?
And if I use a program like Putty, what code should I use when working through smtp.gmail.com for the authentication? the authentication type is "AUTH LOGIN PLAIN XOAUTH" as received from ehlo.

Thank You

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My mother has recently had to switch her email from ISP.com to GMAIL and we are having problems downloading her emails. Her email still comes Outlook express but it started downloading messages from 2006. I have managed to get her up to Sept 18th but then it freezes. When I could still access ISP.com website I could pull the email directly from the server before it downloaded to Outlook but now I dont know what to do. Can anyone help me.

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Hi. I am writing a PHP script which is a mailing list.

And I want users of the program to be able to choose to send email through their SMTP server rather than use the webserver's mail() function.

Can anyone point me at any documentation that describes this process?

Also, the reverse. How can I find how to code a PHP script to act as a POP server so that I can read email that comes to a given email account, and process it as it comes in?

This would be for Returned Email processing.

Thanks much.

....Vidya Ishaya

A:In a PHP script, how can I send email with an SMTP server?

Check out the docs at php.net
mail() does send through an smtp server - http://php.net/mail
and a Search for POP3 gives us the manual on IMAP, POP3 and NNTP Functions http://us2.php.net/imap

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I have a client with a web server running Windows 2000 Professional. They also have a server on the network running NT 4. They have been told that there is a device that will route requests to the NT server if the 2000 server is down that costs about $100. I have not heard of such an animal, and if anybody can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it. The device should somehow, I suppose, automatically detect that the machine at IP address A is not responding, and route the web request to IP address B. Anybody?

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Hi folks,

I have been trying to sort out a problem with sending emails and it would appear that the problem is that i cannot access the SMTP server (smtp.sky.com). We have a pc running XP Home sp2 and a laptop running Vista Home Basic and we access the internet through a Netgear router. The problem started at the same time on both computers and I cannot ping the server from either computer. Both computers have Zone Alarm Free Firewall and AVG Free Anti Virus with the email scanner active. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: Cant ping my email providers SMTP server

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Hey All,

I am working on a server and recently two of their mail accounts have began not sending out email. When I first looked into the outbound box, the mail I sent out is still pending. It usually takes anywhere from 1 minute to several hours to for it (Argosoft Outbox) to be delivered. Also, when I send out a email to that particular a particular address, it will just sit there.

I have also done scans with AVG 8.0 and found that it had I-Worm/Bagz.D infection. I quickly quarantined that infection as to not allow to infect other files on the pc / server. I have also done a Hijack This Scan, please can someone look at this and tell some about what I am making out.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:59:54 PM, on 9/30/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16705)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\LogMeInSystray.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\LogMeIn\x86\LMIGuardian.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Works Shared\wkcalrem.exe
d:\Program Files\ArGo Soft... Read more

A:Solved: Working on server (mail, ArgoSoft Email Server) and does not send emails out

I have decided to close this as email service is being moved to a off site location and that also no one has responded to it. I am grateful to anyone who has looked at it and appreciate your time in looking at.

Thank you very much.

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Not sure where to start with this. Ok, I have a 2003 server with IIS that host my website. It has two nic's installed in it. One is connected to my static DSL which hosts my website. The other nic is configured for my private network. Is there a way for me to setup routes so when on my private network I can get to this server but anything related to the website always uses the default route related to the web server? Currently I had to remove the default gateway of my private network because the website kept going down after a few days. I determined that gateway to be the problem when I went on www.showmyip.org it showed the wrong ip. Any help would be greatly appreicated.


A:Solved: Default route on 2003 server with two NIC's

You already have the proper setup. You don't need any routes if your connectivity on the private end is all on the same subnet. Traffic which stays in the same subnet is just layer 2 switched traffic.

One thing you need to factor in...in terms of security. Be aware that you are exposing your private network to possible hacking as your web server can be used as the entry point into your private network.

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For about 3 years now, I've been experiencing slow/sluggish response accessing my eBay messages when logged in to my eBay account. Typically, it takes 3-5 minutes (and sometimes I'm just unable) to view or send a message on eBay.

It's interesting that the problem only occurs with the eBay message server (mesg.ebay.com) but not on the rest of eBay where eBay listings are hosted (ebay.com). And, it only happens on my DSL internet connection. But, I don't seem to have any such issues anywhere else on the web outside of eBay, just the eBay message server.

To confirm, my smartphone does not have this problem with eBay messages when using my cellular connection to the internet. However, if I connect my smartphone to my home WIFI DSL connection, I get the same slow/sluggish response on the eBay message server.

I have ran a trace route on mesg.ebay.com and I consistently get time outs from hops 15 thru 30, which is right after it makes it to ebay (hop 14). I have attached a screen capture of the trace route results here. I also get the same trace route results on ebay.com which makes me believe the issue may not be related to the trace route time outs at all. I'm not sure why the time outs are happening on ebay.com when I don't seem to have any issues with the main website, just the message server. However, I do realize that mesg.ebay.com is a sub-domain of ebay.com and time outs occur right after it hits bb.ebay.com (see image below).

I have cont... Read more

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Does anyone knows a free stmp server which REALLY WORKS.

there are many programs which can create a smtp server on your computer only one such is postcast server from http://www.postcast.com It let me create a smtp server of my one on my own and is pretty fast.

Does anyone know anyother which can do the same thing.I am ready to pay but it should be really gooood .



any free which can help me send one.

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Dear Supportive people, 
I'm looking for a good smtp server to be used on premises. 
something with spam filter & reports, need to send and receive from it. just like Clearos. 
Thank you 

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I want to set up my own SMTP server. I have a dedicated DSL I can use to get out and basically want to set up an automatic email alert from my computer when certain things happen (using DOS command line - such as BLAT) but can't seem to get this working with my ATT email service (just won't connect or authorize no matter what I do...)
I know there is an option in Computer Management in XP which I can use to do make my own computer a SMTP server, but don't know enough about how to set it up and actually get it going...

Any direction, instructions, or a link to where this data is located would be a great help... Thanks!

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My Phpbb forums wont deliver emails so I want to use an SMTP server to deliver them. Are there any free ones?

A:SMTP Server

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I am new at vb.net and am creating a small program for me and my freind to communicate back and forth. what i am trying to send a .txt file through smtp but i cant find a smtp server to send it through. we are going to write a message in a .txt file and when we run the application it will grab the text file and send it through and smtp mail server and i will be able to receive it in my email as an attachment. Its just a little project i have started to advance my knowledge since i am learning vb.net in college right now. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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quick question ... can i directly connect a t1 box to my server using a rj45 cable..

or do i need a router and csu/dsu unit...

i thought you were able to directly connect the t1 to server....


A:T1 directly to server

Don't know, we have always used a CSU/DSU which then connects into our router. I have never tried it any other way.

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Hi folks,

I seem to have an Outlook Expre$$ problem where I can receive mail but not send it. I get an error message stating that my smtp host cannot be found (error code 0x800CCC0D).

Looking on the MS OE site as per this link http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;274456 it suggests pinging the POP3 server, but I'm thinking that my POP3 server must be working OK as my mail is coming in allright - can I in some way ping the SMTP server to test this in a similar way - any guidance much appreciated!


A:can you ping a SMTP server?

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I have Win2000 installed and am using IIS5. Web and FTP is ok. Im using a third party Mail server program. When ever I go to IIS5 the SMTP service is not started and will not start. As of now i am able to recieve email, but cant send. But I can send and recieve from the inside. My question is, even thought im using a third party mail server dose IIS5's SMTP have to be started? I never made any changed to it. When I try to start it it tells me some thing about RPC not working. Please help.

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I tried to use a different smtp server than my ISP one, from my outgoing emails but it's not working.
I've done several researches with google and I know that there are free smtp servers, and you just have to use them with your email utility.
Unfortunately it seems I can only send emails with my ISP SMTP, is it correct? How does it work?
thank you

A:only your ISP SMTP server works or....


To discourage spamming, some ISPs will block port 25 (SMTP) from using an SMTP server other than their own.

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When I attempt to email a document to my Mozilla Thunderbird address it asks for the password to my smtp sever. How do I find this password or set a new one up?

A:imap and smtp server

Try the same password you use to receive mail.

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am using 1st SMTP server for sending emails thru outlook. i usually use my cable connection for sending mails thru it. its using port 25 for it(default). now when my cable is dead i use dialup account for sending mail using 1st SMTP server...but most of the times it gives me the error 550 'Invalid Recipient' when i try to send it thru my dialup account(it goes fine everytime with cable connection!). now in this software they have given a button , pressing it cheks up whether port 25 is available and unblocked to be used by 1st SMTP server and the answer always is positive. now the confusing thing is that if my ISP (dialup one) is not blocking port 25 then why does it give this error....but strangely sometimes it works too...that means its not the anti-spam problem by my ISP. then what else is happening?

pls help

A:1st SMTP server problem

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Hi all! I have been scouring the net loooking for some help with a problem our company is having.
We have our own smtp/pop3 server setup in house. We are using Dyndns' mailhop service in order to control spam, and it works! When someone sends our domain an email, it is forwarded to their servers, scanned and then forwarded to our server.

But lately we have been receiving our emails anywhere from one to several hours late. I looked at the headers for a bunch of messages and they are getting from point a to point b in a timely fashion, but from point b to c is the problem.

When I contacted Dyndns' tech support, they stated that their logs show that there were connection timeouts when trying to contact our server.

My question is how to troubleshoot this problem and find the point of failure.

Thanx in advance!

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Will try and keep this simple.

Had an SBS 2000 server with ISA and Exchange and two NICs, and, the latter connected to SOHO hardware firewall, which stopped working.
Replaced firewall (with one connected to hub/switch), disabled ISA and 2nd network connection, and now, the smtp feed just......disappears (outgoing mail and web browsing are fine).

Am confident that firewall and feed are configured correctly, with routes through to correct IPs etc.
I believe that somehow either ISA is still filtering incoming traffic, or Exchange is still listening for ISA rather than port 25?). However, I can't find configuration for either aspect.

Essentially, I don't really have a grasp on how this normally works (clearly!) and need some guidance. I thought that by removing ISA and only using one NIC, would simplify everything.....!

Any help would be appreciated.

A:smtp feed through ISA server

SMTP is outgoing mail and POP comes in on port 110. ISA server is just a proxy server so I am not sure where you have your Exchange server set up for that setup.

Look at your Internet Mail connector and look on the routing tab.

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Using Outlook Express v6. All Microsoft updates loaded. The SMTP server keeps getting set to smtp.atlavia.it. I've run Spybot, Ad-Adware, NoAdware, virus scans and nothing is fixing the problem. I change the SMTP server to the correct setting and as soon as the system is rebooted it changes back to smtp.atlavia.it. I've even manually removed entries from the system registry.

I've attach my hijackthis log. Can anybody help me with this problem. It's driving me crazy.


A:SMTP Server Keeps Changing

Do you know what this entry is:O4 - Global Startup: NetPlusBar.lnk = C:\AlphaNET\NetPlusBar.exeIf not then remove it as well.I want you to fix some of those entries. Please do the following:Please make sure that you can view all hidden files. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:How to see hidden files in WindowsRun Hijackthis again, click scan, and Put a checkmark next to each of these. Then click the Fix buttonR0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\blank.htmO2 - BHO: ProxyReset Class - {FFCBEECE-FB0C-11D2-AB16-00104B9BBBD2} - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\AHIEHELP.DLL (file missing)O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [DigiD] "C:\WINDOWS\DigitalSound.exe"O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [svchosts] "C:\WINDOWS\svchosts.exe"O16 - DPF: {56336BCB-3D8A-11D6-A00B-0050DA18DE71} (RdxIE Class) - http://software-dl.real.com/22339e56b57531...ip/RdxIE601.cabReboot your computer into Safe ModeThen delete these files or directories (Do not be concerned if they do not exist)C:\WINDOWS\DigitalSound.exeC:\WINDOWS\svchosts.exeReboot your computer to go back to normal mode and post a new log and tell us if its fixed.Also when posting the new log, paste the contents of the log into the post, do not post it as an attachment...

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How can I obtain a smtp server name or ip address from an exchange server when only a guest on the network.

A:Finding smtp server

Do you know what the host/company is? If so, you can probably figure out or google their smtp server, they all have a similar format, smtp.thecompany.com for instance... If you tell me the company's smtp server you need i can probably find it for you fairly quickly...

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hello there,

I am trying to configure a modem on a device with push mail capability to send me email when some events takes place on the device (L1, L2, L3).

I set up a gmail account and this is account is what I use in the configuration, each time a particular event (L1, L2, L3) place on the device, I expect it to send me an email using smtp.gmail.com settings but i do not get the mails. Now I can say if it is actually sending mails or that i can not just get the mails

Could any one look through the attachment perhaps I am missing something

Thanks in anticipation

A:SMTP Server settings

Have you read https://support.google.com/a/answer/176600?hl=en

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Installed IIs web server and SMTP for mail.

In properties of the IIs server there is a setup for mail under server extensions. What should be
entered for these parameters ?
Web server's mail address=
Contact address=
SMTP Mail Server =

A:IIs web server-SMTP-parms ?


What OS are you using, also which version of IIS?

Using the SMTP Service with IIS 4.0

There are plenty of things here: http://www.iisadministrator.com/

This is the FAQ, but as I say, if you can let us know some more things, we may be able to narrow it down.




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Hi all, I have a quick problem here and hopefully one of you may have run into the same issue and will be able to help shed some light for me. Our company has hosted email through Godaddy, and I have installed SMTP Virtual Server to run off our Domain Controller so that we can relay emails from two hardware devices (MFD and a scanner) and a server based application to our emails.

This all works fine as long as we do not email to our @companyname.com email address. Companyname.com is also the name of our domain (and the name of our website, which we had to create a forward lookup in DNS to be able to access within our network). It is not a Go Daddy issue as we have other email addresses that do not end with @companyname.com on Go Daddy which work just fine with this setup. I am assuming that the conflict is with the domain name on our network and the second part of the email address being the same. If anybody else has run into this issue, or knows a fix I would greatly appreciate it!

A:SMTP Virtual Server

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Can e-mails be sent through a SMTP server by enforcing the authentication off for the sender's accounts? If yes, then how to do it and what all settings need to be done on the SMTP server?


A:SMTP server - Authentication off!

I would say the biggest question is what type of mail server are you running? As for the clients connecting to the SMTP server they have to use any client that supports SMTP Auth and they configure it under their connection settings (which most do).

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I can't send outbound mail, I checked http://smtp.icannotconnect.com to test if I can connect to smtp port and confirmed that the port is allowed by my ISP, I'm wondering what else could be preventing me from sending mail.

A:Can't connect to smtp server

What operating system, email client and email service?

Has this outgoing smtp server ever worked for you? If so, on this machine with this email client?

Do you get any error message? If so, from what and what is the message exactly (obscure any email addresses)?

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Hi all,

Since 1 month ago im trying to setup, to configure, to understand authentication mode in SMTP IIS 6.0, with Windows 2003 Server.

I have done many test with SMTP but its impossible to me, found a solution.

I will try, with Google's Language Tool , to explain my situation. I have 2 servers. Server1 work as a Webserver and i need that this server send mail to web users. Server1 can't use local SMTP server. Server2 have a SMTP service and work well. Server1 and Server2 have a same ip range. Server2 use a SMTP service of IIS 6.0, not a Exchange server.

Objective: Server1 connected to SMTP of Server2 with Authentication mode to avoid SPAMMERS. The Server1 works with PHP but i do the test with ASP code. I think the most exactly scenario described is this:

Scenario 1: External user tries to send an email to(E-Mail address blocked: See forum rules). The email arrives at your server. If Anonymous access is not checked, then obviously the email bounces, because there was no authentication process undertaken. However, with it checked, the session establishes and yourdomain.com is checked against your domain name. If it matches, the email is accepted (it does not require relaying!). HOWEVER, if the email is to(E-Mail address blocked: See forum rules), then your server DOES NOT accept the email because it NEEDS TO BE RELAYED to NOTyourdomain.com
Click to expand...

I am in a 50% of problem because actually, Server1 can connect to Server2 and send mails but with An... Read more

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I am having some major problems with setting up my server smtp and pop3..

I have my own domain which I myself am hosting on my computer. I have Windows 2000 Server and am using it for all my domain hosting needs.

I have everything pretty much working so far except I can not seem to get the email part working. I want to use my [email protected] but when I (thought) I configured the smtp correctly I found that I did not. I can not actually send mail from mydomain and can not receive email at mydomain. Also I am using MDaemon Server and it does not show any errors when loading up.

Whats wierd is that I have yahoo mail and 90% of the time their smtp does not respond. So I input my domains smtp addy and ironiclly enough it sends mail to others. But I still can not get it to send mail normally. I want to get this configured correctly so later on I can also offer others to have an [email protected] and be able to use programs like Outlook or Endora or whatnot to send and receive mail.

Any help on this matter would be great. Or if you can not answer my question then maybe you can let me know of any resources on the net, library, etc that I can check and read or whatever to help me along. Thank you very much!


A:Need assistance with server smtp/pop3

Make sure you have the correct MX records in your DNS.

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How do I find out what my SMTP server is? How do I find out what the username & password is?

A:WHAT is the SMTP server,username & password?

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I would appreciate it if someone could help me step by step on how to get an Open Relayed SMTP server

I need it to play this game...

A:Need help getting an Open Relayed SMTP server

What game are you talking about

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Hi guys,

I'm going nuts trying to get a new pc on an old lan to reconnect with an existing e-mail account that's been working fine for years.

The mail account is in a domain hosting package which seems to be fine. Can be accessed from other machines, and via a webmail interface. The new pc came with Windows 7, and has Office 2007 installed, so the mail client is Outlook 2007.

The machine will download mail just fine, but chokes whenever it tries to send - the error message says something about needing a valid receipt before it can connect (I'm getting the message 2nd hand by phone - sorry). I've confirmed the username/password are ok. I know the ISP IS blocking port 25, but the account is set up to use port 26 instead and has been doing so for years. The server requires the client to log into pop3 before smtp, but Outlook is already configured with the Send before Receive option, and mail is always downloaded before an attempt to send is made anyway.

I've been over all the settings many times, and have asked others to look at it as well, and even deleted the entire account, and set it up again with step by step instructions from the hosting provider, but nothing seems to make any difference. The hosting provider advises there are no errors in the smtp logs for this account, and consequently that the error must be coming either from Outlook, or the ISP. Since we are bypassing the ISP's server to use the hosting server, that only leaves Outlook... Read more

A:Blocked access to smtp server...

Check whether the account is Configured correctly

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I am using Win98 and Outlook 2000. I have an e-mail address at optonline.net. All of the e-mail I get from there is downloaded automatically to my desktop via Outlook 2000. When I try to send e-mail from Outlook, I get an error message that says " The SMTP server name could not be found. Please check name and try again". I am positive the server name is


I cannot figure out why I cannot send mail directly from Outlook. If I go to the optonline.net website, I do not have any problems sending my mail. Does anyone have a suggestion. Thanks so much for any advice.

A:SMTP server name error message

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A friend of mine in Angola gave me his SMTP server name, Username and password to use via Advance Mass Sender (Bulk email software), but his SMTP server does not connect through my system/network: I complained to him and he told me that it's working fine with his system/network there in Angola and that the same SMTP server he gave me is even working fine on his brother's system living in Angola too. Does the fact that I am not using the SMTP server in Angola prevents it from connecting through my system? Please can any one tell me the reason the SMTP server was not connecting on my system and how I may resolve it if possible.

I will highly appreciate your help.

Thanks in anticipation.

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how do i find one?

A:Open Relayed SMTP server

What are trying to do? Something bad that you don't want to be traced to?

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This is strange. I've got an Outlook 2002 user, using Windows XP Pro, to connect to our office server. The office server is running Windows Server 2003 and Eudora Worldmail 2.0 as the mail server. It's dial-up connection, meaning he is connecting to this server via RAS. It authenticates fine, he's assigned an IP address that's within the domain, and is able to recieve POP3 e-mail fine. But Outlook reports it is unable to contact the outgoing SMTP server.

His username and password are ok. He can ping the server by name and IP address, and at the moment Outlook is configured so the POP3 and SMTP servers are referenced by their IP address, not by name. Pinging the server by name, when he's connected via RAS, returns the server's LAN IP address. Pinging from the internet returns the IP of our router, which is correct. No one else is having a problem.

I've rebooted the server, restarted all the mail servers. I've also deleted and recreated his mail account in Worldmail. We've deleted and recreated the configuration in Outlook for his account, and built a new dial-up connection. We've deleted all his outgoing mail and started over with fresh test messages after doing the above. As far as I can tell, all his settings are correct...except no mail. The SMTP is on port 25, and his Outlook is looking for it on port 25.

We also tried configuring Outlook to reference the server by name and having him connect to the internet via AOL. Th... Read more

A:Outlook cannot find SMTP server

Just on the off chance, go to Tools, Accounts, Properties, servers tabs

at the bottom, is there a tick in "My server requires authentication"

if there is, remove it. If there isn't, tick it, then click on Settings and fill in the Account Name and password you have allocated for him.

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OS: Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

Problem: The Default SMTP server is missing in IIS Manager

I looked on the Microsoft site and found the article that suggested installing file and printer sharing on the network cards. I did this, uninstalled and reinstalled the application and mail server roles, but the Default SMTP server is still not showing up in IIS Manager. I can't configure domains without this option.

The Microsoft site is no help. Any ideas?

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I want to Configure My e-mail on the some program.
When I want to do it in the some programs I must know :
MY SMTP,mail server,out going mail server, incoming mail server???
I want to ask how I get my smtp,...????
My mail is " free yahoo"
Please help!

A:Emergency Help,What is my SMTP or MAIL SERVER??


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hi guys,

i just exported all mail from outlook express to outlook 2007 and the smtp server that was working with outlook express is not sending mail now...its coming up with relay 500 error about timing or something.

im using a hosting solution that im pretty sure doesnt offer smtp service without paying...ridiculous
and the account is held by a franchise that doesnt support them anymore so i cant request smtp service as i am not the account holder.

i tried a gmail address,which i dont really like doing as it changes the sent from email address.
besides that it keeps asking me more a password even though i know its the right password (i can log in to google with the account) despite trying to change the port settings and security...i tried everything,but it keeps prompting for password.

is there a free smtp server one can use to shoot off mail? i remember a friend a few years ago who told me about a smtp server could have sworn it was something like smtp.hotel or something like that. cant remember...
any ideas?

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I am currently hosting an Apache + PHP + MySQL server on one of my computers for a small personal website. I would like to also add a POP3 and SMTP server. Does anyone know of any free, lightweight POP3 and/or SMTP software?

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How can I change SMTP server on Outlook 2013? I reviewed the settings for Outlook 2013 but could not find where I can set POP and SMTP servers. Could any one help?

A:How to change SMTP server on Outlook

- it's under "Tools/Account settings" in Outlook2007
- is there something similar in 2013.. (?)

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Outlook cannot connect to out going (SMTP) server - any suggestions plese?

A:Outlook cannot connect to out going (SMTP) server

Have you tried calling your Internet Service Provider and a tech will walk you through your E mail set up .

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When leaving email, the following group of messages jump out:

I select yes and get this msg.





A:Smtp server has incorrect name. How to change it?

chuckmcd, the best thing to do would be to call AT&T and ask them for the correct info.
In the meantime, check this out... http://www.wiki-errors.com/wiki-errors.php?wiki=0x8000ccc0d


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I have google apps hosting our email. About twice a year I want to send a 15,000 recipient email.
Google blocks this if there is a way arround it I don't know it.

So I'm thinking of an smtp server of my own to send those batches. Can I do that?

A:Can I have an smtp server and google apps

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