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Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

Q: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

I own a B590 (20208) with Windows 10 (64 bit).I tried running "BIOS Update Utility for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 7 (64-bit) - Lenovo B490, B590" and got the following message: "This BIOS is only for Lenovo B490. Are you sure you want to update the BIOS on this machine ?" and "Your machine does not match with this BIOS. Update process will be halted." The readme attached to the .exe says Updated Date 2015/8/6
Software name H9ET92WW
Support models B490/B590
Operating Systems Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit
Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit

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Preferred Solution: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

Same issue here,I hoped that the bios upgrade should be solve the problem, but the "official" bios isn't working, nicely done again.
I need to renew my battery, thirdparty isn't available due to lenovo lockout ... right, I've bought a genuine lenovo but this isn't working too ... nicely done

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My laptop not booting after updating bios i used windows 8 OS.I downloaded Bios from following link.Bios Download LinkAfter updating bios, system restarted automaticaly, after that only power led is glowing, screen stays blank.Help me solve it.

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A:My Laptop B490 not booting after bios update

hi sathish291
Welcome to the Forums.
Can you try the following:
1. Power down the machine, remove the AC adapter and battery.
2. Hold the power button for 30secs and reconnect the AC adapter only then turn the computer ON.
If the machine still doesn't power up normally and boot into WIndows then it's likely that something went wrong (could be a bad BIOS flash or an internal component might have gone defective during or after the BIOS update). In this case, you may need to contact lenovo on how to go about getting the unit serviced.
Support phone list

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Hello everyone! I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn`t find any kind of solution for my problem.Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system, which also previously was Windows 7 Ultimate (x64). The installation went as usual, and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site, for my product. When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i`ve needed, i stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop, by the producer. So i proceeded to install the upgrade, restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so, but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual. At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing, things that i did not understand at the time (i have never encountered anything like that). After that my screen turned black. I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that, but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter. When trying to boot it all up again, the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else.After doing a little bit of research it appears that, somehowm i`ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something, and nothing else would work at this point. I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back, trye... Read more

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I'm on a fresh install of 64-bit windows 8.1, but the BIOS installer gives the following error message: "Your machine does not match with this BIOS. Update process will be halted." Why on earth is this? I googled the error message but this only seems to be a problem with people trying to upgrade the BIOS from win 10... but I'm definitely on 8.1, it even says Windows 8.1 Build 9600 in the corner. The only modification I made is that I upgraded the ram to 8 GB (from 4 GB), but the BIOS update fails even if I take the extra stick out.

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Hello, i have a Lenovo B590 with Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2328M CPU @ 2.20GHz and NVIDIA GeForce 610M, can some1 help me with an information? I want to upgrade my laptop, so can someone tell me the best CPU and latest that fits my model? I want to change with an i5 or i7 if is possible, but i don't know what motherboard i have on this model, if i upgrade the laptop with a new, better motherboard, please tell me. And another thing, can someone tell me where i can find the upgrade for BIOS from 1.12 to a newer one for my Lenovo B590 but with WINDOWS 10 ?? I hope is there any1 who can answer my request with an valid one. Ty and have a nice Christmas !

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Hello guys!                   This is Kamesh. And I own a Lenovo B490 (20205) laptop that was provided by Govt. of TN. I had the B460 before. I tried to update the correct BIOS on B460 that was downloaded from Lenovo IN site. And it worked perfectly without any problem. The Govt. of TN logo disappeared and the normal Lenovo Logo appeared on B460. So this is fine. Now that I have the B490 and I tried the same. I downloaded the BIOS update from Lenovo IN site by inputting my Laptop serial number and it showed my laptop as Lenovo B490 which is correct. So, I saw that the BIOS update was available. I decided to download and install it. I had Windows 10 64 bit in my Laptop. I installed it and I started the BIOS update it showed me the usual warnings such as Connect AC adapter. I did all the things (I've previous experience of updating the BIOSes). So, it started to flashing the BIOS and after some time the laptop didn't turn on. Found out that the BIOS didn't post. The screen was complete black. I have no copy of previous working BIOS. Now that my Laptop won't post. I tried many methods on internet to recover the BIOSes. I tried the WinCrisis.exe method and found out that it works only with Phoenix BIOS. And I have Insyde BIOS. Please let me know if you can help me with this. Do any one of you have backup of the Govt. of TN BIOS backup? If so, how can I recover the BIOS and reset it to normal state. I have previ... Read more

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Hi everyone, Can someone tell me where i can find the upgrade BIOS from 1.12 to a newer one for my Lenovo B590 but with WINDOWS 10 ??

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changed the hard drive from normal hdd to ssd on this lenovo
now a menu pops up asking for boot device but just flickers when i select dvd or usb
and i cant get into the bios via f1 or f2 or delete

i just give up with these new bios...they make me mad!!!

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I have a huge problem with a B590 Notebook: I replaced the harddisk for a test installation of windows 10. This was already quite a pain in the youknowwhat, since it didn't want to boot from USB-stick. I was able to solve that by changing a boot-option in the BIOS to 'legacy' and changing the boot-order and could continue with the windows 10-installation. Then I wanted to reinstall the old harddrive and run the original windows 8 again. Unfortunately the computer doesn't seem to recognize the original harddrive a boot-device anymore. Instead it seems to search for a boot-device on the network (in an endless loop).The problem now is, that I can't access the BIOS anymore. Pressing F1 as stated on the boot screen has no effect (just like pressing F2, F10, F12, ESC, Enter, AnyKey).My next idea was entering the BIOS from the still running windows 10 installation (By pressing Shift+Restartbutton.) Strangely there is no 'UEFI Firmware settings'-option So how can I enter the BIOS to check the boot-settings/order on this notebook? Thanks!

--Thinkpad Edge E330 (3354), i5-3210M, 4GB, HDD 750GB, SSD 16GB, Win8 64

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Hello everyone! I have recently ungraded the motherboard of my B590 to HM77 so that I could use it with an Iintel core i5. My question is, is the latest BIOS for Lenovo B590 for both versions of these laptops? I mean, does it support HM77 chip? The current BIOS of the board is very old (2013) and Windows won't switch to Nvida GPU despite it's presense in the device mangager. Thanks and I really appreacite your support! 
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

bios.jpg ?1831 KB

A:B590 - Is the latest BIOS OK for HM77?

I'm not clear on whether you have a B90 or a B590.   It would be helpful to get the full model number (from where the serial number is), and a screenshot of a 'sys info'.   Thx. 

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Hi I have changed boot order and also I have disabled UEFI in order to install linux on other partition(not done yet). as I always do on other laptops. But now after changing to legacy mode I cannot access BIOS anymore. I got pxe-e61 error. OK so I insert USB linux drive and it is working properly with live boot.  But I realy need to boot Windows, but it is not possible becoßuse of UEFI being turnd off. Also It is not possible to access bios, because BIOS was accessed from recovery windows menu, whitch doesnt load anymore. Also when it is booting up (lenovo logo) I press esc (no other keys are workind) which open menu where I "can" boot to BIOS. So I press F1 menu dissapears but I end up with same PXE-E61 error. Any advice how to enter BIOS and change it back to UEFI mode ? thanks

A:Lenovo B590 cannot access BIOS - UEFI disabled

I hope you meant to say Lenovo B590, because I cannot find any reference to a Lenovo G590 Not sure why, but others have reported that to regain access to the BIOS, you have to do the following. remove the battery and power, then remove the back panel.remove the BIOS battery.    See page 44, 45 and 52 of the Hardware Maintenance Manualleave it for a couple of minutes (I would say 5 minutes or more).replace the BIOS battery and the cover, then the battery and then the powerBoot up and use F1 / F2 to go into the bios Hardware Maintenance Manual Lenovo B590https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/b590_hmm_en.pdf I hope it works for you too. Good Luck,

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Hello and thanks in advance for your help! My friend has a Lenovo B590 notebook and couple weeks back it upgraded from Win 8.1 to 10 by itself. Now she's unable to connect to the Internet, but connecting to different Wi-fi networks works okay. We've tried to look for B590 specific Wi-fi drivers but couldn't find any. We're not especially tech savvy so we'd be most pleased if someone gave us in detail instructions on how to solve this problem. Thanks!

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I am not able to write on keyboard nor use F keys...keyboard for example opens menu if SPACE is used..etc... S for save ...not able to write not one dammned key

A:B590 keyboard not working

Dear serbin,
Welcome in lenovo community,
Please try to,
1- Turn off the laptop >> Unplug the charger >> Remove the battery >> Hold the power button for 20 seconds.
2- Connect the charger only >> Hold the power button for 10 seconds.
3- Turn on the laptop normal and check.

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what is the newest bios ver. for hp envy 700-216?

A:hp envy 700-216 newest bios ver. ?

Hi, Please check from the following list:         http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-ENVY-700-Desktop-PC-series/5399651/model/6529886 Regards.

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Hi. I just updated to Windows 10. The first time it start it worked fine, but today the main screen is not working. During the start up i can see the Lenovo logo on the main screen, after that the screen turns black. The external screen works. It looks like Windows doesn't detect the main screen, because on the device manager only shows 1 screen (the external one)! 've disconnected the external screen and i've done a screen capture, then no screens are shown on the device manager:

Sin tÝtulo.jpg ?214 KB

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I am trying to download the BIOS update for my HP Proliant ML110 G3 server which is running Windows 7 Ultimate x64 but for some reason there is only one website which allows me to see the new version which is: http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=501876&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=1113but for some reason it needs entitlement so i cannot download as i have no warranty. It would be a huge help if someone has entitlement to download it for me or if someone already has the file. Just select Windows 2003, i really need this update thanks!

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can i ask what is the latest BIOS for the  ENVY TouchSmart 4-1202ea Ultrabook  currenly mine is BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.21, 14/11/2012 on my laptop.  if there is a new one for my model of laptop where can i download it from.  many thanks

A:what is the newest BIOS FOR HP ENVY TouchSmart 4-1202ea Ultr...

There is no new version as of now for the model, but the link for the driver and software download for this model would be the place where you can find the new version if available in future please refer to the link below for the same. Driver and software download: http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-envy-touchsmart-4-1200-ultrabook/5330915/model/53...  RegardsSatishHewlett PackardClick on " Kudos Star " icon on left hand side if resolved.I am a HP employee, but the comments in this forum is of my own and does not represent HP

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I have just recently updated AIM to the newest version. Ever since then I have been having problems when I play Bingo Blitz on uproar. While I'm playing Bingo the window will suddenly clear and an AIM screen takes it place stating PAGE NOT FOUND. AIM is not even running when this happens.

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you can update newest softwares here:

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the problem is i can't see the newest emojis people are posting on facebook.
i don't rely use them my self but a lot of people seem to like to use emojis instead of actual words and it makes it hard to understand what they are saying when half of each of their sentences are just squares.
at first i thought it might be a facebook issue
but after some testing and such i discovered that i couldn't see the emojis on any website...
this lead me to a chrome adon that did allow me to see about half of them.... but not all of them... and the adon used its own custom looking emojis that were really big and ugly.
finally after doing some more research to try and find some thing else to replace that with i found out that my font list is out of date and needs updated to the current unicode font list.

A:How do i download the newest fonts so i can see the newest unicode emojis

You could have a look here -  http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/web/unicode.html
Or google 'Unicode fonts', Unicode fonts list' or even 'Newest unicode fonts'.
Chris Cosgrove

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I belong to Insider Preview RS_PRERELEASE (but tried rs1_release) and Windows Update says that 10586.494 is the latest update possible...
However it's Threshold so there should be Redstone updates available?

I don't know what should I change next...
I moved Slider for Fast Updates, but it doesn't change...

A:Newest update? Cannot update over 10586.494.

From what I hear, Pre-Release is not yet pushing anything. Also, when you move the slider, it can take up to 24 hours for the change to take effect.

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Hi,I use AVG Free and there's a new large update to the program. However, I'm uncertain what to download/update. You can see a screen cap here:http://forum.doom9.org/attachment.php?atta...mp;d=1177169690As you can see, there is a Recommended Update and an Optional Update, yet they *almost* seem to be the same thing (though the second is larger than the first). At the very least, they seem to contain much of the same stuff with the same names and version numbers. 1. Do I need to even update at all? I can still download virus definition updates and other updates using 7.5.446.2. Is the option here to update *either* the Recommended Update OR the Optional Update? 2a. What does the Optional Update have over the Recommended Update?2b. If I download the Recommended Update, will it still prompt me for the Optional Update (or vice-versa)? And if so, will it download again the part of the update that I'd already have from whichever I choose to do first?Thanks for the help!

A:Need Help With Newest Avg Free Program Update

Just click on update, and let it update.

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I have been having a real problem with the newest update of Win 10 14905, After a couple of hours working with a tech, he created a new users and some of the problems went away. I tried to make the fonts, icons and cursor larger but keep getting a message that a program is needed or if one is installed I need to create a link to it. Anyone else having this problem? If any solutions have been found, please help me out. I thought I would be able to fix these problems but I guess they are beyond my level of expertise!

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I've tryed to update the bios from 3.0.1 to 3.0.3 but it seems to be some problems, I've tryed the tutorials to give me the infos to repair that. I've attached a printscreen with the error message.   The error is here:https://forums.lenovo.com/lnv/attachments/lnv/ll03_en/57338/1/Bios%20update%20issue.jpg

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I have a evga 8800 gts 320mb graphics card in my new build. I download the newest set of drivers from their site (175.xx) and I install with driver cleaner pro in safe mode, and after the reboot, they look like a commodore 64. Awful. I need to reinstall the drivers that came with the card to restore my graphics. I also can't upgrade to win xp sp2, and have had trouble with installing certain apps. Alot of signs point to a bad graphics card, but evga seems to think it's okay. Any suggestions. I've ran memtest86 and my hdd's diagnostics and both passed. Bad mobo? I'm stumped.

abit ip35 pro
q6600 cpu
gskill 2x2gb ddr2 800
wd 640 gb sata hdd
evga 8800gts 320mb gpu
seasonic s-12 550w psu

A:Newest Nvidia drivers not working

Didn't a driver disk show up in the box with the card?

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Been trying to download & install definitions file


and when I tell it to download, the "Retreiving Update" bar go's to 100% and after 30 seconds or so a box with an X in a red circle appears which says, "The downloaded definitions file could not be read, please update again". I try again with same results.

I've tried downloading it with everything except 'Systray' and 'Explorer' off and still no luck. AVG, and SpyBot downloaded OK this morning but not AdAware.

Anyone else having this problem?

I'm using Freeware version: "Installed core application 1.06r1 Personal"

A:NEWEST AD-AWARE Update wont download

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Yesterday, I suddenly begin getting virus alerts with AVG Free edition. It only happens when I go to Amazon.com. The alerts petain to HTML Framer in the temp files as far as I can tell.

I decide to check on another computer we have to make sure if it was only on my business computer. It was on the family one as well. Then I remembered that I just updated AVG on it.....thus the business automatically updates....they both had been updated that day and now they both alert to Virus Found: HTML/Framer.

I believe it is a flawed up date, being that it only on Amazon and not other sites for our computers. Any thoughts? Or does some one know how to contact them? The AVG Free Edition offers no contact point to tell them of this possible False/Postive alert.

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Hello, New to this forum. I tried to do the things mentioned in the Windows Update Posting Instructions

so here goes: The last succesful Windows update was Jun 14 although Office, and others seem to be updating

Ran the System Update Readiness Tool (SURT) for my computer ( 32 bit Windows 7 Home premium)

Got the following screenshots after trying windows update: First WU1 after I click on it to get the latest WU software I get WU2 It shows error code 80070570

I tried to run sfc /scannow but immediately I received "Windows Resource protection could not perform the requested operation."

I ran it 4 more times with the same result.

I have attached the CBS.zip file (logs you requested as well

Please let me know if you have away ahead.



A:Newest version of Windows update will not install

Youhave a number of errors showing, all with a common format...

015-07-11 18:36:00, Info CSI 00000009 [SR] Verifying 100 (0x00000064) components
2015-07-11 18:36:00, Info CSI 0000000a [SR] Beginning Verify and Repair transaction
2015-07-11 18:36:02, Error CSI 0000000b (F) STATUS_FILE_CORRUPT_ERROR #300714# from Windows::Rtl::SystemImplementation::DirectFileSystemProvider::SysCreateFile(flags = 0, handle = [email protected], handle=0}, da = (SYNCHRONIZE), oa = @0x85e188->OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES {s:24; rd:NULL; on:[39]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\Temp\PendingRenames\"; a:(OBJ_CASE_INSENSITIVE)}, iosb = @0x85e1a8, as = (null), fa = (FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY), sa = (FILE_SHARE_READ|FILE_SHARE_WRITE|FILE_SHARE_DELETE), cd = FILE_OPEN_IF, co = (FILE_DIRECTORY_FILE|FILE_SYNCHRONOUS_IO_NONALERT|0x00004000), eab = NULL, eal = 0, disp = (null))
2015-07-11 18:36:02, Error CSI [email protected]/7/11:23:36:02.588 (F) d:\win7sp1_gdr\base\wcp\sil\merged\ntu\ntsystem.cpp(2062): Error STATUS_FILE_CORRUPT_ERROR originated in function Windows::Rtl::SystemImplementation::DirectFileSystemProvider::SysCreateFile expression: (null)
2015-07-11 18:36:15, Error CSI 0000000d (F) STATUS_FILE_CORRUPT_ERROR #300711# from Windows::Rtl::SystemImplementation::CFile_IRtlFileTearoff::SetContents(file = [l:104{52}]"\SystemRoot\WinSxS\FileMaps\_0000000000000000.cdf-ms&quo... Read more

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I was just wondering if anyone else was having problems with McAfee's latest virus def update? I personally use Norton, but at work (tech support) we've been getting alot of calls from people that have updated to the latest McAfee upgrade, and their computer would work fine for about a week, and then the system would get stuck at the Windows 98 bootup splash screen. This only seems to affect Windows 98, and like I said, seems to happen about a week after the update. The only way that I've figured out to fix the problem is to rename the autoexec.bat and config.sys files and it boots right up. The main two things I was wondering about was if anyone else was experiencing this and if anyone knew what was causing this problem in the McAfee update?

A:Newest update of McAfee Virus Scan

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I have an Acer Aspire ES1-711 with Windows 10 and when I updated the BIOS to 1.08 the touchpad became upresponsive after reboot. They keyboard suddenly quit working as I was writing this, I tired to disable and re-enable the touchpad and that caused the keyboard to quit working. This computer might as well be a desktop now because you have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse to use it... Why does Acer always have to have faulty BIOS updates? 

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A:Touchpad not working after BIOS update 1.08

Fixed by installing Serial IO Drivers, Intel TXE driver, and Sideband Fabric Device Driver.

View solution in original post

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I have an Acer Aspire ES1-711 with Windows 10 and when I updated the BIOS to 1.08 the touchpad became upresponsive after reboot. They keyboard suddenly quit working as I was writing this, I tired to disable and re-enable the touchpad and that caused the keyboard to quit working. This computer might as well be a desktop now because you have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse to use it... Why does Acer always have to have faulty BIOS updates? 

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A:Touchpad not working after BIOS update 1.08

Fixed by installing Serial IO Drivers, Intel TXE driver, and Sideband Fabric Device Driver.

View solution in original post

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Im having a problem, i cant update my bios, i have downloaded the right bios file, but when i try to update it i get a bsod just before it starts to flash the bios.

The biosfile i have downloaded is:

Satellite pro
Satellite pro M series
Satellite pro M70(PSM76)

Its the bios 1.70 for win xp

Im also having problems with my sound, i have downloaded the sounddriver and installed it, but there is no sound.

Im using Windows XP SP3


A:Bios update not working on Satellite Pro M70-275


Is BIOS update necessary? Or what is the intention to update the BIOS?
Usually if you have no serious problems, the BIOS update isn?t essential

Regarding the sound:
You can solve the problem in Windows XP installing KB888111 and KB835221 hotfix before installing sound driver.

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Hi.  I am trying to create a bootable USB drive to update the bios of my laptop.  When I download the ISO file from the Lenovo driver website and extract the files, there is nothing there.   Is there an issues with the file?  Or is the issue on my end?   The specific file I am looking to download is here:   http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/products/Laptops-and-netbooks/ThinkPad-Yoga-Series-laptops/ThinkPad-...

A:Bootable Bios Update Not Working

Hello and welcome,
I can't tell you how to convert this into a bootable USB flash drive, but the file looks like the other BIOS ISOs I've examined.
Contents shown in 7zip below.

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HI,I bought a pvilion 23-q168d few days ago everything was running good. Hp assistance showed bios update that i did. and after updating my ati radeon is not working. when i uninstall ati drivers its working smooth with built in intel graphics. but as i again install ati driver i cannot run any game and its giving error. I tried to reset my pc still same problem exist. i gave a clean reset. now what i do. I dont know the stock bios version so i could try to see if it fixes the problem. Please kindly help me out.

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I recently purchased a T450s.  It shipped with BIOS versoin 1.18.  I downloaded and ran the application to upgrade the BIOS to version 1.18, but it appears the new version is not being applied.  My system still shows BIOS version 1.17. What could be the cause of this issue?

A:T450s BIOS Update to 1.18 not working

HiHave you read the BIOS upgrade related readme.txt file?There are several important requisitions:- Lenovo recommends to install the USB 3.0 driver for Windows (Version or higher) prior to updating the BIOS. Because the BIOS requires the modification in the USB 3.0 driver to fix USB 3.0 related issues.- You need an AC adapter and a charged battery pack.- Remove the Power-on password prior to updating the UEFI BIOS in the remote deployment environments.- Make sure to be logged on with an administrator account on the target computer.- Make sure the AC adapter is firmly connected to the target computer.

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Hello. So HP Support Assistant gave me a notification to update my BIOS, which I did and it says it was successful, but after finishing and restarting, the Support Assistant keeps giving me the same notification saying that my BIOS needs to be updated. I've done it like 3 times and it always says "Update Complete", but after starting up the laptop again, I get the same notification. What's wrong with it?

View Solution.

A:BIOS update doesn't seem to be working?

Mashiat wrote:Hey! Thanx for replying, but if the update had happened already, shouldn't the notification go away by itself, just like all the others?Its a bug dude.. Just delete it. HP is working on it..

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I have an Acer Aspire ES1-711 with Windows 10 and when I updated the BIOS to 1.08 the touchpad became upresponsive after reboot. They keyboard suddenly quit working as I was writing this, I tired to disable and re-enable the touchpad and that caused the keyboard to quit working. This computer might as well be a desktop now because you have to use a wireless keyboard and mouse to use it... Why does Acer always have to have faulty BIOS updates? 

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A:Touchpad not working after BIOS update 1.08

Fixed by installing Serial IO Drivers, Intel TXE driver, and Sideband Fabric Device Driver.

View solution in original post

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1) How to Copy Newest User Data (12-12-09) from Newest C Drive whose operating system will no longer boot up and the HD now is in a USB exteral storage unit;
2) Copy into working restored older Acronis backup of 9-10-2009.

Best Strategy please:? Other strategies?

I have available as tools:
1.WindowsPE Vista boot disk
2. Koppitz Bot disk
3. Vista Ultimate Installation package

Possible alternatives:
1. (A) Boot up with the WindowsPE Vista
(B) Click Users Folder (12-12-09) and Select ALL, Copy it
(C) Paste into Users folder of 9-10-2009
(D) Reboot


2. (A) Boot up with WindowsPE Vista
(B) Rename Users Folder of 9-10-2009 to Users-Old
(C) Click Users Folder (12-12-09) and Select ALL,
(D) Copy it to C drive
(E) Reboot


Other or Better strategies?


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pages load way slow. shows what appear to be a site map before many pages load - a long list of short phrases down the left side I have 38.0.1 and probs seemed to start when FF automatically cancelled the previous version and installed the new one. anyone else with these probs? how to roll back versions then? when I use chrome load times seem to be normal.

A:newest firefox version working poorly....


probs seemed to start when FF automatically cancelled the previous version and installed the new one

I'm not sure what you mean by that?? Perhaps you could tell us a bit more about what happened??? Are you referring to an auto-update to a newer program version???

However, most Fx problems originate in the user's profile (extensions, corruption etc.), not the program itself.
Rolling back program versions can seriously mess up your profile, making things worse, not better.

Rather, there are some procedures to troubleshoot, as suggested here:

Mozilla Safe Mode
Standard Diagnostic - Firefox
Fix slowness, crashing, error messages and other problems

Hope this helps,

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Hello there

Last week there was one of those install new update popups where you're allowed to wait another 4 hours before it pops up.

My problem is after last weeks update my computer slowed down heavily, and I cannot see anyway to fix it. I have checked core temperature, gpu temperature and even removed all dust from the inside of my cabinet.

Under task manager it looks perfectly normal (CPU usage at 5% max.) but when I try to close it, it goes "not responding" like everything else does when I try to close it.
Also when I try to turn on my computer it boots normally, but after I log onto my account on the computer, all I see is a black screen with the cursor.

Currently it is impossible to open any webbrowers or any programs / games.

I have (by luck) made a full system scan and it didn't find any virusses or spyware. (I use Avira)

In few words... This problem came with the newest Windows 7 update... Before that I didn't run into any problems at all.

Many regards and thanks in advance.


PS: I use Windows 7 64 bit Home edition.

A:Newest windows 7 update slowed down my comp heavily.

It may be worth looking at this, not sure if it's definitely your problem but it's possible.

Windows Update KB2859537 causes problems with Windows 7

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I normally use Google Chrome but have been using Firefox for the last few days because some of the facebook games I play run better with Firefox. It worked okay at first but suddenly Adobe Flash 11.5 keeps crashing every 5 seconds. Windows solutions is telling me that my data execution program security is shutting it down and I followed the instructions to disable DEP for adobe flash but it won't let me. I tried using an older version of Flash but then I'm unable to play certain games. If I try to play these games on Chrome then I have problems with shockwave.

A:Please Help!! Newest Adobe Flash Update crashing in Firefox

Hello -Please read this page on how to enable Shockwave for Chrome >> Adobe Shockwave plug-in - Google Chrome HelpNevt this page on Flash Player for Chrome >> Adobe Flash Player plug-in - Google Chrome HelpCan you use Internet Explorer for any of these programs, as that may help your problem -Please list your Operating system (XP, Vista, Win7), your Make and Model, and your current Service Pack (SP1,2 etc)Last -Please download Security Check by Screen317 from HERE or HERE, and save it to your Desktop.* Double-click SecurityCheck.exe* Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.* A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.Note: If a security program requests permission to access the Internet, allow it to do so.Thank You -Spelling Edit -

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After updating to latest Bios my HP ENVY wont start up.My os is Windows 10After update all I get is a flashing capslock (twice) and a black screen.  Help me please as I need my computer every day. Thanks in anticipation

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Hi everybody,

has anybody tried to install the bios update 2.30?
It is not working for me. I've just bought an SSD and the bios does not recognize it?

Any help?


A:Tecra M9 PTM90E - Bios update not working

Here is a How To:

+How to update the BIOS on Toshiba notebooks?+

Usually there should not be a problem with a BIOS update.
Note; the package should e unzipped and saved on the HDD. All applications and processes should be closed before performing an update.

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I have laptop hp pavilion touch Smart 15 -b129wm SleekBook. After updating bios its touch is not working. Now i am confused how i can restore it to working condition. Looking for help from Hp community and expert

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Got a New BIOS update available notification a couple days ago, did the update and the update was completed successfully. Then after shutting down and when I tried to start my laptop last day, it is not working. No response at all, no sounds, no LED, no fan sound.

Any idea how to fix this?

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I just updated the BIOS of this hp pavilion g6-2113tu and now the Wireless light on the F12 key (which is also the FN Wireless On/Off key) is constantly 'orange' and I am unable to turn it to White (On) regardless of the BIOS setting (FN Key Mode Enabled/Disabled).Apart from the Wireless setting, even the brightness up/down keys aren't working which leads me to believe that none of the FN functions are working.It wouldnt let me to downgrade to older version of BIOS F.26.Before the BIOS update, everything was fine. I know I shouldn't have tried to 'fix' something which was 'working'.Is there some hp software which would let me turn it on manually?

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