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SSD Questions

Q: SSD Questions

Thinking about ordering a SSD tomorrow. But i have a few questions.

I have a Asus ROG Crosshair V Motherboard with Sata 6Gbs

I am curious if all SSD Drives would hook up to this motherboard just fine.

Basicly i need to know if there is compatibility issues. Im looking at the OCZ Solid 3 60GB Sata lll.
Also if anyone has any other brand recommendations let me know.

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Preferred Solution: SSD Questions

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


1. Ran out of this space in my Q:Lenvovo - backup assigned partition.  14GB.  (My C: drive has 80GB free!) How can I fix this?  Is there a way to expand the partition without deleting it first?  Does Lenvovo or Microsoft or SSD manufacturer have a tool to do this where you just enter the amount you want to expand a partition to and it will adjust the other partition accordingly?  If not; I cannot delete the Q:Lenovo drive using file explorer or disk cleanup utility.  How do I remove at the original backup?  When I go to disk cleanup it shows blank the files; so it is a hidden file or subdirectory.  I even try signing on as System Administratin but forgot the password I created, it been so long ago and never use it.  LOL!   If I cannot do any of this:  There is an option to do a Windows 10 refresh but can you redirect it to a new SSD from the existing SSD? 2. Looking to get a new SSD but in NVMe configuration. a. Does my L450 support NVMe boot up? What type of NVMe does my Thinkpad support?  I thinking of getting the Samsung 860 Evo.b. Is connecting the new NVMe and running transfer SSD software the Windows 10 will recognize the drives and do the transfer?    Serial NumberF0ATPKGPart Number: 20D5503800 Thanks for any help you can give in this matter!

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I'm thinking about building my own PC, but I don't quite understand what anti-static precautions should be taken. Obviously, nothing will be plugged in, but is there anything I'm missing or not understanding?
Also, are anti-static wrist bands essential? Also, would carpet work as a good working area?


A:Questions About Precautions to Building a PC (Easy Questions)

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I have a
HP Pavilion dv7t-1000 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC
64bit with Windows Vista Home premium
Recently I had a friend take it and wipe it to start fresh.
when I got it back it is still pointing to a bizarre path..?? (which is one of the reasons I wanted to start fresh. It points to:

%SystemRoot%\system32;%SystemRoot%;%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\Power2Go;%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\


why would this be the case? When I got it back I see that some things like my extra monitor was already installed.. (Before I even hooked it up??) and some folders I had renamed example folder.OLD was still here. (and many other things that lead me to believe it did not get formatted correctly. (and could still have virus?)
He used my factory disks. (which I do have)
can anyone advise me on what is going on?
thanks so much!!

A:Environment Variables questions and format questions

I've had a bunch of HP machines. But I never used the restore. I'm not sure if it formats or just installs over what's there. It may leave files and folders that are in subfolders of programs that come bundled with the machine assuming it's data or something. The path looks fine to me. That %SystemRoot% stuff is just a way to use environment variables in case the system is not installed on C:\Windows.

If you really just want the OS and not the bundled software see the threads about ISO download for Vista. You can evaluate for 90 days perfectly legally. There are also tutorials how to extend the evaluation by 30 days.

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Hello Experts,

Question 1:

To initialize the 4 elements of integer array named numbers to the value of 0, is THIS

int number [4] = { 0 };

correct, and the exact same thing as saying this:

int number [4] = { 0, 0, 0, 0 }; // ?

Question 2:

double x [ 6 ], y [ 14 ];

What C++ statement could I write that would

copy array named x into the first part of array named y. // ?

Thanks again! ... RB

A:Beginner C++ Questions About Arrays (2 Questions)

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Hey guys, you might of seen a post or two about me not able to get our domain to use GPO's, but its all fixed now. YAY !
(It was the DNS, incase anyone was interested)

but now i got a few questions, i'll start with:

1. Is there anyway to configure a client by just having them log onto the domain? e.g. Disable Security Center, Windows Messanger, Add a Registry hack. etc.

2. Is there anyway to view a list of all websites visited on the network with information, eg. Who was looking at it(which user), at what time. etc

3. Is there a way to record a list of all objects printed from our print server with information? e.g. User that printed it, time it was printed, how many pages, how many copys. etc.

4. Is there a way to delete start menu files/folders with a logon script?

5. I'm going to put "Deep Freeze" on the computers that are accessed and used by the public, but i've never used it, nor have any experience with it.
Does it cause any problems with normal operation of the computer? if anyone could give me some feedback on this, i'd love to hear it.

Also, is it possible to get more then just 6 Virtual Drives on a computer?

i mean, isn't there 23 possible drives?

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Brand new user.

a. The new PC came with McAfee anti virus.
Should I use it ?

Is it as good as AVG, e.g., which I used on my old W7 PC ? Use them both ?

b. And, how do I turn on the "Defender" anti virus which I understand is part of
the W10 package ?

Would it interfere with McAfee or AVG ? How good is it ?

c. How do I turn on the Firewall; I'm assuming there is one like in W7 ?

Much thanks,

A:New W10 User Questions (Basic Questions, Please)

McAfee, AVG and Defender are all anti-virus programs and you should only run one. In fact Defender will get turned off when another one is installed.

Right click the Start button and select Control Panel.

Then select Security and Maintenance and under Security it will show your the status of the Firewall, Virus and Spyware and which program is running what.

Control panel also has links to Defender and Firewall.

That McAfee is a trial version and at some point you will have to buy it.


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I have a Packard Bell P133, model D135. Eight megs of
RAM are on the motherboard. According to a search of
this model on a 'Memory' website, this model has FPM non-
parity memory. The machine had two 4-MB modules installed
when it was new in 1996, for a total of 16 MB at time of purchase.
Since then, I have added two 8MB modules to bring it up to
32MB. Two weeks ago, I replaced the two 4MB modules with
two 32MB FPM modules, which was supposed to bring it up to a total of 88MB. When I boot up, it only reads slightly over 81MB as passed....of course, on the System Properties 'General' tab, 80MB is listed. Can anyone tell me what might have happened to the other 8MB?

Another question: Would parity memory be compatible with
non-parity memory? I know from research, that most servers use parity memory...parity being described as a feature of
a module for error-checking. Would parity memory work OK with non-parity, but not the other way around? The reason I ask is, I have an opportunity to buy some used 72-pin, FMP parity modules at a good price, and I just wanted to know if the two (parity and non-parity) would mesh. I wanted to bring it up to the max for this model....136MB, providing the 8MB on-board memory is read. That was my own theory about the missing 8MB....that the on-board memory, for some reason isn't being read. Any thoughts on this?

Last questions: How critical is mixing speeds? Will 70ns
modules in one bank work with 60ns modules in another ... Read more

A:Memory: Questions.....questions....questions....

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Hey guys, just have a few questions in regards to Vista x32 vs x64 as well as Direct x10 issues when it comes to gaming.

First off - What benefits do I get by running Vista x64 as opposed to x32 when it comes to gaming. I bought Call of Duty 4 as well as Bioshock, and will be buying some of the new games coming out such as Assassin's Creed and Far Cry 2. Are any of these games 64 bit games?

Second off - Do I get any benefit playing a game made for DirectX 9 on a DirectX10 platform? Or are the graphic increases only visible in games actually made for DirectX 10? Again, are any of the games I listed above made to work with better graphics in DirectX 10?

Thanks guys!

A:32/64 bit questions & DirectX 9/10 questions :)

I discovered your inquiry while I was attempting to answer questions similar to yours.

This isn't much help but try reading about Epic Game's 'Unreal' game engine. I'm reading the article on wikipeadia about this game engine. This is the game engine used for Gears of War and Unreal Tournament.

Any way, it seems that if your running the game in a 64-bit environment like Windows Vista 64 the game will be in 64-bit mode.

It uses Directx 10 and Directx 10 also seems to be in 64-bit mode depending on weather Windows is in 64-bit mode.

In related news, it seems that the 'Unreal' game engine and the 'Source' game engine (Used for Half life 2, etc) are optimized to take advantage of multi-threading or in other words optimized for multi-core processors.

Anyway, see what conclusions you come to...I'll post an update as I learn more.

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Hey all, I just have a few questions with my current Windows XP System.

Everytime I restart the computer, it makes me switch between 2 of the same OS's. There's a list that says:

- Windows XP SP2
- Windows XP SP2 (boot screen)

It makes me select one and gives me a 30 second time limit. This is a little annoying, so does anyone know if there's a way to remove this and auto-choose one of the two instead of asking me?

Also, after windows loads, it brings me up to the User Sign-In screen. Thing is, I'm the only user that uses this computer and pressing my icon to load windows is a little time consuming.

Lastly, everytime I load up windows, a "You still have files waiting to be written on your CD Drive" pops up. Whenever I click it, there are no files on there waiting to be written and it's been fairly annoying.

Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Few Questions

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Can someone translate this for me?


You think that's gonna scare me off? You think you claiming your sister works for McAfee is going to prove anything? Come into our IRC channel and we'll see what happens fatboy. You think you can trace me from 6 hops and 10 bnc's? You think I'd hit you with my own box? *** kind of idiot are you? You obviously don't know jack happy about how the infastructure of the internet works, and because of these idiotic statements I doubt your sister works for McAfee. Besides the fact that they're an ANTI-VIRUS company. I never said I'd virus you newbie. And there's no ANTI-VIRUS that can stop UDP packets newbie. There's very few fire walls that can. And even the one's that can have to be on EXTREMELY high bandwidth networks. You got an OC3 coming out of your basement BOY? Don't think so . You got Oracle's network security on your lowly PC? Don't think so.

The guy that wrote this has been threatening to hack me and i am new to detecting foreign users. What is the best way to detect foreign users? And what is the best way to keep him out?

Also, what is the best tracer program.... i like the one seen in http://www.techsupportforums.com/sho...&threadid=4939 what is it?

A:Several questions...

hmm...did you get this by email ? the one that you see on the other post might be web based... there is hundreds of websites out there that offer services like traceroute, DNS dig and such



As for as what he was writing, IRC is internet relay chat, mostly used for chatting, sometimes for other things too..Tracing from 6 hops and 10 bnc's is basically tracing back the connection trough all the servers he hits to get to you...hitting you with his own box means, hacking you with his own computer, and so on...did you do anything to piss him/her off ? What OS do you have ? do you have any firewalls ?

oh, btw, welcome to the forums !!!

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i was wondering what brand or company of ram would be the best. i want something thats fast reliable etc. i've been looking at some PQi 2Gb dual channel ram (although a little out of my price range i might splurge or i found some corsair XMS 1Gb dual channel.

PQi Ram
Corsair Ram
these are both at new egg .com 184 pin (they wont let me put the links in for some reason)
if any body has any suggestions on which one of these to get or if you would recommend something different your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

also if anybody knows exactly what "dual channel" does and the pros and cons that would be cool too.



A:RAM questions

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Not sure where to post this question...so please forgive me in advanced.

If you had to buy one anti-virus/anti-spyware and only one, which one would you get?

Thanks, Carla


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1. Can a bad stick of ram by itself fry a motherboard ?
2. Can a bad stick of ram fry a powersupply?

A:2 questions

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We have Windows Server 2012 R2 in organization.
First question is that one of people wants to share the "data" with specific people. I think it would be good that if we use EFS. But if they set up EFS then does domain admin have access?
2nd question is that when user set up the folder or data with EFS, they need to export their certs to specific people that he/she share. Then Let's say he create an another folder with EFS, and do other people who has cert can access that folder?

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my first question is What is the NTDLR error, why and how does it happenen.

my second question is how can i go about preventing NTDLR error

my third question is how do i safeguard my computer from crashes, would cleaning my registry do more harm then good?

my final question is what is the best firewall and spyware remover i could use to safeguard my computer.

ANY tips would be awsome. I hope others can also use this information. thank you.

A:4 questions

Here is the Microsoft solution... it's designed for Windows 2000, but as we all know, Windows 2000 and Windows XP are quite similar (at least in this respect).


What were you doing prior to this error occuring? Copying a lot of files? Installing a new OS? Adding any software/hardware?

If you are a novice, I wouldn't reccomend tooling with the registry beyond using a very simple, automated registry cleanup tool. The registry is a complex beast that should only be manually edited by pros (and always after being backed up).

If you are looking for the best protection for the last amount of money, I would rely on the built-in Windows Firewall in SP2 and Microsoft AntiSpyware. Now, with that said, I would also reccomend a hardware firewall (whether seperate or built into a router) that provides a second layer of defense. A manual scan now and then with AdAware and Spybot will keep you spyware free. The final reccomendation with regards to spyware (if you are seeing heavy infection repeatedly) is to switch to Mozilla Firefox. Not all pages work perfectly, as not all developers test using Firefox and non-IE browsers, but for the most part it works great!

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I was discussing Vista with a few friends over on a Linux website. They say:

Vista will not play MPEG or MP3 files if Vista thinks they are illegal downloads.Vista will not allow you to store downloaded music.Vista calls home every day to tell MS what programs, keystrokes and internet sites you use.Vista will not allow you to Copy a DVD for your own home use as a backup.Is any of this true? I have yet to have any problems. I do value what little privacy I can get so if Vista calls home everyday that's crap...


A:A few questions if I may...

I'll take a stab at this one

Vista will not play MPEG or MP3 files if Vista thinks they are illegal downloads.

Only DRM protected Content. And that's Windows Media Player 11 not Windows as far as I know. I have about 8500 MP3's on my machine ripped from CD, downloaded from Itunes and have not had a single one denied to be played.
On my machine at work, I use Ubuntu 7.10 and I had to jump through hoops to get an MP3 to play. So I would say Windows got Linux beat right out the gate on that.

Vista will not allow you to store downloaded music

Just not true!

Vista calls home every day to tell MS what programs, keystrokes and internet sites you use.

could you imagine checking the inbox of those 10 gazillion messages an hour! Myth Busted!

Vista will not allow you to Copy a DVD for your own home use as a backup

Only store bought encrypted DVD's and with the right program, it can still be done.
Now, since I run Ubuntu, WinXP, and Vista. The only thing that I can tell you about the rumors that Linux is better than Windows is that Linux is free. Other than that, I just don't buy into the hype. Ubuntu is good, but Windows is better. JMHO!

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In another thread I believe someone brought this question up.

Question #1: Say I have a Athlon XP 2800 processor with a 333MHz FSB. The RAM that I buy is 400mhz PC3200. Would I have a problem with this setup and would I be running some sort of bottleneck?

In the near future I plan on building a new PC and this is a question I want to address before I do so, because I don't want to spend $400+ on a Athlon XP 3200 with a 400mhz FSB when I can get the Athlon XP 2800 with a 333mhz for only $168.00.

I think the Asus A7N8X only supports up to a 333mhz FSB (166x2). Can someone confirm this?

Edit: Nevermind. A7N8X indeed only supports 333MHz processor FSB.

Parts "in question"
AMD Athlon XP 2800 "Barton" 333 FSB

Corsair XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 256MB PC3200 400mhz w/Heat spreader (will be running 2 of these for dual channel)

Question #2: Which Athlon XP is the best overclocker? I *think* I heard someone say the 3000+ would overclock to 3.6GHz? (or something like that). Sounds pretty crazy but I'm not 100% sure what I heard.

A:FSB Questions

Asus A7N8X v2.0 supports 400 fsb.

Answer #1. No bottleneck. You could overclock your cpu by decreasing the multiplier settings (to avoid too much overclock) and increasing the fsb settings to 400 fsb. That will eliminate any bottleneck and give you a fast system at low cost.

Answer #2. Athlon XP 1700+ (soon to be discontinued).

AMD XP1700 JIUHB - Hexus

Not as fast as Athlon XP 3000+ when overclocked, but a damn sight cheaper.

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This question could have gone in about 5 different forums, but I figured this would work. If someone feels it should be moved, go right ahead.
question 1: What happens in IE if you click a link to a pdf, but don't have a pdf reader installed?
Question 2: Will the same result occur in all browsers?
Thanks in advance

A:PDF questions

Far as I know, it will prompt for the standard download location/program to open this file with prompt you get when downloading any other file by left clicking. I'm pretty sure FF does this also, but i'm not so sure with Opera/Safari, etc.

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Hello, my friend recently made me a couple of tracks in asf format that i would love to record to cd. is there anyway for me to convert the files to wav or do i have to use a program like soundforge to capture the audio?

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A friend helped me setup my network and I think he had me buy the wrong equipment or we have something setup wrong. First let me tell you what I am trying to run.

I have 2 desktop pcs and a laptop.
A) Desktop PC Running Windows Vista Home Premium (64) SP2
B) Desktop PC Running Windows XP SP2
C) Laptop Running Windows XP SP2

Also we have 3 xbox 360's and a ps3...

The network equipment at this time is set up like this
Cable Modem----->Linksys BEFSR41 Router (1) -----> Linksys BEFSR41 Router (2)

Computer A is linked to Router 1 along with 2/3 xboxes
Computer B is linked to Router 2 along with 1 xbox, ps3 and laptop
Issues: Sometime things can connect to internet sometimes they cannot..
The Xboxes on Router 1 knock each other offline when they try to both connect which makes gaming with each other impossible over the internet but not via system link.

I was going to get an ethernet switch instead of the router (2) but was convinced into getting a second router and chaining them.

SO.... can someone tell me would it be better to get a switch for that position or are the setting just wrong somewhere and I can make this work.

At this point I just want to have a smooth functioning setup where people can use what they want when they need to and need some help to get there. Thanks.


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Softmodding? Is it illegal? I was wondering if I could softmod my 9800se that I may get (128bit). Is there any chance it may damaged and/or void warranty? Can you replace the drivers if something were to happen? What program is best to do it in? Does 128mb or 256mb make a difference? Basically, I just want a run down on what it is and how to do it, thanks alot!

Oh one other thing, the highest clock speed processor I can get for my motherboard is 2.28ghz and is the amd Barton, has anybody used this? I heard it is comparable to the 3ghz p4. Is there any other better processors for a slot-A motherboard?

A:A few questions..

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Couple of odd things happening with AOL9.0 and XP SP2.....

1. Attachments (Word, Excel or images) received in AOL mail can't be downloaded. When clicking the download button nothing happens. I've changed the setting so that it allows images but that didn't sort it. Problem began after updating to SP2. AOL help desk don't know the answer!!!

2. AOL doesn't recognise the firewall and anti virus programs. It says on the front page that they're not there. The firewall is XP's own and the anti virus is e-trust. Is it just that AOL doesn't recognise these programs ands therefore doesn't know they're there?


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I'm slowly beginning to understand the internal construction of computers, but I have a few questions about RAM. I'm on a Toshiba Satellite A75.

1) According to Crucial.com, my laptop can handle 1536MB of RAM. I have 1024MB in there right now. Is there such a thing as a 1.5 GB stick that I can upgrade to? I'd need a "200-pin SODIMM DDR PC2700" module.

2) Although my laptop has 1024MB of RAM currently installed, my computer only reports the usage of 896MB. I suppose that has something to do with shared video memory? I haven't quite figured that out yet. Any particular reason why I'm not harnessing all of the power available to me?

3) In general, which computer supports the most amount of RAM? From what I understand, Windows XP maxes out at 4 GB, so I would imagine that 4 GB is the max. I've yet to find a system with that capability, but I'd be eager to upgrade. As highly avid gamer and graphics designer, I could use all the RAM I can get.

Price estimates for RAM upgrades/speed-demon computers would be excellent as well. Thanks, guys.

A:A few RAM questions.

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First thing's first, I am a computer newbie, so please bear with me.

I have a few questions:

1. Why is it not advised to have more than one anti virus software running on the same computer?

2. What are these?:

They were found and labeled as riskware by shaw secure, but I don't know if they have been removed from my system. Should I be concerned?

Here's a HJT Log of my system

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:52:44 PM, on 6/22/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16674)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\a-squared Free\a2service.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\TOSHIBA\ConfigFree\CFSvcs.exe
C:\Program Files\Shaw Secure\Anti-Virus\fsgk32st.exe
C:\Program Files\Shaw Secure\Common\FSMA32.EXE
C:\Program Files\Shaw Secure\Anti-Virus\FSGK32.EXE
C:\Program Files\Shaw Secure\Co... Read more

A:A few questions + A HJT Log

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I just have a few questions that I hope everyone can help me with. There are no problems really, just more of an informative post...

I believe there is a user at my workplace who is stealing internet. He had a buddy who used to work for comcast that has set him up. He never actually said this to me (I am a help desk extraordinare).

He uses a computer (a portable WM5 handheld device) to transfer information via FTP everyday to our server. Normally this is via WiFi (Internet). Well, he has been using another method of communicating recently, which is the Cellular method, using AT&Ts network. We provide that service for them if they need it. He just called in today and tried to get set back up on transferring data thru his WiFi connection at his house, as he just purchased a Wireless Router, and had his friend set it up for him.

This is where I start to not understand...

We use a program called SOTI MobiControl to remote his computer that we provide for him. This remote access to his computer does in fact use port 8080. So he called in with his problem that he can not communicate with our server (which would use FTP port 21). I was able to remote his machine, and see it fail.

So I dug a little deeper..

After verifying that our server was not blocking him, and our firewall was not blocking him, I started asking him questions. I sent him the "TeamViewer" program link, so I could remote his computer (his personal laptop). I was looking around and noticed that ... Read more

A:DNS Questions

Using a public DNS server or the ISP's DNS server would make no difference, except that any given DNS server can be out of date or otherwise messed up and not resolving everything it should. Also, he can set his router to use a public DNS server instead of whatever would be assigned by the ISP.

I cannot offer any more than this, but I'm going to move your thread to Networking, where you are more likely to catch the attention of the right folks.

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Firstly i'm not that good with computers i got windows vista home basic and i feel it will be helpful to know my computer specs in order to help me with problems on my computer, how would i go by doing this, step by step plz?

Secondly my computer is acting fine although every time i start the computer a 'RunDLL' message stating 'Error loading C:\Users\Nico\AppData\Local\Temp\jkklk.dll The specified module could not be found.' appears. You only get the option to press OK or close it. I don't have a clue what it means or how to get rid of this message any help much apprieciated

A:ok 2 questions

Hi Welcome to TSG!!
Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop. alternate download link 1 alternate download link 2
Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
Double-click on Download_mbam-setup.exe to install the application.
When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.
When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:
Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware

Then click Finish.
MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.
On the Scanner tab:
Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.
Then click on the Scan button.

If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button.
The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.
When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".
Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.
Back at the main Scann... Read more

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Here is a list of questions that I have:
Where is the end of the net?
Who/what is at the top of the internet?
Who owns the net?
You pay some amount of money to register a domain but in the end where dos the money go to?
Who/What is the group that can not be seen but controls the net? (like a 1337 hacking group or something)

A:My Questions About The Net

Your Answers are:

Where is the end of the net? "Just before the finish line. Or there about, "

Who/what is at the top of the Internet? " An awful lot of people"

Who owns the net? "All of us"

You pay some amount of money to register a domain but in the end where dos the money go to? "Into a company or someones bank a/c"

Who/What is the group that can not be seen but controls the net? (like a 1337 hacking group or something) "Sorry, it sounds like you are a bit confused"

"The net is just a bunch of people using technology to its best advantage."

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2 questions:

- my desktop is larger than the scream and it takes more space, i dont know how to explane, how can i bring it to the normal size?

- i don't succeed to access anymore sites like hotmail.com without reasons, where can i check if something is wrong?

thank you

A:2 questions

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Will a computer use a default gateway if the destination IP address is on a different network?

A:IP Questions

I don't think the purpose of this forum is to do all your homework for you.


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i acquired an old 386 computer i know there is a distro of linux that turns computers into a router. does anyone know the name and system requirments. any ideas for a mouse and keyboard ? all i have laying around here are ps2 and usb mice and keyboards.

A:old 386 questions

You can buy a cheap adapter that will allow you to use the old style keyboard connector on a PS/2 keyboard. You probably need a serial mouse, I suspect that if you have any friends that have been into computers for any length of time, they have a couple laying around. I have about 5 of them in my closet.

Any version of Linux will do router duties, but configuring it may tax your patience if you aren't a Linux person.

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Hi all, got 2 doubts if someone maybe can give some info.

im looking for great firewall : tested near all aviable atm. zone alarm cause alot of problems all times i try to use in diferents pcs too, glasswire using win firewall for what i know wich not convince me.. windows products always not really strong and just send extra telemetry to them.: both of these firewalls got paid vervions much better than free. so i dont go use a " limited software". those both are just some examples of some firewall i test ( yes comodo too : waiting for V9 stable to try again ). and private firewall the best with big diference abouth all others but i see it still discontinued from years ago dont get fresh versions or options ( can some1 confirm that pls? )

second question.. is there any option in firewalls to block most telemetry u send from back ward to microsoft?
thx advanced.

A:two questions :)

dJim said:

Hi all, got 2 doubts if someone maybe can give some info.

im looking for great firewall : tested near all aviable atm. zone alarm cause alot of problems all times i try to use in diferents pcs too, glasswire using win firewall for what i know wich not convince me.. windows products always not really strong and just send extra telemetry to them.: both of these firewalls got paid vervions much better than free. so i dont go use a " limited software". those both are just some examples of some firewall i test ( yes comodo too : waiting for V9 stable to try again ). and private firewall the best with big diference abouth all others but i see it still discontinued from years ago dont get fresh versions or options ( can some1 confirm that pls? )

second question.. is there any option in firewalls to block most telemetry u send from back ward to microsoft?
thx advanced.Click to expand...

1. If you have tried all the home user security suites, then there really aren't really any other firewalls available. I really recommend BiniSoft's Windows
Firewall Control; you can use WFC to do everything you need using Windows Firewall.

2. To disable all W10 telemetry, you can do it right in Windows Firewall:

Win + R (Run) Control Panel > Windows Firewall > Advanced Settings > Outbound Rules

Highlight all the telemetry entries then right click and select Disable Rule (Don't delete in case you need to ... Read more

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I'm in the middle of a new build with an i5 4670k and an ASUS Z87M Plus board. I got 1 stick of 1600M 8G Viper RAM. not the "Extreme" edition, just the plain vanilla and only 1 8Gig stick.

This system is currently spread across a bench in the garage alternatly idling and running Prime95 at stock settings to ensure all is stable before I tear apart my current box killing the machine I'm typing on.

Since acquiring the RAM, I have heard that it's desirable to have 2 sticks due to the way memory is accessed, plus not only should they be the same brand/version, but preferably from a "two-pack" so they likely came from the same batch of silicon.

I wanted to do a sanity check on this. Truth be told, 8 Gigs is plenty of memory for me and the computer runs just fine and very fast compared to the current machine.

Will I notice a speed difference with 1 stick vs 2? Should I opt for the "Extreme" version at a premium price (actually only $10)? Should I return the RAM and get a 2-pack?

I surf, email, occasionally do a little VHS to DVD conversion, but seldom. I mainly want speed for multitasking. i.e., run AV during an MS update, while doing a hard drive backup and still bring up uncached web pages fast. No games.

A:RAM questions

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one of my friends came over and worked on my computer, and ever since then, there have been alot of strange things that i can't seem to fix. on the internet:
1. i now have a left to right scroller when i didn't used to, i can no longer see the whole picture of a page, when i used to be able to...for instance, i have to scroll left to right when reading my email, and it used to all be on the screen...how do i fix this????
2. my comp used to scroll down normally, at the speed that you move the arrow, but now, it delays, and goes inch by inch by inch, and doesn't stop when i stop pushing the arrow. it keeps going, and then, i have to go back up, and then that runs out of control, and i can never get it on what i want.

plz reply and tell me how to fix these problems!!

A:just a few questions.

!. Right click anywhere there is a blank space on the desktop, click properties, click setting tab. change screen area to 800X600 and if that is where it is set move it to the right to 1024X768, click apply.
2. Go into the control panel, click on the mouse icon and change the scrolling in there for the mouse.

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hi, 2 questions about windows XP

- how can I avoid the icons of IE to group together in 1 icon in the bottom toolbar when I open several IE browsers? I just like to have all icons in the tool bar and seing them getting smaller when I keep opening more of them, like in the past versons of windows.

- how can I put the open desktop icon in the icon tray on the bottom right? (sorry if I can't explain myself very well, I mean that icon which reduces all the opened windows to icons and I just have the desktop)

thank you!

A:2 questions

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I have a 300 watt (indicated by the label) PSU made by HIPRO.

I'm slightly confused, though. Evidently, this PSU has more amps on the 12v rail than most 350-400 watt PSUs. The label reads:

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Could it maybe be more than 300 watts? The only 300 watt PSUs I have ever seen have only 12A or 13A on the 12volt rail. Also, would this be ample to run a 6600GT? Currently running:

3.0 Ghz P4 Prescott w/2MB L2 Cache
1 250gig Maxtor Harddrive
2 USB Devices
1 CPU Fan and 1 Case Fan
(2x512) PC3200 DDR-SDRAM
NO Floppy Drive
1 CD-Rom Drive
1 CD-RW/DVD-RW Drive

A:PSU Questions

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I was wondering how u install an extra case fan and where u plug everything and stuff. Could ne1 tell me how to do this or give me links which provide pictures and stuff of how?

I was also wonderin why my Video card is makin all these weird noises and sometimes noises that make it seem like the fan of my video card isnt spinning properly. Are there programs that can monitor the temperature of ur cpu and vid card and stuff? My email is [email protected]

A:i have 2 questions, help

Installing a case fan:

Take the side of your case off
Look for 4 mounting holes in the back side of the case (referr to pix)
Put the screws threw the fan, screwing through the holes, ie: holding the fan in place (pix are sorta self explanatory)

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1.whats the best popup killer and spyware remover?
2. how to remove writing from movies?

A:few questions


I like SuperAdBlocker as a popup blocker....it stops all sorts of nasties such as animations, banners, sponsered ads, popups, delayed popups, scripted popups etc etc. It also has a spyware cleaning engine though it's not something I use that much as I use Pest Patrol. It has a trial version so is well worth checking out here.

Pest Patrol can be found here.

Another good Anti-Spyware program is SpySweeper.

As for your other question....i'm not sure I follow completely. Do you mean the subtitles or a watermark note which is added during encoding??

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I know how to use CSS to specify how to display text, backgrounds and those basic things.
But can it only be used to set the attributes for those HTML tags (font, decoration, borders, etc), or can it be used for ANY HTML element?
For example, in the CSS tutorials I read, I did not read anything about formatting a table with CSS. Can I use it to say, give all tables a width of 100% and a background color of green?

Or can I use CSS to say that input type in a form is always text?

A:CSS Questions

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Hi everyone. I'm back with more questions but this time it's about motherboards & monitors.

Now that B3 versions of Gigabyte MBs are appearing @ Newegg & TigerDirect I've been trying to balance what my needs are & what's available. I'm basically doing a PC re-fresh. I do video editing & other graphic work that is has become more of a hobby nowadays. But, I do like a good running PC & Win 7 looks like it's worth an upgrade.

I've narrowed it down to 2 motherboards: Gigabyte GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 & GA-P67A-UD3-B3. The best I can figure, the basic difference is "H" versions have built-in graphics & "P" versions accept a wider variety of RAM, namely faster - up to DDR3-2133 (Max RAM for the GA-H67A-UD3H-B3 is DDR3-1333). I have read this artical, http://www.bit-tech.net/hardware/memory/2011/01/11/the-best-memory-for-sandy-bridge/1. I'm not a gamer but AVCHD video rendering could use the added speed. The overall number of ports (USB) & types are different, too. As I recently purchased a new ATI 5570 graphic card (Odd monitor behavior since Windows 7 64-bit install.when I 1st upgraded to Win 7, I think the "P" model would be OK. But, maybe there's more to it than that.

Also, I'm looking @ 2 HP monitors; HP 2310e 23" Diagonal Ultra-Thin WLED Monitor & HP 2311x 23" LED Monitor. I've read that the 2310e has the glossy type screen (I know some hate glossy type but I do like it) & the 2311 is a non-glare scr... Read more

A:More new PC questions.

The H67 chipset apparently only supports RAM frequencies up to 1333MHz, as you say.

It also doesn't support overclocking for the CPUs with unlocked multipliers (I5-2500k and I7-2600k). A mild overclock (to, say. 4.2GHz) may have more effect on video editing than the memory clocks. As I haven't done any video editing, I can't speak from personal experience.

I don't know whether you'll be happy with a TN monitor. I have a Samsung 245BW (24" TN, 1920X1200). I've mostly gotten used to its limitations. It does make color banding in some video, but I believe that it's a 6 bit display. (That's 6 bits per RGB color, 18 bits overall.)

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1.) I have a component DVD Recorder. I have copied some home video onto DVD-RW that I wish to open on my PC and edit. (Basic stuff like add title, basic effects, credits, edit, etc) and then burn permanently onto DVD-R. What would you suggest being the best way to do this? (As in edit/converting .VOB format and what program).
2.) Is there an inexpensive way to put basic copy protection onto home burnt DVDs? Nothing that will interfere with playback.
As always, thanks for your help!!

A:2 DVD questions

If this is your first go at this Ulead Video Studio is the most user friendly video editing programme I've tried. It can import vob files from your DVD's, will then allow you to edit/do what you want, then burn the edited video back to DVD.
It has a free 30 day trial so you can have a play with it yourself. Others may have other suggestions, but I really think this one combines all the function you need and at the same time keeping it relatively simple to use compared to some others.

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1. I've had a DVD dual layer burner/reader for a while now, I got it from CDW (a parent gets cheap products through B-stock; returns, packaging errors ect.) It's a Pioneer drive, works great; The problem is that it did NOT come with a program to play the DVD's, I've been using 30 day trial on Power DVD, but now the sound does not play (must be end of trial)
If opened in WMP it gives me "cannot play due to lisence" or whatever, so I can't play movies on WMP.

so, is there any other programs that are free, that play DVD's?

2. When instaling iTunes (on PC) I keep getting "cannot find ActiveX control" when it goes to load anything in Quick Time (or open it).

A:Few questions


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Heya all! First time poster here...

I, like most people, have been running Windows XP for a long time now because I am a gamer/programmer...and the applications I use daily work well there. Or, at least, there was a time when this was true...

I've had my machine for quite a while now...maybe 3 years or so...and XP has given me a lot more trouble than usual every time I reinstall. I don't know if the updates are making things worse, or if M$ just wants to add more and more 'MSspy-ad-ware' to it's OS...or what.

Now then...(most) griping aside...I just reformatted not too long ago (~a week), and am having some issues that have me considering giving it another wipe (which, in my case, is quite an undertaking). But, before I do that...I want to ask the pro's here their opinions on several things...

1) I want to tweak my system so that it will perform at maximum efficiency.

Where can I find info on this?
What are the most important tweaks/tricks?
What are some personal recommendations (keeping in mind I am a gamer )?
Perhaps not only limited to the OS, because I know my DSL/router could use some help as well .​
2) I've never had enough nerve to overclock my system, but since the 'new smell' has worn off of my system, I may want to give it a go. My board temperature runs between 25C - 30C and the CPU between 45C - 50C.

Should I consider, given the temperatures, trying out OC'ing?
What tools are the best for doi... Read more

A:Getting the most out of XP? Plus more questions :)

Two good sites for tweaking:


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I'm looking to update my 4 yr old computer with a SSD. It's a Dell Dimmension E520, Intel Core2 6300 1.86GHz, 4GB RAM, Win7 Ultimate x64. Dell's website, via service tag, indicates that I can't add SSD... I am skeptical. I'm def a novice when it comes to my hardware. Hoping someone can help me with some info...

-Can I run a SSD?

-What specs do I need to know in order to buy the correct SSD?

-How large a SSD do i need to run Win7/IE on it, while leaving my media files on old HD? 60,80,100GB?

Thank you..

A:SSD Questions

You can run just OS and programs easily on an 80GB. Just install the os and the programs used frequently on the SSD. Other programs that are not used very often on the spinner. I have both an 80GB Intel and a 90GB Vertex2. I have no space isues with either.

I would find out from Dell why you can't run an SSD. Dell has some Motherboards that will not give you the fastest speed. I know because I have one. It is in the Dell chipset, mine is an H57 chipset which is probably different than yours. However, even though the best speed will not be there, my Dell will run on the SSD. Try to get them to tell you why you can't run an SSD.

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This is computer related. Bear with me. I am DVD dumb.

I am very new to DVD's but fed up with my VCR's eating tapes. Can I get a DVD recorder for my TV and play those DVD's on my computer also? Can I play prerecorded movies on my computer? I am debating on getting one. I don't want just a DVD player as I don't watch prerecorded movies as much as I watch recorded shows. I want to record the shows I am not able to watch when they are on. It would be nice to play them on the computer besides.

I would be getting the erasable DVD type.
Anything else I need to know that is not too technical?

A:DVD questions

Yes to the first question but with some caveats. Format and the like. Definitly yes on the second question. Check this site out for an education on DVD recorders.


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What is the "skillb" folder in my C: Drive? Is it that only I have it? Or everybody has it? Is it safe to delete?

What is the "ToolBox" folder in my C: Drive? Is it saft to delete?


It's really impossible to answer those questions, unless one happens to be familiar with those specific folder names. You need to evaluate what's in the folders to make a judgment on it's usefulness. Have you listed those folders and tried to see what types of files are in them? If there is a .HLP file somewhere in the folders, double-click it and see what the application does. If there are .TXT files, try opening those and seeing if there is any information. Put your detective hat on.

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