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Some users photos are missing in ATA Console

Q: Some users photos are missing in ATA Console

When I search for users in the ATA Console, not all users have the photo that is assigned for them in the AD.
Some of the users are showing the picture that is assigned to the user and others are only showing a symbol that means that the image i missing as shown in the picture below. The URL for the missing picture is the following:
The URL for the working images are simular.
All the users photos are showing as the should when watched in AAD.

Thomas Forsmark Soerensen

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Preferred Solution: Some users photos are missing in ATA Console

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Ok a couple days ago webroot found a file identified as cmd.exe. Removed by clicking the quarantine/remove. I then downloaded superantispyware ran that. SAS found a couple more issues. Followed instructions deleted those. Ran Malwarebytes Found even still other issues. Removed them. Having run these programs in the past i followed all propmting for such instaces as restarting the pc. As the process was going on i began noticing that icons on the desktop were dissappearing, then all gone, then desktop background vanished. Now at this point i am MOST concerned with simply retrieving my photos and ensuring that my music is still on my external drive. so that i can do the lenovo one key recovery and start from scratch. when i enter the folders where my libraries are located all of them show as empty, i also have a folder that is labeled McX/Thehaupts/library.... In the sharing priveledges section i have a guest, which until now i had no selection for guest when i boot my pc...... Oh my Gosh...... i almost forgot ZERO of my restore points will actually function either..... so after all that heres the logs from HJT & DDS
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 12:35:25 AM, on 1/1/2012
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal
Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Webroot\WRSA.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Quicken\bagent.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\jmesoft\hotkey.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lenovo\Power2Go... Read more

A:Missing Photos/Black Desktop/Phantom Users Too??

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my computer management do not shows local user and group snap-in in windows 8.1, how to enable it,sometime before it was enabled in it,but when i again see it,it is not there,plzz tell me how to fix this problem.

A:compmgt console do not show local users and group snap in.

Hello Ketan, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Local Users and Groups is only available in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 8/8.1.

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Missing Recovery Console
I tryed to do the system recovery and I am getting "Error 2: C \minint\system32\Restore.log missing." cannot seem to get anywhere I don't know where to go from here. all I get when I tryed to start windows normally i get a black screen and tryed to start in safe mode nothing happens.

Do I need a recovery disk? I don't have one or do I need to buy the whole windows xp edition? thanks ahead of time

windows xp home,sp 3 compaq

I have been trying to fix since this morning
Been to 3 support forums for help and no answers yet so I came here for help so please help this ol Gal
Now it's makeing a beep beep noise and there is a blue screen

A:missing Recovery Console Need Help!

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My new Packard Bell PC came with Windows XP preinstalled.

I do not have a copy of the Windows XP disc, so if I need to re-install Windows I need to goto Programs and click the Smart Restore.

I have a problem with CHKDSK which keeps on loading at Start Up when ever I boot up my system.

I have been told to use the Recovery Console on the XP CD to get rid of this.

How can I get to the Recovery Consule if I don't have the CD???

Is there any way I can find it on my system?

A:Recovery Console missing

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Hey all. I asked this question before but in a different manner. Basically I may have caused some confusion as to what my problem is and as yet, I still haven't found a solution.
Ok, I have the Creative XF-i Extreme Audio soundcard on my system and since upgrading to Windows 7, I am missing the THX console and also the Creative Volume Panel applications.
I have used my original Creative CD and installed the drivers and software etc from that in hoping to be able to extract just them components but I can't and they don't seem to be there and I have looked through all folders etc. Obviously being the very original CD that first shipped with PC the drivers and applications are out of date so Creative Auto Update takes care of that.
However, what it does not do is find nor install those said applications. I am disappointed that they are not included and when running a new auto update scan it finds no new updates and says I have the latest available software.
I have even been on the Creative website and when I do eventually find my soundcard, the updates etc do not show anything to do with the THX console.
Basically, it was an interface that let you adjust bass gain and boost and let you physically adjust sliders and effects to suit. Nice feature and I have it in XP, just not win 7
I am sure people are familiar with the component I am referring to and would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
I am wondering if this feature has been disabled for Windows ... Read more

A:Creative THX Console missing. Can't get it back.

As far as I know the Xtreme Audio (you have to remember that that card is essentially nothing more than an Audigy SE with the X-Fi name) has never used the THX Console. As far as the Volume Panel goes you can get that directly from Creative (listed as a beta),

Creative Worldwide Support > Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio

You can also find it in this modded set,

SB P17X Series Support Pack 2.7 (04/01/2010) - Aud... - Creative Labs

One more reason I don't believe that card supports the THX Console is that if the person that modded that package didn't include it, it was never meant to be there in the first place.

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c:\ windows missing in Recovery Console Dell 1200 notebook running winxp

My problem was listed in the virus and malware forum. (Drewbie may 2011) The solutions " fix mbr" and " fix boot" did not work. Also could not cd windows. I was using the recovery console because Windows would not start due to missing nls file. The thread seemed to end after the "cd windows" fix. I need help beyond that. Thanks

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Hi everyone,I wondered if someone could please offer me a little advice regarding the use of the Recovery Console program.The problem is, every time I attempt to boot my computer, I get the following message:?Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:<Windows root>\system32\hal.dll.Please re-install a copy of the above file?This occurred shortly after my computer became infected with a number of viruses, including the Google redirect virus.My operating system is Windows XP Home Edition. After researching online how to fix the problem, I understand that I have to use Recovery Console.When I purchased my computer, I did get a CD (purple with white text) with the words:?Reinstallation CDMicrosoft Windows XP Home EditionIncluding Service Pack 1Only use this CD to reinstall the operating system on a Dell computer. This CD is not for reinstallation of programs or drivers?My questions are:1. Does this CD contain the Recovery Console program?2. If I use this CD, is there a chance that I will lose any files (I have many files on my computer which are not currently backed-up)?Any advice would be much appreciated!Many thanks in advance

A:Use of Recovery Console for Missing / Corrupt hal.dll

The answers to your questions...should be contained in your Dell system owners manual.

System model?

FWIW: An infected system...should be the major concern. No point in addressing system issues until the infection issues are resolved.


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Dell Precision 390 computer. XP Pro

daughter turned off comp w/o shutting down. Next day get hal.dll missing error.

Comp was installed with 2 partitions, a system restore partition (D and windows (c.
Per advice from other forums, I went into XP Recovery Console (R) and started to go through the process. However, I only had 1 choice of installation to select: C:/Minint. C:\windows was not an option. Since I was not really sure what Minint was and because I could not see any of my Windows folders, I decided not to do anything in Recovery Console.

I loaded UCBD and i was able to see 2 partitions on my 80GB drive a 3.9GB partition NTSF and 74.1GB unallocated partition (which used to be my windows folders).

Now I've been messing around with a bunch of different programs on UCBD and Hiren's Boot Disk, but I'm not able to see any of my Windows folders.

At this point I've gone from a Repair mindset to a Recover Data mindset. I just want to get c:\windows back and get my data.

on top of that, hal.dll error is gone but replaced with NTLDR missing error. I've not been able to fix that either.

Thoughts? HELP?

A:c:\ windows missing in Recovery Console

go back to your recovery console and one at a time type:


hopefully that will let you back into your computer with a normal restart

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I installed few days ago SUSE Linux on my comp (ASUS A2500D Notebook) and since i have the <windows root>/windows/system32/hall.dll file missing or corrupt error message when i want to use windows XP.

I need help but please don't tell me to insert the windows XP installation CD-ROM and to choose the REPAIR option in the recovery console because i don't have this option - everyone is repeating me the same thing since one week (even the ones i said i don't have this option). Actually i don't have any option on this CD. This Windows installation CD-ROM only do a PREINSTALLATION automatically. NO RECOVERY CONSOLE. It means i insert the CD and wait until the preinstallation is done. Nothing to do. Nothing i CAN do.

One option would be to insert my RECOVERY CD-ROM and to recover windows XP HOME and after to insert the Windows XP insatallation CD-ROM and reinstall windows completely but the recovery is not working. I have a error message at the begining.

One friend gave me a solution. He told me to reinstall the hall.dll file missing in its location in c:/windows/system32 but i didn't find the location in SUSE (I think SUSE is very bad; it was the first and last time i was trying it). So finally his solution didn't work and i could not.

I hope someone will be able to help me.

Thanks guys,


A:hal.dll file missing and no recovery console

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Hi and thanks to anyone who can help me. I wanted to set group policy so windows wouldn't install rogue drivers for my chipset. I haven't been able to install them no matter what I do. I went into gpedit.msc and my mmconsole isn't there and the console root is bare. Could this be why the chipset is giving me so much trouble? Does anybody know how these things could be missing? I hope I haven't put this in the wrong forum. Thanks for any help, feedback, or opinions about this.

A:Solved: Mmc and root console missing?

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I'm having a problem:

After installing a new programm and rebooting, the following probelm ocurred

1) the "all users" icons on the desktop and the "all users" programs on the startmenu are missing.

2) the desktop font has been changes to this awful typewriter style (I think it's courier or something). this font is now everywhere, in all the menue bars, it'sTHE standard font on the xp system.

3) i can't find the little icons, that have been on the logon screen, anymore

4) when i tried to change desktop>appearance, came an error message, that rundll32 is missing in system32
so i found one rundll32 file in the system folder which i moved to the system32 folder. i could use the desktop>appearance then but it didn't solve my initial problem.

5) i then got the tip to check the registry>group policies>nocommongroups settings, but it didn't help

does anybody have an idea????

A:Settings Missing, All Users Programs Missing, please help

Hello elcatire

Try the easiest options first

1.. Uninstall the program

2. Do a system restore to before you installed the program.

Do either of these help?


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Hi, my mother has a 3 year old XP Professional computer that she's having some serious issues with. It's a Gateway that came with XP Pro installed. After a recent Windows update (set to automatically download), I restarted after being prompted to, and haven't been able to start Windows since. I get the following error message: Windows could not start because the following file is missingor corrupt:<Windows root>/system32/hal.dll.Please re-install a copy of the above file.(note: there is a split-second mention of the BOOT.INI file just before the previous message is displayed. It's not on the screen long enough for me to read it all though)Now, I spent a lot of time searching the Internet for this error and I found many indications that this is likely tied to IE8, and that uninstalling IE8 might help for the time being. Every discussion I've found, however, recommends using the Recovery Console tool to fix the current hal.dll problem, so that I can log in and fix the larger issue. I'm unable to access the Recovery Console, though, because I can't get passed the Administrator Password prompt. I've been using a Dell XP disc, since she can't find her Gateway disc. I'm still able to boot from the CD and get to the Recovery Console option. I've tried the two administrator passwords used on the computer (one for myself and another for my mother's account) and I've also simply hit Enter without entering anything, but nothing w... Read more

A:Missing HAL.DLL & Recovery Console password problem

http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_haldll_missing.htmScroll down to Hal.dll Is Missing comments by Alex Nichol.Another approach: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/findbyerrorm...ssinghaldll.htmMicrosoft guidance: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314477Louis

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Today i on my laptop ( asus vx 6 ) and i got an error say " Bootmgr is missing "
i load up my CD and went into recovery option, and my OS was never listed over there.

please help

A:Bootmgr is missing / os not listed in repair console

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Hi everybody,

i've searched for this problem in this forum, but did not found a solution, because when i'm going to this Repair Console in Win XP, booting from cd, pressing "r" and so on always comes that win setup could not be loaded because cdrom.sys or any other thing could not be loaded from cd.

CD is clean and do not have any errors, cant even make new installation. Tested it on other pc there it goes, and tested other win XP Pro version on this PC it stopped. Booting with Kanotix a modified KNOPPIX (bootable Linux live cd) boot without problems, so cd device has no errors, i think.

My question now is: What can i do? Can i do anything? or is formating and reinstall (!!if going!!) because setup cant be loaded is the only solution??

Please help me if you can and sorry for my bad english...

so long...

2.4 GHZ Intel P4
Win Xp Pro without any Servicepacks but with all updates
liteon CD drive
2 HDD Samsung with 200 GB
512 Infineon DDR Rams
Hauppauge TV Card pci
Nvidio Geforce 3 pci
lan card pci
isdn fritz card isdn PCi

Hope this is enough Data plz help

A:Corrupt or missing isapnp.sys//Console do not load

Do not anybody know an answer? Or is the Problem uninsteresting? Only 5 views??

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Hello all,

I own a Compaq Pressario Laptop, which recently crashed, and will not start windows XP. The error message reads that HAL.DLL is missing.
I read a few things about this problem and followed the steps to enter the Recovery Console. I am unable to view the Recovery Console though as i am asked to enter the Administrator Password. I have tried everythign that i can think off (blank, Admin, Compaq etc) but nothing works. I have also tried to setup the BIOS administrator password but (as i found out latter) these two are not related (and it didnt work anyways).

I contacted HP and the only advice they gave me is to format the hard drive and re-install XP. I would like to try to recover data from my hard drive though!! (and yes, i know that i should have a back up ).

I noticed also that microsoft offers a solution for this problem: they suggest to download in 6 floppy discs some start up information that would apparently correct the password issue. I did not try this yet, but i am just trying to figure out if someone had this problem before and if its possible to correct without formating the drive.

Also, there are some parallel installs that i could make that would correct the problem. Can anyone advise on the easyest and most efficient of those?

And a final question (i hope i dont have to go there): can i remove the hard drive, and connect to a different PC in order to recover information? (warranty expired anyways).

sorry for the long post, and thanks for read... Read more

A:Windows XP (missing HAL.DLL) Recovery Console Andimistrator Password.

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Hi, I'm running xp 64 bit with 2 drives on RAID, when I boot it says boot.ini invalid, booting from C:\Windows.

I have tried getting to the recovery console but get a stop error (0x0007B) in Windows setup as it is loading Windows.
Have tried installing the console from the CD in Windows, but it cannot write to the boot.ini file so it obviously won't help. Have also tried finding the backup, but both files are missing. There is also no boot tab in MSConfig.

Seems like I'm properly buggered unless somebody can show me how to write a boot.ini file.

Any help would be much appreciated

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I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows 7. I uploaded pics from my camera to my PC, to the photos library that was already on my PC. This was fine until I rotated any pics that were sideways. The pics that I rotated disappeared. The only place I can view them is in Dell photostage. But I can't do anything with them there, can't upload them to facebook, can't burn them to disk, nothing. When I click on photo information it tells me they are in the folder I put them in but they are not there. When I did a search for them, searching for any photos and then any .jpgs, they do not come up. Please help, so frustrated...

A:Photos have gone missing...

Look for *.jpg in the search window.

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I turn on my computer, it says im missing the hla.dll system file (or it's corrupt).
So I get my OS CD and put it in, planning to use the repair console, the cd boots and I go to the blue setup screen. At the bottom of the blue screen there's the gray bar where I'm supposed to see the info as it runs tests or w/e, all it shows is something like "Press F6 to install RAID or SCII drivers". That text stays in the gray bar for about 5 to 10 seconds, then disapears, and nothing happens. Any sugestions?

It's a Dell Demension 4600 or something like that.
Nvidia gForce video card, 1gig ram, dvd burner, cd burner
windows xp sp2
p4 proccesor
bought 3 yrs ago and this is the first time we have had any problems with it.


A:Solved: won't run system rocovery console, fixing Missing dll problem

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Im working on a computer with windows XP, it comes up with the error
WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM is missing or corrupt
if my memory serves me correctly that is the system hive. I have encounterd this problem once before but was able to fix it using the advice here http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;319011
however it didn't work this time and I cannot get into the auto repair option on the XP disk, it's simply not there.... any ideas?

A:system32/config/system missing/corrupt... can't fix through recovery console

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I was out of town for a week and came back to my computer off and unable to boot back up. I've been able to get this much information:

"the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM" and, using the CHKDSK command reports at 25% completed that "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable..."

Using the original XP installation disk, I've tried to use the Recovery Console. I only get as far as the screen asking which windows installation I want to use. Initially I had two HDDs and thought the issue might be there, but even disconnecting the other so that there is only one option to select, I'm not able to get past this prompt.

I type "1" (for the 1 installation detected), press enter, and ever hours later nothing has happened.

Trying to use this HDD as an external drive to just recover software or see if the bad file (assuming it's the only one) can be replaced, the drive is seen as unformated.

Any suggestions to try would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi and thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to read this.

I am having trouble with Microsoft Management Console in Windows XP Professional.

I look after a small network for the charity I work for. I have previously used Microsoft Management Console succesfully. My intention was to stop unwanted links appearing in My Network Places. For 6 machines I have achieved this in the following manner:

Click Start, click Run, type mmc.exe, and then click OK.
In Microsoft Management Console (MMC) click Add/Remove Snap-in on the Console menu.
Click Add.
Click Group Policy, and then click Add.
Accept the default (which is Local Computer), and then click Finish.
Click Close, and then click OK.
Under Local Computer Policy, expand the User Configuration entry.
Expand the Administrative Templates entry.
Expand the Desktop entry.
Right-click Do not add shares of recently opened documents to My Network Places, and then click Properties.
Click Enabled, and then click OK.
As I said this has worked fine on 6 machines. We just got a new computer and I have tried to set it up in the same way, however when I get to step 8 above (expand the Administrative Templates entry), there is only one sub-directory, entitled "Windows Components". On the other machines there are 7 sub-directories including "Desktop", which is the one I need to ammend.

My question is how can I get the Desktop sub-directory to appear. I think in this context these sub-directories are called templa... Read more

A:Solved: Microsoft Management Console (mmc) - Entries (policies?) Missing

Have you tried right-clicking Administrative Templates and selecting Add/Remove Templates... and adding new templates?

You'll then see all actual templates inserted into Group Policy. To add new ones, click Add and browse through the inf folder.

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I was out of town for a week and came back to my computer off and unable to boot back up. I've been able to get this much information:

"the following file is missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM" and, using the CHKDSK command reports at 25% completed that "The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable..."

Using the original XP installation disk, I've tried to use the Recovery Console. I only get as far as the screen asking which windows installation I want to use. Initially I had two HDDs and thought the issue might be there, but even disconnecting the other so that there is only one option to select, I'm not able to get past this prompt.

I type "1" (for the 1 installation detected), press enter, and ever hours later nothing has happened.

Trying to use this HDD as an external drive to just recover software or see if the bad file (assuming it's the only one) can be replaced, the drive is seen as unformated.

Any suggestions to try would be greatly appreciated.

A:System file missing/corrupt, issue using recovery console

The drive has failed or is in the process of failing.
With the drive plugged in as an external, you can try to recover your files using the free TestDisk program. I have had the best luck with GetDataBack. you will need another drive of the same size or larger to restore your files to.

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A friend running Vista asked me to look over her machine, several photos in different albums in the gallery had thumbnails where a portion of the photo was missing and just grey, it was the same when double clicked on.

It was not all the photos just a random few. They were fine when downloaded. The computer did not have service pack 2 which I downloaded and installed, I also installed the latest Navidia graphics driver but the problem remained, any ideas thanks

A:some photos partially missing

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Can some help me I downloaded some digital photos from my digital camera onto my PC. Into My Picture folder. Viewed them, now gone. I was moving photos into there own folders when noticed them missing. Cant locate them anywhere in my PC. Any suggestions

A:Help Missing digital photos

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i am using office xp when i open a word document and insert a photo from
file the photo dissappears when i scroll down and again when i click
on the photo it appears why is it so i want the photo to be visible always
please help me with this problem



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Hi all!
I have MS Win XP Pro SP3, and have run Runscanner and Autoruns in order to locate possibly missing system files (I do not want to run SFC /scannow as I think it is too powerful for me). Both tools found several ones missing, so I consequently ran several CMD (DIR) commands and SystemLook in order to locate any available backup copies of these. And luckily it turns out that seven missing files actually have existing backup copies.
These files are named as follows: isuspm.exe, CTDetect.exe, Changer.sys, i2omgmt.sys, lbrtfdc.sys, i2omp.sys and ViaIde.sys. The first two belong to Intel and Creative respectively, and the last five files are all Windows system files.
I would like to know: What is the best method to restore these system files safely; either use Safe Mode and the Recovery Console (from the Windows CD-ROM), or Linux Lubuntu or Xubuntu (on a CD-RW)?
I understand that I cannot repair this while running Windows, so anyway I obviously have to work with Windows offline.
Please let me know if you need to see these logs, and if so I will post them as necessary.
Thank you very much in advance!

A:Missing system files in XP - Use Safe Mode and the Recovery Console or Linux?

Autoruns will list some system files with a path of  "file not found". That is normal. 
http://forum.sysinternals.com/topic4719.html (item #12)
Are you having some particular problem running Windows? 

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Hi i have sd card that i use in my Samsung mobile phone. 2 days back when i tried to see the saved photos in that i found more than half of them are missing. Is there any good photo Recovery software that is completely free ?

A:On Sd card some photos are missing-How to Recover them?

Some here, but cannot say if they are any good since I've never needed them: http://pcsupport.about.com/od/filerecovery/tp/free-file-recovery-programs.htm

Even if the files (or some of them) are recoverable, I would stop using the card. It's evidently reached the point where it can no longer be trusted, although it may be okay if you reformat it. Many people make the mistake of just erasing pics from the card over and over again, instead of reformatting it ocassionally which helps to avoid problems with the card.

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Just returned from a motorcycle trip down the Natchez Trace Parkway. Hundreds of photos taken along the way. Now I find that I only have 137 photos on the card. I never received any notification or hint that there was a problem. The camera functioned as normal all the way down and back.

I have put the card in my computer and it only indicates 137 photos.
I have put the card in my iPad2 and it also only finds 137 photos.
The card (PNY Optima 8GB) shows properties of 630MB used and 6.58GB free, so there was and is plenty of space on the card.

I put another card into the camera (Nikon S6000) when I discovered the missing photos and the camera is working normally.
I have copied all 137 of the photos to two separate HD's.

Is there something that I can try to see if the other photos are somehow hidden on the card? I want to format the card and see if it will accept any data in case the card is bad, but I'll wait a while and see if anyone has any suggestions that may salvage the missing photos.

A:Solved: Photos missing from SD card

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I copied the download but the "paste" process did not work for me.
XP Home. SP3, 32 bit
Inel Pentium M processor
Stepping 6
Procesor Count--1
RAM:511 MN
NVDIA GeForce FX Go 5200, 64 Mb
Hardrives: C;73265MB//Free: 49795MB
Moytherboard: Dell OD5689
Microsoft Security Essentials Yes updated, On-demand scanner--enabled

My problem: For weeks many photo attachments do not show up at all. We just delete the email since most of these are jokes. Just by accident, I emailed one of these people (reply button) and his pictures showed up. I went back into my deleted files and all of the attachments showed up. What is going on??

My husband has WIN7 and has the same problem and same solution (reply button). Thanks for any help.

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I've got a Dell Latitude C400 1.33 running Win XP Pro sp3. The computer has been running fine. The other day as I started up the computer, a blue screen came on saying the computer needed to run chkdsk. As it ran, I noticed it was removing a bunch of what looked like system type files and some exe's. It finished and the computer started up. Since then, the computer has had startup problems: once, it didn't recognize my firewall (it said it couldn't start it) so I removed the firewall and reinstalled. Firewall starts now. Overall, the startup is slower than previously, and most things are much slower.

More importantly, it is very difficult to shutdown and powerdown the computer. It take a few minutes (if ever) for the computer to shutdown (get to the part that asks if I want to restart etc.), and a few or more minutes for it to powerdown after that, if at all. I've had to push the power buttom a few times as well.

I've run a ton of virus and malware including: avira antivirus (running all the time), kaspersky internet suite 2009 (on demand), Spybot, Rogue Remover, Super Antispyware, and Malaware Anti-Malware. Nothing found.

I then tried to run the Recovery Console at startup (which I installed with this forum's help--I don't have the XP disks anymore, to figure out a previous problem, but never actually ran it before). As the Recovery Console started up, I got the following error message: "The file Sym_U3.sys could not be fo... Read more

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Three weeks ago I returned from vacation with a 256 MB Compact Flash card filled with several hundred photos taken with my 4-megapixel Canon A80 digital camera. I know they were there because I had viewed them through the camera viewfinder more than once. Also, I viewed all of them on my computer monitor several days ago.

Unfortunately, when I went to access the photos tonight I clicked on DCIM and only three icons appeared: 274CANON, 275CANON, and CANONMSC. There had been several more icons before, but they seem to have vanished. I clicked on 274CANON and only 15 photos appeared, which means that a majority of the 274CANON photos are missing. Also, it's very strange that the 274CANON pictures which do appear are numbered from 6486-6500.

Next, when I click on the 275CANON icon I get a list of eight folders and seven files, the names of which appear to be either garbled or are in some sort of foreign script -- an odd mixture of letters and unfamiliar symbols. When I click on them I get messages telling me the folders are not accessible and the files cannot be opened.

I recently purchased Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 and have been fooling around with that, but I don't believe that would have caused me to inadvertently lose hundreds of pictures.

Could someone please tell me if it is possible to somehow recover photos from a CF card after they no longer show up normally? I figure they must still be on the card and, I hope, are somehow recoverable.

Thank you.
&nbs... Read more

A:CF card problem: Can I recover missing photos?

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Hey all,

I've got a slight problem.. my friend asked me if I could tidy up his computer for him as it had loads of crappy software and stuff on it, it used to be his old work pc so it had loads of his old work bits as well.

He didn't want to use a CTRL ALT DEL login as well and it was still trying to log onto his old work domain. After removing it from the domain and putting it on a "WORKGROUP" workgroup, his pictures and everything has disapeared. The thing is is that it couldn't connect to the domain before as he wasn't at his old work place so the pictures must have been locally on the laptop... now i can't seem to find them doing a normal search for all photos / pitcutres / videos search (including hidden and system files)

Does anyone know anywhere else I might be able to look for them please?

All help is greatly appreciated.


A:Solved: slight problem with missing photos

http://www.fxfoto.com/ Go here and download and install . It has a feature that will scan the whole computer find and show all photos .

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I have attached an image of the idex of my sd card. The gibberish file is a hidden file. The sd card says it is almost full, but I can only see 3 of the hundreds of pictures I have on that card. I have tried every way possible on the internet to fix this thing and none of it works. I did download a software called EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and that worked... but it will only recover about 50 pictures and then asks me to pay a lot of money. Is there anyway I can get all of these pictures recovered, that way I can format the card after and move all of the pictures back on?

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Cleaned out My Pictures and must have deleted somthing ITunes needs to sync photos on my PC to Nano. If I download ITunes again will my library be ok. Music syncs fine.

A:Syncing photos ITunes to Ipod s/ware missing

I suggest exporting the library to a file, just in case. Then download and reinstall itunes again to reinstall the components.

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Only empty folders show up when using the metros photos app when my pictures library includes a WHS homegroup shared folder. Photos app reports "We couldn't find any photos in here"

I can browse to the folders using file manager and open a single picture in Photos but I cannot then get to the next or previous picture in the folder.

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All my users are missing from the welcome screen. If I hit crtl+alt+del I get a login. After I login I get an error NVCPL.DLL is missing and the computer reverts right back to the welcome screen. I also cannot get to the recovery mode since it asks for a password which I never set. There is microsoft support issue on this password problem but their solution was worthless. I tried reinstalling windows using restore but I still have the same problem the user accounts and the file are missing. The file seems to be the nvidia run module but I have no way of getting to a command prompt to reinstall it. I tried safe mode same problem. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Missing Users

boot from the xp cd and choose install
when the repair option comes up press R
this will take you into the recovery console
if it asks for password just enter your admin one if you don't have one just press enter
have you tried last known good configuration from the boot options menu when you press f8 during boot up

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My pc is acting strange. I read and tried to follow the instructions at "The 5 Steps before Posting a Log" but I'm not sure I am able to install windows updates. I've been sitting on http://v4.windowsupdate.microsoft.com/en/default.asp for 10 min, no action yet.

Thanks in advance

Here's my log:

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 8:36:34 PM, on 10/27/2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16544)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5\guard.exe
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\WINWORD.EXE
C:\Program Files\hjthis\HijackThis.exe

R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Page_URL = http://www.dell4me.com/myway
R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.dell4me.com/myway
R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Def... Read more

A:missing users

It does seem pretty serious. I can't seem to get mcafee to update, two users are missing from "Manage Users" in the control panel and the screen goes black eventually returning a blue screen.

Any assistance deeply appreciated.

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Hi I was wondering if anyone had any idea on why my users are missing. When I turn on my computer I don't get the usual blue log on screen with all the users, I get some lame pop up with just one use and the only other option is so shut the computer down. When I go to user accounts, the only user that comes up is my dads, which is a limited account, so I can not do much of anything on this computer. I don't know what they did to it, I let my dad use it and he let my stupid little brother use it (which I saw was for mostly porn, and who knows what else) So I don't know how to fix it or what caused it.
But it seems like my users are gone (administrative, etc.) Can this be fixed?
All my options (user logg off, restart, shut down) All in old looking popups, and not the usual.
I don't know much about pcs so I cant be really informative. I'm just fustrated at this point.

Pic of the log on screen.
No choices of users or anything, when I click options, it just gives me the option to shut down.

ex. of the popups and not the norm. screen.

A:Users missing?

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The title explains it, I did the free upgrade from Windows 8.1 to 10 & all the above apps are nowhere to be found. Not on the alphabetical list or within the Start tiles. I have done searches on this site & on Google, but no luck. Any suggestions please, before I despair & go back to 8.1.

A:Missing apps: Store, People, Photos, Games & Camera on upgrading to 10

There should be a listing for All Apps at the bottom of the List below File Explorer, and Power.

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I'm having a problem that is keeping me from logging into window's now. It started with a problem where the startup would hang at the windows splash screen. I tried to boot up into safe mode and got the same response.

So I did a Repair installation of the Windows OS Disks. After I booted up after the repair installation I now get to the Welcome screen, it asks for me to click on a user profile, but none are showing on the screen.

If I hit Ctrl - Alt - Delete I get to a windows login screen but still can't login. I never had password logging enabled prior or a password associated with my login. The login isn't accepting a blank in the password section.

I also attempted to go into the recovery-console but can't because it's asking for an Admin password (when I never assigned one to begin with)...

Any ideas on how I can go about recovering the PC with minimal destruction of data? I have some very valuable data on the drives that my business nor I can part with...

Thank you kindly!!!

I have a Compaq Presario 2500 Laptop with Windows XP Home SP 2.

A:Missing Users XP Home

When you did the repair install, it should have asked you for an administrator password.

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I've got a laptop where there were errors when trying to log in, I removed the hard drive and connected it to desktop and found the entire Users folder was missing!
Although in the C:/ there is a Users file with 0kb size which I'm sure is the Users folder but some how changed to a file by corruption or virus?
(Pic attached)
Have done chkdsk /r but no change.
Can anyone help?

A:Users Folder Missing

Open an elevated command prompt and type this and see if it fixes it.
attrib -s -h c:\users

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I have a Windows 7 PC and am unable to see the Users and Groups section. Can anybody please advise why this may be?


A:Users & Groups Missing

Local Users and Groups is only available in the Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise editions.

Open the Start menu, and type lusrmgr.msc in the search line and press Enter

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Wonder if anyone can advise. I stupidly got Windows Diagnostics malware on my PC. Thankfully managed to catch it before it did too much damage. However, after getting rid of it I appear to have a problem accessng my task manager and All Users Start Menu Icons.

I have managed to re-enable the task manager via the registry but I'm still unable to get the All Users Start Menu displaying via Start --> All Programs. The Start Menu for the Current User displays OK.

What appears to be the problem is that access to the All Users Start Menu folder under Documents and Settings is disabled somehow as all Subfolders and icons are 'greyed out'. or maybe because its calssed as a system folder. If I check the security tab for the folder all users, eg Administrator, Power Users, User, etc have the permissions I would expect but they too are greyed out. The ironic thing is if I use windows explorer I can access these folders and run the programs.

So at a bit of a loss to know how to re-enable these any advice would be gratefully accepted.


A:Missing All Users Start Menu

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My personal folder is missing from C:\users
There is only default and public, if I try to create a new folder with my name a message appears saying that there is already a folder with that name.

I've done method one but it didn't open the missing folder, i did method two, clicked on "find target" and the folder appeared, however when I clicked restore default nothing happened, not even the: "the folder C:\users\... does not exist" message. I've also done method four, however everything seems to be in order.

Do I need to format my pc or is there another option? I also tried creating a new administrator account, logged on to that account and see if I could see that folder, but it wasn't there...


A:My personal folder is missing from C:\users

Hello Aurabreeze, and welcome to Vista Forums.

Do you mean your user profile folder, and not a user folder in it (ex: Music)?

If so, did you do anything like delete the user account, get a user profile log in error, try to move the user profile folder, etc.....

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My 'C:\Users' folder is missing from Explorer! If I type it in the address bar then all the sub-folders show up correctly, as do they all in cmd.exe. Nothing is 'hidden' and I have tried 'attrib -s -r -h %USERPROFILE%' but still it will not show. Any ideas please?
I have seen posts relating to individual sub-folders going missing but I think this is different.

A:Missing 'Users' folder in Explorer

I have only seen this in instances where security policies have been created on public computers.
Have you ever toyed around with security policies?
Or even installed a very robust av/firewall software package?

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