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Won't boot past splash screen, in safe mode now

Q: Won't boot past splash screen, in safe mode now

I'm running Win XP Media Center Edition SP1 2002 now (I reformatted, used to have SP2 installed.) and only recently have I been experiencing this mysterious issue that frustrates me to no end. A little tidbit of information before I go on, somebody installed Windows Virtual Machine (with a windows 98 download from some forum) maybe a week ago. That's when the start-up problems began, so I'm led to believe that this could be the culprit. I have no idea.
Anyway, when it first refused to fully boot, it couldn't get to the Win XP splash screen. I had somebody look at it. He went to the Setup menu and restored it to the optimized defaults. Either that temporarily cured it, or we were lucky. It started up normally and I didn't turn off the computer for maybe two days. After I finally DID shut it down, the problem persisted, however this time it WOULD get to the splash screen, but nothing else. Returning it to the optimized defaults would do nothing. Since the computer was old, slow and flooded with programs I myself didn't install, I thought it was a good time to just reformat the whole darn thing and start fresh. Thirty minutes later, I try to boot up, guess what, the same thing happens. Nothing past the splash screen. It's not like I can restore it to a past setting that worked since the OS is wiped clean. I've read about "faulty hardware" confusing the system, but nothing plugged in that I know of is faulty. Mouse, monitor, keyboard, power supply, unplugged Logitech surround sound speakers, even tried unplugging the ethernet. Nothing worked.
I know there is a sticky about this sort of problem but I need some...assistance with fixing it. I'm taking a computer career class next year, but as of now I am still a helpless script kiddie.
I'll be awake for a good while.

Preferred Solution: Won't boot past splash screen, in safe mode now

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Won't boot past splash screen, in safe mode now

Something unclear here.
You formatted and you start installing Windows.
You go through all installation steps and it won't pass splash screen on very first run?

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Whats going on guys,
I have a Windows XP Professional Edition and i incurred a spyware virus on my PC, so i made a dumb decision by running MSCONFIG and changing my SAFEBOOT option, I did this because previously I couldn't even get into Safe Mode, it would load the files on the screen

and my CPU would reboot, i even tried the other Safe Mode options (command prompt, networking, etc.) I still couldnt accomplish logging into a Safe Mode. But I could still log into Windows Normally.

BUT Now (after changing my SAFEBOOT option in MSCONFIG, thinking i couldnt log into Safe Mode that way), I cannot even log into Windows XP (PERIOD.) Normally or via Safe Mode, Last Known Good Configuration, or any-other way. My CPU loads up and once it reaches the Windows XP Splash Screen it appears to be normally loading, then my screen goes blank and my system reboots, It reboots in an endless loop, i could leave this sucker on for a whole month and it would still be in an infinite boot loop between the start-up of the CPU and the Windows XP Splash Screen..lol

my problem is similar to this guy's


Before I get any suggestions....

Yes, I have a Windows Xp Recovery CD that i created using an .ISO image burning application.
Yes, I tried chkdsk /r
Yes, I changed by boot configuration in the Recovery Console using BOOTCFG. I'm aware the problem was ... Read more

A:XP won't boot past Splash Screen, wont boot in Safe Mode.

First thing I would do is back up your important Data now.


You don't reinstall XP from the recovery console?


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I was working on my laptop last night no problems, I shut down normally and return a few hours later, now the thing wont start past XP splash screen (the little blue bars moves across the screen forever), the only way I can get my system going is to start in safe mode. The last time I ran the system I did not install any new hardware or software. I have been battling some spyware recently, namely one called Antivirus 2009. I removed it via Malwarebytes the other day, it came back once, I removed it again and it seems to be gone still. What can I do to fix this? I also cannot run Malwarebytes in safe mode, whenever I do it it freezes my about a minute into the scan on a the follwing item


I will post a HJT log below just incase it helps.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:19:26 AM, on 6/7/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16827)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Start Page = http://www.accuvisionvideo.com/
R1 - HKLM\... Read more

A:XP won't load past splash screen, only in safe mode

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XP won't load past splash screen, only in safe mode
I was working on my laptop last night no problems, I shut down normally and return a few hours later, now the thing wont start past XP splash screen (the little blue bars moves across the screen forever), the only way I can get my system going is to start in safe mode. The last time I ran the system I did not install any new hardware or software. I have been battling some spyware recently, namely one called Antivirus 2009 from inetavirus.com. I removed it via Malwarebytes the other day, it came back once, I removed it again and it seems to be gone still. What can I do to fix this? I also cannot run Malwarebytes in safe mode, whenever I do it it freezes my about a minute into the scan on a the follwing item


I will post a HJT log below just incase it helps.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 11:19:26 AM, on 6/7/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v7.00 (7.00.6000.16827)
Boot mode: Safe mode with network support

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\HijackThis\HijackThis.exe

R0 - HKC... Read more

A:Windows wont load past XP splash screen safe mode only. Suspect inetavirus infection

Hello and welcome to TSF.

HijackThis is no longer the preferred initial analysis tool in this forum

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link given below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.

Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:


After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

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WIndows 7 premium home version on a lenovo laptop freezing at splash screen. I can boot into safe mode just fine. Whereby I have to run a system restore back to an older date but the issue still comes back up and this seems to be especially true when trying to wake it from sleep mode. beyond the appcrash is there something else i should upload to help diagnose issue?

A:windows7 wont boot past windows splash screen - will boot to safe mod

A hasty fly by...
See if the link is of help.

Windows 7 won't boot after welcome screen. - Microsoft Answers

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I'm not really sure that I have a virus/malware issue but it is highly suspected. Windows XP Home is not able to boot and stops at the splash screen even in safe mode. I have tried to locate a problem by booting from CDROM with BartPE and trying to run portable apps like SpybotSD portable and Malwarebytes. Each one was unable to run because they tried to write files to the boot drive, which was a CDROM. The BIOS on this laptop will not boot from a USB device. I have removed the drive from the laptop and have it connected via USB adapter to an XP Pro desktop. I discovered that most directories in the profile areas were unaccessable, "access denied" errors. I manually changed the properties on all the directories that it would allow me to do so I could access the files. There are still several directories in some of the user directories that I was not able to change the access properties, logged in as Administrator.

I need advice as to what proceedure to use next. AVG Free addition hasn't found anything of any consequence but it is skipping any directory that it can't access. I want to find out what is going on as I need to move the data from this PC over to the new PC the customer has purchased. I was able to image the drive using DriveimageXL but I did get a couple of CRC errors near the end of the process. Any help would be appreciated.


A:XP home hangs at splash screen will not boot even in safe mode

Not sure why I received no response.

Did an extended hard drive test, took and hour and a half to run, and the drive failed the test near the end of the test cycle. It had perviously passed the quick test. So in answer to my own question, I do not have an infection on this machine.

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I am at my wits end.

First the back story.
So a few weeks ago my mother's computer crashed, at which point she bought a new one and I took the old one off her hands. I thought it was not beyond my capabilities to fix, but I have reached a point of notable frustration.

I don't know much of the specs off hand other than it being a dell dimension 8400 having a Pentium 4 at 3.4 ghz and two 512 mb of ram sticks. Also, I put in a new SATA 250 gig HDD. It's not a bad computer at all mind you.

I received the PC and was simply told that it may have over heated. Upon amateurish inspection I deduced a bad hard drive, thus the reason for the replacement. I than proceeded to reinstall windows with the xp pro cd, as I have no use for any thing my mother may have saved on the old hard drive.

The install seemed to go smoothly. I got past the blue screen and the formatting. I put in the time and computer name nonsense. It finalized the installation. At this point it should, as all computers do, reboot and launch windows.

Here is my problem.
Every time the computer starts it goes straight to the safe mode option screen, despite me not pressing f8. No matter what option I choose, safe mode or start normally or last known good, it reboots and goes straight back to the that option screen. Could it be a hardware problem? Am I not seeing if something isn't working in the computer?

A:Can't get past safe mode option screen or boot up win.

Hello & welcome to TSF,

have you tried to go into safe mode ?

you may also need to go into the bios & check the temps & voltages

you may also need to reset the bios to default setteings

you may also as a last resort need to flash the bios (last resort)

now when you start the system are all the system fans working at start up ?/ you may need to look at the back useing a flash light to make sur the psu (power supply unit) fan is working / sometimes hard to tell by placing your hand back there to just feel ??

you can just remove the battery from the motherboard and press the power button after the power cord is removed to get a compleat bios reset

check to see if all cables are securly pluged in

pull one stick of ram/ memory out at a time & start your system also do this with each slot with each stick or ram/memory ( rules out if ram /memory is bad )

get back to us

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#1 Hi, basically this probem arose from nowhere. I came back from holiday 6 days ago and my pc took longer than i remember to boot. Only till i realised the next day and day after it was getting longer and some times not loading past the 'Windows' screen. Each time when it hasn't loaded fully, I turn it off and re-boot pressing F8 to get up safe mode, which doesn't work at all.
It gets stuck on '/avgdiseh' doesn't load past and will stay like that till turned off. Start up repair does absolutely nothing, it asks to do System restore which then errors and reboots, if i press cancel it stays on the 'Scanning' screen for hours.. (8 hours today)

#2 I've now seemed to run into another problem trying to boot from my CD drive. First time I loaded everything correctly got to 'install windows' screen clicked start up repair which did nothing. Ever since that windows won't detect my CD drive even though it opens and did read CD's.(watched a film on it the other day)

I've looked online and other people have had the same problems and clearly i haven't found a solution yet. I've tried cleaning the inside of my case, double checking connections, changing boot options. From what i've read its either a failed HDD, failed RAM (, or failed CD drive in the case of my second dilemma)

I'm just curious as to whether anyone can pin point what the problem is. If its an easy fix or whether it is possibl... Read more

A:Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode

it's the one following avgdiseh that is the problem

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive


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I am new to this - but I guess I'll learn fast.I have trouble booting up. Have done a HijackThis scan and this is the result.

MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:


A:Doesn't boot past XP Screen.But can boot into Safe Mode-HELP

post your system specs including the power supply details from the label on the side
in safe mode go to the device manager and see if there is any yellow alongside of anything
if there is click on it's listing and see what it says is wrong
you can also try tapping f8 when booting and from the boot options try
last known good configuration
also try a system restore to an earlier date when everything was running ok
to submit a hijack log in the hijack log help forum follow the 5 steps here
at this stage i don't think a hijack log is warranted

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I was uninstalling old games via control panel, at which point it said to reboot to finish. When it was restarted, Windows will now no longer boot past a certain stage. It shows that windows is loading normally, but then it stops at the blue Windows 7 welcome screen (just the blue image with the little bird, no "welcome" or words at all).
I can't do anything after that. When I hit f8, the only options are to launch windows repair, and start normally. Both options bring me to this screen. I have NO idea what to do at this point, as I can't even get into safe mode to run system restore. Any ideas?? Is there another way to get into safe mode?
I can't even give you my specs on my comp, other than it's an Alienware X51 running Windows 7. 

A:Windows won't boot past Welcome screen, no safe mode option with F8.

Do you have a Startup Repair disk or an installation disk that you can run repairs with?
If the Alienware came with a Dell disk, that's the correct kind.
Here's more detailed instructions:  https://www.winhelp.us/repair-your-computer-in-windows-vista-or-7.html

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ok this one has me scratching my head

yesterday morning I was able to bootup my computer fine, got past splash screen, was able to login, startsup.
mozilla newest version has been crashing on me recently, but it seems to happen to a few of my friends too.

anyways i turned it off, because for whatever reason my computer no longer sleeps (makes me be a bit more aware of when and how i use my computer), and walked away for about 3 hours.

i come back, turn on, goes to xp home splash screen, and then black screen, no cursor.
i restart: turns on, goes to splash screen, i get a cursor this time, but still just black screen.

so i restart; turns on, f8 into safemode, thinking darn virus or something. safemode loads up, but the resolution is high.
normally when i load into safemode its at 600x800, blue desktop, and i can't resize it, but the windows for all my virus scanners look like they would in normal mode, just taking up the whole screen...

this time i have more than enough space, the screen has a black desktop, has SafeMode in four corners, and system detail printed at top
my antivirals (AVG, spybot S&D, malewarebytes..) programs run on the bare minimum, (no fancy interface) only black screen and blocky white letters. no problems found (well actually i don't even get a log, it just kind of finishes and closes) i can't resize the resolution.

i tried the msconfig turnoff startups reboot into normal, still nothing
i tried the msconfig turnfoff services (hid mic... Read more

A:no boot past splash screen

FWIW: Black Screen (fixmbr) - http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;314503 Louis

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My rig was running fine until I go to plug in my phone into one of the frontside USB ports to charge. The computer instantly turned off, and since then it will not boot past the black XP splash screen with the moving bar at the bottom. I was able to successfully boot into safe mode after pressing F5 before the splash screen comes up, so I was able to pull off some crucial files.

Any suggestions on how to get this fixed or what is causing this? FYI, this is a custom built rig with a core2duo, 4gb ram, Gigabyte mobo. It's about 3 years old and I've never had problems until now. I've done some hardware unplugging/troubleshooting, so I'm more inclined to think this is a software issue.

I've also tried this, from another forums thread several years ago, but it did not work for me:

Run the Recovery Console and press R. When at the command prompt type:
chkdsk /r
This will check and fix any errors. Reboot after its done. It problem still exists, run Recovery Console again and this time type:
If it says you have a non-standard or bad master boot record then select yes and run it.

and also this:
First off, boot your computer from your Windows XP restore cd/OS cd, when the menu comes up hit the R key to get to the recovery prompt.
The prompt should start off at C:\Windows. Type cd system32. The prompt should now read C:\Windows\system32
Type: copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe

I do have the XP cdrom but I want to try any other options before ... Read more

A:XP won't boot past splash screen

When you attemped the repair with the XP CD did you try to fix the boot sector? FIXBOOT

Sometimes the first part of the boot sector gets corrupted and repairing it can get you back running. The only thing you won't know is if there was other damage inflicted somewhere else. Don't forget to backup your data regularily -- if you value it anyway.

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i have a dell inspiron 1000 and it will not boot past the splash screen. when i try to hit f2 or f12 it says entering setup or boot menu but will not go further. can anyone help

A:will not boot past splash screen

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I recently rebooted my pc and now it hangs at the XP splash screen with the blue bar starting and stopping every few seconds. There was no indication of a virus, trojan, etc and all the hardware seems to be OK. It even hangs when attempting to go into safe mode though I only had the option a few times and cant get back to choosing how to boot up. I hit F8 but only get what drive to use to boot. I went into the recovery console and tried with out any success the following:

chckdsk-found errors but no change
boot cfg
Seagate HD tools, everything passed

I also tried a XP repair which went through fine but still I get to the splash screen and nothing. I even let it sit there for 2 1/2 hours. Could it be a hardware issue? I will try removing memory and see if that could be the hang up. Of course my last resort is to reinstall as I want to get some files off the drive. Is it possible to install XP on a partition or another drive and have access to my files so I can back them up? Thanks in advance.

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I read all the responses to the exact question as mine as well as similar questions, none are applicable, as not even Safe Mode will load past black screen with "Safe Mode" in each corner, and at the top "Microsoft (R) Windows (R) (Build 7601:Service
Pack 1)". Thankfully, i had just recently backed up most of my files!  I want to get it working so I can wipe it clean and get rid of it. Please help, thanks!

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Good afternoon. My apologies if this thread is in the incorrect forum.

Here's the issue. I started up my desktop just fine today. No problems at all. I get online and go to a website, I forget which one. One I haven't been to before, for sure. As soon as I access the site, Kapersky starts flipping out about some rootkit virus. I start the virus scan and it notifies me that I need to reboot my computer, so naturally, I do so.

Upon restarting my computer, It goes to the screen asking for safemode and what not. I start it normally, and it goes to the XP splash screen. It loads for a few seconds, then restarts. Finding this rather frustrating, I restart it and choose safe mode with the same results.

I assume this is a boot sector error, so in order to try to reinstall the operating system, I insert the XP boot disk that I have. My computer allows me to attempt to boot from CD, but nothing happens, and it continues to the safe mode screen. I press F8 and choose disable automatic restart on system fail, and it comes up with a BSOD after the XP splash screen. It tells me I need to run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption and to restart. Since I cannot get to the command prompt, I am unable to comply. The error at the bottom of the screen is as follows.

Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x00000024 (0x001902FE, 0xBA4EB380, 0xBA4AEB07C, 0x8AD54805)

I can't think of what else to do at this point. I have a basic understanding of computers but ... Read more

A:Computer does not boot past XP splash screen

Latest development...

I restarted and tried Debug mode and it started right up. Only issue so far is Daemon tools wouldn't start because of the Debug kernal or something like that. Is there anything I should do to prevent this problem from occuring in the future?

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After installing SP2 it wont boot past the slash before it locks up. It wont let me boot from the floppy or cd ( goes straight to splash screen). I have tried using F8, F10, F12, tab, & del to try and get me into the bios to change the boot order, with negative results. #1 what is causing this or what caused this? #2 HOW DO I FIX IT???

A:XP wont boot past splash screen

tap del key

Shut it off. As soon as you push the power button start tapping the "del" key. with some luck it will get you to the BIOS. What MB/BIOS or what brand computer?

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Hello guy and gals, I've been trying to diagnose this problem with the help of a few friends and we're out of ideas at this point.

The computer in question is a home built PC the worked fine for two years before this problem occurred,I'm told the problem first started when it got a virus but I don't know for sure. The PC has an Asus P5N32-E SLI MB and it's running Vista Home Premium 32-Bit.

When I start the computer it loads to the bios splash screen and normally freezes there, occasionally I'm able to get into the bios before it freezes where I can see that all of the temps are normal and nothing jumps out as unusual, however I only have about 20 seconds to look through it before it freezes. Before this started it would just just keep rebooting when it got to the post screen with occasional distortion of the bios splash screen.

I have tried replacing the hard drive with a known working one, and I have replaced the video card with a known working one; I have also pulled all of the ram out of the computer and tried each stick individually without success. I have pulled the battery several times and cleared the capacitors and so far I have gotten nowhere.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance for your help.

A:PC Won't Boot Past BIOS Splash Screen

Only suspects left then are Motherboard/CPU and PSU. I guess you can try to check atleast CPU in some other board if possible to start with.

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I am working on a Dell Optiplex GX270 that will not boot past the splash screen in normal mode, nor will it go into safe mode. I'm not getting any errors, just a very faint splash screen.

So far I've tried (with no success):
1) changing power supplies
2) put in a new video card
3) put in a different hard drive with a fresh Windows XP install
4) different memory

What am I missing?



A:Windows XP won't boot past splash screen

so the new drive with a new copy of XP wont boot?

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yesterday out of the blue my computer gets stuck on the splash screen, i turn on my computer and when i see its stuck in the splash screen i try to go into POST and see what was up, but i cant get out of the splash screen, and i cant go into safe mode or anything, i cant even go into BIOS. However, if i spam the hell out of the tab key when starting up my computer, it takes me into POST, if i wait untill the splash screen is on i never get into POST, but when i do it only gets to the point where it says, memory OK. the only thing i have considered so far was that maybe its related to my power source, as i just installed a new 7600 gt card and I still have a 350 watt power supply, probably not smart but it seemed to work. I havent tried anything hardware-wise yet and im looking for suggestions.

A:My computer cannot boot past the splash screen please help!

You have a hardware failure. It could be the "new" power supply, bad memory or a failing hard drive. If your motherboard has on-board video, remove the 7600GT and see if the system boots

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Computer is
Lenovo All In One Flex20 Multi-touch (purchased 2014)
Orig OS was Win 8.1 64 bit
installed free Win10 in 2015 when offered by MS (so no copy of lic #)
Processor 4th Gen Intel Core i5-420GB
8 GB PC3-12800 SDRAM
500 GB 5400 RPM SSHD

Problem: Initally after an update several months ago the mouse pointer started
behaving randomly. It constantly dropped to the bottom right corner opening the
various items there. It became impossible to use. I searched on web at both Lenovo and Microsoft for solution but found nothing usable. I used Tweaking.com to run some scans and fixes in Safe Mode and then as Computer is in a place I visit on a regular basis I had to leave for a month unfixed. When booted upon return problem returned.

Yesterday I ran system in safe mode again and mouse pointer behaved. Then I added networking and ran some diagnostics and it still behaved. I rebooted to regular start-up and problem immediately manifested. So today I went into Admin Tools>System Config and chose Diagnostic Startup. Upon reboot the system will not load anything after the lenovo splash. It simply has long circle of attempt and after 30 min nothing. So cannot run SysInfo - sorry. There is no way to get in to change the option to a reg or Safe mode boot that I know of.

I am happy to do a complete restore. All important data on system has been backed up. The original system comes with an F2 OneKeyRecovery and I can get that to load. (I experimented to see) However if I do that I ... Read more

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My Dell computer is frozen and won't go past the splash screen. Pushing the function buttons for setup or the boot menu doesn't work so I can't change any settings or configurations. The computer also will not read the CD Rom drive so I can re-install the OS. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks.

A:Vista doesn't boot past splash screen and can't access boot or set menus

Welcome, this definitely looks as if you have a hardware issue. Try this. See if by any chance you can do this : HD Diagnostic and this : Memory Diagnostics
Both of these are a bootable diagnostic check. Post back results please .

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Hello.As the title says, my Ideapad Y500 is starting to have some issues. A week ago it refused to shut down. Screen would turn off but not the laptop, which would remain kind of dormant. Following some advice online I uninstalled Express Cache form the Control Panel. Now the system turns off, but I have a new problem, this time booting up.Whenever I boot up the laptop it goes to the Lenovo splash screen, then black, then resets to the splash screen and stays there forever. If I shut it down manually and then boot it up again, it goes to Windows as it should, but the whole process takes from 2 to 10 minutes. If I try to restart the system, same thing happens.  If I keep doing this I fear one day it will just die on me.Added to this, I've been getting intermitent failures of the Intel RST software, which sometimes just won't work at all. Other times it's fine. I read somewhere I should update the drivers but I don't know where to find them or if hey may harm my pc even more.I'm running Windows 8.1 (64 bits). So far, besides uninstallid Express Cache, I have run chkdsk on both disks on my system and they appear to be fine (or at least nothing comes up when running the scan). Beyond this, I have no clue how to proceed. I'm not a especially tech savvy person, so any help you guys might give me will be greatly appreciated it. Also, if you can explain it as clear and simply as possible, it would be that much better. Thanks a lot!

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I had my laptop stacked away in my closet for about a month after I moved.  I finally took it out, but when I pressed the power button, the laptop started, got to the hp splash screen, stayed on it for a while (5 seconds) and then the display went blank and ended up with a cursor appearing at the top left of the lcd.  Thought it was the hard drive, that the OS has gotten corrupt, so I took out the hard drive and swapped it with a good booting hard drive from another hp laptop.  But still the same thing happened.  after starting I get the splash screen for five seconds and then the display ends up with a blinking cursor at the top left.  By the way, when I tried the original hard drive of the non bootable laptop in my other hp, it booted up without problem.  So it wasnt the hard drive. 
Next I took the hard drive out of the non booting laptop. and started the laptop without a hard drive.  Same thing happened, splashed screen followed by blinking cursor.  So the laptop never got around to reading the hard drive, and it was apparent the problem was with the hardware.
Is this something that can be fixed and in any case what could be causing this behavior

A:hp pavilion dv6110us does not get past splash screen/boot up

Well...you cannot take a hard drive from another computer reflecting different drivers, settings, components, and (possibly) license...and insert it into another system and expect it to boot.  Unless the systems are identical, that should always present problems.
And...if the laptop is set to boot from the hard drive, but there is no hard drive...you should never even get to a splash screen (unless you are referring to a non-Windows screen.
It's unlikely that the O/S was damaged by inactivity...no acivity, no chance of file damage.
The blinking cursor, black screen typically indicates a problem with boot files.
I would properly attach the correct hard drive...and then run the HP Hard Drive Diagnostic, following HP instructions.

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Hi guys, I'm dealing with a problem which is currently (but I sincerely hope, not permanently) rendering my G700 useless.When I attempt to boot my PC it freezes at the Lenovo splash screen. I've waited ample amount of time but nothing appears to happen. One time I waited and managed to get into a Windows troubleshooting menu where I attempted to wipe the PC and start fresh, but this also froze at the lenovo screen soon after. Pressing the Novo button gives me 4 options but it appears to freeze, not allowing me to scroll through the options, or press enter. If I remove the harddrive it tells me to insert media and press OK, but once again, it appears to freeze as pressing enter doesn't do anything. I've tried booting from a USB stick but can't seem to get into any setting which would allow me to do this.I Removed DVD drive as I read on this forum that it was an issue with different Lenovo laptops, and since I don't use it anyway, decided to give it a go, but unfortunately nothing changed :-( If any kind soul could advise me with what I could possibly do, it be would be greatly appreciated as I'm dreading the thought of having to purchase a new laptop. Thanks :-)

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Okey, here it goes....
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..
My pc decides not to boot past the bios flash screen.


- So i got a new sata hdd not long ago.

- I had Ubuntu and Windows 7 on duel boot. They both worked fine and never gave me any trouble.

- Decided i didn't want duel boot anymore.
I just wanted a fresh install of Windows 7
because im going to be upgrading the mobo, ram, CPU and gfx card.
Basically everything going to be upgraded over the course of the next couple of weeks.

- So i proceeded to format my 500gb sata hdd and install Windows 7.

- After the files copied from the dvd to the hdd my pc rebooted as expected.

- Then the normal boot screen appeared. this is where it hangs.

This is pretty much what i see:

Press del to run setup
Press f8 for BBS POPUP
DDR Frequency...... blah blah
Initializing usb controllers.. done.
Auto-Detecting Pri slave... IDE Hard Disk
Auto-Detecting 3rd slave... CD/DVD ROM
Sec Master: ST3500418AS CC38
Ultra DMA Mode-5 S.M.A.R.T. Capable and Status OK
It just hangs on this.

- I cant boot from dvd or cd
- I cant press del to run setup, it just says entering and does nothing else
- I cant press f8 for bbs popup, it just does the same as pressing del

If i remove the sata hdd i can then press del or f8 and it lets me into the bios.
same with the dvd drive. If the hdd is unplugged then i can boot from the dvd.
what i think the problem might be is my processor. its pentium 4... old... Read more

A:system will not boot past the bios splash screen!! :(

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OK, it all started when i ran ad-aware se. it found some adware. i looked over them and nothing looked essential to the computer running, so i deleted them. so i reboot. after i reboot, i get a system network error right after i select the name i wanted to get on xp with. i cant remember exactly what it said but it gave me 1 minute before it would auto-shutdown my computer. i couldnt stop it, so i had to wait. then when my computer came back on, i couldnt get on the internet. i tried everythign, but it wouldnt connect. so then i thought that i had just deleted some important files when i ran ad-aware.

so then i decided to pop in my windows xp pro disc and do a repair. well the repair goes fine. then it reboots after it finishes repairing. well the first thing i see after i see my intel motherboard splashscreen, is an error screen (not blue, its black) that says there was an error and if i wanted to start in safe mode, safe mode network (i think), safe mode...something else, start back at the most recent configuration where my computer worked, or start windows normally. well i tried all of them and none of them helped me. with each i got the same error:

my computer would come to that black screen i just describe above, then no matter what i picked it would go to the windows xp slashscreen (you know, when it shows the bar loading). it would just hang there for about 2 seconds and then jump right to a blue screen. the blue screen stays on for about half a second, and then... Read more

A:Computer won't boot past the Windows XP splash screen

Boot up www.knoppix.net and back up your files. Reformat and install XP. I'd suspect a virus based on 'auto-shutdown'.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop that I bought new about three months ago. I often put it into sleep mode at night so I won't have to totally reboot the next morning. A few days ago I forgot to plug it in overnight. The battery must have run completely down, since it had no power the next day. I plugged it in and powered it up like normal - but it only got to the "Smith family" intro page with the spinning dots that go round and round, waiting for the desktop screen to appear. Except it never does. Those dots never stop going round and round. I tried booting into safe mode (by holding down the Shift key) when it starts, but it only booted to a blue screen with the same spinning dots and no change or alternate screen. I removed and replaced the battery - no change.

I didn't do anything out of the ordinary the last night I used the laptop. If I can't even get into it or get to safe mode, what else is there? And this is a *new* computer! Is this a Toshiba thing or what?

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My computer was originally an emachines, but its pretty much a mutt now.I have changed or upgraded virtually everything in it accept for the mobo and the HDD. This morning, I was changing the case and now it wont boot up. I get stuck on the emachines splash screen and all my fans come on, and the lights on the keyboard flash once, but nothing else happens. I cannot go into the bios, my HDD led does not come on, I can hear the HDD spinning though. if I hold down the tab key while trying to boot, it goes to the boot screen and tries to boot, but gets stuck when it cannot detect the IDE drives. the mobo light does not come on. if i take out the ram sticks, it does make a sound indicating that there is no memory. if i hold down the F11 key while booting, it makes a constant beeping sound. I have tried switching out the PSU, but got the same results. Other than that, I cannot get it to do anything.

is my motherboard fried?

A:PC wont boot past the emachines splash screen


Elaborate on "changing the case". I'm interpreting, I took everything apart and moved moved it to a new box, in which case there's plenty of mistakes you could have made.

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I have an ACER extensa 5630Z. It's been running all day, and I looked over and it had restarted and got stuck at a blank screen with a blink cursur, Every reboot will show the Acer splash screen, then straight to the blank screen with the blinking cursor. Any ideas what I can do to fix this? I've hit F2 and can get into the bios, but other than that I don't know what to do... Please help... Let me know if you need more information...
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

A:Windows 7 won't boot past Acer splash screen

Does the drive show in BIOS?

I would run diagnostics on the hard drive


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PC was put to bed last night as per usual - no problems. In the morning, it was still powered up, supposedly in sleep mode, but would not wake. Pressed the rest button to reboot, but as soon as the windows 7 splash screen starts I get BSOD crash, and can't get any further past that. After several failures the system detected that I was having trouble loading windows and so gave me the opportunity to run system repair. I did this, but it came up with the message that it could not repair the system, and that a patch file was stopping windows from loading. I then tried to go back to a restore point - there were 5 available to me. 3 failed within 10 seconds of attempting with the error that it failed. Helpful. 1 failed after a longer wait with a message saying restore files were corrupt and pointed to a Trend Micro folder (which is my antivirus). The last restore point got to the point where it said it was finished, but then reported it had failed because of missing restore files.

I haven't tried booting up in safe mode, but if that gets me into windows, what next?

Do I guess that trend pushed through a patch overnight that screwed things up, so therefore proceed to uninstall it and see what happens?

Any other suggestions?

Sorry I can't post any of the files you ask for in a BSOD incident but I can't get into the PC.

Thanks for reading this.

A:BSOD on boot up - can't get past Windows splash screen

If you can boot to safe mode than the core system is ok.

In safe mode you can do a system file check.
sfc /scannow
this operation will check and try to repair system files if there are any errors.

If there are errors which sfc cannot fix inplace reinstallation can be considered as next step:

read tutorial to see what will be reset to default state.

If you have important user data on disk boot from CD/DVD/USB and save all your user files before attempting any further repairs !

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Hey everyone,

First I just want to say I am pretty knowledgable with computers for the most part. The problem is with my mothers HP computer. She has a A1000 HP Pavilion which is about 5 years old. I came to her house to help fix her computer and for some reason will not boot past the windows xp splash screen. Whenever it goes to that screen it will restart, and not go any further. Anyways, I have been doing a little bit of searching on google and found out that it may be the harddrive failing.

Just to double check, I used an Windows XP recovery disk and reformatted the computer, but once it starts up again it does the exact same thing.

I took apart the computer and removed the CMOS battery for 10 seconds and put it back in and also removed the harddrive. The question I have is, if the harddrive is "failing" would the computer be able to recognize the drive when I reformat?, because it did. I found the exact model harddrive on Amazon, but I am unsure if this is even the problem, and I don't want to buy it if it's not.

Any other suggestions on things to try? Or is there a way to find out what is causing this?

Also, the screen that pops up when It restarts is that it says something about recently installed hardware that is corrupted, which I know my mother did not install anything. I also unplugged every usb drive, so I don't think this is the problem. I then get a blue screen every once in awhile saying to restart and says somethi... Read more

A:Computer won't boot past splash screen..(HD failing??)

You don't have a spare hard drive or one you can borrow from a friend for testing? I suspect that the motherboard has gone bad... Take a close look at the capacitors around the CPU for bulging or leaking caps. Like in this video:


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I'll start my computer, it will post and go into the BIOS just fine, it will always get past the screen right after the bios (with the motherboard logo and the windows spinning dots) and then it will go to a blank screen of blackness. It's had this problem off and on for a while, and I put in a new power supply about 2 weeks ago and it fixed the problem but now it will only boot into safe mode.

It has no problems in safe mode and I have not seen it BSOD once.

What kind of necessary information should I gather for y'all? This has been happening for a couple of months now, and it used to be sporadic on the old power supply, but then it always happened, and now it seems to be happening all of the time now as well. Oddly, if I were to disconnect the ethernet cable it seemed to boot up better on the old power supply, but it doesn't matter what I disconnect now, it doesn't seem to want to boot up past the spinning logo thing before you actually get into any kind of windows 8.

Thank you all so much!

A:Computer will not boot up past the windows splash screen

First off, the ethernet cable has nothing to do with it. Of course the old adage goes. If it worked before you messed with it. Now it does not. You did something wrong.

Go back and check all connections and add-on cards. Also what is the wattage of the new Power supply. What is the wattage of the old Power supply.

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Whenever I turn on my laptop and sometimes my desktop, it hangs on the splash screen. My BIOS boot is set to UEFI mode and Windows is installed under that. The computer won't boot unless I do CTRL + ALT + DELETE. How would I fix it?

My laptop is a Lenovo Legion Y520 with an i7-7700HQ processor, 16 GB ram, with a graphics of GTX 1050 ti.

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So, I have a fairly new computer (it's less than a year old) that randomly decided not to boot up past the splash screen. I attempt to enter the BIOS, but it still doesn't work, even after waiting 2 hours. Fearful that it's a motherboard problem, I open up the tower and disconnected the hard disk drive. The computer POSTed perfectly without the HDD, which alludes to a HDD malfunction.

I think the HDD may have overheated since Firedog installed a wireless card when we bought the computer, but left a port open, so the fan wasn't really circulating the hot air out. Next time I get a new computer, I'll put the extra cards in myself.

My question is, what are my options? It's a SATA Seagate 500GB HDD; the motherboard obviously has IDE capabilities. If I get a new HDD (assuming that's the issue), how can I recover my operating system (Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit)? I still have the product key on the case of the tower, but that's pretty much it. Is there any way to possibly recover the data on the HDD myself, or will I have to go to a specialty place that has the right hardware (assuming it's even possible).



A:HP Pavilion a6620f won't boot up past HP splash screen when HDD is connected.

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I have been using my Windows 7 x64 system for about 5 months without a problem. I booted it yesterday, and an autoupdate occurred as soon as Windows 7 started up. It looked like this autoupdate made changes to /COMPONENTS. As soon as it finished, the system rebooted, and got stuck on the eVGA P55 splash screen. It was stuck there for about 10 minutes, so I manually shut down the computer. Every time I turn it on now, I get stuck on the eVGA P55 splash screen. I can not get into safe mode or anything. Any suggestions on how to go about fixing this? Did some stupid Windows autoupdate crash my new computer? I am turning those off if that is what happened.

A:Windows 7 won't boot past eVGA P55 splash screen after update


Go into BIOS>Reset All to Default (or Optimal) Values>Save and Exit Bios and reboot.
Let us know if you can get past POST


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I'm working on a Compaq Deskpro EN500 running Windows XP Professional SP2 (with all patches and updates), current antivirus and antispyware, and firewall.

The system was working fine, user was online browsing the web when the system froze. The mouse froze, etc. Start button could not be accessed. The user shut down the system with the power button. When he turned it back on, he was greeted with the standard Microsoft 'an error has occured' screen' and given the choices of
Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with Command Prompt
Last Known Good
Start Windows Normally

When I choose any of these, I can get as far as the Windows XP splash screen and then the system seizes.

I can get into the Windows Recovery Console. I have run a CHKDSK /P /R and a FIXBOOT. CHKDSK returns no errors. I'm not sure what to try next short of a rebuild. Ideas?

A:Solved: System Won't Boot Past Splash Screen - No Errors

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Everytime I try to boot...The splash screen freezes after a short time. The POST goes fine. Tried booting to Safe Mode, no luck (I think that's when I got a bunch of text flash on the screen and freeze.) Can't get to a command prompt, either. CAN get into BIOS. Tried reinstalling Windows (although I'd have to pay for it, as it would be my third or fourth re-install), but it froze in the process somewhere. I got to a c: somewhere...I think it was the Recovery Console...yes, it was...but I don't know enough to know what to do. That froze, too, after looking around a bit. Sounds almost like a hardware problem...overheating or something, but I can't figure it out. Built the PC myself, everything was OK except once in a while it'd reboot on its own. I appreciate any help, thanks in advance....

A:WinXPFreezes at Splash Screen, No Safe Mode

the best way to determine if it's hardware is to format/clean install. if it freezes, you've got a hardware problem.

if you have data on your drive you don't want to lose, do a parallel install:
-boot to xp cd, choose to install a fresh copy, leaving the current file system intact.....install on same partition, but choose a different folder, e.g. call it \winxp instead of \windows.
-boot to the new os install
-you should be able to access your data, although you may need to boot to safe mode, login as admin, and take ownership/change permissions
-copy your important data to cd
-format and clean install xp

if it's hardware, and you have spare parts lying around, try swapping parts. but its could also be a driver. a parallel or clean install will determine that. (also, disconnect everything but mouse, keyboard, and monitor.)

you could also try a registry hive swap from the recovery console, but that's a whole nuther post. (yes, nuther is a word.)

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Okay, here's a little background information.

Bought my PC in 2006. Have had to replace 3 video cards since i've bought it. (One was replaced under warranty, the other I bought).

Since I purchased my PC the only parts I have replaced are: My video card, 3 cards later i'm on my most recent one, EVGA Nvidia 8800 GT http://www.evga.com/articles/378.asp

I also upgraded my PSU to an Enermax Pro 82+ 525w. http://www.directron.com/epr525awt.html

OS: Windows XP SP3

Motherboard : ASUS P5BW-LA http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/d...name=c00748726

I mainly use my computer for gaming, after my first video card died i was sent a beefier card http://reviews.cnet.com/graphics-car...?tag=mncol;lst after that my PC was no longer under warranty so I had to buy my next cards my self.

My problem:

I left my computer on while making some food, I had world of warcraft opened. When I finished making food I got back to my computer and moved my mouse to get it out of sleep mode. I run a dual display set up, once my monitors loaded up one of the screens was pure white and the other screen was black. I was forced to hold the power button down to turn off my PC. From there on out everytime I boot my computer up I get my PC's loading screen (which i'm able to acces BIOS or system restore) after my PC's loading screen I get the windows splash screen, after that my monitor is pure black. The PC is still on and running but there's no display. I plugged my monitor into my onboard an... Read more

A:Black screen after Windows splash screen. Unable to acces safe mode.

bump, please help :(

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Very similar to the following problem but i do not have a raid, and it seems that this PC has a raid and i don't, plus it was never really determined what the actual solution was.

The basics: XP Professional Boot up screen, right before the windows loading screen, or direct after the F8 Menu if you hit "Start Windows Normally..." it will just lock up, no HDD activity, blank screen. now BSOD, nothing.

All 3 safe mods work fine.

Ran chkdsk /r in recovery.
Ran proper fixboot procedure.

Went into safe mode and checked the event viewer.

The only concerning message i got was: The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:

Formatting really isnt an issue since i can back up anything i need through safe mode. However its just the fact that the Windows gremlin has struck me again and i must defeat it once more.

I highly doubt this is a hardware issue as it is more of a driver/software issue.

Anymore information for me, or from me that you need, i would be extremely happy.
Thanks for your time.

A:Blank Screen Freeze Up before Splash screen. Safe mode works.

Before I say the hard drive is dying, you need to try the XP repair as you have done most else you can already:

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WinXP Pro
Geforce video 440SE 64MB,

This pc shows bios info (as per normal) then goes to WinXP splash screen and then flickers and then reboots.
Immediately thought it was something to do with the video card... opened the case and the card has a cooling fan that wasn't working... so assumed it was overheating and the cause.

Went out and bought a new Geforce card -- same type and still get the same problem.

This PC WAS working before customer asked me to give it a check-up.
PC boots ok into safe mode.
I've ruled out the processor and the memory (ran tests)... suspect the video settings in some way. I'm not sure what the original monitor was and I just hooked it up to a reg monitor (VGA). FYI, System recognizes the vid card ok in the device manager.

Searched for similar probs .. found some that have not been very helpful.
(One suggestion is to reload WinXP and do a repair of some kind)

Looking for directions.

A:PC Reboots after WinXP splash screen (ok in safe mode)

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After doing a Windows update, my computer gave a Windows looking message that my hard drive was going bad and to back up my data. I was able to save my user files. Then the pc crashed with a BSOD. I disabled restart after crash. Found the error was 0x0000006B (having to do with a corrupt bootcat.cache file.) Could not boot up windows except for semi windows with my windows 7 disk and Chose Repair, in Recovery console, however it told me nothing could be repaired. Through an option to "find a file" under the Recovery option. I managed to copy a GOOD copy of the bootcat.cache file and I appropriately placed it in E:\Windows\system32\codeintegrity (it was ONLY seeing C: as a system partition) my drive letters were all reassigned.

Sorry this is confusing and a lot of info. Bottom line is, my hard drive is not bad, I see windows on it and all my files and the BIOS recognizes the drive. It is firmly connected and NOT hot to the touch.

From a command prompt I did a bootrec.exe /fixmbr and also /fixboot as the pc was not properly booting up. it still would not boot properly

I am totally unable to go to safe mode (hitting F8) No matter what I do, I get a Windows Splash screen and then my screen goes to a Black Screen with a White arrow cursor, the hard drive appears to be trying to work the light flickers) but it just hangs at the black screen

Again, it refuses to allow me to boot to safe mode. It tries to load the Windows S... Read more

A:Windows 7 splash screen, then black screen NO Safe Mode

sorry for bumping. it seems people get a lot of responses to their questions and i was hoping to get the same kind of response.

Bottom line is, my computer tries to load Windows (7) with the splash screen, then goes to a black screen with an arrow and stays there.

I am unable to boot to safe mode.

I am unable to do a recovery from booting from the Windows 7 Install CD

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I have had several Dell Laptops (D630, D830, E6410, E6510, Precision M4500), and with the D630 and E6410 Dell was VERY helpful after the warranty expired (in one case by 5 months).. even replaced a system board or 2 since tons of people were reporting issues similar to mine on the D and E series.

on my Precision M4500, I called Dell 1 day (24 hours) after the warranty expired.

Issue: The system would REFUSE to boot past the dell BIOS splash screen.
It would finally boot after 10 or so power cycle attempts.

Dell refused to "help" me but did give me some advice
now ... 1 month after the warranty expired - the issue is back

System Info:
Dell M4500
16GB DDR3 RAM (Dell Certified) - issue remains when I use the 8gb in my e6410
bluray drive (I also tried to boot using the dvd drive in my e6410, issue remains)
intel 6250 wifi/wimax card
gobi 2000 card
i7 cpu
NVidia FX 880 gpu
bios level a15
os: dual boot via GRUB - Ubuntu 13.10 and windows 7 ultimate (both 64 bit)

when it does finally boot, I get a message about intel management engine booting the factory image or something to that effect

it will NEVER boot past the bios splash screen on battery only (even with a new battery)
once booted, I can unplug and get about 2 1/2 hours of usage from the pc

I can access the bios settings with no issues - even on the "no-boot" power ups

once it does boot, there are no other issues

after reading on the internet I found this to be a COMMON problem
s... Read more

A:Dell Precision M4500 - Wont boot past BIOS splash screen

I now have 2 M4500 that do the same thing. With Intel SpeedStep enabled, it refuses to boot. Both have SSD drives, 16GB DDR3 RAM, NVIDIA FX880 GPU. one has a i7-940 and the other a i7-920. I hope DELL steps up and fixes this issue in A16 BIOS update.

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I have a dell Inspiron 9100 (Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz) desktop running Windows XP SP3 only. I have one fixed 160GB Hard Drive. I have not changed any settings/ installed/removed any programs recently. My last shut down was normal.
When i started up the pc i got as far as the xp splash screen which i believe it would have stayed on indefinitely. The scroll bar was still scrolling. So I attempted restart and tried again and the same problem occurred. I then attempted to start in safe mode were the BSOD occurred at what appeared to be the end of the driver loading. I got the message unmountable_boot_volume with the error code 0x000000ED (0X869C45CO, 0XC00000BS, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)
The first thing i did was dissemble my pc, unplug/replug all the insides, remove all dust and i even reinserted the drive battery. I tried restarting again and the same issue.
I then went on to google the issue to read what felt like hundreds of similar but never the same issue.

As i usually use my tv as a monitor i thought this could be the issue. So i put in an ordinary monitor and took out all my usb peripherals. Same issue again.
At the stage i thought i would post for help. Not wanting to seem like a newbie i went through all the steps that i did before so i could get the exact error messages to post when i noticed that when i retried safe mode it stopped at a certain point during the driver loading and along the bottom of the screen PRESS ESC TO CANCEL LOADING SPTD.SYS... I Hadnít notic... Read more

A:XP splash screen loads forever; Safe mode gives BSOD

SPTD.SYSClick to expand...

Remove your daemon tools program, restart and see if the problem goes away.

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Hi, wondering if anyone can help me. I can't seem to get past the welcome/user account screen on windows (xp) except in safe mode. A split second after I've clicked on the loader it immediately says logs straight back off again! Only way I can get into computer is in safe mode. I've done a virus scan and removed what I needed to and also ran a registry scan. But nothing so far has helped. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not that computer literate re terminology so step by step instructions will be needed!! Many thanks

A:Cannot get past welcome screen except in safe mode

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My PC wont go past the safe mode screen. Ive tried to boot it from all options and it keeps coming back to the safe mode screen. Ive no idea what to try, can anyone help, plz.

A:Can't get past safe mode screen.

First, you will need a windows xp repair cd.

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