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Self-Powered External Storage not recognized/randomly disconnecting

Q: Self-Powered External Storage not recognized/randomly disconnecting

I have a 1TB external storage drive that uses its own power supply and connects to my laptop via USB 2.0 cable. For months I've had absolutely no problem out of the device, until the computer randomly decided to forget the device was plugged in. Now I'm lucky to get the device to be recognized by the computer at all, and when it is recognized, if I try to move anything to/from the device, the connection is immediately severed from the computer.

I use this device for my backup as well as holding on to things I would rather not get rid of. All my drivers are up to date, I've done all the Power Management checking and unchecking that I've read from other threads found via Google search, and still it won't work correctly for me. Any advice?

Preferred Solution: Self-Powered External Storage not recognized/randomly disconnecting

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Self-Powered External Storage not recognized/randomly disconnecting

Providing you have done all the power options to attack the problem from the OS end of things, then you must consider that the drive itself is the problem. This seems likely since the drive has worked fine in the past.

The first suspect would be the USB cable, the connector on either end, or the port on either end.

The second suspect would be the hard drives power supply. These do go bad. If it is not supplying proper power then the drive will fail to be recognized correctly.

Try the drive on another computer. If it exhibits the same behavior there then you can narrow it down to one of the two issues above.

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So I have multiple external monitors. When I'm not usually all of them, I turn the ones off I don't need. I just press the power button on the front of the external monitor.

The problem is when I move my mouse, it will still go in the direction of the monitor that's off, causing me to lose my mouse, because I can't see it.

Is there anyway to prevent the computer from seeing the external monitor when I have it powered off? The external monitors are Dell U2414h monitors and the laptop is Lenovo x230 Tablet with Windows 7. The graphics card is intel hd graphics 4000. Thanks.

A:External Monitor Still Recognized When Powered Off

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Okay I have a vista machine I built my self a few years ago. Recently the power supply died and I replaced it with a bigger better one. 600 watts instead of 400. Machine works great, however, now it seems that external harddrives that are not powered from an external power supply (2.5 inch western digitals I have) are not recognized at all when I plug them in. Doesn't show up in device manager, disk management or anything. Nothing happens when I plug them in. The lights blink on the drives but nobody is home. They work fine on every other machine I have. Now, I know the usb ports put out at least some power because my iphone mounts fine and charges, even my 5th gen ipod which is a hard drive, charges and mounts, all flash drives work.... Could it be the external western digitals are not getting "enough" power, do the usb ports get power from another line that i might have forgotten to plug in? I thought those ports were all powered from the main power line that plugs into the Mobo all the other functions of the computer seem to be just fine. I've tried all 6 usb ports on the back and get the same result.

Any suggestions on what to try? Am at a loss. the drives are passport western digitals, I have a 60 gig and 120 gig...

A:external hard drives not recognized/powered in vista

1.) What's the make and model of your power supply? It's possible that it's underpowered for your setup.
If the power supply is generic, how many 12V rails does it have, and how many amps are on each 12V rail?

2.) Have you tried the drives on a different computer? If that problem is solved after trying on another computer, it's definitely your PC hardware causing the issue.

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Do non-system hard drives automatically power down after x minutes of not being used? I've got 3 storage-only drives that I access very rarely, so as to conserve energy + reduce noise/heat I'd prefer to keep them powered down until I click on the specific drive in Windows Explorer.

It's possible that modern drives have this function and are at idle when not in use. If so, after how many minutes of non-use do they power down? Can this number be changed in the BIOS, for example? User software?

Thanks in advance.

A:Can non-system [storage only] HDDs be powered down?

The settings for turning off drives after so many minutes of inactivity is set in the power option plan you have set. There are three main power themes and the option to create your own custom power plan as well.

For an absolute turn drive off when not used having external drives or drives in external enclosures like fan cooled with an on/off switch would certainly solve any concerns on this. When not in use simply click the remove hardware safety icon in the system notification area to "eject" the external drive enclosure before turning the switch off.

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Dell Precision 4300 laptop T9300 2.5ghz processor running windows XP pro. Have a WD 400 passport external drive (powered through usb) that worked great for 6 months. Having problems recognizing the drive on usb port. Have a powered Hitachi drive that fine in the same port. Took WD passport and placed it on another computer and it works fine. When plugged into my laptop I can hear it fire up and the indicator light is on. WD troubleshot with me and we eliminated my drivers etc and same result. They warrantied the drive and new one has same issue. Tried a different cable. Dell troubleshot with me and diagnosed bad motherboard. Tech came to house and replaced motherboard with same results. Flashed bios and removed/installed drivers again same result. Drive will appear under device manager butI can't get to it. Part of my computer will lock up when drive in port and unfreeze when I pull it out. Also will see drive appear under my computer when removing usb cable. If I remove usb drivers and power up with WD plugged in occasionally I will be able to get to unit but it will freeze.

A:usb powered hard drive not recognized

try this remove safely then reinstall it might work after several times you could go to the website and dowload the proper drivers hope this helps lisa6447

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Hello All,

I just installed a new ASROCK FM2A88M Extreme4+ motherboard in my home PC last week. I have a CM Storm Quickfire Rapid i keyboard and a SteelSeries Rival mouse attached to the top two USB ports on the back of the motherboard:

Ever since I got this motherboard I have been having frequent, random issues with my Quickfire keyboard. What happens is, after a cold boot, about 20% of the time the keyboard does not light up and is not recognized by Windows. I have to either reboot or pull the USB plug and put it back in to get it to work. I have also tried switching around the USB ports (swapping which port the mouse and keyboard uses) but that doesn't seem to work. (I didn't try the other "lower" USB ports because I assumed that, due to the position of the ones I am using, that they are meant specifically to be used for keyboards and mice.)

The Quickfire keyboard is new as well but I did have it before I got the ASROCK motherboard and i don't recall having this issue (at least not frequently enough to remember) so I am leaning towards the conclusion that it's an issue with the ASROCK motherboard.

My first question is, is there a way in Windows 8.1 (event logs, device manager, etc.) to see what exactly is causing my keyboard to not be recognized all the time?

If you were to make an educated guess would you say it's an issue with the motherboard or the keyboard? (Note that the Quickfire keyboard did not come with any drivers or software, everything is done... Read more

A:Keyboard Frequently Not Recognized/Powered On After Boot.


if it was me i would try another keyboard to rule that out first. do you have another keyboard you can test with?

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I have the T110, I can create the recovery discs in Windows but when I restart the computer and press F12 it shows no CD/DVD drive in the BIOS.

So I cannot restore from or boot from the external CD/DVD drive.


A:Satellite T110 - USB powered CD/DVD drive not recognized in BIOS


I don?t have the notebook in front of me but check the BIOS if you can find an option called ?USB legacy support?. If yes you have to enable this feature that your notebook can recognize the external drive.

Can you boot from an USB stick? I mean you can also create the recovery files on an USB stick so this would be also an option to restore factory settings.

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7 Month old HP Win7 6gb x64 machine. Keyboard and mouse drivers unaffected.USB Mass storage device properties messagewith driver check on:"Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device."with driver check off:Tells me drivers are corrupt or missing.Search show diver where it should be: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\usbstor.sys (also usbfilter.sys).Used the HP Recovery Manager to restore factory setting for USBStor.sys, it indicates it is successful but no changeon reboot, still cannot use flash drives, SD cards, external HDs. Units work find on my laptop.Called HP 4 times, after extensive troubleshooting each time, following their instructions, go to hp.com/go/instant, get screen saying request has been received. Each time tech tells me he cannot find my request.After a while, read 2 hours, told they need to talk to supervisor, will call me back, KISS OF DEATH, never hear from them.So can I fix this or am I going to have to pay for repairing a seven month old HP?Or am I going to have to buy yet another pc?

A:USB Mass Storage Device will not recognize external storage devices

Nobody has a clue, huh?
I guess I am the only one ever to have this happen!
Ok, thanks, goodbye.

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OK, I was preparing my computer to do a clean install of Windows 7. A few weeks ago I inquired if it would be safer to disconnect my storage drives prior to doing a clean install of Windows 7. I went ahead and disconnected my storage drives except my computer would not boot up. I got a message telling me I had a boot up failure and to install my system disc and hit Enter. I did that, but nothing happened. I re-connected the storage drives only this time I did not get a message plus my computer did not boot up. I just had a blinking cursor at the upper Left corner of the screen. After a couple of hours of troubleshooting I entered the Setup BIOS and selected Load Defaults. Well, everything was back to normal and the computer booted up. I don't want to go through this again, so I am asking, how can I get my computer to boot up with only the C: Drive and without the storage drives connected? I am just leery about doing a clean install and having my storage drives affected one way or another, considering all my backups and settings are stored in these drives. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:Computer would not boot disconnecting storage drives

It could be for many reasons.
I guess the boot loader isn't on your drive C: but on one of your Data HDD.
You probably has a Legacy system with Master boot record (MBR).
When it boots, the information of MBR transfer the booting system to a Boot Loader. On a MBR system you can only have one main Boot Loader. This Boot Loader can have more than one OS on it's parameters, that is, the boot sequence can be transfered to more than one secondary boot loader.
You also have Ubuntu on your system. If it has been installed after Windows and not on the same drive, the MBR on C: is transferring to Grub main boot loader on the drive where Ubuntu is installed. Grub then loads Ubuntu or transfer to Windows boot loader on C:.
If you take out this drive, MBR on C: won't find Grub and you can't boot.
To fix this, remove all drives except the one with Windows and with Windows Installation DVD make a boot repair. It will modify the MBR on C: to transfer boot sequence to windows. Ubuntu won't boot any more.

Then you have two options. Load Ubuntu from Windows boot loader (https://askubuntu.com/questions/1399...ws-7-boot-menu) or install MBR on the Ubuntu drive that will transfer the boot sequence to Grub on that drive, a Grub boot repair (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair). Before loading Grub boot repair, remove all HDD except the one that has Ubuntu. Then you will have two separated OS, each one with its own drive and MBR and you choose witch one to boot on BIOS.

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I got a 2.5" external HDD enclosure from a place called www.cooldrives.com to use with a Hitachi Travelstar 40GB HDD. I was under the notion that these 2.5" USB2.0 drives are powered via the USB cable. The enclosure also has the Firewire port and The firewire cable powers up the HDD, but when I use the USB2.0 cable, I need to use the DC power cord that came with it. I wrote to their tech support and this is what they replied with:

if your drive is rated at less than 500ma than it will power from usb

usb.org specification is posted online

I don't really understand the comment. Am I supposed to look for the 500ma on the HDD or on the HDD enclosure specs.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks.

A:USB Powered External HDD

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G'day to all, I recently bought a new PC with win 10 on board. I now find that I want to retrieve some data from my old PC which is unserviceable.
I purchased a 22 pin sata to usb cable. When plugged in I find the Device manager will not find this new drive. The led's on the cable light up but the drive is not running.
The old HDD is a 3.5" unit which ran on win 7. the old drive is a Samsung HD502HJ/b (part No.) and is in working condition.
I am wondering if it requires a driver of its own? Or something a more diverse problem like a usb 2.0 or 3.0 conflict, maybe.
I am quite elderly and would appreciate any help from a kind person willing to help.
Thanking you in anticipation, MaurieT.

A:win 10 PC will not find my USB powered external HDD.

If you go into the folder where your photos music is stored and click on this pc does it show up in there if it does then try and open it by right clicking it as that is how I do it on my laptop with an old hard drive I have that I use as backup.
Please let me know how you get on as I am a senior citizen myself but been helping and running computer for a number of years

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Anyone know of an external sound card, usb or hdmi, that supports surround sound and has a built in amplifier. I have passive speakers. I've been looking all over google but can't seem to find one that I can afford. I'm looking for something cheap, very cheap, like less than 100. I looked into the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi but it doesn't have a built in amp, so I'd get barely any volume. Any help is appreciated

A:External Powered 5.1 Sound Card

with all due respect, how loud do you need the volume? A X-FI with a (for example), Logitech Z506 500w speaker setup will rattle your windows at 50% volume, and annoy the hell out of others around you

I've been using Creative cards since the mid 90's and the closest thing they ever had was the I/O console which simplified connection to external devices, but these days most soundcards, and even motherboards have optical out connectors.

What about picking up a receiver off ebay or second hand? Is that an option? Pioneer have some cheap receivers. Or some more obsure brands are often cheaper.

But, if you want loud sound, and you want that sound to be quality - not just disortion, trying to do that for under $100 might be a tad optimistic.

I'd be interested to know if you find anything other than an external receiver, that does a good job.

Good luck with the hunt.

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Hello, this started a few years ago. Got into gaming. At first, no problem picking between headset and external speakers, then slowly change, do no sound. I can pick either one, headset/mic always works. I can listen to music and movies through headset. Did a complete new install of Windows 7 onto an SSD, my Steam Games are on another SSD, also installed a new 2 Tb hard drive or general stuff. I have Realtek HD Audio Manager installed ( same as when i first bought the computer ). The sound bar ( when I pick external speakers ) rises and falls with audio, but noting to speakers. When I set up the speaker config and test, I see each speaker being activated, and I only hear a very low Bzzzz/Humm, from each speaker as it's being tested. The external speakers are selected as default, ran audio troubleshooter, downloaded/installed/uninstalled Realtek Audio manager over and over again, drivers too. Nothing has helped. Here are my specs:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1, Desktop
CPU: Intel i7 2600, @ 3.40GHz
RAM: 16 Gig
Motherboard: Dell Inc., Model: 0Y2MRG (CPU 1)
Version A00; Chipset Vendor: Intel
Chipset Model: Sandy Bridge
Graphics: ATI AMD Radeon HD 5700 Series
Storage: Western Digital 2 Tb;
Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250G SCSI ( Steam Games )
SanDisk SDSSDA240G SCSI ( Windows 7 OS )
Sound Cards
High Definition Audio Device
Realtek High Definition Audio
High Definition Audio Device
USB Audio Device
Playback Devices
Speakers (Turtle Bea... Read more

A:External (5.1 Powered) Speakers No Sounds

First thing, remove the Dell Service Tag number from your post. Dell considers this personal data. The Model number is not the Service Tag number, the Model number would be something like Inspiron 610, XPS8100, etc. (I used to work the Dell forums).

Is the "Speakers" (Realtek) set as default playback device?

As you have both High Definition Audio Devices (2) that suggests a possible problem. Windows only installs that generic, basic function, driver when the correct hardware driver is not installed. Disable the High Definition devices in the Device Manager. See if that makes any difference.

(I used to live in KC).

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I am looking at purchasing the Maxtor M01E100 External Hard Drive and am wondering if it has to be powered by the included AC power adapter? Can it be powered solely by USB? Or will I always have to be around an outlet when I want to use it?

Also, if you guys have any suggestions on other good external hard drives, feel free to post them. Thanks!

A:Can the Maxtor M01E100 external be powered by USB only?

USB ports can only supply a Max of 500 mA.
As it's a 3.5" drive, its certainly going to be around 1 to 1.5 amps required.

Even using a dual USB jumper to power it from two ports is likely to fail.

2.5" notebook HDD's have lower consumption, they can sometimes be OK on dual port supply but it's often touch and go on them as well. I have a 30 GB 2.5" external that works on some (but not all) PCs using a dual head lead, its marginal.

The Maxtor may not even be configured to use the USB power if its designed for a mains adaptor.

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When I power down my Seagate external disk drive after completing a backup, Windows XP reboots itself. The disk is connected via firewire. The drive otherwise seems to be working properly. XP is up to date.

My neighbor said he had the same problem when disconnecting his USB camera after downloading photos. The solution to his problem was to remove a recently applied microsoft fix. Unfortunately he no longer has a record of which fix.

Not sure if this is a microsoft software problem or if the disk is going bad. Don't want to buy another drive only to find out it is a software problem.


A:XP crashes when external disk powered off

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All other things being equal, is there any practical or appreciable difference between an external hard drive that is powered by a power cord/AC Adapter, vs. one that is powered entirely by USB/serial bus cable? For example, is there an advantage of getting one hard drive vs. the other, such as durability, power consumption, or heat generation, or are these differences too small for your average consumer to need to care about?

Because I'm looking at two seagate external drives. They have 2TB models for each. Can't really seem to see a difference aside from size and how they are powered.

Seagate #1 (Desktop Version -- uses power cord/AC adapter)

Seagate #2 (Portable Version -- does not use power cord, powered entirely by USB cable)

Note also -- I don't see an RPM listed for these hard drives. I guess would be the same? I'm not sure though. Any help on this would be appreciated.


A:Differences between how external hard drives are powered?

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I have a HP 2159m monitor connected via HDMI to a KVM switch. I can get sound out of the monitor speakers. However, I cannot get sound out of the external powered speakers. When I plug them in, all I get is static through the external speakers and the sound still comes through the monitor speakers. How can I get external speakers to work with this monitor?

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I use a Seagate USB 3.0 external hard drive to do automated system backups on a weekly basis, using both Windows and Acronis. I have always left this drive on all the time, even though I only use it weekly.

I have read where some users power their external hard drives off between backups.

Any recommendations on the best thing to do.......leave it on or turn it off?

Thanks in advance.........

A:Is It Best to Keep External Backup Hard Drive Powered Off

If you can disconnect this drive when backups are not happening, you increase your odds of not having any viri or malware hitting the ext HD. Other than that, disconnecting and powering off ext HD saves some wearNtear on said device.

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I have a problem with my dialup disconnecting randomly. I'm sure it isn't the telephone line as I've never had this happen in the three years I have lived here. It is most likely to do it up to three times in the first five minutes of connection or switching between Outlook Express and Internet Explorer. Then again it happened as I came to this site a few minutes ago.

I did have a major graphics problem about 3 months ago and I took it into the store where I think they done a XP repair install. The problem has occured since then but I can't figure out why.

I have deleted and redone the connections for OE & IE - the Device Manager says everything is working fine and the Modem in control panel says this device is working properly.

I have downloaded but not yet installed the latest driver because that was the cause of the earlier graphics problem, (it turned to custard after installing lastest driver0, so if there may be an easier way of figuring out how to fix it I'm all for it. It's an Intel 536EPV.92 model.

Does anybody know how ro read a modemlog?

It's not a huge problem but very annoying. Any ideas would be appreciated.


A:Randomly Disconnecting

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I am running windows vista and am having a nightmare.
Wireless network adapter keeps disconnecting from my o2 broadband router. I have to restart the wireless network adapter to re connect to sort problem out. This keeps happening and as I am not very good on computers I havent a clue whats wrong.
Its so fustrating would be grateful for any help.
I have updated drivers for the wirelesss network adapter but still having same problems.
I have a laptop that connects to the same network with no problems so my network must be ok.
My desktop pc is under 1 year old so I thought that the wireless network adapter should be ok.

A:Randomly disconnecting PLEASE HELP!!

What brand is the laptop? Do you get proper signal strength?

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I have a few external (WD) drives.
Starting Windows 7 x64 whilst they are being switched on, mostly result in a hanging bootsequence.
E.g. I got a black screen and nothing is happening. there is no response on alt-ctrl-del, nothing.

The only solution sofar is to shut down the pc (power off), switch off the drives and start again.
After Windows is up and running again, switch on the drives.

Maybe this is a 'normal' situation and there is no real solution for it.
Have to live with it then.

It is a bit annoying though when I shut down Windows and forget to also switch off the drives.


A:Windows 7 startup hangs when external USB drives are powered on

For other member to give proper advice your system specs will be needed.
These two tutorial will help you do just that.

By Brink:
System Info - See Your System Specs

By Kari:
Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs

Once you complete that this tutorial will be helpful with all the drives plugged in.
By Golden:
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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Until this problem started this week, I've not had problems accessing data from my USB thumb drive through the 4 USB ports on the front of my computer.

Now, when I plug a device in, I hear the indicator that i've plugged something new in I can see the devide in the Devices and Printers window but it isn't fully recognized... says troubleshooting is needed, though when i run the trouble shooter, nothing happens. This has happened with 3 different thumb drives and a usb cd burner.

When I go to access drives on the computer, I am unable to see the usb thumb drive.

To date, i have uninstalled the usb drivers and restarted and that didn't work.

If I try to restart with ANY usb drive in the front 4 ports, I get a blue error screen saying there is an unknown boot device, so I end up having to restore to my last restore point.

Any help would be much appreciated!!! THANK YOU in advance!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A4-5300B APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 7374 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7480D, 768 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (402 GB Free);
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 1850
Antivirus: PC Matic Super Shield, Enabled and Updated

A:USB Storage Not Recognized

What's the model number(M/N) and product number(P/N) and serial number(S/N) of that HP?

Did that problem occur before or after you installed PC Matic?


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I have a belkin n router and every so often my roommates and i get disconnected from the internet. Now when I look at the router, the wireless signal goes off, the modem light flashes and then after awhile, everything goes back to normal. I have comcast internet. We then bought a new modem, didn't fix anything, bought a linksys cisco router, and that kept disconnecting more frequently.

we also changed the channel of our broadcast, have wpa activated, power cycled both modem and router before but didn't solve anything

now is the problem comcast? or is our luck really bad with the two routers we bought? or can it be something else.


A:wireless randomly disconnecting

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Hello all. I hope this isn't in the wrong section...
My computer recently has begun to disconnect itself from the internet randomly. One time, it did it for an hour and would keep reconnecting but soon after disconnecting again. I've eliminated the chance it was my whole service by asking members of the household if their internet was acting up.

Here's another strange thing that will happen when the problem occurs. Upon shutting down to try and reconnect, my computer will be stuck on the shutdown screen.

I found one minidump from yesterday, but I'm not sure how much of a help it will be. I'll attach it anyway.

Please inform me if there is any other information that you require.

A:Internet Disconnecting Randomly

What is your network adapter? It must be an issue with your adapter.

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I couldn't really give a good title to this thread so I'm gonna explain it here thoroughly.
I've been using my home WiFi to access the internet for like 3 months (from this laptop). The problem that occurs is that at any random time during the day I get disconnected from the network. Now that wouldn't present the problem unless the following occurred every time - when I try to reconnect, no matter how many times I do, I always get the 'Can't connect to this network' without any further explanation. The annoying solution that I found is to restart the PC every time and it works, but sometimes it's really inconvenient because I may be in a middle of some work for which I needed the internet. Oh, and forgot to mention, when I lose the connection every other device connected to the WiFi works normally (still connected to the network, no problems) so I am positive that it's not about the network, it's about my computer.
I hope someone has an answer to this,
Thanks in advance

A:Randomly disconnecting from WiFi

"I've been using my home WiFi to access the internet for like 3 months (from this laptop}"
I think we need more information: Is the laptop yours and is it only 3 years old?
--- Is it an older laptop that doesn't have built in W-Fi?
--- Is there an additional wireless router involved?
Does the network adapter driver and/or firmware need to be updated?
Are there any recent incompatible installs/downloads recently such as an "alternate network connector"
Is there anyone else using your home Wi-Fi?

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Ok, first post here, just need help for this problem. I use a wireless device which connects to my Desktop downstairs, which in turn connects to the router upstairs. All wireless too. So starting about 2 months ago I've been randomly disconnecting when playing games like WoW, and CoH and losing connection on the internet as well. It can't be the router I assume since the laptop upstairs which connects to the same thing never disconnects. I have a D-Link router and a D-link gaming router which connects to the PC. Any help?

A:Network randomly disconnecting

whats your average level of connectivity (ie strong / weak / 1, 2 or 3 bars)

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Hiya all,
I'm getting random internet disconnections while using my laptop wirelessly. It started happening a couple of months ago when I was using my laptop in the uni library. Since then when using my laptop wirelessly at various places and at home this has happened. Since coming back home for the summer, I have changed ISP (with no difference; the issue is still there whatever ISP/router). Last week I reset my laptop to factory settings, but yet its getting worse if not better. What happens is no more links open up and I get a yellow exclamation mark on top of the wifi signal indicator. There is still a connection to the router, however, theres no connection to the web afterwards. When this happens I can use my PC with no issues at all.
Heres a screenshot of what comes up on ipconfig when the issue is there: http://i.imgur.com/K9v2AQi.png
The internet sometimes reconnects itself with no intervention, sometimes on a restart but I have to wait 15-20 mins. I see no light changes on both routers/ISP's I tested and during the downtime the laptop isn't shown to be connected (contrary to the laptop) to the router on the router settings page.
The laptop is running Windows 7 home premium, Lenovo Z580
I just noticed. During when the downtime is active, these are the attached devices (imgur: the simple image sharer) . However when the wifi is working, this is the same screen (imgur: the simple image sharer)
My phone never disconnects, just my laptop which doesn't seem to like ... Read more

A:Wifi keeps randomly disconnecting

and welcome to the Forum

Lets take a peek at your network environment:


Power Cycle everything . . Turn off the Modem, router and all pc's . . turn on the Modem and wait a few minutes for the lights to stabilize . . then turn on the router, then one pc at a time. See if you connect to the internet.


Remove all the stored wireless network profiles and search for the network again.

How to Remove Stored Wireless Network Profiles for XP, Vista, and Windows 7

Then: check your browser's settings, remove any proxy settings if found here's how.


with the pc connected to the router, Click on Start . . Run . . type CMD

At the > prompt type type the following command: IPCONFIG /ALL and press enter.

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.

Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter. Come back here and Paste the results in a message.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB drive, or a CD-R disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

then please Download and run this Xirrus WiFi Inspector, click the Networks link on the upper left and paste a screen shot of that screen here. Note that this application requires NET Framework to run. If you get an error about a missing function, download and install NET Framework.

To post a scree... Read more

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Over the past few weeks my internet connection has been randomly disconnecting, and I see absolutely no reason for this.

It happens randomly, it seems, but I've been checking the time when it disconnects; maybe it's just me but it appears to be disconnecting at times like 9:00 or 10:20, it always seems to be an exact time.

There is no telling when it will disconnect, and how long it will stay disconnected for. It comes back up within 5-20 minutes, usually.

I've also been having 1 second disconnects, where I crash and am instantly reconnected to Ventrilo, Steam, Windows Live Messenger and of course I am given full browsing capabilities.

Also, it seems that sometimes it is disconnecting at key moments, such as when something important is happening, etc.

I unplug the modem + router / just router / just modem when it disconnects, I have tried all of them. None change the outcome, it connects at it's own time. Now when it disconnects I simply leave and come back later, or sit around waiting for it to come back up.

I have used this same set-up for so long, and it is only happening now.

My ISP says nothing seems to be wrong. They can send in a technician to get it checked out, but I know it won't do much... I want to see if there's something simpler I can do.

I've thought of reformatting, but it seems that it is my INTERNET, as the laptops in the household also cannot access the internet during these times.

What can I do?!

Please h... Read more

A:Internet Randomly Disconnecting

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Hi all,
for the past maybe week or so, my internet has been disconnecting from my laptop for no reason. The only way I'm able to reconnect is to restart my computer or put it on sleep then waking it back up. I believe the problem is within my laptop and not the router. I've reset my router and still nothing. While I lose connection, my brother downstairs is worry free nothing happens to his laptop leading me to think its just me. For some reason, I tend to believe maybe skype is causing the issue. I usually lose connection while I'm playing a game with my friends in a skype voice call. However I still lose connection if I'm not in a voice chat at times. I have AVG as a free anti virus and I've already add skype as an exception as well I did this for my firewall. I even tried to update my wireless card driver. Everything is already up to date. I even uninstalled skype and reinstalled a older version of it. I'm all out of ideas. Please help.
My laptop is an Acer Aspire 5750

A:Internet keeps disconnecting randomly?

uninstall avg - see how below

What firewall / security suite or anti-virus do you currently have on the PC - or you have ever had on the PC in the past - any trial ware - like Norton, kaspersky or Mcafee or any free security suites like zonealarm, AVG , Webroot etc

would you post the following tests when the internet is working OK, and then repeat ALL the tests when the internet disconnects.
Make sure you also indicate on the reply which tests are for what condition.

ipconfig /all

If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to paste the results into something like notepad and then copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post the results in a reply here.
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and paste here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply
Note: you will see entries named Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface: we dont need to see that information - JUST the infomation above those entries

We would like to see the results from an ipconfig /all - post back the results in a reply here.

For Windows 8
To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Win + X and choose Command Prompt or Command Prompt (Admin) from the list.​... Read more

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This is only happening on my labtop and I am not sure why. It happened all of a sudden with no reason for it at all.
I tried a couple of things but none of them seemed to work. Is their a program where I can show you guys my specs, I'm new at this so help would be appreciated.

A:Internet randomly disconnecting

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My wireless internet keeps die randomly, just the connection dying. The internet stays connected to the router but i have no connection on my computer until i repair the connection to which it works fine again for about another hour.
So i have decided to try and find out why this was happening, which is why i have done the hijackthis scan.
So if anyone would be so kind to see if there is any problems going on here, would be apprieciated.
And if there is any of way of finding out why my connection keeps dying randomly would also be very much apprieciated.

A:Internet randomly disconnecting

Welcome to TechSpot! Hopefully I can give you some guidance.
First, you need to understand that we don't use HijackThis to 'screen' for problems.

About the connection interrupt:
1. If you use a router: Disconnect the power from the router and the modem. Wait about 30 seconds. Then reconnect the power to both. This is known as power cycling If frees up the memory in the router.
2. Check the manufacturer's site of this:
C:\Program Files\TalkTalk\TalkTalk SNU5630NS 05 Wireless USB Adapter Utility\TTUSBBGMonitor.exe
See if there is any firmware update available. If there is, follow the instructions and update the driver.
3. Check the setting you have for this:
O23 - Service: ES lite Service for program management. (ES lite Service) - Unknown owner - Crogram FilesGigabyteEasySaverESSVR.EXE Easy Energy Saver it's a motherboard utility that manage the power of CPU, fan and may others.
Click on start> All Programs> double click on GigabyteEasySaver and check the settings. It might be that it is closing the system down for some reason.
4. If you have checked all the equipment, cable and settings and still have the problem, contact your ISP are report the problem.

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Recently the internet on my computer started acting up. I have noticed a pattern with this, and it seems that it only happens during the day and I never experience it at all during the night. This leads me to believe it's not any type of hardware failure. Anyway, I'm using windows XP and have a Netgear WGT624 v3 router. My connection is wired, and none of the other 3 computers on the network have any problem connecting when my connection goes down. The only solutions I have found to the problem are restarting the computer or going to Control panel then network connections and right clicking Local Area Connection and pressing repair. After doing one of those 2 things to temporarily fix it, not too long after the connection will start disconnecting again. Also, the Local Area Connection status is Connected whenever I look at it when this happens. Also, I've scanned for viruses with avast a few times as well as Spybot Search & Destroy and haven't found anything wrong. I'd like some help in trying to find a solution to the problem. If you need any more info, let me know and I'll be glad to provide it for you.

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THERE IS NO CORRECT BOARD, SO I SELECT ANYTHING. I have HP ProBook 470 G2.   I find one problem with USB3 ports.  External hard drives disconnecting and reconnecting. They work fine on PC USB3 When I connect the external hard drive to the new laptop throught USB 3.0 port, it gets randomly disconnecting and reconnecting continuously, even when I am not using it. Also happens if I connect to another usb 3.0 port. Also I have observed that If I connect the external hard drive to a USB 2.0 port instead of an USB 3.0 port all work ok, no randomly disconnection and reconnection occurs. It only happens when I connect it to an USB 3.0   Never have such problem on old HP ProBook 4540S laptop.  

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So I've had a new HP Pavilion G6 for several weeks. In the last three days, every few hours it will randomly disconnect, and won't re-connect unless I restart my computer. The other laptop in the house is not having any problems, so I don't think it's the router. I tried re-installing the WiFi driver but it's still doing it.

In my Events Log I notice that before each disconnect there's an unidentified event with the Intel Wireless as a source: "The description for Event ID 5007 from source NETwNe64 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer."

I checked previous threads on random disconnects but they all seem to deal with a connection that disconnects every few minutes, not hours.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help!

A:Wireless Randomly Disconnecting

Does your VPN require login details? Are you sure these are correct? Have you double checked the address is correct? Did this work on older versions of windows? Are you sure the remote network is still accepting your connection?

If you are 100% sure your settings are correct and it worked on older versions of windows then try connecting again with an older version of windows and comparing the settings.

I have no problem setting up various VPN's in win 8 with all sorts of different settings.

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Well, I've tried to avoid posting to plea for help, because I thought I would of been able to target the source of the problem. The Problem is, of course somewhat common among people. My internet at some point randomly disconnects. At times it's stable, and fast. Some days it does not disconnect at all, and some days it disconnects frequently; which frustrates me the most because I play MMO's... other times I would disconnect out of the blue. I've tested to see what problems might this be. And I've tried almost all I've looked up and heard of. I've tried doing reboots, system clean ups, downloading Malwarebytes and doing scans, disabling the "Microsoft WI-FI Mini Adapter" from the device manager, tried restarting router / modem dozens of times, checked the phone line, changed the DNS server, (yet in the event viewer the DNS client (error event 1014) still persists. I've done a ton of things in cmd, that I cannot even recall (because there's been too many efforts in trying to fix it). My mother on the other hand, does not have this issue what so ever, and kind of refuses to call in support from Comcast to actually find a solution only because she doesn't have the issue herself. She did however, call for an upgrade on our modem (which still has not come). I'm really hoping that it will be able to fix the issue but at the same time I still feel that the issue will still continue regardless... I'm running out of ideas at this point, searched every tech forum, and most i... Read more

A:Please Help, Internet Randomly Disconnecting!

What is the make and the model of your machine? Have you tried updating the drivers for your wifi or NIC adapter? What anti virus program do you use?

Follow this link. DHCP Event Log Error 1014

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Actually i've tried alot of solution to solve the problem .. but as in the title above .. im still facing the same problem ..
the modem router is connecting with the desktop (XP) and my laptop is connecting using wifi .. whenever the desktop is disconnecting , my laptop disconnected also ..
when i try to ping www.google.com.my .. it works fine for a period .. but when the problem is occured, it shows request timed out and a moment later it will shows reply from : destination host unreachable .. and the DSL and internet light will disappear .. this really irritating me for a few days already .. and sorry for the bad english ..

A:Disconnecting and Reconnecting randomly ..

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My router is Netgear WGT624v3 and I'm using Windows XP. My connection has been going much slower than it should and it keeps randomly disconnecting, forcing me to go into Control Panel > Network Connections to reset it multiple times. It keeps disconnecting no matter what I do though. There are other computers connected to the router and mine is much slower than the others. I tried calling up the router company and have them reset everything (on their end, resetting the router does nothing) and it worked fine for about an hour before messing up again. I've reset the router and modem, restarted my computer, tried all of that. The connection works, just theres something wrong with it on my computer only and I can't fix it.

A:Internet keeps randomly disconnecting and I've tried everything.

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Alright. For the last year or so, my internet has been randomly disconnecting for (generally) no more than a few seconds at a time. Up until recently, it's done it for a period of about an hour, every five minutes or so. It stopped doing it completely for a couple of months at summer, and then started back worse than ever a month or two ago. It now does it... well... all the time. It's not my ISP; a few weeks ago, my internet connection was cut off for a week due to an area problem, and I left my wireless router (my PC is connected to it wired) switched on out of curiosity. The "Sync" light on it still blinked off for brief periods every now and again, as it does during the random drops when I'm actually connected to the internet. Today, I bought a new router; however, the problem is still occuring.
I'm not given an error message when it occurs; the only notification is in the online/sync lights on the router going off, and in, er, my lack of ability to access the internet when that happens.

So, in summary, it's not my ISP, it's not my router, and (as the problem occurs to devices accessing the network wirelessly as well, and the router can be used without anything connected to it wired) it's not my PC. What exactly could be causing the problem?

A:Internet randomly disconnecting

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Hi there!

I recently have come across an issue where my internet randomly disconnects, mostly while on Skype or downloading video games and cannot figure out the issue at all. It usually downloads fine for about 1 minute and then disconnects completely. 0kbps and internet drops on my computer alone.

I'm kinda new to tech forums so if you guys need any information let me know.

A:Internet keeps disconnecting randomly

Hi, I had this problem a few years ago, which was fixed by buying a new USB wireless dongle.
But if you are using wireless connection to the router, try an ethercable instead and see if the same thing happens.
Are you using a laptop? If so it could be faulty wireless 802.11 board.
If you are using a USB wireless adapter, it could that the pc is turning off the power to the USB ports to 'save power', that can be changed if required.

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Hello, for a few months now my internet has been randomly disconnecting for a few minutes each time. It happens at least a couple times a day and my BF and I have contacted our Internet Provider about it. They've sent people out to replace the modem and have looked at it from their station, but -here's the problem. Everytime it goes out, the modem nor the router shows anything is happening and when we talked to the ISP people over the phone a couple times they said the same thing that it's not showing up as disconnecting and that it must be a problem on our end -bad connector, bad router, etc. Well, we know it's not the modem, and we tried not using the router and it still happened and we've replaced the connector between the modem and router. Another thing is that whenever it goes down our Dell Network Assistant box pops up and shows that it's searching for the internet and then it will show the red X and say that we need to contact our Internet Assigned Numbers Authority!. I don't understand what is happening and I think it might be browser related, maybe a virus or something was accidentally changed? I don't really know anything about IP addresses or if that's the problem.

I'm using Firefox and it happens on IE as well.


A:Internet Disconnecting randomly

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After using an intermittent USB extension cord with a flash drive, when I connect any external storage device driectly to a USB port I get "USB Device not recognized" "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned." In Device Manager under USB it shows an unknown device. External hard drive does not show up in disk drives in device manager. I tried uninstalling all USB items in Dev Mgr, they reinstall but still get same message for flash and ext hard drive. Other devices work fine in the same USB ports. I tried System Restore. No luck. HELP!! Thanks!

A:Solved: USB Ext Storage not recognized

Hi jaylin

Try this:

Plug the FLASH or EXT drive. You should hear the "turun" sound when an USB device is plugged in.
Right click My Computer and select MANAGE.
Got to the Storage section and click the DISK MANAGEMENT section. Wait on the right side to populate.
Check if your EXT drive or your flash drive is listed there.
IF so, check if it has a DRIVE LETTER assigned to it (Should be something like D:, E: or such)
IF it does not has a DRIVE LETTER assigned, right click it and select CHANGE DRIVE LETTERS AND PATHS.
If it has any drive letter assigned to it, change it to a letter form the end of the alphabet, say Y: X: or Z:
This is to ensure that you are assigning a letter that is available on the system.
After that, Say OK to everything and close the Computer Management window. Your FLASH or EXT drive should appear now on the MY COMPUTER window with it's new drive assinged.

Hope it helps !

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I have a network USB storage link by cirago with 2 hard drives and a printer plugged into it. My computer cannot find these items through the network. I have a wireless system and a Belkin wireless router that the storage link is plugged into. Any suggestions?

A:Storage link not recognized

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I started having this issue back in late August but now it's been happening more frequently. My Firefox usually works perfectly fine, but randomly, once every day or every other day, it'll suddenly disconnect from the internet and refuse to load any pages. If I'm on Facebook when it happens, the chat will get disconnected and be unable to reconnect. It isn't a problem with the internet connection, as other browsers will still be able to connect, internet programs like Skype will stay connected, and Firefox itself will work normally again after closing and reopening it.

This happens randomly so there's no way to test it, and I already scanned for malware several times and couldn't find anything. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

A:Firefox Randomly Disconnecting from the Internet.

Hi, try disabling any addons.

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My wireless network connection keeps disconnecting with no apparent cause. Then it reconnects itself, sometimes almost instantly and other times it takes about 5 minutes. Its done this for as long as I can remember, although it did stop for a short while not long ago leading me to believe it had fixed itself. All the other computers on the network dont seem to have this problem. Its quite annoying as I cant download anything of size as it cuts out half way through or do much else for that matter.

Im using the KLG 530 Wirless PCI Network Adapter.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Wireless Connection Disconnecting Randomly

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My flatmate has just recently set up wireless. It works perfectly on her laptop but continuously disconnects at random every 7-11 minutes on mine.

I then have to re-enter the network key to reconnect to our wireless network as when it disconnects it returns back to deleting the network key I have entered and checking the automatic key box. It will not connect at all when this box is checked.

Also when I do connect after entering the network key, in the box stating the network I am connected to, in the top right corner it states i am 'not connected' yet under the name of the network I am connected to it states 'you are currently connected to this network'.

A:Solved: Wireless disconnecting randomly

make and model of your PC
make and model of router/modem

I would start by taking off the secruity on the router for wireless - see if you stay connected
next change wireless channel on the router - use 1 or 6 or 11

if you connect tothe router with a cable - does it work OK or still disconnect

On Wireless
if those changes still gives you a probem post back all the following
1) when its working
2) When it disconnects ..

make sure we know which is which on the posts
{ipconfig /all}
We would like to see the results from ipconfig /all

-> Start > run {search bar in Vista} > cmd > ipconfig /all
post back the results here
TWO Methods to do that - if you cannot access the internet with PC, then use method 2 to copy onto a machine that can access the internet and post results here

Method ONE -------------------------------------------------------------
start > run {search bar in Vista} > cmd > ipconfig /all

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C key - to copy
then reply here and
control key + V to paste

Method TWO -------------------------------------------------------------

Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:


Open C:\RESULT.TXT with Notepad and copy/paste the entire results here.

{Ping Tests}
Start> Run {search bar in Vista}> CMD to open a DOS window and type:

Ping google.com
Post back the results

rightclick in the box
select all
control key + C... Read more

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Hi I finally got my T460 today and as I'm installing my apps, the internet connection keeps randomly getting disconnected. I have to press on connect yet the signal is strong Help please

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