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USB WD Passport not registering after format

Q: USB WD Passport not registering after format

Formatted WD My Passport for TV but now decided I want to use it on my PC instead. Problem is it no longer shows as a drive. I can see it in My Devices and Printers page but nowhere else. Is it possible to reformat it and use again? I'm on Windows 10.


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Preferred Solution: USB WD Passport not registering after format

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


My Portable hardrive is not accessible, nor will it format. Windows 7 recognizes it, but it wont do anything else. When I try t format it it the process freezes. Sometime it comes up as not responding, but it never wirks, i tried it using DOS as well, the format command. nothing is working. any help or advice is appreciated. thank you.

A:Western Digital Passport will not format

My advice is to purchase a good quality enclosure and hard drive and build your own drive. It only take 10-15 minutes to assemble an external + the time to format the drive.

In many WD "My Passport" externals WD used a hard drive with a non standard SATA interface. If at some point it should become necessary to try to recover data from the non standard SATA drives WD used, you cannot do so in a conventional manner, the drive would need to be shipped to a WD repairer who has the equipment necessary to use with the WD non standard interface.

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HI there,

I have a similar problem, but my passport says need to format everytime i pugged it in. i already formated it and says unable to complete formatting what should i do?? thanks

A:passport says need to format everytime i pugged it in

Hi there.

Did you try running chkdsk /r command using the CMD on the drive? This will locate the bad sectors and fix errors on the disk.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

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I've been searching posts but can't find quite the right answer. I just got a Passport to back up my computer. I use Vista Pro - went to the Maintainence area, and wanted to do a full backup. But I got an error message that it can't do the backup, the drive (passport) is not formatted with NTFS. I can back up individual files - my docs, music, pics, etc. But is it better if I go ahead and reformat the drive to NTFS to do the full image/backup?

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Should I re-format my Passport to NTFS

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Ok I currently have a 500g WD Passport that I am going to sell only because I need to upgrade to the 1TB Passport.

Now I used the Passport for my entire computer backup, so it has personal & sensitive files.

How many times should I do a full & complete format to make sure everything is as deleted as possible so no one could ever restore any of my info?

I've always read that even with formatting you can still pull up old data...

A:Going to sell my 500g Passport to upgrade, how many times to Format?

Use something like dban on it.

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I've been having this issue for a while and my computer guy can't help me. I am really hoping someone can help me on this site.

After entering all my info on various websites while registering for a new account, I get an error message "Invalid Email Format". I am entering in the right email address correctly and have used other accounts as well, they are all gmail and yahoo accounts. This is an ongoing problem on my desktop, laptop and now my ipad. I did have a new wireless router installed and don't remember if this problem started before or after, could this be the issue? I can't even enjoy my ipad apps because I cannot register with HBOGO or pandora. I tried registering on shopping websites and cannot do so. It's very frustrating!

A:"Invalid Email Format" when registering on various websites

You are using the format <account>@yahoo.com, right?

If you suspect a weird router problem try with a computer connected directly to the modem.

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I've been having this issue for a while and my computer guy can't help me. I am entering the right email address "[email protected]" so the way I am entering the email address is not the issue. I am really hoping someone can help me on this site.

After I complete my registration for a new account using my email address, I get an error message "Invalid Email Format". I have used other accounts as well, they are all gmail and yahoo accounts. This is an ongoing problem on my desktop, laptop and now my ipad. I did have a new wireless router installed and don't remember if this problem started before or after, could this be the issue? I can't even enjoy my ipad apps because I cannot register with HBOGO or pandora. I tried registering on shopping websites and cannot do so. It's very frustrating!

A:"Invalid Email Format" when registering on various websites

My Name is Kaushal and I work for social media and community Team at Dell.
I would like to inform you that the email address which you already have , you can not register the same email , while creating a new account with any other website.
It has to be different email address otherwise it will conflict with database of any domain.
Just an example: i have an email address [email protected] however i go to yahoo.com and i try to sign up with yahoo.com i would like to create the same email address [email protected] It cannot be created that email address because this domain is registered with ABC.NET already. Hence i would not be able to use this email address with any website you would like to sign up with so you need to ensure while creating a new account you do not need to type your own email address. Try to use different email name.

Dell Kaushal P
Dell Social Media Responder.

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i wanna know which is the best hard drive . This one (Western Digital My Passport 1TB external HDD
USB3) or this one (Western Digital My Passport Essential SE 1TB
external HDD USB3)
and what is the advantages and disadvantages of both h

A:which is best hard drive . My passport or my passport essential se ?

no answer till now?

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The Passport single sign-in (SSI) service and express purchase (EP) service enable you to give consumers a quick, convenient way to sign in and make SSL-secured transactions on your site. In addition, Kids Passport will help your Web site comply with the parental consent requirements of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) passed by Congress in November 1998.
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP

The Passport 2.1 SDK requires Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Server or Microsoft Windows XP. If you are not running one of these operating systems, please use the Passport 1.4 SDK.



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I would like to use a feature called MS Passport or MS Passport for Work.
I did some research on this feature and many articles say that you must sign up for a MS Account in order to do this.
Can I create a MS Passport PIN just by using my local account instead by going into Settings > Accounts > and PIN?
Or, do I really need to sign-up for a MS Account?

Running Win10 Pro


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Hi everyone,

I recently accidentally formatted a hard drive. So, I quickly install a file recovery software (EaseUS Data Recovery). Then the result shows that most of SWF files are big in size. I think that lots of my files have been converted or combine with other files. So, how do I recover my files?

A:File format changed into other format after format a hard drive

This may not be the best answer, but I would recover the files first. That is you biggest concern right now. Then try to see what you need to do to fix them.

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I have just taken ownership of second hand stack and inserted new CD but its not registering ie not recognised by PC after inserting it in. CD drive . Help !!!

A:CD not registering

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am registering a dll file i.e msstdfmt.dll in a windows 7 32-bit system, using;:"Regsvr32 C:\windows\system32\msstdfmt.dll" but giving the below error
"The module 'C:\windows\system32\msstdfmt.dll" may not compatible with the version of windows that you are running. check if the module is compatible with an x86(32-bit) or x64(64-bit) version of regsvr32.exe"

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Okay, I've tried everything I can think of, I've looked up solutions on forums around the net and now I'm at my complete wit's end and I have no idea what else I can try.

I have an ASUS m2n-e motherboard with the onboard soundcard that's generally been working alright.

When I upgraded from my Radeon x1600 to HD2600xt, a new entry appeared in my Device Manager going by the name of "High Definition Audio Bus" with a bright yellow question mark and my mic stopped working.

Everything else was fine. The new GPU was going at it and sound was coming properly out of the speakers, just my mic wouldn't register at all.

Now somehow, I got that to work. I don't remember what I did or what combination drivers I used but I managed to get the mic working and so I forgot about it.

Well, recently I had to reformat.

Upon reformatting, again, everything was fine but my mic wouldn't register. I'm pretty sure that I have all of the usual settings done correctly and that the jack is working normally plus the mic/headset works fine (I've tested that on other computers).

I have no idea what I need to do to make this work again and would appreciate any assistance :(

If you need any more info about system specs, which drivers I'm using etc, I'll be happy to provide.

I'm running with Windows XPsp2.

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hello i had a computer with XP it blew up and i discarded it, now i would like to reuse the XP software on a differant computer,how do i go about doing this?

A:re-registering XP

Hi jade777

Welcome to TSG!

I moved your thread to the XP forum.

What are you wanting to use on another computer? The Operating System and Software that was installed? If so, you have to have the installation disks so you can install them on the other computer. Do you have the disks?

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Okay, I bought a laptop online a couple weeks ago. I recieved the laptop and it did not come with an XP installation disk. I called the place where I got it from, and they said they'd send me one along with the COA. Well, in the mean time, I used an XP disk from our home computer. I didn't register it, and I was just going to wait until I got the new installation disk and COA, and then register that copy. Well, I got the new disk today, with the COA, and I having a ton of troubles.
First, I put the disk in and...nothing ever happened. Went to the drive through My Computer, and nothing was there, although I can physically see data on the CD.
So, I just tried to activate the current windows I had on the comp with the COA that they gave me, and that didn't work.
I talked to the company where I got the computer, and they gave me another key to try, and that didn't work.
Then I tried going into BIOS. I went to startup > boot, and I saw that the CD-rom option was on top, so I clicked save and exit. And it just went back into windows, changing nothing.
I tried calling Windows. The automated computer could not help me. So I tried talking to a customer service rep and I couldn't any longer because I seriously just could not understand her. Partly because of her accent, and partly because my phone is retarded quiet.
So now, I'm wondering if it would just be best to delete the unregistered windows I have on it now, so the comp would just not have an OS ... Read more

A:I need so much help with registering XP

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I had recently added in some new Ram - Kingston ddr2 2gb - onto my system that currently held 2gb.
As you can see from the "specs" pic, the motherboard - Asus M2N68 - recognized the addition but allows 3gb to be used.
However, as seen in my pic "taskmgr", the 2gb is still just being used, and no big improvements have occurred in the system.

Anybody can give any advise please?

Thanks in advance

A:RAM not registering

You're only going to notice an improvement when you are using that extra ram (ie multitasking, or doing large scale editing), or if going from single channel, to dual channel mode by adding that stick. If you're not using it, how would you see a benefit?

It looks fine to me.

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We received a new computer recently and unistalled Trend Micro to install AVG. We also went to install Windows XP professional but it said the windows already located on the computer was newer. Later we inserted a USB into the computer and the USB did not register at all. No lights, it wasn't even in device management.
The same thing applied to our other computers when we put said USB into them. They completely ignored its existence. The USB had worked on our other computers before we inserted it into the new one.
We tried putting a 2nd USB into the new computer and the exact same thing happened.
I have gone through and changed the letter names assigned to the drives and deleted the new files located in Windows/system32/Drivers but it still refuses to appear (I have rebooted the computer).
Any ideas on what the problem may be?

A:USB not registering

It needs to be replaced. You may have a short in the USB port.

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Hi all, bear with me I am a dummy, so please feel free to treat me like one.

I have a succesfull install of Win 8 on a HP proliant micro server that I am using as a desktop. I have managed to load all of my programs with the exception of one. The program is basically a database for the insurance industry.

My issue is that I keep getting a message saying that a particular dll is not registered. I have tried

Log on as admin
Found the user account control settings and put the slider at it's lowest setting

Used the EMSA register dll tool to try and activate the dll. This reports that the dll is registered, but when I try to open the program I get the same message that the dll is not registered.

Any help would be most appreciated.


A:Registering dll's


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This problem has been vexing me for weeks. I have a Win2k SP3 network and domain. I have had to convert (clean install from scratch with a reformat), the Win2k workstations to Standard PC, since the USB printer and scanner drivers and IRQ's will not play nice with ACPI. All firmware, driver, USB, and chip upgrades were installed. These are being setup as a workgroup within a static 192.168. x.x subnet, with the DNS pointing to the internal server NIC, which passes it to the second NIC (multhomed), and then the cable modem/firewall with its own DHCP server. DHCP server is not installed/configured on the Win2k server, since the modem/firewall DHCP server handles the ISP dynamic address assignments .

The problem workstations were orginally in a separate Public organizational unit in AD, and under ACPI, they worked nominally. All workstation DNS and DHCP client services are running. Under Standard PC, the USB printer works, but there is no network connectivity. Under ACPI, the network and Internet connections work, but not the USB printer. The NIC card is a 3Com 3C905Ctx M. From the beginning, the NIC's under Standard PC can send, but not recieve packets. The current NIC driver updates were installed and verified, and device manager indicates no problems. Running a netdiag on it shows the computer cannot register with DNS. DNS was throughly analyzed, even to the point of flushing the cache 3 times, and then completly removing and reconstructing the DNS server and A po... Read more

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I needed to remove my HD and rid it of viruses which (thanks to Elvandil and Megabite) worked excellently. Now for some reason windows is asking me to re-register XP online or by phone. I don't have the original product key or disc so I can't do this. I can get to safe mode no problem but booting the usual way brings me to the registering requirement. Is there a setting or re-booting technique I can use?

A:Registering XP

You don't need any product key to register, and registration is completely optional, so just skip it if you want. All you need to do is have your product key validated and the operating system activated.

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All of a sudden my dvd drive does not register. I can hear the dvd making an attempt, but any disc I put in the slot does not come up and will not play, Any suggestions for trouble shooting this problem?

A:DVD not registering

What is the drive status in Device Manager?

You can try uninstalling the drive in Device Manager and then rebooting. Windows should find and reinstall the drivers as it boots.

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I was given and old Laptop that had that stupid OS Ubuntu on it. I am trying to get it operational to some degree. The thing is I used a system restore CD to install XP. I found the drivers for it and it works OK until I try to get XP updates. Microsoft says I have to register the product within 30 days. SAY WHAT? After all it was only a system restore not the complete OS.
Think it will be useless after 30 days? I guess I will find out soon. Can Microsoft do this to me. The old computer is 8 years old.

A:Registering XP

A system restore disc is the complete OS and more.
Is it the the restore disk for the laptop you installed it on?

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A quicky or not so quicky. I recently reinstalled XP and when I was registering at the reinstall time I was following instructions that said to register as "Temp". Now I did that and now I'm stuck with the PC registered as "Temp". I have to continually change the "Temp" to my name when registering new programs and the like. Is there a way to change this on my PC without totally reinstalling XP just to change the registered name from "Temp" to mine? Thanks.


A:Registering XP?

Hi. Please download and install the program Registry Lite from here:http://www.resplendence.com/regliteOnce it is installed, please double click on the icon that should now be on your desktop. If an icon is not there, then check under programs portion of the Start Menu.Once it is opened, copy and paste the below line, into the address field of Registrar Lite.HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\\RegisteredOwnerAnd press enter. You will now be presented with new information in the bottom right and left sections and on the right section.Scroll down to registered owner and change the data there by double-clicking on it

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What is the difference between registering a .dll by doing this:
regsvr32 <path & filename of the dll

Versus doing this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Drivers32]

A:Registering a dll ?

How can I tell whether a DLL has been registered? - The Old New Thing - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

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I have 6 Elitebooks and having discovered how little use the standard warranty is I bought NBD Carepacks for them.  It seems to be impossible to link them to my account though and I can't find anywhere on the convoluted HP website to get help.  Does anyone know who I can talk to about getting my Carepacks registered properly?

A:how to get help with registering warranties

@User0xAFF448DE? There are a couple of ways to get a contact number -- once you have that in hand, you can CHAT or speak with a representative at HP who can help with the registration details. HP Contact Information ? Sales, Technical Support, other Contacts -  USA / CanadaContact HP ? USA - Assistance HP Tech support/ Customer Service  ? Some English Speaking CountriesIncluding UK and Europe From a post by @Sunshyn2005, to contact HP Support :Step 1. Open link: www.hp.com/contacthp/Step 2. Enter your computer's Product Number OR select Auto DetectStep 3. Scroll down, find: "Still need help?  Complete the form to select your contact options"Step 4. Scroll down, Click HP contact options > Click Get phone number Case number and phone number appear on screen. HP Customer Support - Product Warranty Check Warranty Check ? Multiple Devices  OR Open HP Customer Support - Laptops >Enter your precise Model / Product name in the space provided and Click Search iconORSelect 1 > Narrow your Selection >> Click on the icon for your notebook type / seriesWhen your computer?s page opens > Click last tab (on the right): Get Help from HP  Example:Open HP Customer Support - EliteBook Notebooks >Click on the icon of your workstation model >When your EliteBook page opens > Click last tab (on the right): Get Help from HP >Select the option that best fits your needs:Submit or manage ... Read more

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Assume I have (under 64bit Win 7) a big program installation with one main *.exe file and lots of *.dlls.

It seems to me that some but not all of these *.dlls need a registration (by regsvr32) which is done typically at installation time.
Some other *.dlls seem to need NO such registration but are accessed dynamically from the program on-demand.

So are there two such types of *.dlls ?

How do I find out which type of DLL lets say myspecial.dll is?

Now lets say that I got an older installation on an USB flash drive.
I have not the original installation setup package.

In order to make it runnable some of these DLLs must be registered now, afterwards.
Can I just register all of them by simply entering:

regsvr32 myspeciallib1.dll
regsvr32 myspeciallib2.dll
regsvr32 myspeciallib9.dll

Does it hurt if a DLL which is actually not designed for registration is registered anyway?

I am interested only in DLL handling. Other possible issues like missing Registry entries shouldn't be discussed here.

Thank you

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Hi! I'm using a Linksys wireless router. but my problem is, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. my laptop which uses the wireless connection only gets connected to the internet for a few minutes. after that, the wireless connection icon says that the internet is still connected but internet explorer or the yahoo messenger won't work. i then click the wireless connection icon, then click repair. it says that it could not finish repairing the connection because there's a problem registering with DNS. when i restart the computer, the internet will then again work for a few minutes. then the cycle goes on and on. anyone knows how i can solve the problem?

A:Problem Registering with DNS?

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I have created a DLL in Visual C++ 6, for use in Visual Basic 6. Initially I couldn't get it to work in VB, so i tried registering the DLL and I got the error "filerpl.dll was loaded, but the DLLregisterserver entry point was not found etc...". Finally, I figured out why I couldn't call the function exported by my DLL and I got it working (basically the declaration statement was wrong). Now It's working fine I can call it from VB, but I still can't register the DLL, I get the same error. Is this a serious error? does it actually need to be registered? if not what about when I need to use it on another machine, does it need to be registered then. Any help appreciated.

A:Error registering DLL

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Have no idea what happened but it JUST happened in the last fifteen minutes and I ONLY went to a site I go to fifty times a day!!

Somehow this thing called Antimalware is on my computer. It keeps coming up and telling me I'm being hacked or at a risk, etc. It pops up dozens of windows at a time. I had a hard time registering here because it kept shutting my window down.

I tried uninstalling and it wouldn't allow me to.

Any suggestions???

A:Please help - Even had trouble registering here!

Try following this guide: Removing Anti-Malware

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When I register the mscomctl.ocx in my Win7 OS I got the following error:
Mscomctl.ocx module has been load but an error has ocurred when dll register server has been called. (Error code: 0x8002801c)
Can someone help me with this?

A:Registering mscomctl.ocx

I already solve it. I run a bat file with this line: regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\mscomctl.ocx but selecting "run as administrator" with the mouse.

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I tried to register some .ocx files and although these files are in C:\WINDOWS\System 32, I get the message "Loading in memory of library (filename.ocx has failed. Invalid access to memory location".
I checked if there are dependencies and all these are in C:\WINDOWS\System32.
Can anyone help me how to get these .ocx files registered?
Thanks in advance.


A:registering .ocx files

Give this is a try http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=249873.

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I am running Windows XP and I have written an application in VB.net 2008 express which depends on a .dll which I also created in VB.net.

When I am in the debug environment I seem to be able to add the dll as a reference and all is well.

When I am running the compiled application and I want to use a revise .dll I can't seem to work out how my application finds the right version of the .dll to use.

I have tried unregistering the dll using Regsvr32 /u <path & name> but I get a message telling me that it failed because it could not find the module. There are only two copies of the dll on my system, one in ...\bin\debug and one in ...\bin\release I have tried un registering both but it finds neither.

So is it registered at all? I certainly cant register it because I get a DllRegisterServer entry point error

Whats going on here?
How do I swap the version of a dll when I want to?
What does Microsoft mean by a self registering dll?, and how do I know if mine is or not?

Some swimple explanation would be very much appreciated

A:problem registering dll's

Start, run and type: sfc /scannow

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I am having a problem trying to register ocx files using regsvc32.exe. Apparently there is a X86 version and a 64 bit version of regsvc32 and I need a way of knowing how to identify the copies I have so I can find out if I am using the right one. Is there a difference in the size ??

A:Registering *.ocx files

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ok so I have a program which requires MSINET.ocx and when I had been doing research about this, I saw that Vista does not support it... and I have to register it manually.... I am kind of a newbie and need your help.... Thank you for your time and effort for trying to help me solve my problem... I greatly appreciate it...

It states when I open program:

Component 'MSINET.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid
You just have to give me a tutorial on how to install/register this so my program works....

A:MSINET.ocx (registering help)

Yes i have the exact same problem.

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Will be getting Win7 Pro and need to know if the user has to register when installing. Or if it can be delayed til a later date.

There are 2 pc's to convert from XP pro and these may take 32 bit or 64 bit, not sure at this point, starting with 64 bit on one and if can't use it, will put it on another machine but I don't want to have this registered until knowing that it works, when the older apps have been tested.

A:Registering Win7 a must?

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I just bought a second monitor for my desktop. But when I plugged it in, it would not register. I did try configuring in on under control panel and under display settings. It still wouldn't work after that. Then we asked advice from our local geek squad. They recommended we change the graphics card because the monitor might not have enough space/room for a second monitor. When I replaced my graphics card, went through the updates, and installed the GeForce driver, it still wont recognize that there is a second monitor hooked up?

Please help me

A:Second monitor is not registering

How did you connect it ?

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Hi all, just brought my Mum Windows 7 home premium, thing is she never goes on the internet, just dose letters scans and prints etc etc....how will she go on about registering her copy? and will it stop her using it in time?
Many thanks

A:Registering Windows 7

She can register it over the phone with Microsoft. If you installed it without entering the key or activating it..you will have 30 days and then you will need to activate it to continue using it.

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not sure if its 7's problem but seems that everytime i register an app it keeps
asking me to register again on the next launch of the win or app
like it doesnt save it

anyone else have that problem?

any fix?

A:Registering apps

nobody have that problem?

is it just me?

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I purchased a stand-alone version of Office XP which I installed on my HP computer. Several years later when I paid $70 to have Best Buy check it and report that it was not economically feasible to repair it, I had them scrap it and purchased a new Acer which I then downgraded from Vista to XP.

After installing Office XP I saw notices telling me that I had only a certain number of "openings" left until the program would fail to function. I attempted to register the XP version with Microsoft but the menu-driven instructions made no provision for my circumstances and I was disconnected. Furthermore I was unable to reach anyone from Microsoft to assist me.

I understand that it's illegal to install my program on more than one computer but the original machine has been scrapped and I have the paperwork to substantiate it. Under those circumstances - with proof that the original computer has been destroyed - shouldn't I be eligible to reinstall the program?

A:Registering Office XP

Do you have the original hard drive?

Do you know anyone else running Office XP?

Edit: I know what you mean, I had a fully licensed version of MS Office and when I got the BSoD they wouldn't give me a replacement key or anything.

If you have AT LEAST the key, just try using it. The most that will happen is "Your key has been used on a different computer" or something like that.

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After installing Java, for some reason it didn't go well, and when I try to use some features, it pops a dialog saying that it can't find msvcr71.dll and to reinstall the program. Instead of reinstalling it, I found the missing file in the Java directory and copy/pasted it to my browser's plugin directory, but the error keeps reappearing.

I tried to use regsvr32 to register it, but it said that it couldn't find the file and to check the path. It seems that I will never get the knack for command lines, but this is what I typed into cmd:

C:\Users\wallwalker>regsvr32 C:\\Program Files(x86)/DevelMan/Java/bin/new_plugin

Would someone please correct this for me?

A:Registering A File

you have two slashes after the c: and there should only be one, and the all the others go in the wrong direction.

regsvr32 "C:\Program Files (x86)\DevelMan\Java\bin\new_plugin\msvcr71.dll"

(you also need quotes)

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Okay, I've been fixing this computer for work, it's got an ASUS P5AD-E Deluxe mobo, Nvidia p383 PCI express graphics card, and about two 512MB memory sticks. But it won't send a signal to the monitor, at all. I've tried different memory sticks, I've tried a new graphics card, nothing I do will make the signal go through. and the P5AD2-E doesn't have an on-board video. So any ideas, any nudges in the right direction, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated.


A:Monitor not registering

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I like Windows 8.1 but I like my computer to boot straight into service with no password. It's in my home. I live alone. If I register to download an app from the store I have to go and leave the MS account, using a password, and then make a new account, with no password.

Is there any way to register just for the Store and not change your boot process by adding a password?

A:Registering for MS Store

Hello Patrickt,

If you like, you could set Windows to automatically sign in with the Microsoft account w/ password instead of a local account without a password.

This way you can also use apps that require a Microsoft account easier.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

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I have a copy of CardKick that I got about six or seven years ago -- used it successfully in a tech support role, but never had to print it out, always just referred to the topics, which were listed in alphabetical order. That made it good to use in that mode.

I now have used it to catalog paragraphs of a paper I'm writing for graduate school. If it works, it'll be a major breakthrough for me -- I title and type in, one paragraph at a time, the ideas and cites for my paper, then print them all out, re-arrange them in a sensible order and: Voila! Paper rough draft is done!

Problem: I can't print but one card at a time, which is impossibly time-consuming. I need to be able to print out the whole card file. To do that, I need a registration key code. But cardkick.com isn't even on the web any more, all of the addresses I've tried for the developer get kicked back, and I'm at a complete dead end. Does anyone know how to get ahold of this Piotr guy so I can pay him the twenty bucks, get the key code and get on with my paper?

A:Registering Cardkick

Is this the program you are talking about?CardKick is a simple cardfile manager for password-encrypted, textual information. The program is very small; works with any number of opened cardfiles and can open URL links using a Web browser. Password encryption combined with the ability to open URL links via a Web browser makes CardKick an ideal place to store information like: Web addresses, user names, passwords and credit card account details. (210K)I found it listed here, as a Free Marketing Tool:Free Marketing ToolsJust scroll down the page, almost half way.The link is a direct download.

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I just bought a second monitor for my desktop. But when I plugged it in, it would not register. I did try configuring in on under control panel and under display settings. It still wouldn't work after that. Then we asked advice from our local geek squad. They recommended we change the graphics card because the monitor might not have enough space/room for a second monitor. When I replaced my graphics card, went through the updates, and installed the GeForce driver, it still wont recognize that there is a second monitor hooked up?

Please help me

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I recently got a laptop from a Rental place ( stupid, I know) and the computer is Registered to them. Do I keep it that way or can I change it to my own? Is it important? And if I happened to change it, would I lose the software that's on mycomputer like NTI CD and DVD maker that is registered to them? Because I happen to like that...also..if I did...would it change how I got a wireless network signal...because I get one now....would that change? PLEASE HELP!!!

A:Computer Registering

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