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VN7-792G Sound cuts out

Q: VN7-792G Sound cuts out

Sound on my machine cuts out randomly. Reinstalled audio driver but it still happens. I think it is hardware. If I tap on the case, I can get sound to come back. Acer wants me to send it in for repair but I don't want to be without the machine for two weeks. I tried headphones (they work). I am suspecting the headphone jack itself - maybe a bad mechanical connection where it switches from speakers to headphones. Anyone else have this problem or a solution?

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Preferred Solution: VN7-792G Sound cuts out

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


A while back I updated my sound drivers because of an audio issue in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Battlefield would suddenly lose all audio in the middle of a match, and the audio would come back if I quit the program and went back in. Now, after updating my drivers, almost every game is acting like this, and there are more frequent crashes. Then, on rare occasion, certain parts of the UI in some of my games would completely disappear! I would like to know how to fix this issue!
List of games which I have seen the audio bug in:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Beat Hazard
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
Poker Night at the Inventory
Supreme Commander 2

List of games with video bugs:
Battlefield: Bad company 2
Poker Night at the Inventory

More frequent crashes:
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
TESIV: Oblivion

Please help!

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I bought the machine in June and it was silent, but now we're hearing a very low volume hum/buzz (kind of like a mosquito passng by your ear, except 3 octaves lower) more and more frequently. It emanates from the right side - approximately under the Enter Key vicinity and occurs intermittently for maybe 2 or 4 seconds as the machine is actively processing data or updating webpages. It's not correlated with the fan turning on/off. Any ideas?

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Hello, My Acer randomly BSOD with PNP error and after restart I have no sound and I get a red x on my speaker icon in the lower right corner where the clock is. I checked the Device Manager and I get a yellow exclamation mark under System Devices and it seems the problematic device is Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology (Intel(R) SST) Audio Controller. Under Sound, video and game controllers I have only one driver left - NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible) (WDM). When I click View --> Show hidden devices it shows the audio drivers which means they are disabled somehow, I think? Anyhoo, I've updated the problematic driver and hoped that this solved the issue but to no avail. I'm afraid to uninstall the driver because it's under System Devices and not under Sound, video and game controllers categories. I am starting to think it might be an hardware issue, but I seriously hope not. Perhaps you have some ideas what I could try to fix this?

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Okay, I couldn't find anyone with this problem, so I'm creating a new post. One month ago I've bought VN7-792G and I'm satisfied with it. But there is one strange problem - during certain events (receiving notification via Facebook/Steam, when launching a sound file or jumping through a YouTube video) I can hear a silent "tick" sound from lower left corner of my laptop. I've tried updating BIOS and sound drivers, but this problem persists.

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I've read that lots of people are having trouble with this, and now me too! Has anybody figured out which driver to use? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I am experiencing problems with microphone. When I try to use my Voice Recorder I can hear that my voice is distorted. The same with skype people hear me distorted, can you please advice what do I need to check to troubleshoot this problem?Windows 10 Home 64x, microphone driver detailes:   

A:acer aspire v nitro VN7-792G microphone bad sound

Hi,Could you please try the driver version from Acer support:https://www.acer.com/ac/en/GB/content/support-product/6404?b=1

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I have this intermittent problem, where the sound cuts out for a fraction of a second (it's not muting it, it seems to lose the signal for a split second). It seems to happen when connected through SPDIF to my receiver (I haven't had it happen with Headphones connected). I am almost certain it is not my receiver; although almost 8 yrs old, it works great and has never cut out otherwise.

I have a fairly new build with Asus P6T Deluxe V2 mobo (using it for sound), and recently bought an SPDIF cable (25' digital coax) from newegg to connect my computer to my receiver.

Any ideas what is happening?

A:Sound cuts out

Have you updated the sound drivers from Asus?

A 25' coax seems like an awful long run for audio but I could be wrong...

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Hope I'm in the right forum,,, when I play short audio/mp3 samples from the public library - the sound stops playing or just keeps cutting out once it starts up again. compaq laptop - Audio is Realtek - driver is from may 2010. get a new driver?? Thanks...

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Whenever I play my music on iTunes or whatever, sometimes there would a brief second of silence, then the music continues. It's really annoying. What is going on?

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A friend has a p3 1ghz with an Azza 693BTX motherboard (build in sound card), 128MB ram and 40 gig drive, running win98SE. His problem - when he logs on to the net (dial up) and even after he signs off, he no longer has sound. (it works fine when he stays off the net). How could he troubleshoot this? I thought it might be an IRQ conflict but the modem (comes up as an Intel HaM data/fax/voice) has an IRQ setting of 9 and the sound card (VIA) is 5.

A:sound cuts out on the net

I had this problem years ago , I fixed it by uninstalling the Insternet service providers software and installing it agian,
try that , hope it works

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Only real problem so far i have found with Windows 7 is that the sound cuts out at random times. Theres dead no sound and in windows media player the file will not even play. But in steam/msn/windows there is no sounds. I have to log of for it to come back.

A:sound cuts out

Quote: Originally Posted by demotion

Only real problem so far i have found with Windows 7 is that the sound cuts out at random times. Theres dead no sound and in windows media player the file will not even play. But in steam/msn/windows there is no sounds. I have to log of for it to come back.

Same here. Sound is fine for a bit, then just stops. Same hardware I've been using for a year.

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I have a p4p800-e mobo with realtek ac'97 sound card onboard. A few weeks ago the sound stopped working. I checked the device manager everything looks normal. I tried restoring my computer without success. I reinstalled drivers which did bring my sound back when I restarted but only for a short time (1 min). What can I do to fix this problem? what info do you need that I can post for you here to help diagnose the problem?

Thank you for your time!

A:sound cuts out after about 1 minute

The problem is most likely a hardware problem. I recommend you purchase a PCI sound card and disable the on-board sound, which will be more reliable.

Happy New Year.

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Since installing Windows 10, the sound will cut out every so often, usually while watching a video on YouTube or I've downloaded. If I reboot the sound works. I notice that I can't left click on the the task bar when this happens. To reboot I need to right click on the Start button. I tried updating the drivers (Connexant Smart Audio HD) but they were up to date. Thanks!

A:Sound cuts out intermittently

I have the same problem. I have also updated my sound drivers (Realtek).

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Hi there, this is my first post...thanks in advance for your patience!

So, I've done my best to research this problem on the net before posting about it, but the only time I found others with a similar problem, the fix seemed only to work in XP. What's worse, I think I've actually fixed this problem before, but I can't remember how, or how to find the solution.

Anyway, everything was working just fine, and then I went on vacation and brought my tower with me. When I cam back home, I started having an odd freeze/crash problem I hadn't had before, so I updated my graphics drivers, and also installed the latest Creative X-FI drivers (I had been using the Daniel K drivers to great success). That fixed my initial crashing problem, but then my games started crashing out from "insufficient memory" problems, which is bullocks (I have four gigs of corsair xms, and have never had the problem before). So, I went back to the Daniel K drivers, which fixed _that_ problem.

Now I have yet a different problem which is as follows:

I can play games, listen to music, etc. for hours on end with no problems. However, if i watch a video on Hulu, youtube, or listen to internet radio, after a few minutes the sound cuts out. Not just the internet sound, but -all- sound. If I try to play a song in iTunes, the progress bar doesn't move. Nothing is muted. All hardware profiles read normal (i.e., this is -not- the problem that some people have had where it show "... Read more

A:Sound cuts out after using internet for a while

nobody has a clue?

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I recently upgraded my video card to a NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT graphics card. Once installed, I booted up my system and now my sound is scratchy and music skips. This is not a speaker problem, I have tested different speakers. This only started imediately after installation of graphics card. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?

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Hi Guys

I'm having a lot of problems with my sound at the moment, and I have no idea why it's happening, basically no matter what sound I listen to through my pc it stutters and cuts out then comes back on which as you can imagine is very annoying when listening to music or in the middle of a film! I thought maybe it was a heat problem so I moved the pc to a well ventilated place, but I'm still having the same problem! I've run virus scans and they all came back clean, so to be honest I'm baffled as well as annoyed by this problem.

Please help!

A:Sound cuts out and stutters

My first guess would be the driver for your sound card or motherboard sound output. Check in your device manager, see if you have the most up-to-date drivers, and if you do have the most up-to-date drivers from Microsoft, try getting the drivers directly from your sound card manufacturer.

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Whenever I am playing a game, the sound seems to keep cutting out randomly, sometimes 5 minutes after or 20 minutes. But it keeps getting annoying when Im playing online games. The sound cuts out in I think every game I play, FarCry, HL2, CS:S, SWAT 4, ect. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Sound Cuts Out During Gameplay

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I am finding only lately that the sound when I watch youtube videos (quite a lot) just suddenly cuts out. It will only work again if I pull out my headphones and plug them back into the USB port again. This has only started happening in the last few weeks and is deeply annoying. The sound does not cut out on the headphones with any other program.

I have an acer 5920G with Windows 7 Ultimate.

Any ideas?

A:Sound cuts out on youtube

yes, i had this problem to.

go to speaker properties (right-click the little speaker icon in the task bar and select "playback devices") and disable your speakers (right-click them and select "disable")

do the same thing to re-enable the speakers (clicking "enable" instead of "disable", of coarse)

NOTE: if you can not see your speakers after you disabled them, then right-click (in that box, where the should be listed) and select "show Disabled Devices"

You will have to do this every time you use your headphone, so this is just a temporary fix, but its better than it happening every time you load a new youtube video

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Hello, Im a newbie to this forum, so forgive me for maybe leaving out helpful information. So after being on the computer for a bit, I get a message saying something like "Generic host process for win 32" or something has had an error and must shut down.

The error signature is "szAppName : svchost.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.5512 szModName : ntdll.dll
szModVer : 5.1.2600.5755 offset : 00023845 "

Shortly after this comes up, I can no longer play music through Windows Media Player, or hear sound on youtube or any other site. I can still get on the internet, watch videos online, and everything else. There is just no sound. I have ran Malwarebytes, Spybot S&D, Avast, Ad-Aware, and SUPERAnti-Spyware(after removing Spybot) and the problem persists.

I have a Toshiba with Windows XP and SP3

Any help you can give would be MUCH appreciated. I know you get lots of requests, so I can be patient haha, and I will be checking back often.

A:Sound cuts out...Virus?

Hello,Please follow the instructions in ==>This Guide<==. If you cannot complete a step, skip it and continue.Once the proper logs are created, then make a NEW TOPIC and post it ==>HERE<== Please include a description of your computer issues and what you have done to resolve them.If you can produce at least some of the logs, then please create the new topic and explain what happens when you try to create the log(s) that you couldn't get. If you cannot produce any of the logs, then still post the topic and explain that you followed the Prep. Guide, were unable to create the logs, and describe what happens when you try to create the logs.Orange Blossom

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Hi there,

I have motherboard gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H, which goes with Realtek ALC 889 A chipset. I have installed latest drivers from gigabyte and realtek (version 2.9 of codecs and AC97 codecs)

Tests runs correctly with "Dolby Digital" and 44.1 khz and 48.0 khz. Tests also works with "advnced options" "Dolby Digital Live (5.1 Surround)". I have also installed latest drivers for Divx 7

Media players like "windows media player" "gom" and "vlc" works, the media is reproduced with sound, but sometimes, quite oftem, the sound is cut for one second, and it doesn't not occur on the same place of the file, so it seems that it is not a problem with media file.

Someone has found a similar problem or knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

A:Realtek ALC 889 Sound cuts

Quote: Originally Posted by gbelin

Hi there,

I have motherboard gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H, which goes with Realtek ALC 889 A chipset. I have installed latest drivers from gigabyte and realtek (version 2.9 of codecs and AC97 codecs)

Tests runs correctly with "Dolby Digital" and 44.1 khz and 48.0 khz. Tests also works with "advnced options" "Dolby Digital Live (5.1 Surround)". I have also installed latest drivers for Divx 7

Media players like "windows media player" "gom" and "vlc" works, the media is reproduced with sound, but sometimes, quite oftem, the sound is cut for one second, and it doesn't not occur on the same place of the file, so it seems that it is not a problem with media file.

Someone has found a similar problem or knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

Are the music files on your local computer or elsewhere?

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Relevant info first:
Windows 10 Home Anniversary Edition 1607
Realtek High Definition Audio Driver
Logitech LS21 active speakers

For whatever reason, even during playback, the sound will cut out in the right speaker. Unplugging and plugging it back in solves the problem for a little while (1hr/2hr?).
What I've tried so far.
Chose a different output port. Problem continuesUsed Bluetooth headset. Problem not present.Used USB Playstation 2 sound adapter. Problem partially continues. The sound in the Right speaker is very low, but not mute as in the usual case.Reinstalled Realtek driver. No change. Installed x64 driver. No changeTried to find different USB sound driver. Logitech did not have one for the 97078Sound is consistent and fine on HDMI TV. The sound connection is going through the HDMI port on the Geforce GTX 660

So I don't know what the deal is. I'm thinking it might be the Gigabyte motherboard (GIGABYTE H81M-D2V) but it could be system as well. I'm also tempted to hook up a radio or phone to the speakers to see if the Right speaker cuts out there as well.

A:Sound cuts out on Right speaker

sounds like analog issue, maybe a loose cable? bluetooth and HDMI audio is digital, so thats why they work flawless. however, im not sure what sort of playstation2 adapter you are using, is it USB-to-3.5mm jack sort of or? or 2x3,5mm-to-USB or ?

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I have an unusually long starup sound that I like to listen to on my machine. This file wroked great for 95, 98, NT, etc. But on my XP machine only the first 30 seconds can be heard and then it cuts off. I know I have the latest sound blaster drivers and the file will play all the way through when i have media player play it on my xp machine so its not the file. The only thing i can think of is that either a program is stopping its action and that is terminating it prematurely or XP is programmed to terminate the starup sound after 30 seconds of play. I have tried various other files as well that is over 30 seconds long and it does it to all of them. There is no cracking or popping or stuttering of any kind. Playback at startup is smooth but it cuts it off at 30 seconds. Any one know how to legthen the playback time on the startup?


A:Startup sound cuts off on XP

Hiya and welcome

Lets see what you have running at startup first:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.



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Ok this is whats up

I'll be just on the computer for a while, either listening to music or playing a game, and then at random times (its not a set amount of time each time im on the computer, it seems random) my sound just cuts out

its really annoying

and it wont go back on until i reset the computer

now, Im using an asus motherboard with a built in sound card

I've been having this problem for well over a year, and I cant find out how to fix it anywhere

it all started I think the first time i rebooted my computer back to square one, but I cant really remember

anyways, it usually happens a lot more often when im playing a game

and the game will continue to play as usual without sound

however, for instance on games like dawn of war

when im finished with a skirmish, all of a sudden the game freezes, and It ONLY happens when the sound is cut out

so I usually save right before I win (when im on Dark crusade [dawn of war expansion pack] where you can go on persistent campaigns)

anyways, please ask questions if you need more information

I'd really like some help on this


I have some other issues with my sound, for instance, the green jack that you plug in your speakers to or headphones, well i have surround sound, and all but my main speaker works (thats the speaker with the volume control and power button on it)

im using a Logitech x530

and I also use bose headphones, and well, i was having some trouble ... Read more

A:My sound just randomly Cuts out!!! PLEASE HELP!!

Built in sound usually has that kind of problem, but I've never had an Asus board fail me.

Your best bet is to reinstall the sound card drivers. All I can help you with

If you reformatted Windows, then you should reinstall the drivers for everythng, even your motherboard.

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I am having issues with my computers sound. I will be watching a video, listening to music or playing a game and the sound randomly cuts out for a second and then comes back on. Usually when playing a game and this happens it cuts out altogether. All the other audio resumes after the hiccup but the game ceases audio completely. To fix it I have to go into the audio options in the game and change a setting. This forces the game to restart audio and from there on sound continues like normal till the next hiccup. Sometimes it will happen every 5 minutes, other times it wont happen for days. I've reinstalled drivers several times. Tried different drivers, but nothing seems to fix the random cutting in and out of my sound. Any ideas?

My computer setup includes:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate , Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 5 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 4095 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series, 1024 Mb (x-firing 2 of these)
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 755775 MB;
Motherboard: BIOSTAR Group, TA870+, , None
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Sound randomly cuts in and out.

I am very interested to see if someone comes up with a solution for you, because I have the exact problem on 64-bit Windows 7 on my Dell XPS 17. Only in my case, it's not just a few seconds. It can sometimes cut out completely for a long period, then I reboot which only solves the problem temporarily. My Device Manager says my drivers are all current and everything is working correctly.

I have not yet tried uninstalling the drivers and then reinstalling. I read this solution out on the Net but it didn't seem to work for most people. I am using a wireless USB speaker, though I am not sure that is the cause of this problem

Any help is appreciated.

Elizabeth K.

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As the title of the topic says my oblivion sound just cuts off on me. This only happens when i hit an object with a weapon tho for some reason :s. I have updated my soun card drivers, reinstalled the game, and i have also changed the sound acceleration through Dxdiag.
I did have this problem a few weeks back and changing sound acceleration down did help, but now it doesn't. Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Oblivion Sound Cuts off

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Ok, so here is the thing: as long as i don't connect any mics on my pc, ventrilo works fine (meaning that i can hear everyone that speaks, and it never bugs). If i connect my mic (and i have tried 2 different ones), get ventrilo on and connect to a server, at some point my computer stops emitting ANY sound of any sort. I have tried a thing or two, but i really dont know what's going on.

I use Windows Vista, and have no audio board, but ive been told that my motherboard should have no problems with audio programs.

One more thing i noticed accidentaly is that when that happens (when my pc audio bugs/cuts), the mixer shows that maximum level audio is being emitted. Maybe what is happening is the inverse, the bug creates a too loud noise, and my pc cuts it no to blow my speakers? No idea. Help, PLEASE!

A:Ventrilo cuts my pc sound?!

I guess go back to XP if all else fails. heh

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Hi guys, Newbie here.

I have a Windows XP Home Edition. (5,1 Build 2600)

Yesterday my sound completely disapeared whilst I was watching a Youtube video. I reset the computer thinking it may have been a one-off and to my delight the sound was back and I got on my merry way. However after 10 minutes or so it vanished again and I was left watching audioless videos. I did a system restore to 4 days ago, and still no luck. The sound still cuts out after 10 minutes.

If you need specs to give you more detail, I can post them here if you ask.

Anything you need to know just ask.

I am in great need, as I work on this computer, and I am also currently taking a guitar course where I get sent videos to my computer, and I cannot hear the lessons!


A:Sound cuts out after 5-10 minutes. Please help.

Hi Luvmojo,
I've had the same problem off and on. I think what is causing mine at least is more than one program is using the sound..I had Media Player, Utube and itunes up yesterday and now I've got the intermittent sound thing going on. What I do to at least fix it so I can hear the immediate program that I want is go into the Sound Devices in my Control Panel, click on the Advanced button, then make sure the SWSynth slider is all the way up - usually when this happens I find it slid off for some reason; press ok and you should be back in business. I hope this works for you :o)


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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so, I apologize if not!

I bought a LG BD370 Blu-ray player to connect to my 40" LG LCD HDTV. It's connected through an HDMI port. The first movie played without any issues at all.

Now, when I play anything (Blu-ray, DVD, DVD -/+ R/RW) at random moments the video flashes really fast and continues playing. The problem is that the sound quits playing. If I rewind a short bit and play again, the sound works and the moive even passes the point where it cut off and keeps going with sound. Then again, at any random moment, the video flashes and the sound cuts out. If I do my rewind trick, it fixes it again for a short time. Sometimes it can go 10 minutes with no problem, sometimes it happens seconds after playing again.

I use to have a DVD player with HD upscaling which was also connected with this same HDMI cable into the same HDMI port and never had a problem.

I'm just wondering if there was anything anyone could suggest before I went through the hassle of returing this player for a new one (I bought it online brand new). My TV is 1080 and the player is set to 1080p. Should I try 1080i? A new cable? Firmware update (not sure if that would fix this).

Thanks in advance!

A:Blu-ray player sound cuts out

Just in case anyone else had this problem with a Blu-ray player............

Changing the resolution to 1080i fixed my problem. I'm not sure why it helped, but that's the only setting I changed and so far, I've watched several movies with zero problems. I've even played movies that I had problems with before and now they play with zero problems as well.

Just thought I'd let anyone else know who might come up against this problem.

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My sound stops and goes when watching any videos and have de fragged and cleaned but it still does it. what can I do to fix this?

A:sound cuts on & off for video's

Hi and welcome to TSF try reinstalling the driver and if your watching online ensure you have the latest flash,shockwave,java,and silverlight

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i bought my x-fi extreme gamer recently installed it on vista
works great. but every now and then the sound just cuts out
A simple restart every time solves this
( it happens when i surf then net, and am not listening to any music or streaming)
what is weird is that when i goto open windows media player to play a mp3, it shows it as playing but the progression bar does not move, it isn't even there. This error in windows media player only occurs when this happens
What the hell is going on. I've updated drivers, un installed and reinstalled retail software and online updates and got no success

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When playing a game such as counter strike, call of duty etc (online or not) my sound will randomly dissapear for different lengths of time......sometimes 2 minutes.....sometimes until i log off my computer and log back on again !!

as you can imagine this is incredibly frustrating and your help and ideas are very much apprecitated !! thanks everyone !


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I've just bought a laptop (Dell Inspiron 1525). I've installed Little Big Adventure 2, which ran fine on my XP desktop. When I load up LBA2 on my laptop it will have all the right sounds for about 20 seconds, then will go mute. What would cause this and how can I fix it?

A:Sound cuts out in old game

since it is a old game try right clicking on the game icon on the drop down list go to properties and choose compatibility mode and tick the box to run as xp this may sort it please note there are other options to help things run smoothly if needed

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Hi everyone. I'm having sound issues with my HP Pavilion 500-084ea. These issues mainly occur when gaming, however they sometimes occur on sites such as youtube or twitch. I am currently using a headset with my PC, however I'm pretty certain that the headset itself isn't faulty, as the same problems have occurred with several different headsets. Furthermore, the headset was tested on other PCs, and was fully functional. Apologies in advance if this gets a bit long, however I want to get into as much detail as possible.  To get to the problem, whenever i'm playing video games, approximately 20-30 minutes in, the sound begins to cut out periodically. It cuts out consistently, with sound for 2 seconds, and then no sound for 2 seconds, on repeat. After a while, the sound completely goes, and I can hear nothing. This also affects any sound coming from calls through discord/curse/skype. Disconnecting and reconnecting from the game and call seem to fix the sound issues, and they don't seem to pop up again until I enter a new match. Strangely enough, as soon as my sound cuts out completely, my framerate drops down to approximately 8-10 fps. As mentioned before, the same issue also occurs (albeit less frequently) on video streaming websites such as youtube, or twitch. Refreshing the page seems to fix the problem.  I have tried plugging the headset into other USB ports (as my headset only suports USB, and has no audio jack), however that did not fix the issue.&... Read more

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sorry if this should be posted in the sound card section, but i thought it would be better posting it here, as this is an onboard sound problem and i dont have a seprate sound card.

ok so basically the problem is, just sometimes and its getting more frequent and annoying now, the sound cust out.
its normally say for example, when im watchin a youtube video.
what happens is, the video will play for the first 2 secs (0.02) then it freeses.
sometimes the video continue with no sound, and sometimes the video just stops, even though the video has been fully buffered.
what annoys me even more is, when this happens, all my pc sound is lost, so i cant listen to anything on windows media player or anything of that sort.
before the problem used to last between 5-10 minutes and after a while the sound would start playing again, but recently the sound has cut out for soo long that im left with no choice but to restart my pc which i hate doing everytime.
i tried updating the REALTEK AC97 drivers but that has not helped.
i dont know what to do really?

A:windows xp Sound randomly cuts out


I've just started to have the same problem. Did you find a solution? My sound started to randomly go out and when it goes out, rebooting is the only way to bring it back, but it doesn't last long. I'm also using XP.

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I just upgraded from 32bit to 64bit Windows 7. Now every sound app (media player, Internet streaming, games) has it's sound cutting in and out. I still see the sound playing, just the output keeps cutting in and out. I have installed the latest driver, but no change. I have a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P (rev 1.6) motherboard that has a realtek audio card. I would have no problem with getting a better one, but I don't think it would soulve the problem. It worked fine under the 32bit Windows 7. I heard that under WindowsXP 64bit there was sometimes a bios setting that needed to be changed, but I have no idea.

A:Sound cuts in and out every 10-15 sec in Windows 7 64bit

Hi Seattleslug,
You can refer to this article to check this issue: Tips for fixing common sound problems.
If the issue persists, please double confirm whether the cable connection between the speakers and the sound card. Also, you can reinstall the sound card by the steps below to check the result:
1.     Click "Start", input "Device Manager" (without quotation marks) in the Search box, and then press "Enter".
2.     Double-click "Sound, video and game controllers" to expand it.
3.     Right-click the installed Sound Card and then click Uninstall.
4.     Restart the computer.
5.     Run Windows Update to install the sound card driver.
What is the result?
If the issue still exists, let's move on to disable sound effects and enhancement:
1.     Click the Start Button, type "MMSYS.CPL" in the Start Search box and press Enter.
2.     On Playback tab, click the Speaker which is used and click Properties button.
3.     Switch to Advanced tab, uncheck the "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" option.
4.     If the Enhancements tab is available, click it. Check 'Disable all sound effects".
5.     In Setting section, Select None.
6.     ... Read more

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Hello, I'm workin on a Gateway FX6860 With an Intel core i7-2600 CPU @3.40 GHz Processor, and 8GB RAM, Windows 7 64 Bit. It has an HDMI Video card and a standard VGA integrated connector. The HDMI will not send any signal to the monitor. So I Itried to use the VGA, I get graphics on the initial boot up and just when the windows logo forms and it says "Starting Windows" the screen turns off, green light to orange, but I still get the sound.. Now when I boot into safe mode the VGA monitor stays on and I have full functionality. I still have no response from HDMI card.. I performed a complete scan, all is clear.. I performed a CHKDSK /F and it did find some errors, and said it corrected those errors.. Do you think this is a Hard Drive issue?, or Motherboard?, THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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I have a Vaio Cr 220 laptop running vista, and it has the annoying habit of not producing any sound sometimes when I dis/reconnect the power cord. Also, for some reason the startup sounds always work, but sometimes they cut out about 30 seconds in. The device manager says everything is working, and my sound drivers are up to date. It generally fixes itself with a restart, but that gets really tedious to do everytime I move my laptop. I disconnect my laptop fairly often and it gets really annoying to watch youtube videos etc w/o sound. Someone said this is a common problem, any known fixes?

A:Sound cuts out when I unplug my laptop

Set your Power Management to 'Performance' (if it isn't now) and try it that way.

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it seems after a certain amount of time, my computer begins playing static over any other noise I am listening to at the time, and it gets steadily louder. if I adjust the volume using the volume mixer it makes a popping noise, and sometimes fixes the problem, most of the time it just cuts my sound all together.

I'm running windows 7 32bit and have the Realtek AC'97 Audio soundcard, which is up to date.

A:sound becomes static, then cuts off completly

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Hey guys!

I just did a major system upgrade. A fight with the computer store, a hard drive fire, and a reformat later I've installed Windows XP pro and my system is about 60% of the way there. Just a few more programs and a replacement hard drive to install and I'll be ready to go.

Here are my specs:

AMD Athalon XP 1800+ (1.53 ghz)
512 mb PC2700 DDR SDRAM (Samsung)
ATI Radeon 8500 64 mb
7200 RPM Maxtor ATA100 30 gb HD
Aureal Vortex II sound card
Windows XP Pro
Asus A7V333 mobo (sound disabled... thanks guys for the mobo recommendations )

Anyhow, here's the problem:

First of all, I've found out how Windows XP doesn't allow the Vortex 2 to use quad speakers. I found a way around this using the AC97 mixer that I got from some website.

Now what the problem is is that from time to time the sound will stop and the computer will run like a 33 mhz computer.

For example, if I'm playing Winamp in the background and running Warcraft, everything will slow down and all sound will cease. I have to force the programs to all quit and then reboot for the sound to return.

This is bloody irksome

Does anyone know of any issues with XP and Aureal cards? I am VERY strapped for cash right now and I would REALLY like to avoid having to buy a $100 Audigy

Thanks in advance

A:Sound cuts out in XP Pro with an Aureal Vortex 2

I am not aware of any official XP drivers for Aureal cards. Aureal went under, then was purchased by Creative Labs, no drivers were, or have been, or are going to be, developed for XP by them. Any drivers out there have been created by third parties and as such are not fully tested and may not work correctly.

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I wanted to have the "you have AIDS" song from family guy play when my computer starts up, but it gets about 10 seconds in and then stops. The song itself is about 30 seconds. Yes, it is in *.wav format. Is there some sort of cap for this sound? If so, can I override that somehow? Help please.

A:My Windows XP startup sound cuts off early...

I know it's not urgent, but I'm curious. Bump.

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Hi guys i posted this on a thread reply but i think i should start my own thread for it. so here it goes

when i plug my new Razer Kraken Pro(world of tanks addition)AUX and MIC jack in my front panel it works fine if i watch videos browse youtube
But once I play dota 2 after 10 min the sound complete cuts out and pulled off my headphone from front panel jack my speakers does not produce a sound but only the speaker bar it shows sound is produce everytime is clicked.
Then all my videos or music becomes jerky and does not play sound and only way to fix it is to restart it my PC

I thought it was realtek audio driver issue so uninstalled it and try to run the game again the cut out still happens. bought a new graphics R9 280 to replace HD5770 the old one, because I thought it could be the cause of jerky motion in the video player, but it the cut out still happens . disabled the AMD HD audio in device managers still same isssue. disabled all other device in sound still happens.

I'm out of ideas of what to do besides having to

Operating system
Windows 7 64bit

My PC specs are
i5 750 2.6Ghz
DP55WB motherboard
R9 280 sapphire graphics
12GB DDR3 Ram
CoolerMaster RC-K350-KWN1 K350 USB3.0 Gaming case

case has USB 3.0 for one of the front panel and i bought and adaptor off ebay to convert USB3 plug to USB 2.0 and plug into Mobo extra note if that really does influence it.. but i high doubt

Gigabyte Kforce keyboard
Razer Deathadder
Razer Kr... Read more

A:Sound Cuts out when playing games with headphones

The issue, by your posting, would appear to be the game, since (apparently) everything else works OK. I know nothing about the game or how it works so I can't make any suggestions towards that. Maybe someone in the gaming section can help you??

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Hi, Can you please assist?
I have an MSI CR640 running Windows 10, and ever since one of the Windows updates a few months ago the sound randomly cuts out completely whilst playing Minecraft or watching a YouTube video.
This happens at random points. It can be after 5 minutes or over an hour, and only shutting down and restarting can get the sound back.
Troubleshooter does not find any issues with the sound and in device manager the speakers show a Microsoft driver dated 28th September 2017.
I believe it was previously a Conexant Audio driver, and I went to the MSI website to try and reinstall this driver for my computer but it would not load.
The only drivers on the MSI site available are for Windows 7.
Do you have any suggestions of how to fix this please?
Many Thanks

A:Sound cuts out completely during You Tube or Minecraft

Wait until the sound cuts out, then recover and immediately generate these 2 sets of reports:Report Set #1)  Please run this report collecting tool (even though you may not be experiencing BSOD's) so that we can provide a complete analysis: (from the pinned topic at the top of the forum)   http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/576314/blue-screen-of-death-bsod-posting-instructions-windows-10-81-8-7-vista/If you have problems with it running it, there's an alternate tool here (direct download link):  https://github.com/blueelvis/BSOD-Inspector/releases/download/1.0.5/BSODInspector-1.0.5.exeNOTE:Please zip up the (.ZIP) files - do not use .RAR or other compression utilities. .ZIP is the type file that can be uploaded to the forums.Report Set #2)  Please do the following:- open Event Viewer (run eventvwr.msc from the "Run" dialog)- expand the Custom Views category (left click on the > next to the words "Custom Views")- right click on the "Administrative Events" heading- select "Save all Events in Custom View as..."- save the file as Admin.evtx- zip up the file (right click on it, select "Send to", select "Compressed (zipped) folder")- upload it with your next post (if it's too big, then upload it to a free file-hosting service and post a link here).FYI - If we're looking for Event ID 41 errors (unexplained shutdowns), there's more info on that here:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2028504The Event ID 41 error is simply Windows saying that... Read more

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I recently reformatted my computer after having BSOD issues. Someone from these forums helped me solve the BSOD issues, but I still have sound issues. When watching a Youtube video in Chrome or Firefox, the sound will cut out after a few seconds. The video still plays fine. IE9 has no problems. Sound also cuts out or is entirely absent in certain games. Is there anything I can try that may help?

Here is a link to my BSOD thread in case there is any important info you can grab from the upload:


Thank you for your help in advance,

A:Sound cuts out during youtube videos and games


Try booting your system in safe mode and then check the performance. If the issue still persists, try updating sound driver.

Does the sound cut offline?

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When using windows media player, whenever I am watching a WMV file and do any sort of thing like pausing, clicking to a place in the file, etc. the sound cuts out. The video continues to work but the sound stops. Any other filetype such as avi or mpg works fine, it's just wmv files. Any ideas?

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I am using a LeNovo Ideapad on Windows 7. Sometimes, the sound just cuts off on Skype and MSN in the middle of my webcam conversations. I can't hear the other party but they can still hear me. Can anyone help?


A:Sound suddenly cuts off in webcam on Skype and MSN

Miss HK said:


I am using a LeNovo Ideapad on Windows 7. Sometimes, the sound just cuts off on Skype and MSN in the middle of my webcam conversations. I can't hear the other party but they can still hear me. Can anyone help?

Thanks!Click to expand...


Sorry about the delay in a response, can you confirm the problem is still occuring?
Do you have a firewall or antivirus that is enabled.
If you do, it might be blocking your MSN and SKYPE, try PORTFORWARD.COM for more information.

If the issue is resolved, please state so.

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