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Adding numbers in a subform (Access 2000)

Q: Adding numbers in a subform (Access 2000)

About a year ago, I created an input form that contains a subform in which are listed all the contributions of a member of the organization. Under the subform -- IN THE MAIN FORM, not within the subform -- I had placed a field that summed the contributions for that individual, and another field that displayed the domain sum (DSum) for all contributions. Both have worked perfectly every since.

The field that sums the contributions for the individual used the formula "=[Contributions subform].[Form]![ContribSum]". The field that does the domain sum is "=DSum("Contribution","Contributions")+IIf(DSum("MatchAmt","Contributions") Is Not Null,DSum("MatchAmt","Contributions"),0). I removed the field "MatchAmt" from the table, and changed the DSum statement to just "DSum ("Contribution","Contributions").

After doing that, both field yield only "#Error". Part of my puzzlement is the field "ContribSum". It is not a field in either table, and is nowhere in either form. I haven't the foggiest where it is or why the formula refers to it. I tried using just "=Sum([Contributions.subform].Form![Contribution]), but that for some reason reports only the first contribution; doesn't add all of them up.

So my question is, how does one sum number fields in a subform in a field OUTSIDE of the subform/in the host form?


Preferred Solution: Adding numbers in a subform (Access 2000)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Adding numbers in a subform (Access 2000)

Put the "=" back in front of DSum, so that it says this:

The "#Error" means that Access is trying to do some sort of operation that it can't pull off.

As for your sum question, it's cagey, unless you can program a little. The workaround is this:
In the subform, show the form footer. There should be a control there called ContribSub, I'm guessing, from your post. If not, make one.
Set its control source to


Once you're sure the subform sum is working, you can set the Visible property of the form footer to false. That way you don't see your total down there.
Now you can build a control source on the master form whose control source is set to

=[Contributions subform].[Form]![ContribSum]

As for why your other attempt wasn't working (the one that goes like "=Sum([Contributions.subform].Form![Contribution])"), you must remember that Access maintains only one "active" record at a time, per form or subform. So your control wasn't lying; I'll bet changing records in the subform would prove that. But it's only adding the total of the active record--this is the big difference from a report, where there are no active records.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

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I'm just learning Access and am setting up a database where the Form has customer information and the subform shows their order details. There are only two fields in the subform, Product Name and Quantity. The product names are listed in a combo box. How do I enter more then one product order? I can add one entry but I need it so when I hit enter it gives me another line to enter another order.

A:Access 2003 Adding Record in SubForm

In the SubForm's Default View property set it to "Continuous Forms"

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I need to view the addition of a value of on form [A] field name [A] and [Asubform] field how do I accomplish this?

A:Solved: Access: Adding values of Form and Subform

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Hi everyone, i have an invoice form, i want to create a subform that stores the clients contact details. How do i go about that?


A:Solved: Creating a subform access 2000

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I am attempting to create a subform in Access 2000 which links through a unique ID number to the main form. I've used the subform wizard to set this up and also looked into the properties.

The subform links to a table which stores records entered in through the form. The problem is that when I enter data into the form it doesn't "stick" or display once I exit the screen. If I check the backend tables the new record has been created and stored in the table but it won't display on the form.

I've tried looking at other subforms (made by someone else) but I'm not skilled enough in SQL statements to copy the SQL statement and modify it to get my subform to work.

Please help!!

A:Solved: Access 2000 Subform Issue

I figured it out on my own!!

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i recently had to use the Abs() function in subform subtotal controls due to the fact that i had to seperately total 3 different types of denoted data within the subform records S,P, & R


Well this worked fine and i get my 3 seperate totals unfortunately i just noticed that if i have a record with a negative value (a credit to the invoice) the Abs function is turning everything to a positive value arggggg ... now how do i get around this and still keep my ability to seperately total each type of record in the subform see'ins how the abs() is the key to the seperate subtotaling, without the abs the control wont work properly.. helppppp!!

A:SOLVED: Access 2000 new prob with subform totaling

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Hi –
My problem in Access 2007 is with the Openform command button; executed from a Subform’s subform. Ie. Command button is nested on third level. [RecommendationID]=[Forms]![x01aTRACKING]![xx00Issues]![tbl_Recommendation subform]![ID]
​The form opens fine for record/data already stored in the database. For new [tbl_Recommendation subform] data, the form which opens does not go to the corresponding [RecommendationID], instead opens a blank form. I can however enter in the desired [RecommendationID] label, to which it will populate with correct data - I’d like to avoid this step. Have tried
Requery after Openform in the OnClick event of the ‘Main form’, also tried Requery on the OnOpen event of the new form with no success. Anyone have any ideas?

A:Solved: Access 2007: Subform subform button to open form

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I have finally worked out the form structure, but cannot see who to link it all together. The structure of the form

Main: Players
Subform: Week number
Subform within subform: Game selection
For each week, each player is allowed to make multiple selections from games and enter a stake, but i can not work out ehat else I need the the subform within subform to make it work for each player – can anyone see what it is?

A:Solved: Access subform within subform design/ link fields

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I have a report in which I calculate commissions by multiplying a selling value by a percentage. The selling value and commission fields are set to currency and 2 decimal places, and the percentage field is also set to 2 decimal places. When the commission field is totalled in the report footer, the total is off by a few cents. This is obviously a rounding function but I'm not sure how to correct it. OS: Windows 2000 Pro. I would appreciate help. Thanks.

A:Solved: Adding percentage values in Access 2000

Are you rounding the selling value and the commission fields? Don't.

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I have an old database with customer info in it. I am working with a new database however, that has some of the old customers in it. The old database has some customer details about these customers that I would like to have in my new database. I am having trouble adding the data from the table in the old database to the table in the new database.

So far I have imported the old table into my new database and have tried to Insert Into the New Customers table the CustDescriptions FROM the Old Customers table WHERE FirstName=FirstName And LastName=LastName And Address=Address. This did not work it just added new rows to my table instead of inserting the data into the current rows where the criteria matched.

Any help on how to make this work would be great! Thanks ahead of time.


A:Access 2000 - adding additional data to a table

Hi - firstly are you using different or the same versions of Access? Secondly I would just cut/copy and paste the records from table to table but you must ensure that the properties for the fields are identical.


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Hi I have a small database for keeping track of my calls (I work in IT support) and it works fine. BUT I want to have a "Related Documentation" field, which stores one or more documents relating to the call record(i.e. manuals or Microsft KB documents), so that when I look up the call I will have a copy of any documents that I used.

NB. I DO NOT WANT TO LINK THE DOCUMENT. I have to have the document included in the database, and the field must allow more than one Word document to be included.

Any ideas.

A:Access 2000: Adding A Word document to a record

You can create a table field that is is a data type OLE Object. I think you can only add one document per entry so you may want to create a seperate table for documents only that are linked to the main call record.

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Could somebody help me . I need to print a Word file, but every print has to be numbered. There surely must be some way of doing it automatically. HELP

A:Adding Numbers to a Printout

print out of what in what program
adding what type of numbers

assuming word
assuming page numbers
assuming XP

on the top menu
page numbers

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I have a company that sends people out into the field, the job may take more than one day and they may sell the same and different items each day. I am looking for an easy way to total these things up. I know Excel pretty well, but I can't figure out macros. What I would like to do is;be able to input Item #'s, have it look up the Description (which I know how to do), then I enter amount used, then on the side somewhere have it "auto sort" and "auto total" in either format as shown in Option #1 or #2 (I would really like it to show Option #2 & 1) Then I can review it with each item listed in order and give it to my secretary to enter into my invoicing program.

Item # Description Amount used
101 Truck 1
102 Pencils 6
205 Paper 8
215 Eraser 4
318 Envelope 10
101 Truck 3
319 Paper Clip 2
102 Pencils 5
318 Envelope 8
101 Truck 5
217 Ink 2
319 Paper Clip 8
205 Paper 2
215 Eraser 4

Option #1
Item # Description Total Used
101 Truck 9
102 Pencils 11
205 Paper 10
215 Eraser 8
217 Ink 2
318 Envelope 18
319 Paper Clip 10
Option #2
Item # Description Total Used
101 Truck 1
101 Truck 3
101 Truck 5 9
102 Pencils 6
102 Pencils 5 11
205 Paper 8
205 Paper 2 10
215 Eraser 4
215 Eraser 4 8
217 Ink 2 2
318 Envelope 8
318 Envelope 10 18
319 Paper Clip 2
319 Paper Clip 8 10

A:Adding numbers from jobsheets

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Not as easy at it sounds!

I have a cell with the following:


I need excel to calculate the total of these figures e.g =

this should give me a total of 169.

These figures are random e.g.

in each of these i would like the totals to be show eg:
Y189 - is 189
F2C77W10Y177 - is 266

Im stuck....

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Please can you tell me how to add page numbers to documents in Libre Office Writer.


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I need an Excel formula that will add a column of numbers by the date in which they (each number) occurred. The dates and numbers in sequence (which helps). For example, to add all of the monthly payments (by month) that will occur between 10/1/04 and 10/1/05 (in this case one payment per month) what could I use as a formula?

Help would be appreciated as Hurricane Francis blows right over my head here in Orlando.

A:Adding numbers between know dates

Here ya go: http://www.dicks-blog.com/excel/2004/03/sumif_between_t.html

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Is there some way to make it so page numbers display on the printed pages of an Adobe .pdf file? I converted a Word document to .pdf, but the Word document did not have the numbered pages. I now want to add the numbers in Adobe Reader, but it looks like I'll have to go back to the original Word document, add headers which include the page number, and then re-convert it to .pdf. Is that correct? If I could do it within Adobe Reader, that would be preferable.

A:Adding Page Numbers to .PDF document

The file is a creation from an original Word file, the page numbers would need to exist in the Word file.

It would be a nightmare if in creating a PDF it was able to assign new printed page numbers as these would often not align with the original document and TOC's would be incorrect.

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I am having trouble with Excel 2003 automatically adding the last digit in a Postal Code. For example, when I type in "R3R 4K5" in A1 and then click the corner of it and drag it down a couple of cells it goes from "R3R 4K5" to "R3R 4K6" and "R3R 4K7" and so on.

Is there an option that you can disable to prevent this?


A:Solved: Excel adding numbers

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Im using windows 10 totally updated version and the problem im facing is that windows keeps adding numbers after my WiFi name/SSID and the number keeps on increasing. It aint causing any trouble with network usage but I still wanna fix it and wanna know whats causing this. Ive attached a picture with this thread where u can see the wifi name states Redmi 7 but my network name is just Redmi. This 7 was 2,3,4... some days ago. Please help me asap with this issue ill be grateful.

A:Windows keeps adding numbers after my WiFi name

I don't understand why that is a "problem" or why you are bothered, but I don't need to understand. In Network Connections you can right click on the connection name and select Rename and call it whatever you wish (within reason). I should add that you could do this in previous versions of Windows but I'm only assuming the ability has not been removed in Windows 10.

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I have a new 11e laptop, 3rd Generation. Everything was working good. All of a sudden, the keyboard when typing only the middle row letters of "a,s,d,f, j, k, l, ;" a number will be added in front or to the back of the letter. All other keys are typing fine. I have checked for anything NumLock that could be related to causing this. Nothing in BIOS Set. Checked keyboard settings - the correct language is set. I tried to press FN+F11 and nothing. I turned on the online keyboard and clicked on NumLock there and turned it off, that did not fix it. I attached an external keyboard, that types fine. Turned on and off num lock, that did not fix it. I did a restore back to a date before it happened, that did not fix it. I just reimaged the laptop and that did not fix it. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Hi All,

Anyone know how to add and total up numbers in a table cell? Thanks.


A:Adding and Total Up Numbers in a Table

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I have a form and in it is a subform with student's grades
How can I query this so I can show the last entry only

A:Access subform

Create a Join Query between the 2 tables. On the View menu click "Totals" (while in Design view) then on the grid area select "Last" under the column for the appropriate field from the "Totals" row.


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I’m having trouble creating a form for which to take orders.

Process is for each week, a player makes a selection of outcomes/bets (from minimum = 1 to max = number matches for each week). Simple as that.

My problem is with the [Orders] form which I need to for the selection (of outcomes/guesses) to be filtered by what’s available for the week.

At the moment, it’s showing items for all weeks... Any ideas?

A:Solved: Access subform

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I have created a form that uses the default view of continuous forms. I have also created a double click event that will open a new form based on the status of one of the fields in the form. Everything works fine and dandy from the form itself and it performs like it should. Once I put this form into a subform the filter will not work when you double click the line item to get the information form and promts you for the fields ID number in a dialog box. The main form is unbound so there is not need to link child and parent fields.

A:Access 2003 subform

Can you post it?
Does the VBA need to refer to the Parent form's name or the subform's name?
Just guessing really.

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Hello: First of all, how do I fnd my old post to mark it solved?

My problem this time is:

I have a main form and within that form, I created a sub form. My subform only has 3 fields, name, due (yes or no), and received (yes or no). My main form has a lot of other fields.

Question#1: On my subform, how do i do it to where If I have multiple names t enter, the form will automatically add a new row for me to add another name once I do my first entry.

Question#2: How do I make it to where the information entered, stays as first record and does not carry over to the next record. The problem I has was I entered info on my subform, but when I went to the next record on my main form, whatever info I entered on my subform, carried over to the nxt record.

Question#3: Since my subform and and maif form has no related data, I want to create a query to where it will link by record number. HELP PLS

A:Subform in Access 2007

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i have a database i'm developing for a non-for-profit org offering courses to underprivileged kids between 04-19. the courses are split into 4 categories so i cannot just have one table for courses. the end user does not want this as courses are added to each category every term.

so the tables i have are students, cat1Courses, cat1StudentCourses, cat2Courses Cat2StudentCourses ETC..
i have subform in the cat1StudentCourses which allow me to asign students to courses in that category. they can have many courses. i am using look up wizard in this subform to select a course. but whenever i asign a course using the look up it adds a new course in the courses table creating a new record with new a course id so i have 2 course with same name in courses table. if i asign the course using the course id it does not create a new course in courses table.

i havnt been using access for that long so never experienced this problem

i can email the database over because its difficult to explain?

A:Subform problem in access

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Guten tag, all.

Anyone out there tell me how to do code to shrink a continuous-form subform on the fly in Acc2K?

That is, I have a search procedure which, depending on some configured options, should or should not show some controls on the subform which shows the search results. As space is limited, I'm trying to shrink the subform to show more records when those controls aren't in use.

Resetting the detail height of the subform doesn't work, perhaps because I'm not opening the form in design view first. Dunno.

Do you ??

n'backupd'othahside |-->

A:VBA/Access: shrink a subform

One of the big differences between VB and VBA is that you can do much more at runtime in VB. To change the design of an object in VBA you must be in design view which won't work at all if you plan on making an .MDE file.

What I would do in this case is to create two different subforms and use VBA to set the SourceObject of the subform control to switch between the subforms. If you want the current record to be the same when switching, create a variable in the main form which will hold the PK of the current record before the switch. After the switch use findfirst to re-select the current record. As far as the user is concerned, it will look like the design of the form just changed a little. You won't be able to tell that it's a different form!

Let me know how it works. Good Luck!

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Need some help. I have a form with a subform that I want the subform to filter the data based on the selection of an item in the form. Ex: I have 3 disciplines: i.e math, science, english. My subform pulls a list of classes for each one. I want it to only show the ones that have been selected. So if the discipline selected is Math only show math classes. started out with something basic to expand on:
If IsNull(Me.cboSelectDiscipline.Value) Then
Me.FilterOn = False
Me.Filter = "Discipline = """ & Me.cboSelectDiscipline.Value & """"
Me.FilterOn = True
End If
But it's not doing exactly what I want. Help please!

A:Filtering in an Access subform

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Fairly new to Access but I have managed to get this far. I have a database tracking prospects. The call results are listed in a DB named Calls and it is a subform in Contacts. The subform display is in Datasheet format. When I display a contact, it shows the correct calls (linked by call ID and Contact ID) but the data runs into the end of the space provided. It is not truncated, and the scroll bar will not go far enough to see the last few letters. I can actually get it to within a couple of characters.

Here is some of the things I have tried. Made the Notes field a memo so it would not be restricted to x characters. Tried text field but the 255 character limit was a bit of a problem, (sometimes the call results will exceed 255 chrs) but it would not let me display the entire record anyway. Finally made the Datasheet rows wider and entered a CRLF - that worked okay but would rather have some form of wordwrap- I can't see end-users typing to the end of the container and hitting <return> to finish the entry.

Beyond the obvious problem, what are the relationships between, width of datasheet sub-form, width of container holding it in the main form..., can Access be made to wrap text in a field that has a greater number of characters than the container that will display them width-wise?

A:Access SubForm Datasheet

SRoberts, welcome to the Forum.
Well done in getting as far as you have, unfortunately you have come across a bug in the Access programming, in Forms the Field and the Record do not use the "Can Grow" property as they should. It works in Reports without any problem, but not for Forms in Access versions up to 2003, I am not sure about 2007 though.
You can use the Continuous Forms mode instead of Datasheet to display your data and make the Record larger depth wise, it will just waste space on the records with less data.

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Hello All,

I am using batch manager in Omnipage Professional 17 to convert batch of PDF files to text files using Omnipage.

Now the problem is i want to add some indicator specifying page numbers to separate different pages of PDF files in my text file.

as an example suppose there is an PDF file with 5 pages getting converted to a single text file using Omnipage then i want to add page number in my text file to separate each page content available in PDF file pages.

I went through help docs of batch manager but do not find any configuration option to do this.

Please let me know if anyone have solution for this.


A:Omnipage + Adding Page Numbers to PDF File pages

Maybe this will help you http://www.a-pdf.com/number/ . It's a free utility to add page numbers to pdf files.

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I don't know it it's appropriate subforum to ask it, but as i'm under Windows 7 i thought it might've been a right place to start with.

Technically what i mean is i've got a row of numbers in notepad, like:


What i'd like to do is automatically put a syntax in front of these numbers, like:


I've got tens of thousands of such numbers, thats why it has to be done automatically.

Can you do it somehow with CMD perhaps? Or do you need any external program. If so, which one?


A:Adding random syntax in front of numbers automatically?

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Hello I am inserting a subform in a main form but in the subform wizard I cannot see the forms that I already have in the database to insert. I could see them before . I have no idea why this is happening . I used a different computer and triedand the wizard worked fine .

I did some search and it seems a problem with the references but even they seem to be fine when I go in the module view and check them
PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!

A:Microsoft Access Subform error

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I am running Windows XP with Office 2007, and my problem is specifically within Access.

I have a main form [YOY Main Form 1] that simply allows selection of an area (geographically) from a combo box.

I then have a linked subform [YOY Sub Form 1] that displays customers that are within the chosen area, and I have correctly linked the child/master links.

When the subform is open I want to be able to click on any customer and have a separate form open that displays information about the customer. This 3rd form is not linked or embedded in anyway, it is simply another form based on another query, but in the query pane I have set the criteria to [Forms]![YOY Sub Form 1]![Account Code].

The subform is set to continuous forms with record selectors set to Yes.

The problem I have is that when I click on the individual customer record, instead of the form opening automatically, I have a dialogue box prompting me for the Account code. If I enter my cust code the form opens as it should, but I would like this 3rd form to open automatically simply by clicking on the customer record in the subform.

Can anyone help please?

A:MS Access Record Selection from Subform

That is because you haven't included the mainform in the Criteria Row, this

[Forms]![YOY Sub Form 1]![Account Code]

should be

[Forms]![YOY Main Form 1]![YOY Sub Form 1]![Account Code]

You can also use Criteria in the VBA of the Command Button that Opens the Form as well

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First, Happy New Year to all of you

A:Solved: access 2007, subform isn't doing what I want

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I have created a database for my company EBP (non-for profit non gov org we provide courses for children when they are out of school). courses have been split into different course categories (not my idea) so each course category has its own table.

i have it pretty much finished and is in use by staff, apart from one thing when i go into students then click on frontiers course (one the categories) it does not let me select the course in the sub form and it does not bring up the details on the student im looking at. it fine works for the other categories such as easter course and summer college (take a look).. it should work for frontiers category but does not? it used to work i actually had a similar problem and was solved on here before.
i 've checked the subform properties for the field but cant see anything wrong.

database attached saved as older version 2000-2003
any ideas

A:Solved: Subform problem in access

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Hi All,
I have 2 tables. OrderHeader and OrderDetails. The header table has the customer and order number info and the details table has the details. One header record can have 5 records in the details table. (5 stock items, despatch date and qty etc)

I then have a form with the header table and a sub form with the details info. I want to add a date in the header form and upon change of that field, I want all the date fields for each record in the details table/sub form to be updated to that same date.

Is this possible?

I hope I have made this clear.


A:Solved: Access Form/SubForm

Hello again Simon, you know it is.
You just want me to write it for you.

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When on a main form and your clicking a command button to access another form with information on it, and you only want some people to be able to do that there is a way to ask for a password with the VBA code does anyone know.

Also when in a form is there a way to make the subform invisiable until you have completed all fields in the main form then it becomes visiable.


A:Access VBA code for password and subform

On the second question about the invisible subform, here's an example that's not really the cleanest code, but it should get you started. Change the ALLCAPS to your form and control names and change the conditional values to the ones appropriate to see if your form is filled out. If you have way too many controls to make this method feasible, you might consider testing only for the most required fields or providing an overide command button to make the subform visible.

Private MAINFORM_Current()
On Error GoTo Err_MAINFORM_Current

If IsEmpty(Me![CONTROL1]) Then
Me.SUBFORM.Visible = False
ElseIf Me![CONTROL2].Value = False Then
Me.SUBFORM.Visible = False
ElseIf Me![CONTROL3].Value = 0 Then
Me.SUBFORM.Visible = False
Me.SUBFORM.Visible = True
End If

Exit Sub

MsgBox Err.Description
Resume Exit_Form_Current

End Sub

Sorry, the reply form seems to lose the tabs and spaces in the code that gets it moved off the left edge. Anyway, hope that helps.

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I have a database with student info in it, studentID being the primary key. It includes information such as gender, grade, etc. I then have a table with studentID as the foreign key and information on test scores. The fields on that table are as follows: studentID, test, date, score, type. So each student can have different tests (math, writing, history) and the type is either pre or post.

I can easily make a form to enter the student info with a subform to add all the tests for a student. What I want to know is that since there are only a fixed number of tests a student can take, can I just make a text box for say the reading pre test date and reading pre test score and once those are filled in have it populate all the fields in the test table with the correct info?

I have a dummy database with examples of what I have and want that I can attach if that doesn't make sense. Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Solved: Access 03 Form/Subform Help

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Is there a way to use a combo box in a subform so that it searches only the records in that subform that are the child set from the master form? The primary and sub-forms are based on distinct tables with a one-to-many relationship and enforced referential integrity. In other words, I need to be able to search within the subform among only the related subset of records.

What's really annoying about this is the fact that, while the combo box grabs the entire recordset, the navigation command buttons that I added (GoToNextRecord, GoToLastRecord, GoToFirstRecord, etc.) are actually limited to the correct subset of records. I don't get it.

Here's the SQL statement for the row source property on the combo box:
SELECT Donors.DonorID, Donors.DonorBusinessName, Donors.DonorLastName, Donors.DonorFirstName, Donors.ContactID, Contacts.ContactID
FROM Contacts INNER JOIN Donors ON Contacts.ContactID = Donors.ContactID
ORDER BY Donors.DonorBusinessName, Donors.DonorLastName, Donors.DonorFirstName;

And here's the VBA code for the after update event on the combo box:
Private Sub DonorBusinessSearch_Combo_AfterUpdate()
Dim rs As Object

Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
rs.FindFirst "[DonorID] = " & Str(Nz(Me![DonorBusinessSearch_Combo], 0))
If Not rs.EOF Then Me.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark
End Sub
------------------------------------------... Read more

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Hi to All!
I have been trying to do this without help but it's taking too long and I just don't know the proper syntax. I need the following:

I have a control on the main form called "Contract type" (combo box)

I have a control on the subform named "Contract type" (combo box). This is the master and child link to the main form.

From the main form, I need...
when the main form "contract type" is changed, I need the subform's "contract type" value to be blank (value = "")
I don't know the syntax to refer to the control on the subform. I've search the web and nothing I've seen is working.

Please help...THANK YOU!!!!

A:Solved: Access 03 - Subform Cntrls

Disregard...I got it. Thanks.

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I have a main form and two subforms A and B. These subforms are datasheet views and when I set them up I put the unbound field [Time] in the header of Subform B to total the field [Total Time] Total Time is a calculation field. The [Time] field I coded in the Control Source as =sum([Total Time]) and then in Subform A used a bound field [Total Hours] and in the Control Source entered the code =[subformB].form![Time]. I viewed the two forms (linked through master and child) as form view and the formulas were were working ok.

When I changed back to the default view of datasheet and attached them to the main form (again linked), the Total Time field, now showed #error until I click + to open each line and then the true value would appear.

I cannot get around this error and even though I have pickup this problem on different access sites, no one seems to have an answer to correct the error message. I have used the code =me.[subformA].[subformB].form![time] and other versions trying to rectify the error but no success. I need the form to appear without the error message.

Thanks in advance

A:Access 03 Datasheet Subform values

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I have a lookup form with a subform atttached to it. Its purpose is to allow for users to pick a year, and then all the calims for that year will show up in the subform. The subform has a detail button which is linked to another querry(through macros) to show the claim in more detail. I was able to make this work fine, but once I finished imputting all the data and went back through it, I found this to not be working. In the header I have the labels, which appear fine, but in the detail section of the form, which is where I have the text boxes, is blank. When I select a year int he main form(combo box) nothing changes either. Normally when I would have something like this not work, I would still see the outline of the empty text boxes but in this I see nothing. I have tried to re-add the fields and add other fields but nothing in the details section of the subform will show. (they still are visible in design mode only).

Any help please?

A:Access 2007, Subform display is gone

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I have hit a totally new and unexpected problem after many years of using MS Access.

I have a fairly large and complex MS Access (2003) database with a large number of tables and forms and a significant number of subforms. Quite suddenly on trying to add a subform in the usual way (i.e. by clicking within toolbox and dragging onto a form) I find that I am not presented with a list of forms to choose from but simply placing an unbound form on the form with "Chidnnn" as the caption.

This also happens in every database. Have I inadvertently changed something in the Access settings? I would appreciate any help.

A:Access subform unexpected problem

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I need to create a form that shows the same table in two ways
1. Tabular layout on top of the form
2. Columnar layout on the bottom of the form

I tried to add one of the layouts as the subform, but when I open the form, the Tabular layout shows only one record.

Is there way to display two layouts in one form?


A:Solved: Access 2003 - subform

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Hi, I have an access 2007 database where I have a main form and several subforms in tabs.

I would like to have the user be able to "Add a Record" to the subform. The simple "Add record" from the button wizard does not work. What do I need to do to add a record to the subform?


A:Access 2007 - Add record to a subform

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Hello group,

I wasn't quite sure how to word the subject line. I would like to be able to add a number to column A everyday and have the cumulative sum of column A show in column B in the adjacent cell so I can chart it. So it would look something like this:

1 1
1 2
1 3
2 5
-1 4

I think it's something to do w/the SUM function but I can't quite figure it out. Any help much appreciated.


A:Solved: Excel: Adding Numbers in a Column on a Daily Basis?

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