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Retrieving data from a corrupted flash drive

Q: Retrieving data from a corrupted flash drive

Help I have college work stored on a flash drive and I run XP home edition SP2 how can I get the work off the flash drive

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Preferred Solution: Retrieving data from a corrupted flash drive

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I have some data on a 256 MB flash drive that is corrupted and cannot be deleted. In addition, the disk cannot be formatted as a result of this corrupted data.

How can I get rid of this data on my drive?

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Hi 7 forum. Long time no post. I have a 16gb PNY flash drive. It has served me well for over 4 years, so it is possible it is just getting to old, but the data on it seems to have become corrupted somehow. I mainly

use this flash drive to transfer media from my Windows PC, to my Xbox or media player, to watch movies on my TV. Recently, I also started using it to run a couple programs, directly from it, one of them is called

Bitmessage (a p2p encrypted messaging program that can be ran portable from a flash for easy traveling) and noticed that on some occasions, when I would go to "safely remove the drive," it would say I could not

because something was still running and windows could not remove it. However, the issue here is that all programs were closed, there was nothing running in the task manager that would suggest that the drive should

not be able to shutdown and be removed safely. Therefore, when the option came up to force remove the drive, I would often click the continue button to remove it. This could be the issue that caused this. I

remember the last time it worked, I plugged it into my Xbox after moving some media files, watched them on my Xbox and then when I plugged the flash into my Windows computer the next day, it showed nothing on

the drive. It was just blank. Even the name of the drive, which I had renamed to something like "my flash drive," instead of its default name, was changed back to it's default name of "PNY 2.... Read more

A:Corrupted data on my flash drive. Retrieval possible?

If you have all data backed up, try to reformat the drive with HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool v2.2.3. HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool Download - Softpedia
(Rightclick on HPUSBDisk.exe and run as administrator and remove all other external drives . pen drives so that you do not format a wrong drive.)

In most cases if it refuses to format throwing out some error message, you can discard the drive. All the same post any exact error message thrown - if thrown.

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OK got the dead at mup.sys issue and in order to not reformat my drive with recovery disks, I got a new hard drive. I now need to get all the data off the old drive. I can get into my entire families folders except for mine. I was admin on both xp drives and the password is the same for both accounts yet it won't let me in. Is there a way?



A:retrieving data from 2nd drive

Try this, it's the usual fix

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After getting majorly fubar'd with trojan, virus or malware... I just finally wiped the my hard drive and reinstalled XP Pro... what ever happened it made recovery or booting from cd impossible! I have a second hard drive that contained back ups and data, photos.. other things. Now XP does not see it in My Computer but can see it in Bios and through Computer Management as unallocated. What can be done to get the data off without formatting it? I know it is such a newbie question but this whole ordeal has kicked my butt

A:Retrieving data from 2nd hard drive

You can try various programs which attempt to recover files from hard drives/partitions with problems. Examples of such programs which various members have recommended in the past:

Partition Find and Mount ? free partition recovery software - http://findandmount.com/

Recovery Software, Partition Table Doctor - http://www.ptdd.com/

Recovery Software, Recover My Files - http://www.recovermyfiles.com/

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download - http://www.piriform.com/recuva


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I recently removed the hard drive from an old hp computer running windows xp. I have a new hp cumputer running windows 7. How do i retrieve data from the old hard drive? Do i have to install it in the new computer? Or is there another way?

A:Retrieving data from an old hard drive

You can hook it up as an internal hard disk or buy a hard disk enclosure (casing) and run it an an external hard disk connected to a USB or Firewire or eSata port

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My second hard drive in my computer is used as storage. The drive will no longer boot. When windows would load I would get an error message on the slave drive, it would not load the drive and then my clock would go off time. At first I thought it might be the CMOS battery but when I disconnect the D drive my computer runs fine. I NEED to retrieve things from that drive. My father passed away this year and ALL my family pictures with him are on that drive. Please can someone tell me if there is a way to get these pictures off the drive? I just cannot lose them.
Thank you in advance,

A:retrieving data from damaged drive

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Hi Troops,

Running XP Pro on an 80Gig Maxtor hard drive. I'm trying
to retrieve the data from an old Western Digital 3.4 Gig
drive. The problem is that the old drive was an XP C:
drive - and when I put it on as a slave it's recognized
as gobble-dy gook.

Ideas ?


A:Retrieving data from Old Hard Drive

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Hi guys, my old PC crashed a year or so ago and I'm trying to retrieve data from the hard drive that I kept. My old PC wouldn't get past the welcome screen then restarting. I tried a recovery disc and did things that were beyond my level of capability. In the end the PC wouldn't even boot up, if I recall, it wouldn't even recognise the hard drive as being there. To cut a long story short, I'm not sure if my old hard drive is damaged or not. I don't have the model number to hand but it was a 160GB sata drive

If the hard drive is undamaged can I retrieve data simply by buying a sata hard drive enclosure (my new PC is sata too) and either transferring files to my new PC or even keeping my old drive as an external drive?

If there is a virus on my old drive, can it infect my new PC?

If there isn't a virus, is there any danger of any damage whatsoever being done to my new PC by this process?

My old OS was XP, my new one is Windows 7 - is this of any importance?

A less important question is do I have to have my new PC switched off when I plug the enclosure in (I believe they have their own power source), can I turn the external drive on/off or unplug it whenever I like?

If the old drive is damaged in some way, would putting it in an external enlcosure be pointless, or is there still a way to retrieve data from it?

Many thanks

A:Retrieving Data From An Old Hard Drive

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Im attempting to retrieve my data on my old hard drive. I have an external usb sata connector. When I attempted to open the drive I was given this message : G:\ is not accessible. Access is denied. After looking around the web, I tried to take ownership of it but I have not prevailed in accessing the hard drive.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Retrieving Data from Old Hard Drive

I would try two ways
First, I would try with the hidden adminstrator, if that does not work, I would use Ubuntu.
Built-in Administrator Account - Enable or Disable[2]=User Accounts
Although the Ubuntu link gives instructions on how to back up, once installed it can be used in various ways.

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My friends computer went out.He needed some important files.We took out hard drive,and put it to cd rom drive on his sons computer.Was able to retrieve info that was not passworded.Evidently we could'nt log on with that setup.Both computers have xp home.We tried replacing sons hd with the other one ,but computer would not boot. Thus we went to that configuration. We have sons hd with jumper removed,and secondary drive jumped as master.Hope you can straighten us out .Thanks
Disregard this thread ,gave bum info sorry.

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Hi All,

I recently upgraded my Win7 system (motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD) and part of that upgrade was purchasing a new 1TB hard drive. I decided to use that as my new System Drive. My old system drive was a Samsung 500gb and I figured that I'd be able to plug it in and transfer my old data off after I reinstalled Windows 7. However, when I plugged it in Windows displayed my new hard drive (the 1TB) and a 99mb "System Reserved" drive of which there was 72mb available. I checked in Disk Management and it appeared that the System Reserved partition didn't belong to my 500gb, it actually belonged to the new system drive, yet it only showed up after I plugged the old drive in.

I can't seem to find a way to access the data of the old drive and I've been cruising Google for a couple of hours now with no success. Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Peace, Nik.

A:Retrieving data from old system drive

Quote: Originally Posted by NikD

Hi All,

I recently upgraded my Win7 system (motherboard, CPU, RAM, HDD) and part of that upgrade was purchasing a new 1TB hard drive. I decided to use that as my new System Drive. My old system drive was a Samsung 500gb and I figured that I'd be able to plug it in and transfer my old data off after I reinstalled Windows 7. However, when I plugged it in Windows displayed my new hard drive (the 1TB) and a 99mb "System Reserved" drive of which there was 72mb available. I checked in Disk Management and it appeared that the System Reserved partition didn't belong to my 500gb, it actually belonged to the new system drive, yet it only showed up after I plugged the old drive in.

I can't seem to find a way to access the data of the old drive

The system reserved partition was placed on the 1 TB drive as part of the new Windows installation. It's completely normal, but can be omitted if you had wanted to omit it. It may or may not have also been on the 500 gig drive when it was your system drive.

Was the 500 gig drive totally disconnected when you installed Windows on the new drive?

I assume you have since reconnected the old drive and now you cannot access it at all? It does not appear in Windows Explorer? Is it acknowledged in the BIOS?

Post a picture of your disk management screen if possible.

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My relatively new Dell desktop power supply died so trying to retrieve my data (pictures and docs) off the internal hard drive. Hooked it up with an adapter I have used in the past which seems to work fine and I can see the drive when I look on windows explorer on my laptop. The only problem is the Windows 7 operating system is preventing me from access the data stating I don?t have security access or right to copy the data. Any suggestions?

A:Retrieving Data From Internal Hard Drive

Here is something you can try: http://www.blogsdna.com/2159/how-to-take-ownership-grant-permissions-to-access-files-folder-in-windows-7.htm

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My motherboard crapped out on my HP dv6000 a week ago and so I decided it was time to upgrade. I just ordered a new dell latitude e6410 so I'm really excited!

Anyway, my dv6000 will not charge and is completely dead. I am trying to figure out the easiest and most economically sound way to get everything off my hard drive and on to my new machine.

I have done some google research and some of the methods look a bit complicated. Can anyone help me out with this? Would it be cheaper to take it to a store?


A:Retrieving data off old laptop hard drive

Easiest way is to put it in an external HDD enclosure and hook up to your new machine. hook-up is usually USB or e-Sata
This should be a SATA drive, but you will need to verify as its an older system.

Example: StarTech.com 2.5in Silver USB External Hard Drive Enclosure for SATA HDD Storage enclosure- Serial ATA-300

StarTech.com 2.5in eSATA USB External Hard Drive Enclosure for SATA HDD Storage enclosure- Serial ATA-300- 300 MBps <this one has the e-Sata connector which is faster than USB

you should be able to view the hard-drive and transfer the files you want.

You can also then use this drive as a backup drive by deleting everything and using it for backups and for external file storage.

Alternately, If you have a desktop computer then you can mount the drive in an extra slot and hook up the sata cable. Then put all the files on a flash drive.

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I need to know how to view what is on my hard drive. I want to recover deleted data and photos. Please send me steps to do this

A:retrieving deleted data from hard drive

There are a number of ways to recover old data, depending on how and when it was deleted. Could you give us more details?

How did you delete these files? Recycle bin?

How long ago did you delete them?

What version of Windows are you running?

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I have connected the hard drive from a dead Thinkcentre 91z that was running Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7)  by usb cable to transfer user files to new computer.Documents etc went over fine but can't find Outlook .PST file.  Realised then that I can't find program files or user appdata files even when I changed folder view to show hidden drives and folder etc.  Where are they?

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During an new OS upgrade involving setting up an 80gb Me /XP dual boot on a new drive i managed to scramble my existing drive which had 20 gb data on a windows Me OS hard drive.This was 4 years worth!My new dual boot is working a treat but i want to embark on a project to retrieve info, ie.email addresses, downloads etc off my old disc.I know its there because the boot discs ie acronis / partition magic say the disc is ok.....but it wont boot , no how no way.In hindsight i think i must have accidentally revealed two OS to each other both active and ...well...you get the idea.
How can I plug it back into an operating OS as a slave and be sure its not active, albeit corrupted?I dont want to scramble my new working setup!Is the fact it won't boot any more good enough?Will my existing active drives not see it if it isn't bootable, even if it is active?
Thanks for any comments

A:Solved: retrieving lost data on hard drive

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Hi there,

I have long had a Seagate external drive that I use via USB on a couple of computers to store some minor files. Recently, I got a Macbook Air and I plugged the Seagate into it. It said that the drive needed to be reformatted, and I cancelled and then unplugged the USB. Since then, however, my PC also says that the drive needs to be formatted, despite the fact that I didn't tell the Mac to format it.

First question: is there any way simply to undo whatever I've done, and if not, is there any way to retrieve the data? I tried a paid utility, and it sees the data files, but many of them are videos, and they won't work.


A:Retrieving data from an external drive that wasn't really reformatted

Couple of things to try.

Create a bootable Ubuntu flash drive as instructed here. Boot into Ubuntu with the flash drive. If you can view the files, copy them to another storage media and try opening them from there after rebooting into your normal OS.

Alternatively, you could give Recuva a try. Its been successful in helping recover lost files many times on TSG. Its a free download.

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I recently accidently dropped my 80g western digital hard drive that uses IDE cable. Now it makes a rattling noise. The system (ME or 2000) no longer sees the hard drive.

-I tried a program called getdataback for FAT and it didn't even know there this hard drive was connected.
-I tried the fdisk command just to see if it will display the hard drive and it did not.
-I got a new IDE cable and still have the problem
-I tried the utilities that normally come with new hard drive, to see if it sees the hard drive and no luck.

I need to retrieve a few files and need some advice on how to do it. Thanks in advance for replies.

PS:I know i should have backed up important files and I know I should not be dropping hard drives. To reply with these comments really will not help now.

A:tips on retrieving data from a dead hard drive

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Hey guys,
I was trying to retrieve data on a old hard drive, from my XP computer, to my new Vista 32 bit computer. The problem with the old computer was that every time I booted up the old computer, it would start normally, with the standard Windows power failure message, and then shut down and restart at the windows loading screen, bringing you back to the power failure screen in a huge, endless circle.

Idiotically, I rushed headlong into the process, extracting the old hard drive and immediately plugging it in to my new computer via a (IDE?) cable with a blue end on one side and two ends, black and grey respectively, on the other side. (My new hard drive connects with a smaller, red cable with two black end). I got the same standard 'power' error, then my system immediately rebooted.
I unplugged the old hard drive and the computer worked fine, but is there a way I can retrieve the information from the old drive? Please tell me if you need anymore information, I'm a novice at hard drives (read the sticky and already serached the forums) and wouldn't know what info to give out. Thank you.

A:Retrieving data from hard drive that causes automatic shutfown

You can attempt to install the drive into an external enclosure and connect via usb after the system boots. Other than that, you option would be to take the drive to a data recovery shop. This is not cheap; it can cost $500 or more to disassemble the drive and read the platters/discs.

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My hard drive bit the dust. They guy that looked at said that you can still have stuff taken off of it but it's quite pricey. Any idea how pricey it is? I would like some stuff that is on there. Going to get a new computer instead of replacing hard drive. Any suggestions on an affordable computer for some photo editing and some smaller gaming. I had a gateway. With the hard drive crashing I know for sure I'm getting an extra external hard drive. I learned my lesson.

A:Price for retrieving data off dead hard drive

Probably going to be a couple hundred dollars for them just to look at it, then probably another $600 to a few thousand for recovery. Depending on how dead it is you may be able to recover it yourself. Sometimes you can buy the same drive on ebay, and swap the circuit boards....

I don't have a suggestion for an affordable computer right now, but plenty of people here can give advice if you feel comfortable building your own. Will need a budget though before suggestions can be made.

Also, externals can fail too, so if you are getting one to back up onto that is a good idea, but its not a good idea if you are getting it to hold the only copy of your important files.

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i have an older flash pen drive (32gb) and i think it may be corrupted
it will only format exFAT and when i pop in a file it comes back as unusable
so if anyone can inform me no how to hack it back to normality

it would be appreciated

also when i try to format it to ntfs is fails

A:Corrupted Flash drive


How to fix USB flash drive with low-level format | eHow

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I have a Freecom 8gb flash drive that i've been using for a while with no hassle. Lately though, it's become impossible to access the files on the drive and sometimes when i plug it in Windows prompts me to fix it. I do all the steps and all the variations of that and it eventually lets me into the drive, but a click or highlight of the documents results in Windows not responding and a necessary CAD.

I'm not in the least bit bothered about saving the files on the drive, but i would like to use the thing again. Is it saveable?

A:8gb Flash Drive corrupted?

if you don't mind losing the files, you could do a format. this will wipe everything from the drive.

open My Computer, Right-Click the drive and select Format

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I have a 8GB Lexar Flash Drive that I've had for awhile and it has a lot of files on it. I wanted to get your opinions on how to fix my issue.
I plugged it into my computer a week or so ago, and it displayed as a RAW file format. I'm not sure how it got corrupted, all my computers are malware clean and I always make sure to eject it correctly.
Would booting into a Linux kernel give me more options than Windows?
I'm currently running Windows 7 Pro with 16GB RAM and an i7 quad-core CPU.
I can run SysInfo if needed.

Thanks guys!

A:Flash Drive Corrupted

see if this helps


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Good Day

I have a 64GB USB flash Drive (Transcend), and when copying files to it, for example movie files (AVI, MP4, etc), not all the files are copied (although it takes up all the space of the copied files), and the files that did copy successfully, cannot be rendered and are corrupted.

I formatted my drive fully (not quick format) a couple of times, and I also did a chkdsk /f /r on it, but the data on it is still corrupted(the drive shows up fine in windows as an exFAT formatted drive).

Should I throw the USB flash drive away, or is there a way to save it?

Thank you

A:USB Flash Drive corrupted

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I just purchased a new USB 256 GB flash drive to transfer documents from my desktop to the flash drive after the process completed I rebooted the computer when I opened my computer the flash drive was showing invalid characters when I opened a flash drive document they also had invalid characters labeled to them and I get the following error "
The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

How can I fix this problem?
Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

A:New USB 256 GB flash drive corrupted

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Good Day

I have a 64GB USB flash Drive (Transcend), and when copying files to it, for example movie files (AVI, MP4, etc), not all the files are copied (although it takes up all the space of the copied files), and the files that did copy successfully, cannot be rendered and are corrupted.

I formatted my drive fully (not quick format) a couple of times, and I also did a chkdsk /f /r on it, but the data on it is still corrupted(the drive shows up fine in windows as an exFAT formatted drive).

Should I throw the USB flash drive away, or is there a way to save it?

Thank you

A:USB Flash Drive corrupted

Try formatting the drive again with NTFS format. See it that works.

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Hello everyone can you help me with this problem, my files went missing after I inserted it to the unit of my friend, i tried to scan it with my anti-virus saying no viruses etc. detected, checked my flash drive and still files weren't there and what i saw is some .pds file

Can someone assist me, tnx

A:Corrupted Flash Drive (.pds) present

can someone pls help me with this tnx

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Hello, this is my first time here.

Anyway, I transferred some files to my flash drive, and then removed the drive after (13GB of space left. Max is 16GB). Now, when I rechecked the drive for my files, It showed that the used space is now over 15GB with less than 1GB of free space left.
When I checked the files inside, it was a load of weird files and folders named with weird symbols (Some Greek symbols and other letters).

I do have a back-up of the files but I really need the flash drive. Please help.

A:Solved: Corrupted Flash Drive? PLEASE HELP

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A folder on my flash drive became corrupted and everything in it is gone. I ran Disk check on it and now it is a file with no extension. Any way to get the files in it back.

A:Flash Drive file became corrupted

You could try Recuva. You may be able to get some of your data back. There is a setting in Recuva that will let it look for deleted items that you may want to check.

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please help me on my problem, my USB flash drive is corrupted of malware virus,
i can`t delete the infected files, the file have a original size of 70MB, after i download some trial software and after few days and i use my USB flash drive and when i check the file the size is change into 700MB, and i have no enough memory to save other files.

How can i retrieve my files and remove the virus on my USB flash drive.
Please help me. Its so important to me to retrieve my files, all my project in schools is in there. thank you.......

A:USB flash drive is being corrupted of virus.

If i delete the folder it says :

Error deleting file or folder

Cannot delete BASICB~1: Cannot find the specified file
Make sure you specify the correct path and file name.

and, when i scan with nod antivirus the computer says

Windows - write Protect Eror

(X) The disk cannot to be written to becuse it is write protected. Please remove the write protect from the vlume ZZCERN in drive\Device\Hardware1\DR5.

Cancel Try Again Continue

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I have a 1GB flash drive that I use to transfer files to different computers at work (computers that are not on the company intranet). I pulled it out of a machine the other day and plugged it into my main workstation that is running Windows XP, Service Pack 2 and I get a yellow error pop-up message in the lower right corner saying the drive cannot be accessed.

I went to the the Disk Management utility to re-format the drive and it says now that my 1GB flash drive is only 8MB in size. No amount of re-formatting can fix this. I have tried chkdsk with no avail. I do not want to buy any software to solve this issue. Also, There are no files on this drive I need to recover so I am willing to try anything.

Please help.

A:Flash Drive Corrupted and now is very small ...

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This is a problem that I couldn't resolve by googling so I've come here.
I'm using a 16GB generic flash drive, and only recently noticed the video files (avi's, mpg's etc.) I copied on there won't open.
The videos all play fine in their original state on my hard drive, and they all seem to copy fine onto my flash drive, but trying to play them reveals they are corrupted. I wouldn't have even suspected an error when I stored them to the flash initially because even the file size is identical right down to the last byte.
I've tried compressing some avi's to a RAR archive and copying the RAR to my f.d. This is even more strange; I noticed that the video could be played directly from the stored archive, but only on the first attempt! After another attempt to open the same avi from the RAR, an error message popped up. I tried this method about 5 times with different video files and also compressing to ZIP, and the same thing happened. Similar situation with extracting the avi; successful extraction only on the first attempt. Regardless however, even though the first attempt to extract the video is successful, actually playing the extracted video revealed corruption.

My head is spinning trying to resolve this problem!
A bit of research did tell me that it appears to be a known problem with 16GB or 8GB flash drives, but I'm not certain why, myself.

If anybody can shed some light on the matter and a possible resolution, I'd ap... Read more

A:Videos corrupted on usb flash drive

Did you format the drive before using it?

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I recently went to install a program onto my flash drive. As it started to install, the first process is to format, which i didnt know would happen. Immediately i stopped the formatting, however the files were already screwed up. Anyone know how to recover files from something like this?

The picture i posted is the after math of the semi-format

any and all help is greatly appreciated. thanks.

A:Sandisk USB flash drive corrupted

i) scan the USB drive for nasties

ii) try recovery programs such as:
PCInspector's Smart Recovery

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I had a working USB flash disk this morning, but I accicentally pulled it out of the PC (Windows XP Pro), before I copied off the files. Now every PC I tried asks if I want to format it and I noticed the drive is marked as "RAW".

I can see it in both explorer and in the disk management, but I cannot access it.

Is there any way I can restore the partition without formatting it? I really need some files from it.


A:Corrupted USB flash drive, how to repair?

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I would like to transfer all of the files on 1 flash drive to another flash drive. Dragging them takes too long. Is there a quicker way to transfer the files?

A:Transferring data from 1 flash drive to another flash drive

There really isn't another way to copy them. They have to physically read from one device and write on another. Depending on size of files and how many, it can indeed take a while. The only thing that would speed up the process is if you had USB 3.0 drives. I assume you are using 2.0.

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A friend of mine had his laptop crashed, and the data on his hard drive was transferred to an external hard disk. He told me that he had some missing files before the machine crashed that he wanted to retrieve (i.e. deleted or erased by format). Is there a way to retrieve such files? If in the original hard disk, I know that there are some solutions for retrieving deleted files for instance. But, once transferred, can this also be done? Are they hidden somewhere on the external hard disk?


A:Retrieving data after machine crashes and data is transferred

If the files were deleted on the original then they would not have been transferred to the external drive. You can only retrieve deleted files from the original drive. You would need to get the laptop's hard drive and do a data recovery on it. There's tons of free software for that. However if the laptop's hard drive was reformatted then the chances of getting the data back are very slim to none.

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Recently i bought 2 flash drive, toshiba and sandisk, and when i copy files to toshiba, it ended up corrupt, so i copied the same files to sandisk, its fine, so i do a scan with malwarebytes, clear, i've formatted the toshiba, issue still persist, so i connect toshiba to my other laptop(on windows 10 too), and copied the same file to toshiba, and its fine, its mean toshiba is not damaged, and my laptop file is not damaged, so whats the cause?

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A couple of days ago my Seagate Drive crashed whilst transferring files between my laptop and itself. After unplugging and replugging the drive was no longer readable and windows 10 demanded that formatting was the only way to view the device.

My first fix attempt was to put the drive into a new enclosure with a new wire, this changed nothing, windows 10 continued with the same error.

I tried using chkdsk on command prompt, but chkdsk was unable to proceed due to errors.

My next step was to use MiniTools partition wizard. The drive name showed up in partition wizard, and after running the wizard it correctly identified that 636GB of 980GB was used on the drive. I chose to apply the partition wizard's processes to attempt to rescue this data from the drive. After applying the changes, partition wizard changed the drive letter from G: to E:

The disk was still unreadable by windows 10. I then tried using chkdsk again, which began successfully this time. I ran chkdsk /f first, which appeared to fix all kinds of errors - before finally failing at the last 1% due to 'insufficient space to fix data master table'.

I then ran chkdsk /r which successfully got windows 10 to recognise the drive as 'Seagate Portable Drive'. I can now open the drive in windows.

However, the drive only shows that 5GB rather than the over 600GB of data I had, is stored on the device.

When I open it in explorer, I can only see the system files like 'Setup' 'War... Read more

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here's the specs and then the problem.

2.7ghz celeron
512 ddr ram
soyo p4i845pe v1.0 mobo socket 478
120 gb hitachi deskstar sata hdd
40 gb western digital ide hdd
30 gb maxtor ide hdd
audigy 2 platinum
an array of pci cards but that is really irrelavant

this ight be lenghty and alot of it mught be erroneous but to give a complete picture of whats goin on heres how it goes.

the parts mentioned above minus the sound card, western digital hdd and hitachi sata is is about to be given to my grandparents when my new stuff gets here in the next few days (thanks to newegg)

the hitachi hdd is my primary drive and will be reformatted and put in the new rig that is on its way. i was bored and set up xp pro on the maxtor that is not staying with me. it had all my important stuff backed up on it. not a big deal i was going to back up all my stuff on the western digital drive off of the sata drive so i didn't care that i reformatted all my backup.

i got lazy and didn't back up all my data from the hitachi on to the western digital and well i think i got a virus and my xp pro has become unbootable on the hitachi. it hangs at the black screen with the scrolling blue bar and then reboots its self. so basically i am pretty sure i am S.O.L on getting back my music porn etc. about 20 gigs or so of stuff i have collected.

my mobo only supports a single sata hdd (no other type of sata device) it is only detected as the master no way to make it the slave. ... Read more

A:can't use ide to boot so i can get data off of sata drive that is corrupted

simpler way of putting it

i failed to mention or it wasn't made clear that i want to get my data off of the sata drive before i do a fresh install on my new rig thats coming. unless someone has a definite way of doing it i can bet i have already tried it. i am horribly stumped and am going crazy. i need the eqiuivalent of jumpering two ide drives to make one boot and the other not boot if that makes anymore sense.

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Yesterday tried to install apple quicktime. Install failed and then I started having problems with the D data drive: "inaccessible or corrupted" messages.
I can still see the folders, files and structure in file management. However attempting to move or copy anything fails. On boot win7 advised to check drive but that didn't work.
I ran western digital diagnostics off UBCD rescue cd, short and long tests no errors. Then I checked the win7 install with System File checker - no problems (didn't expect any, win7 boots fine). Then I tried chkdsk D:
This swiftly returned "orphan file found can't continue..." chkntfs returns "D is dirty.."

Now I am worried that if I run chkdsk /f this might be a disk wide problem and everything is going to become a .chk file
HELP advice needed!
I should add that I looked at system restore but no restore point was available prior to the apple install attempt - not sure why!
Should I attempt some data recovery first? I have a backup (paragon image) but it is a month old (due to this PC being a recent build and dilatory in setting up regular backup).
So I am hoping for some good advice from members more expert in working with ntfs problems like this...thanks

A:Quicktime install corrupted data drive

installed the drive into an xp box, chkdsk did its thing on booting looks like everything might be ok....??

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I have a hard drive that I am 99% sure cannot have data recovered except by sending out to a company. I tried all the usual methods (plugged into another computer internally and with USB adapter, CD boot disks, TestDisk and I am currently running Spinrite with only 550 more hours to go--I just started and it's taken 3 hours to go 11 cylinders and 47 MB of data processed!) The drive seems to lock up most programs that I have tried to see if I can read the contents of the drive

The 80 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 drive is making faintly audible unusual clicks and sounds when trying to read drive

Anyway, my main question is:

Where are the reasonable/reliable data recovery places that will work on a drive for a flat fee between $200-$300?

Let me know any first hand experiences you have had with sending a drive out to be recovered

Thanks for any info you can provide!

A:How I Got Data Off A Physically Corrupted Hard Drive

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I have a pretty new computer, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, but I've had nothing but trouble with it. I've already had the hard drive replaced due to failure, (at least it's still under warranty). But now I'm having flash drive problems. If I backup my files to a flash drive using GoodSync, everything is fine, but if I Copy/ Paste a few files to a flash drive, not for backup, but just to work on those files in another computer, they get corrupted. I check the files after I paste them, and they are OK, but after ejecting the drive (the right way), and then trying to access the files in another computer, they can't be opened. It happens the most on one particular flash drive, but I've also had it happen on other drives as well. This problem I had when I moved a few files from my defective hard drive before sending it to HP (all the rest of the files I had already backed up, and they are OK), but after I got it back, it was OK for a while, and now it's doing it again. I checked the Event Log, and there were no error messages related to the flash drive. The only error messages there were from Windows Media Player Network sharing Services, which I have now disabled.
I dont' know if Win7 Pro is a lot more buggy than Home Edition, but my old laptop I had for almost 5 years with Home Edition, and never had any problems, except for the DVD drive failing. This one has been giving me nothing but grief. It seems to work OK, but there's all little glitches that drive me nuts, and I wasted so much... Read more

A:Flash Drive Problem - Files corrupted after eject

Do you have anti virus software? to run malwarebytes?

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I just bought a new Flash Drive, and i found a problem. I copy and paste all my files from my old usb. When i try to open the word documents that i saved, it opens and then it says That the file need converting (encoding), but after i encode it, it just come out blocky not letters. Why is this happening? When i try to open it in my other USB it works...


A:Flash Drive - Word Documents become corrupted need encoding!

Did you remove the new USB drive properly after copying the files? Using the "safely remove hardware" feature? If you unplug the drive while copying files or somethimes even when the copy dialog has closed, you will corrupt data.

Are you using the same computer for opening the files from your old and the new USB drive?

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Subjects: Corrupted, Undeletable Files in Flash Drive and Unknown Used Memory

Hello. Windows XP Home SP2 in Toshiba laptop M45-S265.

I have been using PNY flash drive 512 MB with free backup program Karen's Replicator w/o problems for 3 months. Yesterday, after backup, while attempting defrag of flash drive, I received message that it had corrupt files and that I should CHKDSK. Scan for file/disk errors turned out nothing (although it completed 3 steps instead of the usual 2??). I then checked Flash drive w/ Windows Explorer and found out 2 of my folders had several corrupted files (unrecognizable names w/ symbols, punctuation marks, etc.) which would not open; on trying to delete these corrupted files: "Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk" or "Cannot delete [unrecognizable file name]: The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

So, I deleted all other folders in E and all uncorrupted files in the 2 folders w/ corrupted files. Renamed folders "CORRUPT - DESKTOP" (1.38 MB) and "CORRUPT - Firefox SCRAPBOOK" (12.0 MB). I then recopied my important files from C drive into flash/E drive (totalling 132.9 MB). The total used memory in flash drive should read 146.28 MB (give or take) based on corrupt files plus backed up files from C drive but, instead, the used memory now reads 284 MB.

(1) How do I delete those corrupted files within my flash drive when the source fil... Read more

A:Corrupted Files in Flash Drive & Unknown Used Memory

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I have a friend who has a hard drive that he can't access the data on. He says it's a SATA2 hard drive.

He has tried to re-format it (by overwriting, not using a new partition) but he gets an error saying that the data can't be accessed. Also it crashed during one of the attempts. He also tried deleting the partition to save his hard drive (the partition takes up the entire hard drive's capacity) but got the same result. If he attempts to run the already installed Windows 7 on the hard drive it gets past the 'starting windows' screen and then automatically restarts.

This problem started when windows was carrying out an update but the computer shut off before it could complete. Then it was all downhill from there...

Does anybody have any last effort ideas for saving the hard drive and possibly the files on it?

Since I'm speaking for my friend I might not have all of the details, so please let me know if you need any more and I'll try and find out.

A:Solved: Hard drive can't access data, may be corrupted

You need to find out the manufacturer of the drive and use their diagnostics to test the drive for errors.

Ultimate Boot CD is a bootable CD with all the manufacturer's diagnostics that you can use to test it: http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/download.html

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