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turn down the power of usb3 and turn it on back via program

Q: turn down the power of usb3 and turn it on back via program

Hello Microsoft team,
We need for an application to unplug and replug usb3 - not physically but with a program.
We checked a lot on the internet but did not find answer how to do it in windows 8.1 pro (in c++).
We know that hibernation creates something alike, but how can we only turn down the power of usb3 and return the power back on back via program (in c++).
Thank you for your help.

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Preferred Solution: turn down the power of usb3 and turn it on back via program

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)



First I am not sure if should post this in this forum or under hardware problems as I am not sure where the problem is coming from.MY apologies if this isn't the correct forum, moderator please move to correct forum.

I own a HP computer and have been very pleased with it.
I am running windows 7 and the processor is an AMD Phenom II.
I have always have pentiums before that. My problem is simple, when I lose power my PC which I always leave "ON", is very hard to turn back on.
I turn it on, turn the monitor on and it will take 2 or 3 restarts or a wait of 6-8 mn to have it back on.
The last time it happened it was so bad, that I though for sure the HD was fried.
I have it hooked to an aging surge protector which has protected several of my PC's for years (Nothing ever fried when hooked to it).
Since I am fairly new to AMD and windows 7 I am not sure what is creating this.

What does this and how to correct it?



A:PC hard to turn back on after power outage!!!

Possibly a failing power supply. If you want to leave your PC on all the time you should consider a UPS so the PC won't shut down abruptly when the power goes it.

You could try and disconnect the hard drive just to see if that changes how it powers on.

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Running Windows Vista Ultimate.

Display turns off after about fifteen minutes regardless of whether I am actively using the computer or not. The only way to turn the display back on is to close and then open the lid. This disconnets me from AOL, so I have to sign back on again, and if I was emailing, I might lose my current email.

Under Power Options, I have 'Turn off the display' set to Never for both On Battery and Plugged in. Under 'Put the computer to sleep' I have both On battery and Plugged in set to never. Nonetheless, the display still shuts off while I am working.

What do I need to do to prevent the display from turning off at odd intervals?

A:Vista Ultimate x64: turn off display, will not turn back on

sounds like your display drivers are crashing.

Do not rely on windows update drivers - go to graphics chipset manufacturer website and get latest drivers

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So I have already tried the solutions such as boot up the pc and press shift and such to get a menu and then download somthing on a usb and get into an administrator account.The Administration account I can at least log onto as it's not password protected but I still can't turn on Wi-Fi which basically defeats my whole purpose of using the computer as I use it for gaming. So regarding me not being able to log into my actual account, I've tried resetting my password multiple times without success. I think it's due to the fact that I am not able to connect to any Wi-Fi spots (which I assume is because of safe mode which I can't turn off for some reason) And that brings me to my next point, of I can't connect to Wi-Fi die to safe mode. I have tried to turn off safe mode in the settings but when I press the button for it to turn off it slides back over to the on side. Please let me know if you have any other solutions that I have not tried yet, Thanks !

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So this doesn't happen all the time, but every now and then my PC will suddenly lose power. It doesn't go through the shut down process, it just dies. Then after about 5 seconds it starts to restart. It either restarts successfully and loads back into windows, or it does this thing where it starts up for one second, then powers off, waits a second, then starts up and powers off again. It never powers on after that.

I've found out that opening up the case, pulling out the power cable connected to the motherboard and plugging it back in fixes it. Once I do that it starts up next time I try to turn it on.

Here are my specs:

Corsair 16G (4x4GB) Vengeance CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 DDR3
Intel Core i7 2600K Processor LGA1155 3.4GHz CPU
Asus P8Z68-V PRO Socket 1155 Intel Z68 Chipset
Crucial RealSSD C400 128G SATA3 M4 Series
Western Digital Blue 500G SATA3 HDD Caviar Blue
Antec 620W High Current Gamer Modular PSU
Fractal Design Define R3 Case Arctic White edition
Noctua NH-C12P SE14 CPU Cooler
MSI 980 gtx 4gb gaming

A:My PC randomly loses power and then struggles to turn back on.

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power, there is a blinking light in the back, but it wont turn on when i hit the power button. i need help .it is a Compaq PC

A:power, there is a blinking light in the back but it wont turn on

The PC may need a new PSU (Power Supply Unit) which fits inside the PC case and distributes the power to the various components.

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So...this freezing has just started happening bout 3-4 weeks ago. Whenever i start up my PC after around 10 or less minutes my whole computer freezes, i cant do anything. alt,ctr,del dosnt work or anything. so i have to turn to power off :l This is harmful to my computer and its pretty new aswell. Here are my specs.

Processer: Intel i5 760 @ 2.88Ghz (4cpus) ~ 2.5GHZ
Direct x11
NIVIDIA Geforece 460
Windows 7 64bit


A:Computer freezes except for mouse, i have to turn power switch off then back on.

Have you tried cleaning your System Unit, is it free of dust?

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I have this issue that when I turn on my computer, the power LED does not turn on but you can hear the fans working properly. I don't the issue and I'm not much of an expert with computers. Please help me solve this issue because I'm completely clueless.

A:Try to turn on my computer but only the fans work and the power led does not turn on

How old is the computer, what was the last change you made to the computer and when you last shut it down did it shut down correctly?

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Hi to all Eight forum.
I m here with a strange problem, it happens from yesterday, the problem is when I playing games on my Dell inspiron N4050 and then the main power where the charger pluged in is turn off (it is the most problem in my country that there is heavy short fall of power), the laptop is remain ON just for 2 or 3 seconds and then its suddenly OFF. its not happening before, why is that,? why is the laptop didn't get power from the battery.?
when not playing games. and the main power (electricity) is gone, then this problem is not occurred.
plz understand my problem and reply me.
sorry for my bad English.

A:Laptop suddenly turn off when main power turn off.

Could it be overheating protection?

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Hello  i am writing my  mother laptop for some reason it acting very odd brand new not even few months old  Ok yesterday her laptop she could shut it down with no problem this morning she going out she turn it off bout close it.. but it decided turn back on not going thru booting it up with hp Icon no went straight away to windows 10 automaticaly.  So i decided to check some program see if anything conflicting it nothing  so i decided to shut it down thru windows 10  power shutdown but still turn back on..  i shut down it with power button but even still turn back on please help me   

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If I turn the laptop off and back on again, like next morning etc the dongle doesn't connect to the internet, but if i then restart it, the dongle connects.

Why is this? anything else I can do?

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Once again the computer impaired one comes to the table of knowledge...

I shut down my PC, fans stop, lights go out. About 6-8 mins later it starts up again, been doing this for four days now. I ran a virus scan which came out clean. The only way to keep it turned off is to unplug it. The only tinkering I've done lately is to try to open a port on my router (which I didn't get done, forgot password and reset button doesn't work). I don't think my PC is set to hibernate, I have never used that feature.

Is there something I should check?


Athlon64 X2 5000+ BE @3.2ghz
2 gig G.Skill DDR2 800
120 gig Maxtor sata
RaidMax RX-530SS PS
XP Home sp3

A:Solved: I turn PC off, it comes back on, turn it off, comes back on...

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Last night, my computer turned off while I was using it. It wouldn't turn back on, and everything else on the surge protector was working fine. Since I've had problems with power supplies before, I turned the switch to the off position, removed the power cord, and let it cool off, in case it had overheated. When I tried to turn it back on, the power light and the LEDs on the inside blinked on and then back off. They were on for maybe a tenth of a second. During that time, there's no sound of my computer trying to turn on or anything, just the lights. Does anybody have any idea what this might be, or where to begin to troubleshoot??

btw, I know I mentioned LEDs, but I don't have any extensive mods, no overclocking, etc. Just pretty lights.

TIA for any help!!

A:pc cut off and won't turn back on

It sounds like the PS went out, or is going out. If you can get your hands on a volt/ohm meter you can test it, or just replace it and see what happens.

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I'm baffled.

Had to reinstall Windows XP. It appears there are issues with SP2 involving the video graphics card and the sound. Now I'm stuck. I thought that if I chose "do not use this device" under "Device usage" on the display adaptor tab, that it would pick the right adaptor.

Anyway, my screen went blank and I tried to reboot in safe mode and it sticks at mup.sys. I disabled mup and it now sticks at "nid" something or other.

I got the bright idea to use "Windows Narrator" to try and reenable the adaptor but I think the reinstall or the SP2 killed my sound.

Now I'm really stuck. Is there a way to reenable VGA adaptor from the command prompt in recovery mode?

A:How to Turn VGA back on?

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I am adding to this forum because this is May 4, 2016 and the problem has been noted on the forum since October 2015. If I had read the forum prior to purchasing, I would not have purchased this laptop or I would have investigated to be certain the problem has been fixed. I am sooooo disappointed in HP.I really don't know what to do now.

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Before I found all of the USeful info here on the
MSblast virus I was trying to fix the problem of the RPC restarting my computer..

It got to the point where I disabled the RPC in the COMPUTER MANAGEMENT Tool under services for my one and only hardware profile.. DOh..not a smart move...

Now when I start up, either in normal or safe mode,
most of my critical windows services just dont run.

My question is this :

Is there a way to get these services started up or enable them again so I can run windows normally and apply the MSblast fix.?

Basically, I think XP needs the RPC service to even consider allowing me to enable it again..
Thanks for any help.

A:I disabled RPC ..doh...any help to turn it back on..

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My laptop seems to have a lot of CPU problems, always running a noisy sound, it's running really slower.

My friend has the same laptop with XP on it and it's pretty fast, It's like i am using dial UP and he's using DSL :P I need a lot of time to open a folder and view anything...

So how can i turn back to windows XP? I have the XP DVD.

Thanks !

A:Turn back to windows XP

Well if you want to keep your stuff then back it up if not then How to Downgrade Windows 7 to Windows XP

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I have a new PC with Windows 7 ultimate 64 and want to turn off the annoying pop up messages telling me 'I can back up' etc. I have no schedule in place , un-clicked in the Notification Area and in Action Centre.
Can anyone please tell me where else I must go to get rid of these messages.

A:Back up Advisory pop ups - how to turn off

Hello Walkage, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Did you turn off (uncheck) the Windows Backup message option in Action Center and click on OK like below?

Action Center - Change Message Settings

If so, then please post a screenshot showing the pop-up message to see if it may be for something else.

Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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My pc runs just fine untill i try to play a game, then after 5-15 minutes the pc crashes as if it has lost power, and tries to turn itself back on only to crash again instantly. I have to wait for about 10 minutes before the pc will start again. I have an i5 4690k CPU @3.50 Ghz and a GTX 980, as well as 16 gigs of RAM and an MSI "overclocking" motherboard. My CPU temps have been quite high at times, up to ~80 ish degrees celsius, but the crash has also occured at ~65-70 which should be fine as far as i know.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.

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Was playing ark survival evolved and my pc just shut off I think it may have overheated because I only have one fan. When I turn it on nothing happens but on the gpu (rx 580) a red light flashes once when a blue light usually comes on.

Anyhelp would be great thanks.

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Hello, I recently got a Thinkpad P51(about a month ago). I was working on battery today and the laptop just turned off - no warning about low battery either. It won't turn on again. I tried the following- plugging in the AC power and use the power button to turn it on- Removing AC, battery and hold the power button for 30secs and plug them back in But the laptop won't turn back on. I don't see any lights(even the little red thinkpad LED doesn't blink) nor hear any beeps.  Can any one suggest a quick troubleshoot for this?  Thanks

A:P51 turned off on it's own and won't turn back on

You probably have a warranty.  This sounds like the time to use it.  In U.S. 1-800-426-7378

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Recently when I installed the GTX 750 Ti into a pre-built PC (HP Compaq 6000 Pro MT) the PC would not boot. After leaving the power supply plugged in after I tried many times to turn on the PC the fans started to run at max power. Now whenever I plug in the power supply the fans run at full power the disk drive works and whatever is plugged into the PC like a keyboard or something it works. But when I press the power button the computer does not boot. I've tried to uninstall the GPU and it won't boot. I've unplugged everything from the MB. I never shocked the computer either.

A:After installing GPU PC will not turn back on.

The GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphic card uses 60W and requires a minimum of a 300W power supply.
The HP Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower PC has a 320W power supply.

I don't believe insufficient wattage is part of the problem.
It's my guess you damaged something or didn't properly seat the graphic card or didn't properly connect it to the monitor.


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Hi, a few weeks ago I came home a few hours after having used my computer in the morning to find it off. It would not turn on. I unplugged everything and took off the side panel and found the PSU still warm. I read around on similar postings on this forum and decided it was my PSU. I bought a new one. Still didn't turn on. However, the f-lock led on my keyboard was lit up when the switch on the PSU was flipped on. So I e-mailed my motherboard company, Epox. I recieved some directions that would get rid of electricity still in the board such as holding the power button down for 10 seconds, setting the cmos to 2-3 for a few seconds and putting it back onto 1-2. One of the directions was to remove the round cmos battery, which i did not do because I was unable to reach it enough to remove it. I also took it completely apart and replugged everything in. No such luck. So, I bought another mobo, one just like it but the chipset was nforce3 250 instead of nforce3 ultra. Supported the same hardware, though. Still will not work. So, now i'm wondering if it's the power button on my case. I am probably going to plug my friend's case's power button into my mobo and see if it turns on.
>>>>To summarize-
1)Computer mysteriously turns off.
2)Buy new PSU.
3)Fiddle around with old mobo, but end up buying new one.
4) Still will not turn on. And when I say won't turn on, i mean nothing turns on, moves, makes noise, or lights up.
... Read more

A:Been trying to turn my comp back on...

Verranuce said:

So, now i'm wondering if it's the power button on my case.Click to expand...

An easy way to troubleshoot the case power switch is to completely disconnect it from your motherboard. Then take a regular screwdriver, and just quickly touch (short) the two pins that the case's power switch usually connect to.

Hopefully your system will fire up, and you'll know you have a dead power switch!

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Hi. I have a Epson Workforce WF-3640 printer. I was in the middle of printing out my son's term paper, when I heard it stop working. Noticed it was off. Tried to turn back on. Nothing. Check cord to make sure connected securely at back of printer and at outlet. Also check for a tripped breaker. And nothing. I just bought this brand new from Best Buy in February. Please help.

A:Printer won't turn back on

If the printer is getting any power I would try:

A different outlet.
A different power cord.
Checking to see if the printer is still under warranty with the manufacturer and/or Best Buy.


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Just got upgraded to Fiber, they needed to turn the firewall off to do the installation and now it won't turn back on. Using the windows firewall that came with my XP SP2 machine. Error message is 'cannot start Internet connection sharing services'. any help would be greatly appreciated. Installation guy is not a tech.

A:Firewall won't turn back on!

Open Services...
Start | Run | Type: services.msc | OK |
Are these services set to Automatic and started >>>
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Network Connections
Windows Management Instrumentation
Event Log

[[What services Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) needs to
function properly:
Network Connections
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Windows Management Instrumentation
Event Log
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) ]]
Open the Event Viewer and see if there are any errors related to
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
To open the Event Viewer...
Start | Run | Type: eventvwr | OK
Double click the event in Event Viewer | Click: the button below the second
arrow (looks like two pages) [[Copies the details of the event to the
Clipboard.]] | Paste into Notepad | Click:
For more information, see Help and Support Center at
Read all info | Copy and paste to Notepad | Click the [+] Related Knowledge
Base articles | Follow any links that might be useful
HOW TO: View and Manage Event Logs in Event Viewer in Windows XP

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Hi! My HP envy laptop is turned off in the middle of use and will not turn back on. I have tried purchasing a new charger and that still work as well as taking the battery out and the AC adapter and holding the power button for 30 seconds. Any advice?

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Everything was fine, laptop unplugged, battery ran out, replugged adapter and restarted, crashed as it reloaded so I went with a surprise reboot, the laptop won't turn back on now.  Can not remove the battery on this model. Have tried unplugging and holding the power button for both 15 and 30 seconds then replugging. Have tried the same but pressing 15 times in 1 second intervals. 

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I took pictures last night & this morning, but this afternoon - when I turn the camera on the lens goes in and out 3 or 4 times then I get a message on the screen that says turn camera off and back on. I have done that repeatedly, took out the battery, plugged the bettery into its charger, nothing works. I got this for Christmas just a couple years ago, so its not that old. What is going on? I need an answer ASAP. I have flown across the coutnry to see my brandnew grand son for the holiday weekend for the first time & now I can't take pictures! HELP! Please write sallies2 at the yahoo.

A:My cybershot won't turn back on

Sony camera problem.

This could be happening for several reasons. The camera could have a software /firmware fault, or it could be a problem with something preventing the lens from moving as it should.
But it's just as likely to be the Li-ion battery not holding a charge as it used to.
If you have a mains adapter, try that instead of the battery, see if it works then.
You may need to buy a new battery, as they don't last for more than a couple of years, especially with heavy use.
If you can get the screen on using the mains adapter, go into the menu and do a 'factory reset'. Take the memory stick out first.
All faults are repairable, but you would do well to get a quote first, as a new camera may be cheaper, (unfortunately).
The pictures on your memory stick are not affected by camera faults, as a rule, but if you have another one, try it, just in case there is a problem with the edge connector on it.

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So I was just playing some TF2 and in the midst of an awesome match my PC promptly shut off, and is not able to turn back on. I checked the power cords and changed slots on the power bar but nothing. My external HDD on the other hand is still able to get power from the PC through USB. I don't know what information will be relevant to my problem so if someone would let me know I'll do what I can to get the information for you.

A:PC Shutoff and won't turn back on

When you try to turn on the PC, do any green lights come on?

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I wonder what I've done, and it just turn my cap lock "off" key to "shift" key. Just to make it more clear, I put my caplock on with caplock key, and I need to off it with shift key, do anyone know hwo to slove this? To change back to default.

A:HELP!!! How to turn back the cap locks key?

can't you just press it again to bring it back to default?

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I've just recently had this happen, but I've been here enough to know I may have contracted a nasty.

Last week my system started hanging up and plain not responding. My wireless aircard refused to work in a manner like it was telling me that it was already in use, when it wasn't even plugged in! I couldn't get much to work right so I rebooted in safe mode, ran a couple of scans, which found nothing, rebooted in normal mode and my aircard was working again. Yay.
It worked normal except for the Windows pop up box that says you are offline kept popping up, and I couldn't close it unless I connected to the net via my aircard. Now my AVG has been switched off and I can't get it to turn back on, and my surfing via aircard is noticably slower. And, my power icon in the tray has gone away.

I have a Toshiba Satellite P-105, 32 bit processor, Vista Home Premium, SP 1.
I also have A Squared, AdAware, AVG (free edition), Malware Bytes, Spybot, SuperAntiSpyware installed.

I use this laptop for work and now I'm afraid to put in passwords, account numbers, etc.


A:My AVG has been turned off and I can't turn it back on!

Just an update.
I downloaded + ran the Kaspersky scanner and it found nothing, but yet I've lost the power icon and the internet connection icons in the task tray.
It still get a black screen for a long time on start up from sleep mode.

I'm not sure if I'm infected, or have something going wrong.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

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Hi guys!

New here, just put Windows 7 on my laptop on Sunday. I'm really liking it thus far.

One thing I noticed maybe just today. When the screen shuts off due to time or the lid being closed, it doesn't seem to want to turn back on. I can put into standby and bring it back out and it works just fine. But, I'd rather not have to do that all the time.

It's a Dell Inspiron E1505 with a ATI Radeon X1400 video card if that helps at all.

If you need more info, let me know. Thanks!

A:Screen won't turn back on

Hi daroga and welcome,

This tutorial from Brink will show you what the power option settings are and from where to access them.
Sometimes coming out of standby, etc doesn't work right. You can turn all of it off if you desire to.
Power Plan Settings - Change

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avg turned off and can't turn it back on. Can't delete it or download the new version 9.0 that is supposed to automatically delete 8.5

A:Avg diabled and can't turn it back on

and welcome to the Forum

It sounds like you need help with cleaning out malware, please follow the instructions here, and post the logs in a new thread in the malware removal section.


After running through all the steps, please post the requested logs in the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum, not here.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.

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So I have an ASUS P4C800-E motherboard in a system that a built a few years back. It worked fine but the system has been sitting in my basement for a year or two unused.

I decided to take the components and drop them in a new case.

I have hooked everything back up properly (i think) but when I hit the power button, the cpu fan, power supply fan and case fans turn on for a brief second and then shut off. (the green standby light on the motherboard is on)

What do I do?

I think you can tell from my question I am exteremly amatuer at this. Simple explanations please...

A:Turn power on... fans start up then power shuts off in 1 second

With it shutting down after 1sec, I would check that the hsf is plugged in and working. If there is no fan input ie fan speed, most boards shutdown. In addition that the hsf is installed correctly. If it is loose, etc you will have problems. Most of the time when the hsf is loose, it shuts down in about 5~10sec not 1sec. I tend to think it is more of a shorting problem of the board to the case.

If that is not the case, I would attempt to pw ON the system outside of the case. There are complete instructions in a guide at the top of the forum. It is called troubleshooting guide for problem builds.

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I recently upgraded Windows 7 to Windows 10. When I power down the system from the menu, my computer does not completely turn off. The procedure I use is described below:

Click Windows_Start_button > Power > Shutdown

The system closes applications and appears to initiate a shutdown procedure. Everything appears to be shut off, but my mouse is still lit up. I do notice that the fan stops and everything else appears to be completely shut down. When I was running Windows 7 before my upgrade, my system completely powered down.

I have a dual boot system with Linux, and when I power down from Linux, the shutdown is complete, so I don't think I accidentally did anything to the hardware or BIOS.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm pretty sure there is some tweak in Windows 10 that would fix this, but I haven't found it yet. Thanks for any suggestions you might be able to offer.

A:Power down button does not completely turn computer power off

I found the solution on another thread. If you have this problem try the following:
1. Log in as an administrator.
2. Right click the Menu button.
3. Left click -> Control Panel > Power Options > Choose what the power button does > Change settings that are currently unavailable
4. Uncheck the box next to Turn on fast startup (recommended)
5. Make sure Hibernate is unchecked.
6. Left click Save changes.
The next time you shut down the computer, it will be completely powered off. At least this worked on my machine.

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Last night my computer blue screened about 3 times then it just stopped turning on altogether. Wheni plug the power supply into the motherboard the neon fan turns on for a milisecond but that seems to be the only way that i can tell that there's power going to the motherboard.

I've tried 4 different power supplies, different processor, different BIOS batteries, different RAM, etc, but no matter how many times i try to turn it on it just wont turn on.

I do recall doing something innthe BIOS last night which seemed to start this dilemer. I went into power management and did something to the power switch option, then set everything back to default settings.

This is when things started to happen then my pc just wouldn't turn on at all.

It's a socket939 MSI CoreCell.

Could something i did in the BIOS really be causing this problem and is there a way to fix it?

Like i said there does seem to be power going to the motherboard but it simply wont turn on (i even tried different power switches just in [email protected]

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just don't want to buy another 939 motherboard as most shops don't cell them any more and it means i'd have to buy a new processor too.

A:Computer wont turn on with power switch but there is power going through it?

If it is a BIOS setting, removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes should clear it. Since you've already changed the battery more than once, it would seem that is not the problem. Considering what you already tried, it might be the motherboard itself or possibly the graphics card but my money is on the motherboard. Just to be sure do you have another graphics card to test with?

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Recently, I upgraded my Laptop to Win 10. However, because a program doesn't work in Windows 10, I decided to go back to Windows 8.1. I did it through the "Settings" that you can find by clicking the "Start" button. After the computer restarts for Windows 8.1, it's all normal - Until after I enter in my password, the screen becomes black. The screen's not broken, because the mouse cursor is still there. I restarted it a coupon of times, took out the battery and everything, but it still won't work. Luckily, I still have most of stuff on my old HDD, so I can just use it. But I really want to use my SSD since it's much faster. I really hope someone can help me.
My laptop:
Sony Vaio S Series SVS151E2AP

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We've had a recurrent problem with our Dell desktop (about four years old; Vista operating system) freezing up while videos are playing, usually on children's websites, for some reason (like Nick Jr. or PBSKids.org, for example). The video freezes and there is a loud buzzing sort of sound. Ctrl/Alt/Delete does nothing; we have to manually shut the computer off. The second to last time it happened, it would not turn back on. After considerable tinkering, it did finally come back on; weirdly after the ethernet was disconnected and reconnected. This time, it will NOT come back on. It is a doorstop. Just give it to me straight... Are we screwed?? lol...

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System Protection is turned off. To turn it back on so you can use System Restore, see Turn System Restore on or off. 
I went to turn System Protection on, and this is what the screen looks like:
How exactly should I turn it on, to be safe? (I was recently infected by malwares.)
Also, I never upgraded to Win 7 or anything or using anything like dual-boot. It's a Dell desktop, if that matters.  

A:system restore - how to turn it back on the right way?

Click on OS (C:) (System)
Click on Configure
Select Restore settings and previous versions of files and click ok
Click on Create and enter a name for the restore point and click ok

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Dear Sir/Madam, I was using an external mouse with a faulty usb. i have to twist and turn its cable before the mouse finally works. Suddenly my pc just went off and wont turn back on. there is no light on the pc. Even when i plug the power cable it doesnt show the white indicator light. I think there was some kind of short circuiting from the usb cable of the mouse. Please advise. is my battery damaged?   I hope to get a quick response. Thank you

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As stated above, recently my laptop shut down and refuses to turn back on. More specifically, it shut down when I plugged a wired usb mouse into the usb port. I've tried turning it on with and without the mouse plugged in, to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop shut down and won't turn back on

What is the make and full model ID for that laptop ? Should be on a label underneath.

Try powering it up with just the battery (assuming it has some charge), charger alone and changer and battery together. Any change ?

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I am running Win 8.1 on a Samsung tablet and use Windows Defender for protection. I own the tablet it is not part of any network.
I was searching the net and Defender reported malware. After a bit of a tussle the malware seemed to be removed but Defender was turned off, so I have no protection. I went into the Control Panel/Security Centre and it reported this and had a button at the end of the message for turning Defender back on. However the button did not work. It was visible but did not seem to be enabled. When I clicked on the defender app icon there was a message saying Defender was turned off at the Group Policy level and was controlled by the Administrator. As it is my own PC I assume I am the Administrator, but this did not seem to make any difference. I searched for Group Policy but nothing was found.
How can I turn Defender back on?

A:Cannot Turn Windows Defender back On

Hello Punchy, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Did you install a 3rd party AV program?

If so, they will often disable Windows Defender by default, and Windows Defender cannot be turned on until the 3rd party program is uninstalled.

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Hello, I have a brand new HP Spectre which has only been used a few times. When I close the lid of the laptop, it goes into sleep mode, similarly when I press the power button once it sleeps. My problem is that when I open the lid and press a key, or open it and press the power button again, the keyboard lights up, the fan goes mental, but the screen never turns on. I've left it for upwards of an hour before and it doesn't turn on. When I put the laptop in sleep mode also, after about 5 minutes the fan goes mad. This is awful for when I'm trying to transport my laptop without having to turn it fully off. Should I take it back as it's still under warranty? Or how can I fix this?

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My Spectre 360 made a fizzling sound then turned off. There was a slight odor from the vent. It will not turn on. It's completely dead and even the charge light does not come on when plugged in. I did a search to trouble shoot the problem and it seems that this is a very common issue with this particular laptop. I'm disappointed that HP hasn't reached out to owners with this model to rectify the problem. I have been a very loyal HP customer for many years and spend more on their computers because I know they will last. My previous HP cost about $2300 ( it's still kicking) and this one was around $1000. I'm 8 months out of warranty and frustrated that I spent the extra money only to have a really big expensive paperweight. if anyone has any input or solutions I would really appreciate it.

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i don't know what happen but i just notice that my window defender is turned off and cant not turn it back on even if i click on the screen that telling to click on to turn it back .all i get is window defender is not responding .
now you really need it .

A:cant not turn back on window defender

it is ok .i don't need to have turn on anyway .
how that he got turned off i have no clue

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I've already consulted Samsung about this issue, and they want me to Refresh (windows 8) my laptop. I have important programs and I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT.

Started about half an hour ago, I plugged my laptop into the wired connection because it was downloading 6 GB. Plugging in a cord activates Airplane mode. In theory, once out of Airplane Mode, WiFi will turn back on. NORMALLY IT DOES, BUT NOW IT DOESN'T. THIS IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF.



A:WiFi turned off and won't turn back on.

Is this a second computer with the same issue?

I would suggest contacting Microsoft as it seems to be a software issue and not hardware. Especially if you can turn on the wireless manually.

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