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Cannot change my keyboard layout, blank list

Q: Cannot change my keyboard layout, blank list

Hi all,

Today I started up my laptop to make my homework. So I tried to enter an "a with umlaut"(SHIFT+' then a) but it would not work.
So I checked my keyboard input settings and it is looking like in the attachments.

Does anyone know how I could fix this?

Preferred Solution: Cannot change my keyboard layout, blank list

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Cannot change my keyboard layout, blank list

It should download the Keyboard Layout you choose, until then it will be blank. Hit "Add Language" and this will pop up:

Language - Add or Remove in Windows 8

Then it will download the language pack and keyboard layout. Until then, it won't reside on your PC, they don't keep the languages you are not using on hand anymore.

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In windows XP on a laptop, how do I change the settings to an American keyboard from the UK one selected during installation?

A:Change Keyboard Layout.

Google brought up this: http://www.easydesksoftware.com/keyboard.htm


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hi all, how do you change the keyboard layout?  thanks very much.

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Wondered if anyone can help with this issue.

The comapny I work for has a requirement that the # symbol be at the end of all user login passwords. On one terminal however, when you get to the login screen, entering "password#" returns a password eror, while "password?" lets you in.

First thing I did was to check regional settings and keyboard layout were all set to UK, not US, then reset the password on the server to make sure the # symbol and not the ? symbol was being used.

After both of these I still need to add the ? symbol, however as soon as you login to windows, in any input screen the symbols are on the correct keys, it's only pre-login that they seem to have switched.

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Hi All,  I bought a new HP 15-ba054ng from an online reseller. This model comes with a German keyboard and I would like to replace it with an Italian one (I don't want to send this notebook back to the reseller). Do you know if replacing the keyboard (by an authorized partner) will void the warranty?Is there any italian keyboard available for this model?  ThanksNick 

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It's really weird. And i really don't know what causes this. Here's the thing. I have ONLY ONE language and only ONE keyboard layout in settings. Few times happens, that i get US layout of keyboard with z y and switched..etc..but ONLY on random application. example i'm using skype and for no apparent reason i get layout switch. but when i go to start and type in search,, there it's normal. same thing happens in some mmorpg games. so in game it's all wrong at random point it switches itself. in windows is normal though. and in word and everyhere..only thing to do is to restart application or game..and it's ok again.

wth? does anyone have any idea?

A:Stupid anyoing keyboard layout change.

For this one (Left Alt + Shift) to change languages sometime also can not use, Because different setting some computer use (`) , (Left Alt + Shift), Ctrl + Shift) . So we have to use shortcuts according to setting as be low:
Control panel ==> Region & Languages==> Keyboard & languages ==> Change keyboard ==> Advanced key setting==>Change key sequence ==>then click on the bottom as you want it to be your shortcut ==> ok

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Hi All,

I want to know using VB6 , Win 2000 or XP, how can I change the keyboard layout of another running

application / process.

With warm regards,


A:Solved: How to change the keyboard layout of another process

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Hi , my son has just changed the layout of his keyboard by mistake! He was typing quickly and he's not sure which keys he hit but now he can't type using the querty keyboard, he says the keys just come up with different signs when he types. I'm sorry I can't be more specific, but he is IM me from his ship on his phone! Any ideas would be great?

A:Change keyboard layout in Windows 7 problem

Ask him to press and hold key combination "windows + Fn" for a second.

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My keyboard layout is Dvorak.
There is only one user on my computer.
It works fine in Windows 8.  But it does not activate until after I sign in to Windows.
For the login screen, I have to type my password in QWERTY.
Is there any way to have Windows 8 change the keyboard layout to Dvorak before login?

A:How to change keyboard layout for login and password in Windows 8?

Open "region" > then on the "administration" tab > click "copy settings" > then check the box "for home screen & new users".

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Hi you all.
I'm having a problem here that's driving me crazy..
The option "Add keyboard layout" suddenly is unavailable.. I'm from Argentina, (that's my excuse for bad grammar) and my keyboard uses the locale es-es.

My SO, as the thread title says, is Windows Ultimate x32.

I recently installed the english language pack from windows update, hoping that some keyboards layouts would show up, but nothing happened..

I also tried this. I downloaded the lp.cab Spanish package and installed it from the command line as administrator. Nothing changed..

The following are two images from the Region/Language section in control panel.
In the first one, in Input Language it says "Unable to read configuration" (Circled in red)
The second one shows that when I click in 'Add Input Language' nothing shows up..

I'm hoping someone could help me on this one.,
I need to do some reports for college, and I can't use the spanish special characters..

Thanks in advance..

PS: System Restore is not enabled.


A:Unable to change keyboard layout Windows 7 Ultimate x32

Scroll down to "Vista" and see if this works for you:

In Vista, you have to click on Regional and Language Options from the Control Panel. Then you need to click on Keyboards and Languages and then Change Keyboards.

How to Change the Keyboard Language in Windows

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I have a DELL Insprion 2400 with Windows XP Office Edition insalled (I know its so old lol). So I was fooling around, trying to make the Japanese carhters show on my computer and messed around and changed the keyboard layout to Japanese from English. I restarted the computer when I tired to enter my password on the Welcome logon screen it wouldn't accept it. I don't have the windows software CD to try to do a system restore and I'm not sure if you can even do a system rstore if you can't logon. I've tried just about everything that I could think of and nothing has worked. At this point I dont care if I losse everything on the computer I just need it to work. Could someone please help me or at least point me in the right direction to get this issue solved. How can I fix this???

A:Keyboard layout changed to Japanese cant change back to English

If you still have English listed as one of your languages, you should be able to navigate through your listed languages using CTRL+SHIFT, even from the login screen.

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Flex 2 14 which came with a British keyboard but I noticed you can take off the keyboard and swap it out for another one - you can find backlit versions, or a version with a different layout. I got a keyboard for it with Japanese hiragana on it, but the laptop doesn't seem to recognise any of the extra keys this keyboard comes with which have key codes not used by other languages. These keys include: | -? \ ??????the ????, ???? and ???? toggleI would have assumed this was to do with the fact that these are keys from a 106/109 key layout as opposed to the standard 102 key, so I replaced the keyboard driver with Microsoft's 106/109 key keyboard driver, but that hasn't had any effect - it still can't see these keys being pressed. The ??/?? ?? key works because it uses the same key code as the tilde on other keyboards, but that's all. My hypothesis for why this might not be possible to fix is that the ribbon connection between the keyboard and the motherboard could only support 102-key layouts in Europe, and therefore the only way to be able to use these extra input conversion keys without a different motherboard altogether would be to use an external USB keyboard. I may have just made up what I said about the motherboard though, so does anyone know if there's a driver I can use to solve this problem and be able to use the extra keys? I can't just use a key mapper like KeyTweak ... Read more

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So I purchased a Lenovo X1 Yoga in Japan and I absolutely hate Japanese keyboard layouts (anyone that has used one after using a US keyboard knows what I mean - a space bar that is smaller than the enter key, poor placement of certain keys, specifically ", ', and @. There is just no logic behind any of it and honestly, there is no need. One can easily type in Japanese, just fine, with a standard US English layout keyboard. Sorry, I guess I didn't need to state that, but perhaps it will help with SEO to ensure someone finds this page when searching for those keywords.  Anyway, I finally found the information I needed to swap this keyboard out (and throw it in the trash), even though Lenovo support in Japan basically told me it's not possible. It does seem like a huge undertaking though (as you basically have to dismantle the entire laptop to get the keyboard out). But it does seem as though the English keyboards are compatible with all X1 Yoga laptops (even my Japanese X1 Yoga). The Lenovo customer service staff told me to get FRU PN: 00JT864 (00JT864 N KBD,US,LB,screw,CHY,Backlit), which is the US English replacement keyboard. It's also specified on the PDF document  on this page (https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/us/en/solutions/PD103738 ) for the 20FR and 20FQ. Scroll half way down and you will see it.  However, I am having trouble finding the keyboard from a seller in Asia, with the same FRU #. When searching for 00JT864, the only source I can... Read more

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I have a Dell M1330 Laptop that has served me quite well for several years. I just replaced the keyboard the other day and everything is working fine, except that the new keyboard has a slightly different layout than the old keyboard did. For example, with the new keyboard all the F1, F2, F3, etc.. keys have function secondaries on them like multimedia, brightness, antennae toggle, and so on. My old keyboard didnt have most of these and so when I attempt to use them on the new keyboard they simply do not work. In fact when I use function keys as if I still had my old keyboard installed the functions work, which means it is the software interpretation of the keys that I need to change. Does anybody know how I can fix this so that the keys of the new keyboard and functions match what the keys actually say?

Another thing to add is that some of the new function keys on the new laptop such as antennae toggle were not on my last keyboard at all because they are softkeys on the case of my computer, and I am not sure a function like that would be able to be added to the keyboard mapping at all, but I'm not sure.

Also, I would prefer to not install third party software to accomplish this, even if it means I need to delve into the registry manually. Can anybody help??

A:New laptop keyboard has different layout, keys function like old keyboard? Help! (:

You might try holding the 'fn' key while you tap the fnumber key.

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I bought a N9Z-00003 all-in-one keyboard for my media center. I was rather surprised to see windows 8.1 doesnt have the layout.

This is the french canada version of the keyboard, and the layout is this http://cdn.overclock.net/b/bd/540x18...an20French.png

However, this layout is not advailable. the canadian multilingual and the french (canada) layout are different. Im stumped, and feel the pain of less computer savvy people buying that keyboard.

downloaded and installed the driver, installed a language pack and still no added layout

microsoft hardware, microsoft software ...

A:missing keyboard layout for new keyboard

If you want to go through the trouble and create the layout yourself, you can try this.

I think that may be your only choice. Have you looked on the keyboard manufacturers website to see if they have the layout for download?

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Someone can help me please? I want that when I click the layout button the view have 2 view: single folders and explore folders, exactly like XP


A:Explorer Layout change as it was before in XP

Huh? What?

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Is it possible to make the quick launch buttons act like they did in Vista?
I want the icon to stay next to the start button and each window to open beside the last quick launch icon.

A:Change taskbar layout

Search is your friend

Quick Launch - Enable or Disable

The icon ordering is as far as I know hard wired and as yet no workaround is available

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hey guys,

so, the pc that i have is this one: HP Pavilion Elite HPE-235f Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP? Support. Now, the motherboard recently died on it, so i was considering replacing it with this board instead: MSI 890GXM-G65 AM3 AMD 890GX 5 x SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Newegg.com

However, I see no problems with replacing the board itself, but the question i have pertains to the case itself. In that particular case, the motherboard is actually mounted on the left side, so, the pcie slots are currently sitting ABOVE the processor, the ram, and the main fan. Now my question is this: Can I modify that case so that the board sits like the usual matx board that i have in my other hp pc, which is on the right? So basically, i want to make the case useable, but move the board from the left wall to the right wall with minimal effort, if possible?


A:can i change the layout of my pc's motherboard?

Quote: Originally Posted by nabob

hey guys,

so, the pc that i have is this one: HP Pavilion Elite HPE-235f Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP? Support. Now, the motherboard recently died on it, so i was considering replacing it with this board instead: MSI 890GXM-G65 AM3 AMD 890GX 5 x SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard - Newegg.com

However, I see no problems with replacing the board itself, but the question i have pertains to the case itself. In that particular case, the motherboard is actually mounted on the left side, so, the pcie slots are currently sitting ABOVE the processor, the ram, and the main fan. Now my question is this: Can I modify that case so that the board sits like the usual matx board that i have in my other hp pc, which is on the right? So basically, i want to make the case useable, but move the board from the left wall to the right wall with minimal effort, if possible?


this is the first matx motherboard that i have seen which follows the btx standard of mounting the board on the opposite wall, lol.

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I have 3 sets of stereo pc-speakers hooked up to my pc, to deliver audio to several rooms in my appartment. When i was running XP i had the option to setup each ouput jack of my soundcard (realtek ALC883 onboard on asus P5K) to stereo 2.0 ouput.

It seems i do not have this option with the Vista 64bit OS.
I installed latest realtek drivers (with realtek hd audio manager) but i can't seem to find a way to make it work.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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I have encountered a weird problem in ppt 2003: when I open the task pane and want to select a slide layout or design it all appears as blank white sopts with no actual items to chose from. I have noticed one post on this problem from last year but it hadn't been answered. Does anyone know how it should be sorted out?


A:PPT 2003 slide layout/design display blank

Have you tried a detect and repair?

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Hello, C:\WINDOWS\System32. There are about 50 .dll keyboard files from all the different countries around the world. Would it be safe for me to delete most of these that I will never use. XP Home SP1.
On one of the forums the mod. speaks about de-registering .dll
files. Is this neccesary? If it is how do I go about it? TIA.

A:Keyboard layout

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On my Inspiron 1564 there is a key between the F12 key and the Insert Key on the top row of keys.  The key has a small rectangle with an x in it.

What is this key's function ??

A:Keyboard Layout

Please click on the link below, hopefully it will help answer your question.
Keyboard, touchpad, or mouse not working correctly | Dell US

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I'm currently bidding on an IBM keyboard (1370477). However, I was looking at the PS/2 pin layout in one of the pictures and I noticed that it was only using 4 pins. I have an ergonomic, curved Microsoft keyboard with plunger keys that uses PS/2 and it has all 6 pins. Should I be concerned with the discrepancy?

A:IBM Keyboard PS/2 Layout

If it is the one being sold by TAZSONIC3 on eBay, I looked at it too. The two pins that are missing aren't needed. The keyboard only needs 5VDC, ground, data and clock.

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How do I change the keyboard layout to UK layout? I have to use " key for @ and vice versa at the moment. Thanks.

A:Keyboard layout?

You could check with the keyboard manufacture to see (if not already none so) to see if there is an upgrade or a patch. Good Luck

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I have the win8 upgrade (previous OS was win7 ultimate).

The OS goes very well, so far, just a minor problem...

From time to time I noticed there is installed a US keyboard, I am UK based and any setup keyboard/date etc are in UK format. Also when I installed the windows I selected (autodetected) the UK settings.

Well, this is very strange...

Also, I noticed that the US keyboard does not exist on the layouts (I am using Greek and UK), so in order to get rid of this, I have to add and the remove the US keyboard, but after a while re-appears!

thanx in advance for any ideas/help...


A:Keyboard layout!

Did you reinstall the keyboard driver from keyboard vendor? In windows it will install the generic driver just so the device will function but to use the keyboards full functionality you have to install the keyboard driver. With the auto detect enabled windows will sometimes install the incorrect drivers.

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So this is really frustrating me.

I usually use the "United States - International" keyboard layout, since I like being able to do accents and use the Alt-GR key. However recently it has been causing problems and I'm not sure why.

One of the biggest examples is the ' key, usually if I press it and then a space it types either ' or ", depending on if I press shift or not. Well, in Firefox, I have to keep pressing the key about 4 times before it finally types two 's and I have to erase one. Pressing space does nothing. And if I press shift+6, it types "^^", as in, the character twice.

I could not figure out what was causing this, so I switched the layout back to US, and it works fine. But I simply cannot use US-International without it doing weird stuff. I tried "sfc /scannow", it found some problems and fixed them, but it's STILL doing the same thing.

Additionally, it appears something else weird is going on as when I try to use ALT codes, they don't do what they're supposed to... like most of them make a heart (♥) instead of what they SHOULD be doing.

I even tried making a custom keyboard layout, opening the normal US International on a completely different computer, then saving it and installing it on here, and it STILL does what I described above.

Has anyone else had a problem like this? I'd really like to get it fixed as without a working keyboard it's kinda hard to do my everyday business...

A:Keyboard Layout Help?

You've followed all of this? How to use the United States-International keyboard layout in Windows 7, in Windows Vista, and in Windows XP

Are you doing Alt codes with the numbers? A 'tild' is alt + 0152 ˜

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I just installed XP pro x64, but it doesn't seem to have the uk keyboard layout.

Does anybody know where I can download it please?

A:Don't have the UK Keyboard layout, HELP!

You have it already, you just have to change your preferences, and you may need your XP CD as well. Go to Control Panel/Regional and Language Options/ Then under Language you can change it to UK and under Location you can change it to UK. Then go to te Languages tab/Details click Add and change the Keyborad setting to UK. Then go to the Advanced tab and change the language to UK. then click Apply all settings to current user account and default user profile. and click Apply then OK

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I have a new "Microsoft" keyboard The Shift + 2 key should be @ key but is the " key. plus the hash key is nowhere to be found and the shift + 3 key that should be the hash is the ? key ...... Help please????

A:Keyboard layout HELP !!! Please

You have keyboard language set to English (United Kingdom), which gives " with SHIFT+2 and ? with SHIFT+3. If you need an English keyboard layout that gives @ with SHIFT+2 and # with SHIFT+3, you need to change the layout to English (United States).

Here you can see the difference. First UK English:

And US English:

(Click images to enlarge.)


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After 'recovering' my P4 1.8MHz, XP-Home PC, I found that he keyboard was different - I no longer have the 'Pound' key - I get the # instead. Also, the @ symbol is at Shift+2 and the " symbol is where the @ symbol should be. There are quite a few other major differences too.

I tried 'troubleshoot' - to no avail. I've bought a new Logitech keyboard - and the layout is exactly the same! HEEEELLLPP!!

Can anyone suggest anything??

Many thanks

A:Keyboard layout

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New AIO 510 which came with no documentation. The keyboard has 4 ultra mini keys in upper right-hand corner. The first 3 appear to be volume controls. The 4th - last key on right - may say LVT but it is too small to read. What is that key?

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sorry for my Englishi have this keyboard but i dont know which input chose ho questa tastiera ma non so quale lingua di input scegliere thanks

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hi there everyone i think ive made a mistake on my pc i had problems with my zboard and it started to change the buttons so i listened to someone who said get rid of the reg keys for uk keyboard (somehow) Now im stuck with US please please someone help me i have XP professional.

A:Keyboard uk layout

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Hey all,

Currently I've got my laptop computer connected to my router via Ethernet, my router is then connected to my modem. I use my laptop as a desktop replacement and it's the only system I've got.

The place that I live in, my apartment is not huge by any means however I want to move my desk to another spot in my apartment. However the issue is where I want to move it, there's no Telephone port to connect my modem and I would have to leave my modem and router possibly at my current location. So essentially the way I'm seeing this is I will be able to move my desk however I'll have to connect to my router wirelessly now as opposed to always having it connected via ethernet.

Is it possible to still configure everything on the router and modem and benefit from the Internet by just a wireless connection ? I thought I read somewhere that you need at least one computer connected via Ethernet at all times in order for stuff to work in your network.

Thanks hope my question is clear enough !


PS : Please see the pics for more details hopefully I'm clear in what I want to try and accomplish.

I welcome all your suggestions !

A:I want to change my computer layout, need your advice...

hi no you will not loose any thing by choosing wireless only the speed if you have a router that is wireless n get a wireless n adapter for the usb or a pci card for your motherboard (this is a much better choice ) Wireless LAN

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So I've lost everything from Windows 10 and had to do a reinstall of Windows 10 which was forced into Creators. Downloaded Google Chrome and all of the sudden, the appearance is extraordinarily different. The view feels stretched and there's less space between tabs and top of the window, and in full screen, there's zero space. Icons are small, everything is hard to read and I can't get Chrome looking the way it did.

This is a full-size window screenshot. It's unbelievably unbearable to me, I feel like I can't see anything. I tried searching everywhere for what happened or why it looks so different but couldn't really figure it out.


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I have a template that was created by someone else that I must use. When I change the layout on the slide, the slide title does couple of things:
1. It adds the read only verbiage - Click to edit Master Title style. You have to go into Slide Master to remove it.
2. It maintains the initial slide title but changes the font, color, etc and it is on top of the read only verbiage in #1.
How can I fix this so that when the layout is changed, the integrity is maintained?

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I have seen pics of desktop icns at the top...please tell me how to do this?

Here is the sample:

A:How to change desktop icons layout?

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I use US Dvorak as my primary keyboard, but I type most of my passwords in standard US QWERTY layout. In Vista, I can change the icon for the different keyboard layouts so at a glance I can tell if I am in the correct keyboard layout when I'm in, for example, a password field where I can't see what I type. Is there any way to do this in XP? Does anyone know of any programs that would accomplish the same thing?


(If this is in the wrong forum, then please move it. However, I believe that this is the correct place)

A:XP Keyboard Layout Icon

I assume you mean this (Look by the task bar)?
It can also look like this (Look at the top)
If so, then you can find instructions for that here:

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Though I set my Keyboard layout: Latin American, the US Keyboard layout is reappearing constantly.

Please, how I can prevent my US Keyboard layout from bothering me?

I do want:
Keyboard layout: Latin American
Windows display language: US
Date, time and number formatting: US

But I do not want the US Keyboard layout.

I have to be always pressing Alt Left + shift and that is very annoying.

A:US keyboard layout reappears

Just make it default (the first one on the list)

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Hi all, I'm having a major stress. I don't know why it's happened but my keyboard has gone from UK layout to US (the @ and " positions have swapped as have |#|).

I've spent ages looking for help on this forum and others, googled the h*** out of the sucka, but I can't work out how to get it back. My main problem can be seen from the screenshot below (I hope).

As you can see, for some reason I have no default keyboard layouts. What can I do to get them back, reinstall them or what ever so my layout is restored to UK. I'd rather not have to install a 3rd party app, and I'm comfortable with writing something to the registry if need be.

I've also noticed during this that I can't see the language bar, and can't restore it.

I'm running windows 7 home prem, with sp1 (aparently all the latest updates).

Appreciate your help


A:No Default Keyboard Layout

valveless, welcome to sevenforums.com!

You just need to click on the Add button on that window and select
English (United Kingdom) - Keyboard - United Kingdom

Language bar is not available yet, because you do not have any input languages installed. Use the method I described to add languages, and after that language bar can be available.

More detailed information is available as a Tutorial.
Keyboard Input Language - Add or Remove

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Using 7 on a Sony VAIO laptop. Often when typing I get a different character than intended, for example when typing / i will get the capital E with the acccent (found on the same key) or when typing @ will get stuck on a " (also found on the key).
I presume I must have accidentally hit a change key by mistake? But which one and how to get it back?
Thanks to anyone who may help.

A:Keyboard layout issue

My keyboard isn't laid out like that at all.

Try Control Panel - Region and Language - Make a note how it's set now before making changes so you can go back ;-)

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When I start up my computer I keep getting a keyboard layout screen and when I select a keyboard it goes to the repair screen but nothing works... I don?t know how to fix it please help
This was after an update

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I am having a Japanese keyboard but english layout tried everything any solution ?
( I am not talking about the input method, I am talking about the physical layout of the keys on the keyboard)

A:Wrong Keyboard Layout

Please check the 'similar Topics' links that appear below your post. This one in particular may be useful http://www.techspot.com/community/topics/selected-wrong-keyboard-layout.188580/

I understand English is probably not your first language, but unfortunately, it is not clear from your post exactly what your problem is. The posts in the link I give above cover many problems people have with Japanese keyboards and the ability to switch backward and forward between them. Most if not all problems seem to have a solution, so hopefully you also will find one that helps you in that long series of posts. Good luck.

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Hi not sure if I got the right forum but,

I just reformated my HD and when I started everything up again I realised my Keyboard Layout was US, is there any easy way to change it back to Irish without reformating again?

It's mainly the "@ keys that are bugging me

A:Keyboard Config/Layout

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I just rebooted my desktop with windows xp from 2000 and now the keyboard layout is wrong. the " and @ are the wrong way around (i have a UK keyboard) and i can't find anything online to fix it! i downloaded intellitype but it did nothing at all to anything ever im sure! what do i need to download to correct the layout to UK settings on my computer?

A:Keyboard layout issue

If that is the MS intellitype software, uninstall it and then reinstall to choose uk instead
of any other country. Try a fresh download when doing this. The first download may be
incomplete to some degree causing this.

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When I power up my HP Envy laptop with Windows 8 I'm asked to "Choose your keyboard layout" every time. Is there a way to stop this happening? Control Panel set for English (US).

A:Choose your keyboard layout

Hello BocalLiobian, and welcome to Eight Forums.

Do you have a System Repair Disc (DVD) inserted, or Recovery Drive (USB) connected?

That's the same screen you would normally see if you had booted from either of them.

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Hi all, i just got a new Keyboard as a present from my son and its all good except the " and @ are the wrong way round. I have changed everything to UK and still this problem continues, does anyone have a solution to this problem, Thanx in advance for any help. Below is some info and screenies to assist you.

OS- Windows 10 Home x64

Keyborad - Motospeed K70L 7 Colorful LED Backlit Wired Desktop Keyboard Water Resistant USB Gaming Computer Keyboard for Dota LOL: Amazon.co.uk: Computers Accessories

A:Cant Use English UK Keyboard Layout

In the 'Language' window try add new language, going to United Kingdom, then just go to English, scroll to the bottom and press English. This shouldn't say extended next to it.

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