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AC511 SOUND BAR,could not adjust sound volume with volume knob

Q: AC511 SOUND BAR,could not adjust sound volume with volume knob

I just got a new ac11 sound bar.
It is impossible to adjust sound volume using its volume knob.
But I am able to adjust sound volume with the windows volume control widget.
My OS is windows 7 .

I tried my ac511 on another laptop, the volume knob works well.So I guess the hardware is all right.
Could anyone help me with this?
Thanks very much!

Preferred Solution: AC511 SOUND BAR,could not adjust sound volume with volume knob

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: AC511 SOUND BAR,could not adjust sound volume with volume knob

Based on your tests, the AC511 hardware is ok.* Turn the comptuer and monitor off* Mount the AC511 to the monitor slots after removing the plastic strips* Plug the AC511 USB cable + USB extension cable directly into the Windows 7 computer USB port* Turn the monitor on, then the computer* Re-test

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I am running windows Vista on an Acer Aspire 9300 Laptop.
Since about 2 days I cant adjust my sound volume, because it freezes up when i do.
I can only press CTRL+ALT+DEL and press Start Task Manager, then it returns to Windows, starts up task manager but i cant click on anything, also the Windows button does work, exept i cant click anything in it.

I searched all over google, mircosoft and several other Support sites but no answer found.
tho i did find a similiar problem to mine:

I am running windows Vista, Not XP

I hope you can help me,



A:Laptop Hangs when I adjust Sound Volume

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Here is a question I can't seem to find the answer to in the archives.

How can adjust the volume output from my Windows ME machine (with SoundMax Digital Audio) so that the volume of the background music I like to listen to (via RealOne Player version is quiet, but the other important sounds my PC makes (like email or calendar notifications) are loud enough so I can hear them?

I've seemingly tried all combinations of settings for the volume sliders/adjustments, including:

1) The volume knob on my speakers
2) The RealOne Player volume slider
3) The Windows volume control panel "Volume Control" slider
4) The WIndows volume control panel "PC Beep" slider

Even when the "PC Beep" volume slide is set to maximum, and the "Volume Control" slider is set near minimum in the Windows volume control panel, the PC beep is virtually inaudible when the background music is acceptably quiet (by adjusting the RealOne volume slider and/or the volume control on my speakers).

Am I doing something wrong? Is there some other way that I'm not thinking of to boost the volume of the system sounds my PC makes, while keeping the RealOne music volume low?



A:Boosting system beep volume relative to other sound volume?

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So I installed some new Windows updates today (whatever was available via Windows Update). I restarted my computer to enable the updates. When it came back on, my task bar was white for some reason. I solved that problem using the first solution I found here: [SOLVED] Taskbar is white

Well I didn't change my volume before doing that, so I don't know if it worked before I followed that solution. I do know that after following that solution, my volume meter no longer shows up when I change the volume via the keys for it on my keyboard. This is pretty annoying because it was convenient to always see my audio level when I adjusted the volume.

I am on a HP Pavilion dv7-6c95dx with beats audio, running Windows 7 64-bit. When I changed my volume, the beats audio logo with a volume meter under it would pop up, but it no longer shows up. I haven't noticed any change in the quality of my sound, and I can still actually adjust the volume level. The problem is the volume meter no longer displays to show me the volume level.

If anyone has any clue as to why this happened, that would be great!

A:Volume meter no longer displays when I adjust volume level

Try rolling back any keyboard driver updates, or go to the keyboard manufacturers website and download most up to date driver(s) from there.

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Hi, I'm Karma... I'm having this problem...when I control the volume from the volume knob near the earphone plug, sometimes it does not work and my windows explorer stops working (where the start menu, startup tray are). So it tells me to restart the explorer, but i get the same problem any time I touch the volume knob. When I try using the "sound" option and go the tab option "level", i get the same problem and have to restart the explorer.

Its starting to get really annoying now..Sometimes it just comes back and works as if nothing happened, but most of the time I have to restart my laptop. I have a toshiba satellite, windows vista...I have no clue what's the source of this problem...toshibas in general give out a lot of heat i think and I have an AMD processor too, but could that be the problem? I hope not because it get quite hot after only an hour i use it....

Anyways, I'm not really an expert on this (i suppose you already guessed by how i described the problem...and i hope you don't ask me the series of my laptop/windows/processor/speaker...lol), so I would love your take on my problem....Thanks in advance. :)


A:Audio-Volume knob

Definitely I would start with updating the drivers from Toshiba website. Another way may be is just to repair of Vista or restore to a previous restore point. Worse case scenario is reinstall Vista.

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I'm back!

I had to reformat my hard drive as a result of virus problems. I went right to WIN98 2nd Edition, not the OEM win95 CD I got from HP. As a result I lost the use of the voulme control on the keyboard.

I did download mmkb87 from an HP site and all was peachy keeno with my keyboard or so I thought. When I want to send an E-mail, my keyboard is DEAD! I have to go to START,SETTINGS,CONTROL PANEL, KEYBOARD, and select the KEYBOARD MANAGER tab, then disable the multimedia box. Then of course I lose the use of the volume control knob.




A:Volume knob on keyboard

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I had to reformat my hard drive because of a bunch of problems. When I re-loaded I went to a fully loaded WIN98 2nd edition, not the OEM Win95 Restore disk that came with my HP8260. (I did use the WIN95 Restore disk to load my sound card drivers.) All works great EXCEPT the Volume Knob on my console has no impact on volume.

Any ideas on how I can get the knob on the console to change volume?


A:Volume control knob

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Hi everybody,
I lost my volume control knob for my Monsoon computer speakers. I was wondering if it's still possible to get the speakers to work properly. I am getting no sound when I hook them up to the headphone jack. The control knob does not have a on off button, only volume control. I appreciate any help anyone might give me. Thanx.

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I've seen plenty of these threads but none of them are eMachines computers. I have an eMachines E525-2200 running Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit Service Pack 1.

The volume hotkey is Fn + arrrow up / arrow down. I press these and I see in the corner that the volume changes, but not the HUD like I'm talking about. I've already updated the driver to the latest version. All suggestions are helpful!

A:Volume HUD Not Appearing When I Adjust Volume

Hi there ... In order to get your Function Keys working you need Launch Manager software installed .. I think the Version you need is 3.0 .00 The problem of course is getting it working with Windows 7 as it was only meant for xp

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My volume control knob has broken off and fallen back in to my laptop. My computer works fine but I have no sound. Is there any way to bypass the knob to regain sound? (I have tried the on screen volume control but got no results)

A:Toshiba Volume Control Knob Problem

Probably have to disable the onboard sound
and install something like a usb sound card
and some usb powered external speakers.
That,or get it repaired.

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I got a new sound card today. Installed it, installed the drivers from the CD, plugged in the headphones and it works. But the sound levels are way to low. I raised the volume in all the places I could find, but it's still a bit low.

Here's the card: Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 VX Sound Card - Quality 5.1 surround audio

Here are my headphones: Philips - Stereo Headphones Deep bass - SHP2000/97 - Indoor - Headphones - Accessories

I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

A:Low volume with new sound card(Creative Sound Blast 5.1 VX)

1. Since you are using a separate sound card and not the on the motherboard audio, disable that in the BIOS. If its enabled it can conflict and cause problems.

Are you plugging into the Speaker jack on the card or do you have it connected to the front panel in the case. If you are connecting to the front panel headphone jack, plug the headphone into the Speaker jack on the card and see if there is any difference.

Try the headphones in a different computer to check the volume level. If its low on another computer then the headphones are the problem.

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I have a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4344 laptop running Windows XP. Unfortunately, the volume scroll wheel broke off and actually got pushed into the laptop. For some reason this scroll wheel controls the master volume, and presides over all other controls, and now that it has broken off I can't get any sound.

I've tried to do some research and found that if it was running Unbuntu, then I could disable some sort of keyboard shortcut. Here's the thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=665849 . But I have yet to find some solution regarding Windows XP.

I honestly could care less to have a functional scroll wheel, thats why I haven't sent it in. Plus $300 to fix a simple scroll wheel seems way too much.

I was hoping that someone could offer a few suggestions as to how I could disable or bypass the volume wheel and ultimately get my sound back. I'm sure anyone with a Toshiba satellite and a similar problem could benefit from this thread whether or not the problem gets fixed.

Thank all you for your time, and hopefully there IS a solution!

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I am pretty stumped with this one.

I upgraded my office to windows 7 32bit pro. 10 computers all the same, but one of them has audio issues.

When I play the sample music the volume bar shows the equalizer bouncing like it is sending out audio, but any speakers I plug into it produce no sound.

I have tried: different speakers, different jacks, 4 on the back 1 on the front, updating the audio driver, windows updates, rebooting, and yelling and now I am out of ideas.

When I use a usb based headphone I can get sound.

it lists the default sound device as a S/pdif high definition audio device...
Any suggestions on how to fix this?


A:The volume bar shows sound but no sound through speakers.

re: S/pdif high definition audio device

That's the digital output, you won't get any sound with that. Does it show "Speakers" listed in the same Window?

Right click on the Microsoft speaker icon in the taskbar, select playback devices, if you have Speakers listed, single left click on them and select "Set Default".

If you don't have speakers listed, make sure you have a pair of speakers plugged into the light green audio jack in the back then open the playback devices window as above... right click in the middle of the window and enable both "show disconnected/disabled devices".

Any speakers showing up yet?


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I am having a simple yet frustrating and annoying problem. I am using a Packard Bell iPower laptop, and Audiohub USB speakers (cause laptop speakers are pathetic) with a Windows 7 OS. The problem i am facing is that i am unable to control the master volume of my computer using the knobs on my usb speakers.

Apparently, whenever i control the knobs i control the volume of the application, rather than the master volume. Does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem? I have tried installing the latest drivers for my audio drivers (Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221).

So far this problem occurs on certain games and on media players. Thank you very much for reading.

Solution is much appreciated.

My apologies, if i have posted on the wrong section, kindly move if able

A:Speaker Knob Controlling Full Screen Application volume and not Master

Closing duplicate thread.

Continue here: http://forums.techguy.org/all-other-software/902639-speaker-knob-controlling-full-screen.html

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I am having a simple yet frustrating and annoying problem. I am using a Packard Bell iPower laptop, and Audiohub USB speakers (cause laptop speakers are pathetic) with a Windows 7 OS. The problem i am facing is that i am unable to control the master volume of my computer using the knobs on my usb speakers.

Apparently, whenever i control the knobs i control the volume of the application, rather than the master volume. Does anyone know what i can do to solve this problem?Or perhaps a software which sets the volume to control to always be master rather than the application volume? I have tried installing the latest drivers for my audio drivers (Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221).

So far this problem occurs on certain games and on media players. Thank you very much for reading.

Solution/Software suggestion is much appreciated.

My apologies, if i have posted on the wrong section, kindly move if able

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New Dell P2717H Monitor and new AC511 Dell Soundbar connected to older Dell XPS 8700 Windows 7 computer.
Sounds are fine, but Direct Control Volume Level dial on right side of soundbar DOESN'T change volume.
2 of my clients that I was with today have Dell systems with soundbars that were ordered at the same time as their system (1 is Windows 7, 1 is Windows 10) where dial works correctly. I am on frequent conference calls and must have ability to increase/decrease speaker volume instantly (without going to icon on system tray).
Dell sent replacement soundbar .. same issue! (boo) Latest driver appears to be installed.
Dell seems puzzled!! ANY/all ideas welcome.

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Is there any way to disable the physical volume button in the soundbar? So that the volume control will only be done through the OS?

A:Disable physical volume button in Dell Soundbar AC511


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I have an Intel motherboard with on board sound. The volume was very low. I disengaged the on board and installed a sound card. The same problem Low. Low sound. Installed Winamp. Does not respond to volume adjustments. Any ideas?

A:Low sound volume

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How can I boost sound and volume on my computer, easily and economically?
All of my controls are as high as they will go but listening to music on the headset or through the monitor or even with speakers, it's not 'premium' as I'd like it to be.

Do I need fancier speakers or headset or do I need to install an equalizer or something like that? I imagine my input/output is about all it will get, as is. Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Want More Sound/volume

You can easily install a sound card, TexasAngelSolid performance is found in products by Creative Labs.http://www.creative.comand no real need to get carried away with the costs. even old ones do a good job. found at used pc stores, soundblaster cards made anytimeb4 & near the year your PC was made will probably work.so, your system specs = the best way to figure out what you can or should get.doing that lil hardware install isn't difficult, ppl here can assist you.TurtleBeach is another good performer ... many at this link to read about:http://www.newegg.com/ProductSort/SubCateg...?SubCategory=57

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new system but the volume keeps fluctuating sometimes okay but somtimes even at 100% the sound is very low and not audible. what am i missing is it because of any settings?

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I recently updated my graphic drivers to the latest. (ATI Catalyst 10.9)
I restarted my computer and noticed that my sound is acting strange.

When I play a game, for example Oblivion or Fallout 3, and talk to a character their voice is very low volume. I can barely hear what they're saying.
When I stand next to them and they are talking (without me engaging in a conversation with them) I can hear them just fine.
I can also hear all other sounds just fine.
I checked the audio settings for Fallout 3 and the voice option is set to 100%.

I believe that while playing Dirt2 the voice that tells me 'easy right', 'hard left', 'don't cut', etc is "muted" as well. (I'm not sure, though - haven't tried it enough to be sure.)

I also checked my audio drivers, and it's set to 5.1 (I thought it might've reset to 2.0 or something.)
I have a 5.1 audio system, so that's not the problem.

I also checked the audio advanced options for "communications" (which can 'set all other sound' to: 1. 50% 2. 80% 3. Turn off completely. 4. Do nothing.)
-I tried doing nothing, but I still can't hear the voices properly. (It was set to 80% by default.)

I tried to automatically search for audio driver updates, but found nothing.
I haven't tried re-installing them.
Here's my specs:
Analog Devices AD2000B @ Intel 82801JB ICH10 - High Definition Audio Controller
ATI Radeon HD 5870
Windows 7 Pro x64
When I run the "check each speaker" -thing; I get clear sound from... Read more

A:Sound volume low

Did you reboot after selecting "Do Nothing" under the communications tab?

Here's some ideas.

Right click the MS speaker icon in the task bar, select playback devices.
"Speakers" should have the green check mark as the default communications device.

Single left click "speakers", the configure and properties buttons should become active.

Select properties... go to the levels tab and make sure all of your levels (Center...etc) are up, you will have to scroll down to see all of the level settings. Also look at the enhancements tab, select Immediate mode first then try disabling the "Loudness Equalization" enhancement. Again, you may have to scroll down the list.

Back up and select the "Configure" tab, make sure it's set for your speaker system.


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I am a medical transcriptionist by trade and have moderate hearing loss. I am not using the external speakers as there is much static and too much background noise. I am using the system unit. There is no static. The volume is set at its highest setting. I am wondering if there is a way that the volume can be tweaked to a higher setting. I would appreciate any assistance with my problem. Thanks so much.

A:Low Sound Volume

Hi Nan and welcome to Windows 7 Forums

Headphones are passive devices, meaning that they do not have a built-in amplifier. The audio output of the motherboard, whilst it is capable of driving headphones and passive speakers, is intended to drive active speakers. Are you using headphones plugged into the green audio out socket? Try plugging the speakers in and then plug the headphones into them.

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I have one Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value

Ok, I read that it's a driver problem.
But, I already tried both drivers available to my card, the one official from Sound Blaster (SBAX_PCDRV_LB_2_18_0011.exe) and the one from Daniel_K (Audigy_SupportPack_2_0.exe) and same low volume problem.

Still the sound is very low. Yes, everything is on maximum and the 'Communications' tab is on 'Do nothing'

Please, someone, help me

I'm using Windows 7 RTM.

A:Low sound volume

Give this one a try,

SB Audigy Series Support Pack 2.5 (08/09/2009) - Creative Labs

He just posted it today,

Fixes and improvements:

- Workarounds a bug that unexpectedly resets the speaker configuration.
- Prevents an issue during installation on Windows 7/Vista that may result in low volume when certain enhancements are enabled.
- Really improves CMSS Headphone experience.
- Dolby Digital Live works on Windows 7.
- Updates all InstallShield setup scripts to support Windows 7.
- Fixes installation INI to properly install applications depending on the detected OS.
- Removes COM workaround for Equalizer, fixed by Creative.
- Adds workaround to a memory corruption issue preventing Equalizer from starting on Windows 7/Vista.
- Updates shared modules, responsiveness on certain applications is improved.
- Enables CMSS2 and Stereo Surround.
- Fixes 32-bit ASIO not working on Windows 7 x64.
- Fixes Encoder not available on Windows 7 x64 (related to fix above).
- Modifies default format on Windows 7 / Vista to 24-bit, 48kHz.
- Properly adds support for 64-bit OpenAL and 64-bit ASIO.
- Sets default speaker setting to 5.1 to properly reset configs to their defaults during install (fixes Bass and Treble leves not set to

The bolded bit sure sounds like what you are describing.

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Since going from Win8 to Win10 tech preview I have had to increase my volume a lot more than before to hear anything. Has anyone else had sound volume issues with Win10? thanks

A:Low sound volume

I did at one point have the same issue but it cleared up when I re-booted my PC. In addition I did download the drivers for the audio for my motherboard so if I have to I can re-install them.

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I've had this laptop for a couple of months now but have only just got around to watching videos or listening to music on it. When I try to do this the volume fluctuates wildly goimg from incredibly loud to very quiet. Adjusting the volume control has no effect. It happens with every form of sound source whether it be from YouTube eg or off music downloaded onto the laptop. Is this more likely to be a software or hardware issue?

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I have a new Acer Aspire Netbook with Windows 7 starter great for travelling. I like to keep up with radio news but find the sound level a bit too low and cannot see how to increase the volume. When I click on the sound icon on the taskbar it is set at max. I also looked at control panel sounds and whatever I click on looks to be at max. Is ther anything I can do.

A:sound volume

buy woofers

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Hi everyone, recently when I went to watch a video on my desktop there was no sound. There was picture and no sound, everything is working fine I just can't hear anything. The volume is up, and i've tried over and over again. On the contrary, when I go to the internet to watch a video rather than watching one that is stored on my desktop I can hear it just fine. All the videos on my pc have been on there for a year so I don't think it would be a problem with a download because I haven't downloaded anything recently. All my drivers are updated, every single one, and my sound card is fine. Can someone help me with this please? Thanks Much.

A:Volume On, No Sound.

Are there separate settings for your sound card driver software? I know I can turn the volume up or down on my computer using either through the media player, or the sound card controls. You didn't mention doing a system restore, so if all else fails, you could try an earlier point in time to when the sound was working.

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I have never had this problem before. When the volume is all the way down (off) there is still audio coming from my speakers (or headphones). The volume works fine going up and down, I just can't turn it any quieter or off without using mute.

This has just recently become a problem, and I have checked all the sliders and audio options etc and still can't find out what is causing it. I know it is not the hardware.

A:Volume all the way down, still sound!

Ok I solved it. I don't know how, but some wrong drivers got installed for my onboard audio. Reinstalled the correct drivers and its working now.

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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?


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Hi there, my computer has been working fine until it was infected with a trojan and i do a system format to it. Well virus is gone etc. and was very happy about it.

But one day, when i try to listen to some music, the pc speakers just do not have any sound. After several attempts in finding out what is the problem, which i did not, I have decided to just jack in its plug/cable to the earphone slot. There sure is sound coming out then.

Still, the problem still persists when comes to streaming of videos online. There is video visual but simply no audio. Its like watching a mime show. I have been tolerating it for about 6 months but simply could not held it any longer.

The audio in my com is realtek hd audio manager. Please do help me solve this problem.

Another problem i have is that i cannot place my volume tray icon at the taskbar. Couldn't even checked the box as all was blocked. how?

A:No Volume Icon And Sound!

Set windows to show hidden files,How to see hidden files in Windows Then navigate to:C:\ Windows \ System32 \ dllcacheLocate sndvol32.exeRight click it, and select Copy.Navigate to C:\ Windows \ System32 In an open area, right click and select PasteIf Windows says the file already exists, do you want to replace it, select YesReboot

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Can anyone help? I brought my first HP product 5 days ago and its dreadful. The sound is awful, i previously had a Sony Vaio that was excellent and the sound was so loud on 20 per cent volume, brilliant on 100 per cent. This laptop I hear nothing until 50 per cent and at 100 per cent its so low....lower than my Sony on 20 per cent. I need this for my work and am almost in tears of frustration. Please can anyone help, I am so disappointed with this product. Thank you in advance. 

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Hey everyone. I started my computer up and the quick launch portion of the taskbar (on the bottom right corner of the screen) was missing the volume button, which is normally present. I found my computer on even though I could've sworn I had turned it off (or at least on hibernate), which is when I found it this way. Also, the little arrow that you use to expand the quick launch area is missing. Upon restaring my computer my background wallpaper was gone, as well as a few word documents I had created and placed on the desktop. Also, windows gave me a notification that it couldn't load my profile, and that it was giving me a temporary profile instead. I booted my computer in safe mode with networking, and when I did symantec newly appeared with an error (saying its liveupdate could not download its files). I ran the housecall free internet virus scan (since apparently my own antiviruses are not doing their job. I run them frequently) and it didn't come up with anything. I restarted my computer in normal mode again and everything seems to be back to normal. However, I am suspicious that something just isn't right. Any help will be greatly appreciated.Here is my Hijack This report:Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2Scan saved at 9:05:07 PM, on 12/16/2009Platform: Windows Vista SP2 (WinNT 6.00.1906)MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18865)Boot mode: NormalRunning processes:C:\Windows\system32\taskeng.exeC:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exeC:\W... Read more

A:My Volume (sound) disappeared


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Do anyone know why the microphone input signal recorded by Vista Sound Recorder is different from other software? Ex. Sound Recorder might record less volume then CoolEdit under the same mic boost and mic gain setting condition?


A:Sound Recorder Volume

this can be simply down to codex used however not always the case

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I purchased a new computer (well second hand) and installed a fresh version of XP Pro on it. The computer now does not have sound or a volume control in the task bar. I assume the computer did have sound previously as there were a large assortment of video and music files.

When I search for volume control and click on them I get this message:
"There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices go to control panel, click printers and other hardware and then add hardware.

The program will now close"

On the side of the computer it has the following listed as its audio device:
Integrated Realtek ALC658 Digital Audio. Dolby 5.1 surround sound ready'
Anyway, i downloaded a Realtek ALC658 driver from google and still no use.


A:No Sound or volume control

Right-click My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager. Is there any devices with a red cross or a yellow exclamation/question mark?

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I have normal volume when I listen to MP3s or CDs on my computer and most videos online (cnn, msnbc, metacafe.com, etc). But Youtube video sound volume is rather low - have to crank up the speakers volume at the max, so hear a lot of static/noise.

All the volume sliders are at the max on the Windows Volume Control (including Wave). I installed the latest Adobe Flash Plugin for both IE and Firefox. I checked the Control Panel->Sound And Audio Devices Properties - device volume and Speaker volumes are on High. Sound Playback is set to "SoundMAX Digial Audio" - the only other option is Model Line Playback. I have the same problem in both IE and Firefox.

I have Dell Dimension 4550 with Windows XP (the comp is about 5 years


A:Low sound volume on Youtube

have you up'd the You Tube flash video window volume control on the browser?

Try other You Tube videos, do they all have low volume?

Try deleting your browser cookies?

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I have a Compaq Presario with Realtek AC97
sound card. Despite the volume being set
to the highest, it is not high enough.
This is especially a problem when doing voice chat.
I have an NEC laptop (not sure which sound card)
and when I connect the same headphone as above
to the NEC, I get good volume.

So I am suspecting the Realtek AC97. But
I am not sure how to make sure that I have
the latest driver for it. When I go the
realtek.com.tw site, there is no driver there
for AC97. There are various other sites
which have drivers but they seem to have
lower versions than mine. I am not sure
I am reading/interpreting the version
numbers properly.

Here is what I see when I go to
control panel -> system -> device manager ->
Realtek AC97 ->properties -> driver
on the compaq presario, I see this version: dated 2/13/2004.

The versions I see on websites that have
AC97 driver have A3.6 or such numbers.

Can someone please give me some ideas about
what I can do to increase the sound volume?


A:Sound volume not high enough

Adjust Computer Sound Volume

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We just purchased a new HP notebook. Everything is working fine except the sound. And its only the system sounds. ie: windows greeting..... email notifier..... error notifier etc. All other soundsas in watching web content like youtube or playing an audio cd work fine. When the volume control properties are opened the slider is at the max position.

I have found may posting on what to do if its the other way around, with normal system sounds and low everything else but not this particular scenerio. I'm running windows 7 64X version and all the updates are complete.

Any help would be appreciated


A:Low system sound volume only

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i uninstalled the google desktop & google taskbar then i had no sound & all of my volume controls were gone! the google programs came in the computer from the factory

A:missing volume or sound

Is your sound card still listed in Device Manager? Do you know what sound card you have? If not, make/model of machine?

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WinXP: Somehow I have lost my sound icon in the taskbar. I use it to regulate sound volume. How can I get it back? Thanks.

A:volume/sound icon

Line 20 left side


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I have a friend who has asked me to help with bringing up the sound on her computer. The levels in the control panel are set to the highest. She has no volume control on her speakers. It is a new computer and she has sound; it is just too low. What else can we adjust?

A:help bring up sound volume

Do the speakers have built-in amplifiers? If not, the only adjustment may be to buy some amplified speakers. The sound outputs on most modern computers are not made to drive speakers directly.

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So I have this laptop that was working fine last night and this morning, the volume is so low that I can't even hear it. It sounds fine when I plug in my headphones. Is there any way to test if this is a hardware or software problem?

A:[SOLVED] Sound Volume


Have you checked all your volume control to make sure all the sliders are all the way up?

Is the volume low in all apps (Media Player, Online Videos,etc) ?

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I need to higher the overall sound volume output of my pc.VLC does it I know,but the sound is distorted.Can U suggest any apps?

A:Increase sound volume

there are no apps, you need to get speakers with a volume control to increase the volume.

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Hi Guys,

This is my system:
QX6800, 2GB, Vista 32Bit Ultimate, Creative SoundBlaster Live! 32Bit.

Most of the times in windows media player (I have not tried any other music player) the volume of MP3 (no problem in videos or other audio formats) files keeps going up and down on a random basis. Anybody experienced this strange problem?

I have these codecs installed if it does matters:
1. Combined Community Codec Pack
2. AC3Filter

Thanks for any help!

A:Sound volume keeps changing by itself??

Just to rule out anything...please try a different media player such as winamp or foobar and let us know if you still get the problem.

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Hello, y windows XP system crashes with a BSOD everytime I try to change the sound volume, both from the icon in the icon tray and from the control panel, audio settings. The weird thing is that the sound is working: I can hear windows sounds been playing at startup and I can also hear sounds from DVD or CD playing. I simply cannot change or disable the volume: the system crashes with a BSOD and even if the option to restart in case of errors is not enabled, it restarts on that BSOD and I don't have the chance to write down anything.

Event Viewer contains those information for the system error:
BCOde 1000007f BCP1: 00000008 bcp2:80042000 BCP3:0000000
BCP4:0000000 OSVER:5_1_2600 SP:1_0 PRODUCT:256_1

I have updated already the sound card driver, no success; I have tried already to replace the sndvol32.dll file, no success. I have researched the newsgroups, no success.

Can anyone help, please?


A:Cannot change sound volume.

Hi, just to follow up: it was a rootkit (xpdx.sys). Removed with rustbfix.exe.


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It's been like this for two years, so it's not a settings problem.

I own an HP Workstation (XW6200, if it matters), and (don't laugh) I use the headphone port in front to power my speakers (cheapo stuff- nothing fancy) using a splitter. They work OK, but I hardly get any volume out of them, even with all the settings cranked all the way up.

Now, normally I'd be using the sound card, but I don't get any sound out of that- at all- when the speakers are plugged into it. I bought another sound card, installed that- same deal.

I've never had problems with sound on another computer, but I'm tired of straining to hear. Any advice?

If it matters, the speakers I use don't plug in to any power source.


A:Hardly any sound with volume cranked all the way up.

You need media speakers that plug in to a power source and amplify the sound from your headphone socket(if you must use the headphone socket)There only cheap under 10 in uk

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hi all. i bought a nextbook flexx 10 tablet and its not bad but the volume is so low on this thing if two people are talking in a room i cannot hear the tablet. is there anything i can on windows 10 to increase the volume? i have tried to go into speaker properties and go to "enhancement" tab but there isnt a tab called that in my setting i have also uninstalled driver from device manager and that didnt help. Yes, I do have the volume set all the way up to 100%. not sure whatelse to try. is there a amplifier program i could download or could i try another driver from somewhere?

THANKS for any help!

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