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VBE dialog prompt when Excel file is closing (Excel 2010 32-bit)

Q: VBE dialog prompt when Excel file is closing (Excel 2010 32-bit)

Hi guys,

Since a day or two I?m having the following issue when I close an excel file (extension xlam).

I write my own addin files and have been using them for many, many years.

I?ve read that this seems to be a bug with Excel 2010 but the strange thing is why now and not before?

The addin is not installed, I run it when I need it, it contains the necessary xlm code with custom ribbons and all the necessary buttons, you name it, it just works as it should.

I have one button that either close the addin or quits Excel altogether

The VBA project?s properties are set to non-visible and password protected.

Now I get the dialog prompt to enter the VBE password. If I enter the password or press cancel, all I get is that Excel has encountered a problem and will shutdown.

OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Office 2010 and everything has been running fine with Windows 01 and before that with Windows 7

VBA Editor window is not maximized (as I read on several posts), and when I remove the password and save it and then reopen the vbe editor does not show up anymore when closing.

If I run the same macro directly, not using the menu button, the same thing happens. It seems like it?s trying to access the VBA properties, but I have not added any code to do that.

Very strange and especially I do not like thing I do not understand, no changes made and I do not address the VBE components in any way.

Any ideas?
P.S. I cannot upload the file but the thing is that it just started, all at once.

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Preferred Solution: VBE dialog prompt when Excel file is closing (Excel 2010 32-bit)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I've searched for issues regarding non-working VBA code written for Excel 2010 and compatibility wit Excel 2011 for MAC.
I am currently using Addin (*.xlam) files that hold all the necessary code to process multiple files without needing to use the PERSONAL.XLSB and as eliminating the need to copy VBA code to every file that requires.
This works perfectly with all the Windows Office versions.
Today a colleague want's to run this same file on a MAC book with Office 2011.
The moment he opens the Addin het gets an error that a library cannot be found, understandable, but the Tools Reference in the VBA project is also greyed out so I cannot even try setting any reference.
Does anyone have any experience with this or is this something that needs a complete new approach when it regards Office on the MAC?

I hope somebody can help

A:Solved: Excel 2010 xlam file not working with Excel 2011 for MAC

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Most of my Excel files open fine with a doubleclick from Windows Explorer. I have two XLSX files however, that "try" to open when I single click. They open to a blank, grey screen - essentially they open Excel, but the file does not open. (I do see a quick flash of tabs at the bottom indicating the file is starting to open or opens and then terminates immediately).

The problem is clearly not a "tiled window" or "window offscreen" problem - there is no file open. All the Excel functions are greyed out. If I go to File-->Options, i just get a blank grey screen. If I go to file --> open, I can then open any file.

It seems that these two files have some kind of trigger property that starts Excel with one-click, but I can't find how to change that property. None of my other XLSX files act this way.

UPDATE: Further experimentation reveals that this problem is somehow linked to password protection. I copied all the tabs to a new sheet and saved as XLSX. This sheet works normally, i.e. I can click on it once to highlight it and it does not open Excel. I double click and it opens. But once I password protect it, the behaviour changes to that described above.

A:Excel 2010 - Excel Opens Blank on One Click of File

Do you have the "preview pane" on? if so, turn it off and you should be able to view the password protected documents properly.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-4400M APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics, AMD64 Family 21 Model 16 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 7650 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 7670M, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 931724 MB, Free - 865841 MB; D: Total - 21840 MB, Free - 2343 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 18A7
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

I am unable to open a password protected Excel 2010 file in Excel 2007.

When attempting to open this file nothing happens but on clicking the office button the New and Open options are available but all the other options are greyed out.

Using the open option has no effect on this file whatsoever.

I would be grateful for any suggestions.



A:Excel 2010 file will not open in excel 2007

Does is need to be saved in a different format. Wasn't there a change in the default around that time??

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Hi, This is my first post, So if I need to change anything, let me know. I could not find anything on this subject when I was searching.

I have a user saving documents locally (Local Save As) When this (or any other) dialog box pops up, it does in the background. This causes Excel to appear to hang.

Several workarounds, Minimize Outlook, Alt-Tab, Hover over the excel windows in the taskbar and select the hidden one. On and on.

Looking for an actual "Fix" for this issue.

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This little problem has just come up. Clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner of any Excel 2010 workbook wont close Excel. Doing so just closes the workbook and leaves Excel still running and showing an empty workbook. It is as though I clicked on the X on the workbook rather than the one for Excel. File>Exit of course closes Excel as it should.

As I said, this behavior just came up. For years I have used the X to close Excel and wonder what might have changed and how do I go about getting the 'old' behavior back?

BTW, am using Windows 7.

Thank you very much.

A:Closing Excel 2010 by Clicking X

Dumb me! I just noticed the 'blank' worksheet that appeared when I clicked the X was my Personal.Xls. I had used it to change a macro a few days back and forgotten to hide it again.

Like I said, dumb me.

Thanks anyway

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Hey all,

I have come to you in a fit of desperation. My USB drive was stolen recently and my master Excel data file was lost, which contained all my compiled data from my most recent lab experiment.

Anyway, I have charts of all the important stuff in a word document. The data is there, I can hover on each data point and see the values, and the axes and chart are all accessible for editing.

My question is, how the heck do I extract that data back out of the chart into a table or Excel spreadsheet? There MUST be a way that is better than copying down each data point one at a time

Your help is greatly appreciated.

A:Excel chart in Word 2010: extract chart values? Lost Excel data file!!!! Help.

Hi welcome to the fourm.
I don't know it reverse engineering is possible.
Something like convert chart to table?

One thing you could try is copy the chart back to a new Excel file and see if more is possible there than in Word?

Like I said never needed this. Have you googled for something like Excel data reverse enginieering?
Maybe something come up.

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My computer support company is crap, so I thought I'd get some real help here.

I have Excel 2007. When I used to open a file that another user was in, I would get the standard popup that someone else was using it, and I would need to choose to open as read only, be notified when it was available or cancel out.

Now when I do that, it automatically opens as read-only without letting me know someone else is in it. Yes, it says read-only in the title bar, but I can easily miss that.

I can't figure out where I can get that option back, assuming it was an option. Our support company keeps having techs call us with 'solutions' for 2003 that won't work since no 'Tools' menu exists in Excel anymore. Other people still get the popup, so it is not a file setting, it is something on my machine.

I've looked through all the option settings and don't see anything and if I find the question online, it doesn't have an answer.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Guys,

While opening Excel or Word documents (deployed as ASP.Net application in IIS7) from intranet websites in IE8, we are seeing authentication prompt and after providing credentials the file is opening fine. Surprisingly if I cancel the authentication prompt, the file is still opening fine!! Is this problem related to IE IIS or Office? How to fix the issue?

Thanks a lot Safap

A:Authentication prompt while opening Excel file in IE8

Tools>Internet Options>Security>Intranet Zone>Check all settings for what you want. Do the same in Advanced/Security. One or more settings are improper for your usage.

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I am running Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 on Windows 7.

When I open Excel my personal.xlsb opens fine and my macros are available and I can create new macros. No problems.

BUT when I open any existing Excel file the pesronal.xlsb is not opened and therefore no macros and I cannot create new macros as I get the error "Personal Macro Workbook in the startup folder must stay open for recording." I have been trying things all night with no luck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will list the things I have tried or checked with no success below:
In Options>Advanced Tab>General Section....the box for "Ignore other applications that use DDE" is NOT checked.
In Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Trusted Locations... I have C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART listed which is where my personal.xlsb is located
In Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Macro Settings ...Disable all macros with notification...selected and not selected neither way solves the issue.
In Options>Add-Ins>Manage: Disabled Items ...There are no disabled items.
I have deleted HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Excel in the registry editor
I have deleted C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\PERSONAL.XLSB and then run excel to create a new personal file.
I have renamed C:\Users\Nick\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART\PERSONAL.XLSB to PERSONAL.XLSA

Thank you in advance fo... Read more

A:PERSONAL.XLSB does not open when existing excel files are opened in Excel 2010

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Problem in Excel 2010 [but revives a Closed TSG thread for Excel 2007]

The "Personal Macro Workbook" is a file called Personal.XLSB
The Personal.XLSB file is in the correct location /XLSTART/
The file properties option "Opens with Excel" is selected.
The file contains a (freshly re-made) macro.
(It also contained the same steps macro before it was deleted
and re-recorded during troubleshooting for this problem.)

When Excel is opened, the Personal.XLSB DOES NOT OPEN WITH it.

Because the Personal Macro Workbook does not open,
- existing macros do not function,
- nor can new macros be recorded

Same not-opening result, whether opened by clicking on
- Excel, in the Programs list or
- a desktop shortcut to a specific Excel file

However, the Personal.XLSB file can be opened and the macro made functional
by manually opening that file where it is stored in /XLSTART/

An unexplained workaround was identified in the closed thread.

*rename the Personal.XLSB to Personal.XLSA

I find this workaround effective.
The Personal.XLSA file opens with Excel and the macros are available.
But the file seems to be grayed out when viewed with Explorer in /XLSTART/

However, I do not like using workarounds, as they can cause trouble later.
I find that the "open with" setting was changed when the extension was changed
The setting is now "Opens with: Windows Shell Common"

I would appreciate an explanation how to make Personal.XLSB open as it should.
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A:Solved: Personal.XLSB in Excel 2010 does not open on starting Excel

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We recently migrated from Office 2003 to Office 2010.

Just to give some background, (and I dont' know if this is relevant to this error), the Office 2003 excel did not accurately show the correct file paths where files were linked. It would show something in the C drive.

The issue I am concerned about today is this: when some users close files in 2010 (files were created in they sometimes get the error below:

'"The name ABE2, either conflicts with a valid range reference or is invalid for Excel. This name has been replaced with _ABE2"

Can someone assist me with this? I need to stop it from appearing and I am not sure how.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 v Excel 2003 Error Valid Range

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I have been getting the following errors in Excel 2010 for about 3 months and they are getting more frequent (I have Win 7 Pro):

(1) Errors were detected while saving 'C:\Users\username\Documents\filename.xlsx'.
Microsoft Excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing some
features. To make the repairs in a new file, click Continue. To cancel saving the
file, click Cancel.
(2) Cannot open the Clipboard.
(3) An unexpected error has occurred. AutoRecover has been disabled for this session of Excel.
(4) Excel has stopped working.
(5) Freezes on print preview.

I have done the following:
- Tried Excel in safe mode.
- Uninstalled and Reinstalled Office 2010.
- Disabled all add-ins.
- Done an exhaustive search on the internet only to find that other people have one or more of these errors, but no solutions.
- Other Office 2010 apps work ok.

Nothing has worked. Iím barely able to get anything done! Please help, Iím dying here!

A:Excel 2010 ProblemsI have been getting the following errors in Excel 2010 for about 3

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I am trying to pull a dashboard view from a "Tracker". Given below is the formula that I used:

=COUNTIFS('KT Tracker'!$T$2:$T$138,$C$2,'Tracker'!$U$2:$U$138,"<="&TODAY()+7,'Tracker'!$L$2:$L$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$B17,'Tracker'!$AF$2:$AF$138,'Monthly Dashboard'!$A$13,'Tracker'!$AD$2:$AD$138,"<>Cancelled")

This perfectly works fine in my laptop that has excel 2013 but when I email this to my team who have Excel 2010, they only see zeros. We have checked all options like enabling Automatic Calulcation of Formula, removing all named ranges in the sheet etc., but it is just not working.

Can you please help ? This is a bit urgent and I need to present this for a meeting tomorrow.
Appreciate your help and thanks in advance !!!

A:COUNTIFS working in Excel 2013 but not in Excel 2010

It might be something to do with "<>cancelled"

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Does anyone know how to change the password for a Excel 2010 spreadsheet?

We have one, we know the password, but need to change it as many people that shouldn't know it, does. But can't figure out how

We can't use Save As, as the spreadsheet is linked to other tables on the network. Just want to change the password that we already know, to a new one.

Looked here already, they just mention Save As:



We're used to Office 2003, so this is a big jump at work for us



A:How to change Excel 2010 password (when in the excel sheet)

We can't use Save As, as the spreadsheet is linked to other tables on the network.Click to expand...

Why not? You can save it with the exact-same filename, even with the Save As command. It's only from here you can choose the Tools drop-down, General Options, and then change the password from there.

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As part of updatting our computer equipment I was reassigned from a Dualcore Windows XP Sp2 with Office 2007 to a new Quadcore Windows XP Sp3 with Office 2010. Both with IE8.

The problem at hand is this particular Macro that is run monthly and creates 167 web querys, one at a time. This is why I made a macro. The webpage that I get my imformation from is http://www.systematics-int.co.uk/, which has a login page.

What I used to do in Excel was to first manually create a web query in such page in order to enter my login credentials, confirm that I entered the page, close the query wizard, and then proceed to run my macro. It worked, and still works, flawlessly in my previous PC but not so much in my new one, as all I get from the macro are a bunch of worksheets saying that I'm not logged in so I can't retrieve any information.

I hope I've been explicit enough as how it doesn't work. I really need this to work because my old PC is going to be formatted and my only option would be to do this manually.

If you need more info please ask, I don't think I've been clear enough as English is my second language.

A:Excel 2010 web query is not working as it did in Excel 2007

Could ik be that the symantec site has attached your login to a specic Ip address or machine name which now is changed because of your new system?
I don't really think it;s Office 2010.
Your system is new, another mac address, probably a new IP address, new computername.

All these seeminly irrelevant factors may be the reason it's now working, have you tried executing your macro step by step? Trubleshooting takes a lot of patience and time.

I hope this gives you some ideas to look at

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I'm working on two MS Office 2010 Excel files one of which consists of unorganized text data (from a survey) typed on four separate worksheets each under a different question heading. The other file consists of the same text data on one worksheet organized under the same question headings in columns B, C, D and E - respondents' job titles, which they provided when they completed the survey, are in column A.

I'd like to be able to compare these two files but have yet to find anything that works for me. I've checked Microsoft support and other sites - the latter describe how to do this in earlier versions of Excel by activating the VBA Add-in but were short on details of how to do that. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:MS Office 2010 Excel file comparison

how do you want to compare? Are you just looking for duplicates?

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I use Windows 7 and Excel 2010. I created a file and was using it for some time and now when I try to open it it says either "Access denied. Contract your administrator." or "You don't have permission to open this file. Contact the file owner or an administrator to obtain permission."

I created the file. I do network with 2 other computers and everything is stored on one of those. Those computers have older versions of Microsoft Office, but we haven't had a problem with any other file. It appears that somehow this file was saved as an Excel worksheet (xlsx) (I guess in 2010) even though I have it on the setting to save as a 1997-2003 file. Usually it will still open after converting on the other computers. When they try to open it says "Cannot access read-only document" but the read-only is not checked in properties.

I NEED to get in to this file...how do I do it???

A:Excel 2010 access denied to one file

f1prop said:

I use Windows 7 and Excel 2010. I created a file and was using it for some time and now when I try to open it it says either "Access denied. Contract your administrator." or "You don't have permission to open this file. Contact the file owner or an administrator to obtain permission."

I created the file. I do network with 2 other computers and everything is stored on one of those. Those computers have older versions of Microsoft Office, but we haven't had a problem with any other file. It appears that somehow this file was saved as an Excel worksheet (xlsx) (I guess in 2010) even though I have it on the setting to save as a 1997-2003 file. Usually it will still open after converting on the other computers. When they try to open it says "Cannot access read-only document" but the read-only is not checked in properties.

I NEED to get in to this file...how do I do it???Click to expand...

Let's see if it is a permissions error.
Try right clicking on the file (before you open it), go to Properties, Security, under "GROUP OR USER NAMES" click on yourself (your username), then check on the box below that " PERMISSIONS FOR ________" and check to see that you have READ privileges. If you see a check mark next to "READ" then you do, if you don't have a check mark there go to "EDIT", click on yourself, and click on "READ" ALLOW's check mark. Check and see if... Read more

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I have the following issue every time I try and save one excel workbook that was sent to me and I need to work on it frequently it will not save.

The OS that I&#8217;m running is windows 7 Professional 32bit the office application is MS Office 2010 Standard. Every time I try save the file I get the following error &#8220;Errors were detected while saving &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.. Microsoft excel may be able to save the file by removing or repairing some features. To make the repairs in a new file click continue. To cancel saving the file click cancel.&#8221;

If I click continue Excel freezes up and has to be shut down via task manager if I press cancel it does not save the document. Now I have checked the following on the document.

Permissions on the excel workbook are go

Disabled add-ons on excel

Changed Excel file name

Change file to 2003 format and still having same problem as 2010 format

Cleared all Temp files form the temp Folder

Opened the excel file using the open and repair feature

Uninstalled and reinstalled MS Office 2010

Performed a repair on the installation

All other excel files work fine on this computer I have created new workbooks and saved them without any issues I have emailed the file to a different PC with the same specs and can save the file fine without having to make any changes to the system or excel file.

Is there anythi... Read more

A:Excel 2010 Saving file problem

Is the file from previous version of excel?
I once have such issue, only to find out and old macro code causing the problem.
one such error will be having range = something instead of set range = something.
Compiler will not throw out errors of such.

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Hey all,

I'm having an issue with the Xerox Workcentre 7120 and Excel 2010. I simply cannot print Excel files whatsoever. It tells me that the document has been sent to the printer, yet two minutes later it tells me that the print job has failed - no reason given, it just says in the Completed Jobs tab that it was cancelled. When looking at the Completed Jobs tab on the printer itself, it tells me that it was "Completed-Error" - basically meaning that nothing happened. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit.

I've tried many fixes, including restarting the PC, restarting the printer, restarting the print spooler, reinstalling Office 2010 completely, installing another driver for the printer, running a repair on Microsoft Office 2010, reinstalling the printer completely (it's a network printer) and dancing around the PC in complete frustration whilst chanting (the last one helps a lot, strangely enough).

The weirdest thing is that it's just an issue with Excel - Word, Office and other Office programs print fine with this specific printer. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried printing to another printer in another part of the office, and that works perfectly fine. It's just a hassle having to go through multiple doors and parts of the office to retrieve a simple document.

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I want to create a table as in the drawing below, where the first cell is table-wide (as it contains the heading common (pertaining?) to all columns and rows under it) but, and this is where I cannot get it together, where those cells are divided into several columns.

It's a cinch when drawing a table in MSWord (2003) so I cannot imagine why this should not be possible in Excel, but then I don't know everything

Thank you

A:Formatting Excel 2010, Excel 2003

If I understand your problem then it is quite simple. Assuming A1 has the "heading" then select thsi cell and all the other cells in row A which pertaim to the tanle and then "merge the cells" and centre the title. I forget how this is done in Excel 2003 but I do remember it being available on the screen on the Edit toolbar I think.


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When I try to save a file to a folder I have in MS Excel 2010 I don't see all the that are really in that folder. Only the last 10 or so are there. My boss is trying to save an excell document into his Project Folder but when he hits save as only certain documents show up and none of them are the Folders that are definately created and can be accessed when you go to Windows Explorer. Is there a way to change this?

A:MS Excel 2010 - Saving File - Can't see all folders in Save As

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Hi Folks,

I just changed out my President's XP-Pro to Win7 Pro 64 bit.

We store all of our Word & Excel docs on a 6.5 Netware server.

Yes it's old and out of date - but it cost money to change it. so.....

I had no problems ever with XP but with Win7 when you open a Excel file it
give the old BSOD.

It may not do it every time, sometimes I have to open, close a couple of times and then it happens.

I have no other problems in connecting to the Netware server.
BTW - I'm using the Novell Cient 2 SP2 for windows 7

This is a new Lenovo desktop M series with Intel I5 4g of system memory.

I cannot find any problems with the hardware.

Minidump is attached

Thanks for your help

A:Excel 2010 crashes (BSOD) when opening a file


The dump file point to nccache.sys as the cause of the BSOD... this is a know bug with Novell.

Please follow this workaround suggested by Novell by disabling the file caching.

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Hi, when I try to open my excel file, I get the error 2010 calling list.xls:: file format is not valid. Does anyone have a program they can use to try and open my file. I'm assuming it was corrupted the last time I tried to save it.

A:file format is invalid error in Excel 2010

are you getting it in all excel files? Or only the one?

You can try downloading openoffice; I've used that to fix many MS Office corrupt files in the past, particularly .ppt files.

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I think this problem may have to do with Windows 7 vs Windows XP. With Excel 2010 running under XP this does not happen.

Under Win 7 running Excel 2010, when saving a spreadsheet as a tab delimited text file (.txt). Excel 2010 appends the .txt file extension to a file that already has an existing file extension. For my work I must save excel files as xxxxxxx.upl but excel always saves the files as xxxxxxx.upl.txt. This only occurs under Win 7, not XP which is why I think it is an OS issue.

How can I fix this? I am guessing it is a registry fix, but I don't have any ideas of how to fix it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

If I add double quotes around the file name I want, like "xxxxxx.upl" the file will save as a tab delimited text file and Excel will then identify the file type as a UPL file.

What I want:

What I get without the "xxxx.upl" file name:

A:Stop Excel 2010 from appending .txt to file with existing extension

Yep, that option is called "Hide extensions for known file types".
Likely, on your XP system it is turned ON (checked) and on your win 7 machine is it turned OFF (unchecked).
But that would work for all known file types, not just the one specified.

Tutorial File Extensions - Hide or Show

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Hello all. Not a regular user of Excel; but do need help in creating something that would be useful to me and a few others at work. I suppose the best way of explaining what I'm after is by giving an example.

I have a directory C:\Users\Tekko\Desktop\Maintenance Project\Cape Nelson
In Cape Nelson are a number of folders named alpha beta charlie delta echo and foxtrot and so on.

I would like to have an excel template in "Cape Nelson" with a macro that when activated names the file as whatever folder name might be in say cell A1 and whatever ever date might be in cell B1. Eg charlie_15-mar-2013.xls
This then is saved in the relevant folder. So in the end I would end up with
C:\Users\Tekko\Desktop\Maintenance Project\Cape Nelson\charlie\charlie_15-mar-2013.xls

Also the macro script would ensure that the macro was disabled in the saved file.

Hoping this is achievable and look forward to replies.

A:Solved: Excel 2010 - Macro to name and save file to a specific folder

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Hi there,

I am trying to use SQL.REQUEST to pull data from one excel file (a master data file) to another one, and I can't get it to work. I think I don't have the correct connection string specified.

I'm using Excel 2002 on Windows 2000.

The task is, I need to build dynamic queries based on other cells in the "output" spreadsheet, such as, get a count of all records in the master file where the date field is equal to [cell reference] and the ID field is equal to [another cell reference] and a third field is equal to [third cell reference]...
So that, if the values in those referenced cells change, the records that match (and get counted up) will be different.
Also, there will be at least 10 different queries (I do a sum on a field that is a time duration, an average on that same field in another, etc) in different places on the spreadsheet.

I was able to get a simple query to work in Microsoft Query if I used static values, ie, I typed them directly into the criteria... however, these need to by dynamic so that when the same spreadsheet (a report template) is "saved-as" and new values for the criteria are input, the queries don't have to be re-created.

So, using MS Query, I can connect to the master data file and get the correct result... but I believe what I really need to use is SQL.REQUEST, so I downloaded the ODBC add-in and installed that.
I just can't seem to figure out what my connection string argument needs to be.
Th... Read more

A:Solved: sql request in excel file, to another excel file - connection string?

Nevermind folks - I googled +excel +"connection string" for probably the 20th time in 4 days... I usually investigate all result about 7 pages deep before giving up, and this morning, all of a sudden a new result popped up right at the top:

at about the same time, my boyfriend finally took a look at it, and he came up with this result: http://www.devlist.com/ConnectionStringsPage.aspx

I used the syntax in this example
Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=C:\MyExcel.xls;Extended Properties="Excel 8.0;HDR=Yes;IMEX=1";
(I almost got up and danced, I was so happy)

Just thought I'd come back and post the solution, in case anyone else ends up finding this thread in the same position I was in.

Now how do I mark this thing solved?

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Excel 2010 SUM Formula updates, save file and reopen - values revert to old yet SUM totals are new

Hi guys
We have a very strange problem, our user opened his .xls document (97-2003 format) yesterday and updated several values, copied formula and updated (eg monthly/weekly totals). The worksheet includes many small SUM's spanning a couple of cells with sub-totals. He then saved his work and shut down as usual.
When opening the .xls document this morning, to continue his work, he noticed some of the values had changed (we assume to the previous ones) yet the totals where still the updated 'saved' values. Changing any values causes Excel to recalculate the totals (which then become correct, yet old totals)
Yesterday I updated the computer from a Windows XP (SP3), Office XP (SP3) to a Windows 7 (32bit, SP1), Office 2010 (SP1).
We've advised him to change document types to the new .xlsx format and to doublecheck everything.

Any ideas to the actual cause? Thanks

A:Excel 2010 SUM Formula updates, save file and reopen - values revert to old

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I have an important program that uses a DLL that only works with Excel 2010 32 bit. I'm running Excel 2010 64 bit now -- how do I install the 32 bit version? I have the CD which has both versions on it. But when I run Setup, it gives me options that I don't understand for this limited purpose. In other words, I want to keep all my other Office applications (Outlook, Word, etc running as 64 bit versions but in the future run Excel in only the 32 bit version.

I'll appreciate your help with this very much!
/ Gary E.

A:How to go back from Excel 2010 64 bit to Excel 2010 32 bit

What exactly are the options shown when you run setup? Do you have an option for completely uninstalling Excel?

As I recall, MS recommends the 32 bit install and I think it is the default. Did you have some specific reason to choose 64-bit?

Have you seen this:

How to Downgrade Office 2010 from 64-bit to 32-bit ? My Digital Life

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I have a friend who is suddenly experiencing an issue where they are no longer able to Open an Excel file through their Windows Explorer (e.g. when trying to open a Excel file from within their My Documents folder). After double clicking on the file, Excel opens and acts as if it is opening the file but then proceeds to show just a blank worksheet. The file does not appear to be corrupt since they can then go to File/Open from within Excel, locate the folder and then Open it without a problem.

Any suggestions? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as to the cause and resolution for this.

Thank you greatly,


A:Excel 2000 - Unable to open Excel file thru Windows Explorer

Check this out: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-1781119.php

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I need help to create an Excel macro that would

1. ask users to select x number of rows to be copied from one worksheet of one Excel file
2. once users have selected the rows to be copied, then the rows are copied from the one original Excel file into X number of target Excel files

the target Excel files are all based on the same template
there is one worksheet in each of the target Excel files

in the target files, the rows should be copied from the first available empty row, going down

Looking forward to your help!

Thanks a lot.

A:Macro needed to copy x number of rows from one Excel file into a batch of Excel files

Hi, welcome to the board.
Not much info there to get the correct picture.
Sample? Of source and template please
And not to forget, what version of Excel are you and the users using?

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I have an Excel Workbook where I try to embed a Word and Excel file (icon). But, I cannot open the file afterwards. However, my colleagues can open it when I sent it to them by email. What could be the problem with my application.

I tried disabling my spyware software and reloading Microsoft Office XP but the problem is still there,

What could be the problem?
Thanks a lot

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i have windows 7 32 bit and ms office 2007!i have a excel file named work.xlsx located in (d:\andi\),andi is my folder and the final path is (d:\andi\work.xlsx).i create a new folder in d:\ named (andi2) and i copy of excel file (d:\andi\work.xlsx) in (d:\andi2\work.xlsx).now i have two identical copies of (work.xlsx) in two different paths.Now i want to send a shortcut of (work.xlsx) in desktop,but i want to modify excel file shortcut that is located in desktop and the changes that i made in shortcut will be reflected in both (d:\andi\work.xlsx) and (d:\andi2\work.xlsx).ONE EXCEL FILE SHORTCUT MODIFY AT THE SAME TIME TWO EXCEL FILES!!! thanks a lot if you help me!

A:One excel file shortcut modify at the same time two excel files!!!

so just so's I understand; you want one shortcut to open two files? That ain't going to work.

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I am using an ASP.NET 2.0 web application using the Interop assembly pointing to the Microsoft.Excel 12.0 COM to open and write to a spreadsheet.

I have set the permissions for the DCOM to allow NETWORK SERVICE to open the Excel application, but when I try to open the actual file I get Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC.

I have changed the website directory permissions to allow NETWORK SERVICE full access to the folder and I still cannot open the file.


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Hello, I am having the following problem. If I try opening a pre 2007 excel file, in excel 2007. I get error messages saying it cannot find certain files. The weird thing is, say my file was located at:
C:\Documents and Settings\Me\My Documents\test.xls

I would get the following errors:

'C:\documents.xls' could not be found.
'and.xls' could not be found.
'Settings\Me\My.xls' could not be found.
'Documents\test.xls' could not be found.
Pretty much, for each space in the file location, I would get an error message. Eventually after accepting all of the error messages, I would be allowed to view my document.

A:Error opening old excel file in excel 2007

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I have a document created in Excel 2000 with many sortable rows. It responds quickly in Excel 2000 but when I hope it in Excel 2007, it is very, very slow.

Is there a way to solve this for use in 2007? Take off filters then re-add?

The computers are brand new Core 2 Duos. Thanks!

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On a PC in our office, there are a number of Excel 97 files which have a problem.
I think they were originally created on a Windows NT, or possibly even Win3.1 machine, resided on a floppy and were eventually given to someone in our office to enter data.
The files are stored in the My Documents folder on a W95 machine.

These files can only be opened by starting Excel and using the Open command and locating them.
If I try to open them directly from the My Documents folder, I get a series of error mesgs, splitting the name of the file and path:

Cannot find file C:\My.xls
Cannot find file Documents.xls
Cannot find file \Cold.xls
Cannot find file Repairs.xls

and the file refuses to open.

If I save the file to disk and try running it from another PC, it says "file may be read only", which it is not.

The file contains no VB code and no add-ins are loaded.

I also tried copying all the data from the file into a new file. This worked until I moved the old file out of My Documents and renamed the new file "Cold Repairs", upon doing so, the same errors occurred again.

Any ideas?


A:Excel 97 file only opens from open Excel window. Help!

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I am looking to create some code to move a sheet from one file to a new excel file. SO the code needs to open a new excel workbook and place the required sheet in the resultant new file.

I have managed to do this with an existing file "Moved Pivot" per the code below. This is ok but other people will be using my sheet so the location needs to be chosen by them. A new file seems to be the only solution?

Workbooks.Open Filename:="C:\desktop\Optegra Installer\Moved Pivot.xls"

Dim oTargetSheet As Worksheet
Set oTargetSheet = Workbooks("Moved Pivot.xls").Worksheets(1)
Call ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("PIVOT_TB").Copy(oTargetSheet)
Set oTargetSheet = Nothing

Any help much appreciated. Thanks


A:Solved: Excel VBA to move worksheet to new excel file

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Created a worksheet with formulas, in Excel 97, and saved it on floppy and hard drive. Can open worksheet from floppy and hard drive in Excel 97 but not Excel 2003. Formula cells become #NAME?

Sample of formula:
='C:\blp\api\dde\Blp.xla'!BLP(C190&" equity","ask",,,RTD("BLOOMBERG.RTD","","IZU+UV Equity","ASK"))

How can I resolve? Thanks.

A:Solved: Can't Open Excel 97 File in Excel 2003

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My computer crashed a few days ago. I've been able to recover most of the data except for a very important excel document. I'm able to open it but when opened it only displays jibberish. IE - weird symbols like squares and greek symbols and numbers instead of words. Any idea on why this is happening and how to fix it. The only other thing is that I was previously using an older Microsoft Excel. When I recovered my computer I installed a newer version of Excel...but I didn't think that would any difference because of backwards compatibility.
Thanks a lot to anyone that can help.

A:Excel: Can't open recovered Excel File.

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I'm With a shooting Club and trying to make an Activity log for the members. I create a New sheet for each New member With the button "Legg til ny medlem", but I also want to add this member to a list in the sheet "medlemmer" when I click the OK button. After that I want to put Activitys to each member (sheet) from my userform1. I need help to get members on a list in the sheet "medlemmer" from dialog Box and make them pop up on list Box in userform1 and make userform 1 put data to the right sheet.

A:Solved: Excel and dialog box.

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Please help me,
How to copy data from last row used of excel file to new excel file using vbscript?

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While in excel, I would like to open another excel file and read some information.

The file I am reading from, will have a row with "Avg." in Col A with data in Col B through L in that row that I want to extract. The data line will be in a different place in all excel files and there may be 2 lines to read.

At this time, I have used the Open command successfully to find the file but do not know how to proceed (?the open structure may be wrong?).

I am familiar with loops and variables but can can not figure out the rest unique to excel.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Solved: Read excel file B while in excel file A

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When I try to open Excel, a dialog displays saying "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003. I have to cancel it a number of times before it closes properly and I can then use Excel.

If I do not cancel it immediately, another dialog opens saying that an installation file 'SKU0CA.CAB' cannot be found and the original installation source is required. I don't have that disk anymore? I don't know what to do to stop this.

Thank you,

A:Opening Excel causes dialog to open

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/825941 ?

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We have shared folder on server that specific users can open it. In that folder there are bunch of excel files that they need to fill in. Problem starts when one user opens the document and starts filling the excel file, in that moment other user opens the same excel file but doesn't get the "file in use" notification. I have that problem for now only on one pc (win7, office 2010 standard + sp1). I tried to reinstall office 2010 and install all the updates but with no solution. Tried to delete all remaining Office folders but this also didn't solve the problem. Excel file on server is in 2003 format. On other pc with office 2010 standard upgraded from office 2003 professional i don't have that problem when opening the file, I receive "file in use" notification. Does anybody had similar problems and knows how to solve it? Thanks

A:Excel 2010 "File In Use" notification doesn't show

Problem solved. Permissions from the main folder didn't inherit on child folder thus user could open specific file in child folder but couldn't get "file in use" notification. After readding user as domain admin problem was solved.

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I'm running Windows 7 Professional and just upgraded IE from 9 to 11. Afterwards, I observed that Outlook 2010 was not downloading pictures (instead showing red x's) and Excel 2010 embedded internet queries stopped working. 
I think I've cornered the problem, but can't seem to fix. I have also observed that IE's temporary internet files (TIF) folder may be missing (Internet Options>Browsing History>Settings>Temporary Internet Files shows nothing under Current Location)
and the allotted disk space is set to zero and cannot be changed. If I input another number (no matter the number), I receive the following error message:
"Please select a value between 8 and 8 for how much disk space Temporary Internet Files may use."
I have tried renaming the following RegEdit keys, but to no avail: Cache and LowCache (both under HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Microsoft>Windows>Internet Settings>5.0). They get replaced when IE11 is re-opened.
The actual values within the registry keys are as follows:
Cache>Content>CacheLimit = 8192 (Decimal)
LowCache>Content>CacheLimit = 256000 (Decimal)
This is driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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