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3rd Monitor resolution fixed at 640x480

Q: 3rd Monitor resolution fixed at 640x480

Hey guys,

I got a 3rd monitor hooked up recently and was all fine however all of a sudden the 3rd monitor is stuck at 640x480 and I can't change it. I've tried everything it just won't give the options

I've got a hd7770 connected with minidp (active) to DVI, 1 HDMI and DVI

All help would be greatly appreciated



Preferred Solution: 3rd Monitor resolution fixed at 640x480

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: 3rd Monitor resolution fixed at 640x480


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Does anyone know how to fix this? I've gone into the advanced display settings for monitor and driver, followed all of Dell's Troubleshooting advice, downloaded monitor-specific drivers... I can't increase the resolution. Is this a problem with XP or my monitor?

This happened after my brother ran all the system recovery discs. It appears several drivers didn't install correctly. He actually ended up ditching this computer for a new one because he was unable to get this one online. I think I've gotten it back to fully-functioning, but I need advice with this monitor stuff.


A:Monitor resolution stuck on 640x480, 16bit

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My monitor loses signal during start up when I try to put resolution higher than 640x480. It was working fine at 1028 x 840 or something like that earlier today until I shut it down and then booted back up. Now I can't fix my resolution and 640 x 480 is horrible. I reinstalled the graphics driver but that didn't help. Could it be my video card? Looking for suggestions. Thanks.

A:monitor loses signal on start up if resolution >640x480

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I have a new Windows 7 (32-bit) Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, and a new Dell E1909WDD Flat Panel Monitor.
The only way to connect to the monitor is via an integrated DisplayPort cable. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DisplayPort
There is no VGA or other alternative. The monitor supports DisplayPort only.
The problem is that the monitor will not allow any other resolution than 640x480.
In Windows 7 Control Panel | Display | Screen Resolution, I can detect the E1909WDD as display #2, but the resolution drop-down is stuck at 640 x 480 - the resolution drop-down control is disabled.
In Control Panel | Devices and Printers, the monitor is showing as "Generic Non-PnP Monitor". In the monitor's hardware properties | Driver Details it shows:
Driver Provider: Microsoft
Driver Date: 21/06/2006
Driver Version: 6.1.7600.16385
The CD which came in the box contains driver files as follows.
 Volume in drive D is Dell E1909WDD Volume Serial Number is 2C1F-9E5E Directory of D:\driver\Win726/08/2009  07:37    <DIR>          .26/08/2009  07:37    <DIR>          ..19/05/2009  06:06             2,964 E1909WDD.icm19/05/2009  06:05             1,558 E1909WDD.inf27/05/2009&nbs... Read more

A:e6410 laptop with e1909 external monitor resolution stuck at 640x480

NM, sorry misread it.

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Hey forum gurus,

I have an Olevia 226 Monitor plugged into my computer. For some reason the resolution is 640x480 (it is supposed to support 1366 x 768) and I cannot get it to change resolution, I have tried basic display properties under the setting tab (I am running XP Home SP 2) and the tab which changes the resolution will not even pan at all. The screen resolution sucks and I cannot change it even though my graphics card Intel 82915G Express Chip is capable of 1024x768, i even changed monitors and it was fine, I was able to choose 1024 x 768, then I connected the olevia back to the computer WALA, 1024x768 no problem. It still wound't let me change the resolution at all (tab wouldn't budge) but the resolution was fine. I decided I would restart the computer and see if it would stick, NOPE, back to 640x480 and it will not change unless I use an iterim monitor to get graphics card to accept 1024x768 then switch back to the olevia. ANY help would be great.


A:Olevia LCD Monitor Fixed 640 x 480 resolution. HELP!

I had the same problem. Here's what fixed mine.
Control Panel - Display - Settings - Advanced

Make sure you choose these settings or your monitor will totally blank out. If it does, don't hit any key or click the mouse...wait about 10-15 seconds and the monitor will revert back to the other settings.

Monitor Tab
Uncheck "Hide Modes"
Select 60 Hertz refresh rate from the drop down box
Apply (Don't hit OK or it will close the active window out)
Adapter Tab
List All Modes
Select 1360 x 768 (32 bit)
OK & the "Advanced" window will close

If it doesn't automatically apply the new setting then you should now be able to slide the screen resolution bar 1360 x 768 & select 32 bit color quality from the display properties window that is still open. This should fix any conflicting setting issues.

This should (hopefully) fix your problem.

I may be mistaken, but I believe the original issue lies in the refresh rate that your graphics driver can handle. If I try to increase my refresh rate at all it messes it up again. But, I'm not a "techie" or anything so I may be way off base as to why it wasn't working to begin with.

I really hopes this works for you.

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I have an Apple MultipleScan 1705 connected to a PowerMac 7100. No matters what version of MacOS Y use, it will only work at 832x624 , any other resolution, lower or higher, will mess the image -it will be distorted an you will "see the refresh"-.

I'm starting to think it is a monitor problem, but not sure. Any ideas?

A:Cana monitor have a hardware problem so it only work on a fixed resolution?

Well, certain monitors are maid for certain resolutions, but im not to formillular with macs, so i cant help you much there. I would look on apples tech help, you would probably find better help. -Nick

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My laptop used to do 1280x800 but now the graphics card is damaged and upon check up, tech support advise to 'buy a new pc'. XP only starts in in VGA mode.

Getting to the blue 'Welcome' screen is a mission (F8 > Enable VGA mode). In XP, I get a balloon saying 'the res is low, click to fix this':

+al Info:
XP just will not load normally (it just restarts), I guess it is attempting to start in 1280x800. It restarts when I change the res in Display settings. When I click on the balloon, it restarts. nVidia software doesn't recognize the gfx card so it doesn't allow driver installation. Device Manager lists the full name of the nvidia geforce card. Scrolling up/down is extremely slow.

My Q.:
I will give this laptop to a novice, how can I get make it easier for them?:
-XP needs to start in 640x480 natively
-Getting rid of the balloon which reappears no matter if I click on 'don't display in future' option
-Solving the slow scrolling problem

Thanks very much.

A:How do I fix my resolution to 640x480?

How do you know the graphics card is damaged?
Why aren't you starting Windows normally?

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Hi. My screen resolution is stuck at 640X480 after installing windows 7 on my desktop PC. I have a Intel 845 Chipset M\B (D845GVSR). I went to intel's website but there is no support nor drivers for this motberboard. Windows did load a driver but when I try to change the resolution it is greyd-out. I have a LG Flatron L1720B screen and onboard GFX.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



A:Resolution stuck at 640X480.

Intel? 845 Chipset Family - Chipset information and downloads

So no official vista/seven support? You can still install drivers for xp in compatibility mode (i hope) but no aero and similar stuff will be available.

Anyway just look through google

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So here's how it began. It was fine all the way until I decided to unplug the whole set up for construction around the house including my DVI Samsung S23A350B monitor. Nothing should have broken as all I did was unhook everything. A day after, I plug everything back in and I'm suddenly stuck at 640x480 resolution with the ability to change it greyed out. However, when I uninstall/disable my AMD Radeon HD 6550D Graphics driver it lets me go up to 1600x1200. Before I would be using 1920x1200. It may also be notable that under device manager I don't have a "monitor" tab for whatever reason...
Windows: Windows 7 PC Model: hp p7-1138
I have tried everything from updating drivers (my AMD display driver), to re-plugging everything. My PC only has a DVI port so I can't really try another monitor (my other one is VGA). Any suggestions? If you need any other info on my pc let me know.

A:Stuck on 640x480 Resolution HELP PLS

Try installing the monitor driver:

Support - LED S23A350B | Samsung Monitors

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I am honestly completely confused as to why this is happening. This morning I boot up my computer and it was stuck at 640x480, for no apparent reason. Now, this isn't the first time this has happened. It happened once before (I was trying to over clock the computer with ATI Overdrive, I'm not actually sure if its related anymore) and I tried uninstalling the video driver and then reinstalling it, but when I uninstalled it the monitor was completely dead, including showing the BIOS boot up screen. After replacing the video card, motherboard, and even the ram, I ended up just replacing the DVI-D cable and it finally worked. Now almost a month later its happened again. I tried replacing the cable again, but this time it did nothing. Any advice would be appreciated, because I feel totally fubared right now. My system information should be on my profile (I'm a newcomer to the site, by the way).

A:Resolution stuck at 640x480


I'm going to assume you have the ATI drivers installed for your card. Are you able to change the resolution manually by going into Windows control panel\Display settings, or the Catalyst control panel?

If you aren't able to change the resolution using the OS or driver controls, it might be a hardware issue, or it could be the drivers. 640 x 480 is like the default resolution. All monitors support it, and it's usually what the BIOS screen comes up as. It's a failsafe, to give you a raster (picture) if something goes wrong with your drivers, or with a Windows install, when drivers haven't been loaded yet.

If you have access to another computer, try plugging the monitor into it, and see if it displays at the proper resolution. If it works, that rules out a monitor issue. By the sound of it, though, it looks like the monitor may be the problem, since it's happening with another card.

I see that your cooling is listed as none. I don't know if you're overclocking the video card, but if you are, without half decent case cooling it may be stressing the card too much if the extra heat can't be exhausted from the case. With electronics, heat is the enemy.

If the monitor works right on another PC, post back with some details of what happened, and we'll see if we can be of more help.

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I just picked up a 300S-08IHH Desktop running windows 10.  I have a really large but very old VGA resolution monitor that I'd like to use it with.  When I look at the resolutions for the on board graphics card, 640x480 is not a possible seection.  Obviously most people would never want to run such a low resolution but... is it possible?  Any ideas are appreciated.  Thanks!

Go to Solution.

A:Need super low resolution (i.e., VGA 640x480)

These steps should let you choose 640x480 resolution and the proper refresh rate too.Press the Windows Key + R to open a run windowIn the Run Window type:  desk.cplClick on the Advanced settings linkClick on the List All Modes buttonScroll up to select the correct resolution and refresh rate needed by your monitorClick OK, and then apply. Good Luck.    

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Ever since Vista wasz installed I havent been able to change my screen resolution at all. I am stuck at 640x480 which has many problem with regular browsing of the internet even. I also am only allowed to be in 16 bit graphics. I've tried around to find answers and havent yet. One thing I did notice is that I think something is wrong with the way the computer recognizes my monitor. When I go into the display prop. It says Generic Monitor in the setttings tab or whatever. And everything is gray so I cant change it. the only option I get it (16) Medium and the resolution refuses to move since I cant click it. Another thing that may be attributing to the problem is that my graphics controller doesn't seem to have the right driver. It used to pop up an alert thing on startup and say I need new drivers. When I tried to install them, it said it can't find them. When i tried to manually do it, all kinds of goofy stuff got me no where. I'm sure I havent provided enough information yet, and Im not currently on my own computer. Please let me know if there is anything you'd like me to clarify and I will answer right away.

A:Can't change my resolution from 640x480

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ok so, i was using windows xp for a while until i decided that i had way too much junk and problems with my computer. i wanted to re format the entire drive so i borrowed a windows xp boot disc from a friend, which was only sp1 when i had sp2, but i used it anyway.

when i installed i ran into a problem where whenever i boot up, i had 2 choices of windows xp to boot from. one of them just came up as a disc error when i tried to boot from it while the other worked, besides the fact the screen resolution wouldn't set above 640x480.

i tried everything i could think of but nothing helped, so i went out and bought a vista boot disc to completely re format the drive again and start new.after the installation, when i boot up now i have a choice to boot from 'earlier version of windows' or 'windows vista'. again, i get a disc error when booting from the earlier version.

but thats not the problem, what im really getting annoyed about is that i still can't set my screen resolution above 640x480 and 16 bit.

please, can anyone help?

A:screen resolution won't set above 640x480

You need the Graphical Drivers in order to get higher screen res.
What type of graphics card do you have.
If its an ATI or a Nvidia follow the links in my Sig

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Hi. My screen resolution is stuck at 640X480 after installing windows 7 on my desktop PC. I have a Intel 845 Chipset M\B (D845GVSR). I went to intel's website but there is no support nor drivers for this motberboard. Windows did load a driver but when I try to change the resolution it is greyd-out. I have a LG Flatron L1720B screen and onboard GFX.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



A:Resolution stuck at 640X480.

Make sure that the drivers for your gfx card are up to date..

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OS: WinXP SP2 with all updates
Video card: Gforce FX 5200
Monitor Envision 775e

First off, I totally believe this is an OS problem based on the troubleshooting I've done, if the mods feel this would be better in another forum please move it. Thank you.

O.K. This is probably going to sound like an easy one, but it's got me stumped. Up until yesterday everything worked fine, until I unplugged my monitor in order to test another machine, when I plugged it back into my main machine I only had 640x480 graphics (this was at the login screen.)

When I logged in and went to video settings the only options I had were 640x480 and 800x600, but couldn't move the slider to 800x600. The only color quality available was 4 bit. I removed the display adaptor from device manager along with the monitor. On reboot everything looked normal (I had all resolution options available in settings), windows detected a vga controller, but not my actual card. I then installed my video card drivers, on reboot I was back to 640x480.

I removed the display adaptor and rebooted, it returned to a normal screen. I loaded older drivers and I went back to 640x480.

I booted to safe mode (with the fx5200 drivers still installed) and everything was normal, device manager says it's using fx5200 drivers. Display settings says it's default monitor on FX 5200 (I'm pretty sure I've always just used default monitor, but I found and loaded the envision drivers and got the same results... Read more

A:Solved: Can't adjust resolution above 640x480, 4 bit

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Hello everyone.
I'm computer illiterate so please bear with me. After doing a clean install of Vista Ultimate x32bit on my PC, I have been unable to change my resolution, with the Display Settings menu showing me a 'generic monitor' title with the resolution slider stuck at low and the colour options being only Medium(16 bit). I installed the drivers for the monitor - HPw1907v - , and the Settings title change to my monitor name, but the slider and colour tab were still stuck. I then noticed that my Intel R Chipset had disappeared altogether from the Device Manager. I right-clicked on the top, > Add Legacy Hardware > Manually install hardware > Display adapters and got 3 results:

Intel R 82852/82855 GM/GME Graphics Controller ( XDDM )
Intel R 82865G Graphics Controller ( MS XDDM )
Intel R 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family ( XDDM )

I installed all of them, restarted, and got nothing. They're now in the device manager but the problem persists. When I right click on any one of them, they are all saying ' The device cannot start Code 10' ( half an hour ago, they were saying Code 38 ). I scoured the Intel site for drivers but I haven't found anything substantial and their driver utility thing hangs on 'Analysing your computer' Can anyone help me out? Thank you.

A:Screen resolution stuck at 640x480

If you can get into Device Manager still, right click on all the monitor and graphics devices and Remove them. Reboot. Windows should come back up and load the correct driver. At least it should load a generic VGA that gives 800x600 and you can go from there.

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Hello All,

I need to change my screen resolution settings to 800X600 (minimum) for a new camera software (arcsoft.com) but my settings seem to be firmly locked.

I use my big screen TV (Sony Trinitron ) as my monitor.

Any help on how to unlock them is appreciated???

- MS 2000 5.0
- Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600


A:Screen Resolution locked at 640X480???

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I've been using my p7-1126s computer with an nvidia 7600GT video card for years, and all was well.  Recently, I wanted to try the graphics ability of the AMD A8-3800 apu with radeon 6550D graphics.  I got a single link DVI-D cable and attached it to my Dell IN2030M monitor.  However, when I boot up, the display is locked at 640x480 resolution, the change tab is grayed out, and the monitor is detected as a "generic non-pnp monitor". I've never updated the apu since I bought it 5 years, but I did so now.  I went to AMD and updated the graphics drivers.  I went to HP and updated the Support Assistant and the updates it offered.  I went back to AMD and even updated the chipset drivers.  And of course I'd already checked for any windows updates. After installing everything it actually booted up in normal resolution.  I used the computer for a few hours and then shut it down.  When I booted up again today it was back to 640x480.  I tried everything I could think of to fix it, but nothing worked.  I then did a system restore before all the updates and went through it all again.  This time, it didn't work. Still locked at 640x480. I found a google cached HP page here:http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:8EYjLfkOO4wJ:support.hp.com/in-en/document/c031... ...which says: When computers with early versions of Hibiscus or Holly motherboards are connected to certain 20-inch monitors us... Read more

A:Display resolution locked at 640x480

Hi, After 5 years, you may have to pay to contact HP. But before that, please go to the following link to download driver from Dell then install to your computer      http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=4Y0K6 Hope the monitor name will appear for you to select and this will give the right resolution. Regards.

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Hello. New to the forum. I hope I've posted in the right place

I recently bought a Razer Blade 14 laptop and have been enjoying it so far.

However, after a few days, the resolution of the screen jumps down to 640x480 after a few seconds from logging in to windows
It has been annoying as I have to change it back to the default 3200x1800 each time. There would then be no problems until the next log in.
Any help to fix would be appreciated. Thanks

Note: I have been installing programs onto my new Blade

A:Resolution jumps to 640x480 after login

Welcome to the Forums.

After the resolution is set as desired, try holding down the power button until the machine shuts off completely. Wait 10 or 15 seconds, then power it back up. Just a chance it may force the setting to "stick" between logins.

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I just got back on the internet about 2 weeks ago, last week my computer started getting trojan horse viruses!! i got rid of them and also did a system restore. it worked fine until yesterday now stuff has just been changing its self on the computer, like the screen resolution, I never changed it and now EVERYTHING is huge, it will not let me change at. i have tried doing what it said to do but still nothing! i have no idea what is going on and no way to stop it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!

A:cant change screen resolution from 640x480

Just to verify you have entered the Display Properties and clicked the settings tab?

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I have one program (jigsaws) that is simply too small at my normal resolution (1920x1068). Changing my resolution to 1260x768 works but then I lose the benefit of the higher resolution in my other apps. As far as I can see compatibility lets me change the resolution for this app-but only to 640x480 which is too low. Is there a way, whether in Compatibility or otherwise, to set a special resolution for just this program? So it'll change to that resolution when this program runs & change back when this program ends? Thanks.

A:Can Compatibility change resolution to other than 640x480?

Sometimes Compatibility reduces things to the bare minimum necessary to run a program, don't think there's much to be done except get a newer version. My wife does the jigsaw puzzles online so it's not a problem for her.

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Hi guys!
i just installed windows 7 and drivers for my pc , when i restart my pc resolution STUCK at 680x480 Why ? i can't change it .... , my video card : nvidia geforce 210 1gb ddr3 , i tried to stop windows update + delete old video card update and install the new update and nothing happened , can you please help me ? , i have some DOTA2 Giveaway if you want , so please help me if you found the solution i will pray for you all the rest of my sad life , thank you , Alone.

A:Resolution probleme , Stuck at 640x480

please help me guys

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I just installed XP Pro on my friend's computer. I did a clean install as her 2000 Pro had been taken over by a nasty virus.
All went well until I tried to correct the screen resolution. There is no drop down box with other options. My monitor and hers are both plug and play. I also tried a third monitor that is newer than hers or mine (wide screen). Same thing. I have tried to install the driver that came on the installation disks. It says it can't find it, even when I type the location in. I cannot go online with it, as the resolution is too low and won't let me use the internet wizard.
I have slaved her hard drive to mine and everything works fine. I also did a reinstall of XP Pro, thinking that maybe something hadn't installed correctly. Everything remains exactly the same.
I don't know what else to try. Does anyone have any ideas?
Thank you.

A:Screen Resolution Stuck 640x480

I think you need to install the video driver.How to update a Windows hardware driver

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Hi there, sorry if this is in the wrong section, if it is could you please direct me to the right one.

So, about a couple of days ago for no reason my homepage changed to sweetim and my default search engine changed to sweetim, but I thought nothing of it. Until about yesterday my friend said that it was a virus, so I updated my Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which prompted me to restart my computer (which I did).

Upon restarting my computer, It was in 640x480 resolution. I tried to change it, even using the catalyst control centre. Then I tried to restart again but it still won't change the resolution. So I uninstalled the sweetim toolbar and program using the control panel, but it is still my search engine and homepage, AND I still can't change my resolution. So I ran a full scan with Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes (MSE detected nothing, Malwarebytes detected and removed 6 things), but after that and restarting I still have sweetim as my search engine and homepage.

Fortunately, "sweetim.exe" doesn't show up on my processes tab anymore, so I think I may have gotten rid of some of it, but I'm not too sure. I will post the malwarebytes log that I did, and any help regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated. If you need more information or something, just ask, thanks in advance

EDIT: forgot to post the log
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (Trial)

Database version: v2012.03.15.08

Windows 7 Service ... Read more

A:Sweetim virus, stuck in 640x480 resolution

Hello and welcome SweetIM is an instant messenger add on.The application installs itself without providing sufficient notice in terms to the availability of choices presented with regard to automatic updating and automatic startup of the application; the absence of notification of a continuously running process in the background; installation on other user accounts.Please download MiniToolBox, save it to your desktop and run it. Checkmark the following checkboxes: Flush DNS Report IE Proxy Settings Reset IE Proxy Settings Report FF Proxy Settings Reset FF Proxy Settings List content of Hosts List IP configuration List Winsock Entries List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and post the result (Result.txt). A copy of Result.txt will be saved in the same directory the tool is run. Note: When using "Reset FF Proxy Settings" option Firefox should be closed.Please download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware FreeDouble-click SUPERAntiSypware.exe and use the default settings for installation.
For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use SUPERAntiSpyware to scan and remove malware from your computer Guide.An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.If it will not start, go to Start > All Prgrams > SUPERAntiSpyware and click on Alternate Start.If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before ... Read more

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My laptop screen is broken so I decided to remote control the laptop through my other laptop using TeamViewer. Since there is no screen for the laptop, I only got 640x480 screen resolution option. If I plug in the laptop with TV or other monitor it should be fine. If you guys know how to fix it, let me know.


A:Cannot change 640x480 screen resolution with TeamViewer

I take it this issue was resolved once you connected it to an external monitor?

I ask because a client of mine contacted me about the same problem. Her family removed the monitor from the computer, and I'm guessing the resolution will be normal once another monitor is connected.

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Hey all. I have a realy irritating problem regarding the resolution being stuck in all games video options. I have my pc set up through HDMI to my 28" JVC TV which works fine when on desktop. I have the resolution at full hd 1080p. however in everygame I go on I cannot change the resolution to any higher then 640x480 and 720x480.
Never used to have this problem before and not sure what has happend as it never realy gets used. I tried to switch from HDMI to VGA and it still happends.

I am using windows XP 32 bit and have installed all the latest drivers on my hd5770.

Any help would be greatly apprechiated as im completely stumped at this!

A:Resolution stuck at 640x480 and 720x480 in video options

Have you tried another video card?

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i have a LG laptop, using winVista Home. my video card is intel 945GM express chipset family.

i want to connect the laptop to my tv, so that i can watch movies thorugh the laptop.

i've got a RGB connection on my tv, so i tried to connect the alptop to the tv using a RGB cable.

the problem is that i need to change the screen resolution on the laptop to 640X480, but i dont have such resolution in display properties in the laptop (the lowest resolution is 600X800).

is there any tweak or something to make the video card work at 640X480?
or anything else that i can do?

A:Changing Screen Resolution to 640X480 (vista home)

I used msconfig to force vista to boot into 640x480. start->run (<windows>+R if it's hidden) "msconfig" <enter>. Choose the boot tab and check the checkbox for Base video which is more or less half way across and 3/4 of the way down the form. Then Apply/Ok and restart.

You may want to add a new boot entry via the help of EAsyBCD or similar and then tick "Make all boot settings permenant" for in addition to the above so 640x480 can be selected at boot with ease. albeit with a slightly increased start up time due to the count-down associated with multiple entries into your BCD file.

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Running XP home on a dell computer with intel pentium 4 processor. We were running Yahoo Messenger, Firefox, Zone Alarm, and Glyph when it did this.

My girlfriend was trying to show me something on the settings of the computer, she closed all the windows without saving, (she did not click OK or APPLY) and when she walked away from the computer, the colors suddenly looked very similar to our 20yo MacII. Everything is very large, yet still because of the 4-bit color, very hard to read. I need to return the settings to normal, but when I try to adjust them through the control pannel, there does not appear to be a way to change the settings.

I am concerned we may have a virus, since said girlfriend recently downloaded "Glyph" (a game) from ArcadeTown.com. This game is supposed to be a free trial for an hour. So far it has played for a total of about 16 hours without running out of time. This is suspitious to me.


Update: I restarted the compy, and the problem just magically disappeared. This (http://oca.microsoft.com/en/response.aspx?SGD=0c4aa703-36b5-48bf-893e-fd296898968d&SID=531) was the result of the crash analysis. Anyone know what caused this problem? My Dell is still under warantee, should I complain to Dell about it and request new parts? Is this a software or hardware problem?

A:4-bit Color & 640x480 Screen Resolution, Cannot Change Settings!

Hi fireincarnation, welcome to BC.Don't waste your time complaining to Dell. Since the issue no longer exists there is nothing they can or will do.If this continues to be a problem outside of playing "Glyph", you may want to consider a graphics driver update. Do not get them from MS if you decide to upgrade them.You may also want to check the games preferred color\resolution settings. You may be just out of it's range.This game is supposed to be a free trial for an hour. So far it has played for a total of about 16 hours without running out of time. This is suspitious to me.I downloaded (not installed) and scanned the game setup file using multiple detections and it came up clean.It isn't infected with a virus or trojan. Spyware or Adware is a different story but Arcadetown guarantees none of either.

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Hi all sorry to bother you

But after reinstalling various graphics drivers with different cards to try to resolve another problem I have now ended up in a situation where I am stuck with a screen resolution of 640 x 480 at 60 hz

Windows does detect the problem but is unable to change the resolution I have uninstalled all the previous drivers and double checked by running a program called driver sweeper to ensure I had removed everything but I still have this problem

I currently have an Nvidia Geforce 6600GT installed with the appropriate drivers and have tried installing these normally, in safe mode, also using "update driver" from the device manager but still have the same problem.

any advice would be greatly appreciated I am running windows xp fully updated

I do seem to get a normal type of display in safe mode but as soon as I start windows normally I am back with the same problem


A:Solved: Stuck in 640x480 resolution unable to change

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Hello! I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my old Dell Dimension 2400, hoping to breathe some new life into the thing. Everything went smoothly except the screen resolution is stuck at 640x480.

The monitor, a Dell E172FPt, was running on Generic PnP drivers, so I attempted to update them. FIrst automatically, which concluded that the generic drivers were fine, then I searched the internet and found no drivers for my model of monitor on the Dell website at all. The only drivers matching my model were on download.com, for windows XP. Desperately, I installed them, and they installed fine, but it made no difference whatsoever. The resolution dropdown is still greyed out.

What do I do now?

Please tell me I'm not going to be stuck with a 640x480 resolution on this computer!


A:Screen Resolution Stuck @ 640x480, Can't find drivers

Quote: Originally Posted by Akeru

Hello! I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 on my old Dell Dimension 2400, hoping to breathe some new life into the thing. Everything went smoothly except the screen resolution is stuck at 640x480.

The monitor, a Dell E172FPt, was running on Generic PnP drivers, so I attempted to update them. FIrst automatically, which concluded that the generic drivers were fine, then I searched the internet and found no drivers for my model of monitor on the Dell website at all. The only drivers matching my model were on download.com, for windows XP. Desperately, I installed them, and they installed fine, but it made no difference whatsoever. The resolution dropdown is still greyed out.

What do I do now?

Please tell me I'm not going to be stuck with a 640x480 resolution on this computer!


Id say its your graphics driver not your monitor,have you tried those?
And i see your using 512MB of ram,id upgrade to at the very minimum 1GB or ram.

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2012R2 box won't join the domain, tried reseting computer object, tried deleting it/recreating it...  
Any ideas on where to fix the currupted policy table?  







SystemTime="2020-04-30T22:00:24.021435100Z" />





UserID="S-1-5-20" />

<Data Name="RuleName">{b76ed7a8-be84-4713-9504-6fb495209d03}</Data>

<Data Name="ErrorCode">1018</Data>


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I just received an HP P7 1207c which uses a DVI-D ports only. I had to buy a
Insignia? - 20&#34; Widescreen Flat-Panel LED HD Monitor - NS-20EM50A13

At first i had problems with the computer not allowing me to change the resolution from 640x480. After i shutdown and redid the cable and made sure all the screws were actually in the pin holes, i was finally able to change my resolution. Ive restarted my computer at least 5 times and each time it reverts back to 640x480. Ive updated my drivers to the latest. Does anyone have any suggestions?


A:Resolution reverting back to 640x480 everytime computer is restarted

I would first try a different video cable.

For testing, use the "(recommended)" screen resolution in the list of available resolutions (Windows Desktop > Right click > Screen Resolutions)

While in the Screen Resolutions settings, click Advanced Settings > go to the Monitor Tab
Make sure the box "Hide modes that the monitor cannot display" is checked.
Then use the drop down box to select the highest mode available.
Hope that helps

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Hello! Resolution Rescue Media on Macrium Reflect is only 640x480. Has anyone experience with Macrium Reflect on Windows 10 and Lenovo Laptops and can help me? The Resolution in the Rescue Media is only 640x480. Since 3 Years i use Macrium Reflect for daily Backup my Lenovo Thinkpad P70 Workstation Computer. It works fine.After installing Windows 10 Creators Update (Win 10 Clean-Install) and Macrium Reflect i create a new Recovery USB Medium.Macrium Reflect works fine - no problems!When i test the USB Rescue Stick, the PC starts with PE5/PE10 Rescue Medium but the resolution is buggy. Please see attached picture. PE5 or PE10 the same resolution.I cannot change with CTRL+SHIFT+R - only 640x480 is the resolution. Can anybody help me? My System is up to date - drivers, bios etc!My System is Windows 10 Creators Update on Lenovo Thinkpad P70 Workstation Notebook. Befor the new installation i had no problems with the Rescure Medium. Post Macrium see here: http://forum.macrium.com/Topic13526-1.aspx

0ffd7034-39eb-44dd-a5b3-1681.jpg ?65 KB

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I recently took the video card out of my Windows box and put it in another computer. I figured Windows would auto detect my onboard graphics card after that but its stuck in VGA mode and there isnt any option to change color depth or resolution.

No driver for any monitor or graphics card is listed in device manager and I the "properties" button is greyed out in Settings >> Advanced >> Monitor and the monitor listed just says "Default Monitor".

Thanks in advance...

A:monitor stuck at 640x480 16 colors

you need to download and install the proper drivers for your onboard. What motherboard do you have? If the onboard graphic was default when you originally purchased the computer, you should be able to go to the computer manufacturers website and download the drivers you need.

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When I do something that runs at 640x480, I get an "Out of Range" message that says: 29.4KHz / 60Hz. I assume it's resolution / refresh rate. The only way I have managed to use 640x480 is by installing a new driver for the video card, but when I turn off the computer it happens again. Monitor: LG Flatron L1918S. Can I force 640x480?

A:My monitor does not support fullscreen 640x480

Go to start>run>type regedit

settings tab> click advanced> and then under the adapter tab, click list all modes. Should give the option after that

Edit: I just re-read your question and don't think this will work. I was thinking that your desktop didn't give you the option to select 640X480

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Hey, i installed the Windows 7 RC1 and have a problem. I am using a Samsung Syncmaster 959nf CRT monitor in the 640x480 resolution when playing Counter Strike. The image is extremely blurry, much like if you run non native resolutions on a lcd monitor. Are there any workarounds for this?

A:Running Counter Strike 640x480 on a CRT Monitor

I have now tried quite a few vista drivers as well. They are not blurry like the Windows7 nvidia drivers. They flicker a lot though. Forgot to mention im using a Geforce 8800 GT. Both the blurring and the flickering appear in OpenGL only not in D3D, but the game doesnt run very well in D3D.

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My brother bought an ATI HD 7870 to replace his HD 6870.
He has two monitors: a Medion MD 30422 PV and a VD Tech TQL2318VD.001.
The two displays worked properly under the HD 6870 and under the HD 7870 when the ATI drivers were NOT installed.

Whenever we install the ATI HD 7800 Series (version drivers, the Medion screen gets stuck at VGA resolution (640x480).
Installing Medion drivers does not help and removing the ATI drivers fixes the screen resolution.
So now I'm wondering if there's any way that I can have both the ATI drivers installed and be able to change the resolution on the Medion screen.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
CPU: Intel i7 2600
MB: Asus P8P67 Revolution B3 Revision

A:New gpu causes fixed resolution

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For 6 weeks I have had no problems driving my 30" dell from the W520 displayport at its native 2560x1600 as the single "projector" display. Today, I aroused the laptop from sleep as usual, and was greeted with a blank Monitor and the laptops internal display on, with a fixed unchangeable resolution of 640x480. after about 5 reboots (includring removing power and battery), I found a way to get the W520 panel back to 1080p,but it wont display anything on the external monitor.  The monitor works fine connected to the displayport of my dell laptop, so I dont think its anything to do with the monitor. Interestingly, If I have the monitor plugged in, and do "Detect Displays" in he windows Display->Screen Resolutoin dialogue, I get this: 1. ThinkPad Display 1920x10802. Display Device on: Mobile PC DisplayAvailable Display output on: Nvidia Quadro 2000MAvailable Display output on: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family what on earth is a "Mobile PC Display?" If I disconnect the DisplayPort and detect displays, the "Mobile PC Display" goes away.  During the many attempts to fix this issue, twice I saw the message "Nvidia user experience driver component has stopped working", but I cant find specific steps to reproduce this. I have done no sw updates, nor installed any SW or changed any configuration in the last 2 weeks. I have tried all the combinations of connecting an external Projector:Show desktop on 1Show desktop on 2ExtendDupli... Read more

A:W520 internal 1080p display stuck at 640x480, and freaks when connected to my displayport monitor.

Did you hit Fn (Function) + Spacebar ?   That seems to put the screen in some wierd zoomed in yet low res mode)

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Got a 'budget' laptop, Compaq Presario CQ58. 1366x768 seems to be the only resolution available. Nothing else is listed.

Are there any third-party resolution changers available or any Windows hints as to how to change resolutions?

A:Laptop Has 'Fixed' Resolution

why would you want to change resolution? That's its screen's native resolution. Anything more or less will look ugly (the reason why it's locked in the first place).

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Could anybody help to change Fixed Basic Display Adapter resolution?

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Ok - First off Im using a 32" Dynex TV as a monitor, hooked in through a VGA port on the TV. When I start my computer the screen jumps around and it says 'detecting signal', settles on 640x480 during boot When windows 7 starts to open it jumps again for a moment and goes to 1366x768 (the right setting for it) I was playing Metro 2033 and its too slow in 1366 so I reduced it to 1024x768 which apparently the TV cant do, it just went black, so it reset to 1366. I was trying various resolutions, some were too wide too skinny etc and accidentally clicked on 1024 again, screen went black and this time didnt revert. I restarted my computer and now after the 640 phase in boot it doesnt go to 1366 like it should but at the opening to windows 7 where you put in your password it switches to 1024, after it jumps to adjust a few times it goes black like in the game.. it tells me detecting signal (normal) then no signal detected (which is what it tells me if I have it on say component 1 with my xbox 360 turned off, or video 1 with my dvd player off, or even VGA with the computer off for that matter)

What Ive tried:
I tried turning the monitor off and on to see if I could adjust the settings back while it was adjusting before going black, but it just stays black...

I started up in safe mode, which was 800x600 and it was ugly but worked, I tried resetting the resolution but it only gave the base options (640, 800, 1024, 1280) and that was only for safe mode, it didnt hold when I ... Read more

A:monitor resolution issue - can I change my resolution from outside windows??

does the Nvidia card have any software which could manage screen resolutions? If so you can try that in safe mode....

Also, tap F8 on startup, but instead of safe mode chose "enable VGA mode" which should cause windows to boot normally, but in 800x600 (or something of the like, that just about all monitors and TV's support)

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Hi all,

So I'm creating a program for a friend but we are having trouble trying to display things in a 1280 x 1024 resolution.

Is there any way to create a custom resolution on my laptop or monitor of 1280 x 1024? Our monitors don't have this resolution listed in the display settings, or is this a driver issue?


A:How to change the monitor resolution to a custom resolution

The resolution availability can be affected due to the graphics card installed. I will have a think about any other factors which may affect the resolution.

Screen Resolution - Display Settings

The tutorial's information box explains which factors that affect your screen resolution availability.

Hope this helps,


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Native Resolution for my monitor is 1366 x 768. It's a 32 inch computer monitor. The reason for buying bigger screen for the computer is so that I can have more desktop display area so that I don't have to scroll horizontally to have a clear helicopter view of my subject.

Only then I was made to understand that I am actually restricted by the monitor resolution and hence though my graphic card can support higher resolution, it won't work. So my problem right now is setting the graphic card with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 is giving me blurry images and text. The desktop display area is wide enough to satisfy my need but the blurring object is not acceptable.

My general question would be:
If the graphic card higher resolution doesn't help because it does not match the monitor, is there any smart software that can give me more desktop area with clarity given that resolution constraint? What other alternatives do I have without getting rid of my new monitor?

A:Graphic Card Resolution > Monitor Resolution

What graphics card do you have? Sounds like it is not powerful enough to fill the resolution you are looking for.


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I have dual monitors......my primary display monitor is a Chimei CMV223D
My secondary display monitor is an Acer AL1916W.

My graphics card is an HD ATI Radeon 5800.


My primary display monitor which usually has a display resolution of 1680x1050 is currently stuck on 640x480 and in the property settings it won't let me change the resolution. The cable running from the Graphics card is an HDMI cable with a HDMI/DVI converter. I have also tried using the DVI port of the video card to the DVI port of the PC which comes up with same problem. Using a DVI/VGA converter and a VGA cable the VGA port on the monitor works fine!!! SOOOO long story short there is definitely something going on with the monitors DVI port.........

This randomly occurred overnight and is driving me insane to know what I need to fix. I have used different cables and to no such luck. My secondary monitor is just humming away just fine! But I really need my primary display.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled video drivers for the graphics card which is the Catalyst control centre suite and all monitor drivers appear to be up to date.

WHY oh why is my monitor locked at this resolution!!??? How to fix please help!!!

A:DVI port on monitor is stuck res of 640x480 VGA port works fine

Never mind!!!!


Force DVI/HDMI resolutions and refresh rates

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I have a dell laptop that has 1920x1080 resolution. However, i connect it to an external monitor that has 1920x1200 resolution. Basically almost everything i do is on my external monitor which acts as my main primary screen. Thus i do sometimes open some windows or drag a window or so to the other screen like youtube etc to the laptop screen which is the secondary monitor.

My issue at the moment is everything is way too big on the laptop screen. I want to have 1920x1080 resolution but its way too big. I googled what is my resolution on it and it shows 1536 x 864. Can someone tell me how to change this to 1920x1080? I googled what is my resolution on the external monitor and it does show 1920x1200 which is correct.

My external monitor which is my main monitor is fine at the moment with the 1920x1200. Its windows 10 but im assuming this should be very similar to windows 7 to fix this issue?

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