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How do I uninstall Skype for Business?

Q: How do I uninstall Skype for Business?

I'm trying to uninstall Skype for business (not the consumer skype) but there is only one Skype under "uninstall programs" I have two different Skypes installed.  One is consumer v 7.33  That is the one that lets me uninstall.I have another one that is for business.  I cannot find this one under "uninstall programs". Moved from Windows 7NickAu

Preferred Solution: How do I uninstall Skype for Business?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: How do I uninstall Skype for Business?

See here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Uninstall-Skype-for-Business-28c4a036-7f22-406c-b7f4-87894cbaf902specifically option 2. Note the following: " If you don't see Skype for Business listed, then you're using a version that's integrated with other Office 365 apps. The only way to uninstall it is to remove all of Office from your computer."

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Hi Geeks,


I was using skype for business which I installed separately after installing Microsoft office package after some days.

After installing skype for <g class="gr_ gr_34 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Style multiReplace" data-gr-id="34" id="34">business ,</g> I found that the addon <g class="gr_ gr_32 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim
Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="32" id="32">skype</g> meeting plugin is not automatically installed <g class="gr_ gr_26 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" data-gr-id="26" id="26">to</g>
the outlook mail client.

I tried finding addon of skype for business to the outlook, but it is very difficult to find the addon.

I found a skype plugin in that web named with the plugin for outlook, I installed that but somehow the outlook not <g class="gr_ gr_28 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling multiReplace" data-gr-id="28" id="28">recognize</g>

<g class="gr_ gr_20 gr-alert gr_spell gr_run_anim ContextualSpelling ins-del multiReplace" data-gr-id="20" id="20">Atlast</g> I installed skype along with Microsoft package in a new desktop in Windows 10 same OS, but
now the addon is available.

Please explain why the addon is not involved in the outlook in late installation.

Regards... Read more

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I have an issue getting clients to sign into Skype for Business. Im running everything on VMware. When I try to sign in it just says Contacting Server and Signing in....

Im using [email protected]

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I'm having a Skype job interview next. The guy interviewing me is using Skype for Business. I have Skype installed on my home computer but not the business kind, just regular Skype. The guy sent me an email link to click on which says "Join Skype Meeting" - I tried clicking on it just to see what happened -- even though it's not the day for the interview -- and I got these screen messages:

"How would you like to join your meeting? "Install and join with Skype meetings app (web)" -- "Join with Skype for Business (desktop")

I've never used Skype this way before -- I've always had someone Skype me in advance of the interview, ask to be added to my "contacts" list, then they Skyped me at the designated time and I had my Skype already open to receive.

What do I do? Do I click on his "Skype for Business (desktop) link? Do I first have to open my Skype program on my laptop or install something else?

This old Luddite is really worried about screwing my interview up. Any help is GREATLY appreciated?

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I'm having a Skype job interview next. The guy interviewing me is using Skype for Business. I have Skype installed on my home computer but not the business kind, just regular Skype. The guy sent me an email link to click on which says "Join Skype Meeting" - I tried clicking on it just to see what happened -- even though it's not the day for the interview -- and I got these screen messages:

"How would you like to join your meeting? "Install and join with Skype meetings app (web)" -- "Join with Skype for Business (desktop")

I've never used Skype this way before -- I've always had someone Skype me in advance of the interview, ask to be added to my "contacts" list, then they Skyped me at the designated time and I had my Skype already open to receive.

What do I do? Do I click on his "Skype for Business (desktop) link? Do I first have to open my Skype program on my laptop or install something else?

This old Luddite is really worried about screwing my interview up. Any help is GREATLY appreciated?

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For anyone who is having trouble keeping Skype for Business from opening, I have found one way to correct problem. Go to file manager and click on C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013 and delete the shortcut for Skype.

A:Skype for Business

gonna file this, tnx !

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This is to discuss something regarding Microsoft Skype for business. Recently from a blog, I read some advantages about this http://www.thinktel.ca/blog/general-category/5-reasons-use-microsoft-skype-business/. Is there any windows mobile app versions of Skype for business. If then, can I get all facilities as in the desktop version. I have one more question related to this. Can I share HIPAA, FERPA, or other sensitive data using Skype for Business? I am expecting your replies. Thank you in advance.

A:About Skype for business

Skype is mostly used for making video calls, texts and most of the business companies use Skype to connect with their clients. All the Skype to Skype calls, videos , file transfer and instant messages are encrypted that is why business companies use it for remote team conference.

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I'm having considerable trouble with Skype for Business. I can access the meeting screen via the App but not connect or use any of the functions - camera/sound etc. The screen freezes. I was advised the browser might the problem and switched from Chrome to Internet Explorer
Same problem. Any one experience similar problems?

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So I have skype for business basic version installed on my windows home edition with a purposely intention not to have it on the domain at my job. I noticed my app doesn't login when on my company domain network but login and works well when I use my phone hotspot or any other external internet access BUT doesn't work whenever I connect to my job network.
Please can you advise on why it does not logins in whenever I'm on my job network? I have attached the snapshot of error message I get whenever I attempt logging in.


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Hello everyone,
I having trouble with login to Skype for business although I was added all the record,
Can anyone help me with this,
thanks you very much,

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I have Windows 7 with Skype for Business installed, every time I start up my machine the Skype for Business is automatically loads up and the message tabbed conversion is set as Disabled (that's usually the default setup)

Here's the issue, I have upgraded my Windows 7 to Windows 10 and when the Skype for Business is loads up the settings of message tabbed conversation is suddenly set as Enabled. I can set it manually to set as disabled but there's any reason why it becomes Enabled?
it was suddenly set as Enabled any clues why it's happening?


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I am in IT support, and I have a user that is having an issue with Skype for Business. When she goes into Outlook and tries to set up a Skype meeting it says Create Skype Meeting failed. Please make sure that Skype for Business is running and signed-in and try again. Does anyone know why this is happening? She is logged into her Skype profile so i know that is not the issue. Any help on this would be great.

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My desktop has just now started giving me a "nag" screen about my subscription has expired??? Never had one to start with??? Tried to uninstall it, takes me to control panel/programs and features, it is not listed.

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in the ATA documentation it says that the ATA can prevent any password sharing attempt is that included in exchange or skype for business in the environment.
and what is the types of the msg it can read or the password sharing attempts


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Hello Technet community !

I have a message after an analysis of a PSTN call on skype for business online with Microsoft message analizer, I can not understand it.
Can you help me

>> the reserved 1 field in type apt to client with qos control with q apps buffer state mac header is reserved and should be set to zero, not 1

Screenshot ! = >> https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/getfile/1033441

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Hi, I have several users that are experiencing audio issues when trying to use Skype for Business 2016.   The issue is that when they Skype call out to a contact their mic and speakers or just microphone will not work.   The microphone not working is the most common issue.   However, they can have a contact call them and their microphone and speakers will function normally.  Here are the steps that I've tried to correct the issue: Quick Repair of Office 2016.Full Repair of Office 2016.Full removal of all Office products and reinstall of Office 2016.Update to latest sound drivers Conexant ISST Audio -- this causes both microphone and speakers to not function at all.Revert sound drivers for Conexant ISST Audio to -- this allows for the user to be able to recieve Skype calls but not be able to make Skype calls.Full removal of all sound drivers - restart - allow Microsoft to reinstall drivers.None of the items above have fully corrected the issue and it appears to be a specific issue with the Conexant ISST Audio drivers used by HP. Any ideas on how to correct this issue? Thank you!

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Just installed Skype For Business standard on a VM. Im running another VM that is the DC. i went through the steps and done it about 5 times and still the client pcs are unable to sign into Skype for Business. It keeps saying Contacting Server and Signing in. the client is able to ping the server. I have no idea where to go from here. any help would be greatly appericated. oh btw im running Windows Server 2012 also.

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I don't use Skype for Business very often. How to prevent it from loading automatically when Win 7 starts?

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We are going to upgrade from Skype for Business server 2015 to 2019.  Our reverse proxy is very old.  Any recommendations for what to use for a reverse proxy in the Skype for Business 2019 environment.

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I bought a new Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon few days before. While overall it performs excellent, it keeps disconnecting from Skype for Business during calls. Atleast twice, it has disconnected me from skype during my screen sharing live calls. It doesnt happen with any of my other laptops on Windows and Mac so I dont think this case should be opened for Microsoft. The Wifi connection is stable during such examples. Looks like there could be an issue that must be resolved. Any suggestion please ? Best regards,Kailash 

A:Lenovo X1 Carbon Thinkpad 7th Gen Skype for Business problem

Is there any error showing in the event log?

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Has anyone come across this issue before when using Lync. Lync 2013 stuck at "Contacting server and signing in" on all computers. Don't get any errors or timeouts.

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I have updated my laptops and desktops to Windows 10 recently, coming from Windows 7.

On startup, and sometimes amidst usage, Skype for business starts itself and then hangs at the splash screen; thus I cannot disable it from starting automatically. How can I fully remove Skype for business and instead install the regular version of Skype?

Thanks in advance for some hints!

A:Skype for business stuck at splash screen on startup

Originally Posted by Useless User

I have updated my laptops and desktops to Windows 10 recently, coming from Windows 7.

On startup, and sometimes amidst usage, Skype for business starts itself and then hangs at the splash screen; thus I cannot disable it from starting automatically. How can I fully remove Skype for business and instead install the regular version of Skype?

Thanks in advance for some hints!

Hi Useless User and welcome to Tenforums.

You can disable Skype for Business from starting with Windows permanently, by opening Task Manager; under the Startup tab, select the app and click the Disable button.

Alternately, you can go to All Settings> System>Apps & features, highlight Skype Meetings App, and select Uninstall.

Hope that helps!

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There is Skype for Business 2019 and there are SfB 2016 Basic clients. The problem is that missed calls are not displayed in the client's mail. Missed conversations are saved. Outgoing calls and answered ones too, but unanswered calls not.

If you go to the mobile client under the same account, then all calls are immediately displayed.

I tried different versions of the Office - it doesn't help.

Where to dig? UC is not deployed.
There is only one user who has Office 19 Pro with a built-in Skype client and everything is fine with him. Everyone else does not work for Office 13. MAPI and EWS status - OK

There was no unified messaging system and was not included, but I noticed that in the configuration of clients it does not work for whom - ExumEnabled - TRUE, and for the one working at the office 19 and ExumEnabled - FALSE

How to change this value? In Exchange, UM accounts are disabled
The ExumEnabled parameter shows FALSE when executing the GEt-CSUSer command

But the Skype Exum Enabled client configuration parameters are TRUE

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We have started to find that we cannot make Skype calls with video from the integrated camera in Skype for Business on our 6th Gen laptops that are newly built. Every other application is able to use the camera but not Skype for Business, although, in the video settings for the app, it shows an image from the chosen camera. We have tried repairing and also reinstalling Microsoft office and the app individually, also tried different accounts. Installing different or updated drivers from the Lenovo Support website do not seem to make an impact either.

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Presence indicators display fine in IE11 on Win 7, but not in IE11 (or Edge) on Win 10, do however show in Outlook 2013 on Win 10. Applies to sites both in Intranet zone and trusted sites zone. Zones are managed through Group Policies. Compared
IE settings between Win 7 and Win 10 machines - no differences.
Applies both to onsite SharePoint 2007 site and SharePoint 365 site.
Both machines joined to Domain and in the same OU.

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Get ready for a new selection of preview software from Microsoft to test out: today the company launched both the Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview, and the Skype for Business Preview.

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A:Microsoft releases Office 2016, Skype for Business previews

I still have Office 2013 which I haven't even bothered to install yet let alone use, 2010 I use on occasion so I won't be taking an interest in 2016 for a while yet.

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Operating System: Windows 7 32 bit
Ram: 2gb
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU T5300 @ 1.73GHz 1.73 GHz

I have been having this problem for maybe 2-3 months now.
Back then, Skype started giving me a problem where it would freeze my computer every time I opened the program. This actually started happening when I was fixing something else on my computer. My "Public Folders" were appearing just as simple yellow folders. I did some googling on this problem and found a fix-it site that had me replace the desktop.ini files in each folder in order to make the "public folders" have the standard icons that they are supposed to have.
This was the website I used to do this: http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/172301-public-folder-icons-restore-default-icon.html
However...this is for Windows Vista, and I have windows 7...so I am not sure if I messed something up, but like I said, around this time is when my Skype stopped working.

So...my first thought was just to uninstall, and reinstall it. However, I ran into a bumpy road with this. I cannot get it to uninstall!
When I go to unistall it, it says that it cannot find the "skype.msi" file to continue the uninstallation.
I have searched online and found other people dealing with this problem.
I have tried deleting every possible file on my computer having to do with skype, but it still shows up on my uninstall list, as well as my start menu.

To do that, I went to RUN, and typed %AppData%
then, I del... Read more

A:Cannot uninstall skype!....

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"The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation" Vista Home Premium.
I am trying to uninstall Skype from my control panel and the above statement keeps popping up and won't allow me to remove it. I am the only system administrator and it is the only account on the windows system.

A:Can not uninstall Skype

Hello Bear,
The first thing you need to make sure is that when you uninstall Skype, does this application has been totally closed?  Then, try to uninstall it with administrator.
If it is still unavailable, you can try to delete the installation files directly with its storage path. That may be helpful.

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Hello everyone. Recently I tired to update Skype and failed to do so as I got error 1603 and it said it failed to remove the older version of Skype. After receiving this error multiple times, I decided to try to manually uninstall Skype and then reinstall the latest version. However when trying to do so, I received this error message: 
"The installed product does not match the installation source(s). Until a matching source is provided or the installed product and source are synchronized, this action can not be performed."
I have never encountered this error before upon trying to uninstall something so I really have no idea what to do. If anyone can offer assistance with this I would greatly appreciate it!


A:Can't update or uninstall Skype

Seen this link?

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I'm trying to free up valuable hard disk storage.

I'm using MS Office 2000. How would I remove the Outlook and Business Planner elements.

I have gone into Install/Uninstall Programs, which led to the MS Repair, Install etc. page, but I could not remove these items.

I appreciate any assistance anyone could give me

A:Uninstall Outlook and Business Planner

You have to use the Office CD to uninstall all or part of its applications.

Insert the CD and choose "Add Remove Components"...or something along those lines.

Choose "Custom Install" when offered the choice.

When you get to the list of components, find the ones you want to get rid of, left click on the icon next to it and choose "Not available."

Once you've made all your selections, proceed with the "install."

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Does any one have an idea how long it should take to un-install Business Contact
Manager from Office Small BUsiness and Vista 64. My computer hes been trying for four hours and still not done? Computer is a new VIO with 4 GB RAM and Intel core 2 DUO.

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Skype install failed with APPCRASH. Ran Skype uninstall from appwiz.cpl. Also tried File Assassin, Microsoft fix-it and revo. I have set all related permissions to Full Control; and the pesky thing still will not grant me access. Can any one please help?
Thanks for taking the time to read my post. My best to everyone.
Looking forward to a reply that may work.
Sincerely, Myron P

A:Cannot delete Skype program folder after uninstall

Try booting into Safe Mode by repeatedly tapping the F8 key when the computer is booting up and choosing Safe Mode with Networking, so you can still do research and reply to this post while in Safe Mode.
Once in Safe Mode, try navigating to the folder in Windows Explorer and deleting it.
Make sure that the Skype process is not running.
Reply if you need help.

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Hey guys, I have a rather st**id problem.

I installed Windows 8.1 on my new lap top a few days ago (Thanks Superfly and popeye).

Then I wanted to make it look and function more like Windows 7, so I installed Classic Shell and got my Start button to look and function as it does on Windows 7 (and XP before it)

Well, today I decided to download skype, and I went to the download page and saw that apparently I already have skype on my machine, so I turned it on. Suddenly I was asked to input my lap top's entry password, and then after that to put my Microsoft information (Username, password)... Well, I didn't like that very much, I want the classical Skype...

So I googled, and the solution is simple, to uninstall skype as it is in Windows 8.1, and then to download and install skype, and problem solved.

Alright, but the instructions on uninstalling skype are for windows 8 platform, which I don't have now that the start button has been made to look like Windows 7...

Alright, I went to control panel -> programs, then to my computer -> program files, then to the start button -> all programs, and nowhere did I find skype in order to run the Uninstall.exe, or to remove from the control panel..

Then I googled how to revert to Windows 8.1 function from classic shell, and apparently people are having problems returning EVEN IF they Uninstall classic shell... and I don't want to get into another set of problems.

Now, this should be the easiest thing to solve, how did this g... Read more

A:How to uninstall Skype in Windows 8.1 [Classic Shell]

I don't use the classic shell but if you hold down Ctrl while you click the start menu does it open the Windows 8.1 start screen?

If yes, type 'Skype' in and see if it comes up.


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Hi everyone,

I have tried everything under the sun to get my MS Office working (2010 Home & Business). This is the third time I have had such issues with it. The first two times it miraculously worked on it's own. This time it seems to be dead for good.

When I try and open office it just stays at the "starting" box and doesn't go any further. I am unable to open it via winword.exe either.

I am able to open it in safe mode, but when I try and save a file it just freezes my computer, same if I also try and close the program.

I have attempted a repair and an uninstall and neither work, they just get to half way and hang (for hours.) I have done a "clean boot" I have tried to restore my system to a point when MS was working but I get some 0x8007005 error saying a virus protection may be in the way. I disabled the virus scan and it still occurred. (I am using Avira Anti Virus)

Something else to note, I also have open office & PDF Complete and they are also freezing in the same manner as MS Office.

My question is; Does anyone else have some possible solutions for my problem or is a complete system over hall in the midst?

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:MS Office Home & Business 2010 Won't uninstall, won't repair etc.

Hi Tanya, welcome to the forum.

Have you tried disabling Avira completely - just to eliminate it from the equation?

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Hi there,
I cannot say that I am a pro for IT issues, and my age is 63, so I took back from the drawer this old laptop with a Win 7 Starter installed about 4 years ago (then I updated this Windows with all those updates 600 MB or so) and after that I tried to install
the latest version of Skype (as requested by a popup window). It says now to contact the support, because coud not uninstall the previous version of Skype in order to renew the latest version. What should I do?
Mucherem Abdulgani.

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I am trying to upgrade Windows Vista Home Premium to Windows 10, and I got  message saying the upgrade was cancelled and Winhdows 10 installation could not continue because I first have to uninstall the following programs: Business Contact Manager and Anri-Malware Core.  I have looked under "all programs" and on the C:\ drive (programs), but I cannot find any files with these names. If anyone can help me identify what I'm supposed to uninstall and where the programs are likely to be located, I'd be very appreciative. Thank you.

A:uninstall anti-malware core and business contact manager

The only reference that I can find for Business Contact Manager is following: Where do I find Business Contact Manager for Outlook?The Outlook menu bar includes Business Contact Manager if it is installed and configured or activated.Which versions of the 2007 Office System include Business Contact Manager for Outlook?The installation CD for Business Contact Manager for Outlook is the second CD, CD2. It is included with the following Microsoft Office suites:Microsoft Office Professional 2007Microsoft Office Small Business 2007Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007Note: Business Contact Manager for Outlook is not included with Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007.Trial versions of Microsoft Office Professional 2007 and Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, which include Business Contact Manager for Outlook, are available on the Microsoft Office Online Web site. Look for a second link to install a trial version of Business Contact Manager for Outlook.Note: Outlook 2007 must be installed before installing Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007. Installing Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 with Outlook 2003 is not supported. As for the Anri-Malware Core, you may have to uninstall your antivirus app. Please click the Thumbs up + button if I have helped you and click Accept as Solution if your problem is solved.  

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Running Windows 7 Professional and Office 365 Professional which included Skype for Business. When I installed Office 365 Pro the other day everything was working just fine. This morning I updated iTunes and rebooted. Skype for Business no long loads now. I get the "Microsoft Lync has stopped working" with the usual two options to check online for solutions or close the program.


Problem details:
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: lync.exe
Application Version: 15.0.4727.1001
Application Timestamp: 555afc75
Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll
Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.18409
Fault Module Timestamp: 53159a86
Exception Code: e06d7363
Exception Offset: 0000c42d
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
LCID: 1033

Read our privacy statement online:

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:


What I've tried: -I already tried rebooting again, didn't work
-I ran sfc.exe /scannow and that found no errors.
-Ran CCLeaner Registry cleaner to see if it found anything broken related
-Ran the quick repair for Office 365, nothing...
-Ran the full repair for Office 365, nothing...
I'm at a lost here. One thing I ... Read more

A:Skype for Business No longer launches; "Stopped Working"

No one has any suggestions?

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i am an semi-retired naval air warfare engineer,i was released and had to ,,,

A:can,t attach emails to business or friensds,can,t recieve from business or friends

It may be the firewall you're using? It may block e mails. Also check your account settings and make sure they are not made to block attachments.

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Hi all,Would someone please post a picture of the inside of their Business and/or Business Slim Topload case?  Specifically of the laptop storage compartment? Would someone please post a picture of the inside of the other type of case mentioned above (I'm assuming that most of you only have one case, not both a Business Topload and a Business Slim Topload)?  I guess I would like to be able to see pictures of the inside laptop storage compartment of each. What is the difference between the Business and Business Slim cases? Thanks.

-----------IBM T40: XP PRO SP3, 14.1" 4:3 display, 512MB DDR RAM, 40GB HDD, ThinkLight, DVD.Lenovo Ideacentre H215: AMD Athlon II X2 215, 500GB HDD, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64-bit Win7, AMD 760G.

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I have a person who fears his computer has been compromised, and he's using the "Norton Business Class" (his words, google told me it was Norton Business Suite) software to protect his system. Over the phone, he was able to tell me the firewall detected traffic to his computer after he thought he'd shut it off and gone to work.

I've never used the product, and I'm not finding documentation on how to use the software when I search the net. (I'm finding lots about the service, and standard information about what it includes, features, etc to sell the service. But no particular help documents or user guides.) Does anyone know how to pull the firewall logs from the software so he can send them to me for review?

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Windows 7 32 Bitand Skype 5.0 new version of Skype no more freezing lost other topic. I am so happy finally skype works on Windows 7 32 Bit Home Premium

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skype runs ok in my VISTA HOME BASIC 32BIT, but icon/shortcut of skype in desktop, do not seem instead shows a small null icon, well what to do to be seen ?

A:skype runs ok in my VISTA HOME BASIC 32BIT, but icon/shortcut of skype in desktop, do

Hello Ise,

You might see if creating a new shortcut for it directly from the .exe file of Skype may work instead.

Hope this helps,

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I noticed that skype has send to all skype contacts a certain link, to one contact even multiply links.
this all happens on the same day: 17th december from 14:30 -14:39.
I haven't seen any spam send anymore after that.
Skype support told me to reset my password, I did, and to download safety scanner from microsoft. they proviced me with the link.
when I try to open the link, the browser cannot load the page, it is stuck in a loop:  sometimes I see a page, but just for a second or even less, then mostly white page, and browser keeps trying to load the page. and in chrome : a  little shield symbol on the right side of the address bar says that it's trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources. this message dissappears very quickly.
I have skype installed on two laptops, and on my smartphone (iphone).
The problem I told about, is on one laptop that has no antivirus. I did not yet checked the other laptop, if the microsoft page opens or not. but I do have bitdefender internet security (paid) installed on the second laptop.
I want to be sure the laptop that has the problem, is virusfree.
Scanresultaten van Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Versie:31-12-2015
Gestart door Momo (Beheerder) op MOMOSONYLAPTOP (31-12-2015 17:11:28)
Gestart vanaf C:\Users\Momo\Desktop
Geladen Profielen: Momo (Beschikbare Profielen: Momo & Nora & MomoSurf)
Platform: Windows 7 Home Premiu... Read more

A:spam send in skype account to all skype contacts - cannot load page safety scan

I downloaded the safety scanner from microsoft from my other laptop without any issue.
copied it to a usb, put it on the problem laptop, a full scan and nothing found.
I realize I did had a antivirus paid version (kaspersky internet securuity) on the laptop, as I first said that it had no antivirus.
I only disabled it because it had problems running.
Now I enabled it, updated it and run a full scan. nothing found.
I don't know if skype is the cause and not a virus?  the skype workers told me that the cause could be anything (email, virus on computer).
I mostly use skype on iphone, and here I'm confused with what the skype workers said: one said that iphone can not be infected, so no need to check the iphone.
an other said: you can download an app from app store to scan for viruses, because it is possible that the virus is on the iphone.
This is really not clear anymore.

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I was reviewing laptop reviews and found Dell XPS 13 to be good with good processing power and battery life. let me know. Cheers.

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I've experienced some problems and discomfort with skype for win8:
- not able to show screen,
- terrible design,
- very slow response (i.e. when I click RMB, the menu shows up in several seconds, and I expect to see it immideately),
- doesn't understand links to skype chat like skype:?chat&blob=blahblahblah, when I click it nothing happens.

I've also tried skype for desktop, it was even worse:
- when I changed online status to invisible (i've also tried with N/A), skype stopped to receive and send messages,
- when this or another error occurs, I try to kill skype process via task manager, TM then firstly says that skype is not responding (so i am trying to kill process), after that TM stops responding as well.
So when i've tried skype for desktop i had to reboot my laptop about 5 times in a day.

Now I've installed skype from Store back, but I still need to go to skype chat.

Could anyone please help me either make skype 5.x/6.x work on win8, or enter the chat which i need?

Here's my system: http://i.imgur.com/Fu65f57.png

Thanks in advance!

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My skype contacts are missing with newest skype and the support gives me
"Carissa M.
First, ensure that you are signed in with the correct Skype Name." 
Could anyone upload skype 6.1 or lower please... 
Also does anyone know why the skype crashes when trying to login with microsoft account on newest version

A:Skype retarded support: Anyone upload Skype 6.1

You can find 6.1 online with a quick google search, such as at http://www.filepuma.com/download/skype_6.1.0.129-2261/For even older versions: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/skype-5-9-0-123Don't have version 6.3 to verify the crash issue using the microsoft log in.

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