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Yoga 900 - very short power cable

Q: Yoga 900 - very short power cable

Hello, the USB power cable is very short. Almost as short as the Macbook air cable but the Lenovo does not bring the prolonger. What should I do to have a longer cable or how can I prolong the cable? Thank Youg.

Preferred Solution: Yoga 900 - very short power cable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Yoga 900 - very short power cable

Good day.

A number of folks have commented that they would like a longer reach with the cabling.
What I've personally done is to get a short, inexpensive extension cord that I plug the power block into, and then plug that cord into the wall receptacle. This arrangement mimics, in some ways, the design used on other Lenovo laptops.

Hope this helps a bit.

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Hello everyone, I am new on this forum and I have an issue with my motherboard, the issue is as follow;
1- When I connect the 4 pin ATX 12v to the motherboard everything stop nothing works, the CPU fan stop working and everything else, The Motherboard brand is FOXCONN 865A01, even I change the Power supply and still have the same issue.

I would like if someone can show me the right direction on how to fix this issue.
Thank you in advance for any help someone can give me.


A:4 pin atx12v power cable causes power short

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. The usual cause of such an event is either
A. a defective motherboard - unlikely but could be
B. If this is a new build - a build error and the motherboard is shorting across a ground fault when that power is connected
C. You are using the wrong connector or connecting it on the incorrect orientation - eg the clip is not the correct way on the motherboard header
D. CPU error - bent pin on insertion of CPU

3. Please post some more detail of
is it new build
CPU details
What checks have you made if new build
Re 865A01 - which one please there are variants

4. I presume now having looked at the board it is NOT a new build, so when please did this first occur
and what problems were seen first, if any , before this
Most likely cause now, as I think the system is of some age is the board or the processor, if you refer to the 12v aux power

ATX 12V Power Connector: CN11
The 4 pin ATX 12V power supply connects to CN11 and provides power to the CPU.

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Hi there,  I am a new user of a Yoga 530 and was wondering if there is a possibility to charge the device with a powerbank? I know that the USB-C ports are not capable of charging the laptop and that the laptop needs to be charged via the small round plug (sry I don't know the technical terms).The question is rather whether there is a power cable available that has a USB plug on the "non-laptop" side so I can then plug that into my powerbank (or a USB charging station)? Hopefully, the question is understandable. Thaks for any help!   

A:Yoga 530 Power cable adapter available?

Short answer is no. The USB Type A ports on power banks, et al, deliver 5V at around 1 or 2A. Your 530's slim-tip charging port is looking for Around 20 volts (I don't have the exact voltage available, offhand, but it'll be listed on the charger that came with the computer). Creating a USB to slim-tip cable could damage both the computer and the power bank. 
Here is an article featuring several power banks that might provide the necessary voltage and current. As I haven't tried any of them, I can't say for sure, but if you're very careful to match voltage, current and connector polarity, you should be able to find one that suits your needs. 

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Hi all, I have a strange issue with my brand new Yoga 910. Opened the box yesterday and having issue with power cable. When I plugged in to the laptop, power cable working for approximately 4 seconds with a white light and immediately turned off. Tried another lenovo USB C power cable and working fine. Any suggestions? Thanks,Vamsy

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Hi can I use Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro power cable and power supply with my Yoga 700-14ISK?Thanks in advance.

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Hi friends! The power cable/adapter/brick on my 710-15IKB is starting to go. Has anyone bought a replacement that they really like? I'm always skeptical of buying a replacement power adapter on eBay, since you don't really know who made it. I'll pay more for a good one that I know won't fry my machine. Thanks!

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I've got problematic Dell Inspiron 1564. Suspected bad video.
When turned on, screen is blank and beep codes are "long-short-short-pause-short-short".
I can't find info about this beep code. I've found that long-short-short is bad video but what about next two short beeps?
Hard drive activity looks normal after that and I guess system works fine except graphics.External video output doesn't work.

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I'm on a friend's computer who just got DSL. The cord that connects the modem to the phone jack on the wall is too short. We went out to Staples and bought a Cat 5 networking cable...lo and behold the size of the head that plugs into the DSL filter is too large.

Just for ha-has, I tried a regular plain telephone line, and it seems to be working. The short telephone cable that came with the DSL install kit is grey, round and says "cat 5" on it.

Is there any problem using the regular plain ol' phone cord (its flat, not round). The people at Staples didn't seem to have a clue. Will there be a downgrade in speed if we use the regular phone cord? Any suggestions appreciated.


A:DSL cable too short...need help:)

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Hi I want to connect two LAN cables together to reach another computer. I only have an ADSL splitter/filter. Can I click them into each end of that? Obviously want I to avoid the filter inside it.

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Well hello,
a few days ago I stumbled on my own feet and my laptop slipped out of my hands, breaking the hinges. until I will get new parts, I decided to still use it. today, while watching a movie, the lid curved back a little, leaving me with a white screen. adjusting the lid back fixed the problem, although it happened everal more times, with either white or blavk screen. later, forgetting the hinge issue I laid it down on the table, when it seemed to crash and shut itself down. after turning it on again I saw a flash where the lcd cable goes and smelled something burning.
now, the screen is black, when turned on the vent starts in about 10seconds and after 29-30 seconds it shuts down again. the cable also obviously looks burnt.
so, the questions are:
can I fix the cable?
would replacing it help?
could the short circuit have damaged other hardware?
is it even a cable issue that makes the shutdowns appear?

I have a dell latitude e4300
and I would love the one helping me out till I die

A:LCD cable short circuit

Have you got an external monitor/tv to plug it into to test?

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The cable is actually long enough but since the HDD has to be at the end I can't get the DVD ROM and The HDD when there together to be put into there respective mounting spots. It there a way to move the middle plug further down the line?
Also, One end of the cable is blue. Is that the end that goes into the HDD or does it really matter as long as the HDD is on the end.

A:EIDE cable to short

Its just simpler to buy a new cable, they are cheap.

To answer your other questions though. Generally blue end goes to the motherboard, and the other end has 2 plugs that are closer together, meant to be for your master and slave devices. In reality it doesn't matter, but you probably don't have a drive that close to where the IDE controller on the motherboard is to actually be able to use it 'backwards'.

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Just received the card.

One cable is long enough; the other is limited because when the PC was assembled, they restricted it with the inner walls of the case.
Here's the cable.

As you can see in the first picture, the lower right box is the power supplier. The cable goes north, then god knows how it's tied underneath that storage section. It re-appears where marked.

Any ideas?

A:Bought a HD 7870 XT. The PCI cable is short by a few cm!

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I recently bought a Samsung 151s LCD monitor. Even though the resolution is set to 1024 x 768, and the font is at the large font (125%), it displays jagged.

I have an integrated videocard (ES 1869) inside a Compaq Presario box, and when I removed the CPU cover (which, btw, is too difficult to screw back on again due to its impossible design) I discovered that the videocard is practically inaccessible, and also it's attached via a nightmare of licorice-whip wires to various ports.

So I'm wondering whether a shorter thicker video cable might solve the problem?
If so, which brand? (like, what keyword do I search for on Newegg or some such?)
If not, is there any least-troublesome solution?

P.S. I know I'm not the only one who had this problem because when I searched the newsgroups, I came up with this:
http://groups.google.com/groups?hl=...-8&[email protected]

A:short thick cable for jagged LCD display?

Usually LCDs have are designed to run optimally at one resolution...
It appears that 1024x768 may not be it
the next size down --800x600 would be too low
try 1280x1024... that was the appropriate setting for my Illayma 19.

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OK, here's my problem:
I've got 2 machines with Windows XP Pro SP2 installed. I had an on-board: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter, Copper RJ-45 LAN chip on the new PC and a NETGEAR FA311 Fast Ethernet Adapter PCI card on the old one.
I bought a 20M category 6 crossover cable and try to wire these 2 puppies up. What I found is: although the LAN connection shows as status: connected, I don't see the other computer in the workgroup. (Both are in work group mshome).
When I ping one machine from the other, only about half of the ping packets go through, the others are "request timed out".
I suspected the line was not so good, maybe signals were lost due to the length. I went and bought a 1M category 6 crossover cable and plugged it in.
Everything worked great! I had both machines seeing each other in the work group. Transferring data was no problem. Got internet connection sharing straight away as well!
But when I switch to the longer cable, it's not happy again...
I brought the cable to work and tried on 2 machines there, both with on board Intel PRO/100 VE Network Adapter. To my surprise, everything worked! The cable seems to be fine. I can transfer files between those 2 machines (in work group configuration exactly the same as my home PCs) and even share internet connection without problems.

So I'm really puzzled. Then I thought, maybe it's the network cards not supporting the longer line? Since the "Marvell ... Read more

A:Works for short cable but not longer one, wierd...

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Hi,  I recently updated my BIOS to the latest version using the System Update tool from Lenovo. For a while everything seemed to be working alright, as the BIOS was dowloaded and the computer rebooted. After rebooting the first time i was presented with the BIOS utility, and noticed that the update was progressing.  After 20 or so seconds the computer rebooted again. This is where my problems began. The computer immediately started beeping this short-short-short-long melody from the speakers. I thought this was normal, so I left the computer on for quite a while.  However, the beeping never stopped. Now the beeping resumed the instant i plug the power back in. I have yet been able to actually getting any sort of information on-screen telling me what's wrong.  I've tried following the "Recovering from a POST/BIOS update failure" on page 267 of the Hardware Maintenance Manual, but no luck with that so far. No matter where I place the jumper, the beeping code is the same short-short-short-long melody (yeah, it sounds like a disney tune or something). Any bright ideas? The machine type is a M92p 2992-B3G I'd hate to have to send it in for repairs, and Lenovo's Norwegian support line doesn't open until Monday, and there seems to be no way to call their 800-number in the states from here  Oh, and would this be covered by my warranty if repairs / motherboard replacement is the only way out? UPDATE #1: I found... Read more

A:Fail to boot (short-short-short-long beep code) after M92p BIOS Update

I just had the same issue after a bios update on an M91p I unplugged the power and sata connections to the CD/HDD and powered up the PC. After receiving the No OS found screen, I powered off the PC, reconnected everything and it powered up just fine afterward. hope this helps!  

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I rearranged my computer layout---
moved a new cabinet in to the corner of the room.
so now my desktop tower is beside the cabinet.
I moved it there for better air-flow & less chance of having the tower
knocked off the desk I had it setting on. kids in house.
so now I need about 15 feet of USB cable to plug my mouse in---
run behind the desk // behind the cabinet to the tower--

is anybody with a gaming mouse running theirs through a powered usb hub ???
New Egg sales 15 foot of USB cable but all the reviews say they have problems
with windows not detecting the Data packets over that long a cable.
people talk about using Ethernet cable to usb adapters but that seems to only handle
1.1 usb data rates instead of 2.0

is anybody happy with a gaming wireless mouse ???
need a solution

A:Solved: Cool Master Storm Recon usb cable too short---

Don't know if I can help you (Not a Gamer), but I do have a wireless mouse that I've connected to a powered USB 2.0 hub and it works fine. Its a good 10'-12' away from the mouse.

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I just purchased a Yoga 910 and the AC adapter cord is too short for my needs.  Is there a longer one I can purchase?  

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I just recently bought this yoga 720 and saw online that the battery life is supposed to be around 8 to 10 hours. However, I am only getting around 4 hours of battery life. Does anyone know how to fix this problem or what might be causing it. Recently I've only been watching youtube videos so I'm not running any super intensive programs. I have 8th gen i7, 16gb ram, 1 tb ssd, and the uhd 620 graphics card.

A:Yoga 720: short battery life

YouTube videos can be more intensive than you think. And there may be other things running in the background (virus scanners, Windows Updates, cloud storage synchronization) that are shortening your battery life. Battery life claims on just about anything battery-powered are usually best-case scenarios. I can get 6-8 hours out of my 920. But to do that, I do little more than word processing in airplane mode with the screen brightness as dim as I can handle it. Virus scanners are disabled, no external devices attached. If I connect it to my television and stream Amazon movies with the wireless keyboard and mouse attached for control, then 4-5 hours is about all I get, too. 
Check Task Manager to see what else is runing. Tweak your virus scanner and any other background programs you have. Turn off anything you can. That'll stretch it. 

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My Yoga S1 has contradictory, intermittent power issues that I'm trying to chase down. Culprits are bad power bric/cord/plug or power socket on mother board or power board that feeds into power button/led on. One day it blacked out and wouldn't restart to hard drive or windows stage. I did get an error code which I can't remember 5100 or 5500 poss?, that seemed to indicate the power board or ribbons to that needed replacement or re-attachment. So fiddled with it and it did fire up in windows all ok. Then ran out of power and died again. power button wouldn't light up. plugging in power unit did light up led as getting charge. Left it overnight and then it miraculously charged up. pushed power button light up twice then nothing. took out power board/detached ribbon, then it fired up to windows, fixed some hd errors and has been restarting without problems. Except now there is no plug showing on battery icon when plugged in. So not recharging but I'm sure the battery is good. And logically, the power brick and plug must be feeding electricity into laptop to get it to recharge enough to start up. So power socket and plug may be suspect with intermittent contact problems. Or the power board somehow is involved in this? I've ordered a new powerboard as easy screw in and cheap. My question about powerboard is does this control ability of plug to charge battery? power brick with new plug is next order from ebay. but the power socket, which see... Read more

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I bought a Yoga 920 about 6 weeks ago and have been loving it, largely because of the touch screen and pen features. However, I've had to replace the batteries in my Active Pen 2 twice already--they are not getting anywhere near the advertised 2000 hours of battery life, I would say they are dying after more like 50-100 hours of active use (I generally only use the pen to read and comment on documents for work).  Are there any settings to improve battery life? Should I not be storing it near the laptop? Is my pen defective? What can I do about this?   

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I think im affected by this battery problem https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht102953 the image installs succesfully but i cant see any message in the syslog saying anything about the battery update, because is empty all the time. top tool shows an uptime of 30 minutes... long enough for the upgrade to finish. I tried it several times. how can i tell what version of the battery firmware am i running? im still getting very low battery live (around 2h) thanks!!

Go to Solution.

A:very short battery live in my yoga 11e chromebook

The symptoms seem to match .   The support tip you reference is being updated in the next 24-48 hours.
You might try this alternate / new solution....
In ThinkPad 11e Chromebook and ThinkPad Yoga 11e Chromebook, the battery may experience poor longevity or not be able to power the system with the battery alone.
To update the battery firmware:

Logon to the Chromebook and update the Chromebook to the latest version of Chrome OS. (https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/177889?hl=en)
Press Ctrl-Alt-T to enter the crosh terminal page.
Plug in the A/C power adapter and keep it plugged while performing the following step.
In the crosh terminal page, type battery_firmware update and press Enter to update the firmware.  It may take up to 10 minutes.  Do not remove A/C power until the update has completed.


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My Yoga 2 11 bought had been getting good battery life (5-6 hours) but now (in an instant) it's draining very fast (1-2 hours MAX on a full charge) and it's unusually hot underneath. It's always been used on a clean, hard surface. Help??? 

A:Yoga 2 11 Running hot with short battery life

Hi David_EMG  , 
Welcome to the Community Forums.
It would help if you can generate a battery report ( ac charger unplugged). 
How is the battery health if you hover the cursor on the battery icon below?
Battery is a consumable part and depletes its resources in time and heat is one of the factors that can affect battery life. Try running hardware diagnostics along side with this and this test for comparison. 
Check the battery status LED indicator (page29) if it goes to the changes from amber blinking to solid white on full charge .  Calibration either using the energy manager via battery gauge reset can also help. Manually you can allow the battery to completely drain and wait for 1-2 hours and then charge it full.
Update us how things go. 

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A neighbor just showed up in my den/office with his computer.

In brief, with everything turned off......when the electrical cord is plugged into the power supply, the keyboard flashes and the lights come on the router and stay lit. Have not hit the "on" button yet.

What, if anything, is wrong here??

Thank you.


A:Short in power supply??

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I'm having a bizarre issue where simply unplugging the official Lenovo power supply from the orange USB power port causes the laptop to immediately issue the subject warning, along with the detail "A USB device has malfunctioned and exceeded the power limits of its hub port".   This warning pops up every 5 seconds, unless clicked on, where reset/close options do nothing.  Crazy thing is, NOTHING is plugged into any USB port!   Reattaching the power supply does not clear the error.  Only rebooting with the power supply cable connected clears the error.   Remove the power cable, and the error instantly comes back.   All of the USB ports actually work fine, including the USB C port, whether or not this message is active. Maybe it is a hardware issue, but ALL the USB ports actually work fine.  I can't figure how unpluging the power source can trigger a USB power surge when nothing is actually connected and the battery is fully charged.  I've removed/reinstalled the USB Root hub, eXtensible Host Controller, Generic USB Hub, etc., drivers multiple times to no avail.   No errors with any devices are apparent in the device manager. I've seen a lot of issues reported about USB power surges but none like mine.   Anyone have any ideas about this?  System: Lenovo Yoga 900/16GB/Windows 10

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Goodafternoon, I need additional (451-BBVQ) Dell Portable Power Companion (12000mAh) PW7015MC USB-C Power Out Cable but unable to find it on the parts page.

Where is it on Dell's site? Just the Power Out cable, already have the battery packs.

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my Lenovo Y400 is facing a problem. The battery is charging, but when unplug the power cord, the laptop lose all power and off. i thought battery problem but after replaced, it is still the same.Seems like the laptop just won't draw power from battery. i suspect i overheated parts of my laptop, since the left speaker which is near the heat exhaust not sounding well.The power plug point is also at the top left side, i wonder will it have anything to do with not getting power from battery?or are there other possible cause?

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hi all,

I'm in a bind, and a friend referred me to this site, where I might be able to find some decent answers.

I run a small computer store in my hometown, and I was fixing a Sony Vaio PCG-FRV35 Notebook, It's fairly old, p4 with 512mb ram... But anyway, I was just removing spyware and viruses from it, and finished that up, then he said his sound wouldnt play, i started by reinstalling drivers and all that good stuff but it didnt play, I decided to lookinto the notebook to see if the speaker wires were connected and everything was fine there...

I pried off the faceplate for the powerbutton and LEDs and everything thats just above the keyboard, and I saw a ribbon cable connecting the power button and speaker circuit board to the motherboard, so i carefully unhooked it and put it aside, after finding no problems I rehooked it back up and tried to turn on the computer again... no power no post no sound nothing. It's like the power button is shot now. I've troubleshooted for 3 hours already on it, tried a multimeter to check to circuit connections, tried _everything_

I have no idea what to do now, this guy want's his laptop so he can work with it, and I dont feel like having to replace a laptop... this is like a techs worst nightmare >_<

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is there any known issues were these power ribbons?

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I had a short in the computer, but I don't know where. It would start to come on then stop. I found that tilting the tower, waiting for the computer to start and setting it back down gently worked. Then it worked for a few months without even having to do the tilting/setting it down gently routine. A few days ago, I had to move it to upgrade the memory. After I installed the card in the slot, I tried to turn on the computer. It will not come back on. At first there seemed to be a short in the button on the front. I've removed it and touched the two wires together. SOMETIMES, not every time, this will cause the fan to start and a light on the front to come on but this lasts a few seconds. I hope you can give me some hope for remedying this. I about ready for a new computer anyway, but I'd like to get some of the files off this one first.

A:emachine T2482 power short

My first thought would be a failing pw supply. Emachines come with junk pw supplies and very often fail.
Easiest way to test would be to swap in a known good unit.

If you just want to copy some data files from the old computer, you can simply pull your hd and connect it to the system you buy. Copy whatever you want.

If you are intending to buy/build a new system, I would think long and hard about putting any money into an old emachine.

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We lost power briefly at home yesterday and one of my two PCs won't restart. I mean it's truly dead. Pushing the start button does nothing. This happened about a year ago and I was able to restart it after a half day. This time - nada.... Any thoughts??

A:short power outage - PC is dead!

Shop for a P/S, it's the most likely suspect. If both of them have compatible power supplies, I'd try the other one, that way you'll be sure.

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Hello all.a few weeks ago while my computer is at standby, LCD off and everything, I Heard 4 short beeps, after that I see that every time I try to turn on The laptop same 4 beeps and doesnt boot. I dont see anything oN screen. Only keyboard lights up and goes off and after That I hear 4 beep. I Tried a brand new RAM, same thing. So ITS not The RAM To Reset The Bios, i disconnected The battery inside, disconnected from wall, waited 8 Hours and drained The charge on The motherboard, Still same. No boot, 4 beeps, nothing on screen. So now; With battery connected or disconnected from inside and/or power connected from wall or not, i tried different versions, i turn it on, I see The fan working, The keyboard Lighths up, Then the fan stop, keyboard lights go off, nothing ever come on screen and I hear 4 short beeps, then it starts on Its own then same things happen then 4 short beeps, this is where the cycle ends. So It does The 4 beep cycle Twice. But after it doesnt shut down, White power light stays on but doesnt try to boot again. Booting from NOVO Button or from function keys doesnt do anything, it goes to The same cycle, 4 beeps and do nothing. Nothing comes to screen please help. Is the mother board dead? cheers.

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hi all,

I was fixing a Sony Vaio Notebook, because i was getting a weird error and i cant remember what it was.

I pried off the faceplate for the powerbutton and LEDs and everything thats just above the keyboard, thinking it might be the cmos battery and I saw a ribbon cable connecting the power button and speaker circuit board to the motherboard, so i carefully unhooked it and put it aside, after finding no problems I rehooked it back up and tried to turn on the computer again... no power no post no sound nothing. It's like the power button is shot now.
I have no idea what to do now,

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, is there any known issues were these power ribbons?

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I've got a computer that's turned off. I press the power switch, and nothing happens. Now, I unplug the network cable and the computer turns on.

Why does having a network cable connected prevent the computer's power switch from functioning? And why does unplugging the network cable cause it to power up?

The computer has worked fine for a year, but was recently moved to the other side of the room, and a new switch replaced the old network hub at the same time.

A:Power Up Issue: LAN Cable Disables Power Switch?

I swapped network cables and the problem still persists.

Any ideas?

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I have a ECS P4.945GCT-M/1333 (3.0) 775 mATX Motherboard and I installed Intel E2180 cpu and put memory stick on it. The computer won't boot - the cpu fan moved a second when I plugged in the power, and the stopped. If I disconnect the auxillary power cable, the CPU fan just can start, but of course it won't post. If I also disconnect the cpu fan, the power supply fan starts and I can see keyboard lights turned on for a second.

I measured the power on auxillary cable and it is ok: 2 12v and 2 GND. I am pretty sure that the power supply is good: I put on another power supply there and it is the same thing.

A:Computer won't power on when auxillary power cable is connected

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Here is what happened. My power connector on the ac adapter that connects to the laptop shorted out. Ever since that short, they laptop only works with AC power. The batteries doesn't charge, the light doesn't even turn on, except for a split second on power on. I tried a different ac adapter, and different batteries which charge just fine an another Z60m. I think the fuse on the charging system of the system board blew. Where is this fuse located and whta does it look like? I really don't want to replace the board as they are very expensive.

A:After short in power connector, batery indicator d...

you can't replace the fuse, either you have to use the laptop this way, replace the motherboard or sell the current machine. 

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hey , i ran my little pc to its limits playing a game , and computer froze , i switched off at power supply , and when i switched it back on the power supply blew up , causing the fuze to blow completely off chipset in power supply , when i installed a new power supply the computer will not turn on if i plug in the 12v atx on motherbord , but turns on without it :/ but no graphics without it plugged ofcourse

motherbord: gigabyte 8vm533m-rz
ram: 1,2gb pc3200
cpu: pentium 4 3.0ghz

i am running agp grahhics card , as motherbord has a onbord graphics falt

A:atx12v causing short , stopping power up

it sounds like it took the m/board with it when the psu went

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This morning as I was attempting to shut my pc down for the day, I noticed it was not responding. Then all of a sudden, (an I was sitting next to the pc) with the case open a little to help cool it, a big pop sounded and smoke and sparks flew and the smoke smelled electrical. My monitor went blank. Of course it scared the you know what out of me. I noticed the green light on the front of the pc was still on, and I quicked crawled under the desk and pulled the power cord out. I pulled the case off to look and see if I could see the problem, felt of the power supply and it was red hot. The processer was cool and hard drives just a little warm, (normal).

So does this mean my power supply blew? Is there a good chance that happened, and do you think I did any other damage? Hard drives (god if I lose them I am dead), processor?
Your opinion?
Thanks. Jo Hudson

A:Can Power Supply short out and literally pop and smoke.

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I'm assembling a new system and having power issues. When connected and the switch on the power supply is on, all my components receive power before I press the power switch. Fans turn, DVD drive spins and opens, yet I am not able to power up my computer. I stripped everything down to just the motherboard, CPU and RAM and I still get nothing. No POST beep or anything signaling a startup taking place.

I am wondering if this could be caused by a faulty power supply (ie a short inside the power supply) or more likely by a short in the case somewhere. Any help in resolving this would be appreciated!

A:Power supply/case short issue?

reassemble the minimum system components outside of the PC case on a non-conductive surface (eg the box that came with your motherboard). this will show you if its shorting to the case or an isolated problem.

What brand and model is the PSU?
Reseat all the components (ram, video card, etc).. you might want to try reset the BIOS at this stage since you've got nothing else to do

It is normal for some PSUs to start up the fans and/or other devices for a few seconds after puting in power to it or after shutting down the PC, but irregular if it doesn't die down by itself after a few seconds to a minute or if you can't manualy trigger it (shorting the two pins instead of pressing the power button to turn on the PC)

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My area had a freak high humidity event earlier this year, that caused water to condense on basically everything overnight.  It got to my laptop.  It doesn't power on when the power button is pressed.  However, I tinkered with it, and realized I can force a start by detaching the power button board from the motherboard, then briefly shoving the wire ribbon into the socket until it makes contact, then removing it.  The laptop can then boot regularly.  It can't successfully boot if the ribbon is left securely in the socket.  I never touch a button during any of this.  It seems this is likely a ruined button pad, right?

A:Z570 has a short, is it in the power button board ...

I agree

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I recently aquired a new molex-sata adapter for adding a second HDD to my computer, but when I plugged it in and turned the PC on, it won't power up. Without either hard drive plugged into the power supply, the PC will start but obviously go no further, but with either hard drive plugged in the computer simply won't start.

I've tried with three molex-sata adapters now and none of them will make it work, so I was wondering if it is likely that the new adapter has ruined my hard drive? If not then any tips for fixing it?

Thanks very much

A:Can a SATA hard drive short the power?

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when I turned on my computer, it first made some weird ticking noise and didn't boot saying - Please install Gigabyte Xpress Recovery 2. A few hours earlier the power went out (the computer wasn't on), but when we reset the main power switch the power went on again.
I put the Gigabyte CD in, got the options "Backup" or "Reboot", but I apparently didn't have enough hdd space for the backup. After a reboot or 4 everything miraculously worked again.
Any idea what the hell happenned? I got pretty scared that my MoBo or hdd was dead.

The problem now - I tried if everything worked again, but when the game "Trackmania Nations Forever" loaded, I got a BSoD which says -
STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xBF17FBE2, 0xB2C07A7C, 0x00000000)
nv4_disp.dll - Address BF17FBE2 base at BF012000

I reboot, try Fifa09, works fine. I try WoW, works fine aswell, but ater 10 minutes I got the same BSoD. Is something broken?

(Not sure if this is in the right section, but it seemed hardware related to me)

A:Solved: BSoD's after short power outage (while gaming?)

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This is an attempt at understanding what makes a power supply wake up.

I believe that you have to short a couple pins in order to make this happen.
Anyone know what pins to short?
Or am I on the wrong track?
I have a Power Supply checker that causes the PS to come to life when it is plugged into the molex connector. However, i am curious if, in the absence of this tester, if I could check the PS with a multimeter.

A:What pins should I short to start power supply so I can test it?



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PC was running great.  Dog tripped over cord and unplugged it while it was running.  Now won't boot.  I had just run a chkdsk and everything was fine...no bad sectors, etc.  Now get error message "Hard Disk Short DST Check: Failed"  Cannot get boot sequence to go to my USB recovery to try to recover.  I suspect damage is to boot sector and not to the actual hard disk.  How can I get the PC to boot from the USB?  Failure ID: 60DPTG-0087D-9XPJXF-60QX03.  Is this drive 'shot' or can it be recovered AND can it be recovered with all my files still intact?  Please advise.  Many thanks.  

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After shutting down, my computer will not power-on again unless I unplug the power-cord, then plug it back in (or use the psu on/off switch).

I have tried changing PSU, same thing happens.

My guess it has to be related to my motherboard.
I have the latest bios. I have reset the bios.
This happened after upgrading to a opteron 180 cpu. But I'm not sure if its related.
I have tried disconnecting the RAM, harddrive, graphics card to no avail. Also tried refitting the power-button cables.
Computer is rock stable once its on ...It powers on fine if I switch off the PSU with the button that is located on the psu, or pull out the power-cable before turning it on.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Epox 9npa+ultra motherboard, amd opteron 180 (939), win xp sp3, 2gb ram

A:computer will not power-on unless I unplug power cable first

Unplugging the power supply, or disconnecting from the source allows everything to reset in the power supply and on the motherboard. This situation is most always associated with a defective power supply.

Since you have changed the power supply and the condition persists then the problem almost has to be a fault in the motherboard POWER GOOD circuitry.

If it were my machine I would just get in the habit of turning off the power supply after use, and live with it. Unless the problem is something obvious such as a "bulging" or leaking capacitor, chasing a problem like this is like chasing ghosts.

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Hi, I have an Acer V3-772G which I have had from new (Semi New from Amazon, warehouse cosmetic damage), Have never experienced any issues with powering on/off/charging until recently. Here is where I am up to; Laptop will power up from the battery.Laptop will not power up with cable alone (Battery removed).When powered up with the batter inserted ? the laptop will (according to the battery monitor on the laptop) charge the battery, however, the battery continues to discharge and the laptop will eventually run out of charge.When the power cable is inserted whilst the laptop is powered up, the laptop recognises that the cable is connected and will enable the "Plugged in" power settings etc. If I then remove the battery, the laptop powers off.Laptop seemingly charges the battery when it is powered off, however, even after a full night plugged in the battery doesn?t have the charge to start the laptop.Both the external cable and the battery are in perfect working order (Having tested both with a separate Acer laptop).I have opened and cleaned all connectors / fan / CPU / GPU inside the laptop and nothing looks out of place.All USB / Optical Drive / HDMI ports ETC all work without issues. I?m assuming a cable issue and not a main board issue because there are no other faults besides the DC cable (Battery will still power the laptop etc.). I have ordered a replacement 120w internal DC cable from the spare parts website to test my theory. In the meanti... Read more

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Hi guys
I have a problem with my medion mt6 desktop pc.
While running a game i accidently dislodged the power cable and now when i press the button the screen recieves no signal.l also when i press the button again it powers down like ive pulled the plug. I have tried a new screen but no luck. Also the motherboard was recently replaced by medion but it worked fine for about 2 weeks. What is wrong and is it software or hardware?

A:Computer won't power on after pulling out power cable

You need to go into 'device manager' (which is a part of your Windows program). Click 'start menu': choose 'Help and Support' icon. Type 'device manager' in the 'search box'..print out the instructions. If you are new to troubleshooting your computer: print all instructions. It will save you a lot of time and mistakes. Look at the device manager screen, click on 'monitor', then 'properties'. Next do the same on 'display adapters' This will tell what's not 'operating properly' and whether it's the driver's. 'Help & Support' has much help to offer...but not all the answers by a long shot. Good Luck.

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Hello everyone! I hope that I'm not annoying anyone, but I would really appreciate some help. I'm not a computer expert, though I know the basics so I'll try to explain the best I can what happened.

Yesterday, there was a short power outage which caused my computer to force shut down. When I turned it on, the screen resolution was off, so I managed to fix it by hardware (the auto button on my monitor) since software-based fixing didn't work (which has managed to solve this problem in the past, at least I think it was the same problem). Anyway, after I did this, the icons were strange; bigger than usual, not e.g. 128x128 but rather 140x128 (that isn't the exact size but they were higher than they were wide). This is quite annoying. The circular icons have become ovals and the square icons have become rectangular. I have tried every option I could find on google but nothing directly refers to my problem.

I know this isn't a major problem but it's just very annoying.
By the way, the same thing has, I think, happened to the taskbar as well. It's harder to tell with things other than icons, but it's visible. So basically, everything is slightly higher than wider than it should be, not only the icons.

I would really appreciate the help. If any further info is needed, I'll be glad to provide it as much as I can.

Thanks again!

Picture of the problem:
Yes, I know it's barely visible, but after some time spent on the computer....

A:Problem: Screen has slightly warped since short power outage.

The icons seems fine. Perhaps the resolution is stretched. Have you checked the screen res?

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