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1 monitor (Phillips 32" flat screen), 2 laptops, only 1 laptop detected by monitor

Q: 1 monitor (Phillips 32" flat screen), 2 laptops, only 1 laptop detected by monitor

Hello all,
I have a Phillips 32" LCD (model # 32TA2800/98) that I connect my laptops to with a VGA cable. I usually had my Gateway NV53A (AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4200 series Graphics card) connected and I never had a problem. Recently I connected my Samsung to the monitor and again, had no problems. When I reconnect my gateway the PC detects the monitor but the monitor does not detect the PC. If I switch back to the Samsung it works fine. I have reset the TV to factory default the only way I know how (owners manual). I have unplugged the power cable to the TV for 10 min+. I have changed from a 14 pin VGA to a 15 pin. I have updated all drivers.


Preferred Solution: 1 monitor (Phillips 32" flat screen), 2 laptops, only 1 laptop detected by monitor

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: 1 monitor (Phillips 32" flat screen), 2 laptops, only 1 laptop detected by monitor

It appears this one has got them all stumped. I really need help with this one and I am at a total loss. I would be forever in someones debt.

Could it be that the TV has a capacitor that holds the settings for an extended period of time? Maybe I should leave it unplugged for 24-48 hours?

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had been using nvidea for many years set to 1280 x 720 32 bit with no problems.
my hdd died, and for the cost of a new hdd the computer shop sold me a used bigger faster computer. with an ati 9200.
closest video setting are 1280 x 768 32 bit, a little to big. cant see the edges of my browser. any other settings tv won't reconize. anything i can do?

A:radeon 9200 and 27" flat screen tv as monitor

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I have a HP vp17 monitor with a DVI input I tried to connect it to my Sharp flatscreen using a HMDI convertor cord. Connecting it was no problem but I'm not getting a signal from the monitor to the TV. When I went into the monitor menu it indicated that I could have a digtal or DVI default input.

Is the DVI port for input only? Is there a way I can get it to send the image to the TV?

A:Connecting monitor to flat screen using DVI "input"

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I know people say it cant be done. But it HAS to be possible.
I have an old laptop that survived a flood... Barely. thr processor is toast, but the video subsystem and most of the mobo is good.
I want to be able to rewire the flat panel to accept a signal from a standard vga card. The dead laptop is a omnibook 4100. Has anybody played with this kind of thing before? It should be possible, YES? i can send pics of the parts to anyone willing to help. Thanks!

A:LAPTOP screen as flat panel monitor

Hmm..from the laptops I've taken apart the screen is usually connected to the motherboard by a thin ribbon.

I assume you would have to somehow connect the leads from the ribbon to a normal monitor cable and then rig up a way to get power to the monitor.

Worth a try I guess if it's all junk anyway..

Good luck.

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Question: Why will my Inspiron 8200 hook-up to a television, but not to a 20" FLAT PANEL LCD SCREEN MONITOR?

Thanks for educating me.

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I am having some issues with my used flat screen monitor that I recently got. I plugged it in and turn on my P3 Desktop. The desktop is too big for the screen and the color is all wacky. I right clicked on the desktop and got to the 'properties' I then went to the tab with the monitor settings. It will not let me change the dimensions it stays on 800 X 600 and it won't let me change it to anything else. Also the color options is not like the regular 256 or thousand or million colors it is something completely different.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue? I have actually 2 monitors that do the same thing.


A:Solved: Certified Data 14" Flat Screen Monitor

Update your video card drivers.

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Hi friends.

I am not on this forum unless I have a problem.
I have a year 2000 flat screen View Sonic monitor. When I boot my computer, the monitor will try to come on but quits in few seconds. It shows black screen. LED on monitor used to stay "Green" Vs yellow or nothing at present. do you think my video card might be bad in the computer or the fuse inside the monitor is blown or monitor is bad period?

Please help.
Thanks -----

A:Flat Screen Monitor will not turn "ON"

It sounds like your system is not booting. As a quick test of your monitor, connect it to the system you are using now. That will tell you if the monitor is working or not.
FWIW I had a viewsonic 22" monitor from around the same time; it stopped working about 6 months ago.

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Im doing this for my Dad, so i have absolutely no idea how to describe the problem but i figured this place was my best shot as google is giving me no results on my query.
There appears to be no monitor drivers installed on the pc... and its running from the bare minimum settings. I think the refresh rate is set at a low low low setting, because lets say, if i move a window by dragging it across the screen, its all choppy, doesnt move smoothly at all... sort of like it jumps every half a second until i stop moving my mouse, then stops. The same with when i'm scrolling in internet explorer... smooth scrolling doesnt exsist! lol

I figured it was a driver problem seeing as there wasnt one installed. So i found the disk with the drivers on, and followed the instructions, which were as follows:
"Right Click" the mouse anywhere on the "BLANK" area on the desktop and click on PROPERTIES.
Click the SETTINGS tab and then click ADVANCED.
Click the MONITOR tab and then click PROPERTIES.
On the HARDWARE UPDATE WIZARD, select Install from a list of specific location (ADVANCED) then click Next.
On the following window, click on HAVE DISK.
Type “D:\ENGLISH\DRIVERS” (Where “D” is the drive letter of your CD ROM Drive) on INSTALL FROM DISK window then click on OK.
Highli... Read more

A:Solved: Can't install monitor drivers for AOC flat screen monitor

Additional monitor drivers are usual not needed. What do you have for a video adapter and are those drivers installed? Right click on My Computer choose Properties/Hardware/Device Manager. What information is listed under Video Adapters?
Also what are your screen resolution and refresh settings?

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Someone gave me a Phillips 170S5FB/27 monitor and when I hooked it up it would come on and then go off. At first it stayed on awhile and then started going off and on. If anyone has experienced this problem or if I need to throw it away or download a driver let me know. My OS is Windows XP w/service pack 2.

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I have a old Compaq Computer which runs with Windows XP system. I have a w2207 Flat panel monitor hooked up on it. The computer and monitor were safe kept in boxes for about three years, or so. This last week, I got them out of their boxes and connected PC to monitor and all cables. I turned computer on and worked just fine. The open screen showed Windows logo and soon after, my desktop screen. I left it running the entire day. I did not do anything with it and at late night, I turned off and went to bed.
The next day, after tuning it on, the monitor showed the message : monitor going to sleep". It did not open after moving mouse or hitting space bar. I turned computer off, on again and monitor stills on same sleeping mode. So, I research the internet for other tips on how to wake up monitor.

I found one I have no tried before: turn PC off, turn it on and press windows logo key in keyboard until wakes up monitor. It worked on my first try. The computer and monitor were OK and ON.

I remember I had to update Windows and connect it to the Internet. To be bale to do just that, I had to be able to connect to the internet. So, I did the "connect to a network" step. The computer asked to restart it. When computer came back from restart, the monitor went to the "monitor going to sleep" mode again, and never woke up.

I tried Monitor in my laptop and worked just fine. I turned computer on and off and fan inside of it works just fine. Light on power bottom do... Read more

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First post to this forum. Been using Xandros for a couple years and love it.

Recently built a Desktop and installed Xandros on it.
Xandros desktop displays OK.

However, when using the file manager
or when using any browser on the internet, the refresh or
renew rate on the screen is EXTREMELY slow.

My machine is as follows:
Mobo: MSI K9VGM-V, with VIA K8M890 chipset

Video Board: Onboard (on mobo) VIA Chrome9 HC IGP Family,
S3 Graphics, 128 Mb, ver.

Monitor: Dell SE177FP Flat Panel, normally set to
60Hz, 1024 x 768 res.

In Xandros settings, the display is set to 24 bit True Color.

What other info might be needed?

I have changed resolutions, spent the last 2 weeks perusing various sites
hoping to find a similar problem. Tried to install Windows-type drivers
to run under Xandros. NOTE: I am still new and learning Linux so I do not
know much about drivers, linux executables etc, yet.

1. Has anyone had this problem before?
2. Does anyone have a solution?
3. Can anyone advise me where to look or
what direction to take?

BTW, I am also running Ubuntu, and it also refreshes slowly, altho
not quite as bad as Xandros.

Many thanks in advance.

[email protected]

p.s. regarding some other threads, I installed 5 hard drives in this machine; OS's include Win XP Pro, Xandros v. 4, Ubuntu. Took me 3 weeks but I finally
got the machine to "see" all 5 drives, and (hardest of all) be able to boot ... Read more

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Good selection of electronic items to chose from
Click HEREHave to click on the offer you want and follow the steps

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I am a graphic designer and I am looking to buy this kind of monitor - all sites that review and CRT monitor models have out of date recommendations (2002 was the best I could find)

looking for fair price 19" FLAT! CRT with high resolution and lower dot pitch .

Thanks, the lemurian.

A:looking for a professional 19" flat CRT monitor for graphics

It's hard to find CRT's these days as most people go flat panels. Dell makes the best bang for the buck flat panels if you're considering going this way.

Other than that, we just bought a Samsung SyncMaster 19" as these are some of the most readily available and fair price 19" true-flat screen monitors. We're extremely happy with it.

I was always a hardcore Sony fan, but you just can't find Sony CRT's anymore...

Edit- here's a link to the one we got. It's FLAT (as in totally flat), .20 dot pitch, 1920x1440 resolution,

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I am a graphic designer and I am looking to buy this kind of monitor - all sites that review and CRT monitor models have out of date recommendations (2002 was the best I could find)

looking for fair price 19" FLAT! CRT with high resolution and lower dot pitch .

Thanks, the lemurian.

A:Looking for a professional 19" flat CRT monitor for graphics

I have this one and love it:


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Movies I watch over the internet,on my HP-ze4910 Laptop,come in a little dark.
Will this situation be better,if I hook up a Flat panel Monitor,on Laptop,and or Desktop?

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I want to use a flat screen LCD monitor as a TV. I'm going to mount the TV on to a wall about 10 feet away from my laptop (that will feed signals to the monitor).

I want to be able to watch TV / DVDs / VHS on the monitor.

What additional hardware do I need, and how can I hook this up to minimize quality loss?


A:Using flat-screen LCD monitor as a TV

My pc is set up to be tv, dvd video etc all in one. I use the Winfast DTV2000H card.

I run my video through it, although I dont watch videos hardly at all. I also run my sky digi box into it. Im using the coaxial rf in though & the picture isnt amazing, Im not sure what quality you would get using other connections.

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could someone tell me what my monitor settings should be,i have an hp pavillion mx 704.my pages all look like they are on a curve,also my desktop has a black band all around it,i was messing around with it,and forgot the settings they were on,as far as height,and width .etc.thank you.

A:Flat Screen Monitor

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I have just purchased a new 17" flat screen monitor from PC world today. Not a make I recognise but they have sold several £309 not cheapest, not most expensive. Chameleon-I on the box.
When I have set it up, there are 3 lit spots on the monitor, one white one just above centre - not quite eye level and two a white and a pink about 1" below the top of the screen.
Question: Is this acceptable - I assume these are lit or dead pixels but should I contact PC world and demand/request an exchange. Would another one be any better.
Probably as I go along I would get used to them being there but I would like your advise and to whether it is acceptable.
Thank you.

A:flat screen monitor

I would certainly call to see if an exchange is possible. It really depends on the retailer and the manufacturer. They all seem to have different policies regarding dead pixels on new monitors.

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I got a 15" Flat screen LCD TV/Monitor. I don't have sound. I didn't get any kind of cables for sound to & from pc hookup and the book doesn't tell me anything about it. How do I get sound to work??? Do I need any special cables? No, it is not set to mute. Thanks!

A:HELP w/ LCD Flat screen TV/MONITOR...

A bit more information please. The name/model of the LCD Monitor/TV, are the speakers on the monitor or are you trying to use the computer speakers?

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Not even sure if anyone can help with this, and more than likely my flat screen monitor is a goner. What happened is it just simply stopped working. No power surge, no falling off my desk. Just kaput. The only thing that happens is that by the button, the green light that turns on when the monitor is on, flashes in 7 second incriments, which tells me its getting power. There is no power adapter, just a regular cable, the exact same as what plugs into a computer tower. So is there some kind of trick I'm missing to get it working again?

A:Flat screen monitor out?

You need to try another monitor to eliminate the possibility of the computer at being fauly and not the monitor

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Thanks in advance for the help.

A:What is the best way to clean a flat screen monitor?

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My TFT monitor has failed.
It's giving little flashes on the screen, rather like a strip-light thats trying to start.
Anybody have any idea what could be wrong?

Im wondering if the light inside could be a bit like a strip light.
Maybe it needs a new lamp.

But ive never seen this problem before.
Anybody seen this before on a TFT monitor?


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When I bought my refurb HP running Windows XP Home, I thought I could use the monitor from my old system (Dell Dimension XPST running Windows 98se). The old monitor is an analog flat-panel and it has two cables coming out of the back. One connection fits into the CPU's video port. I'm nor sure where the other cable and connector goes. It doesn't fit into any port on the CPU. It has a group of pins on the left and a group of pins on the right of the connector if you turn it over and look inside the connector. However, on boot-up, I get a message that the computer doesn't recognize the monitor, but if I turn off the monitor and turn it on again, it will display my desktop, but not the systray icons. Do I need a special driver for the monitor? What else could be the problem? Thanks in advance for any advice on this.

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I have a Dell with a flat monitor. sometimes it totally goes white. not blue, but white. the whole thing. i have to shut it off because i can't warm boot, then unplug it and go into f12 then get out of it and it comes back to the normal windows screen. would this be the video card or motherboard or what? i'm clueless and frustrated. the pc is not that old. thanks


A:white screen on flat monitor

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I just plugged a flat monitor in to my WIN 200o box - I get the win splash screen and than a message from the monitor saying Video not compatible. What do I need to do?

A:Flat Screen Monitor and Win 2000

i suspect it may need a driver - whats the graphic card you have - whats the PC make/model
whats the flatscreen make model?

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this morning i was on my desktop working fine before we had a power cut in our flat which shut off all the eletric socket points. My pc was switched off immediately.

I managed to switch on the main power suppy in our flat. then electricity was back on again. switched on the pc, running okay, i could even hear the windows starting up from my speaker. but my monitor (Dell 1800 FP, 19 inch flat screen, 5 years old) went completly black out. tried to switch on the indicator light, it wouldn't turn on (normally it's green when on). tried other buttons (brightness etc), still no light. It's as if it's been switched off.

spoken to a few friends who suggested me to see whether the fuse's been blown. tested fuse on a reader, absolutely fine. tested the power cable on other applicance and it's working fine.

Also tried to disconnect monitor from pc leaving only the power cable connected to monitor, still the same - does this mean that it's not the power suppy, but the monitor itself? Is the problem repairable?

I'm aware that during the last couple of weeks the monitor screen blinked once in a while (say twice during the day, just randomly but very subtle)....


A:flat screen monitor black out! HELP

The LCD monitor itself has a power supply (or 2) built in to handle the lighting of the screen. Sometimes the power supply and/or fuses are fine, but the capacitors are blown or leaking.

I would take apart the monitor and take a look around.

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I have a new BenQ flat screen - and whenever I try to open a video file the whole screen goes to black before it plays it. And then when I close the application that is playing the video file the screen goes to black again. It doesnt happen when I have the resolution set to the highest (1280 X 1084) but I like the resolution set to 1024 X 768. It wasn't happening when I first set everything up - and I don't know why it has started. Im using Win ME and have a 17inch screen. Anyone know what might be going on? BenQ tech support knows nothing about it...


A:Flat Screen Monitor Goes to Black

Is 1280 X 1084 the monitor's native resolution? If so, LCD's like to be only at their native resolution. This could be the source of your problem.

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I have a Gateway 17" Flat Screen Monitor that I bought just over a year ago, so the warranty isn't any good anymore. It just stopped working, but it's not like any monitor failure I've ever seen before -- the screen went completely white, with the exception of a couple of horizontal bands of dark colors (blue) that are just one or two pixels high.

At first I though my video card may have failed, but I hooked up another flat screen monitor that I borrowed from work (used the same cables as the other monitor, so it's not the cables) and it works fine.

Any ideas what may have failed and whether it is economically repairable?


A:Flat Screen Monitor Failure?

I'd guess you're out of luck. The LCD appears to have had a catastrophic failure. It could be the control circuitry, but either would be more than the current price of a 17" LCD to repair.

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I have a Gateway flat screen monitor model 900G. When I plug the flat screen in and turn it on. the screen will come on just fine for a minute then go dark. the monitor power light stays on but the screen is blank. I can ether push the power button off and on or hit the input button on the side and the screen will come up normal for a minute then go blank agen. Has anyone run into this problem before?

A:re: a problem with a flat screen monitor

Is the screen refresh rate set to the correct rate (hertz)? You'll find the setting in the advanced display settings.

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I have an LG flatscreen model L17ns. The buttons on the bottom of the screen are all wiggley and skewed. How can I open the case to access them?
Thanks in advance

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I need a new monitor, I was wondering if there are any bargins out there. I was thinking about a flat screen. Thank you for any info.

A:Looking for deal on flat screen monitor

Depends on how much your willing to spend. But check this out.

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After installing a new "True Flat Screen", CRT Monitor. I cannot adjust to get straight horizontal lines. The best I can get is a horizontal "Hour Glass", screen. The monitor has been checked by the manufactuer and is working properly. Could ther be a confiquration or conflict with the video card.
I have removed all speakers and adjusted monitor geometry buttons. Anyone experienced this problem.

Windows Me
ATI 9200 Video Card
9.0 DirectX

A:Flat Screen CRT Monitor Distortion.

Please don't duplicate post, reply here:

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Have been using a VUESCAPE flat screen monitor about two years with no problems.
This week the monitor went black.
If I turn it off, then back on I get a clear & crisp picture of my desktop. This only lasts less than two seconds and the screen goes black again. I have repeated this cycle many times to no avail, problem persists.
I have tried the following;
replaced power cord --- same results.
replaced the vga cable --- same results.
connected a different monitor --- works with no problems.

Is there somthing missing that I can do ?

If I open the case on the monitor what should I look for ?

Unit is out of warranty so I did not get much tech support.

Any advice you give me will be appreciated.


A:Flat screen monitor problem

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I have a HP 2035 flatscreen monitor.  The power indicator light went out.  Is there a reset or do I replace it?

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I've got a Dell 15" flat screen monitor that I purchased in 2003 with an intermittent white screen problem that has now become a permanent condition. I am using my laptop to post this thread because I can't use my PC now. Every time now that I turn on the PC, the screen is white and I have to press and hold the start button to shut it down.

I have read other threads on this forum for this same problem and it seems it could be either the monitor or possibly a graphics card. The PC ran perfectly during the times the monitor was working in between white screen episodes. Suggestions were to try to hook up the monitor to another system which I don't have or connect another monitor to my computer, which I also don't have.

What are the chances that it is simply the monitor? I'd hate to purchase a new monitor when the problem lies elsewhere, like the PC.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Flat screen monitor dead?

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Hello. I am new here. I have a Samsung T240 monitor. It worked when we had it hooked up in one place. Moved it, and it wasn't dropped or anything, but it has horizontal lines all through it. You can still see the screen, but its not functional. Any advice or anyone know if this is repairable and if it is, where could I find such a person in Bowling Green, KY? Thanks again~

A:Flat Screen Monitor advice

Check that your video drivers are all correctly installed and that the cable is plugged into the system fully. Also check to ensure you are not trying to run a higher resolution then that of what is supported by the monitor.

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Do I HAVE to buy the special cleaner??? OR...is there an acceptable substitute? I am thinking a little windex on a soft cloth but I really don't know for sure. I don't want to ruin them (I have two) I haven't cleaned them before and I noticed the one I am using is lookin' a bit dusty.

A:Solved: Cleaning a flat-screen monitor


Just a damp cloth is usually adequate, followed by a dry lint free cloth. Windex contains chemicals that can be harmful to the surface finish of some screens.


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I want to disassemble this monitor. However, the model does not have the typical four screws at corners, where, once removed, the frame comes off easily. There are four screws under the monitor stand mount (once stand is removed) but that seems to be it. Anyone know the trick or catch of separating the monitor from the frame?

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I just bought a second hand Philips 170C flatscreen monitor off eBay.

My previous 15" NEC MultiSync LCD 1560NX works fine. So no issues with graphics card or pc.

I have tried both the proper display driver and the default plug and play - no difference to the problem.

Problem - When I put up a white screen there is a pink cast over the screen which is more evident towards the edges and stronger at the top left.

This particularly effects light greys on the screen, but all clours seen affected.

I've played around with the colours but because the problem is not even over the screen - I can't fix it.

Could this be down to a backlighting fault?

Any help from you tech wizards would be very much appreciated.


David (havendel)

A:Flat Screen Monitor Display Problem

More to the point is that the LCD element took a strong hit somewhere and is out of alignment - ya can't bounce these things!

The backlight is simply a white flourecent bulb, and won't cause color missplacement, unless its what's loose and is pressing the LCD element somehow.

How was it packed when it arrived? There's a reason why the manufacturer inserts these screens in a foam sleeve when shipping, and this is it.


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Hi guys,

I just recently purchased a new flat wide screen monitor and already it's very dusty! This is my first flat screen so I'm unsure as to how to properly dust/clean it. Is it safe to use normal yellow dusters?

Thanks in advance,

A:How To Clean Flat Wide Screen Monitor?

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My husband and I started with identical computer systems just over a year ago. Now his flat-screen monitor has gone wonky. Unless someone has a suggestion for getting it to work again, we may be out the cost of replacing it.

He has a Compaq Presario S6000V computer with a Compaq FP 5315 15" flat-screen monitor. Almost a month ago (now he tells me) it started rolling the picture like an old TV without vertical lock. Nothing but vertical streaks. He finally got it to quit, but has no idea what he did because he tried everything he could think of at the time. Yesterday it started again (warranty ran out March 21, of course), and now there is NO picture at all on the monitor. Just black screen. The little green light at the bottom by the big button (that doesn't work now) flashes on briefly every 4-5 seconds. He took a *screen shot* and it printed what should be showing on the screen, so we know it isn't the computer. Is there anything he can do besides replace it?

A:Solved: Flat-screen monitor problems

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Is it worth investigating repair for a flat screen monitor ? My 3 1/2 year old 19" Gateway monitor just quit working.

If I turn it off and back on, it'll display the Windows Desktop for about one sec and then it goes blank. Also, the monitor power light stays lit, so I know I'm not losing power to it. I attached another monitor to the PC, so it's definitely got a problem.

A:Solved: Flat Screen Monitor issue

Depending on the problem,it could cost as much as just replacing it.
I usually check dealighted.com then newegg.com when I need to
get parts.
Here is a dell monitor on sale.........
You can do a search at dealighted.com for deals from different stores.
You might check craiglist for your area,
Someone might be selling one cheap.

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I have an Iiyama ProLite E1700S flat screen monitor - recently, the blue Contrast/Brightness dialogue box has started to appear (initially on/off, now permanently on) for no reason - have tried everything I can think of to "reset" the screen, but suspect it's gone faulty - any ideas? - worth repairing? - or just ditch it?

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I have an opportunity to purchase a very nice flat screen monitor. It is a Gateway and hooked up now to a Gateway computer. I don't have a Gateway computer. I suppose this monitor would have specific drivers. I have tried to contact Gateway but they will not help because I don't have a computer serial number. I am wanting to know...how difficult would this be...to use this monitor on another computer. I suppose I would need specific drivers for this monitor....is that correct? How might I acquire these drivers? Can I simply copy the driver files from the guys gateway computer. Is it that simple?


A:Gateway Monitor FPP 1500 Flat Screen

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Hello, I just got this monstrosity of a monitor..
When set to reccomended resolution of 1680x1050, the stuff on the screen is really small. Things like the browser window fills the whole screen, but the web page only takes up a small portion and leaves the rest blank. Is there a way to adjust the content onscreen so that it uses the whole screen? Ive had to lower the resolution to 1024x768. So that the wife is happy with the way it looks.
Also does someone know a thing or two about the hows and whys of resolutions. Or a site where I can learn about them. So that when someone asks me what they do I dont respond " it makes stuff on the screen smaller!"

A:Flat screen monitor resolution questions

Resolution size shouldnt be viewed like TV size where the screen is bigger and so the image is bigger. The best way to put it is like a house (web page) to a plot of land (your monitor), if your land grows (resolution increases), the house remains the same size, so if your resolution gets higher, the website size doesnt change but its viewable space has increased so you have a bunch of dead space now dont you?

Most websites are built with a 800-1100 px width to accomodate the most common resolutions (800 x 600 & 1024x768) and not make them to wide. When your monitor is set at 1680 for the width, you have about 800 to 600 pixels left on the screen as filler space. By getting a larger monitor but keeping your same 1024x768 resolution, you really just increased the size of what you were viewing. Increasing the resolution gives you more viewable space to accomodate multiple windows more multi-tasking, etc... Higher resolutions do make things smaller because you are making more space for your desktop both horizontal and vertically. If you put your resolution at 800 x 600, you'd have to scroll left or right on most of the pages you visited.

Widescreen lcd's like this one are sold more for video or gaming uses. Playing a DVD at the optimal size for the monitor will look a lot better than at the 1024x768 setting. If you simply want to browse the web then you can just leave your settings at whatever you feel comfortable viewing.

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The screen is blank for a very long period after start-up and it also goes blank if the PC is idle for long period.

The PC is also getting slow again. I've done the auto-run and check off programs and turned some progrmas to manual from auto but it has not helped. And I have degragged and do disk cleanups daily.


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