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After instalation windows 7 volume on the disk is 39 GB

Q: After instalation windows 7 volume on the disk is 39 GB

I installed Windows 7 after two days of installation capacity of 39 gb hdd is.
What do you capacity be true?

Preferred Solution: After instalation windows 7 volume on the disk is 39 GB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: After instalation windows 7 volume on the disk is 39 GB

Windows alone takes up around 20 GB.

As I understand it, your C drive is using 39 GB and you have about 20 programs installed.

Your system specs say you have 3 GB of RAM. Is that correct?

Post a screen shot of Windows Disk Management.

How large are these folders?


C:\Program Files

C:\Program Files (x86)

How much space do you have devoted to System Restore?

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Vista 64 sp1 available as one disk installation? I checked Newegg.com - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! and it seems they're selling a one disk Vista SP1. I live in Vancouver (no newegg deliveries here) and i went to a local PC shop and he said sell sp1 as separate disk and he also thinks newegg does the same. I know I can combine both disk to create on, but I rather have all in one disk.

A:Vista 64 sp1 available as one disk instalation?

Originally Posted by roach_779

Vista 64 sp1 available as one disk installation? I checked Newegg.com - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, Digital Cameras and more! and it seems they're selling a one disk Vista SP1. I live in Vancouver (no newegg deliveries here) and i went to a local PC shop and he said sell sp1 as separate disk and he also thinks newegg does the same. I know I can combine both disk to create on, but I rather have all in one disk.

For the here and now, it seems as though there are no plans by Microsoft to release Vista SP1 slipstreamed into the Vista installation as a standalone disk, unless you're willing to pay for a new Vista license for install media with SP1 integrated.

And slipstreaming it yourself is not as easy as it used to be with Windows XP and SP2.

Certainly, I'm hoping Microsoft DOES provide slipstreamed media (without a license) to it's existing customers, even if for a nominal fee such as S&H.

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So my computer is royally screwed and after looking for solutions for a few days I've decided to just reformat the whole thing. I have all my important files backed up but the problem is I don't have a windows 7 installation disk or any backup disks or anything ( my computer didn't come with any of that...or if it did its gone soo) is there a way for me to reformat it without that? Please help

A:How can I reformat my computer without a instalation disk

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I'm considering instalation to my precision T5600 new ssd disk. I'd like to ask if it would work properly as primary OS disk if I install an SSD disk e.g. samsung sm951 or patriot hellfire M.2 PCIe NVME using Delock PCI Express x4 - NVME M.2 adapter.
I would like to install on this ssd new OS and boot from this disk.
I've already updated my BIOS to A15 version. Will it handle NVME or not?

A:Precision T5600 - SSD PCIe NVME disk instalation

Hi grzesiwek,
I'm afraid to say NVMe boot drives aren't supported on the T5600. There was a discussion on it here:

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First of all hello

Yesterday I was trying to reinstall system on my friends laptop.
It's a Samsung ultrabook with 500gb hdd and 16gb ssd. It had a recovery partition with Windows 7 OEM but since she had Windows 7 Ultimate she decided to go for it instead.
After getting to installation screen of recovery I removed partitions with system .At that point i was informed that to complete this disks have to be "disengaged" or something like that - I know it's not specific description but I was kinda in a hurry . After my confirmation installer removed partitions. From here I switched to USB bootable installation of Win7 Ultimate.

At stage of disk selection I removed rest of the partitions (including the one with recovery files), created and formatted new ones, and proceeded with installation as usual. Installation proceeded up to the point of rebooting the system to finish the process, at which point issues have started.

After rebooting system didn't load as it should. Instead information of "lack of operating system" was displayed. At that point I repeated whole process again (removing partitions, creating new ones, installing the system etc.). This time I left USB stick with system installation files in laptop. It went straight to preparing new installation of operating system as if nothing was installed the last time (about 4 repetitions of whole process brought same results).

At that point I started to look closer what is going on.
So new created pa... Read more

A:Windwos 7 instalation problems (can't get to final instalation stage).

You have 2 separate hard drives: 16 GB SSD and 500 GB HDD.

On which of those 2 do you want to install Windows? 16 GB is very tiny. Is it some sort of cache drive?

General best idea is to have only 1 hard drive connected. Did you have both connected during your install attempts?

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Windows Disk Management hangs when I hit Shrink Volume.
I have never had this problem before...
Plus this is a new computer, haha.
Any ideas guys?

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
HP p6823w

Thanks in advanced,

A:Windows Disk Management hangs when I hit Shrink Volume.

Check whether the 'Disk Defragmenter' service is set to 'manual'. If not, set it to manual.

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Windows Disk Management utility has provided Extend / Shrink volume support.
I got to know that FSCTL_SHRINK_VOLUME ioctl is provided for supporting shrink volume feature.

I am interested to know what support is provided by File system driver and other
storage modules to achieve shrink volume feature.

Actually Linux does not have support for online shrink volume.
So interested to know what are the support provided by Windows storage stack.

Please share your ideas. please share materials / links regarding this.


A:Shrink volume support in Windows 7 Disk Management

Most Partition Tools under Linux and Windows allow expanding and shrinking of partitions.

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Windows Disk Management utility has provided Extend / Shrink volume support. I got to know that FSCTL_SHRINK_VOLUME ioctl and other APIs are provided for supporting shrink volume feature.

I am interested to know what support is provided by File system driver and other storage modules to achieve shrink volume feature.

Actually Linux does not have support for online shrink volume.
So interested to know what are the support provided by Windows storage stack.

Please share your ideas and related links/documents.


A:Shrink volume support in Windows 7 Disk Management

the second pink box in the link explains a little bit about the restrictions of shrinking a volume: Partition or Volume - Shrink - Windows 7 Forums

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I try to shrink my C: disk's volume but cannot find any option named "shrink volume" or something similar. What else can be done?

A:Shrinking disk volume on Windows XP Home Edition


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Hi, I've tried everything with this laptop to no avail, and though maybe someone here might know how to fix my problem.

Well, it started yesterday when I booted up and got the "Windows did not start successfully" message. No matter what option I picked (safe mode, start Windows normally etc.), it would go to the Windows logo and begin to load, and then quickly flash the BSOD and restart again, returning to the "Windows did not start successfully" message.

I then disabled automatic restart on system failure and this time the BSOD stayed on screen and told me that I had an "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" error. I looked around on the internet, and from what I read I decided to run Chkdsk from the Recovery Console.

This is where I am stuck. I have two "Recovery CD-ROMs" instead of the Windows XP CD, because the laptop came with Windows XP preloaded, and I figured that to get to the Recovery Console I should insert one and boot the laptop. I tried both, and nothing happened (it just loaded the "Windows did not start successfully" message again).

I then loaded the CD directly by hitting Esc on start up, but the only options that came up were 1. MS-DOSwith CD-ROM support, 2. Recover Windows XP to first partition only, 3. Recover Windows XP to entire HD, and 4. Recover Windows XP to entire HD with 2 partitions.

I've tried changing the order of Boot Device Priority using the BIOS setup utility, but this just brings up the men... Read more

A:[SOLVED] Unmountable boot volume error, cannot load Windows XP disk

Hello Clare

You will have to borrow a proper (full) XP installation CD from someone.
Configure your PC to boot from CD if it isn't already set up that way. You may need to enter the BIOS to configure the PC to boot from the CD.
Set the boot order to
floppy (if present)
Hard disk

Start your PC with the XP Setup CD in the drive. When you see the "Press any key to boot from CD..." prompt, do so and let the CD-based boot process begin.

When the Recovery Console option is offered (Press R to start the Recovery Console), do so. You may be asked which Windows installation to enter, in which case type the number of the Windows installation you wish to work on (usually 1).

When prompted, enter the Administrator's password for that Windows installation. If you did not set a password just press ENTER

At the command prompt, type
chkdsk /r



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I was having trouble with my computer on Friday, it would freeze a few minutes after start up. All programs would be "not responding". I would restart it and the same thing would happen.

I ran Rkill in case there was anything malicious running and nothing was found. I ran Malwarebytes as well and nothing was found. I used combo fix to restore my system to a previous date and the problem persisted.

The system would freeze even at the log in screen if I waited more the a few minutes to log on. Time is some sort of factor.

Start up repair "disk metadata test said the root cause was 'Volume on disk corrupt' Repair action chkdsk Error code OxO.

A few other tests that are available (or automatically performed themselves before start up) mentioned NTFS but I did not get a chance to write it down.

NOW when I turd on the computer that scrolling windows progress bar goes by a few times before I get a completely black screen on which I can still move my cursor.

Please Help.

A:System volume on disk is corrupt? (disk metadata test)

Either windows Vista needs re-installing, a Factory Recovery is required, or the hard drive is starting to fail and therefore needs replacing with a new one.

You can test the hard drive with the drive manufacturer's diagnostic software. You will need to download the DOS version which runs from a bootable CD. The download contains an ISO file for creating the CD. The links are here: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

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I have Windows Server 2012 R2 and it is my file server and it auto syncs user's file every minute. I have 3 disks. The primary partition (Disk 0) and two others (Disk 1 & Disk 2). My question does not include the primary

I shrunk Disk 2 so that I had unallocated space. I then extended Disk 1 using the unallocated space from Disk 2 creating spanned volume on Disk 1 (extended volume on Disk 2). It did not do what I wanted so I want to 'undo' it. Can
I just delete the spanned volume on Disk 2 (space that added to Disk 1)? Or more accurately if I'm going to delete the spanned volume on Disk 2, will it affect my users' files?

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I have received my laptop with a 250GB HDD partitioned into two primary partitions (well there is actually four with only 512MB called NVCACHE and another of 1GB as EISA Configuration). One of the partitions is a system, boot, page file ... partition containing the OS (Win Vista Home Premium and contains about 35GB space) and programs. The other is a partition for all the data (~198GB). I am now starting to run low on disk space on the OS partition (<3GB) and wanted to add some more space. I tried to use Disk Management but this did not work because there is no adjacent unallocated space on the same disk next to the OS partition. There is only space at the end of the data disk partition, which I cannot move to the OS partition (at least I do not know how).

Is there a way to increase the disk space for the OS partition? Both partitions have following set out:

Layout: Simple
Type: Basic
File System: NTFS (except for the small NVCAHE which is FAT32 and the EISA does not have any File system)
Status: Healthy



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I was trying to dual boot win 8 and win7(was already installed) on my laptop.During installation win8 was giving an error,that win could not update the computer's boot configuration.(See attached pic )
I googled this error and came across this post.

Boot from 7 or 8 DVD and goto Repair console > Command Prompt (Hit enter after each line)

list disk
select volume x (x = being the volume number of your HDD)
create partition primary
format fs=ntfs quick
Reboot and try setup again (I use this for USB drives, but they are not partitioned, I imagine this will kill all partitions on the disk and create just one new one)

After doing all this I was able to install window 8 but my 2 hard disk partition are not showing.My total hard disk is of 300 GB,but now only a single partition of 149 GB is showing.The remaining hard is not visible anywhere,not in disk management, and not even in ease-us disk partition.

A:Volume Disk not showing in disk managment.

What does diskpart show you from an Elevated Command Prompt? For instance, mine shows:


Microsoft DiskPart version 6.2.9200

Copyright (C) 1999-2012 Microsoft Corporation.
On computer: DESKTOP

DISKPART> list volume

Volume ### Ltr Label Fs Type Size Status Info
---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- --------
Volume 0 K DVD-ROM 0 B No Media
Volume 1 D D370_D NTFS Partition 78 GB Healthy System
Volume 2 E D370_E NTFS Partition 191 GB Healthy
Volume 3 F D370_F NTFS Partition 9 GB Healthy
Volume 4 C Win_8 NTFS Partition 119 GB Healthy Boot
Volume 5 G D370_G NTFS Partition 698 GB Healthy
Volume 6 H D370_H NTFS Partition 542 GB Healthy
Volume 7 I Win_7 NTFS Partition 78 GB Healthy
Volume 8 L Removable 0 B No Media


Leaving DiskPart...

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need help for installing window 8.1

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undefinedCan I install Windows XP ontop itself without doing a clean install?

A:Windows XP Instalation

kennyret said:

undefinedCan I install Windows XP ontop itself without doing a clean install?Click to expand...

What are you trying to accomplish? Would a restore possibly be a better alternative?

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I am have a issue with installing windows xp . I keep getting a error message that says. Installation fail
d:\1386\asms. Does any one know how to fix this issue. I am at my witts end .

A:windows xp instalation fail

What's the model number of that HP Pavilion?

If you don't know for sure, advise what the product number(P/N) or model number(M/N) on the sticker is.


What are you using to try to install Windows XP in that computer?


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I have HP 8150N media center pc with quad core and 3 gig of memory. All specks is able to run windows 7 confirmed.

I currently have vista home premium installed thru hp recovery dvd.

I tried installing windows 7 ultimate via boot up menu. It starts loading the file but then comes up with below error.

Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing or corrupt

In order to test my system i poped in my old XP dvd to boot up from it and it failed with blue screen.

I called HP support, they are suggesting i do manufacture install which recreate my system from scratch. However doing this i will lose a partition on my hard drive which has personal data. I dont want to do that.

Is there anyway i can format my C drive which i think is corrupt. and then do an install or any other method. Please help

i just got new info. I changed graphic card on my HP comp, my old one died and replaced with newer graphic card. however my recovery image was still pointing to old could this have anything to do with the error.

i am thinking of booting up from USB

formatting my c drive

then booting up with my windows 7 dvd and installing windows

will this work.

A:windows 7 instalation error

Any help guys.

I think the whole issue is cause because i changed my graphic card but still using the old restore image that came with HP.

My error when trying to install windows 7 from scratch gives this code: 0000098 which refere to change in hardware.

How can i reinstall my HP operating system so that it will take in that change in graphic card. or

how can i wipe clean my C drive and start a fresh install of windows 7.

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Hi Guys, My machine is showing BSOD ever since I installed Windows 7 Professional. Its not associated with any programs, webpages or opening files. I get at-least 2 BSODs EVERYDAY

My machine shows a BSOD every morning within 5mins after starting up. Then I should do a proper shutdown & restart to avoid further BSODs or it will keep on crashing whenever it wants. Mostly it will give me another one or two even after a proper shutdown.

I'm attaching zipped folder created by the SF Diagnostic Tool as suggested by SF.
Please help me resolve this issue, its been about 3 months & the problem remains the same.
Thanks in advance,



A:BSOD Ever since Windows 7 Instalation

You seem to have a lot of possible errors relating to memory/disc activity, try running some hardware tests and post back the results, if there all good then we can dig a bit deeper
RAM - Test with Memtest86+
Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

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I just installed in my notebook LENOVO N100 the windows 7 .Everything working fine except the sound ...no sound at all .
my sound card model is :
Device Audio : 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio
Device Audio : 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio
Audio Playback : Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High De
Audio Playback : Microsoft Sound Mapper
MIDI Output : Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
MIDI Output : Microsoft MIDI Mapper
Mixer Device : Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High De
Device multimedia : AVIVideo
Device multimedia : CDAudio
Device multimedia : Sequencer
Device multimedia : WaveAudio
Device multimedia : MPEGVideo

checked on device work sound the device manager and it says that this device works ok .i uninstall the sound device and reboot ...windows intalled automaticly an update driver from windows update ...unfortunatly I still dont have any sound .

TKS for any help

A:no sound after instalation windows 7

Welome to the sevenforums! yuda6

You may have to go into the Control Panel>sound and run the test since you are not seeing any yellow marked items in the device manager. Generally the volume control found on the task manager as well as configuring Windows Media Player at first to be the default player will then play the default welcome sound when first booting up.

The volume is always down low where raising that up on the taskbar as well as the audio mixer for the software if any used will show if all is well. The support site sees Vista updates available that should work on 7 as well. Lenovo Support & downloads - Home page

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HP Client Security Manager prevents the installation Windouws 10thAnd HP Client Security Manager can not be uninstalled. So what would you advise me ????

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after my harddrive crashing and getting a new one i installed a new one and now i am trying to install windows 7 on this fresh hardrive and it gives me this error after about 10 minutes of it installing nothing installs and i get this error " windows cannot install required files. The file does not exist"

A:Windows 7 Instalation CD error

May be the installation media is damaged.

You may download the official ISO of your version of Windows 7 SP1 ISO from here , burn it to a DVD or make a bootable pendrive DVD died. How do I reinstall OS with external USB DVD drive and try installing.

Installing from a pendrive will be faster.

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Last saturday as usual power got cut off because 7 people live here and all of them use electric heaters because the landlord is too greedy to turn on heating lol.

Now this has happened alot and never resulted in any problems however this time the power was off and like 15 times within a space of 2 mins.

After which surprise surprise restart on windows logo straight away.

So Ok i went tried to go into Safe Mode, restart right at Clasess.pnp ( i tried renaming to .old but it dont help just went onto the next in line and restarted)

Ok so now i have the windows repair i go in and try and do startup repair, i do it like 10 times then it just says it cant fix the fault.

So i start browsing websites on solutions, i do the sfc /scannow /offbootdir= etc etc from which the sfc claims it found faults but some were not fixed, i tried searching for repair in the CBS log file but to no avail no matches to repair.

Next i went for CHKDSK on the disk 5 times with the same result "windows has checked the file system and found no problems".

so now im bloody pissed, i have alot of important stuff and programs installed on that drive that i need, i cant just overwrite it, i cant upgrade windows since i cant get inside the windows 7.

I went to my friend today and fixed myself a bootable USB instalation of Windows 7, i installed windows 7 on another drive leaving me previous instalation intact, but now i need to fix my older primary instalation, i tried running scannow in... Read more

A:Windows 7 NG Instalation Courrupted

OK, since no one else has asked, what is Windows 7 NG ?

Windows 7 New Generation Edition ?

Sounds like a hacked Windows 7 and we can`t help you with that.

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Hey, I just posted a thread saying my windows instalation froze at the last step "finalasing instalation" but now after a few hours the screen suddenly went black only leaving the cursor visible. I have a Dell M1730 with 4g ram, 2.5 mgz Prosessor etc, Can someone plsease help me. Is there anything i can do`?

Best regards Frtithjof B

A:Please Help! Windows Vista Instalation

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I have a problem: I want to install XP when I click enter key to begin instalation windows says ... Setup coud not find hard disk. plz help

A:Windows XP Instalation problem

Hi nuska143 and welcome to TSF !

What's the brand and model of your computer ?

Enter the BIOS at startup (press del or look for some "press xx to enter setup" message), find the drive mode setting and set it to IDE or PATA, or find the AHCI setting and set it to disabled, then retry to install XP.

If there are no such settings you'll need to slipstream the sata drivers on the XP CD, follow the instructions in this guide : http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windo...-installation/

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after the first couple restarts during installation, the monitors turn off. the computer stops sending the signal to them. i tried rebooting and making it go in safe mode but it wont let me because its still in the installation process.

A:Windows 7 instalation Issue

Hi bspike, welcome to the forums.

It sounds like an incompatible driver for your GFX card. You could try the following tutorial Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation and use device manager to disable the video card. You can then download & install the latest when the install finishes.

Windows will revert to 'Standard VGA graphics adapter untill you download & install the new 1

Hope this helps


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Hey everyone- I'm new to the forums and need some help.

My computer recently crashed due to a virus and I had to reinstall my widows xp home edition with sp2 included in it. The install went ok and the computer is on now. But the scrolling is very very slow and barely moves. That's not the biggest problem. I have comcast internet and the computer won't recognize my Ethernet cable as Internet te only connection that will show up is the 1394 firewall connection that it blank. Everyone is saying I'm missing drivers but how can I download new drivers when I can't access my Internet. The modems lights are all green and even restarting it didn't help. The only Internet I can use is on my iPhone. Are the drivers located on the windows xp install cd? Help please!!!!!!! :(

A:Windows xp sp2 instalation problems

Hello and Welcome to TSF!

Drivers for Motherboard [chipset, audio, network] are on Motherboard's CD.
Do you have this CD??? [it came with Motherboard]...

Also, if you don't have on-board graphic card [you bought graphic card separately like GeForce or Ati Radeon] you will need drivers which came with your graphic card...

If you don't have any CD [Motherboard CD and graphic card CD], you need to download them from the Internet...
Check what make/model is your Motherboard and also what make/model is your graphic card, go to friends house or to Internet club and download drivers...

Keep us posted...

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Hello.So i have this problem with my computer. When i try to instal new windows XP it heats up and shuts down. I had Heating problem always, but it didnt seem to worry that much. And now when my computer got slow and bugy i decided to re-instal my windows. When formating everything was okey, but on the main phase (After Windows logo) it run for few seconds,heats up and shuts down. When looking on Bios CPU Tempeture is:53C. Could it be the power supply probllem or maybe a virus have something to do with ? BTW:I have recently added few air coolers and cleaned the dust.

Thank you for your time.

A:Computer Heating Up During Windows Instalation

53C is a little hot but still within the guidelines. If your computer doesn't get hotter then that then it would a bad Power Supply Unit. Shut down the computer, remove the side, be sure computer is clean, blow out all fans with a can of Compressed air. Look at the label for the PSU. What is the make, model# and wattage. Report in your next post. Start the computer and make sure all fans are spinning.
If the computer gets hotter then 53C then you may need to reapply Thermal Paste between the Heat Sync and the Processor.

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I am having problems upgrading and activating windows 7 media in the windows media player and i dont know the product key. Can you please help me do so?

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Hey People
Urm i have a big problem with my windows xp eveytime i paste somthing or right click something a windows instalation window will pop up wonting to install a random program that is already installed on my comp. I have done Virus scans malware scans adware scans and none of them come up with anything so wat i am thinking is that is somthing to do with the windows system. I have had windows installed for some time now and it has only been recently been doin this if someone could help me that would be great.

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Hi, i wanted to install Windows Vista Ultimate yesterday, i had XP SP2 and it worked perfectly but... when people get bored,... The Problem is, i got an BSOD with the code: IRQL_Not Lower or Equal and then: 0X000000A (0X00000025, 0x00000002, 0x000000000, 0x8184650C), I had to restart the instalation, it finaly forked but then during browsing on the net i still get this error. I searched in Event viewer and i had an Error saying something with IRQ 15 Interopt Error. I could not find this exact problem with other threads and on the Microsoft Page they say i should try a clean install with all unneeded Perifericals taken out, and all USB Devices removed. Should i try it? thanks a lot

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Windows 7 x64 installation does not allow the raid drivers on AMD Chipset/ ASUS M5A97 EVO to be detected. This is Fresh install, raid 1, i can't get x64 Raid driver From AMD to install.
I Insert Windows 7 64 bit DVD disk into DVD ROM, press [F8] key in POST screen and select DVD ROM to boot up into Windows 7 setup screen. Raid 1 is setup properly and Bios Port 1 and Port 2 setup to Raid with no issue. The motherboard reconized Both Drives as one with title Raid1 drive as i title it like that.
Due to Windows 7 64 bit does not contain the driver for RAID. so at install i click [Browse] for the driver and point it to USB Stick and point to Select [AMD AHCI Compatible RAID Controller] driver x64bit and click Next. It just cant detect the hard drives even after i got the most recent drivers from ASUS Site and i tried from this site Other AHCI and RAID Drivers ? Recommended AHCI and RAID Drivers
Can someone please advise

A:Windows 7 x64 instalation does not allow the raid drivers

amd ahci compatible raid controller (c:\acci64.inf) no new device can be found make sure the driver files are correct and locate on the driver instations media

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Last year, Microsoft forced downloaded it's Windows 10 installation files onto my Windows 8.1 desktop and laptop. I have no intention of switching to Windows 10 and blocked the ads using the GWX controller.

I have already tried to delete them, however Microsoft repeated their forced download....and YES, my settings are such that I select which Updates are installed!

Two days time, the 'Free offer' expires and then I would like to rid my computers of the 6GB of 10 Installation files as they regularly cause changes to my OS operational personalized settings. ie Privacy settings, screen personalisation and broken links.

My concern is, that after the deadline has expired, will I just be wasting all my time and effort in removing the OS 10 installation files and what can I do to ensure that that Microsoft don't repeat their download? Where will Microsoft publish 'how to remove 10 files' or will they simply delete them the same method in which they Downloaded them?

Any advise will be gratefully received?

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I got the following issue and perhaps someone on this forums can be of assistance, any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. Im currently trying to finish setting up this new computer im building but i keep running into the following error. Once assembled the BIOS comes up, tells me everything is fine. Recognizes all of my peripherals and everything and i proceed to my windows xp installation.

The setup loads and goes to the part when im asked to press F8 to accept the microsoft agreement. At this point it just either restarts, freezes or blue screen. Ive tried 2 boards (same model) 2 cpus (same brand/model) 4 different video cards and like 8 different HDDs. Ive tried with countless versions of windows and it just does the same. The boards is a eVGA nForce4 SLI edition 775 socket. Basicly ive tried different components but different memory sims. I currently do not possess a manual for the board but the memory im trying atm are 2GB PC2-5300.

I have tried with them both on, one at a time, everything. Could it be perhaps a frequency issue my problem? Or what else could it be?

A:Windows Blue Screens on Instalation

Please don't start multiple threads on the same topic, closing this one, your tread in motherboard&bios is open, please be patient someone will help

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I formatted a 40 Gb hard drive on a computer w/ an Intel P4 which has AMIBIOS and then I attempted to install Windows XP Pro on the computer and each time setup installation gets to the point where it is going to start the actual installation process the keyboard stops responding so you can't hit enter to continue or R to repair, on the times that I have gotten pass this step the keyboard locks again. Is there anyway to get Windows XP installed?

A:Instalation problem when installing Windows XP

Hi Charlie,

Have you tried another keyboard to see if that was the problem? Also, have you made sure to try a PS/2 keyboard and not a USB keyboard?

Does your keyboard light up at all when you try to use it?

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Hi everyone, from yesterday i am having multiple BSOD in my newly installed windows 7. I installed windows around 10 days ago and its not running many software. I used connectify software for few days when this BSOD started i uninstalled connectify but still after running half hour or so the laptop freezes and sometime results in BSOD. Sometime i just power off the laptop by pressing the power button. Also i should mention my laptop become slightly hot to the touch during this time. I am not sure what is causing this problem. Is it a software conflict issue or is it a heat related issue or is it a internal hardware related issue because just before freezing the laptop starts to make some click click sound. Please help. I have attached the report of dm log collector.


A:Multiple BSOD relatively new instalation of windows 7

There are no .dmp files to analyse. Clicking noises are usually a sign of a disk problem. Test using the SHORT test in SeaTools for DOS:

SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use

Did the laptop come with Windows 7 pre-installed on it?

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Hello all, Im not too computer savvy, and I dont know everything about computers, you could call me a noob. I recently downloaded a version of windows xp and burnt it to a disc and have been trying to install it. However, during setup, my laptop just dies. It wont turn on for a few minutes either. I had another copy of xp so luckily I was able to install something on my laptop, but the only problem is, the product keys I have for this version arent working and I have 30 days to activate it. I dont think its my computer because if it was, it wouldnt install the other copy of xp. It just wont work with the burned copy of it. Did I burn it wrong? Help me please? I have a Compaq presario v6000, it came with vista, but I got so damn sick of that.

A:Computer crashes during instalation of Windows XP?

If your other copy worked it sounds like you downloaded a faulty copy or have a scratch on the burned disk.

Otherwise I would guess the memory but bootleg copies usually cannot be trusted to work like you expect.

[Illegal advice removed by mod.]

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I keep trying to install these updates:

Update for InfoPath 2003 (KB920103)
Security Update for Publisher 2003 (KB894542)
Security Update for PowerPoint 2003 (KB923091)
Security Update for Office 2003 (KB924424)
Security Update for Excel 2003 (KB923088)
Security Update for Office 2003 (KB923272)
Security Update for Word 2003 (KB923094)
Update for Office 2003 (KB923097)
Update for Office 2003 (KB919029)
Update for Outlook Junk Email Filter 2003 (KB921587)

Everytime they seem to fail.

Any Advice?

A:Ten Windows Updates Failing Instalation

I know this will sound a bit rude but do you have a genuine (legit - not copy) MS Office installation?

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I am trying to insatall a software program but get the following message:
The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation.
Any help will be highly appreciates

A:[SOLVED] help: Windows preventing instalation.

Vista's User Access Control (UAC) should prompt you for the administrator's password. Have you installed software before on that same pc successfully without it? Is you user account an administrator account or a standard user account?

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So i have a new SSD Corsair Force 3 240 gig and all I want to do is install Windows 7 Pro on it. This board does not support parted magic (cannot wake from sleep and there are no onboard video to wake up to) so ive resorted to clean all.

I have not been able to successfully boot the OS on the SSD. I never intended on setting up raid but apparently all the literature i see is on raid.
I created a USB install disk as reccomended onto a 8gig ntfs primary active
did the bootsect /nt60 X: and it successfully worked
copied the cd over to the flash drive and copied the rste drivers in a folder called drivers
My SSD is installed on port 1 6gig sata intel (as this board doesnt have marvel apparrently)
My DVD is installed on 3gig Sata port 6
I set up Raid in the bios as reccomended by others (as this is the only way to install ssd?). Nothing UEFI is enabled
There are no other drives hooked up to the computer. Just SSD, USB cordless mouse, keyboard and no network cord or WIFI
i started with a clean ssd as reccomended
my bios recognized the ssd on post
i booted into the win 7 install (MBR not uefi)
i loaded the 64 bit rste drivers from asus as reccomended by others
i left the machine to install
the usb then booted into windows install (for whatever reason)
i pushed f8 to boot my corsair
windows brings up an error on a black screen
File: windows/system32/drivers/adpahci.sys driver did not load
Status: oxc0000221
Info: Windows Failed to load because of a critical system driver is missin... Read more

A:Asus p9x79 ssd installation with new instalation of windows 7 pro

I suggest that you set the SATA controller to AHCI mode. You won't need any drivers other than those included with the Win7 installer to install Windows to the SSD.

It's what I did with my P9X79 Pro.

What gave you the idea that you'd need RAID drivers? (The Intel RSTe package includes AHCI driver, but they seemed to give worse performance than the Windows ones, at least with my hardware.)

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After successfully downloading and configuring each phase of the windows 10 download, windows tells everything me that has been completed, however when my computer goes into the restart process it freezes and will not complete the restart. any ideas!

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I have inputted a new hard drive into my old windows media center desktop, I then created a system recover disk on a laptop that had windows 7 32-bit on it.  I bought a new dvd rom with a usb connection cable and used it to read the disk.  And now how do I install windows 7 onto the internal harddrive?

A:Instalation process of windows 7 onto a new internal harddri...

Greetings, Please see this article for instructions. Cheers!

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He everybody,

I've got a problem.

I got an old pc and once every 6 months i re- instal my windows 7 to keep it up speed.

This time i made a big mistake. While instaling i had cleared out all my drives ( c and d). Thanks to this im not able to run my pc normal. Cause it keeps giving me a message bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart.

And if i try to instal windows it starts unpacking till 5% and then i get a message not able to instal code: 8007045d.

I got no clue what to do now.

Please help!

Greeting simon

A:Windows 7 ultimate instalation problems 8007045d

Unplug all other HD's and peripherals, boot the Win7 DVD, follow these steps to get a Perfect reinstall: Reinstalling Windows 7

The bootmgr error is because the DVD is not booting and it is trying to start the empty HD. Make sure DVD drive is set to boot first in BIOS setup, or use the one-time BIOS Boot menu key to trigger it at boot.

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Hello guys,
i need somebody to help me.Yesterday i installed windows7 and i do some restarts for sure that i have install tha correctly...today i try to open my pc and it is not doing boot...what's the prob???is any prbolem with my ram, with hard drives, with mother board?????

A:Windows 7 dont boot after 2 days from instalation

Startup Repair

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Hi, I want to know how do I recover my previous Windows 10 instalation (with windows product key) after formatting my laptop and installing other OS. Thanks  

A:Lenovo u31 format recover Windows 10 instalation

Hi Sereno1980
While formatting your laptop, did you delete LENOVO recovery partition? If no, you could still recovery with Lenovo OneKey Recovery.If yes, you may need to download Windows 10 ISO and install it manually with the product key underneath the laptop.
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i already have my pc updated with windows 10, i recently upgraded my hard drive with a samsung 850 pro ssd but i discovered that my recovery partition no longer works and when i try to do a system image windows says it cannot do it because files are missing . i used the samsung data migration software that came with my ssd, when i go to disk management it shows my three partitions which are

500mb recovery partition

260mb efi system partition

windows c 476.18 gb ntfs , boot,page file, crash dump, primary partition

my question is if i do a clean instal of windows 10 will these partitions be created again during the windows 10 installation automatically or will i loose some . i'm no computer expert so i don't know which ones i really need . i want to be able to recover my pc should i need to and have everything working . someone suggested that i dont need a recovery partition and windows 10 does not create new partitions . i don't know what the efi system partition is and don't know if i need it . i have watched some youtube videos of people doing clean installs of windows 10 and they all seem to differ . during installation when given the choice of where to install windows some people delete all the partitions on their hard drive while others pick which one . can anyone give me a guide and bear in mind i am no expert , which partitions do i really need , my pc came with the 3 partitions listed above, any help would be much appreciated

A:what partitions does windows automatically create during instalation

Windows will create 4 partitions:
450MB Recovery100MB EFI System (Hidden from disk management)16MB MSRThe rest is your C: Drive
Just follow this link to fresh install:
Solved Gone forever? - Page 2 - Windows 10 Forums

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