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Windows 7 doesn't Detect Wireless Adaptor

Q: Windows 7 doesn't Detect Wireless Adaptor

I have just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit at my laptop and I tried to connect to my wireless network....

I went to the Control Panel and I saw the Connection Adaptors and only the Ethernet Adaptor was shown...

I have installed the Appropriate Drivers and it wasn't there again!

Help Please!

Preferred Solution: Windows 7 doesn't Detect Wireless Adaptor

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Windows 7 doesn't Detect Wireless Adaptor

A little more detailed information about the laptop may be helpful.
make/model type stuff.

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A:Windows 7 doesn't detect wireless network adapter

What did you do?

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I'm running Windows 7 Home 64bit. About a week ago, I had an issue with internet connectivity which some fine people here were able to sort out for me. Basically, I found that I couldn't reliably access the internet unless I changed my DNS settings to Open DNS. After I did that, I found I could no longer print any documents even though Windows was still communicating with the printer. I ended up telling Windows to remove the printer and FAX in the hopes of just setting it up again.

However, that didn't work and Windows cannot find the printer at all. I've tried connecting via WLAN and via WPS but even though the printer finds the connection point to the router, Windows can't detect the printer.

My printer is a Canon PIXMA MX922. I've tried contacting Canon but chat but even their email tech support is giving me error messages.

I am not sure how to proceed from here. Could you please help?

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Hi.I have a Lenovo G5070 which came with the default Qualcomm Atheros AR956x Wireless Network Adapter, which did not detect the 5GHz wireless band of my router.I managed to get Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC of Lenovo G5080 from a friend of mine, who was disposing it. On the G5080, this wireless lan adaptor detects 5GHz. But, when i placed the same adaptor on G5070, even though it shows as "Radio types supported     : 802.11n 802.11g 802.11b" when checked via command 'netsh wlan show drivers', practically, the 5GHz band does not show up on the PC's available wireless networks. It shows only the 2.4GHz networks  Can someone please let me know the reason and remedy for this please.  

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I have an older Medion akoya p6618 laptop running W7 x86. The option for wireless in windows has vanished, like the pc doesn't have a wireless card, just as it would appear on a normal desktop pc - only LAN. It works fine with cable. Device manager shows no wireless option either. I have tried system restore, then formatting and dl'ing wlan and lan drivers from the medion website. Same problem. When i try to enable wifi using the Fn keyboard shortcut, nothing happens. The little led does not turn on.

At this point I'm feeling like card is just broken and that it is a hardware issue. What do you think? I'm considering buying a dongle like this one (TP-LINK TL-WN725N Netv?rksadapter USB 2.0 | Model: TL-WN725N | pc-lager.dk). Would this thing enable me to have wifi?

Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that when I did a system restore it worked temporarily and I had internet access, but after a restart it stopped working. In the past it was hit or miss whether or not it would work, so again I'm leaning towards a hardware issue. Maybe there are some things I missed, though.

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I got a Dell E6220 with Windows 7 32bits. Our System Admin pushed the new A/V upgrade from Symantec 11 to Symantec 12 and that broke all the network connectivities including Ethernet and Wifi.

I was able to run CleanWipe couple time and get rid of all the Symantec crap and checked the registry to make sure there aren't any Symantec stuff in there.

I was able to re-install the Ethernet adaptor and that got the internet working. But when I un-install the WiFi adaptor and re-installed it. It never really re-established the connection between the hardware and Windows. I un-installed the adaptor and re-installed it couple times but no prevail.

The adaptor's driver is installed properly and it's enabled in the control panel. But there is X mark on the wifi symbol and it says troubleshoot. When I try to troubleshoot it say the driver might not be installed properly.

I also plugged in the Netgear USB Wifi Adaptor and it was able to install it but it's doing the same thing as the built in adaptor.

I restart the WLAN service couple times but still no prevail. The Ethernet is working fine without any issue.

So it seems like the WiFi connectivity/services are messed up in the registry. I would hate to re-install windows. ANY SUGGESTIONS??. THANKS IN ADVANCE.

A:Wifi Adaptor is installed/enabled but Windows can't detect networks

Didn't you ask the System Administrator to solve the issue for you?

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Here is my setup. Desktop No1 running Windows XP Pro and hard wired by ethernet to a Linksys WAG54G2 router. Desktop No2 running Windows XP Pro hard wired by ethernet to the router. Both PC's accessing web via router OK.
Desktop No1 connects to Canon MP640 by wireless via the Linksys router. Desktop No2 likewise accesses Canon MP640 printer by ethernet cable to the Linksys router and then by the wireless to the printer. No problems with this setup.
My missus laptop is running Windows 7 and accesses the internet by wireless link through the router. No problems with this.
Now I am trying to add the Canon MP640 to the laptop so that she can print wirelessly via the router to the printer. When I search with the laptop for the printer, none is found. Can anyone advise what is wrong and how to fix.

All help appreciated.

A:Laptop doesn't detect wireless printer

Hi -

Try procedure in this tutorial --> http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/12246...-to-windows-7/

--> http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windo...dows-7-and-xp/

Regards. . .



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Here is my setup. Desktop No1 running Windows XP Pro and hard wired by ethernet to a Linksys WAG54G2 router. Desktop No2 running Windows XP Pro hard wired by ethernet to the router. Both PC's accessing web via router OK.
Desktop No1 connects to Canon MP640 by wireless via the Linksys router. Desktop No2 likewise accesses Canon MP640 printer by ethernet cable to the Linksys router and then by the wireless to the printer. No problems with this setup.
My missus laptop is running Windows 7 and accesses the internet by wireless link through the router. No problems with this.
Now I am trying to add the Canon MP640 to the laptop so that she can print wirelessly via the router to the printer. When I search with the laptop for the printer, none is found. Can anyone advise what is wrong and how to fix.

All help appreciated.

A:Laptop doesn't detect wireless printer

Hi and welcome to TSG.

Had a similar problem about half a year ago. I had to add the printer on the XP desktop as a LOCAL printer on a new Windows 7 notebook to get it to work. Here is a link to a different web site with instructions.


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At the small school where i'm the computer-guy, one manager left, taking with him some wireless device which he never showed or explained to me. Now, some computers can still access wireless fine thru the D-Link access point, but both mine, and my friend's computers (both Acer notebooks) cannot even detect the signal, even tho the wireless on the notebooks works fine when going to the mall and using their free wi-fi (for example).

Should i just update the drivers? This seems like a strange problem to me, why it should detect some wireless networks, and not others.

A:atheros doesn't detect some wireless signals

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I have a Belkin F5D7010 g, operating on XP, IBM machine. It will not detect a Netgear G router GWT634U. Any ideas?

A:Belkin Wireless G doesn't detect Netgear G router

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?? Can you be more specific as to how everything is connected??

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I have a slightly older ThinkPad with an Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection. I don't have any problems with connection or speed when I use an ethernet cable for direct connect. But I can't figure out how to get a wireless connection at all. I know the wireless router is working because every other laptop in the house gets wireless just fine. They all tell me that their laptops automatically detect the wireless network & ask if the user wants to connect. My laptop just sits there like a stone when there's no ethernet plugged in. For what it's worth, here are my spec's:

IBM ThinkPad R50
Intel PRO/100 VE Network Connection

The computer says the infrared port is working fine. And since the router works both ethernet & wireless (for others), I think I need help with the Intel. I'm merely a gifted amateur who is pretty good at self-education. So just tell me exactly what to do, step by step, and I'll do it. Thank you for reading &, potentially, helping.

A:laptop doesn't auto-detect wireless router, please help

The IR port is not involved.
Start by looking in Device Manager for a wireless adapter, and verify that it exists and has a driver installed.
Many laptops have a switch to turn the wireless adapter on/off. Check to see it's on.
Look in Network Connections for a wireless network or a wizard to set one up.

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I wasn't sure if this should go here or in the OS topic, I assume it was more network based.

I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium. It has a very strange intermittent problem.

Basically sometimes when Windows starts up it doesn't detect any nearby wireless networks even when I am about 2 feet from the router/access point.

The other thing it does is loose signal once connected, it'll have a 5 of 5 block rating (excellent), but once connected it drops to 3 blocks and only a good signal. Also it sometimes disconnects and loses the wireless signal.

When it's working it usually detects anywhere between 4 and 5 different routers in the surrounding area.

I have tried a friends cheap gateway laptop on my router and it connects perfectly.

The installed network card is an Intel Pro/Wireless 3945ABG which came as standard with the laptop.

Is this a known Vista issue or is it likely my wireless card is a faulty? I've checked it for a loose connection, both black and white wires are securely connected, and I also have the latest drivers.

I have other devices both wired and wireless connected to my router, these being my PS3, Xbox 360, PC (not laptop) and occasionally my PSP, all these function perfectly.

It can't be a router issue mind you since it does exactly the same thing when connected to the work access point.

If anyone has seen anything like this before or has any suggestions before I ... Read more

A:Laptop doesn't always detect wireless signals, even when close

An old 3COM network card that had been my first venture into the world of wireless some 12 months previous was handed down to my daughter when she was given a laptop.

It was a bit iffy at times and it gradually got worse, to the point where she had to be sat next to the router to get a signal, its now in the spares box just in case its ever needed.


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Shade Baenre, I am having the same problem. Can you help me out and tell me what you turned off, and then what you turned on? I have played with it for about 3 days, with no success.

Let me know.

A:Solved: Laptop wireless doesn't detect any networks

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Hi, here is an e-mail I sent to Belkin tech support ... but I haven't heard back so I thought I'd try here. Can anyone help me?

Hi, I'm trying to set up a Belkin F5D6020 ver2 wireless adapter on my IBM 233mhz laptop running WIN98se. I want to connect to my existing wired network. I have a cable modem connected to my Belkin F5D6231-4 router. I have 2 PCs connected to the router via ethernet cable. The wired part of the network is working beautifully. All wired PCs can talk to each other. When I have my wired network adapter installed on the laptop, it works great too.

I installed the installation software on the laptop using the EASY option. I plug in the adapter card when prompted and Windows installs the drivers. My computer doesn’t ask me to restart so I restart manually. The monitor utility comes up and, after a minute, a warning message displays ‘The access point you are attempting to access does not appear to exist. Please select the new one’. The prompts on the utility screen read:

Profile name: Default
Operating mode: infrastructure
Channel = 3 (greyed out)
Tx Rate = Auto
MAC address = 00-30-BD-D2-BF-06
status = scanning

There is no signal strength or link quality. I click on the site survey tab and there is nothing listed. I click rescan and still nothing. The green link LED on the card is flashing. The WLAN light on the router is solid green.

On my PC web browser I go to to access the router set up utility.
Vers... Read more

A:Belkin wireless card doesn't detect network

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Sorry to bother you all again....my laptop doesn't detect wireless internet connection...what shall i do? pls. help..thank you so much

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Performed a regular windows update earlier tonight, and ever since my Y510P has been completely unable to detect any wireless networks. I've performed a system refresh, and tried updating my drivers but it still can't detect any wireless networks. The problem is likely not with my router as I'm able to connect to it with other devices. Thanks for your help

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[Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP-1]
[Duronic USB-2 Wireless 802.11N Adaptor]

Have installed dongle and driver according to manufacturer's instructions.

Everything appears to be in place and working, but Windows can't find a wireless network whose wireless router is less than a metre away and working well with a laptop downstairs.

Realtek wireless LAN icon in system tray - Available Networks tab - Searching, but nothing is found. Dongle's LED is flashing slowly.

Control Panel - Manually connect to a wireless network - 'An unexpected error occurred'. Not helpful.

Windows diagnostics suggests problem is driver - searches and finds driver - informs me the installed driver is up-to-date.

The dongle connects easily when installed on an XP 32-bit machine.

Wired network connection works perfectly.

A:Windows Can't Use Wireless Adaptor

Everything appears to be in place and working, but Windows can't find a wireless network whose wireless router is less than a metre away and working well with a laptop downstairs.

=> It doesn't find any router even if it's very close to router?
you see wireless adapater in network centre->adapter settings?
Connect using wire works without problems?


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I am having a Toshiba Satellite A105 - S 4114 with Windows XP, SP3. I was using the LAN & Wireless network adaptor without any problem. A week back Windows XP got updated & from then LAN & Wifi network adaptor are not getting detected.
In the device manage both the adaptors are not preset. If I add the adaptors from the ‘Add Hardware’ its getting added as Intel PRO/1000 PL network connection#2 & Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG network connection#2 but its not working.

I am using the following adaptors with version (working):-
LAN network adaptor: Intel PRO/1000 PL network connection, Version

Wireless network adaptor: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG network connection, Version

I tried to download the new drives for both the adaptors, but nothing is working.
Please let me know the solution

Thanks in advance,

A:Cannot detect network adaptor in my system.

Hiya Vini_2603.

It`s odd that they`ve disappeared from Device Manager and not just flagged up as a problem item. Do you have anything at all under Network Adapters?

In Dev Man, right-click the computers name at the very top and `Scan for hardware changes` to see if that comes up with anything.

The drivers are no good if the adapters aren`t being seen to start with !


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I am having problem getting Microsoft Network Monitor Driver service to start on Windows 10 Version 1607.

The logs from EventViewer shows: A device attached to the system is not functioning.
Our application is using NetMon APIs and the alternative which Microsoft Message Analyzer does not expose any API (as I gathered from reading other threads in this forum).
So I am wondering is there anyway to get NetMon 3.4 to work with Windows 10 ?
Please advise. Thanks!

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I just purchased a new computer with windows 7. I have the linksys wireless set up on a computer in my spare room, and just the netgear wireless adaptor on the computer I just replaced. The wirelss adaptor does not work at all. I was told the operating system does not support it. I tried loading the cd but it did not install. What do I do now???? I was told there are no "patches" for this as yet. Please advise. Thank you

A:Wireless adaptor does not work with Windows 7

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I'll try to keep this short...

I've recently moved house (in the UK) and have had to switch my broadband supplier to BT. They supply a wireless router (in this case the BT Home Hub 3). I connected it yesterday and it works fine. My Asus EEE netbook and my HTC Desire HD phone connected no problem. However I cannot get my desktop PC to connect. It runs Windows 7 64 bit and I'm trying to use a Belkin N Wireless USB network adaptor (Model number F5D8053, version 6002) which is W7 compatible. I have run the Belkin install software, which appears to install ok, and the adaptor shows up in Devices and Printer ok. However the Belkin Wireless Utility wouldn't install, and when I try to find a network to connect to, there is nothing showing. I have uninstalled, and then reinstalled the Belkin software, both from the disc and from the Belkin support page to no avail. When I run BT's software it gets so far before it says that the adaptor is not WPA compatible and switch it to WEP. The blurb on the box shows that the adaptor is WPA, WPA2 and WEP compatible so not sure what's going on there.

I diabled the wifi whatnot in the netbook and used the adaptor on it and it picked up many wifi networks in the area, including mine and sucessfully connected to it, so I don't think it's the adaptor as such but rather that it won't run on my machine. I've tried it in several different USB ports with no joy. I have managed to get the Belkin wireless ... Read more

A:Belkin N Wireless Adaptor vs Windows 7..?

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Never had this problem before with a motherboard not detecting a drive. Is it a BIOS issue that will be resolved once updated?

Check my spec page on user profile for my system info if this helps provide more info. It is running v4.1 and I can upgrade that to 4.3.

What happens is it will not detect the other HDD that windows is not installed on, but it didn't detect before any OS was installed on either drive, and this issue has been interchangeable between both HDDs. And each time Windows 7 setup detects both drives, not always - until I hot plug out and back in but it shows up then. Both HDDs show up when in windows but I run the risk of not being able to boot into windows having it connected. So as you can gather it is not RAID 0 as I normally have setup but AHCI for now. It is a new system and HDDs are healthy, pass all tests - and only a few months old.

I've not used AHCI mode before so howcome when I hotplug a HDD windows detects it but doesn't show up in computer, only under computer management? Only I could do with hotpluggin in a 2TB HDD I have that has backed up data on which I want to organised and move to another HDD so I can format it, I think it might be corrupted file system or something because when I hotplug it windows crashes whereas it never used to under my old system - this happens whether I use USB dock or SATA connection - hot plugging.

Advice much appreciated, thanks.

A:MB doesn't detect 2nd HDD while Windows does

Sorted it. BIOS update did the trick and 2TB HDD also detected now without crashing W7

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I've been having some issues with my Internet connection that have been causing my network adapter process to eat up memory and crash Windows Explorer. (I think the problem is with my computer and not the router because none of the other computers on the network have been having problems.) It goes like this: I'll start the machine up for the day, it'll connect automatically like it's supposed to, and then every few minutes, the connection will drop. Sometimes the drop is short, less than a minute, and it reconnects automatically; other times, I have to go through the Networks icon and connect manually. In connecting manually, the "Connect to a Network" screen will sometimes freeze, eventually spawning an error message that says "Windows Explorer is not responding."

I have had this problem with this computer sporadically for as long as I've owned it, but in the past, rebooting has solved it. About two weeks ago, the problem went on for a week straight. (Very frustrating!) It went away for a week, then reappeared today. Does anyone know what might be going on?

The computer is an HP Pavilion a6838f Desktop PC, running Windows Vista Home Premium (64-bit, Service Pack 2). A MalwareBytes scan comes back clean.

A:Wireless Adaptor/Windows Explorer crashing

Have you tried updating drivers?

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Hi ive got windows 7 ultimate.

Ive been trying to install my wireless drivers, when you run them form CD everything seems fine and says installed, but when it says connect your usb device it starts to instal the intantly stops and says driver not installed..

A:Belkin F5D8053 N Wireless USB adaptor Windows 7

Right click on it in device manager. Browse. Let me pick. Have disk. Browse. Now find the .inf and double click on it. Hit ok so it installs.

You might have to extract from the .exe driver installer first if that's what you have.

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I just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now my computer only detects one display rather than two. I have a Dell desktop computer and two Dell monitors. Using Windows 7 both monitors were being detected/used. Can anyone tell me how to correct. (I'm not very technically experienced, but can follow basic instructions.)

The second display shows a black screen with the message "Cannot Display This Video Mode".

A:Windows 10 doesn't detect my second monitor

right click on desktop for "display settings" - pick the monitor that shows up that message -> click it to activate -> switch correct video mode for it. its prolly too high resolution issue.

also WIN+P -combination gives you chance to use "extended desktop" which you should use to configure the resolutions

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My PC was updated to Win10 almost 1 year ago and there wasn't any problem connecting my windows phone (Lumia 920).
I'm not sure when it started but probably since this summer my PC start to not detect my Lumia 920.
Actually Lumia 920 is detected and it can charge with PC, but I can't sync and open it.
I want to attach some pictures to show what is happning but I can't attach them while this site verify my account.

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I'm trying to connect a Digital Camera through a USB to my XP computer but it does not show up in computer, why?

A:Windows doesn't detect Camera?

is the camera on? most require you plug it in to the usb then turn it on? just wondering kinda made that mistake with a brand new cool pix then threw it at a wall thank god for best buys accidental damage thingy

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When my systems goes BSOD and restarts, I have that screen where I can choose which mode I should restart (safe mode, etc...) However Windows doesn't detect my keyboard during that screen and I am forced to wait 30 sec and boot in normal mode automatically.

Now this wouldn't be that much of a problem but I need to update the defective firmware of one of my HDD. And I use a boot disk to do that and of course the boot disk doesn't recognize my keyboard. So this became a major problem and I can lost my hdd data anytime now.

My mouse and keyboards both use an usb port, I suspect that I need traditional mouse and keyboard using traditional ports.

I have a traditional mouse but I do not have a traditional keyboard unfortunately. But I have converters from usb to traditional port for both mouse and keyboard.

What I tested:
1. plug-in the traditional mouse and reboot, result the traditional mouse is recognized.

2. use the usb to traditional port for the mouse and reboot, it doesn't recognize the mouse

3. use the usb to traditional port for the keyboad and reboot, it doesn't recognize the keyboard

Any clue on how to have keyboard recognized as traditional please?


Keyboard: Logitech G15 refresh
Mouse: Logitech G9

A:windows seven doesn't detect my keyboard

What are your system specs?

Check 'Device Manager' for any yellow triangles, if there are any check for new drivers from your OEM or motherboard website.
You should check for updated drivers even if no yellow triangles.

Can you borrow a keyboard with a PS2 cable, for testing?

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When I plug in a usb, it doesn't detect it, What should I do?

A:Windows 7 doesn't detect USB port

Check in device manager if the drive is up there. What kind of usb devise is not detected?

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Is there a difference or are they one in the same? Want to hook up XBOX 360 using Wireless G adaptor. I have the Wireless Router.

A:Wireless Adaptor VS Wireless Gaming Adaptor

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Hi, I have a small problem but a big problem for me.. So I bought the LED Samsunng SycnmasterEX1920X yesterday and I my video card is MSI n430gt... Is there anyway to reset my setting on the DVI-i port of my video card because when I plug my VGA to the Monitor and start up my PC it detects my monitor and in Nvidia Control Panel But If I plug my DVI-i and start up my PC... It doesn't detect my monitor even at the Nvidia Control Panel... Does anyone know what is my problem? Please.... Help me...Because I need to use the DVI-i to use Nvdia Scaling Aspect Ratio....
OS: Windows 7 64bit
Motherboard: Asus p7p55d-e pro
8gb ram
video card: MSI n430 Gt
Monitor: Samsung LED SyncMaster EX1920X
I use DVI-I to DVI-i Cable... Thanks.....

A:DVI-I doesn't detect my monitor, can I detect it in settings?

You already have a thread started for this problem here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic162995.html

Please do not post the same problem more than once. Thank you.

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I am really confused ... basically I was using vista home premium 64bit, I bought the windows 7 home premium upgrade and installed it as an upgrade over Vista. Everything worked fine but my system seemed slow, I thought this may be down to lots of old unused Vista files clogging up my pc as i don't see that windows 7 completely removed them all, I decided to format my hard drive and do a clean install of windows 7. Once it had installed my network adaptor didn't work, i tried the vista drivers, looked on belkins website but no newer ones on there and just a note to say windows 7 drivers coming soon basically!

The thing is i know it can work in Windows 7 because when i upgraded from vista it worked fine but on a clean install it won't, any ideas how i can get it working on a clean install?!!

A:Belkin F5D8053N Wireless Adaptor Windows 7 64 bit Issue

I am kind of in the same position on one machine I have with a D-LINK wireless card.

Some hardware manufacturers are not always quick off the mark with Windows 7 support, are they?

Might mean I get to buy some other card soon - I am NOT going to wait for a vendor to get round to Windows 7, 64 bit support.

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.......the CD or DVD burner (it is a slimtype DVDRW 9) I have a program installed that came with the PC called Sonic RecordNow! which looks okay but I have an episode of the simpsons on my hard drive I want to burn to DVD. There is only the option to make an exact copy of an already existing disc with Sonic RecordNow! and I would like the option to use both Sonic RecordNow! and Windows Media Player to burn stuff. Any suggestions would be great guys. Thanx

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Maybe this will help some people. It's a little easier alternative if you're in the same situation I am.

->Purchased new laptop with Windows 8.1 factory installed
->Purchased on April 14, 2014

->Laptop has UEFI motherboard
->HDD is setup w/ GPT

->Inserted Windows 7 Professional DVD
->Windows 7 setup cannot find a HDD / requests drivers

1.) Right-click your start button on the Desktop
2.) Choose "Disk Management"
3.) Right-click on your main HDD and choose "Shrink volume"
4.) Choose whatever size
5.) Right-click on the newly created unallocated space and choose "New Simple Volume"
6.) Do NOT format this volume
7.) Insert your DVD/USB/load ISO/whatever and start Windows 7 Setup
8.) I chose not to go online and get the newest updates, but that's up to you
9.) Choose your newly created simple volume
10.) Let setup continue as normal (Your installation will now find the hard drive(s) and partition(s))
11.) Once you're booted into Windows 7, right-click on computer and choose "manage"
12.) Go back to "Disk Management," and delete all your other partitions.
13.) Right-click on your Windows 7 Partition and choose "Expand this volume"
14.) You've essentially performed a clean install

If this proves to be a useful method for anyone else who's recently purchased a Windows 8 computer and is looking to (up)downgrade to Windows 7, I'll update it to be more in-depth and include pictures.

**... Read more

A:W8 downgrade -> Windows 7 doesn't detect HDD during install [FIX!]

Laptop has UEFI motherboard

YES & NO, down to your UEFI/BIOS firmware setting.

As this is a OEM manufacturer's PC with Pre-installed Windows 8/8.1.

1) Downgrade to Windows 7.
Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7
Warning you must have the UEFI/BIOS firmware setting in Step Three set.

Make sure you read the NOTE at Step three.

2) If Using a USB Pen drive on a PC with a UEFI BIOS.
USB Pen drive need to be formatted to FAT32 as in
UEFI Bootable USB Flash Drive - Create in Windows
Take note of Step 11 for Windows 7.
Also you will need to use a USB 2.0 port, as there are no USB 3.0 drivers in Windows 7.

You will need to buy Windows 7.

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i have about a 5 yr old compaq running xp.i had bestbuy to put in a radeon 9550 avg graphics card and i had to restore my com now windows wont detect the card so when i try to install the soft ware it says it cant find any hardware to install the software.i could use any help plz and ty.
Edit/Delete Message

A:Windows doesn't detect my new graphics card

Double post

Already answered here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic112198.html

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About a day or two ago, my computer really slowed down. For instance, winrar takes much much longer to extract a 50-70 mb file (before it would take 3 secs, now it takes around 15 secs). The music I play with VLC media player sometimes gets sloppy, music gets distorted when doing multiple tasks, something it didn't do before. In fact, just now as I was extracting a rar file AND playing music, the music sounded messed up. There are a lot of other indications of slowing down (defraggler -> analyze taking MUCH more time and freezing my computer at certain % intervals, 17, 35, etc).

so I ran a few virus scans, mbam, avast. and nothing came up. Does anyone have any idea what it could be?

A:Windows XP slows down but doesn't detect virus

Download sp for your os.
Try running spybot.
Have a look on task manager and see what processes is eating your ram.
Have a look at the drivers as well

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I am having a strange issue with my windows 8 pc as it sometimes doesn't detect any network present and i have to restart it again to get the network. The issue happens usually every time i boot. But restarting once solves it. Any help?

A:Windows 8 doesn't detect network after boot

I'm having a similar issue. If I am not connected to an Ethernet upon boot, I cannot get connectivity after plugging in my Ethernet, nor does the Device Manager detect my Gigabyte EP45-UD3P dual NIC's. I have to reboot with the Ethernet inserted before the OS loads. then all works as should be. Strange.

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Hello, i have a problem with my soundcard.
This is a separate sound card, so it's not a part of my motherboard.
The name of the soundcard is: "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Sound Card"
The card and my optical sound (i use an optical cable for digital sound, which no longer works when i switch to "S/PDIF" sound in sound devices.) no longer works. When i go to device manager, it doesn't even detect that i have my specified soundcard, which i absolutely do.

Also after the re-install, my computer feels really slow. I have 16 gigs of ram, a good CPU, and a good graphics card, so that is not the problem. If anyone could figure out or have an idea what could be wrong with those two issues, PLEASE do reply.

I fear that after my Windows 7 re-install, a ton of drivers are missing. I don't have my 'recovery hard disc' anymore, which contained a lot of stuff for my PC. The computer store who installed my sound card, graphics card and more, removed that hard drive. I didn't notice that before i had to do a re-install, and they don't have that darn hard disc anymore.

Can anyone help me? Do i have to do something in BIOS? I'll attach a DxDiag of my computer to this post! Please help me!

A:My PC doesn't detect my soundcard after Windows 7 re-install.

You are probably missing needed drivers. Since you have an intel CPU, you have a motherboard with an Intel chipset. Go to the motherboard vendor and download the needed drivers, including the Intel chipset drivers. One of the main things the chipset drivers do is define (identify) all the hardware devices on or attached to the motherboard.

I didn't see what the motherboard was in DXDiag, the BIOS should give you that information. Manufacturer and model. Then go to that manufacturers downloads for the specific model motherboard. If there are no Windows 7 drivers listed, Vista drivers are compatible.

In addition, since you are using a separate sound card, you need to disable the on-board audio (the RealTek) in the BIOS. Two sound devices can conflict which could cause some of your problems.

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Hi there,

I'm running Windows XP sp3 and have a 500G Transcend USB external hard drive without external power and all was working very well, but suddenly Windows doesn't detect my hdd on startup, the Safely Remove Hardware item appears in the system tray and is showing the presence of the drive but it doesn't assign a drive letter to it and it also doesn't appear in My Computer untill I unplug it then replug it. Does anyone have a solution for this annoying problem. A little help is appreciated very much, thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Windows doesn't detect HDD on startup

The problem seems to be the HDD itself because i've tried another external HDD and it's working fine, what possibly can be the problem it's a very new HDD?

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I have a nice Logitech 120 headset that has great microphone quality, but it and any other microphone I plug in to my computer are not detected at all. The speakers in the headset work fine, but the microphone doesn't work. It has separate jacks for the headphone part and the microphone part.

My computer dual-boots with Windows XP 32-bit as well as Windows 7 64-bit, and everything works fine under Windows XP, so it's not the microphones or the hardware.

I tried updating my audio driver, but it appears to be up to date, and I tried using XP's audio driver under Windows 7, which didn't work at all.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect Microphones, but XP on same Computer Does

Windows XP handles some audio functions differently than Vista/Win7/Win 8. Thus the reason the XP drivers do not work.

First thought on the Win 7 drivers, use the Intel provided drivers for your motherboard, as a first choice. I had an older Win 7 PC with an Intel motherboard and only the Intel provided drivers worked correctly.

Please post a screen shot of the Sound Panel/Recording Section.

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Everything was ok with sound but now the computer doesn't detect any sound devices like amplifier, headphones, speakers, etc. The computer does find the audio card, but not devices. Please help.

A:Windows 8.1 doesn't detect any audio devices


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Here's my hard drive:
Seagate Constellation ES ST3500514NS

I haven't been able to get Windows 7 installation to detect this drive for about two months now. I'm running on a Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H mobo, revision 2.1.

I recently found a list of drivers for my motherboard on Gigabyte, but I'm not sure if any of these will help me.
I also found some downloads for my hard drive.

Oh, and I can use this drive if I'm running Windows 7 on a different hard drive, but I just can't install Windows 7 on it.

A:Windows 7 Doesn't Detect My Hard Drive

Check if the new HDD is being detected in BIOS. Also, the HDD may be formatted as a file system not supported for Windows. Make sure it is formatted as NTFS.

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HI team,
I'm looking for a driver which supports the wireless adapter AR9002WB-1NG in both bands 2.4 and 5GHz (300 Mbps) and Windows 10 as operating system.

My laptop is a Satellite L755-14N PSK1WE

Does anyone know if it is available anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

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First and foremost...I have basically no knowledge of computers, and computer networking. So, what I say is going to be very basic, and whatever advice you give...please dumb it down as much as possible :-) Thank you!

Now for the back story to my current problem:

I have an Acer Aspire 5733Z-4851, had Windows 7 on it. No discs..everything came preloaded onto the computer.

Computer was running very sluggishly, and almost everything would come up "Not Responding". Ran AVG. Came back with something along the lines of 45k problems. Tried fixing..everytime I would fix..it would freeze. Figured that whatever virus/adware that was on there wouldn't allow AVG to fix, so I saved all of my pictures/documents onto a flash drive, and started a "System Restore to Factory Settings."

The computer started the system restore, on "Step 3 of 32, Microsoft" it stuck. Let it stay that way overnight, figuring maybe it just takes that long....it was stuck for almost 16 hours on that same step. Obviously not working anymore...so I turned the computer off, and tried to Restart in Safe Mode.

No go...said it couldn't finish restoring in Safe Mode, that it needed to be in the regular startup mode. So I turned off again, and restarted in normal. THIS time, the computer booted to the logon screen. I am the administrator, so I clicked on the picture that said "Administrator". Popup said that "the administrator account has been disabled, plea... Read more

A:Wireless Network Adaptor for Windows Vista not Picking Up Any Networks

I have moved your post the vista forum since this is not a networking issue.

Usual recommendation is to look at Device Manager and the Network section. Identify the network card and then download the vista drivers for it. You should be able to do this from your husbands laptop.

Problem you are going to have with Vista is registering it with Microsoft. Its already activated with your husbands laptop. Consider contacting who sold you the computer to get the Win7 disk or restore disk.

BTW you were doing a System Restore Point not a Reset to Factory. Reset to factory is done via boot selection upon bootup and isn't done from within Windows.

Reset to factory would have been the correct step.

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I have Windows 7 ultimate and I was backing up my PC to a cloud service along with installing Opera mobile emulator. When my PC gave me the BSOD, I restarted my computer and it started up my secondary drive.. My primary drive is no longer detected in the BIOS.. Both drives appear to show up in the device manager. Just not under the BIOS and my computer Any help would be greatly appreciated!.

PC specs
Windows 7 ultimate
AMD FX-8350 Eight-Core
128 GB SSD (crucial)
128 GB SSD (Samsung)
Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3
More about : windows

A:Windows 7 BSOD, restarted and doesn't detect drive..

Hello Elliot mate some system specs would be helpful I know you have put a few there but it really helps to know what the motherboard is for example.
System Info - See Your System Specs

In the meantime can you send the dump files by any chance?
Dump Files - Upload to SevenForums

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Since upgrading to Windows 10, my PC does not "see" the CD/DVD reader/writer. CD/DVD is a SuperMulti DVD Burner with LightScribe Technology

View Solution.

A:System doesn't detect CD/DVD drive after Windows 10 install

Hi: See if performing the procedure listed in Resolution Step 5 at the link below resolves the issue. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/314060

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