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Erasing My Hard Drive Using My Ipod?

Q: Erasing My Hard Drive Using My Ipod?

My CD drive on my laptop does not work. I have an HP Pavilion zt1145 with Windows XP Home Edition.

Getting to the point, I really want to erase my laptop through the HP recovery disks. Obviously I cannot. My flash drive does not have enough memory to hold the 630 mb needed. Is it possible to reboot from my ipod and then erase my laptop? Are there certain requirements that my laptop must have? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Preferred Solution: Erasing My Hard Drive Using My Ipod?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Erasing My Hard Drive Using My Ipod?

You can buy 1GB and 2GB flash drives now, for just a few pounds.. Buy one. Save all your data to it. Do a full recovery on your laptop. However that won't fix your cd problem if the cd drive itself is broken so don't assume a recovery is all that's required.

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Hi guys:

I have an old PC and I want to completely erase the HD. What would it be
the easy (free) program that can do that???



A:Erasing a hard drive.

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i am trying to erase my hard drive to start free from a virus I can't get rid of.. I know I need the boot disk to write zeros to my hard drive. but I am not sure how. any help ?

A:erasing hard drive

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Hello all. My computer has been having a lot of problems lately and I was thinking about using DBAN to start over again. I've used DBAN a lot of times, but for one pass takes about 5-6 hours. I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions on something other than DBAN. I know DBAN may not be the problem for it being slow, but I would just like to know if you think there are any better programs than DBAN. How many passes would you recommend me doing? I am not planning on selling it or doing anything with it, I just don't want files leftover. Thanks!

A:Need help on erasing hard drive

Here is a little selection of options. But why do you go thru so much trouble if you keep the system. Just reinstall and everything in C: will be gone - at least for the layman. And any other partitions you can just delete in Disk Management.

Best Free Secure Erase Utility
CMRR - Secure Erase

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Does anyone know how to to completely erase your hard drive so that you can install a fresh new OS?

A:Erasing Your Hard Drive

Boot with the new os disk, when ur at windows setup screen u can delete the partion with all ur stuff on it, make a new one, and install your OS.

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I've heard that when you format a hard drive, it's still possible to get information off it if you know how. True or false? I'm getting all our information off old drives and then giving drives away, but naturally, I want to make sure that all information is completely and totally, irretrievably gone. Is there any way to do this, preferably without buying a $50 program or anything?

A:really-really erasing a hard drive

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My system is corrupted. It want allow me to do anything. I lost my recovery disk when I moved. Is it possible to erase the hard drive and install windows xp home edition?

A:Erasing A Hard Drive

Not without a Windows disk and COA (25 digit alphanumeric key code). You could describe the problem and may be we can help you resolve the problem.

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How do I completely erase all information on my hard drive? I'm thinking about purchasing a new computer system and would like to "clean" the hard drive on my old computer before giving it to someone else. Please help! Thanks......Artfern

A:Erasing Hard Drive

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I have a Dell Latitude d420 in perfect condition that I would like to donate. Everything I have found calls for a CD drive or the tapping of F8 when starting (doesn't have the prompts to do it) this notebook does not have a CD drive... If anyone can help me erase my information I would sure appreciate it.

A:Erasing a hard drive

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I have two hard drives and both have Win 98 on them. I do realise that I only need the master drive to have Windows on it. I would like to free up the memory on the second drive. Only Win 98 is on the second drive at the moment.

What do I need to?

A:Erasing a second hard drive.

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I need to erase all of the information from a hard drive. New computer is running Windows XP Pro. I am going to be using an IDE to USB cable from the old hard drive to move information to the new hard drive, but I need to be able to erase the old hard drive without ruining it because I am giving the old computer to my kid.

Is there still such a thing as "F Disk" and will that erase the drive all the way.

I heard there are programs out there that can erase a hard drive, but I do not know what they are called and I was also told that those programs really do not erase the hard drive all the way.

Thank you for any assistance you can give.

A:Erasing a hard drive...

Eraser (free prog) might suit you. This review from TechSupportAlert, link below.
Eraser will securely erase selected files and folders, or even whole disks, located on your hard drive (it works with any drive, including IDE, SCSI and RAID, and CD-RWs). Eraser can overwrite the data area with your choice of a variety of random data patterns, and can also wipe data in the paging file, Internet cache, temporary files, Internet cookies, unused disk space, and a number of other places where data can secretly lurk. It can handle FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS partitions. Erasing files with a high level of security will always be a difficult and time consuming task, and absolute 100% safety cannot be guaranteed. However, Eraser makes the task about as easy as it can be, at a security level that exceeds most conceivable requirements.

Inserted from <http://www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-secure-erase-utility.htm>


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I would like to sell my computer but would like to clean out my hard drive first. I don't have my boot disks. I am just wondering if there is a free program that will allow me to erase everything from the hard drive with out erasing the os or programs.

Thanks for the help

A:Help erasing information from hard drive

Hi jstbuch, welcome to TSF...

to be honest, if you're selling the pc, I would've thought it would be a lot easier to just wipe the whole lot as a lot of personal information is stored in Windows and installed programs.

There's various freeware programs such as CCleaner and Cleanup which are designed to clear temporary file caches which may be of some use but as long as Windows stays active, a lot of file worth deleting will still be there :)

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I would like to start over on my 3 year old Dell XPS T450 computer Pentium(r) III. With a MS Windows 98SE operating system. I have 128.0 MB of Ram and it's running at 83% cap. I have 2.17 GB left free of a 12.7 GB hard Drive. However, It's running really slow at times and sometimes freezes up on me. I have tried uninstalling some of the programs I don't use anymore but sometimes that screws things up even more and I use Go Back to get it back. I would like to get it running like new again or at least as close as I can. I have the MS Boot Floppy Disk and both the Windows 98 & SE Updates CD's. I also have a Dell Dimensions ResourceCD. From another support site I was told to make sure that both the Boot Disk and the W98 CD was in the machine when I turned it back on. When I reboot the MS Windows 98 Setup screen comes up and on the first page up it asked if I wanted to Start Com. w/ CD-ROM or just with CD-ROM Support or without CD-ROM support. I chose w/CD-Rom because I had the CD. First Question: Was that wrong? It proceed to the next page which warned me that all my files would be erased and to press enter to proceed. I did. Then came the ERROR It then told me that I had an UNRECOVERABLE ERROR -Insufficient Memory - Press enter to quit setup. Then it comes up in DOS mode stating "Memory Allocation Error - Cannot load COMMAND, system halted. I have to turn the machine off manually to get it to reboot. Second question: Am I doing it wrong? I tried reb... Read more

A:erasing my hard drive - isn't working!

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Just got a new computer so my old computer has become my play computer. I installed Win NT Server and it kept some of my old WIN 95 files on the computer. I did some things and messed up the OS. Now I don't care because it is a testing computer. The problem I'm having is how do Totally erase the hard drive and install WIN NT fresh again, without any old 95 files?

A:{Solved} - Erasing the Hard Drive with Win NT

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i would like to donate one of my old pcs. i understand that there are scrubber(?) programs out there that will do a complete job of erasing the drive. that way no information can be retrieved from it. we had a lot of personal, and banking information on there that i want to make sure is gone for good. thx ahead of time. (and of course, free is better, but not necessary)

A:completely erasing a hard drive

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Im planning on erasing the hard drive on my computer to start from square one again. I dont know about bootable disks and assume I dont know much else either.My system is a sony vaio pentium 4, 2.40 GHZ maxtor 80 GB hard drive.I have system and application recovery disks and plan on erasing with eraser 56 which has been downloaded to cd-rom.besides not doing it what is the safest way to do this?

A:cautiously erasing hard drive

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I'm not sure if this is a hardware or windows question but here goes? I have about 20 computers from an accounting firm (recently updated with new computers) that I want to donate to charity IF I can erase everything on them TOTALLY. I would like to then install windows 98 back onto the computers so that they can be used again.
THere is information on the computers now from clients that were with the accounting firm for the past 10 years. I have to be very careful to erase everything (e-mails, tax info.....) before donating the computers to charity. Is there any way to do this? DO I need a certain software to do this or can I just simply uninstall everything?

A:Erasing everything on the hard drive on old computers

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I bought my brother a laptop for his birthday from a friend, so i wanted to clear it completely, so i erased everything off the hard drive using "reinstalling Del MediaDiresct 3.3" disk, everything went fine until i tried to reinstall Vista. It completed, and restarted. Then it went back to the downloading page and freezes at completing installation. So I decided not to bother with it after the second time and tried to downloading an old xp cd i have but its saying cant find hard drive. Is that normal? So what im asking is the vista disk bad can i try a different one. Or do i have to download something first before reinstalling vista?
I have a Dell Insprion 1720
Thanks a head of time
Also I have all the disk that come with it.

A:Erasing Hard drive problem

nevermind i fixed it thanks anyway!

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Hi tech guys:
I own a second computer made by Dell, the model is a Dell Dimension 4600 (Pentium 4 2.8GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, XP Home sp2. This computer has had many problems, not the least of which are many viruses. Seems too complex to fix...and I would like to start again from scratch. Part of my reasoning here is also that I want to give this computer to another member of my family and dont' want any residual things left on it for anyone to find....

how do I completely erase my harddrive? What is the best "tech guy" opinion for software that does this completely and well? Any tips or suggestions? I need step by step instructions, too.

I heard of a few software programs that do this, like Darik's Boot and Nuke, r-wipe, etc.

Afterwards my plan is to reinstall a clean install of Windows XP with original CD. Are there any conflicts with a reinstall after using a hard drive eraser?


A:Erasing hard drive and reinstall windows xp

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My mom is so distraught!!! Here's what happened:

My nimrod of a dad (whom I love dearly) thinks he knows all there is to know about computers (including fixing them). Really, all he knows is how to mess with the settings, then he tries to fix whatever he did, and makes it worse. My mom then calls me, and I go and spend a few hours fixing what my dad "fixed" in the first place. Except this time.

My mom was out, and my dad was trying to "fix" one of his mistakes. The screen froze on him, so he shut it down, and started it back up. He then decided it would be best to just erase the entire hard drive and start from scratch. And, no, he didn't back ANYTHING up!!!

Both my mom and dad are computer illiterate. My mom has no problem admitting this, but you'll never hear my dad say it! I've given them things to do on a weekly/monthly basis, including step by step instructions. One of these things is backing up the hard drive. They've never done it! My mom used to, but when they got a new computer (a couple years ago), my dad lost the instructions on how to do it.

So, all of my moms stuff (including hundreds of photos) is gone (my dad just uses the internet and screws up the settings). Is there ANY way to recover what was erased, or is she just screwed?

Thanks in advance,

A:Can you recover files after erasing a hard drive?

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I'm selling a dead notebook (Sony F270) that still has personal data and files on the hard drive. I replaced it with a newer Sony (FXA48) and doubt that I can simply switch hard drives to gain access.

What would you suggest?

PS I don't really want to buy a bunch of adapter cables (power & data) to hook it to a desktop but the only other option I can think of is a big magnet. I didn't really want to erase the OS and applications, kind of diminishes the value to the buyer.

A:Erasing hard drive on dead notebook

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I just bought a new hard drive it's 250 GB and it was working fine until it started deleting my files. I recovered them luckily and put them back on the drive. It worked fine for a day and deleted my files again and now windows is saying Delayed Write Failed. I have no idea what to do and the rep from SeaGate had not a faint clue either. Can anyone help?

A:SeaGate Ext. Hard Drive erasing files.

See if this helps; http://support.microsoft.com/kb/330174

or this perhaps; http://searchwinit.techtarget.com/tip/0,289483,sid1_gci1041334,00.html

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Recently I had a virus on my PC (running win xp home). I gave it to a friend to fix b/c the virus had corrupted everything. I told him to just wipe out everything b/c I had backed up all I needed too. He said he fixed it, and definitely found a couple viruses. However, I noticed that all of my folders/files are still there (some I cant even delete, these actions happened when I had the viruses on there). Also I have tried running Norton and cant update the core. Also while it is starting up I get an initial DOS prompt saying that there are 2 versions of win xp home and to pick one. Only one option does work, but why should I have to pick this every time I start my computer? Plain and simple. . . I have only had this computer only a year, and I just want to start from scratch and have it work the way it did when I first got it.
So I talked to my CIS teacher and he recommended jsut wiping the whole thing, but encouraged me to find a way to do this without losing my physical format.
Can anyone point me through the steps of accomplishing what I need?


A:erasing the hard drive without losing physical format

Physical format?

Anyways, what it appears is that your friend (or someone) installed Windows XP a second time into a different directory then deleting the original directory, hence you have 2 listings in the OS boot up. You can remove the dud one in MSCONFIG under boot.ini tab (I think).

Other than that if you want to start off clean again, make a boot disk, go to Command Prompt with the disk and use the FORMAT command.

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My daughter is donating her old pc running XP to a poor family in need of one that she does not know well. How to best erase the info on it to protect her security concerns? Is erasing all her programs, files and data secure enough. Someone told her the whole hard drive including the XP operating system had to be cleaned off or data she has erased can be receovered. Unfortunately she does not still have the XP disc that went with it. Any suggestions?

A:Hard drive erasing to protect against identity theft

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It is the problem which pepole meet in their daily life .

Now It is a software called : Tansee iPod Transfer.


A:how to sync an iPod to a library on another computer without erasing the files?

I downloaded a trial version of Copy Trans Suite, it worked perfectly.


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hey i just purchased an ipod and i am very pleased with it so far. i have not yet put any cds that i own onto it but i was reading about it in the manual. according to the manual, in order to put cds onto the ipod, itunes must first copy the cd to your hard drive. ok, sounds alright, but heres the part i dont like......any music you put on ur ipod must be in your library. so after i copy a cd to my ipod i have to keep all the songs on my computer also......i dont want to have a copy of all my cds on my computer.

is there a way to put cds (and even songs) on your ipod and then delete them from your computer/library without them being removed from your ipod the next time you connect it? any help appreciated

A:CDs On iPod not Hard Drive

You put the CD's on the IPOD in a compressed format, they won't take nearly as much space that way. Disks are cheap, just keep the disk copy.

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Why can't I put my iTunes library on an external hard drive to save space on my C Drve? When my 200gig external iDrive is on, my computer will not recognize my iPod. When I turn the external iDrive off, my computer will recognize my iPod but then I can't access my music library. I have read all the entries on iLounge to no avail and the iPod site is no help either. I have a 16 month old, 20 gig iPod shuffle @ click wheel that is full. It seems that my emachine T1840 computer isn't capable of recognizing more than one mass storage device at a time. If this is the case then why have more than one usb port?

Is the answer in putting iTunes library on the external hard drive? If so can anyone tell me how this is done?

I have a 40 gig C drive /Celeron 1.8GHz CPU/ 1.25GB Ram / with a maxtor 6 usb device.

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I have an ipod mini and the hard drive went bad. just bought a 4gb hitachi from ebay. once (and if) i get the mini to work again, i'll post a how to guide for those of you who may encounter the same problem

A:Ipod mini hard drive

sounds good - my sons creative zen 60gb HDD gave up the ghost a while back - didnt think you could buyy the drives and replace ... may have been a lot cheaper

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i have a very small hard drive. is it possible for me to use itunes and my ipod with all my music stored on an external drive rather than my PC hard drive?


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Hi ^^

Right, so, I had to get a new external hard drive cause my last one died on me (sad times) and my new one arrived today (good times!) - it's a LaCie, 500G, and it works brilliantly...unless my iPod is connect to my computer at the same time.

My darling laptop is a Thinkpad T60, running a dual Centrino processor. It seems that my iPod is generating a hardware conflict with the LaCie drive, causing the LaCie to cease and not be properly recognised (if it does come up, it's as a sort of shadow drive; I can't see the information on there and it says it has a capacity of 0.)

Other than just not have them connected at the same time, any advice?


A:Hard Drive/iPod conflict

Maybe you can try renaming the name of either the ipod or the harddrive. I don't mean just right clicking it and clicking "rename"... I mean rename the actual drive letter.

I forget exactly how this is done, I have only done it once when I had conflict problems but it solved my problems awhile ago. I changed my flash drive to drive "Z" ... I'm sure a quick google search could give you plenty of responses.

Good luck!

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I've always wanted to know how to do this on my own. Could someone give me step by step instructions on how to completely erase all information from one of my hard disks (I have two) and leave all the information on the other disk. Then how to re-install windows XP and all the necessary drivers etc. Then (I know this is really getting complex) could someone tell me the best possible anti-virus software and anti-spyware software available (preferably free). And I don't think I need a firewall because I have a router, am I correct? Finally I would like to know how to create and employ a rescue-disk. Thank-you so much for the help, I will probably use this info for years to come.

A:Step by step instructions on erasing hard-drive and re-installing windows XP

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Not owning an Ipod myself - a colleague asked me who will he get his music from his Ipod onto his PC hard drive (win xp) - is their a program that can do this ?

A:Solved: Music from Ipod to PC hard drive


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Hi. I am trying to connect my old 20gb iPod hard drive to my computer. It is a Toshiba MK2006GAL (HDD1488) hard disk drive, here is a link to the spec page with everything you should need to know about it: Spec Sheet. Also if need be it i can dig up the old parts to the iPod and the parts that connected it to the motherboard of the iPod. Thank so much.

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Hello all,

I've had this problem for a while where if I connect my iPod touch to the USB port (and the Apple Mobile service is on) it freezes instantly. sometimes it would work for a second or so, but when the iPod went to sleep/made that beep, the whole Pc froze (power cycle required). I know the iPod works on other machines and other iPods cause ti to crash as well.

Fast forward to yesterday when my new Western digital MyBook 1 TB came in. I plugged it in and at first, it just wasn't seeing it. I found good advice on this forum about revealing hidden drivers in device nmanager, deleting ALL USB devices and drives not present and rebooting. that actually worked. I got my songs to my 1 TB drive (to be safe, luckily) and then started synching my iPod. It actually synched 1200 of the 1250 songs and then froze.

Now, no matter what I do with deleting the devices, rebooting, etc, it seems to freeze instantly. Heck, the USB drive freezes now, too. when I power cycle and go back to the devices, there IS a new hidden device for the MyBook or iPod so it actually starts to (or maybe finishes) adding the service, but the PC locks.

I also disabled the Indexing service and DEP (as per other threads on this site) to no avail. I have Windows XP SP3. I have read many others claim that their similar issues started around SP2 (which sounds about right). My mobo is an ASUS p5nSLI.

If anyone has ideas/solutions, let me know! I do eventually plan to swap out the mobo and CPU (and e... Read more

A:iPod or USB hard drive cause Windows XP to freeze

ps I was able to copy the files from the drive to another PC and then synch the iPod that way, so all hardware works...and I tried EVERY USB port...even added 2 more from my new case. No such luck (except the one time). thanks again!

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I obviously have an external hard drive. Whenever I try to disconnect it safely and properly, I use the Safely Remove Hardware icon. Also, when my ipod's plugged in, I can either do it that way or press a button in iTunes. But lately, when I've tried disconnecting the devices, it says that some other application is using it. I'm pretty sure all the apps I use were closed.
I have no idea what's wrong/ or even causing the problem.

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My hardrive in my ipod is doing funky stuff. It wont read the harddrive it seems. on the screeen it comes up with that exclamation mark + folder. Any ideas?

A:IPod Hard Drive Problem (W/ Video)

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Hi all.

Here's my situation: My girlfriend got an iPod for christmas, but her laptops hard drive was smaller than the iPod and the laptop didn't have usb2 ports. So she bought a pcmcia usb2 adapter (Transcend) and an usb2 hard drive enclosure and a 250 GB drive into it.

The problem is this: I cannot connect both the iPod and the hard drive simultaneously to the usb2 card. If I do, most of the time there's some erratic behaviour. For example blue screens, hang ups, the hd not working properly... At times windows complains about a Delayed write error or something when trying to write some indexing files or whatnot on the drive.

Both devices seem to work just fine if connected alone. Also if I connect either one and a memory card reader, there's no problems. Also if I connect either one to the usb2 adapter and the other one to ausb1 port, there's no problems (or with iPod on firewire). Of course the transfer rates suck with usb1.

Any ideas what might be causing this? I have none, other than the generic "compatibility problem"...

Thanks people,

A:iPod and an usb hard drive conflict on pcmcia card

It sounds like either the PCMCIA card or it's drivers are not handling the devices correctly. This being a pretty specific configuration, the only suggestion that comes to mind is to look for new drivers for the Transcend adapter. You can also try my USB driver raindance to see if flushing everything and letting Windows find them again fixes it.

-------------------------- cut before this line --------------------------------

Double click on FIX.REG and say yes to the Merge Into Registry question.

Unplug ALL USB devices.
Open Device Manager.
View, Show Hidden Devices.
Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.
Uninstall all devices under Disk Drives that you know are not present.
Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you are finished. Also, if a Storage Volume doesn't uninstall, ignore it and move to the next one.
If you have a yellow ? with unknown devices, uninstall all of the entries there as well.

When this is done, reboot TWICE.

Reconnect the USB devices and see if they're recognized properly.

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I'm planning on selling my laptop and buying a new desktop. the problem is, my family and I travel a lot, and I don't want to bring my desktop with me, and my video library won't fit onto my 32GB ipod touch, so I figured i could get an external hard drive and store my movies on there for travel. I use an RCA (if that't what the yellow, white, and red wires are) cable to connect my ipod to whatever tv i want to watch my movies on, so I was just wondering if I could back up my video library onto the external hard drive, and then connect that to the tv directly to play the videos off that, or connect it to my ipod and change which movies i want to sync in order to fit the movie I want to watch on the ipod. Any suggestions?

A:External hard drive - ipod touch/RCA cable?

i just figured out that i could use my xbox as the medium, not the ipod, so I figured it out for now, but I still want to know if there's another solution.

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I have an 80g Ipod Classic and Itunes 9 installed on a Lenovo Thinkpad PC.

I have all of my music on an external hard drive. I keep my external hard drive plugged in at all times. I made sure to specify the external hard drive in the Itunes Media Folder Location window. Itunes shows all of my music and plays all of my music.


When I plug my Ipod into the USB, my computer recognizes it for a second (H and then it disappears. However, my computer did recognize it once, and it began to sync the Ipod with the Itunes but stopped after only a few songs. It told me it could not sync because the file or directory is "corrupted or unreadable."

So, essentially I have two problems. My computer won't recognize my Ipod and it won't sync once it does.


I have tried restarting the Ipod, restarting the computer, changing the USB drives, and plugging my Ipod in in disc mode.

Thanks in advance!

A:Problem Syncing Ipod off of external hard drive

I got the same problem before and found why. You may be plugging both on the same side port where I notice on my PC when I put my external and my Ipod or Pen Drive the second that is connected won't be detected or is detected for one or two seconds.

You may try to connect it on the other side and if it does not work you may have to copy you music to you PC then put it to your Ipod. For me connecting External HDD on the back of my PC and Ipod on the Front works well but I don't know if it will do the same for diffrent side on laptop.

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I purchased an 160 gb ipod classic (7th generation) about a month ago. I got a seagate expansion external hard drive to sync it with. I had successfully loaded 1500 songs on my ipod before moving and therefore switching computers. Since I still want to use the external hard drive and keep all of the music that is already on the ipod, when I installed itunes on the new computer, I selected for my ipod to sync with the same external hard drive. I was expecting all my music to be there, but I can't find it on the hard drive anymore. I am concerned that I lost the music from the hard drive, but I know there is a way to fix this since all of the music is still on the ipod itself. When I hook my ipod up to the computer, a message comes up saying how the ipod can only have one music library at a time and asking if I want to erase and sync or to start over with just the songs purchased from the itunes store. Most all of my music collection so far is on CDs and I don't want to lose all of the music I already have on there.

My questions are: By selecting it to sync with the external hard drive on the new computer, does that mean I accidentally got rid of the music on the external hard drive since the ipod can only sync with one music library at a time? If so, how do I copy the music still on my ipod back on to the external hard drive without losing it on the ipod? And then how would I proceed after that to be able to edit my music library and sync without losing any of the ... Read more

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Hi everyone,

I have been having problems with a 350gb external hard drive and using my ipod as an external drive. I have recently bought a DivX / Xvid DVD player that as USB compatibility.

But for some reason my hard drive wont load into the DVD player, it loads the USB menu, but wont load any files and goes back to the main screen. Now my brother has the same ipod i plug his in and all folders and files load straight away.

Are there problems with my external hard drive and ipod drive. Could there be a corrupt file on there. Is there any software i could use to look for bad sectors or clean up etc? Any help would be great i just dont get why mine wont load but others will into it.

Also when i have both of them connected in my front two USB ports on my PC sometimes the external hard drive goes off, a red light appears and drive is removed... I just tried it then, my ipod was connected into my front USB on PC, so i connected my External HD in the port next to it, and it went off wouldnt load, big RED light. I turned it off took the ipod out and just put in the hard drive and its fine, dont understand.

I just want to get them working and working with my dvd player mainly!


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I recently had a PC meltdown. My hard drive is toast and my only possible saving grace (or so I thought) is my Ipod 60g video. I have successfully transferred my tunes over to my new PC, but I have been having a terrible time transferring my pictures. I have tons of pictures that are very important and I really want them back! I tried CopyPod but when I got the pics transferred over they were really pixelated and weird? The quality was terrible. I downloaded Xplay photo browser and the browser does not recognize that there are ANY pics on the Ipod at all. When I access the Ipod data manually by exploring it...the photo file has a folder that says "thumbs" and there are some files in there that have a strange extension .ithmb that my PC won't read. I am at my wits end! If anybody has any info or advice on the matter it would be so greatfully appreciated!


A:AHHH! Hard Drive Crash...Can I Transfer Photos Back to PC from Ipod?????

when in windows explorer go to tools menu to select folder options. then go to third
tab called file type to add ithmb to known files listed.

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I have computer to donate to a good group but I want to be sure the hard file is fully erased. Anyone tell me how or suggest a program?

A:Hard File erasing

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Hello, Can I install this Drive Erase Utility for Resetting the Cryptographic Key and Erasing the Solid State Drive on M920 Thinkcentre ?Or this thinkcentre has this utility in bios? Thank you,

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Hi all,
I have a desktop and have 2 hard drives 1 is running Windows 7 and 1 is running Windows Vista. I would like to completely erase the hard drive so there is no operating system on it (the Vista drive). I would still like to store files on it. I have looked out there on google but I would not like to use third-party software.

A:Erasing Hard Drives (without third party)

Have a look here jhansen965 Disk - Clean and Clean All with Diskpart Command


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I have a question on what happens after writing and then erasing large files onto a HDD?
Let me explain:
I put 3 banks of sounds and instruments on a new HDD, (300GB) one after other.
3 Folders, with sub-folders, size 100GB, than 40GB, last one 80GB.

I had to erase 1st one 100GB. Does it mean that there is an "empty space" in the beginning of the HDD?
What if I start to add stuff on the HDD? where is it going to be written?
Is there a way to move the 2 remaining folders to the beginning of the disc or what happens if I put a folder of 120GB? Is the folder going to be split up?
Does it effect performance of HDD?

A:Hard Disc writing and erasing

Windows decides itself where to put files. But it makes the file contiguous if possible. If a file is modified (so you append some stuff to end of that file), that portition can not really be appended to the end (another file is already there) and windows places it somewhere is.

Since you're only copying/deleting stuff the files will stay contiguous. But folder itself isn't contiguous in your case (folder 120GB will be split up).

It doesn't effect performance a lot. (Probably you don't even see any difference). To make everything contiguous.... defragment your drive with win7 disk defragment

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