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MS Word Custom Templates: Headers, Footers Not Appearing

Q: MS Word Custom Templates: Headers, Footers Not Appearing


After banging my head against the wall and fighting with Visual Basic to create a template full of fancy bells and whistles for my client, I've come up against a probably simple, but amazingly annoying issue.

When I apply my template to a document, the headers and footers don't appear. I don't understand. (Yes, I click View --> Headers, Footers.) They're not there.

I go back to the template. They exist. I create a new document. They exist. I apply the template to a document with no headers/footers (or in some cases existing headers/footers) and nothing.

If it were just for me, I'd come up with a workaround. But I need to hand this template off to a client who needs to work with it. Cutting and pasting, etc, isn't going to do it.

Surely there is a way to make the headers and footers appear when applying to an EXISTING document.

Thank you so much, in advance, for any help you might provide.


Preferred Solution: MS Word Custom Templates: Headers, Footers Not Appearing

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: MS Word Custom Templates: Headers, Footers Not Appearing

Welcome to the forum. If you post the Word document as an attachment we can better look at it. I think you cannot post attachments until your 7th post or so though. If you mail me the document and let me know on the forum, then I will post it up here for you. Also if you feel uncomfortable posting the document, just post the code instead.

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I am using Word 2003 and I have created a template containing a header/footer combination with my company letterhead information. This was working fine but the problem I now have is that when I open a new document by loading the template the header and footer are not shown. I must switch into them (using View/Header and Footer)
and they then appear. After that they stay visible. Apparently I have accidentally changed something.

My question is whether anyone knows how to have the header and footer visible by default when I open a new document using the template.


A:Headers and Footers do not appear in Word

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An odd request perhaps but I have a document with a header set but I have one page where I don't want the header to show (and no its not the first page as I know I can surpress that one), is that possible to do in a quick and easy way ?


A:Solved: Word - Headers & Footers

One way would be to start a new section with the page (Insert -- Break). But what should happen after the page? (is it the last one? )

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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere but Ive looked everywhere cant find the answer.

Is there anyway to have just a header in a document and not a footer?

I know you can have different headers/footers on each page etc and you can leave the footer empty and change how far it is away from the edge of the page but I cant seem to find a way of just inserting a header and no footer at all.

Any help will be accreciated its driving me mad

A:Is it possible to have only headers and not Footers (Word 2003)

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Hello Wizz kids,

I have created some word templates. The first page has a header and a footer. I would like further pages to be either totally blank or with only the footer.

I cant seem to work this out. Can anyone help me out?



A:Microsoft Word. Headers And Footers.

Hi Constantine,The easiest way that I can find to do this is to create "Sections" in your Template/Document. By using Sections you can create different Headers or Footers for each Section.Check this link out, you should get the general idea.HTH

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I am using Mircosoft Word 2000 and when I try to create headers and footers in my document by selecting view - headers and footers the document opens in print preview not print layout and I am unable to edit the headers and footers.

Can anyone please offer some assistance?

Thank you.


A:Headers and Footers Word 2000

You should be able to change the view in the same area as the footers/headers. Near the top of the pull down menu there are areas that indicate normal - web - print etc. Also at the bottom of your page are buttons showing the different view modes for your document. Hit the normal view and you should be able to work on your headers/footers.

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How do I merge 2 Word docs into one that have different headers and footers without changing them? I am not experienced in Macros, so would prefer a way to do it without getting into that. I am using Windows Office 2007 Professional.

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I have had trouble formatting Word 2003 documents so that the header is suppressed on the first page but the footer prints. It is probably some little thing that I am missing. I am a dyed-in-the-wool WordPerfect fan and use Word only as a last resort, so am not familiar with some of the fine points of the latter. To briefly summarize: I have gone to the View / Headers and Footers menu and entered the desired text for the header and the footer. Then I have gone to the Page Layout button and run into trouble there. If I click on First Page different, I suppress printing of both the header and the footer. I have tried choosing "From this point forward" and then entering header text on the second page rather than the first, but either both header and footer are blank on the first page, or if I unclick the box for First Page Different, then the header displays as well as the footer. I will appreciate any help.

A:Solved: Formatting Headers/Footers in Word 2003

Sounds like what you need is a section break. At the end of the first page, insert a section break - make sure you make it a page section break. This will allow you to have different headers for each section. On page 2 (which is now the first page of section 2), enter your header. On the header and footer toolbar, there is a "link to previous" button. It's selected by default, so you'll have to unselect it. The header might have automatically been put onto the first page; if so, go to page one and delete the header. As long as the "link to previous" button is not enabled, this should delete the header on only the first page, leaving you with the footer on all pages. Let us know if you need clarification on any of the steps since you're not used to using Word. Good luck!

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Suddenly, Word 2007 does not display the header and the footer of any document. I can see in print preview!

Any idea how to solve this issue?



A:Solved: Word 2007 Doe not Display Headers/Footers

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Can anyone please tell me why all of a sudden in microsoft works word proccesing document i cant get headers and footers to work it just freezes the whole screen and i have to leave the programe i have been able to get headers and footers before but all of a sudden cant get them
thank you

A:headers and footers

Is this a newer version of Works that runs Word? If so, what version of Word? (open it and hit help--about)

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Hi, I'm using Word 2007 to create a document, but I'm having varying issues with Headers & Footers. I've numbered the pages succesfully at the bottom/centre of the footer, but when I come to put Chapter titles and document title as alternate page headers, I lose every other page number from the bottom. How do I get the headers and footers to work independently of one another? Many thanks.

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Hi, I'm using Word 2007 to create a document, but I'm having varying issues with Headers & Footers. I've numbered the pages succesfully at the bottom/centre of the footer, but when I come to put Chapter titles and document title as alternate page headers, I lose every other page number from the bottom. How do I get the headers and footers to work independently of one another? Many thanks.

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Hello what and those crazy numbers and letters that one uses to set up headers/footers in the setup of printers i seem to recall theirs a bunch of them ? thanks . .

A:Headers and Footers

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I have a one year old Toshiba Touch Screen, running Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Pro 2003. I am protected by AVG Premium Security: anti virus, link scanner, email protection, firewall, identity alert/protection.
Suddenly all the custom Word templates that I have created have become corrupted with the date being displayed as { DATE \@ "dddd, dd MMMM yyyy" }. Even when I attempt to insert a date in a new, blank (non custom created) document, it is displayed similarly.
The email address area displays an historic email address that is no longer in existence and is prefaced { HYPERKLINK mailto: ...............}
I have no idea why this corruption has occurred and wonder whether I should reinstall the Office Pro 2003 software; might this solve the problem?
In any event, I would like to know why such a corruption should suddenly occur and what might have caused it - might it happen again? I have never experienced this type of error in almost a quarter of a century using stand alone computers.

I would add that I created this question in a Word document and when I cut and pasted it into this message, the date and email addresses were correctly formatted, although I had typed them in their 'program style form' as above, so I am even more confused and bemused!

I shall be really grateful for any help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2... Read more

A:Corrupted Office Pro 2003 Word docs & custom templates

howdy athena, I've moved your thread to business apps, you will get a lot more views there.



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everytime i print anything from internet explorer. i seem to get the header and footer from something i printed yonks ago. and it keeps coming up. how do i get rid of this header and footer so it doesnt come up everytime.

thanks in advance

A:Getting rid of headers and footers when printing out.

Hi Iso go to File>Page Setup and clear the header and footer bars.

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OS Windows Vista

In MS Word 2007, How can I change the footers on one page without affecting the footers on the other pages?

A:Solved: need help w/footers/headers

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I'm having a problem with a Word 2k3 document:

I'm trying to make changes to this document such as setting the margin to 2.5" from the top on one page and a 1/2" to 1" on all others.
I make the changes, and everything looks ok until I hit the save button. Upon hitting the button the formatting reverts back to its original state (as if I didn't make any changes).

I've unchecked the 'update links' and the 'update fields' boxes under Tools -> Options -> Print tab but to no avail.

However one thing I think it may be related to is the headers and footers in the document. Just above the beginning of the text on the page (which is centered) there is a grayed out carraige return charcter (the backwards p looking thing). It's greyed out similar to the way field codes are displayed in grey. If I double click on it then the header toolbar appears and I am able to edit the contents of that header or footer. Also when I do double click on it, all of the text that I've typed turns grey. Finally, if I click the close button on the Header toolbar then the backwards p symbol disappears, and my document appears exactly as it should (with the revisions I made).

I apologize if this seems very confusing. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask and I'll try to clarify as best I can.

Thanks for all your help,


A:headers/footers, and wierd formatting

Might you have your document in Outlook?
I have seen many people have a document in Outlook, they make edits and save them, but when they reopen the document they are surprised that none of their edits are there. The obvious reason is that their edits were done to the "temp" copy in the Outlook on-drive storage location, not really their one in the Outlook email.

Just a guess.

Otherwise, you could place a copy of your doc here in the Board, and we could look at it here, to see what you are seeing.

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Does anyone know where I could find info on the syntax for creating headers and footers when printing web pages in Internet Explorer? I'm still on IE 6, if that matters.

A:Headers & Footers in Internet Explorer

See if this will help you, third one down.

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I've created an Excel header but when I look at it in print preview it displays the header directly over the other data I have in the columns. How do I get the header to be displayed above the data I have in the columns?

Thanks for all your help!


A:Excel 2003 Headers and Footers

Hi JFresh,
Sounds like a margin problem to me. Go to File/Page Setup/Margins and set the top margin to a higher number or the header margin to a lower number. For example, if the header is 0.5 and the top is 1, try changing the top to 1.5. Let us know if that doesn't seem to do the trick.

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I am using HP deskjet and lazer printers on Microsoft XP.
I there any way to print emails directly from Outlook Express without headers or footers showing. I can print other items like PDF without headers and footers, but I cannot find a way to print emails without them. I need to print them directly from Outlook Express and not copy them to Word or any other form.

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Can this be done.
I want to have info in the footer area, but don't necessarily want it to print.

Is that an option? I want the choice as to whether or not the footer or header prints....but I still want the info there in the document.

If this can't be done, how else can I accomplish this?


A:dont want headers/footers to print

Go into the header and footer of each section of the document. Hit Ctrl+A, Format-Font, Hidden text.

Of course, you may then need to go to Tools-Options, View tab and choose to view hidden text.

And if you send it to someone--they may also be viewing hidden text...

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I use Microsoft Office Word 2010.

I have a document which contains header and footer.

It is enable the header and footer only in even pages.

I want to enable it for all pages but not for the first page.

How can I make it?

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Simple question.....

Does anyone know a way of having a different footer for different pages of a single document. Whenever I change a footer for a page it, as expected, changes on every page.



A:Word 97: Change Footers

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I have a multi section document and oen of my pages is landscape.... as a result of this, when I bind my doucment together, the footer of the landscape page appears on the right and the header appears on the left.

How do I change the footer to sit at the left of a landscape page and the header at the right of a landscape page.

Any ideas would be helpful.


A:Word 2003 Footers

You leave your page orientation at portrait and turn the contents of that page sideways (generally by turning it into a graphic and rotating it).

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How can I insert page numbers (x of y page format) into the lower right corner of the same footer that has copyright language in the bottom left corner? I am working with Word 2010 in a large capacity PC.

When I put in the second of the two items the first is lost, even though I've selected a divided footer.

Thanks for any help you can give me.


A:Question on Word doc footers

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Is there anyway to have a footer show up in the document yet not show up when you print the document out?


A:Solved: Footers in Word 2003

I've just been through every option and I can see nothing which allows that.

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Every time I add a footnote in a Word 2007 document, I get an additional footer, all complete with the correct pagination, but can't be accessed not even in Header & Footer mode. Can someone advise where the settings are that can change this


A:Word 2007 Footnotes & Footers

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IN WORD XP 2003, I am creating a custom template (.dot) for a client. WORD typically hides templates away in a hidden drive to protect them from alterations. And, when you open a template, the WORD default is to bring them up as a document (.doc) with all the embedded formatting and boilerplate text from which a user to can create a unique document.

With some finagling, on my own computer I have found that I can save a template in a file of my own creation where I can find it again. If I am very careful to open the document as a template, I can then make edits to the template itself.

I want transfer the final template to my client electronically (via email).

QUESTION: Can you provide step-by-step instructions for 1) how and where the client should save the template, so it is not filed away in the default hidden drive; and 2) how the client can give designated employees access to update and edit the template?

Many thanks

A:Solved: Sharing Custom Templates

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Trying to put a footer and a page number in a document in Word 2007 and can't get them both to stay in the document. Can have one or the other-what am I doing wrong?

A:Office 2007-Word-Footers and Page #'s

I'm not following. Headers and footers don't go away. They are always there even if there's nothing in them. If you insert page number field then it should display. It will also "stay in the document" unless you remove it.

Is your problem perhaps that the page number displays on, say, the first page but not others? If that is the case, you need to go into Page Layout and change the settings for Headers and Footers.

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I've got a lot of word documents (about 100) that all have the same footer, but they all need to be edited. If I want to make the exact same change in the footer of every document, is there some sort of tool or utility in Word that would allow me to do this? I know a little about Macros, and I could set up a macro that I could run every time I open the document, but I guess what I'd like is a Macro that would open each document, change the footer, close the document, open the next document....etc.

Anyone know the quickest way to accomplish this?


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Greetings, everyone.

As the title reads, I'd want to know how to create custom folder templates, in case it's possible. I'm already using the five existing ones so I'd want to have a sixth one.

My case is I have my installed software classified in folders by type of functionality. The thing is most software comes with icons with maximum resolution of 48px so I'd want to create a new template for this situation and apply it recursively to my software folder. COmmon sense tells this should be possible but Microsoft isn't know precisely for applying it so I wonder if this is even possible.


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I recently responded to an email from a known contact, changing the title and deleting the message to start a new topic. I had forgotten that this email carried an Alphadex-Attachment-Warning saying:- The original e-mail attachment "Toastmaster Spreadsheet.xls.lnk.xls" is on the list of unacceptable attachments for this site and has been replaced by this warning message. I contacted Alphadex immediately by email but received no response - and in the meantime forgot I had received this warning!

I have been receiving this periodically updated spreadsheet for several years with an .xls suffix. On 20.11.2012, the spreadsheet first appeared with the suffix .xls.lnk.xls, which I have to admit I didn't notice. I was able to open it without problem twelve times between that date and the warning message which arrived on 16.5.2013.

Since using this email to start a new topic with my contact, the formatting of my filed word processing documents and custom templates have been corrupted; additionally, inserting the date from the software is displayed:{DATE\@"dd MMMMyyyy"} - although when I copied that to this message it appeared formatted in date form.

This formatting corruption is displayed on all filed documents, newly created templates and on documents filed on a USB. I am protected by AVG Premium Security 2012 and have run a computer scan which shows no virus infection.

This may be a co-incidence, but I find it strange that this, new to me, problem has ar... Read more

A:Corrupted docs and custom templates since xls.lnk.xls document

I have now discovered that the corruption was not caused by the Excel document attachment, but by a Word document. I attempted to open this attachment following my initial post on this website and was warned that opening the document 'caused a serious error' last time it was opened, so it is patently this that has corrupted my word processing documents.

Apart from corruption of the graphics (a simple coloured rectangle with rounded corners encircling the text area) and the corrupted date format, our email address in the header of all documents and templates is shown as a hyperlink, i.e. {HYPERLINK mailto:.....} and contains an old email address.

I am in serious trouble here as all my documents and templates are corrupted in this way and it will be a massive amount of work to amend them all if I am unable to find a software solution via the good offices of one of you Tech Support Guys. I really hope someone sees this and can help.


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At my work we have templates from Word 2003.

When we open them in Word 2007 they doesn´t work as they should.

We have for example a menu like

2 Electronics
2.1 Phones
2.1.1 Mobile phones

When you make an uppdate on the menu the sub-numbers disapear so it is
2 Electronics
Mobile phones

Also in 2003 you get a menu to the right where you can change in the list not only the types but also the numbering. Is there something like that in 2007?

A:Making Word 2003 templates work in word 2007

A couple of things.

Firstly here is an interactive guide for some of the features in 2003 - 2007. It is useful in some circumstances

In regards to using 2003 templates for 2007 - i noticed that not all things worked in the same way in 2007 especially when it came to printing (things would display differently to how they would print)

I work for a big company and i had to redesign alot of templates. Sorry.

In regards to changing the numbering, you now right click on one of the actual numbers within the document and you can change the numbering from there.

Hope that all makes sense.

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I'm running Word 200 on Vista. I have a book - pages are 6 x 9.

I have a book with many sections. There are no page numbers for the first 6 sections. When I start the odd and even page numbers (they start at page 3), the odd pages are positioned in the footer correctly and increment properly for the rest of the document. But the evens, which are positioned correctly do not increment. They're all page 4. I called Microsoft 's Word 2007 free-for-30-days tech support (they're in India) and the guy spent two hours and couldn't figure it out. BUT I NOTICED AFTERWARDS THE FOLLOWING:

When the odd page numbering begins, THE HEADERS COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR. Not even their "shadows" are there. But I can't get the even headers to disappear. Or the footers to disappear.

1) The reason why I want the headers to go away is that it may make the even page numbers work like the odd page numbers.

2) Or, failing that, if I can get the footers to disappear I can definitely lower the margin, since I will have freed up that space -- and I can enter the page numbers by hand. The page numbers can be no higher than .5 from the bottom. But the closest I can get them now, lowering margins, is about 7/8" (.875).

Can either the headers or the footers be deleted entirely --like you could do in earlier versions of Word?

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If you want your signature on your country's flag done, then put in your request, and I will make a template. (Or sig.)

This thread is only for when you want anything done regarding a country flag. Please visit Sergio's thread for any other signature requests, Custom Made Sig and Avatar


Or if you want it in perspective, or if you just want the flag, or orb inserted in your sig, no problem.

Some examples of my sig,

Mods. I would like to maybe merge these 2 threads together, but would like to ammend the title. My apologies for any inconvenience caused!

A:Custom made country flag signature templates.

Sounds great mate, have linked to this thread in the first post of the "custom made sig and avatar thread"
Custom Made Sig and Avatar

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I'm working with a lengthy Word document and have struck a problem that I can't seem to fix. It is necessary that the header be (1) same font as body text, (2) aligned at upper right, and follow the format: author/title/page number.

Everything works fine until the page number reaches 100, then the first digit piles up on the / and I can't find a way to move the number over a space.

I hope somebody out there has dealt successfully with this problem and can help me out!

A:Word headers

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¥0Ü 4ll §Ü><X0rZZZ

A:Multiple Headers in Word?

Sorry, I don't speak . . . Klingon?

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How do you insert different headers inside a document?

A:MS Word 2007 Different Headers

Same as you did in earlier versions.
Get in the edit header/footer mode and there you will see the different options.

You are going to need to have the files broke up into the different sections that you need if you are going for more that the "Different first page"

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Can anyone advise how to exit having typed in the header text. In previous versions of Word Perfect, a screen top box had an exit tab. In the currect case, accessing the header is ok but after the entry is finished, there does not seem to be any way to return to the normal page. Clicking on the "Insert header/footer" doesn't work as the entry won't resopond

A:Word Perfect 12-Headers

Bill T. said:

Can anyone advise how to exit having typed in the header text. In previous versions of Word Perfect, a screen top box had an exit tab. In the current case, accessing the header is ok but after the entry is finished, there does not seem to be any way to return to the normal page. Clicking on the "Insert header/footer" doesn't work as the entry won't respondClick to expand...


How are you getting out of the program? (exiting the screen.) This is what I found from Word Perfect 12's Help Menu:

In working with Headers or Footers note that they do not display in Draft Mode. The document must be open in Page or Two Page View.

To View a header or footer: Click view and than click one of the following: (Uncheck Draft Mode if checked)


-Two Page

To Switch the document view, click View and than either page or two page.

To Edit the text in a header or footer: (Must not be in draft mode)

Click Insert/Header and Footer

Enable one of the following options:

Header A
Header B
Footer A
Footer B

Click Edit

Make any changes to the text

Click File, Close

If the document is displayed in Page View or Two Pages View you can also edit the header or footer by clicking anywhere inside the header or footer.

To Discontinue a Header or Footer, go to Insert Header/Footer enable the header or footer that you want to change and click discontinue. You can also remove a header or footer by removing its associated code from the Reveal Codes Windo... Read more

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Can anyone advise how to exit from a header when it has been completed? Previous versions of Word Perfect had an exit bar which when pressed, saved the header and returned you to the main body of the document. WP12 does not have this feature but there must be some way of doing it.
Also: The guide lines on WP12 are so faint they might as well be absent, Is there any way of making them properly visible?

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O/S: Windows NT 4.0 SP 5-6
Application: Word 97
Short Description: A template that we have created appears to have a bug, which causes the entire PC to not respond for long periods.

We have a group of people accessing a customized template via a Novell (TCP/IP) LAN. I have created a document which I then saved as a template (.dot), about 6 months ago. When this template was placed into a group directory and accessed, it was found that after a new document, which was created from the template, was used it would start to thrash the CPU. I have watched several times when only a document (which was spawned from the template) has 90-100 % utilization; even when only Word 97 is open.

This problem is only experienced by the people who use this template, and when an effected document is taken to other PCs, it will once again (after a while) start hogging the CPU, even when there is no activity from the user.

I have recreated the document template several times but this problem still occurs.

The problem is causing major problems as the group of users who use the template, it causes the PC to be non-responsive for 5 - 20 minutes at a time.

I you would like to have a look at the template, I will email it you on demand.


A:Word 97 - Templates (.dot)

I demand to see the template now! Okay?

[This message has been edited by Dreamboat (edited 05-30-2000).]

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I have created some templates for Word 97 and have just discovered that if a user has created an Auto Correct entry for a word, when that word is typed for the second time in the same form field, the word is deleted. It doesn't happen with every word in the Auto Correct list, though, just certain ones, eg, 'Mrs' and 'Mr' disappear, 'about' doesn't. Has anyone else experienced this, or can anyone suggest a solution?

A:Word Templates

Elaine, you've explained more than most, but could you give me an exact example? For instance, you say "when it's entered more than once..."; does that mean they're typing Mrs. in one spot in that form field, more text follows, and then they type it again and it removes itself? Would you be willing to email one of the templates that this occurs on along with one of the autotext entries that goofs this up?

Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have recently been having a problem with my Word templates that I haven't had in the last two years we have been using them.

Normally, when you open a template, you actually open a new document based off of the template. However, I have a system that, when you double click on the template, instead of creating a blank document, it actually goes into the template itself. Any idea how to fix this or what caused it?

Thanks, Becky

A:Word Templates


(this is for WinXP and Office 2000).
it looks like the default action for a .dot is set to 'Open' rather than 'New'.

to check this, instead of double clicking the template file name, right click on it and see which option is highlighted, I suspect your's is 'Open'.

To correct this, assuming you are in a browser window, click Tools , then Folder Options, then 'File Types' tab, scroll down to DOT, highlight it and press 'Advanced', highlight 'New' and press 'Default'.


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Hi this is my first post and i have a question regarding templates in word. Let me give you you some background first, my friend runs a businness and many years ago someone set up a report system on word that involved loading the template and a series of windows would pop up requesting information i.e. name, address and some are radio buttons to select options these are then merged into the template. The program this is running on is a very early version of Winword and due to compatibilty issues he would like to use a newer version of Word. All i would like to know is if this is possible and to point me in the right direction. I know this could be done using Access and merging but i was hoping there would be another solution that would just involve using Word. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

A:Word Templates

Welcome to the forums. Without looking at the actual files, I am guessing they are using Fill-In fields and other form items. Could you e-mail the files to me so I can take a look at them? You can e-mail me by clicking on my name and selecting the option to e-mail me.

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Hi, I am trying to create a template in Word (2002) with customized menus that contain auto text. For some reason, when I send my template to others, they don't get the customized menus. I have been saving everything to my desktop.

I've gotten it to work once. I wrote down all my steps and followed them exactly but can't get it to work again.

Can you help?

A:Templates in Word?

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Hey guys, im new here!

I thought i'd ask a question thats been bugging me...

in Microsoft Word, i know you can create templates, i've created a basic one.

I want to make a letterhead as a template, but actually functions so that members of staff, at my company, can simply select and fill in the gaps, like the templates when creating a CV/Resume on Word.
My firm is a solicitors firm, so we need something that would actually benefit.

I've thought of using MACROS, i tried them and they failed.

The things im struggling on...

i want the last page to say "yours sincerly..." so i tried putting this into the footer, so its automatic so it saves time, but this enters it to every page.

Is there a way i can enter the signature on only the last page, but as a template?

I want the signature to be displayed only on the last page. If i type a letter which currently has 1 page, i want the signature to stay on the end, but if i shift to an extra page making the letter 2 pages now, i want the signature to automatically be displayed and moved to the bottom.

Also, i saw on the macro, you can make a section in capitals only.
I think this worked, but then when i saved as a template and then opened it, it wasn't in capitals, i could shift in and out of upper and lowercase.
Is there a way i can force capitals onto a certain section, such as "Ref: JHHDF525"?
incase staff enter "jhhdf525" instead?

I hope this can be done and isnt too much w... Read more

A:MS word templates

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