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USB Keyboard and Mouse problem

Q: USB Keyboard and Mouse problem

My USB keyboard and mouse are not working on any USB port, but working with ps/2 converter or whatever that tiny device is called. I also tried other USB devices on same ports and they are working normally.

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Preferred Solution: USB Keyboard and Mouse problem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Guyz, I really need a help. Ive accidentally ran a .vbs file that I found for Windows 7 that edits the registry to hide desktop icons. And now, I suddenly cant use my mouse nor my keyboard whenever i login. While inside DOS, Startup Repair, the mouse and keyboard can be use.

Basically, once it logs in, I cant do anything as my mouse and keyboard both could not be use. Below are the content of the vbs file:

Const HKEY_CURRENT_USER = &H80000001

strComputer = "."
Set objRegistry = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\default:StdRegProv")

strKeyPath = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced"

strValueName = "HideIcons"
dwValue = 1
objRegistry.SetDWORDValue HKEY_CURRENT_USER, strKeyPath, strValueName, dwValue

A:Mouse Keyboard Problem

I'd try booting to safe mode and see if it still does the same thing. Other than that I'd try running a system restore to a time previous to this happening.

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Hello, whenever I boot up my desktop, the keyboard and mouse go into a spasm phase and when I press control, it's shift, the buttons arrange differently, I've tried looking here before, but I haven't got any keyboard programs, and I just restored my whole computer.
So help me out here please, also whenever I press a button, it's like I pressed that button 10 times. Maybe I'm missing a driver for the mouse and keyboard?
Just help me out please.

A:keyboard / mouse problem

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Hi Friends;:wave:

I have Problem with my Key Board and Mouse, past 1 month having this problem. Some times keyboard and mouse working at same time. some times keyboard alone work or mouse alone. so what problem it must be with? whether problem with mouse and Keyboard or what else? pls do provide me some solutions.​
With regards,

A:Keyboard and Mouse Problem

Wired or wireless?

Anything in Event Viewer?

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Hello everyone,One day as I was scrolling in my FB newsfeed I pressed to see a FB video and put it on full screen. When I finished watching it I tried to press ESC and nothing happened. I then realised that my keyboard keys and my touchpad was not working.BUT the brightness,wireless and FN+space (combination ( the light around my touchpad would turn on and off everytime i did the combination mentioned before) were working.On my pc I have dual boot for windows 10 and Ubuntu.. So I restarted the pc and logged in to my Ubuntu and from there I connected a bluetooth keyboard I had and a mouse, I changed the startup files and now my PC logs in to W10.The bluetooth keyboard wont work on keyboard and now I cannot login to Linux since I changed the startup order.The funny thing is that on my bluetooth keyboard the only keys that are missing compared to the original keyboard on my laptop are the keys I mentioned that still work. because of that I am not completely convinced that it is a hardware problem.Did I accidentally lock something on my windows 10 and the keys are not working? I already did the hard reset sessions and the unistallation of the drivers ( just briefing the guys who were about to tell me to do that )Thanks a lot and please if you can help, do so!Adamos

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I have a HP Laptop with windows 10 OS. after i updated my windows then when i boot my system, Mouse and Keyboard is not working. so i reboot my system manually then for second time mouse and keyboard working well. every day i have boot my system two times.
please help me.

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I need some help! I can't get my mouse or my keyboard to work (in any way, including function keys during bootup) I have tried other keyboards and a mouse and the problem is clearly with the computer. I'm guessing one of my four kids erased the driver software, but I don't know how to do a system recovery or download new drivers, or anything else when I have no keyboard and no mouse function to allow me to control the computer. I need this computer to do a grad school assignment and am desperate for some help. THanks!

A:How do I fix problem with no mouse or keyboard?

Hello ssmr,
Try and unplug the keyboard and mouse and then reboot, plug them back in, put them in different usb sockets and if necessary reboot, your system should load new drivers when you reboot.

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Hello, I have a strange problem that started last night. After restarting my keyboard and mouse wouldn't work. I thought it was just the wireless mouse and keyboard acting up so I hooked up a PS/2 keyboard and mouse and they don't work either. They do work on my brothers computer so it isn't them. It does work for me to enter to select safe mode but once it gets to the screen where I have to click the admin account, they don't work. They show up as working correctly in the device manager but they won't work. The mouse cursor just stays in the middle of the screen. I was able to use the mouse from my tablet at first. My cousin went into the system configuration utility to change the startup to see if that would work. Now when my computer starts up it wants me to click to return to normal startup and I can't. Now the tablet mouse won't work because the driver doesn't load. So I'm basically stuck. My cousin left his keyboard so I could connect to the internet to try to find out what's wrong.

2 gig memory
Asus A8V Motherboard

Any help is appreciated at all.

Thank you

A:Keyboard And Mouse Problem

Since you say the problem cropped up last night i would suggest you do a system restore. Got me out of a pickle a few times.

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Hi, everyone!
This is my first post here. I am experiencing problems with my mouse and keyboard. I hope you guys can help me out.

Here's the problem with the mouse and keyboard.

I can move my cursor, I can left and right click it normally, the problem is while on my desktop. I don't know why but it keeps on highlighting the My Computer icon, and it's located on the upper left corner of my screen, also when I open my browser, when i scroll down, it automatically goes back up, I can't look the bottom part of any website because of this, the wheel works though, when I click it, I can go to the bottom smoothly and can go back up. Also, when I type web address in the address bar, it's jerking and it's running like crazy. For example, if I type: fb, it keeps on running up and down, to the pages with f and b. It's getting annoying. Also when I'm playing games, when there are choices, my mouse basically points on 1 choice and stays there, I can move it but it just goes back there, I can't choose anything because of this. This happens in Windows Explorer too. When I'm in control panel, devices and printers, I can't choose properly because all of them are highlighted, when I click on the keyboard, the mouse opens up instead, because they are all highlighted and I have to fight for it. Also when I try to type in the search bar in control panel, for example, if I type: troubleshoot, instead of this, the letters get reversed, like t... Read more

A:Problem with mouse and keyboard

check the settings in the mouse software

the setting to move the mouse pointer to that location so you always know where it is,is probably set

just change it

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Okay, So here's the problem.

Recently, I was playing WoW when my mouse all of a sudden stopped working a few nights ago, I unplugged and plugged it back in and it worked fine. But, It was moving arond kind of laggily, I shrugged it off and went to bed. The next day I woke up and turned it on, the mouse was moving around very laggily so I restarted, unplugged it and then plugged it back in. None of the two worked and then it said somthing about the USB malfunctioning and that the device wasn't reconginized. So, I restarted again and the same thing happened. THEN, I did what I did last time in order to fix it which was -
Step 1: Turn off computer and unplug the usb mouse & keyboard, and unplug the computer.
Step 2: Hold in the power button for 30 seconds.
Step 3: Turn the computer back on.

And so I did that about, 6 times trying to fix it and it failed to work. The last time I went to turn it on which was on the same day, It loaded up and the mouse and keyboard still failed to work and then after about, 1-2 minutes the screen bluescrens with -

*** STOP:0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x80635479, 0xAF12E96C, 0X00000000)

Now, I have a feeling why that might of happened. You seee recently I Restored to factory defaults, And I have this thing called "Sonic" (It's not a virus) And it does this windows installer thing and what not, and it goes through about 5 of them. It never installs either because of somthing not being found, but i've restored to fact... Read more

A:Mouse and Keyboard Problem

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alright well one day i restarted my computer and it came up with this "missing or corrupt file windows\system32\config\system". My computer said running a repair was necessary. So i whipped out my OS DVD and started repairing. So about 75% of the way through of "installing windows" it came up with the window saying something along the lines of your graphics card driver for your nvidia geforce 6800 hasnt been tested for windows xp. would you like to contine? but here's the kicker, i cant click anything because my usb doesnt appear to be working. I have an xps 400 from dell. couple years old, you know my graphics card. but i need to know someway of clicking the "yes" button but without a keyboard or mouse or anything usb. also, my computer doesnt have the slot for the old mouses. Like the little purple plug thing. and i dont have a slot for a keyboard either. any ideas. This just isnt my day. if you could help me that would be awsomee. alright well thanks.

A:Mouse/Keyboard problem. seriously need help :/

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a new problem of my brother:

his problem is when he connect both of his mouse and keyboard then both of these dosent work but when he connect only one of these then only one of these work..................so nay solution.

A:Mouse and keyboard problem

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I have a dell computer with vista,2 gigs ram,and 2.2 gig processor?

My computer boots up to enter the password and my keyboard or mouse doesn't respond.(the keyboard is bluetooth and synced and the mouse is usb)

please help me i'm clueless

(need anymore info just ask. {im using a xp computer right now})

Solved solved press f8 during startup duh!

A:Keyboard and mouse problem

Try using a normal keyboard to see if that works, fill out your system spec so we can help you more.

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Suddenly, a computer that was working fine (just after complete clean re-install) will not work with a standard PS2 KB & mouse plugged in. I can use a PS2 KB with a USB mouse but plugging in a PS2 mouse results in a glacially slow (15-20) minute POST and boot. The KB worka (sort of) but only accepts ONE key press every 5-15 minutes. The PS2 mouse stays frozen at all times. This happened suddenly from one boot to the next and there is nothing obvious in BIOS. (I tried clearing CMOS and resetting it but it made no difference.) The KB & mouse work fine on other boxes and substitute KBs and mice have same problem on this box. Suggestions?

A:Odd mouse +keyboard problem

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Can anyone help me with the keyboard&mouse problem.I am using trendnet tk-208k to switch 2pc using one monitor.When i click internet explorer i get the properties of the internet(mouse problem).when i type:f go into(file);e go into(edit)....etc.How do i fix this problems?THANKS SO MUCH

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Does anyone know why my dell keyboard and mouse plugged into the ps/2 port would just rndomly stop working? I had to plug he mouse into the usb and i am typing his with the on-screen keyboard. Any help would be great.

A:Keyboard and mouse problem

Good Evening Chris, that sounds terrible, normally the mouse and keyboard should be detected during boot and a PS/2 system should not disappear.

As you are aware they do receive voltage from the M/B and generally have hidden miniature fuses in behind the actual PS/2 sockets. These are not really user replaceable.

I would be inclined to try your mouse and keyboard on another machine being very wary that they may have an inherent problem.
Conversely you might try a different keyboard and mouse on your machine.

You haven't got them plugged into the wrong sockets by any chance that used to be be a trap.

I would be inclined to consider trying a "Live linux system" to see what happens, but I suspect some problem on your M/B.
The live systems run exclusively from a CD so don't invade the machine, very good for analysis kinds of use.
There are some small live linux versions this Puppy is a typical mini system or Mepis or one of those would be an other alternative. http://www.puppylinux.org/user/viewpage.php?page_id=1
Cheers, qldit.

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I'm having a problem with both my keyboard and my mouse.
I have Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit with a AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 5000+ 2,60GHz processor and 3GB RAM.

The problem with my keyboard is that every time I start the computer the num lock starts but then when I have logged in it's "starts again" which means it's turns of. It's just annoying because I always have to put it on "manually" every time I start the computer. I think it is because I have a software for my keyboard and maybe both my software and operating system starts num lock which results in that it first turn on and then turn off. I have a "Logitech G15"(the older version of keyboard, but the newest driver/software) if thats any help.
This is how it's looks:
The problem with my mouse is that every time I set the speed it's resets when i turn the computer off. So if I set it, it works until I restart the computer and then it's the same as before I changed it.
I do actually change it on the buttons on the mouse so it could be that which is the problem but even if I change it in the controllpanel it changes.
My mouse is a "Logitech MX518" and this is how it's looks:
I am hoping that someone could help me with at least one of the problems!
Thanks in advance

A:Problem with my mouse and my keyboard

Have you installed the Logitech software for these devices?

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My usb keyboard and mouse wont work on my computer. When I plug them into any of the usb ports the mouse wont move and the keyboard is dead. The ports cant be bad because my thumb drive works in any of the ports. The mouse and keyboard work on my other computer so I donít think they could be bad.

A:USB keyboard and mouse problem

it could be that in your BIOS settings the USB keyboard/Mouse support is set to disable witch is usury the default settings.
In most BIOS screens the keyboard and mouse settings will be in the 'Integrated Peripherals' or the 'Advanced BIOS Settings'.
Enable these settings and you should be able to use them fine.

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mouse - sometimes it stops working so needed to unplug and pluged it again. why is this happening?

keyboard - its ps/2. theres 6 wires + 1 black right? (i mean in the tip). so the problem is one wire got cut off and stucked in the ps/2 connector in my cpu. so what can I do? can I still use my keyboard even though one wire cut off?( because whenever I plugged it in, the keyboard lights turns on just a second then off,no power).is there a way than I can still use it? thanks

A:Keyboard and mouse problem

korialz said:

mouse - sometimes it stops working so needed to unplug and pluged it again. why is this happening?

keyboard - its ps/2. theres 6 wires + 1 black right? (i mean in the tip). so the problem is one wire got cut off and stucked in the ps/2 connector in my cpu. so what can I do? can I still use my keyboard even though one wire cut off?( because whenever I plugged it in, the keyboard lights turns on just a second then off,no power).is there a way than I can still use it? thanksClick to expand...

You mean the pin? If the pin has been damaged then you're screwed but you might be able to solder it back! I'd trash it and grab a USB keyboard.

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Hello all.....

I have the Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 1.0A and the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 set.

I have all the updated drivers. I tried plugging them into the USBs and the typical ports. My problem is i get serious delay. It doesn't happen all the time. Just occasionally and enough to annoy me. For instance I will type and all of a sudden a button will repeat. The keys aren't stuck. The mouse will also stop responding. This happens much like lag on the internet. If you can understand my meaning. Aside from reinstalling the drivers and switching the ports I have no clue what to do. Please help.

Thanks in advance

AMD Athlon XP 3200
MSI Mainboard
ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 8x AGP 256MB

A:Mouse and Keyboard Problem

are the batteries new? if they are, try to re-establish the KB, mouse & receiver signal. there should be a reset switch on these items.

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I have just bought a new USB Keyboard & Mouse as our old Keyboard was PS/2 was packing up. I have followed the instructions that came with the Keyboard & Mouse (both made by Microsoft) and installed the drivers first, and then connected the devices after a reboot, but Windows did not recognise them. I tried to reboot the computer, (with them connected), but again Windows did not recognise them.

After trying all of this, i connected them via the USB - PS/2 Connectors supplied and they worked first time. They are currently connected via USB in the two USB ports on the front of the PC as they will not work on the ports on the rear.

My PC Specs are as follows:
Intel Pentium D 820 2.8Ghz,
Windows XP Pro, SP3
Asus P5P800VM Motherboard.

Does anybody have any ideas?

A:USB Keyboard & Mouse Problem

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. You see my mouse and keyboard keep freezing up on me and I dont know how to fix it.

A:keyboard and mouse problem

Hiya and welcome

Lets try a general cleanup first

Go to Tools | Internet Options. General tab. Under Delete Files, delete offline content. Also, clear the History.

Content tab, under AutoComplete, clear Forms and Passwords.

Advanced tab, under Browsing, look for Enable Insta on Demand. Untick.
Under Security, look for Empty Tempory Internet... Tick.
Apply and OK

Go to Find Files and type in cookie. When found, open the folder, and delete all the cookies found. You won't be able to delete the .dat file found.

For this, go here and get the Spider:

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.

Also, go here and download AddAware http://tomcoyote.com/lsindex.html

Download and run, ensuring that Deep Registry scan is enabled. Remove all except any references to Web3000 or new.net. If you're unsure, copy/paste the list here.

Also, whilst you're there, download and install RefUpdate to get the latest updates. Just click Connect.



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Ok i bought a computer second hand a little while back and it has worked fine until now.
Whenever i turn on the computer it loads up until normal until it comes to the user selection screen thing on xp. Then after about three seconds with no problems the cursor turns unresponsive and doesn't move and the keyboard does the same. I'm not sure if this is a hardware problem,software problem or any other problem. It might be the computer crashing in some way but I'm totally in the dark about what's happening any help greatly appreciated thanks.

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I have a one year old Dell Inspiron 546 desktop - AMD Phenom II X4 820 (2.8GHz, 6MB)
ATIRadeon HD 4350 512Mb
Running Windows XP Pro
3gig RAM
350 HD.

All factory stuff...

I ordered it with a wireless keyboard and mouse. The mouse and keyboard have had intermittent problems from the beginning but I have just put up with it since the problems didn't show up all the time. However, this has become worse over the past year.

Problem1: Keyboard
I'll be typing away, and all of a sudden notice that no characters are showing up on the monitor. I wait a few seconds and type again and maybe one character will show up out of the five or so that I type. Sometimes I'l type a letter and get double characters or the characters show up way after I stopped typing.
The doesn't happen all the time, just once in a while and it doesn't make any difference if I'm typeing an email or a Word document and whatever.

Problem2: The mouse will be working fine then all of a sudden the mouse pointer will jump to the top or side or bottom of the screen. Sometimes when I left click once on something (like a file name) just to highlight it, the mouse will open the document instead of just highlighting it. Sometime it works just fine.

I make sure the batteries in the keyboard and mouse are always pretty new but that doesn't help. I have also went into the control panel and clicke the Mouse icon and slowed down the double-clicking, but still no help.

Any ideas what I mi... Read more

A:Problem with mouse and keyboard

usually caused by interference from lights,router,modem list is endless , can you change channel ?does it have that option

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What would cause the computer to show no keyboard or mouse?
Even when I restarted the computer the same message returns. I have tried to switch the keyboard and the mouse and still have the same problem.

A:keyboard and mouse problem

ps2 port might be bad.

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Hi, I have downloaded from Microsoft my keyboard/mouse installs, since when starting computer Win7, it tells me my software for such is invalid to uninstall old, etc. However when going to Programs & trying to uninstall such items, it tells me I can't. I am the Admin, and just don't understand what to do, Please Help!

A:Keyboard/Mouse problem

What exactly did you download from Microsoft?
Does the keyboard and mouse require drivers from the manufacturer?
If the keyboard and mouse a HID compliant you would uninstall the drivers in the Device Manager.

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Hi Everyone,

I launched a game today but when the menu appeared the mouse was blocked in the middle of the screen and i could not move it , so i thought its just a normal problem and it's gonna be fixed . Then i tried to delete a file with Shift + Delete and it didn't worked , so some of the action keys are not working ,so if somebody can help i would really appreciate it .

Thank You

A:Mouse And Keyboard Problem

Press and hold the power switch for about 5 seconds and the system should shutdown. Then reboot and see what happens.

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I have a pretty new Dell studio 15, about 2 months old. When I try to sign in neither the keyboard nor touchpad and buttons work. I have a mouse that I have to plug in and hit switch user. Then it reloads and the keyboard and touchpad work. But only barely. I can't type very fast because about every tenth key I try to press doesn't work and I have to either press really hard or press it several times. Also, the touchpad is really unresponsive and jumpy. I have like a 4 year warranty but I don't think anything is actually broken, because It did this about 3 weeks ago for 4-5 days, then it worked fine until about 4-5 days ago. Thanks for any help.

A:Keyboard/mouse problem

I'd say reload the driver, but need more info

there's 4 numbers for a Studio 15xx, either 35-36-37
Each one has a different version.
If you're not sure, post the service tag number found on the bottom

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Because I was having a few problems I re-installed WindowsXP onto a newly formatted disk earlier this week. At the time I installed it I was using my son's USB mouse. Having re-installed successfully, and applied every Microsoft update necessary, things seemed fine.

Later in the day I replaced the USB mouse with my original non-USB (PS/2?) mouse and, after detecting the new mouse and auto-installing the drivers, the mouse refused to work. I replaced the non-USB mouse with the USB mouse and that wouldn't work either. I them removed the USB drivers for the mouse and re-booted, following which not only would neither mouse work, but also the keyboard failed to operate while in windows. Incidentally, the PS/2 mouse works fine on my son's PC and doesn't seem to be faulty.

To cut to the next part of the story I decided to try and repair the windows installation because I thought the registry had become corrupted. The keyboard worked OK while I tried to do a repair installation of WindowsXP, but both mice refused to work at all. Also, while WindowsXP was re-installing it got stuck in a never ending loop of WindowsXP partially installing for a couple of minutes and re-booting back to the start of the same proceedure.

Eventually I decided to reformat the drive and start again. I also decided to remove every card from my motherboard and re-seat them just in case!

Now I have re-installed Windows XP on a reformatted drive - using the USB mouse - and everything seem... Read more

A:Mouse/Keyboard Problem

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i did try to find a thread concerning this but failed.
it's also a bit hard to explain- not in my native language:

i recently bought a usb microsoft Keyboard & mouse (connected via a usb external hub 'station')
they seemed to work great for a few weeks, but in the last 2 weeks something is wrong:

first, the keyboard problem:
when i type, i suddenly get a weird keyboard response.
let's say i was going to type:"my name is Roei".
in the middle of typing i get something like this:
"my nammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" - for no apparent reason !
i type correctly, no mistakes or over pushing the 'm'.
it happened many times, quite suddenly, every minute or so.

and the mouse problem:
i get those 'mini lags' when the pointer freezes for a second, and then jumping to where i am. also happens within every minute or so.

this is very annoying and frustrating, and i NEVER had those problems beforrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre (see ?! that's the real time keyboard going nuts !!)

i think those two issues are related to something in my system, but i can't figure it out. is this the graphic card? the usb ? (all drivers updated)

please help !!
thanks. (i think i've written down all my system specs in my profile)

A:weird usb keyboard and mouse problem :(

Sounds like a bad keyboard. It's annoying when it happens with brand-new gear, but at least it's covered under the warranty, right? I'd see about doing a warranty return/replacement, or else get a refund and buy a different keyboard/mouse combo.

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Hi there, i am posting this request on behalf of a friend who is having a problem with his PC.

When he boots up to his desktop his USB mouse & keyboard do not work, the modem USB light is flashing red all the time.

During the boot up process his keyboard does work as he is able to access the Safe Mode screen, i got him to reboot under 'Last good configuration' but this still did not work.

At the initial boot up sequence, the keyboard and Mouse initially 'Light Up' but once they get to his desktop they are no longer working.

I am told he has not updated or installed anything recently...

Any idea's what may be causing this....?

I'm grateful for your help

Many Thanks

A:Keyboard Modem & Mouse USB problem

He is not using a USB hub and i have got him to try different USB ports still without any luck

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Hey guys. I'm having a problem with my mouse and keyboard in windows 7. I've been running W7 for nearly a month now without ever experiencing this problem. Just recently during a 4-5 hour long gaming session my game closed down without an error message and suddenly everything went haywire. My keyboard acted incredibly strange and so did my mouse. An example would be that all my numeric keys turned into their shift+number counterparts and my caps locks was off when the led glowed green. When I tried to start a program using the left-mouse click it highlighted several programs and upon double-clicking instead of running I recieved the properties of the program instead.

So far in attempt to fix this I've tried the following:
Twinkering with the keyboard and mouse settings
Twinkering with accessibility options
Uninstalling and installing the default ps/2 and mouse drivers
With no success Does anybody know what could be wrong or how I could solve this?

Thanks beforehand.

A:Weird problem with mouse and keyboard

Have you tested a different keyboard and or mouse?
make sure they are plugged into the correct plug.
unplug the keyboard, move outside, gently tap on one corner,
how much crud falls out...
1. it simply might need cleaned.
Blow and see if any lint appears, (see #1).
check for frays.. the cable might be going bad.

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XP Pro
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-81945G Pro

The Keyboard and Mouse are unresponsive at logon.

The keyboard works when i turn the machine on, as i am able to enter the BIOS.
USB Keyboard & Mouse is enabled in BIOS

This is happening with PS2 or USB Keyboard & mouse.

I have tried two different Keyboards/Mouse.

This happens in safe mode as well.

Please help, as this is driving me round the bend!!


A:Keyboard, mouse problem at Logon

Connect the PS2 mouse/keyboard and reset the CMOS (remove the battery for 5 minutes) and see if it recognizes the keyboard

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Have a new problem that's developed on my laptop running XP SP2.

1 - On the desktop screen, the right button seems to act like the left and vice versa.

2 - Clicking the left button on the Start menu, flicks it on quickly then it closes.

3 - The keyboard doesn't work normally, e.g the buttons try to open up the file, edit, view menus

- This is cured at the moment by logging out of the main XP account, logging off as a Guest and
then going back into the main administrator account.

- I have Windows restore turned off and all the settings in the control panel/mouse, etc seem normal.

Has anybody seen this before ?

A:Mouse Button/keyboard Problem.


I downloaded Spyware Terminator which scanned and located the following 2 Trojans.


I guess these have altered my settings ?

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Hey all. I got a new logitech mouse and keyboard and a linksys kvm switch. I installed the mouse and keyboard works fine then i hooked it up to kvm switch restart computer when windows XP loads up it sees my mouse as being a generic logitech mouse(cause my mouse is going into the kvm switch) so then it installs those drivers so then i can't use the Back and Forward buttons on the side of my mouse(8 button mouse).

This is really annoying cause my 2nd computer is running Windows 2k and i have no problems. Also my new keyboard for some reason if i try to ALT-F4 a Internet Explorer window it shows a little message on the bottom saying "contains commands for working with the selected items" and doesn't close the window. I use ALT-F4 quite a bit and need this to work. Any ideas?

A:Mouse/Keyboard Problem With KVM Switch

I beleive you have to setup the Side buttons to do what you want. I know there are a bunch of options for them. It shoudl be in the mouse properties. As far as the k/b see if there is a F-lock key.

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Hello Everyone!
I have P4 system. And Windows xp installed.
The problem is, on browsing internet after 2 hours the computer
becomes stop with no mouse movement.
When It hits CTRL+ALT+Delete then it works well... but after few
moments Mouse/keyboard becomes stable and also the whole operating system stops responding...
The only way for me at that time is to hit restart button of the pc. Then again works. and problem repeats after some time..

Please tells me its a software or hardware problem..
I have installed the Windows XP SP2 and SP1 one by one by formating C drive
but the problem exist...

A:Mouse/ Keyboard or System problem?

It could be heat. Make sure your pc is free of dust and that all fans are working properly.

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Installed Windows XP x64 edition on a gigabyte m/board with an intell core2 duo processer. All was well, then i put in drivers cd for chipset and after 1st reboot keyboard and moue don't work and i can't log in. theres only usb outputs on motherboard for keyboard and mouse. ive tried reseting with and without the drivers cd in the pc.
Please help
thank u

A:Windows xp X64 Keyboard & mouse problem

Reset the motherboard (follow instructions in the manual for shorting the jumpers) and reboot. In the bios, make sure you have USB legacy devices enabled as I think this is what is causing the USB ports to ignore your k/brd and mouse.

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I've got two PCs connected to single monitor, keyboard and mouse via a KVM switch. My keyboard is a Logitech G110 (USB wired) Gaming Keyboard. My mouse is a Logitech Invisible Wireless mouse. My problem is that often when connected to the KVM switch all inputs and outputs work except the keyboard and the mouse. The port indicator selector light which normally is ON steady is now flashing. This is my second Airlink 101 KVM switch and I tried them also with an IOGear KVM Switch Model # GCS632U. There is nothing wrong with the mouse or the keyboard because when connected directly to either PC they work. My question is: Is there a compatibility issue with certain keyboard and mouse models when used with KVM switches, by this I mean that some keyboards (particularly gaming keyboards) and mice may require more power and the KVM USB circuit has power limitation. At present I am left switching the keyboard and the mouse USBs directly to the PC I wish to use.

A:Problem with the keyboard and mouse with KVM switch

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I have a Pentium III computer with Win98 originally installed that I recently upgraded to WinME. A few years back I attached an Acer AirKey Wireless Keyboard w/mouse (model WIL-172U). When I first installed it I used the keyboard only and kept a trackball mouse I had been using attached to the mouse PS/2 port. Everything has worked beautifully, but recently I decided to uninstall the trackball mouse and use the mouse that is integrated onto the wireless keyboard. As per manuf instructions...I uninstalled trackball software, turned off my computer, plugged wireless mouse cord into PS/2 port, turned computer back on and waited for computer to completely boot. The computer keeps getting hung up on the OS opening page. I tried turning off computer and installing the old two button mouse that originally came with the computer to be sure it wasn't the PS/2 port and the computer booted up just fine. I also looked in Device Manager to be sure there were no conflicts and there wasn't. Would really appreciate any suggestions as to what the problem could be...

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When boot my PC running Windows 7 I find that the PC will not respond to either the keyboard or the mouse. I have started it in Safe mode and I am able to use the keyboard to select Safe mode from the menu. However when the computer finishes booting in safe mode the keyboard and mouse do not work.
Is this a software problem or a hardware fault? Is threre anything I can do apart from re-installing Windows? I don't want to do this unless I have to, because I don't want to lose the data on my disk.

A:Solved: Keyboard & Mouse problem

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Could anyone possibley find me the drivers for MS wireless keyboard and mouse 700 v2.0. Win7 seems not able to locate them for some very peculiar reason however if i could find them myself i'm sure i could solve my issue. Not being lazy, i've honestly looked just about everywhere and can't locate these models which btw come together in a pack without however a driver disc. Thanks so much, Max.

A:problem with MS wireless mouse and keyboard

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i bought the gyration mouse and keyboard combo the 30ft RF and it was working fine but when i powered off my pc and back on it would only learn one device at a time does anyone have this device or know how to fix it??

i hate to RMA it was working great for 30 minutes

A:Gyration keyboard and GT mouse problem

humm guess no one has this or heard of it or just ignoring me

oh well

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In the last week my keyboard and mouse have become mushy in response.

Also, Internet explorer is slow starting up.

Any idea where I can start looking for the problem with this? I cannot think of anything outstanding I have done to change the software set-up. I have neither added any new drivers/software or uninstalled anything so I am a bit flummoxed as to what the problem is.


A:Mushy Keyboard and Mouse Problem

Hi i would start by checking for malware. malwarebytes can get for free to check.

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I have just bought a packard bell cordless keyboard and mouse but am having problems.

When I inserted the batteries in the keyboard and mouse no light came on eithier-should it? - for example should the mouse optical light come on?

when I plugged the receiver in that light came on but when I tried to use the mouse or keyboard nothing happens. I installed the disc which came with the keyboard and mouse.

I have tried the receiver close and far away from the mouse and keyboard but nothing happens

would someone be able to help me please?

A:cordless keyboard and mouse problem

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My first thread so please be patient with me.

I have a problem with my mouse that freezes.
It mainly happens if I switch the computer power off from the socket in the wall or there is a power cut. If I switch on my computer and press any key my mouse freezes. The only way out of this is to again reboot and then delete Microsoft intellitype Pro5.2 and Intellipiont 5.2 from my computer and then again reboot.
If at a later time I get the same problem I then reboot and reload the two micosoft problems.
This problem can sometimes happen without the loss of power.


A:Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse Problem

Generally you should use the power button on the computer to shut down
The power button signals the motherboard that it is ready to shut down and Windows begins a series of steps to ensure that it is done correctly.
I will do things like save anything that is open.
If it doesnt know where to save something it will ask you.
It also take anything in its own memory and assure that it is safely on the HDD.

Just turning it off at the wall is the same as a power outage and important data could be lost.
I cant say for certain that this is your issue but it is possible that the driver settings arent being fully saved due to improper shut down and thus causing an issue.

On a side note I use a intellipoint mouse and never load the software for it.
When Windows starts it creates the mouse driver and works fine.

Im not certain what the intellitype software does exactly but I am using a MS keyboard with no additional software.
Perhaps your keyboard has extra keys or multimedia buttons on it but if not try to not use any software and see how it goes.

Over the years I have found that it is best to let windows decide what is best for it and not load any extra programs or drivers unless necessary.

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On so since about 2 weeks ago ive been experiencing weird occurrences with my mouse and keyboard. From time to time the hardware acts weird but turning off windows and on again helps with it for abit but then come backs it comes on and goes away roughly once a hour for 5 minutes.

What happens on keyboard is the delete key doesn't work or doesn't type anything what ever i click on the keyboard or the letter for example instead A does an A with a line above it.

Or the mouse when it happens the left click sometime double clicks or when click on link to just switch on it open the link in a new window or right button does nothing.

I was using this mouse for 8 months and the keyboard for 2 years and 8 months with both no such problems before.The mouse is Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB and the keyboard is Corsair K50.

So far i used C Cleaner to turn off start up programs and delete some registry, also used Malware Anit-Bytes is deleted some files but still occurs, also adwcleaner it deleted files but still same and i also tried JRT and nothing still same errors occur.

I didnt have such problems before the Windows Updates but then it was fine 2 weeks with them updates.

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