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Inspiron N4110 Windows 10 upgrade video flicker and vertical bars (Intel HD 3000 graphics)

Q: Inspiron N4110 Windows 10 upgrade video flicker and vertical bars (Intel HD 3000 graphics)

I don't see this laptop in the list Dell has tested with Windows 10, but I did the upgrade anyway. I wanted to post this in case someone else tries and has the same problem. The problem didn't occur initially, but started after the video driver was updated automatically. With the new driver the screen would flicker and vertical bars would display on the right side of the screen. This only happened when the laptop was operating on battery power. When the AC was connected the video was good. Rolling the driver back to the version on the Dell support site may have helps some, but did not fix the issue. The problem stopped when I turn off display refresh switching using the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel. There are several ways to get to this panel.
Here's one:
Start/Settings/System/Display/Advanced Display Settings/Display adapter properties. If the software is installed there will be a tab labeled Intel(R) Graphics and Media Control Panel. Select it, then click Graphics Properties.... Chose Advance mode in the pop-up and click OK. Select "Power" on the left side of the window and "On battery" in the drop down in the upper right. Make sure Display Refresh Rate Switching is unchecked. This worked for me. I haven't seen the issue since making this change to the settings. I suspect some conflict between hardware/drive and other power management software, but cannot verify it.

Preferred Solution: Inspiron N4110 Windows 10 upgrade video flicker and vertical bars (Intel HD 3000 graphics)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Inspiron N4110 Windows 10 upgrade video flicker and vertical bars (Intel HD 3000 graphics)

I had the same issue on battery and unchecking the refresh rate switching box fixed it. FYI - I had the same issue on Windows 8.1 after a driver update in January 2014. I don't remember it happening prior to that update, or in Windows 8/7 (I have upgraded this laptop from 7 > 10).

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Hello, I am having a screen flickering issue for some time now and I have narrowed down the issue to my graphics cards and settings.

I have an Asus x73s Laptop with both Intel HD* Graphics 3000 and an Nvidia 610m GPU.

The screen flickering I experience is when I am on my windows 7 desktop. It doesnt matter if I have any programs open or none at all my screen usually flickers. Sometimes it can go hours without doing this. I have no external display available to connect it to through HDMI to check if it happens on an external display.

I have sent my laptop in for repair under warrenty for this before and they said it was not an issue with my screen after a comprehensive hardware test and is a graphics or driver issue. But because the repair depot also sucks balls their solution was to backup my files, wipe and restore my laptop... That fixed it for a few months but the flickering is back.

I have gone through my Nvidia Control Panel and made sure my Nvidia 610m is set to be the priority GPU my laptop uses and have turned off the power saveing settings on the Intel Graphics control panel as i almost always have my laptop plugged in anyways.

The strangest thing I have only just noticed today is there is no screen flicker when playing games or when a game is alt+tabbed in the background.


Currently as I am writing this post I have launched Company Of Heros via Steam and then Alt + Tabbed back to my desktop. When I tab back and exit the game my screen will st... Read more

A:Screen Flicker issue with Intel HD Graphics 3000

Hi would be nice to see if it happens on an external monitor. can you bring your laptop to a friends or relatives to test it out? sounds to me it could be the cable from the motherboard to the screen.

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This morning I discovered a Windows 10 logo in my notification toolbar, clicking on it shows that I'm now eligible to download Windows 10 for free.
I have a Dell Inspiron n4110, Core i3 processor, 4 GB of RAM, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. I mostly use my laptop to record podcasts, and I specifically need access to recording from the stereo mixer on the sound card. 
Is my laptop ready for Windows 10? Is Windows 10 ready to upgrade my laptop with zero issues?

A:Free Windows 10 Upgrade for Inspiron N4110 - Is It ready?

Hi kamnet,
Currently there are NO compatible Windows 10 drivers available for this model however you will need to check if you can install the Windows 8 0r 7 drivers in compatibility mode in Windows 10.

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hi i have a laptop hp pavilion g6 1242se my intel graphics card has code 43 and second video card ati radeon 6470m is not there i have tried hp drivers leshcat drivers but no hope so what i do is update intel driver to standard vga graphics adapter from device manager and after some frequent restarts ati graphic card shows with a yellow flag on it so i install intels driver and ati driver and then it works like a charm then after i shutdown my pc and start it no win 7 aero when i go in device manager intel hd graphics 3000 with a yellow flag and ati card not there i have tried latest intel download center graphics drivers and ati graphics driver please help me and sorry for my bad english

A:Code 43 on intel hd graphics 3000 and second video card not there

Hi there Welcome to Seven Forums .. As you have duel Graphics you should try the Drivers from the Manufactures Website .. The Link is below ...

Software & driver downloads HP Pavilion g6-1242se Notebook PC | HP? Support

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Hi, I'm new to owning this All In One Dell, and while it has a quad core processor, I have noticed that it is lacking in the graphics department.  I know this unit is quite slim, and am not sure of one's ability to open it up and upgrade specific components inside of it.  It comes with an AMD Radeon R4 integrated graphics card, so my question is if there is any way to buy a better card to put inside of it.  Thank you in advance!

A:Graphics Card Upgrade for Dell Inspiron All In One 24 3000 model 3455

There are no upgrades for Graphics on an all in one.

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Hi All,
I have Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition Laptop which i bought in 2015 November  . From Past few months , i see Purple Vertical Lines and Display Flickers a lot  . I ran Dell Diagnostic test and it passed Display Test ..Also i downloaded all latest  Display Drivers ...Still issue continues
Can someone  please suggest if there is a potential need to replace the Display Panel ?? 


A:Inspiron 5558 Signature Edition - Purple Vertical Lines and display Flicker

Attach an external monitor - if the fault doesn't show, the first thing to check/replace is the wiring harness that runs between the mainboard and back of the display panel.  If that doesn't help, replace the display.
If the same fault does show on an external screen, you're likely facing a bad mainboard.

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I just installed the Intel GMA 500 graphics controller on my Viliv S10. It had been running the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, which didn't detect the screen's actual resolution but instead ran it at a slightly lower and distorted resolution. At the lower resolution running the basic display adapter I could scroll through the windows metro start screen and experience no flicker. Since installing the GMA 500 graphics controller I now can set the proper screen resolution but the start screen flickers when I scroll right or left and when the active tiles in the start screen refresh content, and when pinching to zoom on start screen.
I tried lowering the resolution to see if that was the issue, but I still experience flicker even at very low resolution. I also tried raising the screen brightness to the fullest extent (I saw this as a fix for flicker elsewhere) but the screen still flickers.

I haven't seen any screen flicker in desktop mode, except when toggling apps by dragging from left to right using the touch screen. Aero peek doesn't cause flicker nor does dragging an open window around the desktop. No flicker dragging open the right side information bar in desktop mode either.

A:Screen Flicker in Windows Metro view Intel GMA 500 graphics controller

My experience is that the Poulsbo has always been bad juju. Intel actually contracted the design of the chip to one company, and the drivers to another. To this day I don't believe the best drivers available truly take advantage of it's full capabilities.

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Why does Lenovo not list a Windows 10 driver for my Intel HD Graphics 3000 device on T420? I'm aware that Intel has not released specific Windows 10 drivers for Intel HD Graphics 3000, but Windows Update has approved Intel drivers to run on Windows 10. Cincerely Rasmus

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Hey guys,
My favourite is an Inspiron 15 3000. But I found the grafic card "AMD Radeon™ R7 M445 grafic card with 4 GB GDDR5" in a comparison list qualified as slow. I am not a gamer.
I´m only worried about the grafic card. I am not an IT freak, but generally  I think a solid RAM of 8GB and and a SSD is more important.
2nd question: Can someone tell my whether the Inspiron 15 3000 can be upgraded to a hybrid with an additional HDD?
Thx, Ralf

A:High performance grafic card upgrade for Inspiron 15 3000 for video cutting with Nero needed?

The GPU cannot be upgraded later, so be sure you can live with it permanently.
The system use a single standard 2.5" drive - you can use any 2.5" SATA hard drive, hybrid drive or solid state drive of 7 mm or slimmer height.

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Hello! I have a query related to video memory of Intel HD Graphics 5500. When I have installed the recommended driver on Dell site for my laptop, it showstotal available graphics memory 3839 MBdedicated video memory 0 MBsystem video memory 0 MBshared system memory 3839 MBBut when I updated the driver from device manager, it showstotal available graphics memory 3968 MBdedicated video memory 128 MBsystem video memory 0 MBshared system memory 3840 MB
Can anybody please explain this? Also, should I keep this updated driver or roll back to the previous version?
One more thing, when I set up this laptop for the very first time after purchase, I remember the total graphic memory it used to show was something around 2k MB. I don't understand why does it share this much now. And if this graphic memory is shared from RAM, then it's almost eating up 4GB of my RAM!! The system has total 8GB RAM. Is it fine to let the Intel graphics share so much of RAM when this laptop already has 4GB dedicated Nvidia Geforce 920M? Please help.
Thank you.
Kind regards,

A:Inspiron 5558 Intel HD Graphics 5500 Video memory query

I have the same question!! Have you found a solution?I'm specially interrested in the last part of your question: Why the system needs shared memory from the 8GB RAM if there is the NVidia 4GB dedicated GPU?!?!?!

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Intel Core i3-2330M + Intel HD Graphics 3000 = Black Screen

first of all, my words of deep and sincere appreciation and thanks for this website. I use it, though only sporadically, for many, many years and always got very professional and useful help here!

Today I am inquiring about a problem that seems to be quite common and wide-spread, based on my own Internet searches: the bad combination of the Intel Core i3-2330M processor and the Intel HD Graphics 3000. During normal operations, my system works with that. But when using render software (POV-Ray) or attempting to play games, then I am getting that famous Black Screen. The laptop still continues to work, but I cannot see anything anymore. Only a restart helps, unfortunately. My online search did not reveal any solution, and having downloaded the "Intel Driver Update Utility", nothing new can be downloaded it seems.

I am speaking out here today about my problem with the hope, that someone here know a functioning solution. I need my system in order to create renders, that is my work. I just recently upgraded my system with that better processor, and it kills me now.

System Specs

Compaq Presario CQ57 Refurbished
Intel i3-2330M Processor
Intel HD Graphics 3000 (Driver)
Windows 7 Home Premium
17 GB free HDD space on C:\

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I took the free upgrade to win 10 from 8.1. I have a new XPS with Win10 and wanted alignment. This laptop has 8gb mem with 2.2 cpu. Usually I don't usually upgrade but I felt this laptop was compatible. Since my upgrade I have experienced slower function. I'm not that happy about win 10 in general as my XPS had other issues from day one and I had to do a complete OS reinstall. I think I need another reinstall of the XPS because I lost all my One drive connections in file folder and it won't remember log in and pw that I set to remember - little things like that. Others Inspiron 15 issues. The touch pad is awful but I just use a wireless mouse on the right side of the panel. I keep on having wireless network card issues and will drop off forcing me to run trouble shooter or reboot.any comments welcome. I was thinking of rolling back to 8.1.

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According to the Intel website, the HD 3000/2000 Sandy Bridge graphics are not supported in Windows 10. See link below. It's the very last one listed under Intel Core Processors:
I decided to give the Windows 10 upgrade a shot on my Dell XPS 13 L321X since my Windows Update told me that my system was Windows 10 compatible. However after the upgrade I noticed the screen would become distorted intermittently.
In the meantime, I've currently disabled the graphics drivers that Windows 10 automatically assigned to my computer after the upgrade in order to prevent the screen from distorting so I could post this message. While this current graphics mode (1024x768) is not pretty, I was hoping someone @ Dell was aware of this issue and if there will be a patch/fix for this issue?
It's a bit confusing that my system was considered to be Windows 10 compatible as evidenced by the update only to find out after-the-fact that Intel specifically mentions that my particular graphics driver is not Windows 10 compatible. And since this intermittent screen distortion validates the issue at hand, I'm afraid I'll have to revert back to Windows 7.
So if anyone @ Dell knows of a possible fix, I'd appreciate it.

A:Intel HD 3000/2000 Graphics (Sandy Bridge) not supported in Windows 10 on Dell XPS 13 (L321X)

For the record, I'm using the latest BIOS A08 for this laptop too, so that's already been verified.

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I tried everything,installed the drivers for my AMD,disabled the drivers for Intel (it switched to microsoft basic graphics instead of the AMD),couldn't find anything in BIOS however...if anyone got some advice,please share it with me because I can't take low FPS in games anymore when I got a laptop with such good specs.

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I have a HP Compaq 6000 Pro All-in-One with onboard video.  Video is Intel Q45/Q43 Express Chipset. I purchased the Compaq optional accessory video card p/n 628380-001 AMD Radeon HD 5570 1GBOriginal problem was that when installed I got 4 beeps and no video.  Research indicated that the standard 150w power supply was insufficient.  Need optional 180w power supply. Ordered new 180w power supply.  Installed card, attached new power suppy, Test. There is no boot screen.  The screen remains blank when I tried to boot up the PC.  Good news is no more beeps.I did not observed any specific video configuration in BIOS setup.Is there a jumper on the board that needs to be set, or did I miss something in the BIOS settings?Thanks,Marc

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I have recently upgraded from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Pro on my Inspiron N4110 laptop. Almost all of my applications and browsers are working fine as on date.  
When I start my laptop, I see a message "Dell Stage requires Windows 7".  I click OK and then use my laptop without any issues.  Not sure if anything is happening in the background.
I am writing this note to check with the Forum Members to help me resolve the Dell Stage issue. Can you please let me know if Dell Stage for Windows 10 Pro exists. If yes, where to download (URL please). Alternately, if I uninstall Dell State on my laptop, what will be the impact.
Would appreciate your help in this matter. Thanks in advance. 

A:Inspiron N4110 with Windows 10 Pro

There is no Windows 10 version of Dell Stage. Removing Dell stage will not have any impact on your computer.

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Since I installed the Intel Video Driver set Lenovo released on 4/19/2017, I've had an annoying flicker appear for other windows when moving the mouse across certain regions of a Google Chrome window (wierd, right?). This only seemed to appear after I switched out my 2 Dell 24" 1920x1280 displays for a single Lenovo X1 27" 4K display. I've tried a number of configuration changes in an attempt to eliminate it, but it seems the only thing that  has improved matters is an upgrade to the latest Intel HD Graphics 530 driver, version The version of the driver provided by Lenovo was I've only been running the updated driver for a couple of hours, but the issue hasn't shown up since. I'll report back if it crops up again. 

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I started my PC today and found my screen icons to have vertical black bars around them, this also affects my mouse pointer as shown in these images:

I have tried deleting the icon cache folder and rebooting without success. I did notice that while the pc was rebooting the screen was filled with lots of small blue squares.

I am running XP Pro, AMD XP3200 cpu, Radeon 9800 Pro graphics, 1 GB Ram, Creative x-fi sound card and SATA hard drives.

I can see no logical reason why this could have happened, does anyone have any ideas how to fix it, as I have not recently upgraded any drivers etc.

Thanks, Ian Dennis.

A:vertical bars in windows icons

Well then download new drivers for your Video card, i think that may help.

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Hello People!I'm trying to fix a major problem but after many hours of sitting in front of my laptop screen, I still can't find a solution. My laptop is a HP EliteBook 8460p (refurbished) Cpu: Intel Core i7-2620M vProRam: Corsair VALUESELECT SO-DIMM DDR3 16gb PC3-10700 Dual Channel KitGPU: Intel HD Graphics 3000 ???OS: Windows 7 Pro x64  Everything was so fine without any problem until I decided to upgrade ram. There were 4gb of DDR3 pre-installed memory. Then I replaced them with 16gb as you can see above. In order to use new memory I should re-install windowsbecause the pre-installed OS couldn't boot into windows environment. I re-installed windows 7 pro x64 and then everything seemed to be right. However everything changed when I had to install graphics drivers. I tried every method and every site (hp, intel, windows) and most of graphic drivers versions. The problem is that most times windows crash and reboot just after welcome screen (sometimes before it) of some seconds later. Without graphics driver, using Standard vga adapter everything goes fine but the screen quality is too low and I can't use applications that use graphic hardware accelaration. I don't remember if specs of my refurbished EliteBook included extra discrete graphics card like other EliteBook products. Besides device manager doesn't detect something like this. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed driver details of the pre-installed OS. I need my EliteBook at my job, so I need to find... Read more

A:Intel HD graphics 3000

Here is the Service Manual: Manual You have either Intel HD 3000 or Radeon HD 6470M, but I think the real problem is that you may have installed incompatible memory. The dead giveaway was that when you rebooted after installing the new memory the OS would not load. Compatible memory should "just work", not require a reload of the OS.  This is the correct memory: 8-GB (PC3-10600, 1333-MHz, DDR3) 634091-001 https://www.amazon.com/Kingston-Technology-Notebooks-KTH-X3B-8G/dp/B007BPOHLK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid... Is this what you bought? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820233216  

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I have a DELL Vostro 3550 w/ Intel HD Graphics 3000, and whenever my laptop finishing loading the Windows 8 OS (beta fish) the screen completely disables. I then have to hookup a VGA monitor in order to use it. I already installed EVERY driver from support.dell.com matching my service tag including the Intel HD Graphics driver associated with my machine and there don't seem to have any problems w/ the display drivers in the device manager. I also tried countless comboniation of settings in my Intel Graphics Utility and Resolution/Screen settings, nothing seems to be working. I've looked EVERYWHERE, but no luck.

Status: Solution Pending
This Applies to the Following:
Dell Vostro 3550

A:Intel HD Graphics 3000

Have you tried the mobile Intel HD drivers in my other thread?

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Is intel hd graphics 3000 enought to run windows aero ?and will it run the metro ?
I know itsnt enought to run the newest game ,but can it run the old games ?

A:About intel hd graphics 3000

Quote: Originally Posted by baxxter

Is intel hd graphics 3000 enought to run windows aero ?and will it run the metro ?
I know itsnt enought to run the newest game ,but can it run the old games ?

if your refering to Metro 2033 it will not run it.
as for older games you will just have to test.

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The latest Dell drivers for Intel 530 graphic card cause minor brightness flicker every 30 s or so (although not at a regular interval). This has been reported on the Intel forum.
I first uninstalled the Intel drivers, after which the flicker no longer occurred. I later found the post mentioned above, which highlighted that the problem only started happening since after driver version "". I reverted to this driver, and indeed, the flicker is gone.
Hopefully this allows you to pinpoint which changes have been made in between this version and "". I would like to benefit from the latest drivers. For example, currently (I do not know whether it is related) when I maximize Windows the animation is very choppy. 

A:Latest Intel Graphics drivers cause brightness flicker, older ones do not.

What model computer? You have posted in the laptop forum. Laptops almost never have graphic card updates and those rare updates must come from Dell Support. All laptop drivers must come from Dell not Intel. Laptop drivers are customized by the laptop manufacturer. Reinstall your original driver. If you need to download it, get it from Dell Drivers and Downloads.
Read the intel answer in your post's link. It says--
It is important to mention that we sell our Intel chipsets and processors to third party manufacturers and they design their own computers with their own features, settings, and capabilities. For that reason they design their own drivers, to meet the exact specifications on their computers. Your computer is having problems with our generic Intel graphics drivers; the best you can do is installing the customized driver released by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

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hi everyone,

i tried installing windows 7 on dell inspiron n4110 but when it reaches the stage when i click on install now, it brings up this message 'install drivers from a cd/dvd/usb device' pls help me solve this problem.

A:cant reinstall windows 7 or xp on my dell inspiron n4110


Kindly let me know how you are installing Win7?

If you want to restore your system back to factory settings and if hard drive is never formatted before and if your system has a “DELL factory Image”, then you can follow the below mentioned URL which will help you in restoring your system to factory settings:

Else if you are trying to install OS with the help of OS discs, then you can follow the steps for OS installation mentioned in the URL below:

Ensure backing up your data before reinstalling Operating system or factory restore.

Kindly revert and let us know the status.

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Hi all,
Two days ago I installed SP2 on my WindowsXP and since then I am getting vertical bars on my screen (blocking my PC) after some time.
I can logon and work for some time (5 mins to 45 mins) and then suddenly without any errormsg my screen shows vertical bars ....
The only thing to do at that time is to reboot my PC and hope it will keep running as long as possible ... but it always ends up with my screen blocked.

Any idea what I can do to solve this problem ?



A:Vertical bars on screen after installing SP2 on Windows/XP

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After trying to change the picture that comes up on my screen after turning the computer on, all of my background information and pictures now come up in fuscia!  Any pics I receive in an email, the face is fuscia - at first things were orange!!

Can anyone tell me how to get my original colors back?  The unit was purchased last September from Amazon.


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Hi community and DELL
I recently bought a Inspiron 15 3000 Series (Intel) - 3567.
Excellent choice I have to say, I am swapping my old Mac Book with this DELL Laptop.
I have the following recommendation for improvement.
The touch pad is not in the proper position, as it is on the left side of the laptop and this creates a problem on the alignment of the fingers with the limits of the left and right parts of the touch pad. This creates also an issue with the right arm as it needs to be extended to  the left side to do the work.
I am looking forward for your feedback and improvement in the future.
Thanks a lot

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I just reformatted a Samsung laptop and am trying to get it all loaded and patched back up again. The laptop has a AMD Radeon HD 7400M graphics adapter. So after getting it up and running (at a low resolution obviously), I downloaded and installed the latest AMD graphics driver w/ the Catalyst Control Center thingy. Now the display is at the native 1600x900, but Device Manager shows both the AMD graphics adapter and Intel HD Graphics 3000 adapter.

Why are there two listed? I tried removing the Intel adapter earlier and the display went all wonky back to the previous 1024x768 resolution.

I'm the type of computer user who likes to get rid of stuff that's not needed. So are both graphics adapters really needed?

A:Why do I need Intel HD 3000 graphics with AMD Radeon HD?

The two graphics systems are needed to support the hybrid system used on many of today's laptops, the Intel is used for general low graphics intensive applications and the AMD is used for certain higher requirements such as games. The purpose of the dual system is to conserve power when possible and only use the power for the HQ graphics when it is actually needed

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Try here instead for first generation.

InstructionsTo create your own driver follow my instruction on this page, or download a pre-compiled one below.
Once you obtain a driver simply run setup.exe and it will install like normal.

Install This First: The Custom Certificate InstallerTo install the signed drivers run the custom certificate installer I made which is based off of barcher's Post.

I've recently updated my certificate installer to v3.0. This include 2 certificates which allows the updated Mobile series 4 and has some handy options for your pleasures. A WaterMark Removal option has been added for Windows 8 Pro.
~WATERMARK REMOVAL IS BETA. Use at your own risk~

-Custom Certificate Installer- Chrome users may experience a malicious warning. It is false. Virus Total

-Intel has already made windows 8 drivers for 2000/3000. They can be found Here.
-My drivers contain more Hardware ID's. You can find the list of ID's Here.
Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

-Version SIGNED GoogleDrive old version
64bit Intel HD Second Gen x64_2792.exe
32bit Intel HD Second Gen x86_2792.exe
After the setup go to Windows Update and change the settings to:
"Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them"
Reboot with the modified driver installed and check for updates. If there is, right click the Intel update and select "Hide Update"
This i... Read more

A:Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000

Saved spot for more stuff.

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When I installed the Video card, I either disabled, or uninstalled, the Intel HD 3000 Video adapter. I am now having issues with the card and wanted to try using the Intel graphics, before replacing the card, but they are no where to be found. "Scan for hardware changes" produces nothing.

They do not show up under display adapters in Device Manager, so I can't enable/install them. I d/l the last 2 versions of drivers form Intel, neither will install -

"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"

Any suggestions appreciated.


ASUS ENGTX560 TI DCII/2DI/1GD5 GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 LGA 1155 Intel Z68 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS - S/N MT7023036900599

Intel Core i7-2700K Sandy Bridge 3.5GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000 BX80623i72700K

A:Re-install Intel graphics 3000 HD

Go into you BIOS and change the graphics settings to onboard. (See image) This should get you to a point where you are using a default VGA driver or it may install any previous HD3000 drivers that are present on the PC (not sure which way it will go for you). Anyway, you should see a change in device manager for the display driver and you can update that as required.

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I turned it on, everything looked good. It's the first time I turn it on for the past 2 weeks. I checked my emails and then looked for Lenovo updates, knowing that there was some security issue with Lenovo Solution Center. Tried to update to the latest Yoga Mode Control, but didn't seem to install. Next I updated Lenovo Utility to Tried updating LSC, didn't work. Downloaded LSC manually and started the install. In the meantime, I was checking for Windows updates, found the ones release on May 10th, downloaded them and proceeded to install. While installing screen started to act funny, first it turned a bit pinkish, 10 seconds later went back to normal. One minute later it started to have these lighter vertical bars of random thickness and it stopped responding to any keyboard or touchpad input. 30 seconds later the colors slowly started to fade, wasn't able to see the icons anymore and the screen went all vertical bars of various white/grey/black nuances. Closed the lid, put it to sleep got back, same thing. Tried turning it off from the button, no luck. Pressed the Nova button it turns it off and then back on to the same bars. I'm not sure how to restart it or turn it off, or get into safe mode since I can't see anything on the screen. I don't have a micro HDMI cable so I can't check the HDMI output. Warranty run out exactly one month ago.Any ideas?

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Is there a driver for Intel HD Graphics 3000 for Win7 x64 that doesn't include questionable services like HECI, ICCS, etc.?
You can't opt-out from within the GUI. Is is possible to modify the Intel Graphics driver? I couldn't find a tutorial.

Here is what I tested so far:

(Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers for Win7 x64)

v8.15.10.2712 and v8.15.10.2778 comes with:
- OpenCL 1.1 support for Intel Core processor family (Programs and Features)
- Intel Content Protection HECI Service (Services)
v9.17.10.3347 and v9.17.10.4229 comes with:
- OpenCL 1.1 support for Intel Core processor family (Programs and Features)
- Intel Content Protection HECI Service (Services)
- Intel Integrated Clock Controller Service (Services)

Any help is much appreciated!

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I'm from Vietnam. I can't install driver Intel HD Graphics 3000 for my computer. This is a laptop Dell Vostro 3450 Core i5, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit.
When I install driver Intel HD Graphics 3000 for VGA Onboard (include: R304300, R294607, R294609, R302025) then I receive an error message:
"This computer does not meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"
Help me, please. Thanks.
Name: Nguyen Quoc Vuong
Mail: [email protected]

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anyone knows how the HD 2500 compares to the 3000 and 4000? I'm mostly looking for improved video transcoding compared to my Pentium G620 and don't really need the "gaming" graphics capabilities. But I haven't been able to find any information as to how the HD 2500 compares.

The fact that 2500 < 3000 is not really a good sign though...

A:Intel HD graphics 2500 vs 3000/4000?

the 3000 and 4000 are pretty superior of course the actual speed they function at will depend on which intel cpu it's paired with.
From what I've seen they actually are superior to even some of the higher dollar dedicated graphics cards in the way of transcoding. (if you are a gamer you would want to consider the dedicated, but if all you want is transcoding you are good)

However, you will only get the benefit if the software you are using supports the new quick sync features.
Intel? Quick Sync Video

In the instances where your software does support the features the 3k and 4k are twice as fast easily...

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I recently purchased a 6460B for DJ'ing purposes. It has a Intel HD Graphics 3000 Sandy Bridge Graphics system. Apparently there are issues with this graphics system, a bug which Intel has never fixed. I quote from the software manufacturer I am looking at using; "WARNING! Some variants of the Intel HD Graphics Device have a known bug within the associated device drivers that may cause serious instability issues (crashes) while attempting to playback videos utilizing DirectShow video playback technology. If you intend to utilize CompuHost on a computer that incorporates such a device we strongly recommend that you first install the Evaluation version and give it a thorough test drive to ensure reliability prior to purchase!" Apparently this issue is somewhat widespread in the Intel HD Graphics line, regardless of dual monitor use or not as the DirectShow failure is apparent on even single screen use. The screen flickers constantly or just doesn't show any images. Is Intel planning on correcting this error? It can be seen in Compuhost, any version and Swift Elite V4. The laptop has 4gb RAM and a 500gb hard drive. I should also add that although failures are different, the failure of the HD 3000 is consistent when it comes to DirectShow. The Laptop is running the most recent BIOS F63a and I did the F61 to update the video firmware. The problem was present before F61, during F61 and after F61, and F63. Obviously this problem has not been addressed by Intel during ... Read more

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Is there a driver for Intel HD Graphics 3000 for Win7 x64 that doesn't include questionable services like HECI, ICCS, etc.?
You can't opt-out from within the GUI. Is is possible to modify the Intel Graphics driver? I couldn't find a tutorial.

Here is what I tested so far:

(Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers for Win7 x64)

v8.15.10.2712 and v8.15.10.2778 comes with:
- OpenCL 1.1 support for Intel Core processor family (Programs and Features)
- Intel Content Protection HECI Service (Services)
v9.17.10.3347 and v9.17.10.4229 comes with:
- OpenCL 1.1 support for Intel Core processor family (Programs and Features)
- Intel Content Protection HECI Service (Services)
- Intel Integrated Clock Controller Service (Services)

Any help is much appreciated!

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Name Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000PNP Device ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0116&SUBSYS_167D103C&REV_09\3&33FD14CA&0&10Adapter Type Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, Intel Corporation compatibleAdapter Description Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000Adapter RAM (2,084,569,088) bytesInstalled Drivers igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igdumd32,igd10umd32,igd10umd32Driver Version File oem33.inf (iSNBM0 section)Color Planes Not AvailableColor Table Entries 4294967296Resolution 1366 x 768 x 60 hertzBits/Pixel 32Memory Address 0xD4000000-0xD43FFFFFMemory Address 0xC0000000-0xCFFFFFFFI/O Port 0x00006000-0x0000603FIRQ Channel IRQ 4294967278I/O Port 0x000003B0-0x000003BBI/O Port 0x000003C0-0x000003DFMemory Address 0xA0000-0xBFFFFDriver c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys (, 5.13 MB (5,375,448 bytes), 10/20/2016 1:13 AM)Name Standard VGA Graphics AdapterPNP Device ID PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_6760&SUBSYS_167D103C&REV_00\4&35525E7C&0&0008Adapter Type Not Available, (Standard display types) compatibleAdapter Description Standard VGA Graphics AdapterAdapter RAM Not AvailableInstalled Drivers Not AvailableDriver Version 6.1.7600.16385INF File display.inf (vga section)Color Planes Not AvailableColor Table Entries Not AvailableResolution Not AvailableBits/Pixel Not AvailableDriver c:\windows\system32\drivers\vgapnp.sys (6.1.7600.16385, 28.50 KB (29,184 bytes), 7/14/2009 2:38 AM)

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I turn on my laptop and the dell logo pops up and it just goes to a black screen with only my cursor being visible. The other day it was working just fine, then later on the fan starts getting really loud and I turn it off and turn it back on. This is when my nightmare starts, I turn it back on and stays on the dell logo and says "diagnosing your pc". The fan is still running loud, then after a few hours trying to get it work, the fan just stops making noise altogether. I run the system diagnostics and it says my fan and hard drive won't respond. I open up my laptop to what's internally wrong with the fan and hard drive. All I see is the fan doesn't spin, but after several minutes it starts to. I don't see why it says my hard drive won't respond when I fully inspected it and there was no visible damage whatsoever. I put everything back together and keep trying and which it being in the current result that is stated in the beginning. Only thing not mentioned is that the fan is just struggling to spin at a constant rpm. In the diagnostics even though the fan is somewhat spinning, it still indicates the fan and hard drive are unresponsive. This the worst thing for me right now because I'm looking for a job and start college soon.

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Intel i5-2500K
ASRock Z68 Extreme 4
8Gb ram (2x4G)
Creative Audigy 2 ZS
PNY Geforce 460 GT (Has DVI+VGA+mini-HDMI out but only 2 can be used simultaneously)

1x Philips 150B (Connected to the Geforce 460 - VGA)
1x Viewsonic 2268wm (Connected to the Geforce 460 - DVI-D)
1x Philips 6605 LED TV (Connected to the integrated graphics on the motherboard- HDMI)
I have both onboard sound (Realtek AL892) and the Audigy 2 zs installed and enabled, they both work fine and will output audio according to which ever playback device is set as "default".


Problem is, there is no audio via hdmi to my Philips 6605 LED TV
- No device detected in "Sound - Playback Devices" so I am unable to select it as default audio playback device.

However if I were to connect the Philips 6605 LED TV to the Geforce 460, I am able to see
"Philips FTV-1" in "Sound - Playback Devices" and enable it. And the TV will output both video and sound.

Any advise on how to get the onboard video detect the TV? So I can bitstream audio as well as video over HDMI?

I would prefer this setup(onboard video to TV and geforce to 2xmonitors) rather than having the TV+viewsonic-monitor on the Geforce.

A:No audio over HDMI (Intel HD Graphics 3000 - i5-2600k's GPU)

i'd be interested in this as well. i recently switched to hdmi between my video card and monitor and no matter what i did i could not get sound through the hdmi cable.

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after instaling the updates the computer automatically clicks and the arrow goes around the screen!!

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Hi there.Have an issue with my display adapter.Every time I boot my "Ideapad Z580" on, I cannot connect to any external displays without first having to update my display adapter in the device manager.  For some reason it seems to roll back to an earlier driver while either its shutting down or booting up.  I've deleted old driver files and it still has the same problem.  Whenever I try to connect to my tv, by either WIN+P combination or the Intel control panel, it cannot find my TV or any other Monitor I plug in.It's been like this for a year or so, never actually thought about writing on the forums about it.I use a larger TV for display output (bad eye sight) and it's just turned into more of a nuisance than anything.Any help would be great, if there's anyway I can provide more information just let me know!

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I planned to buy external graphic card (GeForce GTX-960) for my laptop which has Windows 7 SP1 installed, a thunderbolt port, and HD Graphics 3000. But some people on internet said that GeForce will not working on laptop monitor. I want to know is that fixed
yet or not.
Thank you,

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Alright so I've got a serious problem here, my manufacturer which is ASUS in my case will NOT be supporting this graphcis card or the computer itself so I'm left out in the dark.
I have tried with everything and I came to the conclusion that modded drivers works the best which still is pretty bad(switchable Graphics profiles are not saved - Adding Photoshop for example today results that in a week it will be wiped out and the performance will be zero)

The generic AMD drivers does not work, the HP drivers works 50-50, I can Control Everything with switchable Graphics
except for the manual program adding and the modded leshcat drivers are not of my liking.

Considering the fact that AMD supports ENDURO on the whole Radeon HD 7000M series I would expect it to work on the generic drivers.

So if anyone got anything that could help my situation I would gladly hear you out.

I'm thinking that using the modded drivers will be my last desperate move.

P.S. I'm also not using the newest Intel Drivers as they are reported to cause problems

A:Switchable graphics with Intel HD 3000 and Radeon HD 7610M

Sorry for bumping but is there anyone that can help with this?

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I hope everybody can help this.
This morning, i upgraded my Intel HD Graphics 3000 because some programs force me to update it. But, I don't know why, after restaring my laptop, I see that the graphics has changed from Radeon to HD Graphics. You know, HD Graphics is only have 64 MBs of its RAM. Different far away from my Radeon that has 1024 MBs of RAM.

And when I try to playing some games, it says, "Your Graphics card doesn't meet the system requirement". It is very sucks. And then, checking the Device Manager it doesn't show my Radeon graphics anymore.

I want to change my graphics back to Radeon, but can't. I've tried every step from the internet and still not work. There is no message something like this in my desktop: "Switchable Graphics Driver". And every start, the Catalyst Control Center says: "Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics card. Please update your AMD graphics driver or enable your AMD adapter using Displays Manager.". I have followed this from internet:

Click "Start."
Click "Control Panel."
Click "Display."
Click "Change Display Settings."
Click "Advanced Settings."
Click the "Adapter" tab. Select the ATI adapter from the list on screen. Click "Properties."
Click the "Driver" tab.
Click "Enable" to enable the ATI ad... Read more

A:Updating Intel HD Graphics 3000 Makes the Radeon Gone

Anyone could help, please...?

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After a sudden overnight update to Windows 10 the machine started to freeze and crash - mostly while the mouse cursor moves or dialog opens or other display changes happen quickly. I figure I should update the graphics card, which is listed as Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 My Envy 4 machine runs a 64-bit system on core i3 2376 CPU @1.4Ghz For that machine, the Intel website will not give an option for a Windows 10 update. The driver version is wayyyyy behind: version Current version update is for Windows 8 for that graphic card. It is here:https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/81500/Intel-HD-Graphics-3000-for-2nd-Generation-Intel-Core-...The version there is listed as which is signed to a year ago, with a slightly lower version number released 2/2016 (16 months ago). It is only given as an .exe package which will not install because of spec incompatibility. Can I get the Win8 driver for the Win10 machine? If this makes sense where can I get the file itself and how to do this? TIA Yuval    

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Hi there,  i have some problems mit Intel HD Graphics 3000 on HP 8460p.  Since there is no driver available for Windows 10, i can not access Open GL 2.0, is there any fix for this? 

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The problem happend after i ..
right click on desktop > Graphic option > first thing that i cant remember what is it ..
Then the screen suddenly blank ! (The system is still running)..
and i startup with safe mode..it has no problem..
I disabled intel hd grahics 3000 device on safe mode..
and it work's , my screen is not blank anymore..
but without the intel hd grahics i facing many problem like,
cant adjust screen's brightness..

what i should do? maybe reset the setting of intel hd grahics ?
but how..if i enable the intel hd grahics device..it becomes blank again..

someone help me

hp pavilion g series
Microsoft Window 8.1 pro
processor : intel(R) core(TM) i5-2410m cpu
system type:64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

A:Screen Blank after enable intel hd graphics 3000

Hi, Welcome to EightForums,

In order to help resolve your issue can you please advise what the Make/Model of your computer/laptops is and system specs.


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