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[solved] is it possible to mail merge between outlook and excel

Q: [solved] is it possible to mail merge between outlook and excel


i know how to do a mail merge between word and an excel database, but i dont know if it's possible to merge info between outlook (or OE) and an excel database.

please help.

thank you.

Preferred Solution: [solved] is it possible to mail merge between outlook and excel

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A: [solved] is it possible to mail merge between outlook and excel

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Using Excel 2003, I have names and addresses and some other information across 5 different workbooks. I'd like to be able merge these tables into a single table, preserving unique records and avoiding duplicate records. The format varies across the workbooks, but we can make it the same if needed. Tools/"compare and merge workbooks" is currently grayed out. Can you tell us how to do this?

A:Solved: help with excel merge (not mail merge)

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Help - under a Christmas dead line for a mailer and it's been sooo long since I've had to do mail merge from and excel spread into word - everything worked great until it was time to print labels - all the names show if I click the "record" button but I can only get 1 sheet of labels to appear?

A:Solved: Mail Merge from Excel

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I have an excel spreadsheet with names in one column and street and city address in another. I want to make a simple mail merge so I can make labels but I can not figure it out. Any ideas? I am using the mail merge wizard, but when I merge it is all blank.

A:Solved: Word and Excel Mail Merge

You merely have to name the Excel spreadsheet as the source of the data for the mailmerge (I think it is about the 3rd step) where you can select browse to use an existing list (MS calls it a database on this step, even though a spreadsheet isn't really a database).
Have you done all that?
Also, you might want to consider splitting the street and city into two separate columns, just to make it a bit more flexible in arranging your data.

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Hi all,

I have never had this problem before. I have an Excel file with a number of worksheets in it, all running a macro (thanks XLGuru) that prevents the entering of duplicate data in an area of each sheet (it is a seating chart for a number of days). Not too fancy. I have the print areas set and a correct worksheet is set first to have the data taken from.
BUT, when I try to run a mail merge to word in order to print tickets, I get the following message: "Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Excel to complete the task."
I have tried just copyng the data to another Word document and using that for the data info, and that worked fine, so...?

Thanks again, in advance (what a great site)!

A:Solved: Word 97/Excel 97 mail merge problem

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Trying to perform mail merge using outlook contacts

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Ok, just a bit of advice needed on this one for the time being...
I need a macro that will:

- Save all (Excel) attachments from the currently open email message (or a message selected in the Inbox) to a directory on the PC.

- Merge all the saved Excel files into a single file - they're all formated exactly the same - data in about 20 columns, no column headers or anything, just standardised data.

- Save the merged file with a standard name (i.e. every time this is ran, it needs to have the exact same filename).

- Delete all the files in the directory apart from the merged file.

I know there's probably a fair bit of code online for doing the individual parts of this. Can I do both from within Outlook? It doesn't particularly matter if I need to do this in 2 steps - an Outlook macro to save the attachements, and an Excel macro to do the file merge etc.


A:Solved: MS Outlook / Excel macro - extract attachments and merge

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This fixes the problem of having word show an empty address book from Outlook Contact folder when doing a mail/merge in Word.

1. I went to Outlook, clicked on Tools, then Email Accounts, then View or Change Existing Directories or Address Books

2. I then highlighted Outlook Address Book and clicked on Change

3. I then removed each address book listed, clicked on close, clicked on finish.

4. I then went to each Contacts Folder and right mouse clicked and selected the Properties option.

5. I then clicked on the Outlook Address Book tab

6. I put a check mark in the "Show this folder as an email address book"

Prior to all this each contact folder already had this checked. So God only knows why this issue existed but it did.

After doing these 6 steps I went to do a mail merge in word and selected the Contact Folder that had been showing up empty before. It no longer was empty.

A:Solved: Issue with Word mail merge with Outlook 2003

Just a tip: if you want to mark a thread solved, use the Thread Tools at the top of the page instead of double-posting and changing the title. Go ahead and mark your original thread solved, a mod will probably delete this one.

Glad you got your problem sorted.


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we are running office 2003. when doing a mail merge in outlook from our contacts list
word is inserting a blank line into some of the contacts between the address line and the city line.
address line 1
address line2


has anyone else come across this annoying glitch and have any ideas how to fix it???
if you can your a star!

A:Solved: Microsoft Outlook 2003 mail merge problem please help!!

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I'm using Office 2003. I went through the steps of doing a mail merge from word. I selected the Outlook contact folder I wanted to use and it shows no contacts in it. However, there are plenty of contacts in that folder. So I tried another contact folder and it worked just fine. Any suggestion on this one folder?


A:Solved: Word mail merge shows empty outlook contact folder

Right-click that Contacts folder and hit Properties. Go to the Outlook Address Book tab and make sure it's checked to be seen as email address book.

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I have an Excel spreadsheet of contractors. For the majority of the contractors there is more than one email address listed for them. I am attempting to do a mail merge in Word with this data. I have found that if there are multiple e-mail addresses listed in the e-mail cell that word just ignores that row all together and that contractor does not receive any e-mails. Is there any way to make the mail merge send to all addresses, or I would settle to mail to just one at this point , without totally reformatting my excel sheet? I know that I can make multiple entries for the same contractor with each e-mail address listed on a separate row, but this then makes my spreadsheet unusable for other functions within the company. Please Help!

A:Mail Merge w/ Multiple e-mail Addresses in Excel

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Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1 with office 2002 plus Outlook 2003 installed, Exchange 2003 is being used as the e-mail server.

When I do a mail merge from Word 2002 to e-mail for a mass e-mailing in Outlook 2003. The process completes but there are no e-mails sent from Outlook 2003. The e-mails that were merged are never recieved by the recipents that are being set to. Help.

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I have a document that was created in Excel, and would like to insert data from a Word Mail Merge file into one of the cells, can anyone help?

In other words can I insert Word data into an Excel cell?

Thousands of articles on how to insert Excel data into Word, but none the other way.


P.S. I use Excel 2007 at work, but have 2003 at home.

A:Help with Mail Merge INTO Excel

Hi welcome to the forum.
I have no idea how much data you have in word and what kind of data you want in Excel.
Keep in mind that it it's a paragraph or so you will have to keep in mind the max length of text allowed in a cell (I think that is 255 characters) This is also limited depending on the cell format you use, if it's set to General it allows more because it will treat it almos like a memo field as is in Access, but that has it's limits too.
I cannot imagine a reason why you need Word -> Excel but that is besides the point.
It will give us a better idea if you can post a sample of the Excel file and the Word file (no personal data please)

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EXCEL E-Mail Merge

I want to do an E Mail Merge with OUTLOOK and send an EXCEL spreadsheet (not a WORD DOC). Is this possible?

I am very familair with WORD mail merges and OUTLOOK e-mail merges, but can't figure out how to send out a spreadsheet.

Jay H

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Hi, trying to create some labels ( AVERY L7161 ) from a spreadsheet, (see attached)

Can someone help/advise?

A:mail merge from Excel

what i have done so far just includes 18 of the addresses? i.e 1 page?

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I'm trying to Merge an Excel spreadsheet to Outlook and provide alerts for critical dates in said spreadsheet in the Outlook calender !

A:Excel - Merge Excel spreadsheet to Outlook with Alerts

Welcome to TSG faithtronic.

I've never done it but your thread has been setting here a while. A method to do this here http://www.ehow.com/how_5685419_create-calendar-excel-data.html

I would start with a couple of dates so not to screw up the whole calender! There are some sharper excel folk on this site that might provide a better answer. But this is a starting point?

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I used Word 2007 for mail merge to send about 1000 mails to my prospects
After I click the Merge and Complete button, for every email it sends, outlook pops a warning
"Some program is trying to access to send email. If it is not ok, click deny and check your virus settings ..."

I am forced to click "Allow" for every mail, this is too much to take for the number of mails I am sending
Is there a way to disable this warning system when I am doing a mail merge

Kindly help

Thanks and regards
Sasi Sekar K

A:Word 2007 - Outlook Mail Merge Warning for every mail

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Can anyone remind me how to get word 2002 to use the cell formatting from excel in a mail merge. I would rather not put switches in all my documents and once I changed to Office XP a merge field that used to show up as 4.875% now reads 4.8750000000000002E-2.


A:Mail Merge using excel formating

Give the "Tools > Options > General > Confirm conversion on open" suggestion at


a try.


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Hi just a quick question.

Have an old excel documnet that i can use mail merge with, and it works fine. If i then add to that document, and try to use mail merge again i get the following error "not possble to merge doc."

Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Mail Merge Excel Data

Try copying the material into a new doc then add your material and then try the merge.

Copy one page at a time.

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Hi Tech Support Guy,

I would like make mail merge activity by using VBA.

Kindly find the attached file where i have updated name, Email and invoice number.

By using VBA i would like to send Email to respective supplier by replacing below lines.(Marked in yellow)

Hi {Name},

We are pleased informed you of our latest offers.

Please find the respective contact number {number}.


Kindly request you to fix this issue and it wil be highly appriciated!


A:Mail merge by using VBA in excel 2007


Can anyone help me with this?


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I have a good working knowledge of mail merge. I am trying to mail merge from Excel 2007 to Word 2007 onto mailing lables. When I complete the merge only the top row (3 labels), and bottom row right two labels are populated. I have tried running mail merge from an xls document to xlsx document to Word 2007 and Word 2003. I get the same result each time.

My steps are: use the Wizard- select labels- browse for recipents- confirm data source- "MS Excel Worsheets via DDE (*.xls)- entire spreadsheet- arrange labels- update all lables- preview labels- complete merge.

Does anyone know a good work around for this problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Many thanks,

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I have an Excel spreadsheet that has names. I need to automate those names into an E-mail template. Some names will go in the To and CC fields and others will be included in the e-mail template- like a Word mail merge letter. Can this be done? I am willing to purchase software that makes this happen!

Thank you

A:E-mail merge from an Excel report

Have you tried Sarching this Forum for Excel emails, there was one recently that does it using VB Macros.

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Using Windows 98, trying to do Excel to Word mail merge.
Workbook name
Worksheet names:

I have named cell ranges on each of the sheets, and would like to use that information selectively for a variety of mail merges in Word. When doing the merge though, my only choice for Data source, is entire spreadsheet...and my "named" ranges do not show up? Any advice...named ranges are named in following manner:
Board='Board'!$A1!Bx17 etc
Any help would be appreciated, please cc the email to
[email protected] as I will be working on this tonite at home too.

A:Excel/Word Mail Merge

Dear TSGF: No one ever answered my post, so I assume, as is always dangerous, that no one knew the answer. However, I figured it out even though it is not intuitively obvious from the MS standpoint! Here's the answer to my own question"

If you do not have Excel ODBC Drivers, Please install them in this way :

1) Click on Start --> Settings --> Control Panel

2) Select 'Data Sources (ODBC)' and press Enter key.

3) Goto 'System DSN' tab (3rd tab out of 7 tabs) in the "ODBC Data Source Administrator" dialog box.

4) Click on ADD.

5) Select 'Driver do Microsoft Excel (*.xls)' from select driver list box.

6) Click on Finish

Now you will see 'ODBC Microsoft Excel Setup' dialog box.

7) Type a name in 'Data Source Name' and click OK.

Now, Microsoft Excel ODBC Drivers are installed onto your system.

NOTE : You must install Excel ODBC Drivers prior to using mail merge facility.The Microsoft Excel ODBC driver must already be installed.

NOTE: In the Select Table dialog box, you will see all the tables in the workbook, not just the ones from the first sheet.

To connect to Excel using ODBC, follow these steps:

1) From the Get Data list, click Open Data Source.

2) Locate and select the Microsoft Excel file. In the Open Data Source dialog box, make sure that the Select Method check box is selected.

3) Click Open.

4) In the Confirm Data source dialog box, select "Excel Files via ODBC (*.xls)... Read more

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Can anyone advise me if there are limits anywhere to the number of e-mails I can send out simultaneously when using a mail merge to e-mail? I have set up and tested the mail merge and it all works fine, but I don't want to launch the real one only to get problems. I have a mailing list with 1,600 addresses, I'm using Outlook and Word 2011 for Mac to do this.

A:Mail merge to e-mail using Word / Outlook 2011 for Mac

One of the problems your going to face is getting labeled as a spammer. If your sending these internally it may not be a problem. The standard answer for this is to Outsource this if your sending over 100. Good decision not to launch the real one yet.

A detailed response to similar question in StackOverFlow

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Okay, I've been working on this all day and feel like I'm trying to learn brain surgery. Here is my situation.

I have an EXCEL 2007 worksheet (name, address, city/state/zip as headings) saved with 85 records. I go to WORD 2007 and open a new document. Go MAIL>Start Merge, and choose "Label" and select my label (Avery 5160). I then SELECT RECIPIENTS, go to "Existing User" and find my worksheet and open it. The first label is blank and the other 29 labels have <<Next Record>>.

I then go to ADDRESS BLOCK and match my headings for the merge. All 85 of my records show up in the little preview box. <<Address Block>> shows up in the first label.

I then highlight the whole label sheet (clicking on the little corner icon in the top left corner) and change the font to Arial Narrow, 11 point, so the print will fit). Upon hitting "Preview Results", I have the correct address showing in the first label space.

Now I go to UPDATE LABELS and the <<Address Block>> shows up in the #2 and #3 label, and the #29 and #30 label for a total of five labels (1,2,3,29,30). When I preview, this is what I get:

85 pages of labels
Page 1 = Record 2,3,4 on the top row; Record 30,31 on the bottom row;
Page 2 = Record 3,4,5 on the top, Record 31,32 on the bottom;
Page 3 = Record 4,5,6 on the top, Record 32,33 on the bottom, etc. through page 85.

The rest of the labels are blank.

Any suggestions because you can stick a fork i... Read more

A:Excel 2007 Mail Merge with Word

On the Microsoft forums, a semi-fix was posted for the same problem. Go through the Mail Label Wizard and when you get to "Step Four", press "F6" and tab to the "Update Labels" and hit enter (don't use the mouse to "enter". For some reason, that propagates all the labels.

However, for 85 records, it created 85 pages of labels.

Page 1 = Record 1-30;
Page 2 = Record 2-31, etc.

So I printed pages 1, 31, 60 and got my 85 labels.

Is any of this sound familiar to anyone?



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Hey all,

Using Words Mail Merge with Excel as the source, however when i merge to new document, it merges into one long document, as I want to email out the merged letter separately, how can I make the merge to new documents rather than document?

Multiple letters ready to be saved separately for each merged letter.

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I am doing a mail merge with Word2003 - the database info is in an Excel 2003 spreadsheet. The mail merge works just like it always has - UNTIL I get to the last step - Update All Labels. At that point only the first three labels and the LAST two labels on the first page and miscellaneous labels on the next page are populated with information. I do not have this problem on my desktop but I do on my laptop and others have been experiencing the same problem. 11.6359.6360 SP1 is the version of my Word2003 and 11.6355.6360 SP1 is the version of Excel2003. Thanks-Char Gorak

A:Mail Merge Problems with Excel 2003

Closing duplicate, please reply here:



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I am trying to pull a mail merge off between Excel and Word. When I pull Interest Rates off of my excel sheet into word, instead of coming out as "5.00%" they come out "5.0000000000000003E-2)" instead. And then another interest rate "17.00%" gets pulled like "0.17000000000000001." Its really weird. Also my dollar values lose the dollar sign during the merge. Am I doing something wrong? I have setup mail merges before its just these arent working. Any help would be huge!

A:Problem with Excel-Word Mail Merge

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We have Word 2002 and excel 2002 applications we are trying to merge an excel file to Word and we are having problems getting getting the format correct. we have 4 decimal places on excel file, when we merge it to word it changes the format and puts a lot of zeroes on the file.
I also got this window message when we open the word file "Opening this Doc will run the following SQL on Select * From 'Sheet1$' Data from your...Base wil be placed in the Document. Do you wan to continue?"
We always click yes.
I looked at MS KB online the only thing I see is 97,98 older versions of Word and Excel. Has anybody experienced this problem already?
Please help. Thank you

A:Word-Excel Mail merge problem

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Hi all:

We're having a problem with mail merge when importing information from Excel.

The error is as follows:

This task is taking longer than expected.
Do you want to continue waiting?
followed by:
Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Excel to complete the current task.

We have read the Microsoft help information and tried all that was recommended. (no check mark in 'ignore other applications' and the semi colon replacement issue). We also ran a repair on MS Office (v.2000).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Mail Merge problem when importing from Excel

The ONLY thing I can think is to clean up the hard drive.

Then try again.
Otherwise, I'd have to see the doc and the xls files.

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Using a mail merge in Word 2007, importing the data from an Excel spreadsheet.

The problem occurs when there's empty data in the last field out of 4, which are all in one cell in a word table. If any of the first three fields are blank, Word leaves no gap, but if the last field is blank it displays as a blank line, which ruins the vertical alignment. Is there anything that can be done about this, or is it a limitation of the software?

A:Mail merge Excel+Word 2007

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Problem summary:
I'm creating a mail merge document in Word 97. I'm wanting to merge with data in an Excel 97 file. When I click on the Get Data part of the Mail Merge Helper, I keep getting the message:

'Word could not re-establish a DDE connection to Microsoft Excel to complete the current task.'

Any clues as to the possible cause??

Problem background:
1. I never usually have any problems with mail merging to Excel.
2. I am able to merge the Word document to data if the data is in a Word table (but this is inconvenient).
3. I am able to merge the Word document to data in some Excel files but not others.
4. Note that I haven't even got to the stage of entering merge fields in some cases before I get the message.

Any assistance gratefully received.



A:Mail merge problem:DDE connection to Excel


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I understand how to do a basic mail merge from excel into word.

I want to complicate it by merging data from two different sheets in the same workbook into one document.

I have one sheet with Math grades for my students and another sheet with ss grades.

I want to create a status report that will give the parents both Math and SS.

I have the same kids in each class.

Can I do it? I've searched and can only find the same info on how to do it from one sheet.


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I've got a huge document with different data on each line in Excel that I need to imput all into certain fields into a page to print out.

I'm somewhat familiar with the mail merge, and that is really what I need to do, (import the spreadsheet to Access, and mail merge each line into a word document) however, It would be much easier if I could do the same type of mail merge into an Excel Document?

Lotus used to be easier to write command macros to take care of this, but I'm not as familiar with Excel to get the job done quickly...

Any advise?


A:Mail merge type capabilities in Excel?

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I am trying to create an e-mail merge with a word document and data from an excel sheet. I used the Mail Merge wizard, everything seemed in place, previews were correct. I "finished" by putting in a subject name and hitting ok. The box closed, but no e-mails were sent. No error message. Any thoughts? I've tried several times.

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Please look at the attached JPG file. How do I search and replace the character in cell H3? What is causing this character to be inserted in some cells? I am having to manually remove this character from a huge file. Any solutions?? Please help.

A:Excel - Is this a mail merge character in the cell?

Where is the data coming from? It looks as if a certain font was used that is not supported by your computer. IE: the box in theentry field after the word program. Try to copy and paste the font in the cell to a Word document to find out what it is.

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Computer: Dell Inspiron 6000 with 1.5 GHz Pentium M processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Windows version: XP/Pro SP 3 (V. 5.1 Build 2600.xpsp.080413-21111 : SP 3)

Word version 2002.

I have 2 problems with using the Outlook version 2000 Mail Merge feature.

Problem 1:

I want to Mail Merge Outlook contacts into Mailing Labels. however, there is a field missing from the available fields after I complete the all the steps.

I tried this 2 ways:

1. All contacts in current view/All contact fields

2. All contacts in current view/Contact fields in current view--after adding the Categories field to the Current View

I also tried adding a user-defined field and then tried both choices above.

In all cases,the Categories field or user-defined field is missing from the available fields: missing from the Insert Merge Fields and missing from the Mail Merge Recipients dialog box.

Here is the sequence I use:

Open Outlook

Click on Contacts shortcut (or View/Go To/Contacts)

Tools/Mail Merge

Select All contacts in current view/All contact fields from the dialog box choices. Select Mailing Labels from the Document type drop down box.

Click OK

Click OK on the warning message: "Outlook has created a MailMerge document...."

In the Mail Merge Helper dialog box, click on Main Document/Setup

Select the label product/type from the Label Options dialog box. Click OK

Click on Data Source/Get Data/Use Address Book. Select Outlook Address Book. Note that the Categories field is not include... Read more

A:Missing field(s) in Outlook contacts using Outlook Mail Merge

I would export my contacts to an excel spreadsheet then run mail merge. You never know whats going on inside outlook...

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I am trying to mass e-mail to a list of contacts on both my outlook contacts or an excel spreadsheet.

I am having a hard time trying to merge and then e-mail the test messages. We usually use Lotus notes, but I have a seperate account in Outlook that I am using. I have set outlook as the default mail program and for some reason when I finish the merge nothing happens and no e-mail is getting sent.

Does anyone hav any ideas of how I can get this to work or what else I can do for troubleshooting.

Thanks so much in advance.

A:Mail Merge in Outlook 2002 for e-mail

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I have done mail merges for years, but for some reason, the word merge document can not find any excel data folders.

I have a fairly new Dell laptop running windows 7. My Excel program seems to run OK and Word seems to run OK as well.

After I browse for the data file and select it, I get "OLE DB Database Files". I hit "OK" and then I get another box that says

"Word was unable to open the data source".

What am I doing wrong?

A:2007 word-excel mail merge problem

The Word document you're using is that based on a previous word version?
There may be a problem with the docuemnt reference files or something like that since it uses a kind of ODBC link to read the data and probably cannot find the expected reference and throws the error.
I don't know the solution to this but it's meant as a tip to try and point you in the right direction.
Office versiosn are nat all the dwonward compatible as they like us to think

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I need to send mails to about 20 clients. I have an excel file that each row contains the details of 1 letter. There is a column that I will enter codes that identify each client. The addresses of the client is on another page of the excel file.

Now, I have to manually enter the address while mail merge. Is there any way I can do something like a "vlookup" in word, so that the word can identifies each client and refer to the address?

Thanks for your help~~

A:How to merge mail with address on a seperate sheet of excel??

Normally you would have all the variable parts of the letter in Excel on the same sheet and the body of the letter in Word. It sounds like you have the body in Excel as well. But it's difficult to visualise what you are trying to do. Can you attach a sample of your Word and Excel files.

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I am trying to merge Excel spreadsheet data into multiple areas into a Word document. I cannot figure out on our 2003 Office version if I am missing a step or not...every time I "merge" it tells me it is merging hundreds of fields (we only have about 60 rows and 15 columns of data).

When the merge is done it inserts one row of data multiple times. I know there is a way to tell it to only pull from certain areas (like a data range) but the selection is "greyed out". I've tried the "if" statement to pull information by department and that didn't work either. I've included a PDF of the spreadsheet and the final document (no "real" data is inputted) just to give you a clue as to what I am trying to accomplish..which may be a pipe-dream at this point.

At this stage I'm about willing to let my staff hand-enter the information into Word, but there's got to be a way to do this. MS Office help, is no help - they only talk about merging if you are doing a mail/letter merge. Thanks for any assistance!

A:Using Excel NOT for Mail Merge but Merging Data into Word

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I have Office 2003 with a Vista operating system. Everytime I try to do a mail merge to create label with a Excel csv file it forces me to close the application.

I can complete the mail merge using the same file on any other computer. The only why I can get the mail merge to work is to save a csv file as a regular excel file. It doesn't matter what csv file I try on, it just crashes word.

Tried unistall and re-install of Office and the problem is still occuring.

I don't know why word won't allow me to use th csv file type.

Please hlep

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Hi there,

I'm trying to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document that already has the mail merge set up in it. Whenever I try to do this, I select the source after which it just sits there with a message in Word indicating 'Initiating DDE Link with Microsoft Excel.' I tried it with the same document on another machine and it worked... Is there another way other than reinstalling Word and Excel to fix an issue like this. I already tried /unregserver and /regserver and also tried creating another document with a mail merge.

Thanks a lot in advance!!

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When I create a mail merge to merge number into a letter, the numbers show up with 14 decimal places. I am not trying to input money or any other number format into my letter, just simple two digit number. The number should look like 4.16., but looks like this: 4.1699999999999999.

I've tried changing the format in Excel, but no luck.

Any suggestions?

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Am using Windows 7 with 64 bits and I am trying to import information from an Excel7 spreadsheet into Printshop 23.1 mail merge. Have addressed several issues: Win 32 extension installed, turned Excel7 info into .txt format, have successfully merged the two.

What I am experiencing is ALL of the information (only 4 text columns) with 175 lines will not merge into workable file. I am told by the UltraMail Merge program that I can match column headings but when I do, the information is either in the wrong order OR missing certain fields altogether. I know this is an older version of Printshop (purchased in December of 2011) but I do not want to lose all my projects if I purchase a newer version. Any ideas on how to make this one work?

If not, do I need to uninstall my older version before installing new? OR, can I install the new and the old will merge?

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I'm the General Manager for a UPS Store and am wanting to send out several hundred post cards to a local post office that is closing down in order to try and get their PO Box customers business. I, however, do not want to type the same thing over and over for 3 hours. Basically the format will look like this:

Current Resident
PO Box 7000
Dallas TX, 75248

Current Resident
PO Box 7001
Dallas TX, 75248

Current Resident
PO Box 7xxx and so on

I know there has got to be a way to do this in Excel and then do a Mail Merge into Publisher. I can do the mail merge with no problem, I just need to figure out how to list those PO Boxes in a sequential order. Thanks for all the help!


A:Excel: I need to know how to list sets of sequential PO Boxes for a Mail Merge

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