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Avoid that the input window of the product keys is displayed

Q: Avoid that the input window of the product keys is displayed


Using Windows ADK 10 v1511, I injected the three product keys in the respective volume images of the Multiple Editions (MSDN) and Education (MSDN) isos of Windows 10 v1511.

When, however, I boot these isos, the input window of the product keys is still displayed during the first installation phase of Windows 10. Why?

How do I avoid that this window appears in order to immediately display the window that allows to choose the edition to install?



Preferred Solution: Avoid that the input window of the product keys is displayed

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Avoid that the input window of the product keys is displayed

Originally Posted by balubeto

How do I avoid that this window appears in order to immediately display the window that allows to choose the edition to install?



You can't do both. You can't skip the presentation of the product key window and have it ask for which edition to install. Insert the product key for the edition you want installed in a PID.txt file:


Product key goes in place of xx's obviously. Save the PID.txt file in the sources directory of the Windows 10 Install media. That will skip the product key window, but it will also define which version of Windows 10 gets installed so it will also skip the choose which version choice window as well.

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The answers to this is probably no, but I'll try anyway

So I know a fool who spilt some stuff all over their laptop keyboard and the keys can be a bit sticky, especially the F keys. Now, one time in ten, on boot, it goes crazy at the bios screen with one constant beep that will not stop until you force the power down with the on button. Simply swiping all over the keys in a random fashion usually allows it to boot next time.

Is there any way to avoid this happeneing without totally disabling the keyboard as he operates a dual boot system and need to be able to select the correct OS

Silly question, isn't it


A:Avoid stuck keys messing with boot

Not silly at all...
Many laptop replacement keyboards are actually reasonably priced though and that would be my suggestion.

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Please could one of you give me a valid PosReady 2009 product key as the one Microsoft provided me with was invalid according to the installer.

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how can we avoid the updation of xp by the internet.........can we delete or uninstall these updates....

A:avoid window xp updation through internet?????????/

Why would you want to do that ? Those updates are meant to keep your system secure and stable.

To deactivate the automatic updates go to control panel => security center => manage security settings for automatic updates (at the bottom).

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Where can I input the Windows Product Key?

A:Where can I input the Windows Product Key?

Hello mobile1,

If your Windows is currently not activated by a key, then you could use OPTION TWO in the tutorial below to enter your key and activate.

Activate Windows 7 Online

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I have a Sony Vaio that I got last fall. It runs Windows 7. The last couple of days, it began showing a notification about F7 when I press the regular number 6 (in addition to typing 6), and when I press F7, it does the exact same thing (also typing 6). The notification it shows goes like this: "Pressing F7 turns Caret Browsing on or off. This feature places a moveable cursor in web pages, allowing you to select text with the keyboard. Do you want to turn Caret Browsing on?" Every time I type the number 6 now I have to close that notification window, which is really annoying! Is there anything I can try to fix this?

A:6 and F7 keys now have identical input

Have you tried cleaning the laptop's onboard keypads? There are certain online videos on how to disassemble and probably an online manual for particular Vaio laptops.

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I dont know if this even possible but my hope that is nothing impossible hehe, I've searched a bit and coudnt find a good solution or even a bad one for my small uncomfortable problem

Win 7 64 Bit,
What my question is or more a request for a solution is, I would like to find out/know how to switch input from TV/Monitor speakers to my headphones

for reference I have Logitech G110 keyboard with marcos and Logitech G35 headphones

I appreciate anyones time with helping me even with a small answer if its impossible, thanks for your time)

A:Help with binding keys please, for sound input

You may want to try these steps and check if it works:

1. Open the Control Panel. (Classic View) NOTE: Open the Start menu and click on the Control Panel menu button.

2. Click on the Sound icon.

3. Click on the Recording tab.
NOTE: This will also work in the Playback tab, but there are usually not any hidden audio devices there.

4. Right click on an empty area and click on Show Disabled Devices.

5. You will now see the disabled audio devices with the arrow pointing down on them.
NOTE: These audio devices will vary depending on the installed audio card or chip you have.

6. Right click on each listed disabled audio device that you want to enable and click on Enable.

7. You will now see this when the audio devices are enabled.
NOTE: You can now change the properties settings on these audio devices to how you want them.

8. Click OK to close the Sound window.

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i bought a HP desktop computer (HP Prodesk 600G1). from a lightning strike the main board busted. i bought a new main board how do i input the previous Genuine product key in to the bios. ( My OS is windows 8.1) please help on this.

A:how do i input the previous Genuine product key in to the bios

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... First the old OEM Product Key will not work on a new Motherboard ..

Impossible to put a Product Key in to the BIOS this is done with special tools ..

Also it would be illegal ...

I am sure HP have been helpful with replacing the Board and a new Product Key ...

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I just received this helpful article from Microsoft, and thought it might come in handy for anyone needing to ID, locate, or replace a product key.


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I am looking for my product key for my Norton Internet Security program that I had to re-install because,for some reason I got a "tampered" error message and it told me to re-install the program...I went ahead and re-installed, and it never asked me for the product key(although, I thought it would, and then I would have been in trouble because I downloaded the program and do not know where I put the key)...everything installed fine but in the event somewhere down the road that I will need it, I am sure it is on my computer somewhere, but I don't know where...this is all legit, I paid for the key...

Is there a program that will gather up all of the "product keys" for all of the installed programs that require them, on my computer?

thanks in advance,


A:Product Keys

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I noticed on both my desktop and laptop that product keys for Win 8.1 Pro with media center are different from the original Win 8 ones before I upgraded through the store.
Does this mean that I can use this new key to install Win 8.1 pro with media center and the DVD I created from the 8.1 Pro iso file?
Thank you

A:product keys

Hello Peter,

The product key for Windows 8.1 Pro w/WMC can only be used to add WMC back. It cannot be used to activate Windows 8 or 8.1 with.

You would need to install Windows 8 first, activate it with your Windows 8 product key, then add Windows 8.1 Pro w/WMC using the "I already have a product key" option in Add Features.

Hope this helps,

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Would appreciate your help.

Have an Acer with a COA showing the product key for Windows 7.
Ran Belarc Advisor, and it shows a different Product key for Windows 7.

Any clues as to why he PKs do not match?

Also, planning to install Windows 10 Home, and wondering which of these Product IDs it will affect when it digitally signs the install.

Thank you!

A:Different Product Keys?

Have an Acer with a COA showing the product key for Windows 7.
Use this one for activation.
Ran Belarc Advisor, and it shows a different Product key for Windows 7.
All Acer's with 7 home have that same factory key.

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Hi Guys,

Have a question. There's a file called product.ini in the sources directory on the Win 7 Install Media. There are N and E keys in this file. What are these keys, anybody know?

A:Product.INI Keys

Those are default windows 7 keys for Windows 7 N and E Editions . Used for deployments .

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Hi All, I just downloaded build 7600.16834 iso (x64) and looking at the website below which shows the install screens the RTM version is asking for a product key. Does anyone know what to use as a product key as I only have the RC Keys.

I am sure I have read somewhere that you can skip entering the key and then re-arm the RTM version for 120 days. Is this correct?
I don't want to wipe a perfectly good system only to get to the end of the RTM install where you input the key and be stuck there!

A:RTM Product Keys

Yes that is correct...you may rearm 120 days; that will get you past the October 22nd release of Windows 7


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Hi, I just realized I have to "Activate" my windows copy soon and after putting in the CORRECT cd key, it said the # of times that I could use this CD key was depleted, how sould I go about getting windows/

A:XP Product keys

Was this the first time you used this key code?
How many times have you installed the O.S. on the system in question? Was it the key code you are now trying to use?
Is the system you put in on the only system it has ever been on?

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Hi there,

Could someone help me sort my thoughts please?

The OEM SLP is the product key that is used by the factory and is the product key found if you use a keyfinder program such as Belarc or Magical Jellybean keyfinder. If you restore to factory via the recovery partition or by using the recovery discs provided/created, this OEM key will be recognized by the BIOS and will self activate. Right?

The COA SLP product key that is found on the sticker, either on the side, bottom or sometimes in a laptop's battery compartment of your computer is a valid product key, though should only be used in limited situations (such as a case when the OEM SLP key stops self-activating for whatever reason), and this key, if used to restore to factory, must be activated by phone. Right?

Are my thoughts correct? If not, please correct me.

Thank you,

A:OEM and COA product keys

Hi DonnaB
You are basically correct except one can use the OEM COA key found on the Microsoft sticker anytime you do a Clean Install or a Repair Install.
I recommend righting down that Sticker key and don't forget where you put it.

Many do a Clean Install to get away from the factory install and end up with a Clean Windows 7 install. No factory junk or bloatware.

After a Clean Install using the key on the Microsoft sticker the factory OEM/SLP key is no longer of use unless one uses the factory recovery method.

Some times a phone call will be needed after a Clean Install but most often not.

The big problem people have going from OEM/SLP to a OEM key is finding a proper Microsoft DVD with the proper Windows 7 SP-1 to match the Microsoft Sticker COA key.

Please remember that the Microsoft Sticker COA key will only work on the computer it came with.

Any questions please ask.

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Hi, everyone, Does anyone know How to find the PRODUCT KEY (not the PID) numbers in the XPHome edition?

A:Product Keys?

Hello, Everyone: I didnt know it was against the rules and i am not pirating anything. I could not find them on the back of PC but I finally found them on the side! I just wanted to know what they are incase i need them to get back in if something crashed my pc! Because i heard that you can not get back into a pc without them? Maybe i was misinformed, any way if you want to Delete the thread, its ok with me. I am pretty new at this stuff (as you can tell) and am still learning. I apologize to all, TOM

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I got a HP Vectra420 with P4 with 512MB RAM and XP license on it.

Whats confusing me is the sticker "Windows XP Proffessional 1-2 CPU"?. It also syas "One Time Choice Only". Whats does this mean?.


A:Win XP with 2 Product Keys.

The XP pro operating system can run on systems with 2 cpu's on
the motherboard.
The OEM license(original equipment manufacturer)license is only
for use on the one computer.

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Here is what happened. My dad gave me his laptop 4 years ago, I have been using it as my main pc since then. He did not give me any windows disk or install disks, but I do have its windows product key, its on the bottom of the laptop. I tried to download the ISO from windows but it said that product key was not supported so I just used the 7 upgrade disk I have for my old PC that I now use as a DVR / server. HD formated, reinstall complete, now it wants a valid product key. So I put the one from the laptop in, it says its not a valid product key.

I have a valid product keys for both machines, why won't this work? More importantly, how can I get it to work? Please help, I need this machine.

A:Reinstalled windows 7 formatted HD, input product key, error

Double-check the product key. Many times an "8" is mistaken for "B" or vice versa. Same way with letter "O" and number "0".

However if the DVR/Server OS is still active, that product key has been used for that copy of Windows and can't be used again and that copy of Windows is tied to that product key only. The Product Key on the PC is for a "OEM" version. If you can find an OEM version, exact same version as was originally installed you should be able to use that and the Product Key from the laptop sticker.

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Okay, so my keyboard (Offbrand Chinese stuff; only labeling on it is Facebox written on the front) was working fine until two days ago, I wasn't doing anything specific, just browsing the web, and noticed that the typing was kinda iffy, so I tested it out, and here are the results:

The keyboard registers a held key as if it's being tapped repeatedly, independent of Windows' key repeat setting. Also, if I held Shift and tapped a key, for example Shift-A, it will come out as Aa half the time.

I've tried disassembling the keyboard to make sure it was clean, and reinstalling the drivers via Device Manager didn't work.

Another example of the problem is that if I'm in a game and hold down W, the character will move a bit, stop, move a bit, stop, and repeat that loop until I let go.

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Friend has an upgraded PC with XP with a HD that is going bad. He has CD but has lost product key. Does MS put some ID on HD that can be used in replacing HD ? Could I copy/ clone present HD and install on new HD? Can you move OP XP to new PC? He also lost key for MS office CD.

A:Solved: MS Product Keys

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After review most of the Vista posts, and searching my Compac Prosario, I cannot find the rquired product key for Office Picture Manager. It is only partially functional, and I find that I have already activated Office Word. But I cannot find any way to obtain a product key -- to buy or whatever. Of course I tried MS web site, but no help found. Any clue would be greatly appreciated.

A:Vista asking for more 25 Product Keys

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Win 10 Home ..........................TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
Win 10 Pro .............................VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

Those are the known generic product keys.

I have a pre-install Win 7 Home Premium > upgraded to Win 10 Home
I ran my speccy and it gave me this "serial number"..........
T49TD - 6VFBW - VV7HY - B2PXY - MY47H

I have seen this set of numbers mentioned in the net.
I know it is NOT my Win 7 key.
So, what is it ?

A:About Win 10 generic product keys

It is most likely a generic key that the OEMs use to activate hundreds of systems. So this key is not unique to your system and therefor useless for activation.

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I recently bought Windows 7 Professional via the student deal. I've read that when buying Windows 7 for the full price you get both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions included on the disc. This is not the case with the student deal as my cd includes the 32 bit version only.
At the moment I want to have the 32 bit version on 2 machines. But in the near future I want to have 32 bit on 1 machine and 64 bit on another machine.
If I also buy the 64 bit version, will I be able to use the product keys interchangeably? i.e. Can I install the 32 bit version from disc 1 but use the product key from the 64 bit disc 2?

Thanks in advance for any input.

A:Product keys interchangeable?

Welcome to Seven Forums.

You can use the product key for either 32bit or 64bit, but can only use the key for one installation on one computer.

If you install Win7 Professional 32bit and use your product key to activate, then later you can install the Win7 Professional 64bit version and use the same key. Just not both at the same time.

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Hi, I have a question about Vista product keys. I recently bought a retail version of Vista business, intending to use it for a new computer I plan to get in the near future, but didn't realize you had to get a 64 bit version (the computer will be 64 bit), and that the retail version only comes with the 32 bit version, and you have to contact Microsoft to get the 64 bit one. Since Microsoft no longer sells Vista, I'm out of luck. So I was thinking about getting an OEM version of Vista Business 64 bit, and wondered if I could activate it with my product key from my retail version, thereby allowing me to save the OEM key if I need it later on. So in essence I would have two copies of Vista to activate, if this would work. When I searched on the internet, the question is usually asked the other way around (can an OEM key be used on a retail copy of windows - apparently the answer is no), so hence my question.

A:Product keys and versions

Don't know where you found that information as I have a retail version with an OEM key on my laptop

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I have two computers with two Windows 8 Product keys. Since I have installed them back in 2012, I have forgot which one goes to which computer. I have tried using various software to retrieve the product key. However, the key I got was the upgrade key for the Media Center (not the one I used to install Windows 8).

Is there any method I can actually match the Windows 8 product key to the right computer?

A:Two Computers and Two Product Keys

Hello Ladashea, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If these are PCs that came with Windows 8 preinstalled, then the original product key will be stored in your motherboard's UEFI/BIOS firmware, and will automatically be detected when reinstalling Windows.

Hope this helps,

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I am currently running Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit (OEM version) on my computer. However, I would like to be running 64 Bit Windows 7 as my friend recently purchased x64 OEM 7 Professional for himself, and reported that compatibility is not as big a problem anymore (the reason I decided against x64 at the time of me buying). My question is, am I able to use his 64 Bit installation disc, install that onto my computer, and activate with my current 32 Bit product key? Do I possibly need to "unactivate" my 32 bit installation first, or something of the sort?

---------- Post added at 07:53 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:23 PM ----------

OK, in that case I should do a clean (custom) install, installing on my current Windows 7 x86 partition, and when it comes to inputting the product key and activation it should not have a problem? My concern is that it is the OEM edition of 7, and I am aware that the licensing terms are more restrictive than the retail versions.

A:OEM Windows 7 Product Keys

Yes you can, but may need to call to reactivate should you encounter an error.

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Sorry if this is a stupid question; I don't really do Windows anymore, someone has just asked me!

If I have a desktop with a Windows XP license key on the back, can I use any copy of the same version of Windows XP to reinstall it? For example, the student license one I get free from uni?

Just curious.

A:How do product keys work?

Short answer...Yes
Assuming that no major hardware such as mother board as been replaced on the target computer.
Assuming that the install medium is not designed specifically for one brand/ model of computer.

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Hello, I have a question I hope someone can help me with.
I have a Toshiba laptop given to me by my brother, it is running Vista Home Premium 32 bit, however he has it so messed up that I wanted to do a clean reinstall of the Vista and start over with it. My problem is it came with Vista Home Premium preinstalled on it when he bought it new. I have the product key on the underneath of the laptop but he lost the disk. Now I have a disk to upgrade to Vista Home Premium which is the same as already installed on the laptop, however I don't have the product key for the disk I have.

My question is will the product key on the laptop work if I use the Vista upgrade disk. They are both the same version Home Premium.

Thank you

A:Question about Product Keys

it should, the key is not disc specific, rather program specific. try it, if it accepts it, then yay! =D

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Well, I'm not to good with small talk so lets get right down to it.
I'm going to be ordering a new laptop next month, but all of the systems I've looked at only come with vista. Now one of the things I'm going to be using this new laptop is to play an mmorpg on it(not to mention that my current laptop is ancient). I've been playing this game on a console for the last few years and wanna try it with better graphics/framerate, but the problem is this game and vista aren't sopposed to play well together.
Now I have an oem disc for windows xp, but I used the product key on my current laptop when I upgraded it from 98(like I said, ancient). I'm going to be erasing this current laptop and giving it away to be refurbished, will I be able to re-use my oem disc to downgrade my new laptop and use the product key to activate it or am I gonna have to feed ms more of my money for a new oem disc(or is there away to get just a product activation key cheap)?
Sorry if this is the wrong place for this kind of questiong and thank you for any answers.

A:About Product Keys And Activating

Hi Kaiselius and welcome to motherboards.

What make and model of laptop are you interested in purchasing? Are you located in the US?

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I have a computer I bought factory refurbished from a popular on-line retailer. I have a sticker on the side of the case with the product key on it. It is the official sticker with 5 groups of 5 letters and numbers. However, I ran SIW to check the numbers and they are different! What if I ever need this key? I guess the one SIW gives me is right but I don't know how to proceed. Have you heard of this? Is the one inside Windows from SIW correct? Thanks for any advice.

Here's what Brink posted on his tutorial. I followed these directions to check product key. It's not the product ID in control panel>system....that would be my first thought.
Product Key Number

I also ran this one and got the same thing as SIW gave me.

A:Two different product keys for Vista

Hi Nate,

That is normal.

The one on the sticker is the license you bought.

The manufacturer hasn't got time to install Vista on each machine individually and type in all the product keys.

They do one install on a master hard drive including all the oem proprietary programs , then copy it on to huge numbers of drives which go into the machines.

That master image has a special product key and activation code , and works on all those machines - it is , if you like an "extra" key.

The "recovery"partition and dvd's also contain that key and code.

If you restore the image from the recovery media, it is already activated.

If you wish to use a proper install dvd - you can use the key from the drive - but only if you use the activation code as well.

Otherwise you need to use the key from the sticker for that.

Hope it helps

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does any1 know were i can get some product keys for windows XP sp2 i have lost my activating keys.

A:Were can i get some product keys for my windows XP SP2

Is the computer still functional meaning the OS is still running? If it is, there are software that can retrieve product keys from the registry and allow you to safe it for safekeeping.

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HOw do i obtain windows 7 64 product keys


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I have to reinstall my XP Pro OS on my work PC. The XP CD for that is fairly old and only has SP1. I recently got a laptop with XP Pro SP2. Can I Install the OS using the laptop XP CD that has SP2 and type in the product Key for the older XP machine so I don't have to spend hours updating the SP1 install to SP2. I've done this with MS Office in the past when the silver coating on the CD got scraped off and I just installed with an Office CD from another machine and used the Product Key from the broken CD license.

These are DELL machines if that makes any difference. The last time I reinstalled the laptop OS using the CD, I can't remember typing in the product key and I don't want to have any issues with licensing and activation.


A:XP install with different Product Keys

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I have Dell Inspirion 13 7000 - with per-installed win 10 home.
I bought Win 10 Pro that i must install on the laptop - but during installation of PRO verrsion it activates the home version and doesn't allows me to change the product key.
How to change the product key - i think it is somewhere in the bios / uefi firmware ?
how can i install my WIN 10 PRO on this laptop.

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Bought a DELL Inspiron 660 around middle of Dec. 2012 with windows 8 Home installed. Guess is Windows OEM at that time.
After several weeks Microsoft have a "Giveaway" , that anyone with windows 7 and Up [ LEGAL OR NOT ], can Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro, FOR usd 15.00 [ Lost the receipt when Yahoo crash last month, Had in one of Yahoo Flders ]
Actually have a Microsoft Tech installed the OS with Remote access and I was given a New set of Product keys for the new windows 8 Pr w/Media Center.

Now I have trouble getting an ISO or a DVD of Windows 8.1 , if I need a clean install of the OS in the future?

A:Not Sure is OEM or Retail Product Keys?

Welcome to Windows EightForums, xptowindows8.

No offense intended, but this is confusing to me the way you explained this. So as I understand > You bought the Windows 8 Pro w/ MC via Yahoo?

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there is this Compaq computer that I believe needs a repair installation since printers cant be added or installed on it (tried everything)...it doesnt have the XP CD since it was an OEM installation...I have a different model Compaq and that came with the XP CD...is it possible to use this CD for the OEM installation (both computers have product key stickers)....any help is appreciated

A:Question: One XP CD, two product keys ??

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Hi there, I bought a brand new Acer Aspire 5741 that came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. As always I have saved the Product Key from the COA sticker on the bottom. Just out of curiosity I decided to try a Product Key finder program. I tried two (Nirsoft's ProduKey and Glary Utilities' System Information) and they both show a different Product Key to the one on the COA sticker. Why would this be? Thanks for any help.

A:Conflicting Product Keys

Quote: Originally Posted by kiwichick

Hi there, I bought a brand new Acer Aspire 5741 that came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. As always I have saved the Product Key from the COA sticker on the bottom. Just out of curiosity I decided to try a Product Key finder program. I tried two (Nirsoft's ProduKey and Glary Utilities' System Information) and they both show a different Product Key to the one on the COA sticker. Why would this be? Thanks for any help.

Could have originally had vista on it and may have been updated to win 7. How old is the comp?

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 I am a bona fide 'owner' (Since people can no longer own Operating Systems these days) of a Windows 7 Home Premium dwsktop system (Complete with license, COA, Disc and all) which I installed myself and activated two years back. I am a persistent user
and fan of the Windows 7 OS and will not be upgrading to any other operating system that Microsoft releases any time soon nor will ever. But then so I bought an Asus Laptop model FX550J that came pre-loaded with Windows 8.1 and was coerced into upgrading to
Windows 10 which i refused. And now want to remove the Windows 8.1 (which I have already removed) and fit in windows 7 Home Premium. I have tried sourcing a retail version of the Windows 7 Home Premium software but so far have been unsuccessful so that I can
get the activation thing out of the way since there is so much I have to do and activation is a nag I need to put behind me. I have the media (in the form of the Windows 7 disc that came with the desktop system) but I miss the product key to activate the software
with (Since the product key for that has been used to activate my desktop system which is still running the OS without so much as a BSOD). I am wondering if maybe there would be a place I could be pointed to to buy the key so I can activate the OS. I have
tested the operations on the new laptop within the grace period and I have been more than pleased with it and thereafter uninstalled the OS as such refrained seemingly from breaking any laws ... Read more

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*** Admin, if I'm not supposed to be asking these types of questions, please delete and let me know so I don't ask again. ***

I'm just curious if the Windows 7 Ultimate keys that people are selling on eBay are legit or not. I see them ranging from $15 to $30.

Is there a way to verify a product key?

A:Question Regarding Product Keys

Quote: Originally Posted by wangster

*** Admin, if I'm not supposed to be asking these types of questions, please delete and let me know so I don't ask again. ***

I'm just curious if the Windows 7 Ultimate keys that people are selling on eBay are legit or not. I see them ranging from $15 to $30.

Is there a way to verify a product key?

Probaby not legit. A member last week bought Key & DVD from ebay that Microsoft says was invalid Only Microsoft can verify a valid key So it cannot be checked ahead of time Buyer Beware

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Is the product key directly related to the install disk? That is, can I install Windows 7 on a computer and use a different product key than the disk I'm using to install, assuming this different product key is unregistered?

Or in another light: If I install using a registered copy but enter my legal copy's product key, is this a valid installation? Can this even be done?

A:Product Keys: install from different disk then product key disk

There is no product key information on the installation disks.

If the version of Windows you install is the same as the product key you intend to use, it will be fine.

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Two questions:

1. I am wondering what the difference among these three are. For example, I remember while installing my (legal) copy of XP about an year ago, at which time, though it accepted the CD key, when I tried to activate it using that same key, it said that the key was wrong! Now, it is an year later and I don't remember what exactly I did.

2. My XP machine is activated and kosher. However, I don't want to have to struggle with what I did last year. So, I used Magic Jelly Bean to try and get my activation code that is currently on my PC? I retrieved two sets of numbers.

A. The first one is the CD key/Serial number
B. The second one says "Product ID match to CD key data". Is this what is known as the "activation code"?


A:Difference between CD, Product and activation keys

legal copy of xp - explain. is it a full retail version? upgrade version? one that came with that specific system? retail oem or system builders version?

the key must match the version of xp that is installed. Is the key you recovered using magic jelly bean the same one that came with the disk you are trying to install with?

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Are Windows 7 Product Keys tied to bit type as well as the version (Home Premium, Professional, etc)?

If one buys, say, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, but decided to fall back to Professinoal 32-bit, does the Product Key work?

I have only used 32-bit XP and Vista, but am looking at switching to 64-bit with Windows 7 (new PC purchase) and I wasn't sure if the Product Keys are tied to the bit type you are using. Obviously, they are tied to the version (Home Premium, Professional, etc).

I've had the impression with the Windows 7 Beta/RC that a Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key, for example, will work on the 32 or 64-bit version, but wasn't sure.

I've poked around on the Internet and this forum and haven't found a clear answer.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

A:Question about the Windows 7 Product Keys

As far as i know, Windows 7 will ship as both x86 & x64 so 1 key should work for both....But don't quote me on it, it would be a smart choice

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I've used the product key in the box to activate my 32-bit Windows 7 Home Basic, but I now want to install the 64-bit version. Will it ask me for the product key again? If so, will I be able to use the same one? I don't want to install 64-bit, have it not work, then be unable to use anything I purchased. I'd like to not brick my system.

Thanks guys.

A:Are product keys usable on both 32 and 64-bit Windows 7?

Hello Tom, and welcome to Seven Forums.

A product key number for Windows 7 can be used to activate both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Only one can be installed and activated at the same time though.

Since you installing 64-bit on the same system to replace the 32-bit installation, you are fine. The 64-bit will also require that you have a 64-bit CPU, and to use 64-bit drivers for your devices as well.

Hope this helps,

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I just gotta know if these are for real or if it is a scam or something.
These sellers have 100% positive feedback. I could use a new product key.

A:Windows product keys on ebay?

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I have been asked by a family member to 'reset' their ASUS windows 7 laptop (2011 vintage) by reinstalling the OS. The copy of windows on the machine has become corrupted, making the machine difficult to use.
I decided the best way was to backup user data and do a clean reinstall using a new copy downloaded from Microsoft. That way i could also get rid of all the ASUS bloatware and just have windows and its components. So far so good. My problems started when i went to download the file from Microsoft. I had to enter the product key before i could download it. I was running a backup at the time so didnt want to turn off to see the key on the back of the machine. I downloaded Belarc Advisor free to obtain the windows product key. Fine. Key copied into webpage. Microsoft said the key was invalid! No explanation just wouldnt accept it. Tried typing it again, copied and pasted the key from the Belarc results page, still no good. I even downloaded Magic Jellybean to get a 'second opinion'. Still the key would not work. The operating system has not been changed or upgraded save for regular updates so as far as i was concerned the key was right.
once the backup was finally finished  i was able to shut down and turn the laptop over to see the label on the back. There i found a completely DIFFERENT product key from the one i had previously obtained!! Hopefully problem solved (havent dared try it yet). What baffles me is why should i have 2 keys for the same machine/... Read more

A:2 Product Keys for one copy of Win7?

There is a product key and a product ID.
Computer manufacturers (OEM) install a Windows 7 image using a special product key (product ID) that is tied to the motherboard's BIOS. The Certificate of Authenticity (COA) product key is found on the sticker affixed to your computer.  This certifies that the Windows 7 operating system installed is a legal version. 

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