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Dell XPS 15 (9560) fan always on when using USB C (thunderbolt 3) port

Q: Dell XPS 15 (9560) fan always on when using USB C (thunderbolt 3) port

My new XPS 15 9560's fan are always on when connect to the external monitor using the USB C port. While searching for the issue online, I found many people saying having similar issues - either connect using a USB C dock or any USB C adapter.
I also have checked the temperatures of the CPU, it's in mid 30s, not high. the temperature of the PCH jumps to 50C from 35C when I connect to the USB C port.. I wonder it must the PCH causing the issue?

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Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 15 (9560) fan always on when using USB C (thunderbolt 3) port

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi guys,
i have a new Dell Xps 15 9560 and TB16 thunderbolt dock. Everything works great, except.... If TB16 is connected to the laptop, it's impossible to shut down the computer. Instead of powering down, laptop restarts. When TB16 not connected, laptop shuts down perfectly. How to fix this? Thanks in advance!

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I'm attempting to get my XPS 15 9560 ready for the TB-16 dock. I've been struggling with it for a couple weeks now and earlier today used Windows Fresh Start to delete all drivers and try again.
Following the proper order of manual installations I have so far:
- Updated the bios to 1.5.0 - Installed Intel Thunderbolt Controller Driver - ,A03- attempted to install Intel(R) Thunderbolt 3 Firmware Update - ,A02
This is where the problem occurs.After preparing the installation the installer for the thunderbolt firmware fails, reporting
"the Intel thunderbolt controller driver needs to be updated before the thunderbolt firmware can be updated. Please visit Dell website to download the latest version and update the driver. Then re-run this utility"I have redownloaded and removed then installed the Thunderbolt Controller driver a few times not but it still isn't recognized by the Thunderbolt Firmware as being new enough.Here's a screenshot from the Thunderbolt software details pane.Any help to get the Firmware installed would be very much appreciated. Please let me know if there is other information needed to diagnose.Thanks,

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Has anyone had experience with this. I just purchased an XPS 15 9560 with a TB16 dock and I'm hoping to use the dock and my old Apple Cinema display, but I can't seem to get the monitor to work in the dock. I purchased an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to 2 adapter and the screen works fine when I hook it directly into the laptop, but I get a USB malfunctioned error when I hook it into the dock. Any information or tricks anyone else has found would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

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Hi, I have the Dell XPS 2720 (2013) and I have a thunderbolt port in the back of the computer that worked great for my thunderbolt external drive when I had windows 8.1 installed but now since I installed Windows 10. The external drive is not recognize by the thunderbolt port. 
I don't know how to fix this or if there is no current driver out set to fix this but I'm sure other people are having the same problem.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Dell XPS 27 Thunderbolt Port not recognize by Windows 10

I've got the same problem.
But when i updated to Windows 10 my WD My Passport RAID-0 Thunderbold-Drive worked fairly fine (crashed some times, wasn't recogniced every time, very slow) but suddenly it stoped working and even my Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt will not be recognised.

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I would greatly appreciate any assistance I can get regarding some problems Im having with my laptop. Long story short I purchased a TB16 dock, managed to update all the drivers and firmware but still cannot seem to get my laptop to charge via the dock.
Everything else works; three displays, ethernet, mouse/keyboard. Everything except charging. The battery bar says that its charging but my battery slowly drains. BIOS says a 45w adapter is connected so it seems to recognized that its plugged in. I know its not the dock since my Brother's 9550 charges just fine. 
Thank you for any help I can get!

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I have got the Dell Precision 5510. Is this support charging via ThunderBolt port?

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I bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 in December and I wanted to connect it to an external monitor via the thunderbolt port. I bought an type c to hdmi adapter off amazon and it connects. (Actually bought 2 and the problem persists). But occasionally both my screen and laptop will turn black then back on again. This causes my video that i'm playing to either freeze/crash (netflix/youtube) which is SUPER annoying. It goes from occasional to quite often. It's really random.

My drivers are up to date, cable is new and the monitor is new from boxing day. 

Any help is appreciated :)

A:Dell XPS 13 9350 Connecting external monitor via thunderbolt port

There are several posts on this forum about this issue.

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I have just bought a Dell XPS 15 (9560) and a Dell WD15 docking station with 130W power brick (same wattage as the laptop's AC-adapter). When I only use the docking station to power the laptop the discrete graphics card (GTX 1050) does not seem to work. When I am in a game (eg. Starcraft 2), I get like 15 fps with the NVIDIA recommended settings. Then when I plug in the laptops's own power brick (while still in the game) I get an immediate four-fold increase in framerate. When I unplug the laptop's own power brick the framerate drops down to 15 fps again in a heartbeat. Furthermore, when I only power the laptop through the docking station, I cannot even find the discrete GPU in the list when I'm trying to run the Geekbench 4 compute benchmark (OpenCL). Only the integrated graphics shows up. When I plug in laptop's power brick I find GTX 1050 in the list.
I have run the Dell Command Update application and all my drivers and firmware are up to date. 
Does anyone have any idea to what the problem could be?

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I myself own an XPS 15 9550 and noticed that I was not getting the full Thunderbolt 3 speedover it's Thunderbolt 3 port. I expected speeds around 2700MB/s, because of the overhead withthe theoretical gross speed of 3870MB/s, but I only ever got 1400MB/s out of it.
I did some digging and found out that none of the XPS notebooks with Thunderbolt 3 are evenable to achieve the full TB3 speeds, because they are only connected with two PCI Express lanes (x2.3).You can read more about this on the following links:Dell Subreddit PostChipset Digging on Forum

Thunderbolt 3 and the promised speeds were the MAIN REASON I even bought this notebook.I feel very cheated here.

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I'm trying to use a Thunderbolt 3/10Gb adapter (here), and the laptop freeze completely as long as the device is connected. Neither the screen, sound or keyboard is working.
I'm running Windows 10 x64, updated all the drivers and BIOS.
Does anyone has a suggestion to help me fix this issue?

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I'm trying to use a Thunderbolt 3 to 10Gb adapter from sonnet (here). The laptop freeze completely (screen, sound, keyboard) as long as the device is connected.
I'm running Windows 10 x64, updated my drivers and BIOS to the latest available and nothing change.
Does anyone has any suggestions to help me solve this problem?

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Since TB16 is so way out of my budget, I decided to do the following setup to get a triple monitor setup on my XPS 15 9560.

a) HDMI output to one 1080p monitor
b) Thunderbolt3 to 2xDisplayport Adapter, then connect one 1080p monitor and 1024p monitor

Thunderbolt3 to displayport adapter only worked with Active HDMI to Displayport converter. But, if I connect all monitors at the same time, only two monitors will show up. So, either outputs through HDMI and one of the thunderbolt3 port, or two of the thunderbolt3 ports.
Is there a way to get around settings to enable 3 external displays at the same time without purchasing TB16?

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J'ai acheté ce portable neuf par correspondance et j'aimerais savoir ce que j'ai comme port sur le côté droit de l'ordinateur. Je devais avoir un port Thunderbolt 3 mais il semble que ce soit un port mini-display. J'aimerais que l'on me précise la réaliser à l'aide de l'information suivante :
HP Spectre Pro x360 G2 Convertible PC

NOTEBOOK/TWO-IN-ONE/CORE I5 6300U/2.4GHZ/8GB-DDR-1600/256GB SSD M.2/13.3IN/W10P 1
Mon objectif était d'acheter une Docking station du type Thunderbolt 3. Est-ce que je le peux avec cet appareil ? Sinon, que me recommandez-vous comme docking qui contient le maximum de ports pour cet ordinateur ?
Henri Frappier

A:Port Thunderbolt 3 ou port mini-display



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Thank you for your understanding.

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Hello experts,
I have connected 3 external monitors to my 9560 laptop via TB16 dock. 2 Dell 24" 4K monitors: 1) DP to DP and 2) miniDP to DP & 1 Dell 24" 1920-1080 via VGA-VGA connection. The 4K monitor with miniDP to DP constantly disconnects. What am i doing wrong here?
Thanks in advance,

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I have a HP ZBook 15 G3 Mobile Workstation (Engery Star)- Product Number - V2W12UT#ABA. It has 2 USB Type C Thunderbolt Enabled Ports.   Not quite what it is used for.  Can you use a thunderbolt adapter for an Ethernet cable which uses Giga Power and a HDMI Cable, etc.  Basically the thunderbolt adapter would have more than one port.  Am i understanding this correctly?  If so, what product do you recommend?  

A:Thunderbolt Port

Again, I have that same laptop and I happen to have in my bag a thunderbolt/USB-C to HDMI adapter and one that has a gigabit ethernet and 3 x USB 3.0 ports. HP also makes a Zbook dock I am using which has a DP and an HDMI, VGA, gigabit ethernet, a few USB 3.0 and a couple extra USB-C ports.  P/N P5Q58UT#ABA There are lots of adapters with multiple functions. Thunderbolt can allow some really amazing number of additional devices to be connected through one port like I believe 4 x 4K monitors.

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Iam new owner of a XPS 15 9560 (i7, 8GB, FHD) since 4 weeks.
Bacause the XPS 15 does not have Ethernet port I bought external USB 3.0 hub + Gigabit ethernet adapter - https://www.i-tec.cz/?lng=en&t=3&v=447 
If I plug it into the left USB port everithing works like expected.
However if I plug it into the right USB port the hub disconnect itself every few minutes.
USB 2.0 devices plugged into the hub stay connected whole time but Ethernet and USB 3.0 devices gets disconnect for few seconds and ther reconnect back.
If I resume system from sleep while the hub is connected to the left port it stuck in connect-disconnect loop until I manualy disconnect the hub from the port...
It hapens in Windoes 10 and also in latest Ubuntu 17.04 (In linux it just disconnect with "usb tx status -71 error")

I tried:
Update all drivers. Update BIOS to the latest version - currently 1.3.4. Enable / Disable USB PowerShare in BIOS. Disable "USB selective suspend setting" in Windows power config.Disable "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in all USB hubs and devices.Disable all build in USB devices (Bluetooth, Webcam) and Wi-Fi.Replace the external hub with new one. (RMA).
Nothing helped.
In my desktop PC the hub works without any problem...

Does anyone have any suggestion please?

A:XPS 15 (9560) - External USB 3.0 hub disconnecting from right USB port

Thank you for your message.Please try to refresh the USB root hub drivers.Please try connecting a USB 3.0 device directly to the port on the right side & check if the issue persists.Open device managerExpand Universal Serial Bus controllersRight click on the USB device & click on uninstall (Do not check the box to delete driver)Do the same for all drivers listed & then restart the computer.Connect the USB device & check the functionality.Try updating the chipset driver from this link http://dell.to/2v9NfKW  followed by theEthernet controller driver here http://dell.to/2f39iwxFor better assistance, please click on my Dell username & send a private message with the service tag, registered name & email address.

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I received my new XPS 15 earlier this week and am trying to get the USB-C port to work with Ethernet. At first using the TB16 I could not get video or Ethernet to work. I went through all the suggestions I could find and as a result I have updated my bios and my drivers (all downloaded using WIFI). The video through the TB16 is now working, but with either the TB16 or the DA200 adapter the Ethernet does not work properly. It says it is connected but response on my network is deadly slow and I can't connect to the internet at all. It is the same for both devices. It won't finish booting if I have it connected on a reboot/power up. Not being able to connect to the internet makes it difficult to use Support Assist.
One thing I have noticed (which may be the way it is intended) is that in the device manager if I don't have anything connected I don't see the device listed. Once I plug something in it shows up.
I really need some help with this!

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Hi, I think I'm having some problem with my Yoga 920's thunderbolt port. I bought a StarTech thunderbolt 3 dock. When I first time plug in the dock, everything works fine the thunderbolt software pops up and ask me the authorized the new dock. And I click always trust this device. Then the windows crushed with a blue screen and a QR code on it. After 920 restarted, and I tried the dock again, it was identified as USB 3.1 hub but no USB connection. And when I tried to open the thunderbolt software, it shows me the following warning.I tried to update the driver, but the installer said it was all ready. And then I downloaded HWINFO64 to check, I could not find the thunderbolt 3 controller under the PCI-Express X4 BUS. Is that means my thunderbolt 3 port is broken? What should I do with this? Btw, when I plug in the thunderbolt 3 dock, the powersupply is also connected, and the dock also provide the power, two power supply input at the same time, will that be a reason of the crash which also burn the thunderbolt 3 controller? Thank you. 

A:Yoga 920's thunderbolt 3 port

Just tried USB 3.1 card reader, port's usb function works well. 

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 Nothing happend when DELL Thunderbolt dock plugged in. Monitor connected to the dock does not light up. In Windows device manager,  'Thunderbolt(TM) Controller -1577' state is "Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)" I have updated Thunderbolt firmeware to latest version and the Thunderbolt soft,I have deleted  'Thunderbolt(TM) Controller -1577' item from device manager and reinstalled the thunderbolt several times. They didn't help..Please lenovo give me some information..

A:P70, Thunderbolt port not working

Is there anyone who has thunderbolt port working? Is there any lenovo person who can provide some information about this?Did lenovo know this issue? Is it a intel problem or lenovo problem? Are your man working on it? When this will be solved?     

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I own a Dell xps 13 9350 laptop.I'm trying to connect an external monitor through the Thunderbolt 3 port, with a USB-C to VGA adapter, but the laptop does not recognize that I've connected an external device at all.I suspect that maybe I'm missing a driver, I've tried installing Intel(R) Thunderbolt(TM) Controller Driver: "Chipset_Driver_D91CC_WN32_16.1.47.275_A02.EXE" but it was no good, still not working.How can I troubleshoot this? Could it be a different driver that's missing?ThanksShahar

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Is it possible to use this port as a simple USB 3.0 port ... no Thunderbolt?  USB-C to USB-3.0 adapters are readily available, and this would provide an extra (3rd) rear USB port; useful when the dock isn't there and extra USB ports wanted.

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I have a 2 month old XPS15 purchased form the Dell Outlet Store in the UK. I usually have it permanently plugged in, but recently used it on battery power for the first time. I noticed that the battery wasn't charging, and the indicator light at the front blinks alternately white and orange (one white then one orange)
After a bit of investigation I found the BIOS Battery settings saying that the battery was not a genuine Dell battery and therefore wouldn't charge. I have not changed the battery - the machine is exactly as supplied by Dell.
It now pops up a warning about the battery whenever I power on.
I tried upgrading the BIOS (from 1.1.3) but every time I tried it would fail.
Is it now standard practice for Dell to supply laptops without genuine Dell batteries?

A:Brand new Dell XPS15 9560 not supplied with a genuine Dell Battery

Contact Dell for a warranty replacement of the battery.

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I have a XPS 15 (9560) and using it with a Dell P2715Q 4k monitor running through a d6000 dock.
Monitor is connected to the dock from mDP to DP and the dock via USB-C to the laptop.
The monitors performance didn't seem great and the images weren't very smooth. The issue is more when playing video or running AutoCAD 2018. When checking the video settings through AutoCAD it is always the on board graphics that is being used not the dedicated graphics. Even when I use the nVidia panel to force the program and global settings to the GTX1050 it doesn't seem to want to use it for the external display.
Any help would be greatly appreciated because as far as I was concerned the laptop shouldn't have an issue running the monitor at 4k 60Hz.

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During charging, there is a very audible high-pitched noise coming from the laptop and charging brick. 
During charging, there is an issue where the USB 3.0/2.0 port beside the charging port would randomly disconnect. After using a wireless mouse with a dongle attached to the port, the cursor would randomly freeze up every few seconds. Using the right hand side presents no such issues.
Is there a fix to any of this? I purchased premium warranty along with my laptop. Would it be worth it to send it in for repairs?
Dell XPS 15 9560
Core i7 7700HQ
GTX 1050 w/ 4gb of vram
16 gb of ram
FHD matte display
512 gb SSD (got the samsung one woot) 

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Also, what ports does it have? If thunderbolt 3 port or USB 3.1 ports are not there, can I use some adapter which connects between USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt 3/ USB 3.1 ports?

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Hello, Notebook is super noisy and dock wire is way too short to put it somewhere far away. I though may be it's possible just pluging power into notebook and connect docking station via Thunderbolt only but not sure if it will work and if docking station in fact needs external power which thunderbold cable will not be able to provide.

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I'm using the thunderbolt port for a single connection to a Dell usb-c dock (power in, KVM out, speakers, network, etc.).  The 720 charges real slow and the battery status message (in Lenovo Settings app) states that the "AC adapter cannot provide enough power for normal operation of your computer".  The Dell usb-c docks are powered with a 180w power supply that provides 60w of power to the computer, which is more than the 45w power supply that comes with the 720.  I have tried 3 different Dell docks, including a Dell thunderbolt 3 dock with a 240w power supply. I have to believe this is an issue with the Thunderbolt 3 driver on the 720 or something BIOS related.  BTW, the 720 has Windows 10 pro loaded (updated from the home version loaded by default) and Bitlocker enabled.  Don't think these changes have anything to do with the issue. I purchased Lenovo's thinkpad usb-c dock (which states that it's universal) and hope it charges the 720. 

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I just try to connect the thunderbolt (from my laptop) to a display port (my monitor) and nothing happen.
The cable I use is coming with my monitor, mini display port to display port.

I had google for this, some mac can use their thunderbolt as a mini display port, can win7 do the same thing? or I need to find a thunderbolt adapter? or I need to find an ext. graphic card to have the video output?

A:can I use thunderbolt as mini display port?

Hi have you tried using the FN key with an F key to select it to the external monitor

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Hallo, kennt jemand eine Quelle für Magnetadapter für Thunderbolt USB-C Port der auch Datenübertragung unterstützt?Darüber möchte ich nicht nur das Gerät aufladen sondern auch die Dockingstation anschliessen.Der Adapter muss also Datenübertragung unterstützen.Grüße

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I'm thinking of getting a P70, I see it has 4 USB 3 ports and 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports.  My questions are: 1: Is each of the USB 3 ports connected to their own controller so that each port is capable of it's maximum bandwidth?  Or are all four ports connected to the same controller so that the data bandwidth is divided among the four ports? 2: Similar Thunderbolt 3 port question.  Is each of the two Thunderbolt 3 ports connected to it's own controller?  Or is the bandwidth shared between the two ports? I'm planning on using the USB 3 ports (maybe Thunderbolt 3 also) with a high end, high data rate USB 3 camera that, according to the specs, can use up 95% of the USB 3 bandwidth.  If I were to use two cameras at the same time, it would not work if all four ports are connected to the same controller/bus and sharing the bandwidth.  I have read that laptops usually share all USB ports on the same controller.  I'm hopeing it will be different with the P70, being a "professional" workstation class product. Thanks

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Would like to connect my HP27Q (5K, dual display port) monitor to the new Apple products using Thunderbolt 3. There are several Thunderbolt 3 hubs that provide dual display ports but they only work with Windows. I do know that I can go with an Apple machine that provides dual Thunderbolt 2 ports such as recent iMacs and Mac Pros but that isn't a desirable solution. Any ideas?

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I received my X1 Carbon 5th Gen just a few weeks ago. Today, a thunderbolt 3 port next to an LED suddenly died and seems to no longer accept any devices. I tried 4K monitor and some other USB devices thourgh a USB type C hub connected to the port, but nothing worked. I tried with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.04, the port no longer works with any operating systems. Interestingly, Windows 10 now thinks it's connected to AC power even when nothing is actually connected to the Thunderbolt 3 ports. Therefore I strongly suspect this is a hardware issue. Does anyone have a similar problem?

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I am on a laptop with a gtx 765m. I am trying to connect a thunderbolt port to a display port monitor. My understanding is that thunderbolt is backwards compatible with display port. But, for the life of me I can not get it to work.

I am using a minidisplay port -> display port cord.

I have ended up hooking the monitor up with an hdmi cord for now. FYI the monitor is a 2560x1440 monitor if that matters.


A:Thunderbolt to display port monitor. GTX 765m

Do you know for sure the video is ported through the Thunderbolt connector?

Any chance we could get your computer model number?

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I'm having issues getting the TB16 to work with the XPS 15 9550. I successfully installed all the drivers in the proper order as documented prior to plugging in the TB16 for the first time.

I've verified that I indeed do have a Thundrerbolt port - there is a Thunderbolt symbol next to the USB-C port.
When I do plug in the TB16 the power button on it will power the system off/on.
I've used a usb-c to Displayport adapter and a usb-c to usb 3.0 adapter with a flash drive. Both worked successfully so the basic functionality of the usb-c port is working.

When I plug in the TB16 I never got an authentication window pop-up. In the Thunderbolt software it shows no attached devices.

The details setting in the Thunderbolt software looks fine, it appears to have the proper driver and firmware levels.

When I check the Thunderbolt driver it says that 'the hardware device is not connected to the computer'.
I'm at a loss - everything looks good except for the fact that nothing happens when I plugin the TB16. I'm wondering if there's a hardware problem with the Thunderbolt controller itself? I'd appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

A:XPS 15 9550 - Thunderbolt port not working - TB16

You might open the Thunderbolt software and set it to allow all devices.  I reset my system and redid the TB16 and it shows the cable and dock as approved devices.
It was not hard for me.  The thunderbolt controller is on the computer.  You show some correct info for that controller, although since I have a 9365, that specific info may be different, but you do show a different controller generation..

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I just bought a new Sandisk Ultra USB Type-C Drive 64GB which is intended to be used with Type-C devices and Android phones.  It is recognized in my Android phone but it is not recognized in my P50 workstation. Am I doing something incorrectly or is this port not intended to be used as a data port?

P50, Intel Xeon E3-1505M v5, 4K, NVidia Quadro M2000M 4GB, Dual Samsung 950 PRO 512GB NVMe drives non-RAID, 32 GB Crucial Technology DDR4 2133 (PC4 17000). Windows 10 Home.

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As no-one seems to have an answer for my dual display-problems with the P50 and workstation dock, I now have a (hopefully) simple question: Is the rear P50 Thunderbolt 3 port active while the computer is docked? I wonder if I can use the StarTech Thunderbolt 3 to dual displayport adapter, and connect my two displays to this, using the dock only for USB and LAN connections. I hope someone can answer this, as I'd rather not spend another $100 on yet another useless adapter.

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Pardon me if this is a repeat question, I couldn't find a solution before posting.  I'm not able to see how to enable the USB-C / Thunderbolt port on my Yoga 370 to charge my phone.  Nothing happens when I plug in, although I get I beep out of device manager that something's connected.  I am able to connect the same cable / phone to a Lenovo Thinkpad USB-Dock and the ohone picks right up and starts charging.  Is there sometning I con configure to enable this behavior on my notebook? 

2014 MacBook Pro 13.3, 2017 Yoga 370 (personal) 2017 T570 (work), Moto Z2 Force

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As the title suggests, is it possible I can charge my Acer VN7-592G through its Thunderbolt port? As far as I know, Thunderbolt 3 allows a maximum power input of 100 watts, whereas the charging adapter for the respective device inputs 135 watts. Nevertheless, is it still possible to charge the laptop through the Thunderbolt 3 port using a high powered USB power bank? I recently purchased this laptop and discovered a dirty little secret Acer included was that once the battery reaches 41% the CPU throttles itself to 0.78 mHz which makes the system very unstable. (Bear in mind, battery saver was off, and CPU was set to High Performance, and 100% max load). I realize the charging process will be very slow, but will the device still charge? I need to know this ASAP because if it doesn't, and the CPU throttling issue still occurs, I will sell the notebook on Kijji, and purchase the Dell Inspiron 15 7559 that has a larger battery, same processor, and doesn't undervolt the CPU when you have 41% battery still remaining. Being charged $1,400 for a laptop that throttles its CPU down to the speed of a primitive Pentium 3 when the battery has sufficient charge is a total rip off.

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I've bought TB16 and update all drivers (Dell Assist does it) and after lowing network settings to 75% my DELL monitors flickering less but now I have major issue since my Dell Adapter - USB-C to HDMI-VGA-Ethernet-USB stop working completely. When I plug in nothing happens (yes, adapter is working properly and yes cables are correct)
In first few days, randomly, Windows was enable to turn on output to adapter (after hour of plugin, plug out same adapter).
Now, it's completely useless. 
Can anyone help, any suggestion ?

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I have purchased the new XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop.
The Thunderbolt 3 port on the left side of the laptop is not working.
I have also purchased the TB16 dock and it is not recognized at all.
In the Thunderbolt software details, it shows the Controller driver as "Unknown".
I am out of ideas.
I have done the following:
1. Clean install Windows and run all updates.
2. Install all of the latest drivers and Bios updates, in order, according to the official Dell guide for this laptop.
3. Followed guides in this forum and Reddit forums.
4. Had Dell support come in and replace the motherboard.
The TB16 dock is still not detected, nor is any other Thunderbolt or USB-C device connected to the port on the left.
The TB16 dock, however, does charge he laptop and properly shuts it down if I press the power button on the dock.
I have checked the Bios settings, and also tried updates/fixes from Intel. Nothing works. The Thunderbolt firmware update cannot even run because it cannot detect the controller. It still says Controller Driver as unknown.
I have the i7 with 16GB RAM, and 512GB SSD.

A:XPS 13 9365 - Thunderbolt/Power port not working - TB16

So you have loaded the Thunderbolt drivers (firmware and Controller) and it is enabled in the Bios?
There are also Dock Drivers.
I do not have any Thunderbolt devices so I cannot check.

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Hello Community-  I recently purchased a Lenovo X1 Carbon along with a Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 and two monitors. I have tested out the monitors individually with another computer, and they work fine.  Currently, I have one monitor connected via VGA to the Thunderbolt dock, and I have 1 monitor connected via HDMI to the Thunderbolt dock, which is connected to my Carbon x1. I only have connectivity with the VGA connected monitor, and do not have connectivity with the HDMI connected monitor, although I hear the system "connection sound" when I plug in the HDMI cord.  What is the issue here?  My goal is to have two monitors connected via Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 docking station to my X1 Carbon laptop. Thank you

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I would like to take advantage of the Thunderbolt 3 capabilites of my new laptop, especially being able to hook up 2 addional monitors (one of which is 4k).  Is there a Thunderbolt 3 port replicator that is available for this 2 in 1?

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Hi ! I have a W540 20BG-CT01WW Laptop since 2 years. He was originally on Windows 8. In November, I upgrade to Win 10 and have issues with 100% disk usage at startup for st least 5 minutes. Today, I tried for the first time the thunderbolt port with a MiniDP to HDMI dongle. Nothing happens. I tried twi different HDMI cables on two different TVs with the same issue. I update all my drivers from nvidia and intel, BIOS and Intel management. After updating the graphic drivers with the files on Lenovo website specific to my serial number, I was able to copy and extend to the tv. After unplug the dongle and plug it back, I wasnt able to reconnect the TV. I read a couple of forums about this type of problems, I uninstalled all the drivers, set the bios display to advanced, reinstall all the drivers again. When the laptop finished to reboot, i heard the sound when I connect a new device and I was able to use the tv as second monitor. It was working well until I reboot the laptop. Now it's not working at all and even if I uninstall all the drivers again and follow the same steps nothing works. I also install the thunderbolt software Can somebody helps me with this issue ?  

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Hello, Can I successfully install a HP Thunderbolt-2 PCIe 1-port I/O Card F3F43AA into a slot OTHER than Slot 5?I have an HP Z820 w/s and have successfully used my Thunderbolt-2 card, installed in PCIe Slot 5. AVID has just supplied me with a PCIe card that also requires installation in Slot 5. This is a conflict they are unable to resolve, so far.Might I be able to move my Thunderbolt-2 card to another slot? I wish to connect to an external RAID or other drive.

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